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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  March 10, 2018 5:00pm-5:34pm +03

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it really is the international perspective that sets al-jazeera apart other news outlets beyond first good sense of. adding up simply to our knowledge of me journalism is about public service and making a difference in people's lives i'm amazed every day by the porting on al-jazeera and the places that my colleagues go it inspires me to take a different approach to how i report use your. in a major advance the syrian army cuts off two important towns in eastern guta and his effort to retake the rebel held territory. hello again i'm dan issue with al-jazeera live from doha also coming up. the u.k.
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cabinet calls an emergency meeting about the poisoning of a former russian spy as the investigation why. it's been three years of war disease and death in yemen we meet those of escape to cross the red sea. i'm a clock reporter from an expedition in antarctica all the effort to turn the vast and remote weddle sea into the largest protected area on earth. but we go first to syria where government forces have reportedly surrounded the two largest towns in the after seizing more territory from rebels on saturday government shelling and airstrikes killed dozens of people in the rebel held on klav in the last twenty four hours the syrian observatory for human rights says ground forces have advanced into areas between the main towns of duma and now this
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effectively cuts off the main rebel supply line the government also says it has full control of misrata in the east cutting off another key bridge to duma. meanwhile the first group of syrian rebel fighters to leave east and goose air has reached a government controlled area outside the group gyration al islam of the army of islam has released thirteen fighters from a rival group it imprisoned along with their families ellen fisher has more from gaziantep on turkey's border with syria. this is a tactic that has been employed by the syrian government forces since they started to enlist the help of the russians both technically and militarily to push into an area split it and then surround various towns the idea of course is that they cut off fighters and they cut important supply lines and it seems that that's exactly what is happening know that it's been a difficult twenty four hours in eastern guta we know that earlier this week there
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was a red cross red crescent aid convoy that went in to the area but the couldn't offload all of the forty six trucks and thirteen returned fully leaving more those thirteen returned on friday but again we couldn't get all of the trucks emptied simply because there was too much violence too many or structure in the boat where they were working and a number of the trucks went back to the starting point still feel it and we have also heard that overnight in eastern guta at least forty nine people were killed but a number of structures were damaged and we believe that there may be bodies under that so that figure we will increase meanwhile in the northern part of syria we are hearing that turkish forces and essentially moving on to the city of our friend no we thought that the army take a few days but we're hearing from our friend that the water supply there has been cut as has the internet no one doctor told us that he expects a massacre if the united nations doesn't intervene and stops the assault by the free syrian army backed up by the turks we've heard from the president and the one
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who said that if the talks were not concerned about civilian life then they could be in a friend in just three days certainly over the last twenty four hours of scene six times both north and south of the city being taken over by the free syrian army and the turks and it looks as if the final push for our friend is know just days if not hours away. the president added one has criticised nato for failing to back his military operation in syria to he's battling kurdish forces and the kurds all supported by the us but turkey considers them terrorists the law says. no i'm calling on them now he nato where are you we are putting up a fight isn't turkey a nato country where are you inviting nato member states to account to stand immediately so how about in syria if the nato countries who are in syria really have the power they would openly in clearly stand against us but they don't dare
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because they can see that turkey is standing tall but what we wanted was this you called us to afghanistan we came you called us to somalia we came you called us to the balkans we came so now i'm calling on them so come to syria turkey with its nine hundred eleven kilometers of border with syria is under threat right now so why aren't you coming. british investigators are examining the graves of former russian spy sergei skin to polish wife and his song officials wearing by has a protective suits are assisting police at the cemetery said a gay and his daughter and a responding police officer remain in intensive care after being poisoned it's thought they were exposed to a toxic nerve agent moscow is denying any involvement and has dismissed the u.k.'s warnings of possible retaliation the speak now to our correspondents on the she is that in london sonia the so serious is this incident that the british government is calling an emergency meeting. yes martin
