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when the winning the will of the people hinges on the mass media state p.r. machine it's going to overdrive. just. influencing me. we just don't know yet where the lines will be drawn between what can be said and what kept. some journalists decided to sacrifice their integrity for access to polling the media opinion the listening post base time on al-jazeera. after months of bitter exchanges the u.s. president accepts an offer to meet the north korean leader for talks. on sammy's a dan this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up a truck sent to syria's rebel held eastern holter after
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a night long response from bombings. global condemnation of donald trump places deep tariffs on steel and alum in europe imports. and saving the coastline of cancun the host of the world ocean summit steps up its own environmental efforts. u.s. president donald trump has excepted an invitation from north korea's leader kim jong un for a face to face talks in the coming weeks their meeting with beyond president during seven decades of animosity between the u.s. and north korea paul chata jan reports. a south korean delegation delivered pyongyang's invitation to president trump during a visit to the white house he expressed this that even if the president thought that saw him as a possible. president trump appreciated the reefing and said he would meet.
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by may to achieve. the new providers. north korea has carried out six nuclear tests under kim jong un since he took power seven years ago in january of two thousand and sixteen it announced the successful testing of its first hydrogen bomb and in november north korea announced it had tested a new long range missile on with a nuclear warhead capable of reaching the u.s. mainland the growing nuclear threat caused a global outrage on tough sanctions were imposed against the north trump and kim jong un have exchanged a war of words for months last summer trump war north korea against making any threats or he will be met with what he said fire and fury he then said he would totally destroyed north korea and called kim a rocket man at the united nations it's a pember kim responded by calling trump mentally deranged the story line change
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when the two koreas came together last month at the winter olympics hosted by the south a spokesman for south korean president moon j. said if trump and kim met it would be a breakthrough number one hit i may y'all we believe if the two of the meet after the north korea south korea summit it could set the course for a total denuclearization on the korean peninsula and the meeting in made between kim and trump will be a historic moment for the peace of the korean peninsula analysts say the meeting will be a big step forward but first it has to take place. on al-jazeera. bryant has more now from chang on south korea's reaction. the office of the south korean president moon j.n. has hailed this as an historic accomplishment that potentially moves the korean peninsula towards the ultimate goal of denuclearization moon's office has heaped praise on both kim jong un of north korea and also donald trump of the united
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states saying it was their wisdom and bravery that has helped push this forward and agree to this historic meeting in reality many people here in south korea will credit moon j.n. for the his achievement in this diplomatic breakthrough for sending its delegation north and getting this agreement it's still not clear exactly what this meeting will look like what preconditions have been agreed or will be agreed before hand but the hope here is that given the acrimony of relations in the past any kind of meeting any kind of handshake or smile must be good in trying to move things forward if this meeting does take place this will be the fulfillment of a long held north korean and bishan to meet with the united states on equal terms and it will be a personal achievement of kim jong un his father didn't achieve it his grandfather didn't either if he has
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a meeting with donald trump in the coming weeks he will have fulfilled that long held goal than trump has heralded the meeting as great progress so sanctions will remain and turn agreement is reached chavez has more from washington d.c. . here in the u.s. this development is being presented through the prism of donald trump himself there is little discussion about all the efforts of south korea or china behind the scenes for example the white house presenting this as a victory for donald trump's policy of maximum pressure on north korea his opponents in the media are already worrying he will be played by north korea's already giving north korea a propaganda coup you just don't say yes to a meeting with north korea in a matter of weeks however it seems perfectly reasonable for the white house to turn around and say to many of these people in the commentary who themselves are former government officials well we tried it your way and it simply hasn't worked let's try it but way having said that though there are real problems there are so many
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positions within the trumpet ministration dealing with east asia that haven't been filled the point person at the state department for north korea retired last week there's no ambassador for the u.s. to south korea and there's not even someone at the state department coordinating east asian policy. china correspondent adrian brown is in beijing so let's start with the issue of those nuclear talks between the u.s. and north korea's talks of course something that china's long cold for they're welcoming this development. yes i think china's pretty much sticking to the script sami a short time ago we heard from the foreign ministry spur media spokesman here in beijing he said the china welcomed what he said were the positive signals and that china wanted to encourage efforts of all relevant parties will of course one of those relevant parties is china because reluctantly china has been enforcing u.n.
