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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  March 9, 2018 10:00pm-10:34pm +03

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i don't want that many people here think the government will fail. i am doing this on the benefit of saddam people. so bad they see the importance of the our guys. who witness documentaries that open your eyes. at this time on al-jazeera. president trump agrees to meet north korea's leader kim jong un his secretary of state presents it as a victory for u.s. diplomacy the policy that was put in place and has been executed by the state department over the past year has succeeded.
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hello i'm maryam namazie in london you're watching al-jazeera also coming up trumps new tariffs on steel in alimony i'm imports i'm making waves the e.u. says it's not afraid to retaliate. the u.n. warns more than two million children are at risk of dying of malnutrition in the democratic republic of congo. and britain is to sell another forty eight fighter jets to saudi arabia despite concerns over civilian casualties in. the us president donald trump has accepted an invitation from north korean leader kim jong un for a face to face meeting the two men have agreed to hold the unprecedented talks before the end of may it's been brokered by south korea is being hailed as a major breakthrough off the months of the two men trading insults right has more
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from young child. this fast moving diplomatic saga has seen many extraordinary twists and turns then the announcement to beat them all south korea's special envoy emerged from a meeting with the u.s. president to reveal trump says yes to kim the president tried. reefing and said he would meet kim jong un by mail order to haunt the new priority. seizing the moment south korea's president in has been quick to credit both north korean and u.s. leaders or the trumpeter to norman denuclearization m.p.c. on the korean peninsula a beginning to be realized i believe the punk shanklin pics and paralympics as well as our endeavors for peace will help create a new global peace or the credit should go to those people around the world who wish for peace judy was. moon's liberal government says the way is now open
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to achieving denuclearization of the korean peninsula through peaceful means something almost inconceivable until recently but many conservatives say it's only been made possible by the u.s. threat of force so i think the south koreans and the north koreans kind of put their heads together and said well we need to come up with something otherwise we might all wind up having u.s. rockets landing and coming in where they're acting out of fear or seeing an opportunity much credit will go to south korea. special envoys went to pyongyang on a mission of hope bringing back a landmark agreement and seoul exploited its good fortune in hosting the winter olympics just when the world needed a path to peace it's still early days but this is being seen as a major diplomatic achievement for south korean president moon jay in building on
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the goodwill of the winter olympics two remarkable effect as the paralympics get underway south korea will be hoping these games continue to work their magic as it did in the winter olympics north korea is sending a team of paralympians sport and politics mixing it seems with the beneficial outcome at least they are dialing their stock into each other then you know i think sport played their part in no putting the door from then on it's up to the politicians until now south korea's politicians and diplomats only have to plan for the agreed into korean summit at the panmunjom truce village at the end of april a first in eleven years now they face the prospect of a first ever summit between north korean and u.s. leaders rob mcbride al-jazeera south korea well now it's going to court even trumps most senior officials by surprise including the secretary of state rex tillerson who's in kenya as part of his tour of africa although later he was trying to claim
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some state department credit for the break three i think if you look at the results they were getting in very important policy areas and you mention north korea and open positions we have there i think as we've seen in the last twenty four hours the policy that was put in place and has been executed by the state department over the past year has succeeded. christopher hill is the former u.s. ambassador to south korea and head of u.s. negotiations with north korea between two thousand and three and two thousand and seven he surprised by this latest news but says the really hot begins now it is quite unprecedented i spent four years negotiating with north korea koreans in my capacity as the head of the u.s. delegation to the six party talks and i tell you we've never had a day like today so this is quite unprecedented quite extraordinary and the question really is how much will president trump try to ensure that
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a meeting which is apt defter all over climate of the realm when you have a meeting with the president the united states whether that meeting will really lead to the full dinnick denuclearization that we all are demanding if he has in mind just to sort of get together i think that's going to be very poorly received politically in this country so i think he's going to have to get his staff to work and they're going to have to figure out what the steps are they want to see coming from north korea they want to see what the north koreans expectations are from us and there's going to be an extraordinary amount of work in the coming couple of months well as correspondent kimberly allocate joins us now from washington and so families who are hearing from former u.s. ambassador christopher hill that if difficult to know what to expect from these two leaders that when they meet but the question on everyone's minds there in washington seems to be whether trump can pull this off. right and that is the big question mark because no one saw this coming i mean there's no question this is