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fact this is something which is really a typical of what would happen in such grave situation as this this be the second imagine see meat that they've had on this and it will be civil servants intelligence chiefs as well as senior cabinet ministers discuss what the response will be from now on and of course with the action all being insoles because well there's a. the really the driving forces here in london the cabinet officers behind me here is to discuss what that part will be meanwhile you do have some one hundred eighty troops including some specialist chemical weapons troops who are down in sold spree looking at the sites and friday night they went outside the soulsby district hospital to remove some ambulances that course there's always the fear of contamination from where ever any of the people who are seriously ill namely said
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basically power his dual to and the police officer the first responders he said examining those anywhere with a mic may have been that's one of the first instance just trying to pull course this is also it taking part as well as the extensive examination. in all the samples from the sites at a nearby military scientific facility at close to souls great force when they find out what's the substance will be that extremely red nerve agent as we've been told that it is there will also be able discover exactly in which the bark tree was produced martine i'm sure you've outlined what a couple of the main questions but there are presumably a lot of sort of questions what are the what are the other indications as to who much of being responsible for this. the major
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suspect at this moment of course leads back to russia a lot of people are certainly a lot of talk is aimed towards that direction even though the has been a lot of caution from the government there saying that they cannot pinpoint anything out but everything has to be fine combed the evidence before they can come up to any conclusion but what is interesting as well is that this is going to be raised at the next nato meeting in brussels where the u.k. will be discussing this with nato partners as well in the meantime certainly the suspicion towards russia may not necessarily to some quarters be unfounded considering not just the litvinenko assassination that occurred some twelve years ago but also there are crimes there are moves to try and piece together whether fourteen of the. deaths that had taken place here in the u.k. the united states had any possible link back to moscow which will they had been
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dismissed by police officers here that as suicides but with this growing mistrust is growing. tension between moscow and london now there is some talk of trying to get those deaths reinvestigated and if they do indeed have any meeting links to russian ritual marty all right thank you very much sean you're going to go there live in westminster in central london. it's almost three years exactly three years since the saudi led coalition entered yemen civil war on the side of the government against who see rebels the consequences for millions of yemenis have been catastrophic more than five thousand civilians have been killed according to the u.n. the saudi led coalition has been criticized for not doing enough to prevent civilian deaths and for blocking the delivery of aid the world food program warns yemen is on the brink of famine the conflict has also led to a cholera epidemic with more than a million people affected and the u.n.
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says more than three million people are displaced with many taking refuge across the red sea in djibouti but conditions in the refugee camps there they're pretty harsh with food supplies stretched to the limit mohammed has more from a buck. its food distribution day at the markets he come for yemeni refugees in the dusty pull tunnels. the law mohammed of the law has just picked his family's food a location for the month he came here two years ago when a missile hit and destroyed his house in whole south of the yemen now a mother who had a hand look at the shooting divisive given us there won't be enough for my family or even five days a situation is really bad. apart from the legal regimes people here also complain of conditions of the come. the sweltering heat and ferocious sun hardly been many away this is a place where many don't want to stay for long at one point this camp was home to
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more than six thousand refugees today one thousand eight hundred one lived here most of them have either gone to all the towns or to the capital djibouti you have others hover tante lemon preflighting the un something terrible was on to life in this can. also have chosen to stay see the option of a shared choice we have nowhere else to go where can we go we are forced to stay here yet the massive insecurity and shortage of some basic supplies in yemen is forcing many more refugees to cause the sea are some primal but are cut robbed of the come just three days ago from the city of thais which is under the control of both the fighters and again the yemen we fled from yemen because of war and hunger the hutu militias are also making life unbearable destroying homes of bullying and arresting people who will it's a disaster back in yemen. nearly thirty five thousand people admitted the jenna's southwards across the bubble mandeb straight to djibouti since march two thousand
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and fifteen from the beginning but you opened its doors to yemenis fleeing from the war the country has been uprooted from massive quite an investment in recent years due to it started you can look. but extreme poverty is still widespread. officials here say there's little else they can do for the refugees beyond giving them safety and asylum one hundred at all just era of the djibouti an international conference is underway in london to examine the consequences of the war in yemen jamal al shehri out if there. there is more more interest in the saudi led war and yemen particularly in the capital cities like london in countries like the united kingdom which are or have a direct link true that conflict which has gone on for several years now in so much as that it is u.k. weapons that are being used by the saudis and there are allies in bombing yemen in fact united kingdom just announced a memorandum of understanding to sell even more fighter jets through the saudis
