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more freely on the other boards then wolf really as far and as much as they want it's a new multi-national colonialism this is a v i'm not and over the democratic process these companies they just want the money europe's forbidden colony episode one at this time on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera. and this is the news hour live from london coming up syrian government troops cut off two biggest towns as they intensify their assault on the enclave. by the news
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that donald trump has agreed to meet kim jong un is a headache for north korea's propaganda machine. our beloved president. finally start to show the globalists the door a familiar face from the u.s. takes his nationalist message to france's national front as it seeks to revive its fortunes and report on a plan to turn the rich waters of the whale sea and antarctica into the largest protected area on earth. i'm joined again with the day's sports news including double delight from manchester united as marcus rush schools twice against liverpool to tighten their grip on second place. a syrian army has intensified its offensive in eastern guta surrounding the two largest towns in the enclave after seizing more territory from rebels government
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shelling and astronauts have killed more than fifty people in the rebel enclave in the last twenty four hours the syrian observatory for human rights says ground forces have advanced into areas between the main towns of duma and harasta that effectively cuts off the main rebel supply line but government also says it has full control of misrata in the east of the enclave cutting off another key road to duma alan fisher has more from the turkey syria border. city government forces have made big gains in the last twenty four hours they're still facing resistance and. this video from just all islam claims to sure. forces being pushed back but they have surrounded two large towns in eastern guta duma and harassed and circling tones is something syrian government forces have done consistently especially since enlisting the help of the russians militarily and tactically by cutting off roads and important supply lines they've essentially left
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the fighters with no place left to go he's isolating the two cities now the two big cities in the in the east he's weakening them and he's. supporting its military approach by having this political strategy submitting them both on the ground and politically by trying to have a deal does the with. across the country the free syrian army supported by the turks are closing in on the city of afrin. the positions held by the kurdish militia the wife p.g. . is strikes have been ongoing water has been cut one doctor in the local hospital says he fears a massacre the chair of the local council has called on the u.n. to intervene. if the u.n. official claims that self administration and the y.p. g. prevent the population from escaping we invite those who sit somewhere and say something like this to send a delegation to a free and to talk to people here the people of our free prefer to voluntarily stay in their country and defend against the occupation of the turkish state. turkish
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president says he expects turkish troops in the city. if we placed on a shelf put on solid our conscience ethics and sensitivities just like other countries in terrorist do to syria been capturing affray will be a job that would take is just three days. back east syrian t.v. says government forces now control fifty one percent of the area they're still considering humanitarian corridors for people and fighters who are ready to leave but they still continue to push for filtered through. our visitor on the turkish syrian border. coming up in this news hour thousands of yemeni refugees in djibouti face a tough choice struggle on in the camps or return to their war torn country. a russian former spy and his daughter who were poisoned with a nerve agent in the u.k. and are said to be critical but stable. and the first medals of the twenty eighteen
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paralympic winter games have been won find out who's been doing well in junction with chosen sport. police in the united states of identified the gunman in a siege in which three hostages were killed as a former servicemen suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder three female employees in the gunman were found dead after an eight hour standoff at the nation's largest war veterans home in the californian town of beyond phil thirty six year old al but one who served for a year in afghanistan had been a patient at the holmes psychiatric facility u.s. president all trump has thanked china for its help in trying to find a diplomatic solution with north korea that's after south korea and out an agreement from trying to meet north korean leader kim jong un face to face trump says he's spoken on the phone to both his chinese counterpart xi jinping and the
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japanese prime minister shinzo who are both enthusiastic about the diplomatic breakthrough or surprise news of the planned meeting has been making headline news all over the world but not in north korea where purse is a major problem for the nation's propaganda machine mcbride has more from south korea's capital seoul. if you are in north korea right now and you do not have access to an outside source of information then you will not know about the historic summit in all six pages of the road long since this is the state controlled main party newspaper there's not one mention of it the only related item is an article attacking the latest u.s. sanctions which it says are a further provocation possibly leading to war the problem in north korea is a propaganda machine that turns out a daily diet of common trees all the tacking the imperialist united states as the great war monger how do you now turn around and tell your people your leader is
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about to sit down and have a friendly chat with the leader of your arch enemy even harder it seems will be explaining that in preparation for this is sturrock summit you have put on hold work on your intercontinental ballistic missile this has been heralded as a great achievement of the socialist north korea the thing that will offer salvation from the very same imperialist americans it seems the north koreans need time to work out this complicated narrative in order to be able to explain it to its people looking even further ahead becomes the prospect perhaps of normalized relationship if this talks continue between north korea and the united states maybe even relations veering towards possibly the friendly or at least less hostile should that happen north korea it seems will have to perform some kind of propaganda contortionists act in order to explain it all luckily for the people in