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a diplomatic breakthrough this would be the first time a sitting u.s. president would sit down with a north korean leader but it came very much as a surprise not just to rex tillerson as we heard there but also to the west wing staff just to just a few meters away from me they did not see this coming the first hint we had this was coming was from the south korean leaders appearing on the campus of the white house grounds there was no scheduled meeting for this this was all kind of on the fly spur of the moment donald trump learned that they were in fact here invited them into the oval office and that's where the message from the north korean leader was relayed directly to the president he immediately accepted the invitation so there were none of the sort of preparations that one would typically expect so there's this feeling in washington mariam that in fact this is a tremendous opportunity there is a bit of excitement but it is sort of tempered with this feeling of concern because you have to remember this is the same president who was lobbying insults to kim
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jong un just a few months ago little rocket man at the united nations you know just a number of repeated sort of insults over social media so there's this feeling that well this is a big opportunity there's concern about two things one that not only could go very badly and it's a big gamble and risk but also that this is just nothing more than a photo op for our reality t.v. show president and given that is caught everybody by surprise not least members of president trump untamed what happens now is going to be an element of catch up over the next few months in preparation for such a significant meeting if it takes place. so there's no question that there is a catch up going on right now because this is something that is a breakthrough was not expected so the pieces are not in place but what is consistent what we do know what i've heard from white house officials is in fact that the strategy prior to twenty four hours ago remains in place what does that
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mean will donald trump had a distinct policy when he came in in his inaugural speech he said he was going to exert maximum pressure and he certainly has done that there are a number of sanctions that have been put in place and those will continue to be enforced the other thing is there will continue to be this sort of collective diplomatic isolation the international community all working together and also to those planned military exercises between the united states and south korea that were delayed because of the olympics and now the paralympics those are still going to go ahead and there is this expectation from the united states and the international community that north korea needs to adhere to its word when it says that it is working towards the goal of denuclearization so from that standpoint nothing has changed except the optimism that there could be this potential opportunity with this now as we know face to face meeting that is imminent from the white house committee thank you.
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the world still producing nations are lining up to seek exemptions from the new u.s. tariffs on steel and alum minium imports president has already waived canada and mexico from the twenty five percent levy on steel and ten percent on alimony and that he signed off on thursday japan brazil argentina australia and south korea already said they will seek exemptions china's steel industry is calling for its government to take retaliatory measures or the e.u. is already preparing tariffs counter tariffs targeting products from swing states that helped donald trump win the us presidency such as cranberries from wisconsin and orange juice from florida it's also putting pressure on the world trade organization to rule trumps tariffs unfair the e.u. is the world's second biggest steel producer after china with an output of one hundred seventy seven million tons a year around eleven percent of global output but just five million tonnes of that is exported to the us around one and a half percent of output so why is the e.u.
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worried well it's concerned that it may become a dumping ground for steel produces around the world who would usually sell to the us the imports would drive down the price of steel and could cost tens of thousands of jobs in the industry and in related sectors we have been very clear that we think this is not chink compliance with w.h.o. so we will go to possibly with some other friends we will have to protect our industry with rebalancing measures safeguards and we are also preparing a moment with the member states a list of rebalancing measures that could possibly enter into force hope that will not be the case of course because nobody has an interest of escalating the situation but we if we have to do that that is what paul brennan has been following events of that use headquarters in brussels. the approach from here in brussels appears to be a pragmatic one of trying to work out exactly how donald trump's tariff imposition will work and whether or not the european union can negotiate for itself some kind
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of exemption from those tariffs what they're saying here in brussels is that the justification that don't trump is putting forward that there is a national security threat from europe or that the european steel producers are dumping subsidized steel into america simply doesn't stand up to scrutiny what they're saying as well is that it's not crystal clear how donald trump's door that's been left ajar to exemptions is actually going to work what they're absolutely clear about is that individual countries within europe will not be picked off by the u.s. for example donald trump appears to have a particular problem with the german still produces the message from the european commission behind me in brussels at a news briefing which you attended today is very clear you deal with the european union as a bloc as a trading block and they will have negotiate a solution to this if possible as a bloc. the un has warned more than two million children the democratic republic of congo are at risk of dying from acute malnutrition about three thousand of them