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sanctions against its old ally and neighbor china didn't want to do that it's always said that the only way to resolve this crisis is through dialogue but i think there's one other issue here sami china doesn't want to be sidelined china believes it's done you know the hard job of bringing north korea to this position and while china was reluctant to enforce sanctions it clearly now a knowledge is that those sanctions have brought about economic hardship in north korea which in turn has brought north korea's leader to the table now but they don't want to be sidelined they don't want to be sidelined during what is going to be a real moment of history a very important moment of history perhaps one of the a moment of history that's up there with you know richard nixon visiting china in one thousand nine hundred two they want to be part of that they want they don't have a situation where you know all the glory is going to president donald trump because china feels that its efforts behind the scenes have helped to bear fruit there is
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a question them glad you mentioned they are over to what extent they can continue to in a sense work together the u.s. and china on on bringing north korea to the negotiating table on the one hand you've got the u.s. secretary of state to listen to ring africa warning about chinese influence you've got donald trump imposing these. tariff restrictions on imports of alimony and steel and so on i mean. is there any concern there in beijing that perhaps too much heat on other issues might impact the sort of north korea file well that you're absolutely right in many ways you know trade and north korea are connected there's this feeling that president trump has been sort of soft on china when it comes to trade because he needed china's cooperation over north korea well if you know we are now on the way to a breakthrough on the korean peninsula with the prospect of of talks really
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happening between president donald trump and kim jong un of tensions now lowering on the peninsula then you know president trump may feel he doesn't have to be so soft with china on the issue of trade in fact you know he has tweeted in the last few hours that he wants china to not more than a billion dollars of the trade deficit the united states has with china that by the way is a very small figure and of course you know in the last few months we've had tariffs imposed on chinese are many i'm chinese chinese steel and also chinese solar panels and i think what china is actually much more concerned about even more the north korea is the outcome of this so-called three zero one investigation which was ordered by the u.s. trade representative's office and the outcome of that inquiry is jus possibly in the next few weeks and that could possibly lead to hundreds of chinese products being targeted that's what concerns beijing more than anything else right now adrian brown good stuff there from beijing. thirteen red cross aid trucks are
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entering syria's eastern water after a lot of violence in the rebel held enclave near damascus they're bringing in much needed food and supplies the delivery of spurned on thursday because of the fighting earlier syrian opposition activists reported no overnight airstrikes or shelling on and also for the first time in ten days more than nine hundred people have been killed since the government offensive there began almost three weeks ago rusher imposed a five hour daily ceasefire for civilians to leave but few have left then a whole or joins us live from beirut in neighboring lebanon and usually zeno you know if there's no fighting in this piece somewhere in the world you say that that's great news but in this case it is good news but why what prompted a law we got so used to hearing about violations of any cease fire calls. yes nearly three weeks of relentless bombardment and now overnight air strikes this is
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being seen as a positive sign almost just what we understand is that there are negotiations behind the scenes negotiations between the russian government and the rebel factions and so this could be a goodwill gesture from the russians to try to bring about a surrender this is what the pro-government alliance wants a surrender now the rebel factions have been saying publicly we will not accept this we will defend our land but they are being pushed in a corner they are under siege the pro-government alliance has taken a lot of territory on the ground almost close to splitting. into two surrounding the main population centers civilians suffering immensely and the pro-government alliance telling them the only deal on the table is if you surrender if you leave with their families and we give you safe passage of course this is not what the people the hundreds of thousands of people want they want to be able to stay in their homes but many will not be able to stay because they are wanted by the government or they fear arrest from the government so they will be forcefully
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displaced in any deal that is being worked out now with the resumption of aid trucks going into the. convoy with the united nations moving towards the town of the main population center in the north of the enclave these supplies in those trucks were supposed to have been offloaded on monday but they weren't able to do that because of the shelling in the area they're going to deliver food parcels enough for twelve thousand people twelve thousand people is far from enough like i mentioned a densely populated area the u.n. estimates four hundred thousand people live there but the i.c.r.c. saying that they have positive indications that further aid deliveries a bigger convoy will be allowed in in the coming days next week but we still do not know if medical supplies are in this convoy and this is what people want the medics have been appealing for medical supplies. to treat the civilians who are injured now the government doesn't alive medical supplies in because they don't want rebels
