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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  March 10, 2018 3:00am-3:33am +03

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this is where the hard part because of the extraordinary journey from polish that. braved ordinary joy to what we do high up there's no oxygen. just to experience life simple pleasures. risking it all in kurdistan but this time on al-jazeera. a potential roadblock to the meeting with donald trump and kim jong un the white house is now insisting on north korean concessions. hello i'm down jordan this is al jazeera from doha also coming up we're going to syrian village as people get enough basic necessities to last them a few weeks. this is still here. a show of
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unity kenya's president and opposition leader put aside their differences to heal the country's political divisions. and taking out insurance on the future of color reefs our pioneering plan could help to save some of the world's most vulnerable marine life. u.s. president donald trump made accepted an invitation to meet north korea's leader but still plans to keep the pressure on pyongyang trump spoke with chinese president xi jinping on the phone both leaders agreed to continue sanctions until pyongyang take steps to denuclearize a trump agreed to meet kim jong un by may after an invitation was extended through a south korean envoy. they've made promises to denuclearize they've made promise just to stop nuclear and missile testing and they recognize that regular military exercises between the u.s.
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and its allies south korea will continue the maximum pressure campaign we're not letting up we're not going to step back or make any changes to that we're going to continue in that effort and we're not going to have this meeting take place until we see concrete actions that match the words in the rhetoric of north korea only not to nations chief antone get tatted says he'll do whatever he can to help make the meeting happen the secretary general is encouraged by the announcement of an agreement between the united states and the democratic people's republic of korea to hold a summit meeting by may he commence the leadership and vision of all concerned and reiterate his support for all efforts towards the peaceful denuclearize ation of the korean peninsula in accordance with the relevant security council resolution i'll just it was my comment joins us live now from washington d.c. mike so what is the composition now because assumes to be some confusion of a pre-conditions for this meeting. well indeed yes there we heard from the press
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secretary appearing to introduce new conditions by saying that there has to be tangible evidence of the north koreans good intentions as it were however administration officials have not been quick to clarify exactly what you are saying and they insist that the press secretary was not introducing any new precondition rather they say she was emphasizing the consequences should north korea back down on its assurances that there will be no more nuclear or missile testing and that there would be no interference with the military exercises that will be undertaken between the u.s. and south korea at the beginning of next month so making very clear here that there are no new preconditions that the situation is as it was before the press secretary made that particular statement but this underscores the confusion that has occurred with the sudden shift in u.s. diplomacy from a strategy of sanctions of threatening military action to face to face dialogue at
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the leadership level this is a massive turnaround unprecedented and might just talk us through what kind of preparation needs to go into talks like these should this meeting go ahead. well there are layers and layers of discussion that need to be held there are experts on both sides that need to prepare briefing papers that need to prepare points of view that need to understand the full ramifications of what these type of deals would mean now the north koreans have been doing this for decades they've been negotiating deals in one form or another with many neighbors with the stages the u.s. and certainly other big blocks the trump administration is new to this they going to be learning as they go along so from the very start should negotiations take place the u.s. administration is going to be at something of a disadvantage just simply not having had the experience that their north korean
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counterparts would have adding to this the fact that the unprecedented move of starting it at a leadership level rather than layers below which is the way these process would normally take and certainly many deeply concerned about president trump leaping feet first into something that they contend he does not fully understand mike thank you now the syrian rebel group army of islam has agreed to release fighters being held as prisoners in eastern guta syrian state t.v. showed thirteen fighters from the group formerly known as the al nusra front and their families starting to leave the rebel group says the decision was made after consulting the u.n. and international parties it's not clear if the deal will lead to a wider evacuation of fighters from other groups or civilians turkey's president reza typo and says his troops will soon enter the northern syrian town of a free. turkish military surrounded or free and after seizing control of the key
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neighboring town and in various turkey and allied syrian rebels are trying to push kurdish fighters out of the area out of here as alan fischer has been with turkish troops inside syria southwest of generis. we drove into syria with a turkish army escort they decided where we would go the destination the village of one of the fust retaken from cutting militia by the free syrian army supported by the turks in the operation named all of branch sitting in the shade the children waited for the truck to distribute its boxes the date here has been the scene for a while in a small building a makeshift doctor's office treating a lot of minor injuries anything serious in the transfer to turkey for further treatment. for some who knew nothing but war. it's a new and frightening experience. then it was time to hand out the aid but i am an animal the family's name was called and someone stepped forward some fairly tall
