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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  March 10, 2018 12:00pm-12:33pm +03

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or if you join a sunset there are people there between. this is a dialogue i want to get in one more comment because this is someone who. joined the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera. some syrian fighters and their families leave for the first time since it came under siege four years ago. hello i'm adrian from again this is al jazeera life and also coming up the u.s. president says he remains committed to meeting north korea's leader but there's no
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mention of the talks in the media in pyongyang. india and france signed defensive trade deals during president my first visit to new delhi plus. i'm the clock reporting from an expedition in antarctica on the effort to. see the largest protected area. the first group of syrian rebel fighters to leave eastern ghouta has reached the government controlled area outside the clave the group josh al islam had released thirteen fighters from a rival group that imprisoned along with their families meanwhile russian and syrian government forces of continued to bombard the rebel on klav at least fifty two people were killed in violence on friday let's go live now to gaza which is near turkey's border with syria i was there as alan fischer is there and this group of rebel fighters has left eastern guta airstrikes and now resumed the red cross
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saying that some of those strikes coming very close to an aid convoy there on friday despite assurances from the warring parties. there was no indication that these fighters were a boat to leave it happened late on friday thirteen fighters along with their families put on to buses and driven to it we're hearing from syrian state television reporters who were near that area suggesting that there may be other fighters who are going to use this humanitarian corridor which has been opened up by the russians for rebel fighters in the next few hours we will wait to see if that actually develops you'll remember the earlier this week there was an aid convoy of forty six trucks that went into eastern ghouta but not all of them couldn't lord because there were strikes a road or will they were trying to distribute aid so thirteen went back foully laden on friday those trucks went back in the didn't get to unload them all because
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again more airstrikes in and around that area meant that the people who were trying to provide aid felt unsafe and so the also pulled out there's no indication at this stage when there will be another aid convoy if the red cross red crescent can even organize something in that space of time if you remember they were given permission to take in food for seventy thousand people they managed to get food in for about twenty thousand people and at the moment the population of the scooter is expected is thought to be somewhere in the region of four hundred thousand and the airstrikes have been continuing after the convoy went in so the twelfth day of what is meant to be a five or ceasefire that there was a straight continuing and we are told that the number of people killed overnight no reaches fifty five that number could go up because a number of buildings have been destroyed and there is always the possibility the bodies will be flown in the wreckage further north island near the border with turkey an african you've been able to actually get into that area along with
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turkish forces what did you experience there. well we saw that the they were able to take in medical aid in. some food aid to villages that have been taken over by the free syrian army. by the turkish military now we know that we are sort of our friend is under way we have had just in the last few hours that six tones in villages near our friends have been taken over by the free syrian army again backed by the turks and the turkish president everyone has said that he believes that the final assault in africa could come in the coming hours if not the coming days and certainly he expects that to be under control in a matter of days we know that the kurds the white p.g. have moved members of their militia from the fight against eisel towards our friend but faced with the numbers and the speed of this week that is underway they may well decide that it's best to keep their powder dry and fight another day and just melt away but for the moment they're saying that they will certainly stop the
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f.s.e. and the talks are moving in our friend we are hearing to that afternoon at the city center has been targeted in the last few hours with ongoing you know sorts which of course could only be carried out by the turkish military and i was there was alan fischer there live. near turkey's border with syria. donald trump says that a deal between the u.s. and north korea on its nuclear program is very much in the making the u.s. president tweeted that if completed the agreement would be quote a very good one for the world the white house says there will be no preconditions for a meeting between trump and kim jong un in may trump spoke with her child as leader xi jinping both agreed to continue with sanctions until north korea take steps to end its nuclear program more now from mike hanna who's in washington. it appeared that the u.s. had introduced new preconditions when the press secretary said that the meeting would not take place unless north korea provided strong guarantees and took strong
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steps to indicate the authenticity of its position however subsequently administration officials said that mr sanders was not introducing new preconditions they said she was indeed emphasizing the consequences should north korea continue or resume nuclear or missile testing or interfere with the joint military exercises taking place between the u.s. and south korea but this confusion underscores the developments that have occurred with president trump leaping headfirst into a potential face to face negotiation many expressing concern that negotiations such as these begin from the bottom up that the face to face meeting between leaders comes at the end of a process not at the very beginning in addition some experts point out the north koreans have had decades of negotiating deals with various states the trumpet