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live in the kasai region where fighting between armed groups of forced millions to leave their homes over the past year the u.n. humanitarian chief will meet owners in the sea next week and egeland is the secretary general of the norwegian refugee council he visited the country recently and says they're trying to reach the west affected places. yeah well there is access is very difficult but we can reach people i would see congo more than these other places were. alerted you to it's a funding crisis of epic proportions one example i was norden. that place has gone from five hundred fifty thousand to one point two million internally displaced a doubling of needs in one year what happened back in the year half of the humanitarian groups packed and left because there was no money for them because it became too dangerous to be there one hundred and thirty armed groups so women and
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children in north kebo are left to fend for themselves we have forgotten and they collected them still to come for you on the program. this does stops here. and his opposition leader and the president promised to unite the country at their first meeting since last year's elections. and the battle for our freedom intensifies as turkish troops say they surrounded the syrian town. welcome back it's turning considerably marta over parts of western europe as we're southwest the flow coming in but the price we're paying for that warmer air he comes in the form of rain or over the alps in the form of snow and also the risk of
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significant thoughts taking place where we have got snow over the ground of parts of the u.k. for instance so it's a pretty unsettled picture across the west is fairly subtle across more central areas milder than has been and certainly for berlin temperatures on sunday up to sixteen degrees a long time since we've seen those sort of temperatures across germany further towards the east much that has been really cold are still in place moscow look at them to minus five as a nice one but for the south twenty in athens can be bad on the other side of the mediterranean still looking fine along the coast their way through towards cairo a temperature of twenty five but for coastal parts well cheerio and then later on here we will see some showers working their way along those coastal regions with quite brisk winds into central parts of africa we've got showers across kenya tanzania and then further towards the west towards the gulf of guinea gabon seeing some downpours but you west africa those don't look too bad there are a few showers around but generally find bamako mali up at forty one degrees for southern portions of africa certainly fine across much of south africa with highs
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of twenty in cape town. i'm act of youthful define. your terms of the also in the school will return with four in the morning the electric shock treatment was the worse that triggered a revolution. the arrest of those children sparked it all of which became a battle with als and that was the beginning of the armed struggle in syria. the boy who started the syrian war this time on al jazeera.
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welcome buy it with al-jazeera a recap of the stories making headlines now u.s. president donald trump has excepted an invitation from north korean leader kim jong un for a face to face meeting before the end of may while still producing nations are lining up to seek exemptions from the new u.s. tariffs on steel and alan many a member president trump is already equates to waivers for canada and mexico. and the united nations as well but more than two million children in the democratic republic of congo are at risk of dying from acute malnutrition. and other stories we're following kenya's president uhuru kenyatta on the main opposition leader promised to begin a process of reconciliation but it came as they met for the first time since last year's disputed election which sparked violence across the country earlier this year a dentist for himself and as the so-called people's president and refused to recognize election when a kenyatta as head of state. you.
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and that for this country to come together leaders must come together he does must be able to discuss their differences he does must be able to discuss freely and openly what is our country what is the reason and the cause for ethnic divisions and fictions that we see across the country the time has come for us to confront on his own our differences these differences are becoming too entrenched not to cling on said greed on the origins of the differences and what they put in. millions of our children continue to be born unmounted into these differences people are dying out of these differences
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my brother. and myself therefore come together today to say this descent stops here. katherine so has more. when you take too many kenyans including the opposition coalition partners of rival od'ing other will tell you that this meeting has come as a complete surprise to them considering that also leaders have been talking more on completely different ends right alluding there saying that he wants to talk about electoral reforms and a new election routing addresses you can only talk about development issues so we don't we didn't expect a meeting this soon a lot of supporters of the opposition i talked to said the very interested in knowing what exactly was the liberated on behind closed doors for example the issue
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of electoral justice that whose trial odinga is very passionate about was that talked about the credibility of the presidential election and also importantly the people who died during election violence how will that be dealt with will they get justice will people want to know all that and going forward what is the end game really but i also think that this meeting between the two leaders was positively timed to coincide with the visit of u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson on the u.s. has been very critical on both sides both political sides and about how they handled the political how they have handled the political situation in the country so i think the leaders want to say to him look we have buried the hatchet we want to move forward this is a democratic country all is well now and i like i said a lot of people out of kenyans really want to know outside of this public show of
