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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  March 9, 2018 4:00pm-5:01pm +03

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a man has decided to break with tradition and train to sail competitively will not that he want to present a positive image and choose to steer a typical expectation of women for them it's about more than just racing yes you can still be a good a man a woman and also a very talented sailor going off around the world showing everybody how strong omani people are al jazeera world meets the first female same crew in the gulf a man's sailing stars at this time on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera. hello again i'm peter double you're watching the news hour live from our headquarters here in doha coming up in the next sixty minutes after months of bitter exchanges the u.s. president accepts an offer to meet the north korean leader for talks. air strikes
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hit syria's eastern just as desperately required aid trucks enter the besieged area . the un mourns more than two million children are at risk of dying because of malnutrition in democratic republic of congo in sports arena williams is back in competitive singles action six months on from giving birth williams makes a winning return at indian wells. the u.s. president has accepted an invitation from north korea's leader kim jong un for a face to face meeting the development is being hailed as a major diplomatic achievement after months of aggressive posturing between the two men bright has more. this fast moving diplomatic saga has seen many.
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extraordinary twists and turns then the announcement to beat them all south korea's special envoy emerged from a meeting with the u.s. president to reveal trump says yes to kim president trump appreciated the briefing and said he would meet kim jong un by may two or cheap prominent new priorities. seizing the moment south korea's president mungy in has been quick to credit both north korean and u.s. leaders can you tell when you and johnny president from leadership will be highly praised by the residents of both class korea and north korea by people all around the world who are hoping for. moon's liberal government says the way is now open to achieving denuclearization of the korean peninsula through peaceful means something almost inconceivable until recently but many conservatives say it's only been made possible by the u.s.
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threat of force so i think the south koreans and the north koreans kind of put their heads together and said well we need to come up with something otherwise we might all wind up having u.s. rockets landing in pyongyang where they're acting out of fear or seeing an opportunity much credit will go to south korea special envoys went to pyongyang on a mission of hope bringing back a landmark agreement and seoul exploited its good fortune in hosting the winter olympics just when the world needed a path to peace it's still early days but this is being seen as a major diplomatic achievement for south korean president moon j.n. building on the goodwill of the winter olympics two remarkable effect as the paralympics get underway south korea will be hoping these games continue to work their magic. as it did in the winter olympics north korea is sending a team of paralympians sport and politics mixing it seems with the beneficial
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outcome at least they are dialing their stock into each other then in all i think sport playing their part in nor putting the door from then on it's up to the politicians until now south korea's politicians and diplomats only have to plan for the agreed into korean summit at the panmunjom truce village at the end of april a first in eleven years now they face the prospect of a first ever summit between north korean and u.s. leaders rob mcbride al-jazeera south korea joining us live is our white house correspondent kimberly health kit kimberly this kind of caught the world on the back foot a little bit did it take the white house by surprise as well. it's interesting that you bring that up because yes it certainly did there was no question that there was an understanding that the south korean and voice were at the white house but you have to remember this is a conflict that has been going on for decades and so nobody expected things to move
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quite so quickly but very late in the day here in washington last night in fact it did become clear that donald trump learned of the envoy's presence on the white house campus summoned one of the south korean envoys to his office where the message was relayed directly and it was then that we understand the president almost immediately catching much of the staff off guard decided that he would accept this meeting with the north korean leader even popping into the white house briefing room something that has never happened in donald trump's presidency to say that there would be an imminent announcement so certainly this caught the white house staff by surprise it caught the press by surprise but as well given the fact that no sitting u.s. president has met a north korean leader and this has been going on for so long many did not expect this to happen so quickly peter but you have to remember donald trump promised in his an op inauguration speech in twenty seventeen to do things differently he immediately put in place a policy of maximum pressure and despite the fact that we've had those barbs back
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and forth we're donald trump is called kim jong un little rocket man and even criticized him openly on social media the u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson says that the administration believes this except instead of an invitation in the meeting is a positive sign. i do just go for the. or we are you. will is just wrong as are they do really well is off her back way. off over those eyes. as well you saw or. is conversation is a delegation from. so clearly kimberly donald trump will not trust the north korean leader so how does he perceive him how does he see this relationship. well i can tell you that you're right on the fact that there is no
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trust between these two men in fact donald trump has indicated through his staff and the policy remains that maximum pressure will remain there's going to be no relief even as the preparations for this meeting are underway so maximum pressure will remain economically through those sanctions as well as through the international community which has said even with a statement coming from the u.k. leader to resign may that in fact that will be the case that there will be this maximum pressure that remains the other thing that will continue is those planned exercises between south korea and the united states that were delayed as a result of now the paralympics that are taking place in south korea those are still going to go ahead at the end of the month so there is this feeling that yes this is a bright moment and a bright opportunity but there is no expectation from the united states of any change in u.s. strategy or approach and in fact the u.s.