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ministration new to the game they going to be at a disadvantage in any negotiation with the north koreans should it take place from the very beginning. france's president emanuel mccrone has been holding talks with prime minister narendra modi on his first official visit to india fourteen agreements have been psion following the ninety minute long meeting the focus has been on trade security and fighting climate change india and france are also co-hosting the first summit of the international solar alliance an initiative launched on the sidelines of the paris climate conference in twenty fifteen. after twenty years of strategic partnership we are now opening up to a new era a new chapter of strengthening our strategic partnership with unprecedented alliances the pacific or the indian ocean cannot be places for hedging money powers we are building a strategic partnership in this respect this is also the purpose of our defense
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cooperation it was born a while ago and was also tested in difficult times but beyond political alternatives both in france and in india this proper ration in the defense field now has new significance. and how our cooperation in the defense sector is very deep and we can see no france as one of our more stressed of defense back in this country today gleeman of the logistic support among our armed forces as a golden step in the history of a close defense corporation have you on take up is a professor of national security and international relations at the narrow university he joins us now live via skype from new delhi good to have you with us professor emanuel says that he wants france to replace the u.k. as india's gateway to europe what will india make of that. oh i think that this is not a consequence of sorrow for what is happening in the evil eye system today
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especially with regard to reeling under but. it's on its own because the programs if you are or you partners with the united states or. you know you know if they don't get the degree let going to the united states and then it will france is now looking like the biggest. but it is unfair to market that india has in the in the euro underground but this is not just. defense partners are but is also civilian partnership and there's a all all connection that is going to be in the body lines there in the immediate or speedier and so i think this is it meeting of minds and i mean it is perhaps has been a good guess i'm to be able to and i did he's going to be ever since i'm nineteen seventies and eight so it is no surprise here it is good to see that this is the relationship be. far more robust if video activity has taken place to bid.
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or most just sixteen needed to go to war. because it was not being signed videos are a good part of this is expected all right let's let's take pick apart then that these these defense and civilian population in terms of military deals is france a natural patna for india and in terms of business micron says that he wants to see more of india's young talent in france and vice versa there will be a synergies between the two countries and their economies. i think there is i think but let's not make of the state that the mainstay all of their relationship between india and france today is in the concept of what extent is the last defined actually via the video and you have to be going to france in france and it was about eleven billion dollars. in our part of the debts that endeavor was divided from france was for certain point eight billion dollars and transistor then asking
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india to buy it or quote all those i could fix and they did it this quarter of monies that are already or they don't leave open so you're looking at the defense as the most important segment of this but i've heard talk of ship but clearly this is going beyond that they're going to start they could looking at the. bit it sort of lands you're looking at dead or ball. in iraq or india is being forced to buy the article orcus and start up more than isolation technology being given to you will be imported by india or france you're also looking at this by divine portion considered by the price of china and detroit got into the. china or. russia and i'm focused on coming together you are drawing from that he gives what india needs partners and friends need partner needs partners france it's probably the only country in the european country with
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a strong military presence even leading to an atlas of the portions and india needs those. as it is that the french going to get off and commit india so that is that going to stick and it's going to that is good that is already being signed because we do look at going to the switch we. will get gain access to each other's back as they get these professor reading has talked to many thanks indeed for being with us some letters on us the humanitarian consequences. of the war in yemen or the focus of an international conference in london that due to begin in the next thousands of people have been forced to flee across the red sea to djibouti in north africa but conditions in the refugee camp which refugee camps there are harsh with food supplies stretched to the limit of zero as one hundred other reports now from. its food distribution day or the mark as they come for yemeni refugees in the dusty port town of. the law mohammed of the
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law has just picked his family's food a location for the month he came here two years ago when a missile hit and destroyed his house in whole south of the yemen now a mother who had a hand look at the shooting that i say have given us there won't be enough for my family or even five days a situation is really bad apart from the legal regimes people here also complain of conditions of the come. the sweltering heat and ferocious sun hardly even many away this is the place where many don't want to stay for long at one point this camp was home to more than six thousand refugees today one thousand eight hundred one lived here most of them have either gone to all the towns or to the capital the beauty of others have a country yemen preflighting the un something terrible was known to life in this county. those who have chosen to stay see that option. we have nowhere else