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to be treated so yes the aid convoy making its way through. and an uneasy calm. thanks so much then to hold up. seven people have died in a suicide bombing in afghanistan's capital kabul seven others were wounded in the blast at a police checkpoint near a gathering of the shia minority there's no immediate claim of responsibility of kabul has seen a spate of deadly attacks carried out by both the taliban and i saw in recent months we will have a live update from kabul on that situation a bit later in the show of the trumpet ministration as impose tariffs on steel and aluminum imports despite warnings of a global trade war mexico and canada will be temporarily exempt from the new levies while negotiations continue on a regional trade agreement john hendren reports from washington. a defiant donald trump fulfilled a promise that helped make him president the american still loman image astri has been ravaged by aggressive foreign trade practices it's really an assault
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on our country. accusing china and other countries of dumping cheap steel on the u.s. market in an attack on american industry he said punitive tariffs on foreign steel and aluminum many of the countries that treat it as the worst on trade and on military are our allies as they like to call them. so we just want fairness the controversy old plan would take effect in fifteen days exempting canada and mexico as they renegotiate the north american free trade deal with the u.s. and reserving the right to change the terms for other countries which aging thing some of the steelworkers that helped put trump in the white house over his promises of protectionism is going to bring steel back. had his own protectors been over a million dollars. in granite city illinois hundreds of workers laid off when the
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u.s. steel plant closed two years ago will be going back to work but on capitol hill the plan was criticized as the first shot in a certain trade war i'm disappointed in is what i should say because we just passed a tax bill and this kind of flies in the face of the democratic senator dick durbin compared it to dropping a bomb on a fleet a fellow republican senator jeff flake vowed a bill to reverse the tariffs in canada the foreign minister faced questions about whether the deck was being stacked against her free trade negotiation team her answer was diplomatic we think a win win win outcome for all three countries is absolutely possible and not going to go shooting table we are absolutely defending and standing out for the national interest at the european union talk was much tougher. we are now imposing tariffs on motorcycles harley davidson on blue jeans the visor on bourbon we can also do stupid. newly planned on those and other u.s.
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products are designed to hit swing states in american elections florida ohio pennsylvania that trump's republican party will need to hold congress in midterm elections later this year despite days of opposition trump remained a man of steel tariffs yes i'm going to give even if you needed a reminder to sign john hendren washington while still ahead on al-jazeera joined. by protectionism. welcome back i stop by look at the satellite imagery across southeastern parts of asia fun to share shop across java and bali through towards east timor but we've
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had some large rainfall totals being reported across parts of the philippines but i think those showers are generally fairly isolated picture here certainly through suffering doesn't it too bad a few showers across central and northern areas for much of borneo where the conditions are ok but again across parts of southern india needs an archipelago it is going to be pretty wet here some big storms are likely as you move through them in a plane sure we've got the risk of showers for singapore further north it looks so it should be largely dry for kuala lumpur this is a few showers around the gulf of thailand there and i think bangkok's at risk of the odd shower very much in the dry season still at the moment across much of come both here and through into vietnam is fine temps the mid twenty's for minh city down into a stray we still got these big storms across northern areas across queensland northern territory and that's likely to continue also got our tropical cycle which is moving away from new caledonia and towards new zealand as a weakening storm system but northern parts of australia seen some huge amounts rise an awful lot of flooding going on here at the moment and that's likely to
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continue as we head on through into saturday daryn probably dry with highs of thirty one sydney but on the cool side heis here twenty three. as poverty and desperation sweep across ruhi just settlements women and girls are being bought sold and given away in refugee camps one on one east investigates yet another dark sign of the crisis at this time on al-jazeera the continent of antarctica is facing multiple threats from climate change to overfishing tourism but now a campaign is underway to create the largest protected area on the remote waters of the world don't see stay with al-jazeera for a series of special reports from the greenpeace expedition in antarctica.