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the propaganda department that prospect does seem a long way off. well any meeting between trump and kim jong un is likely to be awkward as the pair have traded insults for months he's a look at their most colorful exchanges back in may twenty forty after n.b.a. star dennis rodman a visit to north korea trump tweeted crazy dennis rodman is saying i want to go to north korea with him never discussed no interest nor space on earth i want to go fast forward three years and trampas president has repeatedly insulted the leader of the nation and pyongyang launched another missile in july last year trying to eat it does this guy have anything better to do with his life a month later he used a speech at the un to threaten foreign fury and described him as a little rocket man the united states has great strength and patients but if it is forced to defend itself or is our eyes we will have no choice but to turn only
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destroy north korea rocket. is on a suicide mission for himself and for his regime or kim responded to trump's threat releasing a statement saying i will surely and definitely tame the mentally deranged us dotard with fire which trump called him a mad men after kim's government called trump an old lunatic he hit back on twitter saying why would kim jong un insult me by calling me old when i would never call him short and fat oh well i try so hard to be his friend and maybe someday that will happen. we're joined now in the studio by donna dawson a psychologist specializing in behavior and personality thanks so much for coming in to talk to so that this is the kind of context of the face to face meeting with that kind of a background what kind of personalities. there's two personalities in the room how do you react together well they both have some interesting similarities they both have an authoritarian style they're used to getting their own way they used to
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being the center of attention there are some big differences of course but it's interesting that they both have that same kind of blustering rhetoric where they're the kind of upping the ante drama queen style in a way to test each other it's like two guns thing is the ok corral which one's going to back down first and i think there may be on kim's part a grudging respect for trump because he hasn't backed down and he's threatened a few serious things and perhaps this is why he's now making the approach for a talk but on the other hand he's very manipulative it's kim so it could well be that he's setting up something for himself that's not going to lead to where we think it's going to go and so it did you think that any of the background was convinced that they traded actually make any difference when it comes down to the meeting or do you think that any of it will have wounded either man in any way that might be detrimental to the meeting i don't think so i think it's all part of the kind of public display of politics in the bluster both of them are quite strong personalities none of them are weak on ego a lot of this rhetoric is meant to get
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a reaction so if you're going to get one back you have to take it in your stride i don't think what we're going to see that same bluster when they're face to face i think we're going to see a lot more diplomacy and i would imagine trump will speak more directly and i should think that kim will be more caged but they'll have a grudging respect for each other after the exchanges they've had with their now kind of on an equal plateau and you think they could end up like each other was a bit of a stretch that might be a bit of a stretch i think they they kind of like the fact that they can have a go at each other and they're both equally as important in the world and they both have to get. created a problem that only the two of them can solve that's very good for their but their joint egos and with these kind of personalities what's the biggest danger for the talks would you think would end up what could make them go wrong well i think because trump shoots from the hip and often follows his gut instinct and can be quite unpredictable. you know he can turn on a dime if he thinks that it warrants it it may well be that something is said that
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gets his goat up but he's not able to restrain himself that's the only fear i have i think kim is much more closed off and places cards closer to his chest more likely to stay in control than mr trump and so if you were advising the kind of if you were with the people talking to either side and rising them how to behave in these talks what would you say to them well i think that will get him being inscrutable and very far eastern in terms of what he's all about and what he's prepared to offer i think first of all that you know don't take anything superficially i think keep you calm take a deep breath before you say anything back take it in but more over it before you reply maybe not shooting from the hip is the one thing they could advise trying to do in this instance that would benefit him the most thunderous and thank you very much indeed cordially will include. your sexual state rex tillerson has had to cancel events on the second day of his visit to kenya due to illness a spokesperson for tennis and said he was feeling unwell after working on major
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issues back in the us with north korea to listen is four days into his first different arctic trip to africa where he's visited ethiopia djibouti and kenya his shuttle to go on to nigeria and chad nearly thirty five thousand refugees have sailed across the street to djibouti to skate the war in yemen but conditions in the refugee camps there are harsh with food supplies stretched to the limit report on a walk my dog has more. its food distribution day at the markets you come for your many refugees in the dusty poor tom of. mohammed of the law has just picked his family's food a location for the month he came here two years ago when a missile hit and destroyed his house in ha ha self in the yemen now a mother had a hand look at the shooting that i say have given us there won't be enough for my family for even five days a situation is really bad apart from the legal regimes people here also complain of
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conditions of the come. the sweltering heat and ferocious sun systems hardly been many away this is a place where many don't want to stay for long at one point this camp was home to more than six thousand refugees today one thousand eight hundred one lived here most of them have either one top of the town or to the capital djibouti others harbor a country yemen preflighting the un something terrible was on to life in this can. also have chosen to stay see the option of a shared choice we have nowhere else to go where can we go we are forced to stay here yet the massive insecurity and shortage of some basic supplies in yemen is forcing many more refugees to cause the sea are some but are cut robbed of the come just three days ago from the city of thais which is under the control of both the fighters and again the human we fled from yemen because of war and hunger the hutu militias are also making life unbearable destroying homes of bullying and arresting