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to go where can we go we are forced to stay here yet the massive insecurity and shortage of some basic supplies in yemen is forcing many more refugees to cause the sea a something primal but a cut robbed of the come just three days ago from the city of ties which is under the control of both the fighters and again the yemen we fled from yemen because of war and hunger the hutu militias are also making life unbearable destroying homes of bullying and arresting people that will it's a disaster back in yemen nearly thirty five thousand people admitted the jenna's southwards across the bubble mandeb straight to djibouti since march two thousand and fifteen from the beginning to build you opened its doors to yemenis fleeing from the war the country has been uprooted from foreign investment in recent years due to it started you can look but the extreme poverty is still widespread. officials here say there's little else they can do for the refugees beyond giving them safety and also i'm one hundred oh i'll just. djibouti
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a weather update next year and i was here then the pharmaceutical executive once known as the most hated man in america learns his fate after defrauding investors. at america's biggest gun lobby sues the state of florida over a new gun control law. hello there were things in pretty heavy rain over parts of southeast asia at the moment look at the satellite picture we can see this bright white area of cloud here over borneo certainly given us a some rather lively outbreaks two hundred seventy millimeters of rain for some of us there very very wet indeed and that system is slowly now tracking its way towards the west so for some of us in borneo again there will be somewhat weather on sunday heavy downpours at that and then the rain gradually pushes
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a bit further towards the west there as we head through into monday some of the showers over singapore lightly to be raul the heavy to the south and it's certainly being wet for some of us in queensland recently this wet weather has been with us for a good few days now this is what it looks like at the moment lots of water on the ground there it'll take a while for that to drain the heaviest of the rain there is now clearing we can see we just got a few outbreaks of heavy downpours in the far northern part so a lot troyer so many of us it'll give the floodwater a chance to recede down further south we're looking at twenty for a moment no great problems for us and around twenty nine in perth maybe the temperatures might just rise a little bit higher there in perth as we head through the next day or so out towards the east and we've got all storm with us it's gradually sinking its way southwards as we look at new zealand we see the wettest of the weather there on monday. on counting the cost in what's been
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a big week for global trade we'll look at how the u.s. is bending the rules of commerce and free trade is really worth fighting for plus the latest mind bending concept cars from the geneva auto show counting the cost at this time. i'm. not you know. some of the like. well again the top stories this hour on al-jazeera are the first group of syrian rebel fighters to leave eastern ghouta has reached a government controlled area outside the own play if the group josh out islamic had
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released thirteen fighters from a rival group the did imprisoned along with their families at least fifty five people were killed in government attacks in the area on friday france's president about all my problem has been holding talks with prime minister narendra modi on his first official visit to india fourteen agreements have been signed following a ninety minute meeting focused in on trade security and fighting climate change donald trump says a deal between the u.s. and north korea on its nuclear program is very much in the making the white house has confirmed there will be no preconditions for a planned meeting between the u.s. president and the north korean leader kim jong il well the announcement of that meeting has made business made headlines right around the world except for in north korea mcbride reports from seoul. if you are in north korea right now and you do not have access to an outside source of information then you will not know about the historic summit in all six pages of the road long since this is the state
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controlled main party newspaper there's not one mention of it the only related item is an article attacking the latest u.s. sanctions which it says are a further provocation possibly leading to war the problem in north korea is a propaganda machine that turns out a daily diet of common trees all the tacking the imperialist united states as the great war monger how do you now turn around and tell your people your leader is about to sit down and have a friendly chat with the leader of your arch enemy even harder it seems will be explaining that in preparation for this is sturrock summit you have put on hold work on your intercontinental ballistic missile this has been heralded as a great achievement of the socialist north korea the thing that will offer salvation from the very same imperialist americans it seems the north koreans need
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time to work out this complicated narrative in order to be able to explain it to its people looking even further ahead becomes the prospect perhaps of normalized relationship if this talks continue between north korea and the united states maybe even relations veering towards possibly the friendly or at least less hostile should that happen north korea it seems will have to perform some kind of propaganda contortionists act in order to explain it all luckily for the people in the propaganda department that prospect does seem a long way off. a former u.s. servicemen and three women that he took hostage at gunpoint at a home for war veterans have all been found dead the gunman's been identified as albert one the thirty six year old former army rifleman who served in afghanistan the women work for an organization that treats veterans for post-traumatic stress but asheville rifle association has filed
