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an act of youthful defiance we've ruled your turn next doctor also on the school will they arrested me at home at four in the morning the electric shock treatment was the worse that triggered a revolution. the arrest of those children sparked it all of which became a battle without and that was the beginning of the armed struggle in syria. the boy who started the syrian war at this time on al-jazeera. u.s. president sets up his biggest gamble yet agreeing to talks by may but the man who previously branded the rocket. this is america's major trading partner has condemned trump's new tariffs on steel aluminum in use says it's not afraid to retaliate.
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one of them to macdonald this is al jazeera live from london also coming up the u.n. warns more than two million tourists children are at risk of dying of malnutrition in the democratic republic of congo thirteen aid trucks and to do much carrying food but no medical supplies despite more airstrikes it's an instant group tell us . the president told the philippines she needs to submit himself to some sort of psychiatric evaluation un human rights she says were triggered deterrents he needs help as he condemns his attacks on u.n. officials. u.s. president all child has accepted an invitation from north korean leader kim jong un for a face to face meeting the two men have agreed to hold the unprecedented talks before the end of may it's been brokered by south korea and it's being hailed as a major breakthrough after months of the two men trading insults well a bride has more. this fast moving diplomatic saga has seen many
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extraordinary twists and turns then the announcement to beat them all south korea's special envoy emerged from a meeting with the u.s. president to reveal trump says yes to kim president from. the review and said he would meet kim jong un by mail order to haunt the new priority. seizing the moment south korea's president in has been quick to credit both north korean and u.s. leaders or the trumpeter to norman denuclearization m. peace on the korean peninsula are beginning to be realized i believe the punk shanklin pics and paralympics as well as our endeavors for peace will help create a new global peace or the credit should go to those people around the world who wish for peace and should you do about those. moons liberal government says the way
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is now open to achieving denuclearization of the korean peninsula through peaceful means something almost inconceivable until recently but many conservatives say it's only been made possible by the u.s. threat of force so i think the south koreans and the north koreans kind of put their heads together and said well we need to come up with something otherwise we might all wind up having u.s. rockets landing and coming in where they're acting out of fear or seeing an opportunity much credit will go to south korea. special envoys went to pyongyang on a mission of hope bringing back a landmark agreement and seoul exploited its good fortune in hosting the winter olympics just when the world needed a path to peace it's still early days but this is being seen as a major diplomatic achievement for south korean president moon jay in building on the goodwill of the winter olympics two remarkable effect as the paralympics get
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underway south korea will be hoping these games continue to work their magic as it did in the winter olympics north korea is sending a team of paralympians sport and politics mixing it seems with the beneficial outcome at least they are dialing less talking to each other then in all i think sport play a part in nor putting the door from then on it's up to the politicians until now south korea's politicians and diplomats only have to plan for the agreed into korean summit at the panmunjom truce village at the end of april a first in eleven years now they face the prospect of a first ever summit between north korean and u.s. leaders rob mcbride al-jazeera south korea well white house correspondent kimberly halkett joins us now from washington had a kimberly self i say how her insults at each other and now a meeting. this is really the planned face to face meeting that no one saw
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coming including some of the staff in the west wing of the white house the first hint that this was even starting to occur happened late on thursday when there were two of those south korean envoy spotted here in the campus of the white house grounds we understand it certainly wasn't on the president's schedule for any coordinated meeting but after those envoys met with h.r. mcmaster the national security adviser and the president learned of their whereabouts in the building he invited them into the oval office where they extended the invitation from the north korean leader for a meeting directly to the president there that he accepted but perhaps even stranger is that the president seemed so excited about it he made an appearance in the white house briefing room which has never happened before for about twenty nine seconds i'm told the roll a handful of reporters there he sort of kind of wanted to broadcast in true trump sort of dramatic fashion that this announcement would be made so certainly there is
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a quite a bit of excitement on the part of the president about this opportunity never has a u.s. president a sitting u.s. president met face to face with a north korean leader in fact it was jimmy carter in one thousand nine hundred four that was the first u.s. president to meet he went to times after that and then of course bill clinton in two thousand and nine to free two u.s. journalists so certainly there is a lot of optimism but there's also a recognition this is a very risky and bold move and kept by one of the level of optimism around this right now. well certainly there's questioning about what this means between now and then because this meeting is still time and date and location to be determined we have a vague idea that it is emitted in terms of a matter of weeks but as these details get worked out what does this mean for strategy and there was a bit of reassurance that needed to take place on the part of some of the american allies particularly the japanese prime minister shinzo abbay who had
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a telephone call with donald trump shortly after this announcement was made in there was reassurance that really nothing is going to change in terms of the international effort and pressure of the status of has been taken by the united states adopted by donald trump of the early days of his presidency which is maximum pressure tough economic sanctions that need to continue to be enforced and also diplomatic isolation in advance of this meeting and so that's sort of the agreement that has been underscored as there is this maintaining of pressure there's also this desire that the goal will be in all of this to really press for a verifiable irreversible denuclearize ation which is something of course early in the week we were reporting on that the north korean leader has at least indicated that he is willing to do so a lot of optimism but for now the strategy does not change kimberly how can they live with the latest from the white house can really thank you while still producing nations are lining up to seek exemptions from the new u.s.