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ultimate goal is put forward by the white house in a statement following a phone call that donald trump had with the japanese prime minister shinzo abi that came out just before midnight our time here in washington in fact was that the goal remains to press for a verifiable and irreversible nuclearize ation the feeling is of this white house peter is that while these talks have been going on an exchange back and forth what this is done is bought north korea time that is something that donald trump says he will not do as president ok you can believe will leave it there for the moment thank you very much will two of north korea's allies have welcomed these latest developments. with the. first and foremost believe that he's a step in the right direction this is the first day that we have heard of this agreement so it's only if he's required to normalize the situation all around the insula he also welcomed the saami to sell. and pyongyang to be held in
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a probe. made whole from afar we welcomed these positive signals by the u.s. and north korea on having direct dialogue the korean nuclear peninsula issue is the moving towards the right direction with a settlement we fully knowledge and support the role of the parties first to resolve this issue through dialogue well as we were hearing from kimberly halkett there out of washington the japanese playing a key role here japan which has been targeted by some of north korea's missile launches in the past few months reacting with caution to the idea of this meeting the japanese prime minister shinzo obvious saying his government will continue to pressure north korea until it gives up its nuclear weapons if i killed off four i'm hoping to visit the u.s. as early as april to hold a u.s. japan summit i agreed with the u.s. president that we would continue the close cooperation between our two countries to resolve north korea's nuclear and missile issues. moving on the u.n.
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coordinator in syria says shelling on a rebel held enclave is putting any aid convoy at risk strikes at least and just as thirteen red cross trucks were entering the area the delivery of food and supplies was postponed on thursday because of fighting the u.n. says the shelling happened despite safety assurances from those involved in the conflict including russia earlier the u.k. based syrian observatory for human rights have reported no overnight air strikes or shelling on the eastern ghouta for the first time in ten days when the nine hundred people have been killed since the government offensive there began almost three weeks ago in the holder has more now from beirut in neighboring lebanon. thirteen aid trucks arriving in the besieged enclave of the united nations delivering much needed food to the people who are trapped in a war zone enough food for twenty thousand people far from this is an enclave which is home to at least four hundred thousand people according to u.n. estimates but the food was supposed to have supposed to have been delivered on
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monday but the united nations was unable to offload the trucks because of shelling so they're hoping to be able to complete their mission today on those trucks there were no medical supplies surgical trauma kits this is what medics have been requesting for some time now this bombing campaign it's nearly three weeks now if you have thousand people have been wounded but the government really does not allow medical supplies into the areas because they say they will be used on rebel fighters who are wounded the situation there is an uneasy calm and overnight no airstrikes no shelling some are saying that this is a positive sign maybe a goodwill gesture as both sides engaged in behind the scenes negotiations this is what we understand the pro-government alliance insisting on the rebel factions that they need to surrender that they need to leave the stand with for this military campaign and they are not ready to discuss anything else and they're not ready to
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compromise and it seems that the rebels are running out of options they've lost a lot of ground and the suffering really is immense inside the suffering among civilians the turkish president. says troops of the northern syrian town of. the city center imminently. that comes after the turkish military seized control of funding for. helping the troops and turkey and syrian rebels are trying to push kurdish fighters from area alan fischer correspondent is imbedded with turkish forces inside syria and. generous. we came here with the turkish military escort we're in the tone of. this is one of the first successes as far as the turkish on the free syrian army is concerned an operation all of branch one of the first places that was taken over here you can see the aid that is being brought in for the people in the tone is essentially all
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the essentials that people need such as water biscuits flour oil things that they can cook with if you come with me past the truck the aid workers are all ready to start handing in the people are certainly in the position that they want to see it one of the buildings that are standing in the courtyard here this is being used for medical checks by the turkish army will go up the stairs take a quick look. and he had been treating people of all ages from very old with things like that and injuries to very young children trying to establish exactly what is wrong was in the pits just know that they're not well for the entire time you can hear the sound of outgoing artillery shells and you can see in the faces of the children when that happens just how scared they are a reminder of what they've been through particularly over the last few months. the move clearly the clinic. is doing something that they want to previously for but i
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don't here into the courtyard. and here you can see the children there gathered with appearance now they're doing the best they can to give them some sort of schooling you can see school books are scattered around here they're trying to give the children an education they're teaching them some very basic things but clearly they don't have the facilities that normal schools would have speaking to people here they say it has been a very very rough six seven weeks particularly in this part of the time in this part of the country and they say that they would like their life to get back to normal as soon as possible they just don't know when that is going to be. at least thirteen people have been killed in two attacks in afghanistan a suicide bomb went off at a police checkpoint in the capital kabul near a gathering of the shia minority seven people were killed more than twenty were injured separately six soldiers were killed when the taliban ambushed an army
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outpost in the northern tackle province tony berkeley has more. the attack happened just before one o'clock local time the target was a gathering of shia worshippers who were gathering to commemorate the death of a famous. leader the bomber was stopped about three hundred meters away from the main gathering by police he exploded his vest there and then one of the casualties one of the dead included a police officer the rest we understand worshippers no one has claimed responsibility so far but the finger of suspicion is pointing at the i sill they were responsible for a similar attack on the shia community in kabul at the end of december at a cultural center forty members of the community were killed in that attack they haven't claimed responsibility as i said but they are strongly believed to have been involved in the taliban have not carried out these kind of attacks and while there was concern i should say that this may have been
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a response from one faction or another to the offer by president danny for unconditional peace talks with the taliban i think that's been ruled out pretty firmly but it comes at a time of great uncertainty overnight elsewhere the security situation was deteriorating there was a big taliban attack on the police and military outpost in taqiyya province in the north where we are told that eight soldiers were killed ten police were killed and about five or six security forces were wounded so you know the ball carries on in afghanistan there is concern now that further attacks may happen in kabul. plenty more ground still to cover for you here on the news hour including these stories global condemnation as donald trump places big tariffs on steel and a million imports. and the price of protection japan's huge new seawalls which some people say could damage tourism. and sports news with the tiger woods gets in among the trees and insights of the leader board and his comeback as it continues.