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during the visit of the crown prince mohammed bin sultan man a conference like this which involves not only yemeni experts but also very strong preserve different think tanks and analysts is trying to set about maybe an alternative truth this or a way out of this war some sort of peaceful solution earlier we spoke to yemeni diplomats and asked him whether the u.k. is approach in terms of selling more weapons to solder a beer was the correct one or in his view of what you need what needed to be done in order to find an end to this war the solution in yemen which is all on all parties knows it should be a peaceful dissolution t.m. and selling more weapons t.m. and it would not help them many people to to reach a peaceful settlement for their people problems. i would hope that united kingdom other countries will abstain and weapons to saudi arabia to exact more pressure
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than selling weapons on the saudis and the land forces and the horses for them to come down to a table and reach a peaceful settlement to yemen although not so high profile in that there aren't any government ministers attending there are an increased number of these events that are taking place in the narrative around the war on yemen and the u.k.'s involvement in it and the need for the international community to intervene to put an end to what the un has described as the worst humanitarian crisis today that nerds. not activity in countries like united kingdom i can see is increasing so a conference like this is testament to the fact that there is greater public dismay or maybe opposition true the policies that are taken by specific governments and increased demand but there must be true the war on. rescued one hundred twenty five stranded on
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a rubber boat in the mediterranean those rescued include fourteen women and four children who are trying to get to italy they were found about twenty five kilometers west of the libyan capital tripoli is a major hub for african migrants trying to get to europe. so. the u.s. president says he remains committed to meeting the north korean leader but there's no mention of the talks in the media in pyongyang. india and france reach to france and trade deals during president crawl's first visit to new delhi. hello there the weather is quite quiet for many of us in china at the moment it's fairly mild in shanghai will see the temperatures all the way up at seventeen
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degrees for the south we're looking at around twenty two in hong kong you can see the winds though they're feeding up from the south bringing in a fair amount of moisture so for some of us in hunan and probably through chong ching we're likely to see more in the way of cloud and a few showers at times would away from there it's really looking mostly fine unsettled towards the west as a little bit more showery activity hit most of it over sri lanka because see the clouds are also pushing further northwards too so for some of us in the extreme sivan tip of india will see perhaps one or two more showers as we head through sunday but again the wettest of the weather will be across sri lanka with some of us having a pretty wet day elsewhere further north largely fine and dry is just over parts of afghanistan in the far northern parts of pakistan where there's more cloud in a few showers now here in doha certainly the hope recently and staying very warm on sunday is thirty two degrees will be our maximum temperature but then a very weak system works its way towards us and that will drag down the temperatures so i think for us on monday twenty nine degrees will be our maximum
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and then after that the winds will be picking up from the northwest and at least that will be something of a cooling change. what makes this moment this era we're living from so unique this is really an attack on truth itself is a lot of misunderstanding a distortion of what free speech is supposed to be about the context is hugely important level wise to publish if you have a cue to be offensive or provoke the thought of it as people do setting the stage for a serious debate. up front at this time on al-jazeera. time
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to take a look at the top stories here at al-jazeera syrian government forces have reportedly surrounded the two largest towns in the after seizing more territory from the rebels on saturday ground forces are believed to have advance into areas between the two main towns of duma and harasser and that effectively cut some off from each other. british investigators are examining the graves of former russian spy sergei script files wife and his son officials weigh in buyer hazard protective suits are assisting police at the cemetery ship powell and his daughter and a responding police officer remain in intensive care after being poisoned it's believed they were exposed to a toxic nerve agent. a major international conference was held in london to examine the consequences of the war in yemen millions have been displaced in the conflict
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with many taking refuge in neighboring humans also struggling with widespread hunger and a cholera epidemic affecting more than a million people. trade officials from the u.s. the e.u. and japan are meeting in brussels to discuss president transplant steel and aluminum the european bloc has threatened to impose tariffs of its own on u.s. products in retaliation washington's allies have warned that trump's move could end up harming the u.s. more than china which is apparently the plan's main target brennan has more from brussels. this is a meeting that had been put in the diary several weeks ago to talk about the root cause of the industries the steel industries where as and that is overcapacity but president trumps announcements on tariffs have put new impetus into that part of the discussions that have been taking place here in brussels and the opportunity for the european union trade commission and the japanese trade minister to have