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tariffs on steel and aluminum imports president trump has already weighed canada and mexico from the twenty five percent levy on steel and ten percent on aluminum that he signed off on thursday japan brazil argentina a strictly uncited korea have already said they would seek exemptions trying to steel industry is calling for his government to take retaliatory measures the european union says it expects to be excluded. well the e.u. is preparing retaliatory terrorists targeting products from swing states that help don't trump win the us presidency such as cranberries from wisconsin and orange juice from florida it's also putting pressure on the world trade organization to trans tariffs unfair now the e.u. is the world's second biggest to producer after china the knighthood of one hundred seventy seven million tons a year around eleven percent of global output but just five million tons of that is exported to the u.s. around one point five percent of the e.u. output so why then is the e.u. so concerned well it's worried it may become a dumping ground for still produces around the world who would usually sell to the
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u.s. the import surge would drive down the price of steel and could cost tens of thousands of jobs in the industry and related sectors we have been very clear that we think this is not showing compliance with w.h.o. so we will go to possibly with some other fronts we will have to protect our industry with rebalancing measures safeguards and we are also preparing a moment with the member states a list of rebalancing measures that could possibly enter into force the hope that will not be the case of course because nobody has an interest of escalating the situation but we if we have to do that that is what. is in brussels. the approach from here in brussels appears to be a pragmatic one of trying to work out exactly how donald trump's tariff imposition will work and whether or not the european union can negotiate for itself some kind of exemption from those tires what they're saying here in brussels is that the justification that don't trump is putting forward that there is
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a national security threat from europe or that the european steel producers are dumping subsidized steel into america simply doesn't stand up to scrutiny what they're saying as well is that it's not crystal clear how donald trump's door that's been left ajar to exemptions is actually going to work but what they're absolutely clear about is that individual countries within europe will not be picked off by the u.s. for example donald trump appears to have a particular problem with german still produces the message from the european commission behind me in brussels at a news briefing which you've attended today is very clear you deal with the european union as a bloc as a trading block and they will have negotiate a solution to this if possible as a block. you are and thank you and has warned the more than two million children in the democratic republic of congo are at risk of dying from acute malnutrition by three
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hundred thousand of them live in the castle region where fighting between armed groups of forced millions to leave their homes over the past year he and humanitarian chief for me don't know us in the d.r. see next week well yeah guillen is the secretary general now region refugee camp so he says the crisis in the d r c has been forgotten by the international community. i think the drama of the democratic republic of the congo is falling in the shadows of the horrific wars in syria and in yemen could the congo is and has become completely neglected and forgotten as a mega crisis indeed hundreds of thousands of children may starve to death when i was there just last month i could see a tremendous crisis with very little humanitarian response very different from syria or yemen where we do at least have
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a great humanitarian muscle we don't have that and praise for the congo has been we knew violence in a cynical to us really forecast trying to deliver aid the red cross says airstrikes hit the outskirts of too much justice thirteen of its trucks entered time the largest and most populated of the rebel held on play united nations says the shelling happened despite safety assurances from those involved in the conflict including russia was a lot has more from beirut in neighboring lebanon. thirteen aid trucks arriving in the besieged enclave of eastern the united nations delivering much needed food to the people who are trapped in a war zone enough food for twenty thousand people far from enough this is an enclave which is home to at least four hundred thousand people according to u.n. estimates but the food was supposed to have delivered supposed to have been delivered on monday but the united nations was unable to offload the trucks because of shelling so they're hoping to be able to complete their mission today on those trucks there were no medical supplies surgical kids' trauma kits this is what
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medics have been requesting for some time now this bombing campaign it's nearly three weeks now if you look thousand people have been wounded but the government really does not allow medical supplies into besieged areas because they say they will be used to rebel fighters who are wounded the situation there's an uneasy calm in eastern overnight no airstrikes no shelling some are saying that this is a positive side maybe a goodwill gesture as both sides engaged in behind the scenes negotiations this is what we understand the pro-government alliance insisting on the rebel factions that they need to surrender that they need to leave the stand with them for this military campaign and they are not ready to discuss anything else and they're not ready to compromise and it seems that the rebels are running out of options they've lost a lot of ground and the suffering really is immense inside eastern with the suffering among civilians still to come this half hour.