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let's get more on one of our headlining stories for you the u.n. has warned that more than two million children in democratic republic of congo are at risk of starving to death about three hundred thousand of them live in the region where fighting between armed groups has forced millions to leave their homes over the past year the u.n. humanitarian chief donors in d.r. see next week so the aid can be delivered to those in need joining us on the news and he's the secretary general of the norwegian refugee council he joins us from the norwegian capital oslo and a similar plea and a warning i guess was issued in october of last year nothing changed then so what's going wrong. i think the drama of the democratic republic of the congo is falling
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in the shadows of the horrific wars in syria and in yemen. could the congo is has become completely neglected and forgotten as a mega crisis indeed hundreds of thousands of children may starve to death when i was there just last month i could see a tremendous crisis with very little humanitarian response very different from syria or yemen where we do at least have a great humanitarian muscle we don't have that and place for the congo ok you need funds you need food you need access you might get access next week perhaps i guess you know well there is access is very difficult but we can reach people i would see congo more than these other places where. alerted you to it's a funding crisis of epic proportions one example i was in northern keeble
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that place has gone from five hundred fifty thousand to one point two million internally displaced a doubling of needs in one year what happened in that in the year half of the humanitarian groups packed and left because there was no money for them because it became too soon too dangerous to be there one hundred and thirty on groups so women and children and not people are left to fend for themselves we have forgotten and neglected them so it's not just this one particular area we're talking about because i mean despite the fact that the relevant government minister in d.r. c is querying the actual figures the settled figures seem to say that at least one point seven million people have already left this immediate region so aware of they go on and what kind of situation of they in. well in the site which is one of the four or five crisis areas now in the congo. most of these people are displaced
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within the areas or they may go to the neighboring region you know people are displaced within the congo primarily four and a half million people displaced by the beginning of this year more or less a doubling in only eighteen months or seoul so we don't see them they don't come to the mediterranean they don't end up in europe they are forgotten and neglected and we cannot have it like that in twenty eight eighteen are you talking to the current leadership because there are people who say look if mr kabila had handled his own political position differently this situation would not have happened on top of which you've got what five or six local factions who are continuing to fight each other after a local hereditary chief he died at some point last year. yeah. that
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particular crisis in the where the you have this tremendous ethnic problem the political crisis is all over the congo and indeed we try to speak to the government both centrally regionally and locally so do some european and other actors but we're not making most progress. enough progress in the meantime of course we cannot let the most innocent women and children most of them die before because men with guns and power are not listening to us to change their ways we have an obligation to come to the relief of those who are on the at the at at the abyss we can reach them in a week and refugee council is scaling up with where hiring hundreds of local aid workers congolese who are able and willing and courageous enough to come to the
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relief of these families fleeing yet egeland in oslo good to talk to you as a nickel and thank you very much thank you. the u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson has been to djibouti as he continues his first official tour of africa djibouti is a vital partner for the u.s. it hosts an american military base that's used for operations in somalia and yemen and anti piracy surveillance across the red sea now last year china also opened its first military base abroad in djibouti as beijing and washington vie for influence across the region the russian foreign minister sergei lavrov in ethiopia where he's wrapping up a five day five nation tour of africa he confirmed moscow's support for africa to have a seat on the u.n. security council that is the aversion to city the most important thing is to raise that if presentation of the developing countries in the u.n. security council we are dealing to concede that any option if only this option
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leads to a bit old consensus and in this sense yes we believe that nominations of india and brazil represent asia and south america these are good candidates but we do not think it is possible to expand the u.n. security council if these package does not include the issue of the african their presentation to only if africa is that it presented we'll be able to introduce an additional value to the u.n. security council alex vines is head of the africa program at chatham house joins us live here from london alex good to talk to you again what is mr leverett what does russia get out of this trip. well there are a few things the first one is that the majority of business on the u.n. security council is africa we've just heard about the crisis in the democratic republic of congo and so russia as a permanent member the un security council will be as focused as any of
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a permanent member on the africa portfolio and so talk about security council reform as lavrov says has an outer suburb make sense but it's not just about the u.n. security council the second priority will be about the defense industry of russia which is one of their main exporters and the trip has been partly about defense and security very clearly in the countries that he's visited and then there's the economics has visited several countries which have even oil or gas or diamonds and gov mozambique for example the mining opportunities in zimbabwe those are also potentially of interest to russia indeed russia is already deeply involved in diamond mining in angola and one of its gas companies is active in mozambique both big heavy hitters in ethiopia rex tillerson in ethiopia the only country on which in which both men kind of overlap by a couple of hours each why is ethiopia on both of those shopping lists.