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face to face time with robert light hisor the u. s. trade envoy is very valuable at the start of this two week period before president trump's tariffs actually start to be imposed there are going to be intense negotiations over this next two weeks to decide whether or not the european union can be exempted from those tariffs and the big implications if they're not are an escalating tit for tat kind of trade war involving all kinds of other products such as peanut butter orange juice harley davidson motorcycles blue denim jeans all of these kind of things that the european union are threatening they will the slack tariffs on in retaliation essentially for what's happening to the steel industry now it's not a foregone conclusion by any means that the european union will find that it's a deal has tariffs imposed upon it overnight president trump appears to be coming close to a deal with the australian prime minister on security arrangements there which will
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mean president trump won't impose tariffs on australia so there is a glimmer of hope that european union still produces will escape the worst effects of it but with this president it's not there's no guarantee at all and that is why the european union is seeking clarity from robert lighthouse and here in brussels. now the russian president vladimir putin has rejected accusations by u.s. intelligence services that he ordered citizens to interfere in the twenty sixteen presidential election in an interview president putin said he couldn't care less if anyone meddled in the campaign as they were connected to the kremlin but he also said he has no plans to extradite thirteen russian citizens accused of attempting to interfere by the special counsel robert muller who's investigating suspected links between the trump campaign and russia and president trump says a deal between the u.s. and north korea on its nuclear program is very much in the making in a tweet the president said if completed the agreement would be quote
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a very good one for the world the white house says they'll be no preconditions to the trump meeting with kim jong un which is jus to happen by may mr trump spoke earlier with the chinese leader xi jinping by phone and both of them agreed to continue their regime of tough sanctions until north korea actually takes steps to end its nuclear program mike hanna has more from washington. it appeared that the u.s. it introduced new preconditions when the press secretary said that the meeting would not take place unless north korea provided strong guarantees and took strong steps to indicate the authenticity of its position however subsequently administration officials said that mr sanders was not introducing new preconditions they said she was indeed emphasizing the consequences should north korea continue or resume nuclear or missile testing or interfere with the joint military exercises taking
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place between the u.s. and south korea but there's confusion underscores the developments that have occurred with president trump leaping headfirst into a potential face to face negotiation many expressing concern that negotiations such as these begin from the bottom up that the face to face meeting between leaders comes at the end of a process not at the very beginning in addition some experts point out the north koreans have had decades of negotiating deals with various states the trumpet ministration new to the game they going to be at a disadvantage in any negotiation with the north koreans should it take place from the very beginning catarrh has filed a complaint with the u.n. security council which denounces violations of its airspace airspace by ever r.t. and bahraini military planes the cattery government described the intrusions in
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a letter that was also sent to the u.n. secretary general the u.a.e. and bahrain a yet to respond to the accusations the two countries along with saudi arabia and egypt broke ties with her last june accusing it of supporting terrorist groups katter denies the allegations. india and france have signed sixteen billion dollars worth of deals after prime minister narendra modi met president emmanuel macro the agreements include cooperation on defense energy space and counter-terrorism and the construction of a nuclear power plant in india it was also pledged to work together to ensure freedom of navigation in the indian nation colombians vote on sunday in parliament tree elections which for the first time will include candidates who were once members of the fog rebel group a peace deal which ended the fifty year civil war was signed in twenty sixteen but there's alessandra of m.p.'s he reports the path from fighting to peace time politics has not been easy oh yeah i'm going to last the campaign for former for
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come in there because yes indeed and it's a symbolic one she's back in her hometown doing norden colombia the town she left thirty one years ago to become a giver your fighter will stay and this is the work. you have resisted you have had the ability and the courage to endure the systematic violence that has been waged against our people when you fight party has been running on a platform of political and social welfare reform but it has had a hard time attracting people outside of its traditional base and in all attendance here are poor farmers mostly cocoa growers hoping peace will bring about change. the hope is that this party will help us move forward and that one day we can experience the peace we've been tonight's personae long by the war we can reach at this time. but the far campaign has largely attracted a different kind of attention. last month it suspended campaigning after.