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they're watching out just zero let's recap our headlines now in the u.s. president dan trump has agreed to meet north korea's leader in the coming weeks a south korean delegation delivered the invitation from kim jong un to the white house south korea's national security adviser says kim expressed a commitment to denuclearize ation. thirteen red cross aid trucks are entering syria's eastern a halt after a law in violence in the rebel held near damascus the delivery of food and supplies was postponed on first because. the trombone administration is impose tariffs on steel and imports despite warnings of a global trade war south korea says it may file a complaint to the world trade organization. more now on that suicide bombing in afghanistan's capital tony burke joins us now from kabul so tony what authorities
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saying about this attack so far. well it happened just over an hour ago and it was an attack on the shia community in the southwest of kabul not the first time they've been targeted we understand there was a suicide bomber he approached a mosque where worshippers were going to celebrate and commemorate a mujahideen leader he was apprehended stopped but he blew himself up the ministry of interior has confirmed that seven people a minimum of seven people have been killed and at least seven have been wounded but we're expecting that figure to rise there's no claim of responsibility at the moment with the strong suspicion that i saw may have been responsible they have carried out attacks on the shia community in kabul before the last one was last year when more than twenty shia worshippers at a religious center work eld there were fears i think that there was this was going to be a kind of response to the offer of unconditional talks of the taliban by president
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danny over a week ago this is being seen now as a target on the shia community and nothing to do with that offer but as i say it's too early to say and no one has claimed responsibility so far perhaps on some more details come out or come back and speak to turney about what that might mean for the hopes for talks at least thanks so much for now. a transpacific partnership has been signed in chilling what's been hailed as a powerful move against protectionism the revised deal will reduce tariffs for eleven countries and connect economies worth ten trillion dollars our latin america editor lucien newman has more from santiago. i believe there's an agreement that's much more than a deal to reduce tariffs in the most dynamic region of the world economy. the comprehensive and progressive transpacific partnership or t p p eleven for short is in fact being hailed as an antidote to the increasingly protectionist policies of the united states despite the rising trend where you have. today.
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the reason behind. every station. many thought the t p p was finished after president donald trump pulled out of the deal that his predecessor barack obama believed would offset china's growing economic and geopolitical power but spurred by japan the remaining countries forged ahead regardless leaving the u.s. on the sidelines the new revised agreement includes eleven countries that together account for more than five hundred million people and word and thirteen percent of global g.d.p. with the us it would have been forty percent but other countries like taiwan south korea the philippines and even the u.k. post bracks it could also join the pact now. but there are critics demonstrators gathered in front of the treaty venue saying that the deal was to go shaded in secret and that it will favor corporations at the expense of workers and
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small businesses a charge canada's commerce minister refutes it is the first trade agreement in the world where you have a dedicated chapter on small and medium sized businesses the timing of the signing ceremony is significant just one day after the european union and the i.m.f. want president trump against unleashing a trade war if he slaps duties on steel and aluminum imports see this. as a turning point in global or lack of it was present secretary is now saying that he's sticking to the seven. trying to get to the. version of the deal is likely to be less donald trump's like. stiff controls of intellectual property rights to protect the u.s. pharmaceutical industry for example has been suspended along with one thousand other completed measures the treaty will go into effect sixty days after six of the
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eleven signatories complete domestic legal procedures turning the tepee p. plus eleven into one of the world's three top trading blocks you see in human agassi santiago u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson has arrived in djibouti as he continues his first official tour of africa djibouti is a vital partner for the u.s. it hosts an american military base that's used for counterterrorism operations in somalia and yemen and anti-piracy surveillance in the red sea last year china opened its first military base abroad there as beijing and washington vie for influence in africa and u.s. aircraft carrier has finished its historic visit to vietnam and is traveling through disputed areas of the south china sea the tour was seen as washington sending a message that it wants freedom of navigation through the area when hail reports those on the front lines of the dispute are refusing to back down when the rip is
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a finish these vietnamese fishing boats are put straight back to work in the south china sea boat yards in the city of deming have been particularly busy in recent years on top of the regular maintenance and building work that's been patching up holes they say were caused by collisions with the chinese coast guard. china is expanding its presence in the south china sea we see the boats every day they come closer and closer to our territory sometimes there are conflicts between vietnamese and chinese ships so we have to do our job and repair them. there are hundreds of boats in this port at the center of a community whose livelihood depends on the ocean they head out for weeks at a time into waters that are claimed by vietnam china and other countries. many of the fishermen have accounts of being chased all the vessels being damaged by chinese boats among the claimants in southeast asia vietnam really stands as the strongest opponent now to chinese development in the south china sea or the e.c.
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as it's known in vietnam but at the same time the vietnamese are trying to balance that opposition with economic reality. china is vietnam's largest trading partner but the vietnamese also want a counter to the rising regional influence of their fellow communist neighbor this week's visit to dunning by the aircraft carrier calvin sin was seen as a sign that vietnam thinks the united states could help provide that in a clear reference to the us the chinese government says countries outside the region are trying to stir up trouble along with welcoming the united states navy vietnam recently bolstered its own defense is launching two new high speed border guard boats or the fishermen say more security on the water is welcome and. i have been fishing here for thirty eight years and there seems to have been more patrol boats in recent years we feel more secure and happy when we see the coast guard and i think the appearance of the u.s.