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enough to carry it home but people are standing here waiting patiently for the aid to be handed out that is they say they waited long enough for the aid to arrive but they don't mind waiting that little bit longer. each box is all in sugar and flour and sanitary products enough to last the family three weeks one. hundred from an absence the f.s.a. came we are receiving aid it is enough for us it's enough six years we lived under the wire p.j. there was the aid material should be a little bit more because of the number of people here and the number of people in those families some of them received aid but one or two boxes are not enough for one family because they're all gathered in one house the turkish red crescent says it's doing what you can with what it has. up to we came to the area yesterday and assess the needs of the village residents who are prepared food and hygenic material for everyone. every so often the growing shakes with the sound of
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artillery fire the big guns pointed so in support of the ongoing military operation the children told me they don't like the noise they may have grown up with the war but it's something they will never get used to. alan fischer al-jazeera their balut northern city of kenya's president and opposition leader have promised to begin a process of reconciliation they met for the first time since last year's disputed election which was followed by violence u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson who's visiting nairobi welcomed the move catherine sawyer reports. a surprise public show of unity that has caught many of their supporters off guard president hu hu king as an opposition leader. have agreed to by their political hatchet after two acrimonious presidential elections last year that led to their day. of many people swearing in as the people's president his
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refusal to recognize allegedly mysie a contract his presidency and the government house reaction to it being a swearing in cracking down on the media and opposition now the two say all that is behind them we have come will come an understanding and understanding that this country of kenya is greater than any one individual and that for this country to come together leaders must come together you guys must be able to discuss defenses you guys must be able to discuss freely and openly what is our country what. is the real and the cause. divisions and situations and we see a constituency many opposition supporters want to know what really was discussed behind closed doors electric justice that the dinka has been so passionate about
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the credibility of the presidential election and what about justice to the many people who died in the election. is that what he and the president have done is provide leadership to king and agree to use of the differences in the. millions of our children to be born and mounted into these differences people are dying out of these differences my brother. and myself. of them come together today to see this dissent still here this meeting appears to have been particular times to coincide with the visit of the u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson the u.s. has been critical of both sides and how they've handled the political situation kenyatta and perhaps want to show that all is well now they want to move the country forward and help heal deep apnic divisions t.v.'s on met with the president
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when he arrived we shared our concerns there and our discussions with the president about the importance of democratic institutions and kenya is a leading the mocker see an africa we believe that there are actions the need to be taken in kenya and that they need to correct shirton actions like shutting down t.v. stations and threatening the independence of the courts they also discussed economic ties between the us and kenya and the fight against terrorism in the region catherine saw al jazeera nairobi kenya try for a short break here al-jazeera when we come back counting into question florida's governor signs off on new restrictions for buying guns. and on victoria going to be at the castle games and an event pulled out of the gulf diplomatic the speeds.
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from long flowing mining winds to an enchanting desert brings to mind. welcome back it's looking fine across much of central and southern china at the moment taiwan to enjoying fine weather the flow is basically been coming from further north so it's not particular warm here temperatures just about average but no more fine into vietnam there with a noise in terms of twenty four but still with the risk of some showers across more central areas as i move the forecast to sunday you can see again a largely fine picture here hong kong sunshine and highs of twenty two degrees so let's move down in southeastern parts of asia there's a scattering of showers across the philippines but nothing more than not same goes really for much of borneo really heavy rain is likely across the southern portion of the indonesian archipelago so some big storms here java in particular which accounts are seeing some big downpours so move northward through them in a place we're going to see want to see showers possibly for singapore maybe kuala lumpur and we still got some showers around the gulf of thailand region so they're