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kenya's president and opposition leader promised to unite the country at their first meeting since last year's elections. in iraq a manuscript safe from the hands of isis fighters by a quick thinking long. welcome back we'll take a look at the weather across the levant and western parts of asia this area of cloud is shielded some snow across the hindu kush but it has now largely cleared away to far north so temperatures sixteen degrees there in kazakhstan tashkent is focused on up to twenty five degrees we've got a bit of snow still from the caucuses and temperatures and back in nothing special just nine degrees celsius around the eastern side of the military as well cooled off some eighteen degrees as
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a high in beirut and then as we move the forecast through into sunday germany following conditions around this area we have had some fairly brisk winds results in some lifted dust but i think that's generally disappearing now here in the arabian peninsula it is pretty warm at the moment with temperatures of thirty degrees already on the other side of the printer similar picture with temperatures well up into the mid thirty's there for mecca now is and on through into sunday not much change expected here temperatures still staying above average so let's head across into southern parts of africa where it's looking very fine across much of south africa botswana and through internet we've got some heavy showers across northern parts of some bia lusaka may see some downpour some showers also across parts of zimbabwe so harare a single dime pours a comeback into south africa it should be fine for johannesburg high cyr expected to reach twenty two.
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the mind of the top stories here on al-jazeera is president of china it's accepted an invitation from north korean leader kim jong un for a face to face meeting before the end of may well still producing nations are lining up to seek exemptions from the new u.s.
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tariffs on steel and aluminum imports president trump has already agreed to waivers from canada mexico. and the un's one of the more than two million children in the democratic republic of congo are at risk of dying from acute malnutrition. president rage of type two and says his troops have surrounded the northern syrian town of a free and imminently. well that's after the turkish military seems control of the clear right on up to india to help in the troops advance turkey and allied syrian rebels are trying to push kurdish fighters from the area and fish has been with turkish troops inside syria and they are both in the southwest of chindia us. we drove into syria with the turkish army escort they decided where we would go the destination the village of one of the first retaken from kodesh militia by the free syrian army supported by the turks in the
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operation named all of brunch sitting in the shade the children waited for the truck to distribute its boxes to date here has been the scene for a while in a small building a makeshift doctor's office treating a lot of minor injuries anything serious in the transfer to turkey for further treatment. for some who do nothing but war. it's a new and freight. experience. then it was time to hand out the aid but i mean on the family's name was called and someone stepped forward some fairly tall enough to carry it home but people are starving here waiting patiently for the aid to be handed out that is they say they waited long enough for the aid to rival but they don't mind waiting that little bit longer. each box is oil and sugar and flour and sanitary products enough to last the family three weeks one. hundred america since the f.s.a. came we are receiving aid it is enough for us it's enough six years we lived under
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the wire there one the aid material should be a little bit more because of the number of people here and the number of people in those families some of them received aid but one or two boxes are not enough for one family because they're all gathered in one house the turkish red crescent says it's doing what it can with what it has. up to but we came to the area yesterday and assess the needs of the village residents who are prepared food and hygenic material for everyone. every so often the grain shakes with the sound of activity fire the big guns pointed in support of the ongoing military operations the children told me they don't like the noise they may have grown up with the war but it's something they will never get used to alan fischer al-jazeera balut northern syria kenya's president hurricane yeah and the main opposition leader raul hama's to begin a process of reconciliation is the first first missing since last year's disputed
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election which was followed by widespread violence across the country earlier this year for himself and as the so-called people's president refused to recognize election winner as head of state. we have can. you understand. this country of kenya is greater than any one individual and that for this country to come together leaders must come together he does must be able to discuss the defenses he does must be able to discuss freely and openly what is our country what. is the reason and the cause for ethnic divisions and fictions that we see a constituency the time has come for us to confront and dissolve our differences these differences of becoming too entrenched not to