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well if you have here is the seat of the african union so you can do two things you can maintain your bilateral relationship with ethiopia and you can also branch out and also engage the african union i mean look to love roth was also in ethiopia because ethiopia and russia this year are celebrating one hundred twenty years of diplomatic relations so that's quite a significant bilateral relationship too and rough is there for that. ethiopia is also an anchor state in an unsteady region because of the crisis in somalia it's also extended neighbor even for the arabian peninsula and for red sea security so these are the reasons why a visit for both ministers to ethiopia occurred at this time i think you mentioned earlier story that just in passing the democratic republic of congo and what's going on there with this horrible warning from the united nations labral central
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line seems to be look african solutions for african problems rex tillerson is an africa with a big checkbook i mean he's talked about half a billion dollars worth of aid but african solutions for african problems we hear about a lot of people it doesn't work why not. look at african solutions can sometimes work for african problems but some african problems are no longer just african they are you know they are globalized problems they're about globalization and so you need international partnerships that's one of the reasons i think rex tillerson is also focusing on the side hill he's going to charge for example and that is all to do with security and to do with globalization and to deal with counter radicalization which is which the solutions some of them lie within the side helen within the saudi and countries but some of them will require global partnerships of which the united states is part of the solution and
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explains in london thank you. the un human rights chief is urging the international criminal court in the hague to prosecute those committing atrocities against me in mass range of minority zied rodell hussain urged me on mars government to allow monitors into northern rakhine state to investigate what he called acts of genocide he's accused of bulldozing mass graves to cover up evidence of crimes against humanity. and sell hussein is advising the philippines president to seek psychiatric help it's in response to the philippines government filing a petition to declare a un special rapporteur and six hundred alleged communist guerrillas as terrorists hussein criticized the thirty's use of bad language when he warned u.n. investigators against looking into extrajudicial killings of drug offenders britain sending troops to the city where a russian double agent was poisoned one hundred military service personnel with expertise dealing with chemicals will remove cars and evidence from seoul's brain
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in the west of england u.k. investigators have confirmed a rare poison was used to try and murder. and his thirty three year old daughter they remain critically ill in hospital. so if you weather is richard please rush peter thought have a look at tropical cyclone which is causing some issues in parts of the south pacific well there it is there's a stray here there's a cold cinema so the coral sea we have new caledonia and the loyalty on and which belong to it now new caledonia population about two hundred seventy thousand loti islands population at twenty thousand but i wouldn't fancy being in that particular at the moment because going into right from what is still the question of a category one system with sustained winds of one hundred forty kilometers per hour is also to see an awful lot of rain because it's moving so slowly barely seven kilometers per hour towards the south southeast and the track is going to take it towards new zealand in the coming days so the rain remains the main driving force
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here obviously it comes further towards the south is going to come of a progressive of the cooler seas and as a result it will lose the energy which it has so we're going to see significant rainfall totals containing valent fun to watch to seen some flooding as a result of this system and then over the next twenty four forty eight hours it's going to be working its way into wards the north coast of new zealand with some quite stormy conditions here meanwhile across in the strait of course we've got a lot of flooding as a result of storms of fate in this area and those continue across northern parts of australia richard thanks very much germany has condemned donald trump's new tariffs on steel and aluminum imports protectionism and an affront to allies trump imposed the levies despite warnings of a global trade war saying he needed to preserve american jobs john hendren has more from washington. a defiant donald trump fulfilled a promise that helped make him president the american steel moment image astri has
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been ravaged by aggressive foreign trade practices. it's really an assault on a country. accusing china and other countries of dumping cheap steel on the u.s. market in an attack on american industry he said punitive tariffs on foreign steel and aluminum many of the countries that treat us the worst on trade and on military are our allies as they like to call them so we just want fairness the controversy old plan would take effect in fifteen days exempting canada and mexico as they renegotiate the north american free trade deal with the u.s. and reserving the right to change the terms for other countries which changing things something the steelworkers that helped put trump in the white house over his promises of protectionism is going to bring steel back trump had his own protectors it's been over a hundred million dollars and. in granite city illinois hundreds of workers laid
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off when the u.s. steel plant closed two years ago will be going back to work but on capitol hill the plan was criticized as the first shot in a certain trade war i'm disappointed as well i should say because we just passed the tax bill and this kind of flies in the face of democratic senator dick durbin compared it to dropping a bomb on a fleet a fellow republican senator jeff flake vowed a bill to reverse the tariffs in canada the foreign minister faced questions about whether the deck was being stacked against her free trade negotiation team her answer was diplomatic we think a win win win outcome for all three countries is absolutely possible and not going to go shooting table we are absolutely defending and standing up for the national interest at the european union talk was much tougher thing and it's sort of we are now imposing tariffs on motorcycles harley davidson on blue jeans the visor on