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buying culture usually dry this time the there's no side chance of the odd shower so now let's head across into south asia and here we still got the risk of a few showers affecting sri lanka at the moment colombo probably dry for much of the time the rest of the region is looking fine temperatures looking pretty decent there for delhi high so thirty two for sunday not a great deal of change remaining fine and again looking at highs of thirty three. the weather sponsored by cateye nice. capital the capital which makes you creative. when nature is transformed into a commodity big business takes an interest buying landscapes protecting landscapes it's a phenomenal opportunity to be able to use a business model to achieve sustainability of nature but at what risk banks of course don't do that because they have at the heart protection of nature they do that because they see a business crossing the planet at this time on al-jazeera. welcome
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back a quick recap of the top stories here this hour the white house says there are no preconditions to an upcoming meeting between donald trump on the north korean leader kim jong il but washington insists it will keep up pressure on pyongyang to end its nuclear program from possibly to meet kim within the next two months. five civilians have been killed in attacks by syrian government forces on parts of eastern puto on friday an aid convoy crossed into the rebel held on clay delivering desperately needed food despite heavy fighting close to relief workers. and kenya's president and main opposition leaders have promised to begin a process of reconciliation. talks for the first time since last year's disputed
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election u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson is visiting nairobi welcome to. saudi arabia has signed a preliminary deal to buy forty eight typhoon fighter jets from the u.k. it comes during a three day visit to london by saudi crown prince mohammed bin sound man he held talks with u.k. prime minister to resign may on wednesday the trip was aimed at strengthening bilateral ties well defense and security are at the core of the relationship between the u.k. and saudi arabia britain is the world's third largest arms exporter with fifty eight percent of its arms going to the middle east saudi arabia has consistently been the u.k.'s top export market for the past five years receiving two thirds of its arms exports in twenty fifteen well this is attracted criticism from those who fear the weapons are being used to kill innocent civilians in yemen the u.k. has licensed six point four billion dollars of arms for saudi arabia since the conflict began in twenty fifty dollars has more from london. britain selling
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a large amount of weapons to saudi arabia is nothing new in fact the u.k. has been selling weapons and arms to the saudis for years and those sales are bought in billions of dollars worth of income to the british economy but whereas previously critics of these arms sales would focus on the saudis domestic policies in terms of not letting women to drive by having people in public in the general lack of freedom in the kingdom the brits would answer and say well you know it's not the fighter jets that are preventing saudi women from driving now however the criticism in the connection between british weapons arms sales to saudis and the infringements on human rights is much more direct and clear and that it is british workers that are being whose true bomb civilians in yemen for human rights watch as international say thousands of civilians have been killed as a result of the war in yemen which was announced launched and is being led by specifically the crown prince mohamed bin sideman it is the british weapons that are being used by the saudi air force that has turned yemen into the worst
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humanitarian crisis today according to the united nations and that's why the head of the labor party germany or been had demanded from to resume to use this opportunity this visit of the crown prince to announce a halt in weapon sales to saudi arabia but tourism a has decided to do the exact opposite and signed this memorandum of understanding to sell even more weapons and the reason for that according to analysts obviously is that may find herself presiding over an economy that is in the west rape has been for many years and she's struggling to inject confidence in u.k. markets because of her inability to find a deal post brackets and to convince investors and to convince. the population of how opposed perks that britain would look like and therefore her critics are accusing her of selling out on the principles of freedom and democracy and essentially the ideals that britain holds dear only in favor of saudi money.
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a gunman has entered a veterans' home and taken hostages in the u.s. state of california police and james file with the man police say he's holding three people captive the veterans' home is the largest in the united states and houses more than a thousand elderly and disabled residents the suspect has three hostages detained in one room we have him confined to one room there are three different tack teams on site in the building keeping him in that location. where we have the hostage hostage negotiators from at least three different agencies on site so that when we make contact with the suspect we can begin to go she asians the national rifle association has filed a lawsuit challenging new gun control laws in the u.s. state of florida branding them unconstitutional the move comes just hours after florida's governor signed the bill increasing the minimum age for buying firearms to twenty one it follows weeks of campaigning by survivors of last month's parkland high school shooting in which seventeen people died the law also paves the way for