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pinions agree on the origins of the differences and what they put in. millions of our children continue to be born unmounted into these differences people are dying out of these differences. my brother. and myself. therefore come together today to say this descent stops here or your secretary of state rex tillerson has arrived in kenya in the next hour of his tour of africa is visiting six nations with the aim of tightening security and economic ties to listen been spent much of the danger see a vital planner in america's fight against terrorism in the region ramadan reports from chipper to. his heel with the message that the united states still cares about
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africa. but u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson stool is all about what african leaders already know about the threat but mr sharon's approach to the continent counterterrorism is top of the agenda what human rights and democracy take a box that the u.s. military presence here does facilitate a very quick response to terrorism and violent extremism that threatens both of our countries but as well it threatens the region and stability in this region wherever that threat may come from his two ways also about pushing back of the perception that suffocates not a priority for the u.s. especially after the democratic comments reportedly made by the president about african countries in generally tennyson's tools so comes at a time that the u.s. has been up flunked and outspent by china which has provided billions of dollars much of it in loans for infrastructure projects which african leaders have struggled to fund themselves it's he ain't djibouti host to complement america's
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largest and most important military base in africa the issue of cheney's influence is most pressing for the us home to about four thousand personnel including special operation forces complement to act as a launch pad for u.s. operations in yemen and somalia but china has built a military base just a few kilometers from the americans and their consigns not the ports recently seized back by djibouti from its u.a.e. iran will probably exists could be hunted about to china a move that could have consequences for u.s. military and intelligence assaults in the horn of africa. behind closed balls tillerson swarm djibouti that china was pushing it deeper into debt so it is manageable we vested in a very strong and good infrastructure and we hope that this commission infrastructure we'd be able to help us pay back to our debt so we're not that worried but we have we keep an eye on that america's military presence in africa is
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expanding as it sends special forces on drones to help governments in western and is the parts of africa fight groups such as boko haram on al-shabaab as thought is china's military role as it deploys policemen and soldiers on peacekeeping missions on the continent the u.s. military has now put competent china along with russia at the center of its national defense strategy mohamed atta al-jazeera djibouti un's human rights chief a suggested the philippine president should seek psychiatric evaluation they drag out his same was referring to a court petition filed by a trick of the territories government last month which accusing un rapids her and others of being members of a key communist rebel group human rights watch says the allegations have put her and some six hundred other people in danger this is of course unacceptable for a special operator. acting on behalf of the international community whose
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expertise is sort by the human rights council to be treated in the story and who promote expect the human rights council to respond accordingly and really makes one believes that. the president of the philippines needs to submit himself to some sort of psychiatric evaluation this sort of this this sort of comment really is unacceptable. the u.k. and saudi arabia have signed a memorandum of intent for a multi-billion dollar contract for the fly of typhoon fighter jets crime prince mohammed bin solomon prime minister to resign major in his three day visit to britain but in the case be a systems one step closer to sealing the deal in order for u.k. bill warplanes could spark protests from antiwar campaign us. said that necessity is the mother of all invention and this is true for many people living in qatar right now since an air sea and land blockade began lying months ago students in
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doha are brought from taking part in sports competitions in other gulf countries so they come up with an alternative as victoria gate in the explains. and dispenser goes to a british school in doha or never imagined that he and his friends would be caught up in a political dispute between one side saudi arabia egypt bahrain and the united arab emirates and on the other cattle but that's been the case since organizers blocked him and hundreds of others from competing in a major school sports event in dubai this weekend. teaches dismayed by the decision of organized the cattle games as an alternative students are competing in basketball football athletics swimming and other events. and what has been the most enjoyable bit of the working with mikey and. seeing how far this to the school with others is remark excited by what really complex to
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katie want to gold medal in the team swim event and says the standard of competition is high i got to compete with other people. and to swim with my friends the cattle games is another example of how tyreese as well as the more than two million ex-pats living here are adapting to the challenges caused by the blockade that said there is a certain amount of incredulity here that countries blockading. cata are using children to school political points it's also raise questions about whether sport education and politics should ever make organizers say that even if the gulf diplomatic dispute is eventually resolved the cattle games will run every year from now on you know i want to still title this games as the beat the blockade games because you know very much now out of adversity comes opportunity and the opportunity is here because essentially because of the blockade and now that it's