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bourbon we can also do stupid. newly planned the e.u. tariffs on those in other u.s. products are designed to hit swing states in american elections florida ohio pennsylvania that trump's republican party will need to hold congress in midterm elections later this year despite days of opposition trump remained a man of steel tariffs yes i'm going to give even if you needed a reminder to sign them john hendren zero washington well stay with us story the says the terrorists break rules set by the world trade organization and the toilet would prefer to negotiate it's not afraid to retaliate what is not that we are looking for a battle we didn't secure prepared for one thing your opinion is peace project we have dialogue and compromise as our got. that is the whole idea with the union we didn't ask for this what we are asking is to our american friends and others work
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with us work with us to strengthen the international organization the global playbook as the video set said here they want me to change yes let's work to do that together to shape the future globalization give all of us work together we should do this now as well now if the your united states decided to do this this is deeply unfortunate and we would do everything we can to convince that that is wrong if it does happen we will have to take some measures to protect our jobs and workers as well. to brussels and my colleague paul brennan so paul is the e.u. crystal clear on how it's going to react to this as off yet. it's not and it's important. to a junkie that in john hendren report saying we have imposed these tariffs in recently nation they're not yet imposed they already they are ready to be imposed should the time the rise of the the need arise but they haven't yet put them into practice and we have just come back actually from a news briefing with the european commission vice president of jobs and
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competitiveness and he told us that frankly we're not actually they're not actually crystal clear as to exactly how president trump's potential exclusions exemptions from these tariffs might actually work out the terrace will be imposed for another two weeks there is going to be a lot of discussion between now and then in fact here in brussels on saturday tomorrow the e.u. trade commissioner to see the amount strong you heard here in the report of the sound bite from i just now she will have talks here in brussels with her u.s. counterpart robert lighthouse and with the japanese trade minister as well it was supposed to be a meeting a trilateral meeting talking about overcapacity in the steel industry it's going to be now about the tariffs but what they're really going to be talking about is how to avoid those terrorists being imposed on europe and i guess the issue for the white house or for donald trump is that he can't in effect cherry pick which e.u. countries he may or may not decide to give a dispensation to when it comes to imposing tariffs because the e.u. countries all wrapped up within their own trading agreements and they have
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a very clear relationship with the world trade organization. indeed i mean donald trump the president seems to have a beer in his bonnet about germany but the problem is that germany is part of the european union and the european union deals with the rest of the world as a trading block you can't separate out individual countries. and single them out and target them in fact there was mention about the u.k. trade minister liam fox who said well we'll negotiate our own little exemption with america now you can use the message here from brussels today to the u.k. you can have your own deal you're still part of the european union it hasn't happened yet so if donald trump is thinking that he can separate off parts of eastern europe or germany and do individually targeted. tariffs and sanctions against those individual countries with the message from brussels here is no you're not going to be allowed to do that and the europeans are standing very strong on
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that particular point ok we'll leave it there for the moment paul many thanks for staying with that story south korea japan condemning the terror of south korea after the canadians one of the biggest exporters of steel into the united states. we would actively consider filing a complaint to the world trade organization with agreement between major countries the trade minister kim jung chong already discussed this with the european union trade commission are you going to. get do with it is extremely regrettable that the measures were decided i believe there is a concern that a broad trade restriction mechanism on the grounds of national security could disturb not only the us but also the global steel and aluminum markets including those in the asian region and it could also cause a grave impact on economic relations between allies japan and the us as well as the multilateral trade system overall and the global economy. no to a trade deal that donald trump didn't want to be
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a part of we're talking about the teeth p.p. that's the transpacific partnership it has now been signed in chile in what's being hailed as a powerful move against protectionism the revised deal will cut tariffs for eleven countries and connect economy is worth ten trillion dollars and as a latin american added to see in human with more from santiago. i believe there's an agreement that's much more than a deal to reduce tariffs in the most dynamic region of the world economy. the comprehensive and progressive transpacific partnership or t p p eleven so short is in fact being hailed as an antidote to the increasingly protectionist policies of the united states despite the rising trend where you have. today. behind. every station. many thought the t p p was finished after president donald trump pulled out of the deal that his predecessor barack obama