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unity that the leaders how this played out what exactly was deliberated what do you were made of if any and what going forward is going to be the end game. well now moving to syria where five civilians were killed in attacks by government forces on parts of eastern ghouta on friday and the aid convoy crossed into rebel held into the rebel held enclave delivering desperately needed food despite heavy fighting that broke out near by the delivery included supplies that were not offloaded on monday when a convoy was forced to retreat then because of renewed violence meanwhile turkish president says his troops have surrounded the northern syrian town of a friend and will enter it imminently but. that's after the turkish military seize control of the nearby town of gender is helping the troops advance turkey and allied syrian rebels are trying to push kurdish fighters from
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this area out and fisher has been with turkish troops inside syria in their balut southwest of gender as. we drove into syria with a turkish army escort they decided where we would go the destination the village of dead one of the first retaken from kodesh militia by the free syrian army supported by the turks in the operation named all of branch sitting in the shade the children waited for the truck to distribute its boxes the date here has been the scene for a while in a small building a makeshift doctor's office treating a lot of minor injuries anything serious in the transfer to turkey for further treatment. for some who knew nothing but war. it's a new and frightening experience. then it was time to hand out the aid but i am an animal a family's name was called and someone stepped forward some fairly tall enough to carry it home but people are standing here waiting patiently for the aid to be
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handed out that is they say they waited long enough for the aid to arrive but they don't mind waiting that little bit longer. each box is all in sugar and flour and sanitary products enough to last the family three weeks one retired hundred of them another since the f.s.a. came we are receiving aid it is enough for us it's enough six years we lived under the wire p.j. no one the aid material should be a little bit more because of the number of people here and the number of people in those families some of them received aid but one or two boxes are not enough for one family because they're all gathered in one house the turkish red crescent says it's doing what it can with what it has. up to we came to the area yesterday and assess the needs of the village residents who are prepared food and hygenic material for everyone. every so often the growing shakes with the sound of artillery fire the big guns pointed so in support of the ongoing military operation
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the children told me they don't like the noise it may have grown up with the war. it's something we will never get used to. dilute. a court in tokyo sentenced twenty five journalists to jail for alleged links to the network blamed for a failed coup in twenty sixteen meanwhile the trial has resumed for seventeen reporters from the newspaper her yet they face similar charges of allegedly aiding u.s. based muslim cart for to local land claimed by anchor for the coup attempt prosecutors have also issued arrest warrants for two hundred forty three people including ninety two teachers in an operation targeting suspected followers of mr galanter. i sill has claimed responsibility for a suicide bomb attack on the afghan capital kabul nine people were killed and eighteen more wounded in the blast which happened near a crowd of shia protestors they were commemorating a political leader from the shia has are a minority now saudi arabia has signed
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a policeman or a deal to buy forty eight typhoon fighter jets from the u.k. it was announced on the final day of a three day visit by saudi arabia's crown prince mohammed bin salmond to the u.k. aimed at strengthening bilateral ties which are centered around defense and security the u.k. is the world's third largest arms exporter with fifty eight percent of its arms going to the middle east saudi arabia has consistently been the u.k.'s top export market for the last five years receiving two thirds of its arms exports in two thousand and fifteen this is attractive criticism from those who fear the weapons are being used to kill innocent civilians in yemen the u.k.'s license six point four billion dollars of arms for saudi arabia since the conflict began in two thousand and fifteen. has more. britain selling the large amounts of weapons to saudi arabia is nothing new in fact the u.k. has been selling weapons and arms to the saudis for years and those sales are brought in billions of dollars worth of income to the british economy but whereas previously critics of these arms sales would focus on the saudis domestic policies
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in terms of not letting women to drive by having people in public in the general lack of freedom in the kingdom the brits would answer and say well you know it's not the fighter jets that are preventing saudi women from driving now however the criticism and the connection between british weapons arms sales to saudis and the infringements on human rights is much more direct and clear and that it is which is the prince of them who is truly the bomb civilians in yemen in fact human rights watch on this international say thousands of civilians have been killed as a result of the war in yemen which was announced launched and is being led by specifically the crown prince mohamed bin saddam and it is the british weapons that are being used by the saudi air force that has turned yemen into the worst humanitarian crisis today according to the united nations and that's why the head of the labor party jeremy or ben had demanded from to resume to use this opportunity this visit of the crown prince to announce a halt in weapons sales saudi arabia but tourism a has decided to do the exact