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some school stuff to beyond i mean enter a member and i was in a remember when i became governor i'm going to be an honorary member when i'm not governor i'm sure there's an array members that agree with the bills and they don't agree with this bill. and the you know but the way i think about it i'm going to do what i think are common sense solutions common sense things as a father as a grandfather a governor is is we need to have law first for schools we need to harden our schools we need more mental health counseling we need to make sure people that you know are going to do harm and think about we know we the people were just talking i mean we know we know they're out there talking we need to do something about it and and we need to take all these all of us everybody needs to take this this seriously when somebody is threatening people. a rally has been held in slovakia's capital of bratislava calling for a probe into the killing of a reporter and his fiance the protesters want foreign experts to join police working on the case john cook chacon his fiance martina was shot dead in their home
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last month projects last unfinished story is on the activities of the italian mafia and their ties to people close to prime minister robert fico the un has warned that two million children are risk of dying of starvation in the democratic republic of congo aid agencies say years of conflict and instability have created one of the world's most complex humanitarian crises and it's getting worse and the hoxton reports. this child is part of a great humanitarian crisis one of two million children at risk of dying from mt nutrition in the castle region in the democratic republic of congo. intercommunal conflicts have been escalating here since two thousand and sixteen similar violence across the country has led to more than four point five million people internally displaced that's nearly half of the country's population. the humanitarian community has launched its largest ever appeal to the democratic republic of congo
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asking for nearly one point seven billion dollars two million kids suffering from acute severe malnutrition who are at risk. of dying of what is what is clear is you're looking at numbers of this magnitude you know the urgency couldn't be couldn't be greater the world food program emphasized the need for assistance in the custody region alone three point two million people a severely hungry that one in four people. malnourished children at risk of dying three hundred thousand at risk of dying just think of that three hundred thousand little kids. the u.n. humanitarian chief plans to visit castle next month to raise awareness the drama of the democratic republic of the congo is falling in the shadows of the horrific wars in syria and in yemen. called the congo it has become completely neglected
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and forgotten as a mega crisis indeed hundreds of thousands of children may stop to death the humanitarian community is holding its first ever democratic republic of congo during a conference in geneva in april. now friday's the final day of the world ocean summit being held on mexico's riviera maya it's a chance for business government and environmental leaders to talk about the problems facing the world seas and to come up with solutions to protect the planet's vast ocean resources from home and as more. this is soon going to be the first insured coral reef in the world a trust fund of government n.g.o.s and document leaders has been created to take out a policy to cover the mix conception of the mess with american research against hurricanes the nature conservancy helped mastermind the scheme and hopes it can be replicated elsewhere we should take what i raised as an important because two hundred million
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people in the world live close to reef and they are protected like what i was really for and you're against sea level rise beach erosion so we continue to see and i will reeve's as we are doing right now we will start off by protection so being sure without us to have some funding to restore there we've after you again hits then. the pioneering plan was announced to the world ocean summit every year it brings decision makers and conservationists together to find sustainable ways to use the world sees the environmentalists here this is about more than just the scheduled events it's about the chat sinful ways in the lobby bar the rare chance to network with government and business leaders who have the power to put their plans for the future of the oceans into practice. mexico's president riek opinion it all showed up so did iceland's i think we all need to face the fact that the future of the ocean she's a common concern whether you're a head of state or an ngo we all need to get inside the boat and grow in the same
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direction in mining but more governments need to take responsibility says the un environmental direct to for oceans safe belongs to everyone but still no one is protecting. so if there is one issue that i would say it's crucial to get sorted out is this sort of noble governance that's the reason why we are facing a huge problem. a barrel of problems in fact eight million tonnes of plastic go into the sea every year three quarters of coral reefs are under threat around ninety percent of fish stocks are full stretch or overexploited here at least there's no lack of my dears a will power to turn things around john home and out does it or the mayan riviera mixteco the french president has arrived in india for a state visit he and his wife regime were greeted in the capital new delhi by prime
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minister narendra modi micron's brought a delegation of french companies with him the trips aimed at strengthening trade and defense guys and france is enjoying its strongest economic growth in six years but many companies are struggling to find qualified staff some analysts are worried the shortage could slow down growth reports in the french city of connaught blitz another busy day at this building material supplier business is booming for the sam c. group that has outlets across france to keep growing the company needs more staff but it's struggling to find skilled workers. we have five thousand three hundred staff but two hundred and sixteen job vacancies we may need sales people forklift drivers and tireless it's really hard to find people who are specialized in areas such as woodwork so it's difficult for us to recruit staff with the skills we need.