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believed would offset china's growing economic and geopolitical power but spurred by japan the remaining countries forged ahead regardless leaving the u.s. on the sidelines the new revised agreement includes eleven countries that together account for more than five hundred million people and what and thirteen percent of global g.d.p. with the us it would have been forty percent but other countries like taiwan south korea the philippines and even the u.k. post brecht's it could also join the pack now. but there are critics demonstrators gathered in front of the treaty venue saying that the deal was to go shaded in secret and that it will favor corporations at the expense of workers and small businesses a charge canada's commerce minister refutes it is the first trade agreement in the world where you have a dedicated chapter on small and medium sized businesses the timing of the signing
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ceremony is significant just one day after the european union and the i.m.f. want president trump against unleashing a trade war if he slaps duties on steel and aluminum imports to see this. as a turning point the low building or lack of it was present secretary is now saying the reason for that seems to be something. troy a little bit. but the reversal of the deal is likely to want us to donald trump's like really stiff controls of intellectual property rights to protect the u.s. pharmaceutical industry for example have been suspended along with nineteen other completed measures the treaty will go into effect sixty days after six of the eleven signatories complete domestic legal procedures turning the tepee plus unleavened into one of the world's three top trading blocks you see in human i'll just see the santiago. canyon president to go to kenya and the main opposition leader raul promising to work out their differences and to unify the country
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they've been meeting in nairobi for the first time since the disputed election last august i think a boycotted the rerun in october which can go to one with ninety percent of the vote the time has come for us to conform to a result or differences these differences a big coming to in things not duking ins agree on the other use of the differences and what the. millions of our children continued to be born and mounted into these differences people are dying out of these differences my brother. and myself. come to good that would be to see this descent stops here we have come to a common understanding and understanding that this tension of kenya is greater
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than any one individual and that for this country to come together leaders must come together he does must be able to discuss their defenses you guys must be able to discuss really and openly what is our country what. is the reason and the cause. divisions and fictions we see. katherine sawyer joins us live now from nairobi katherine a few months back it was political daggers drawn so what's going on here. this comes peter is a complete surprise to many of us yes there has been this big push to have the two leaders meet but like you mentioned they have both been speaking from quinn politically different and rival odinga saying that he will on their agenda masked
4:42 pm
the electoral reforms in the new election and in the new election who cannot on the other hand say no well you want to talk about development issues so many people including i'm sure are close supporters of rial odinga have been caught off guard that say the meeting itself was quite lengthy and when the leaders came out. in that clip you played they their tone was very conciliatory and unifying saying they do not want to be the leaders who presided over a failed state and who continue to divide their people along ethnic lines they also said that they are going to soon roll out a strategy a program of how they're going to implement what they call their joint objectives now we don't know what this joint objectives are wryly the talk about. institutional and constitutional reforms being part of that that people want to
4:43 pm
know more people want to know outside of this public show of unity what really was discussed behind closed doors what deals were made if any because this meeting is very abruptly to the u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson is jew the very soon as we've been reporting here on the news he's doing a five nation tour in africa i remember the pictures i remember your reporting catherine when those opposition demonstrators were out on the streets they were really really angry i mean what's their reaction to this represented between these two men. you look on you haven't arrived like you mentioned he's going to be here at some point soon he's going to be meeting the president immediately then he is going to discuss some of those issues. especially this valiant confrontation human rights abuses the government been accused of using
4:44 pm
a very high handed way to deal with protesters clout down on media freedom and the opposition as well and you know talking of reactions i did speak to a lot of supporters particularly of the opposition. in western kenya where i covered the election and out the coast as well both strong opposition stronghold both strong stronghold of the opposition and a lot of people there are shocked at this meeting saying that he has accomplished quote them completely off guard disappointed saying that all of them actually a thing that they really want to know what was discussed for example they want to know the issue of electoral reform that rollo dingoes so passionate about was that this crowd the credibility of the presidential election what that this got and just is what happens to the many people who died in alexion violence including children what jack does well they think people are very keen and eager to know what was
4:45 pm
discussed behind the scenes and going forward what the end game is going to be and how that is going to affect them peter catherine we'll leave it there many thanks. huge concrete walls are being built along parts of the japanese coast to protect it from tsunamis after a massive one seventy years ago killed more than twenty thousand people but some say the new barriers are too high and they could have an impact on tourism is right . for fishermen atsushi foozie to the open waters of the to hokkaido coast swelling beneath a hazy blue sky where he owns his living pulling oysters from the sea that. when he returns to the shore the rolling hills of his home. being obscured by high concrete walls or head out of your house. i feel like i'm working inside a fence it feels like we're in jail even though we haven't done anything bad. in the two thousand and eleven earthquake and tsunami wave slammed into coastal cities two thousand people were killed and at sushi's home time the focus shima nuclear