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its top commander running for president was pelted with rocks he later ended his run because of health reasons to x. fighters campaigning for a candidate have been killed and most suffered attacks or traits and social media. says columbia's private institutions systematically hampered their efforts. but we've been trying but it has been very hard the goal was to reach as many people as possible but we weren't able to finance the campaign banks would not open us accounts we couldn't reach out on radio and t.v. like the other parties we suffered considerable stigmatise station and much slanging. as one of the facts stop him with a sound you know will likely fail one of ten congressional seats that the piece they will set aside for the new farts party regardless of their showing but it will be difficult for them to leave my job if they don't get enough votes there is
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a tremendous degree of. negative feelings towards this group the they have not. adequately processed and taken measures to address. for extern zisha into illegal elect. force was never going to be simple but this tentative steps are already any story meant in a country still struggling to find a way to turn the page on its long and bloody conflict. the virtual c.n.n. toxic air is the coldest on the planet yet it's home to an extraordinary ecosystem basting an estimated fourteen thousand species from killer whales to starfish now there's a proposal to turn the rich war says into the largest wildlife sanctuary honor in part one of al-jazeera series on the weddell sea our environment editor nick clark joined a greenpeace expedition. it's
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a city near the end of the maritime history. in the main square in punta arenas but none miguel and looked out towards where you go across the strait that bears his day from scott shackleton this is where famous antarctic expeditions came and sometimes returned and today it's home to the chilean and it's to cheat a signatory to a very important treaty preserving the integrity of the antarctic continent works as a kind of international co-operative as you walk into the chilean and talk to institute you're presented with a map of the concert incredibly rich in resources from copper to oil to gold and a lot of nations would like to get their hands on that but they called because of the antarctic treaty which was signed back in one hundred fifty nine to ensure in the interest of all mankind shall continue for ever to be used exclusively for
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peaceful purposes and shall not become the scene object of international discord and so far it has worked to the principle spirit it's a corporation in a really if you don't compare it maybe you can be or can do anything because this is an extreme. with extreme conditions. from writers to king george island on the fringes of antarctica it's well below zero and the tourists off the cruise ships are on their way home. so here we know you're dialing and downscaling made it seem like like you know. this is where the world's geography is turned upside down where russia neighbors chile along side it does not the nation's research stations it is the antarctic treaty in action. survival suits are on for the trip from shore to ship.
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ride out to the. on board way quickly on our way south bound for the site of the proposed ocean sanctuary an isolated wilderness of sea and ice home to an astonishing erev life campaign sort of is for the wealthy marine protected area proposal by the german government and backed by the e.u. and that sort of starts about sixty four degrees described by everyone who goes there is pretty in the hospital i think that's the feeling we're going to have as we round this corner the greenpeace expedition is taking in scientific studies of the ocean floor as well as an exploration of this remote outpost how far we get will depend on whether ice conditions and a good deal of luck nick long al-jazeera antarctic. and in part two of our series on the proposed clark break through the ice to what activists say will become the western edge of the protected weddle sea bass on sunday here at al-jazeera.
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without his ear and these are our top stories syrian government forces have reportedly surrounded the two largest towns in the after seizing more territory from rebels on saturday ground forces are believed to have advance into areas between the main towns of duma and effectively cutting them off from each other meanwhile the first group of syrian rebel fighters to leave east and good has reached a government controlled area outside of the group jaish al islam or the army of islam released thirteen fighters from a rival group it imprisoned along with their families british investigators are examining the graves of former russians spies script poles wife and son officials wearing biohazard protective suits are assisting police at the cemetery ship
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polities daughter and a responding officer remain in intensive care after being poisoned it's believed they're exposed to a toxic nerve agent. donald trump says a deal between the u.s. and north korea on its nuclear program is very much in the making in a tweet he said if completed the agreement would be a very good one for the world the white house says there'll be no preconditions to the trump lead with kim jong by may mr chinese leader xi jinping by phone and they both agree to continue the tough sanctions regime on north korea until steps were taken to end its nuclear program. the russian president vladimir putin has rejected accusations by u.s. intelligence that he ordered citizens to interfere in the twenty sixth presidential election and interview president putin said he couldn't care less if anyone meddled in the campaign as they were connected to the kremlin but you have to take coming
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up next here on al-jazeera it's out front. facing realities growing up when did you realize that you were living in a special place the so-called secret city getting to the heart of the matter why it is activist to live in jail just because she expressed herself hear their story on and talk to al-jazeera at this time. it's been fifteen years since the united states and its allies invaded and occupied iraq millions of refugees and hundreds of thousands of dead later some supporters of the war still believe there's nothing to apologize for in a lot from special i'll challenge the u.s. military's former chief spokesman in iraq retired general mark kimmitt.


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