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the boss says that twenty years ago people joined young trained on the job and worked their way out but today that's rare because he were people are attracted to industry. we can't fill vacancies internally anymore so we must recruit externally but this kid's we need are not always taught in training schools so there's a lot of available talent we train in the house but it's not enough. france is experiencing its biggest economic growth in six years but nearly half of its manufacturing companies find it hard to recruit staff even though unemployment is high experts say the labor shortage could slow growth there isn't clear for growth in the next few months but as a liberal they g.'s can be a drag for the next few quarters the french government wants to fix the country's labor shortage and get more now people into world it's already reformed
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the labor allow the workplace to be more flexible and it works to boost the number of training in apprenticeship schemes like this one teaches at this school near paris hope the government's focus on training will improve the image of apprenticeships and create more opportunities please look for your future also work you think when a young person arrives at a company with two years of training like this they are much more attractive and it's what companies want for them of it of research and when i want to learn as much as possible here then one day i open my own company to what extent the government's reforms will ease the labor shortage will be clear for a few years but investing in this generation can only help the economy in the future natasha al-jazeera. france now qatar has complained to the un that an american naval vessel intercepted and hijacked a qatari fishing boat doha says on jan of the nineteen it's maritime surveillance system saw the amorality military vessel trespass into its waters it then hijacked
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a fishing boat which was carrying eight indian nationals. students in qatar have been stopped from going to sports competitions and other gulf countries because of a nine month blockade by neighboring nations so they've come up with an alternative to stay competitive nature of the reforms. and to spend so goes to a british school and never imagined that he and his friends would be caught up in a political dispute between on one side saudi arabia egypt bahrain in the united arab emirates and on the other cattle but that's been the case since organizers blocked him and hundreds of others from competing in a major school sports event in dubai this weekend five. teaches dismayed by the decision of organize the cattle games as an alternative students are competing in basketball football athletics swimming and other events. and what has been the most enjoyable bit of working with my team. mates and seeing how
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close to the school with others is remark excited by like really competitive katie want to gold medal in the team swim event and says the standard of competition is high. i got to compete with people. and to some of my friends the cattle games is another example of how tyreese as well as the more than two million ex-pats living here are adapting to the challenges caused by the blockade that said there is a certain amount of incredulity care that countries blockading cattle are using children to school political points it's also raise questions about whether sport education and politics should ever met organizers say that even in the gulf diplomatic dispute is eventually resolved the cattle games will run every year from now on you know i want to sell tiflis games as a beat the blockade games because you know very much now. out of adversity comes
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opportunity and the opportunity is here because essentially because of the blockade and now that it's happened once and it's been so successful and i know it will continue to be it will happen year of the of the year the children had set their sights on competing in dubai this weekend the cattle games has ensured that months of hard work has not gone to waste victory gave him be al-jazeera at doha. qatar for a quick check of the headlines here the white house says there are no preconditions to an upcoming meeting between donald trump and north korean leader kim jong un but washington insists it will keep up pressure on p.r. young to end its nuclear weapons program trump has agreed to meet kim by many others here as mike hanna has more from washington d.c. we heard from the press secretary appearing to introduce new conditions by saying
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that there has to be tangible evidence of the north koreans good intentions as it were however administration officials have now been quick to clarify exactly what you are saying and they insist that the press secretary was not introducing any new precondition rather they say she was emphasizing the consequences should north korea back down on its assurances that there will be no more nuclear or missile testing five civilians have been killed in attacks by syrian government forces on parts of eastern on friday an aid convoy crossed into the rebel held on klav delivering desperately needed food despite heavy fighting close to relief workers kenya's president and main opposition leader promised to begin a process of reconciliation the pair held talks for the first time since last year's disputed election your sect of state rex tillerson is visiting nairobi and welcome the move. a gunman sensitive veterans home and taken hostages in the u.s.
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state of california police and unit village james fall with the man who is holding three people captive the veterans home is the largest in the united states and houses more than a thousand elderly and disabled residents the national rifle association has filed a lawsuit challenging new gun control laws in florida saying the unconstitutional the move comes just hours after the governor signed the building creasing the minimum age for buying firearms to twenty one it follows weeks of campaigning by survivors of last month's parkland high school shooting in which seventeen people died and also paves the way for some school stuff to be on. saudi arabia has signed a preliminary deal to buy forty eight typhoon fighter jets from the united kingdom has come during a three day visit to london by saudi crown prince ahmed been sidelined and the french president among the craws arrived in india for a state visit here both along a delegation of french companies with him the trip is aimed at strengthening trade and defense ties well those were the headlines the news continues here on
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al-jazeera after inside story statement that's alleging by foot off. saudi crown prince mohammad has been given a welcome few world leaders could expect one day the british government has been accused of ignoring rights abuses in saudi arabia so what is behind this controversial trip this is inside story.


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