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ships also helps constrain chinese boats to even without that security they say they would continue to work in seas that they believe have always belonged to vietnam wayne hay al jazeera dining. the un's human rights chief is urging the international criminal court to prosecute those committing atrocities against me in miles writing a minority is a rather her saying also urged me in miles government to allow monitors into northern iraq and state investigators what he called acts of genocide he's accused me of maher of bulldozing mass graves to cover up evidence of crimes against humanity political business and environmental leaders from around the globe are in mexico for the world ocean summit grappling with some of the biggest problems facing oceans like pollution and overfishing john hellman reports from cancun the location of the meeting itself is a cautionary tale of financial gains trumping environmental concerns. for the
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delegates gathering to discuss how best to save the seas in the world ocean summit is a textbook example of what not to do in the very town that they flew into. it attracted seven million international visitors just last year but financial success has meant abandoning the principles of sustainability the summit is trying hard to promote. also changing the way the territory west conformed into a touristic area really brought lots of problems because for example we started to lose these natural barriers for the natural disasters not only the coral reefs but also the mangroves and what do you do this transformation you cannot go back easily . mangroves have been ripped out to make way for development it reflects a global trend more than thirty percent of the unique trees crucial for storing carbon dioxide have been destroyed worldwide cancun's lagoon and seas have been
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polluted that together with global warming has damaged the mess where american reefs the largest in the western hemisphere worldwide over three quarters of reefs are under threat cancun is like holding up a mirror to the world or what happens when urban development and tourism explode largely unrestricted by authorities it might look good for now but environmentalist say that here and elsewhere time is running out. but just as globally here there's a local fight back going on this project is one of several farming coral to replenish the damaged reef one piece at a time it's the key to the ocean ecosystem that's had a sea face reefs and corals generates so many habitats for fish quest haitians it's as if they were and all races in the desert are fishing corporate is working with authorities and n.g.o.s are enforcing no cuts sones the fishermen themselves monitor the protected areas and have seen biomass go up by more than four hundred
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percent you know this if you work or if we didn't do this now we'd only be thinking a short term little we have now would disappear are fairly wealthy but the state government long lacks in holding hotel isn't developers to account says it's also now on board you know you can put on this or there's a serious commitment from the government to focus on the environment because. he recognizes that tourism depends on a natural resources if we exhaust them tourism it's been used to. just words for now but it's a local vision in line with the ngs of this global summit united effort of business leaders conservationists and government before it's too late john holdren now does it a coup. and i was take you through some of the headlines here on al-jazeera now the us president donald trump has agreed to meet north korea's leader in the coming weeks
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a south korean delegation delivered the invitation from kim jong un to the white house south korea's national security adviser says kim expressed a commitment to denuclearize thirteen red cross aid trucks entering syria's eastern water after a lull in violence in the rebel held enclave near damascus the delivery of food and supplies as possible and on thursday because of fighting earlier syrian opposition activists reported no overnight there strikes or shelling on the eastern water for the first time in ten days more than nine hundred people have been killed since the government offensive there began almost three weeks ago russia imposed a five hour daily ceasefire for civilians to leave but few have actually left the trump administration as impose tariffs on steel and imports despite warnings of a global trade war mexico and canada are temporarily exempt on the gauche asians continue on a regional trade agreement south korea says it may file a complaint with the world trade organization. we would actively
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consider filing a complaint to the world trade organization with agreement between major countries the trade minister kim jung chang already discussed this with the european union trade commissioner. eleven countries have signed the revised trans-pacific partnership trade deal in chile they're hailing it as a move against protectionism after the us pulled out of the room and last year it will reduce tariffs for eleven countries and connected colonies around the pacific worth ten trillion dollars. seven people have died in a suicide bombing in afghanistan's capital kabul seven others were wounded in the blast of a police checkpoint near a gathering of the shia minority media claim of responsibility almost one million people are without power after heavy snow in the northeast of the u.s. it's the second storm to hit the east coast in less than a week or than a hundred thousand people are enduring widespread electricity cuts some of them
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without power for almost a week now as the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after one o one east ahead of the september twenty fourth national election survey showed germans satisfied with the state of their economy this is easily a slow news biggest tech success story the company was bought by. hundreds of thousands of real hinge a muslims escaped the military crackdown in mean. most of them women and girls. hoped.


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