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a lawsuit challenging new gun control laws in the state of florida calling them unconstitutional leaders of the largest gun lobby in the u.s. are angry that the governor signed a bill increasing the minimum age for buying firearms from eighteen to twenty one it follows weeks of campaigning by survivors of last month's parklane high school shooting that killed seventeen people the law paves the way for some school staff to be armed. i mean you are a member and i was the owner remember when i became governor i'm going to be an interim member when i'm not governor i'm sure there's an array members that agree with the bill some that don't agree with this bill. the you know but the way i think about it i'm going to do what i think are commonsense solutions commonsense things that the father is a grandfather the governor is is we need to have offers for schools we need to harden our schools we need more mental health counseling we need to make sure people that are going to do harm and think that we know we the people talking when we know we know they're out there talking we need to do something about it and and
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we need to take all these all of us everybody needs to take this this seriously when somebody is threatening people sri lanka's has been hit after a wave of violence forced the government to impose a nighttime curfew in the central region of candy two people died more than sixty were arrested in the aftermath of attacks on mosques and muslim owned businesses calm has now returned but the effects are still being felt bernard smith reports. candy's temple of the tooth is up there on the must see list of tourists coming to sri lanka. millions of drawn to the islands serenity and natural beauty but that image is taken a hit after the attacks by sinhalese nationalists on the minority muslim community in candy we had to pass the area which was under curfew and so we had to go to the police to get a special permit to go through and that was quite exhausting and annoying also we had like to do a detour which was three hours longer than sixty the limit of. the number or do you
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say it was so destroyed things to listen in so i'm. so focused on the. prime minister knows the violence has impacted his country's image i think these unwise acts carried out by a small group have done great social and financial damage to the country this will greatly and can we missed and this has dealt a blow to the. to disinvest three. government assessors are now drawing up lists of businesses that are to be compensated many muslim families have seen a lifetime's work go up in flames after their properties were attacked. but the curfew imposed has meant lost income for almost every large and small business in kandy which have to close as the security forces try to contain the violence to read something local is indeed for the slaves and the salaries. of the little water tanks. and their lawns is
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a risk to his old place and. you know money is the only way to listen. eighty percent of tourists who come to sri lanka include candy on their itinerary the government is very sensitive to threats to tourists of tourism more than two million foreign visitors to sri lanka last year bringing in more than three point two billion dollars in foreign exchange so while the authorities were very quick to put out a warning telling foreigners not to come to candy when trouble lad as soon as calm returned that warning was just as quickly withdrawn. a national state of emergency is in place until monday and there's still an overnight curfew the authorities are hoping the worst is now over bernard smith al-jazeera candy a former u.s. hedge fund manager who was once known as america's most hated man has been jailed for seven years for fraud not in scrawly became notorious after investing in pharmaceuticals and then increasing the price of
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a lifesaving drug used to treat hiv aids scruton salumi reports from new york. martin scrawly apologized to investors and admitted he'd made mistakes as he sobbed and pleaded for leniency but his own attorney admitted sometimes he wanted to punch his client in the face for convicted of lying to raise money and then again to cover his losses the hedge fund manager was already famous when he was arrested for securities fraud for raising the price of a life saving aids drugs five thousand percent and then smirking his way through a hearing when called to account by congress it's not funny mr truly people are dying and they're getting sicker and sicker it's more the fact that he and tag and eyes journalists and mocked authorities on social media during the trial did not endear him to the judge she revoked his bail after scrawly offered his facebook followers money for a snippet of hillary clinton's hair john zack is a former federal prosecutor who now works for new york law firm boies schiller
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flexner to sort of engage in that kind of conduct while your in a criminal trial is a bad idea because you once you get to sentencing you basically have an audience of one the judge and the judge is going to be looking at him and trying to evaluate what kind of person he is squarely who has been teaching inmates math in prison insisted he's a good person i've learned a harsh lesson he said in his sentencing letter a trial in six months in maximum security has been a frightening wake up call i now understand i need to change. his attorney argued he deserved eighteen months in jail or less but the judge handed down a seven year sentence she also forfeited seven million dollars plus of the man's assets including a rare wood ten clan album that martin scrawly once bragged about paying two million dollars for kristen salumi al-jazeera new york. utility companies in the