4:46 pm
reactor was swamped leaking radiation into the surrounding land and sea their original tsunami badia was just four meters high but the waves just swept right over it now japan is building sea walls fifteen meters high they offer more protection but not everyone thinks they're worth it she's an oklahoma today at the local i think about fifty years ago we used to bring our kids here and enjoy the beautiful ocean and bay area while driving but there's not even a trace of that left or to it that knocked the world i don't think we need a sea wall if we could see the wave coming we could shout run but because of the wall we can't see anything. many local authorities refused to give planning permission for new homes until the walls were built to the big bill after the construction of the seawall was confirmed i was able to get permission to rebuild my bed and breakfast that is why i can't say things like the wall should be lower or we don't need it it's thanks to the wall that it could rebuild and now i have a job on the oyster fishing has improved because this is an army stood off the sea
4:47 pm
beds some complain to resume will be affected because the walls obscure the views but others say they're willing to pay that price for protection from mother nature rob matheson al-jazeera. india's highest court has ruled that terminally ill people can choose to refuse medical care judges have decided that so-called passive use than is here would only apply to people with no hope of recovery patients will be allowed to draft a living will stating that they do not want to be put on to life support if they slip into an incurable coma those public outcry after a sixty six year old nurse bob was sexually assaulted and left in a permanent vegetative state for more than forty years pinky ronnie is a human rights activist and author in two thousand and nine she launched the movement for use in a.z. in india and became involved in a ruinous case mr amin joins us live from new delhi pink irani so this is about
4:48 pm
when somebody is unconscious they're in a coma from which they will not as a medical judgment return i they're at the point of no return that's what i'm saying yes it would need to be an inverse of the in this and past of the attorneys you know it was first announced it's not i see in court in twenty eleven it has been really not the imagine but it has well certainly been the and last today by a five judges which doesn't even get larger than that two judges that is now what they have added to you is the thing when this you were pointed out what's the difference between this legislation when it kicks in and assisted suicide. the legislation in fact has been present from the engine to the supreme court verdict which said that it will still in effect i mean less an act of parliament was other whites or that if i was one of the two they help to minister to the government in good health
4:49 pm
and these in the process of drafting a law which would in fact that to me is yet to be is if i judge bench comes as an additional shot the difference between the person who is uneasy and i do it as being clearly understood in judgment in the. not so beautifully acted in the thing . that it's actually not being court meaning really in the judgement from what i can see to these judgments in quality advanced directive which makes a lot more sense because you see in passing to musea debtors one hundred sixteen you'll be in debt we're in debt or if you are in a poor mark which in which see the glass or scale has just us being in the first or even on a ventilator and the pulling of the plug on a tree where you will not come out of it. well enough that's the to me is the debt has already they firmly not on your bed in other parts of the world if one says
4:50 pm
euthanasia there is a perception that that involves for example not just somebody used the phrase first not just somebody pulling the plug on somebody who say in a coma here and they are technically already brain dead use uneasier see in europe or the states or north america can mean somebody's going to a specific location and they are administered a drug that ends their life is that what's now going to happen in india or is this just literally about withdrawing the support that is keeping somebody is body alive and functioning. well no it's not it's not that you need to order everybody's taking a lot of care here to make the districts and as you have people injured out it's about i don't enjoying the many good support because dad has one and he said you know nothing more can be done oh it's not about the joy then it's not about adding to it so it's one of those. then you have a point you know if it's ok we have to leave it there thank you veronica thank you
4:51 pm
so much for joining us here on the news hour from your belly you know it said that necessity is the mother of invention and that's true for many people living in cats house and an assay on land blockade begun nine months ago students in doha blocked from taking part in sporting competitions in other gulf countries so they've come up with an alternative is for tory gately. and dispenser goes to a british school and never imagined that he and his friends would be caught up in a political dispute between on one side saudi arabia egypt bahrain and the united arab emirates and on the other cattle but that's been the case since organizers blocked him and hundreds of others from competing in a major school sports event in dubai this weekend five. teaches dismayed by the decision have organized the cattle games as an alternative students are competing in basketball football athletics swimming and other events the. and what has been the most enjoyable bit of working with making. things
4:52 pm
up like this to discuss with others is remark excited by like really competitive katie want to gold medal in the team swim event and says the standard of competition is high. i got to compete with people. and. my friends the cattle games is another example of how tyreese as well as the more than two million ex-pats living hand are adapting to the challenges caused by the blockade that said there is a certain amount of incredulity head that countries blockading qatar are using children to school political points it's also raise questions about whether sport education and politics should ever make organizers say that even if the gulf diplomatic dispute is eventually resolved the cattle games will run every year from now on you know i want to still tiflis games as the beat the blockade games because
4:53 pm