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happened won't be on a spin social sessile and i know it will continue to be it will happen year after year after year the children had set their sights on competing in dubai this weekend the cattle games has ensured that months of hard work has not gone to waste victoria gave him be out is there a doha scholars from europe and the americas are returning to iraq now that i saw the driven that their kid to continue their research about mesopotamia the land between the two koreas and the euphrates river which covers most of iraq is torrence believe the region is where civilization began four thousand years ago but it was also the scene of the fiercest battles against eisel culture of course it was there. when these lawmakers state of iraq in the levant was trying to carve out its own caliphate four years ago its members destroyed thousands of christian and muslim relics and monuments eisel also stole some of your rocks and syria's most prized ancient artifacts. but dominican fire no she managed to pack
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these rare minute scripts and sixteenth century books and smuggled them out of eisold battlegrounds. could fighters help carry them to the safety of iraqi kurdistan this. would be seattle. with the help of small cars we saved these archives and especially some manuscripts belonging to the convent and church of the dominican and the mosul archives important letters and files that date back two hundred fifty to three hundred years that. the book of the father knows been other dominican priests rescued a veritable treasure trove of religious documents and moved them to our bills oriental manuscript digitization center the center was stablished in one nine hundred ninety by dominican friars the same religious order that set up iraq's first printing house in eight hundred ninety seven the monks brought the equipment to the region through the desert and on the backs of camels now the friars are
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using high tech equipment to scan manuscripts recovered from churches and villages they can achieve who in him in fact all the archives are important because they reflect the roots of a civilization and that is why the islamic state group is trying to eradicate and destroy the heritage and archaeological sites to erase everything that existed before the introduction of this presumed islamic state father knows training more helpers who will ensure digital copies are preserved for posterity and the originals returned to their owners paul chatterjee on. the top stories on how to say write us president almost thomas accepted an invitation from north korean leader kim jong un for a face to face missing before the end of may it's been brokered by south korea and it's being hailed as a major breakthrough after months of aggressive posturing between the two. or
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tropical to no one denuclearization and peace on the korean peninsula a beginning to be realized i believe the lympics and paralympics as well as our endeavors for peace will help create a new global peace or the credit should go to those people around the world who wish for peace. while still producing nations are lining up to seek exemptions from the new us tariffs on steel and aluminum imports president trumps already way of canada and mexico in the twenty five percent levy on steel and ten percent on aluminum that he signed off on thursday china steel industry is calling for their government to take retaliatory measures or some european union says they expect to be excluded un sworn that more than two million children in the democratic republic of congo are at risk of dying from acute malnutrition but three hundred thousand of them live in the castle region where fighting between armed groups of forced millions to leave their homes over the past year u.n. humanitarian chief will meet with told us the d r c next week. is me
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there's been renewed violence in eastern close as relief workers try to deliver aid the red cross says airstrikes hit the outskirts of duma just as thirteen of it struck into the town the united nations says the shelling happened despite safety assurances from those involved in the conflict including russia. turkish president rage of tayyip erdogan says his troops have surrounded the northern syrian town of a free and will enter it in minutely. after the turkish military seize control of the key nearby town of gen davis helping the troops and founds sarkin allied syrian rebels are trying to push kurdish fighters from the. kenya's president who are kenyatta and the main opposition leader raul didn't get a promise to begin a process of reconciliation as the pair's first meeting since last year's disputed election which was followed by widespread violence across the country. for up to
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date those are current headlines stay with out to see where the inside story is coming up next we'll see you towards the top the hour. saudi crown prince muhammad an installment has been given a welcome few world leaders could expect in london the british government has been accused of ignoring rights abuses in saudi arabia and yemen so what is behind this controversial trip this is inside story.
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hello welcome to the program i'm richelle carey the red.


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