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opposite and sign this memorandum of understanding to sell even more weapons and the reason for that so i mean according to analysts obviously is that may find herself presiding over an economy that is in the west has been for many years and she's struggling to inject confidence in u.k. markets because of her inability to find a deal post brackets and to convince investors and to convince the the population of how opposed burke that britain would look like and therefore her critics are accusing her of selling out on the principles of freedom and democracy and essentially the ideals that britain hold dearly in favor of saudi money. once dubbed america's most hated man former drug company executive martin has been jailed for seven years for fraud as describing became notorious for increasing the price of a life saving drugs by more than five thousand percent prosecutors
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a push for the thirty four year old to be jel to fifteen years after being convicted of defrauding investors separately the price increase. for. a u.s. aircraft carrier has finished its historic visit to vietnam and is traveling through disputed areas of the south china sea the tour was seen as washington sending a message on freedom of navigation china has been building military structures on manmade islands in the area as wayne hale points with a rip is a finish these vietnamese fishing boats put straight back to work in the south china sea boat yards in the city of demoing have been particularly busy in recent years on top of the regular maintenance and building work they've been patching up holes they say were caused by collisions with the chinese coast guard but. china is expanding its presence in the south china sea we see the boats every day they come closer and closer to our territory sometimes there are conflicts between vietnamese and chinese ships so we have to do our job and repair them. there are
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hundreds of boats in this port at the center of a community whose livelihood depends on the ocean they head out for weeks at a time into waters that are claimed by vietnam china and other countries. many of the fishermen have accounts of being chased all the vessels being damaged by chinese boats among the claimants in southeast asia vietnam really stands as the strongest opponent now to chinese development in the south china sea or the e.c. as it's known in vietnam but at the same time the vietnamese are trying to balance that opposition with economic reality. china is vietnam's largest trading partner but the vietnamese also want a counter to the rising regional influence of their fellow communist neighbor this week's visit to dunning by the aircraft carrier calvin sin was seen as a sign that vietnam thinks the united states could help provide that in a clear reference to the us the chinese government says countries outside the
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region are trying to stir up trouble along with welcoming the united states navy vietnam recently bolstered its own defense is launching two new high speed border guard boats or the fishermen say more security on the water is welcome and. i have been fishing here for thirty eight years and there seems to have been more patrol boats in recent years we feel more secure and happy when we see the coast guard and i think the appearance of the u.s. ships also helps constrain chinese boats to even without that security they say they would continue to work in seas that they believe have always belonged to vietnam wayne hay al jazeera dining. quick look at the stories making headlines now u.s. president donald trump has excepted an invitation from the north korean leader kim jong un for a face to face meeting before the end of may it's been brokered by south korea and
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is being hailed as a major breakthrough after months of aggressive posturing between the two men or to the bitter to normal denuclearization in peace on the korean peninsula a beginning to be realized i believe the lympics and paralympics as well as our endeavors for peace will help create a new global peace all the credit should go to those people around the world who wish for peace in the world still producing nations are lining up to seek exemptions from the new us tariffs on steel and many i'm imports president trump is already waived canada and mexico from the twenty five percent levy on steel and ten percent on alimony and that he signed off on thursday china's steel industries calling for their government to take retaliatory measures whilst the e.u. says they expect to be excluded the un has warned that more than two million children in the democratic republic of congo are at risk of dying from acute malnutrition about three thousand of them live in the crossfire region where fighting between armed groups has forced millions to leave their homes over the
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past year the u.n. humanitarian chief will meet don't is in the d.l.c. next week. darkish president. says his troops have surrounded the northern syrian town of a friend and will enter it immediately imminently but. that's after the turkish military seize control of the key of i town of gender is helping the troops advance turkey and allied syrian rebels are trying to push kurdish fighters from the area. saudi arabia has signed two billion dollars worth of commercial deals with the u.k. including a preliminary agreement to buy forty eight typhoon fighter jets it was announced on the final day of a three day visit by saudi arabia's crown prince mohammed bin soundman to the u.k. aimed at strengthening bilateral ties. and kenya's president who kenyatta and the main opposition leader raul are in danger have promised to begin a process of reconciliation is the first meeting since last year's disputed
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election which was followed by widespread violence across the country. those are the top stories coming up next on al-jazeera it's up front but the more news after that in about twenty five minutes time i'll see you then. it's been fifteen years since the united states and its allies invaded and occupied iraq millions of refugees and hundreds of thousands of dead later some supporters of the war still believe there's nothing to apologize for in a lot from special i'll challenge the u.s. military's former chief spokesman in iraq retired general mark kimmitt.


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