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northeastern united states a racing to restore power before another severe storm that studio has on monday more than four hundred thousand people are without electricity after wintry weather knocked out power lines and blocked roads at least two people have died forecasters say that a third storm system is moving up the east coast. the well c.n.n. talked to is the coldest on the planet yet it's home to an extraordinary ecosystem hosting an estimated fourteen thousand species everything from killer whales to stuff ish now there's a proposal to turn the rich waters there into the largest wildlife sanctuary on earth in the first part of a series on the well see our environment that is the nick clock joined greenpeace expedition vessel making its way to the sanctuary. it's a city near the end of the maritime history. in the main
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square in punta arenas but none miguel and looked out towards where you go across the strait that but this is day from scott shackleton this is where famous antarctic expeditions came and sometimes returned and today it's home to the chilean and it's to toot a signatory to a very important treaty preserving the integrity of the antarctic continent works as a kind of international cooperative if you walk into the chilean and talk to institute you're presented with a map of the concert incredibly rich in resources from copper to oil to gold and a lot of nations would like to get their hands on that but they can't because of the antarctic treaty which was signed back in one nine hundred fifty nine to ensure in the interest of all mankind that shall continue forever to be used exclusively for peaceful purposes and shall not become the scene object of international discord and so far it has worked to the principle of the spirit of cooperation in
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a really if you don't compare it maybe you can be or can do anything because this is an extreme. with extreme conditions. from point to right as to king george island on the fringes of antarctica it's well below zero and the tourists off the cruise ships are on their way home. so here we know king george island and tells him he made it seem. like you know that. this is where the wells geography is turned upside down where russian neighbors chile along side it does not the nation's research stations it is the antarctic treaty in action. survival suits are on for the trip from shore to ship. ride out to the. top in the me somehow. on board we're quickly on our way south of the site of the proposed ocean sanctuary an isolated wilderness
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of c. and ice home to an astonishing erev life sort of for the wealthy marine protected area proposal by the german government and backed by the e.u. and that sort of starts at about sixty four degrees described by everyone who goes there is pretty inhospitable i think that's the feeling we're going to have as we round this corner the greenpeace expedition is taking in scientific studies of the ocean floor as well as an exploration of this remote outpost how far we get will depend on whether ice conditions and a good deal of luck nic long al-jazeera antarctica. good heavy weather say very unfit here in doha the top stories on al-jazeera the first group of syrian rebel fighters to leave eastern has reached a government controlled area outside the own place the group josh al islam has
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released thirteen fighters from a rival group that did it imprisoned along with their families meanwhile syrian government forces have continued to bombard the rebel on klav at least fifty five people were killed in violence there on friday turkey's president says that his troops could enter the northern syrian town of free and at any moment the turkish military and its ally the free syrian army have surrounded a free after seizing control of the neighboring town of genderless turkey began its campaign to push the syrian kurdish y p g away from its border in january donald trump says that a deal between the u.s. and north korea on its nuclear program is very much in the making the u.s. president tweeted that if completed the agreement would be quote a very good one for the world the white house says there will be no preconditions for a meeting between trump and kim jong un in may france's. didn't emanuel micron has been holding talks with prime minister narendra modi on his first official visit to
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india fourteen agreements have been signed following the ninety minute long meeting the focus has been on trade security and facing climate change india france are also co-hosting the first summit of the international so the alliance initiative launched on the sidelines of the paris climate conference in twenty fifteen. would be the best partner. in europe the point for europe and i dream to have more on more indian students coming to france really becoming on creating start ups and i want my country to be the best partner in europe and. the national rifle association has filed a lawsuit challenging new gun control laws in the state of florida branding them unconstitutional america's largest gun lobby is angry that the governor signed a bill increasing the minimum age for buying firearms to twenty one martin say the knees are
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a little over twenty five but it's on al-jazeera right after counting the cost next . the continent of antarctica is facing multiple threats from climate change to overfishing tourism but now a campaign is underway to create the largest protected area on the remote waters of the i don't see stay with al-jazeera for a series of special reports from the greenpeace expedition in antarctica. this is counting the cost on al-jazeera your weekly look at the world of business and economics in what's been a big week for global trade we'll look at how the u.s. is up bending the rules of commerce and if free trade really is worth fighting for . i'm wayne hay reporting from vietnam where we look at.


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