you know very much now. out of adversity comes opportunity and the opportunity is here because essentially because of the blockade i'm now that it's happened once and it's been so successful and i know it will continue to be it will happen year after year after year the children had set their sights on competing in dubai this weekend the cattle games has ensured that months of hard work has not gone to waste victory gave them be out is there a doha. we didn't understand a little pull accent either but don't blame me a little town is all right so include me in that i have because not only with sports news moving on very fast william says recency competitive singles action with a win the twenty three time grand slam champion is back after the birth of her first child six months ago the thirty six year old hadn't played in a top level tour event since winning the australian open at the start of last year williams have beaten calyx downs as arena d.s. in straight sets in the first round of the indian wells tormenting california the
4:54 pm
when setting up a second round match with dutch black a few persons her sister venus is a possible third round apartments. i was almost going to cry because i missed my daughter and i was just like you know what i pulled myself together and i gotta do this or that but it was good i was really in it when i was really happy to be out there and you know just to be able to play tennis again. victoria as a raincoat also back on court after a prolonged absence the former world number one beat britain's heather watson in straight sets the belarusian is involved in a custody battle which means she can't leave the state of california so this is a rare chance for her to compete at a top level tour events prior to the match the two time grand slam champion hadn't played competitively since wimbledon in twenty seven saying. roger federer begins his bid for a record sixth indian wells title on saturday the thirty six year old is back at
4:55 pm
the top of the world rankings with world number two rafa nadal missing from this event due to injury. as little pressure as this seems to be there is always on the top guys you know because to your was at the center of attention and expectations are there. you know but there's still a good place also feel you have less to prove today than in the past but that doesn't mean that i don't want it badly. the biggest winter paralympics in history is officially underway the opening ceremony in pyongyang has just finished north korea will be making its games debbie but north and south korean athletes march separately at this event the two
4:56 pm
countries united for joint procession at last month's a lympics this time the north wanted disputed islands to be put on a unified flag and the south disagreed when a record five hundred sixty seven athletes from forty eight countries are competing along with north korea georgia and have athletes of the games for the first time eighteen medals up for grabs in six sports alpine skiing snowboarding pair i saki will check curling and the nordic skiing events of cross-country and biathlon as with the winter olympics russian athletes deemed drug free by organizers will be able to compete as neutrals around thirty russians will be in pyongyang all must have had at least two anti doping tests in the last six months encouraging signs for tiger woods as he continues his effort to return to something like his best for woods occasionally finding himself in amongst the trees during the first round of the championship in florida but the fourteen time major winner managed to escape from that situation and finished the day in one under par he's three shots behind
4:57 pm
leader corey connors the forty two year old is playing in just his fourth tour event since a long injury layoff he hasn't won a tournament now since twenty thirty. my form hit the tree a little bit. i tried to warn all the people there and i moved away because i didn't know if i was if i pulled back on at all and you know try to really use my hands in flight that ball down and that club catches and breaks you know it's going to go right over there and that's you know a lot about that but once there got cleared out i figured i could put some speed into this thing and. it was going to i was going to feel it. but i pulled it off and they my mates have moved a step closer to the playoffs in basketball's top pro league with a win against the philadelphia seventy six ers heading into the final six weeks of the n.b.a. regular season has on one side led the hate with twenty six points supported by sixteen from the line wade the hates all seventh in the eastern conference the top
4:58 pm
eight teams in each conference qualify for the playoffs ok more sports throughout the day but that is it for now pete and talk to you later thanks very much we will be back with you in about two minutes thirty minutes of your world news to you that . we're fiji problem is something which is a geopolitical issue that's for governments international institutions to manage under one thousand refugees don't have the right to more freely on the other boards can move freely as far and as much as they want it's a multinational colonialism this is of the another moment over the democratic process these companies they just want the money europe's forbidden colony episode one at this time on al-jazeera. conservation is helping to
4:59 pm
recover its snow leopard population to see the results i traveled up to the remote nature reserve of saudi chat at a touch camera traps have identified a healthy population of up to twenty snow leopards as the technology improves we're finding all these ways in which our guesses are are getting corrected the latest evidence suggests there are more cats than previously acknowledged but the snow leopard trust believes it's premature to downgrade the cats on the international list of threatened species. what makes this moment this era we're living for so unique this is really an attack on truth itself is a lot of misunderstanding a distortion even of what free speech is supposed to be about that context is hugely important we have a right to publish it beat up again to to be offensive or provoke the people to
5:00 pm
setting the stage for a serious debate up front at this time on al-jazeera. just is interesting seeing. some journalists decided to sacrifice their integrity for out in the media opinion by listening biased at this time on al-jazeera. after months of bitter exchanges the us president except some offer to meet the north korean leader for talks. on pizza w watching al-jazeera live from go also.


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