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people who will it's a disaster back in yemen. nearly thirty five thousand people admitted the jenna's softwoods across the bubble man group straight to djibouti since march two thousand and fifteen from the beginning to open its doors to yemenis fleeing from the wall the country has been admitted for an embarrassment to do. but the extreme properties to widespread. officials here say there is little else they can do for the refugees beyond giving them safety. djibouti the u.k. home secretary says the russian spies and his daughter remain in a critical but stable condition after they were poisoned with a nerve agent u.k. ministers have been holding an emergency security meeting to discuss the latest police and intelligence reports on two hundred fifty counterterrorism police are involved in investigation and more than two hundred witnesses have been identified
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of course want to go here go is live outside the cabinet office first in one session what's been discussed at that meeting. really it's not what unity for all branches namely the intelligence officials as well as senior cabinet ministers and law enforcement security officials to be able to discuss on the evidence which they already have collected and a plan as to how to move forward with this but of course also they are remaining quite tight lipped about the possibilities of this really the main situation being that they need to sort of comb through all the evidence as much as possible and as the home secretary of a rod said they have managed to collect already quite a bit of information in this fast moving investigation. this is a serious substantial investigation there are over two hundred fifty counterterrorism police from eight out of all eleven counterterrorism units
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involved there's over two hundred witnesses involved and there's over two hundred forty pieces of evidence so we need to give the police and all the investigative parts around them the space to get on with that so what are the implications in terms of relations with russia. well the implication has been there's been some some subtle finger pointing towards moscow but of course really as politicians have been saying that they really have to examine everything very carefully before they can actually state who is behind this as well it's also very important to note that while they are working towards that it all this sort of murmurings that there have been two wars moscow has caused tension diplomatically between russia and the u.k. as well but also it's not just a case of whether it is a state sponsored killing oh all deaths behind it but also whether there could be
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a work of perhaps some criminal organizations which are potentially responsible for this sort of thing but really the evidence really has to be very finely there has to be some very careful consideration part that will be to do with exactly pinpointing the nature of the and the actual nerve agent itself that's can being conducted currently at a military facility which is near salt spray as well scientists that will be able to tell not just what the nerve agent is but also perhaps what laboratory which the partridge was manufactured to as well and that will be extremely telling into how into who was behind this so thank you very much indeed. russian political activist andres dhoni coffer joins me now in the studio thanks very much for coming in to talk to us so as it is so new was pointing out that the government has been at pains to not point the finger directly at russia but since the death of it you think oh clearly there's parallels be made whether it's in the
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press or ours where what has enough been done really to protect people living in this country who've who are from russian who might be an iraq i'm not sure about this because. it's a case was twelve years ago all we thought that it's just formula one. time things but as we know now during the eighteen years since regime. persecuted traitors which the people who are against. against putin regime who are in the position regime think that we are three to traitors. k.g.b. agent putin thinks that he must be destroyed so of course now these. people like me who are running the political asylum in the u.k. we are very afraid what government will do to protect us and what do you want the government to do more to protect you i think the needs more careful look
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for the russians who are who has connections with the russians is remove the must look ok for you to russian embassy well it's no. where from where the. poison came to the u.k. for the answer to this question ok where do you think you know it's a diplomatic forced russian diplomatic course do you know about its kind of drugs in argentina in the when a lot of kilograms of cocaine were found in the embassy school russian ok so you are the only thing is that i suppose what one would be reset is that in this case trip i was exchanged in a white shop do you spy swap deal eight years ago now so had they wanted to do something to him it is quite a long time to wait what do you make of that i think is another. another point to tell people to be afraid and it's a message from russian authorities that all the
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guys all the russians who will be in a position or who are in the position could be in danger i mean memory now in the redo of. pointed out that script out preferably wasn't out there. in opposition yeah can we say well this name for this series when he was poisoned could be leaving their nation perhaps rather than him being targeted. because of his. connection with the opposition could there be some other reason as i know he really didn't have any connections with the position we didn't know or about him at all. if you think that he falls into the traitor category rather than the opposition and i mean here it's not he was poisoned not about. his thoughts about it was it because i don't know his thoughts about it but he was a traitor as a thinks so and as i said before all traitors must be destroyed so it's
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difficult to. get involved in an organized killing i mean what obviously russia has said officially it said that they have an end in to do with this so. if i don't make that if you look for all the cases for the people who were killed before all all the time russia says it's not us but so we know that the ways are going to them when i heard about this case. i don't have i didn't have any other ideas i just said to my friends it's russian regime it's putin send killers to hear what was your thought that the location was significant storm is right next to it happened in soviet union it wasn't down the can doesn't matter like. going up like this i don't think it's matter what it is a strong message is as long as the old people shut up your mouth and you will leave if you against you will die. in you're context when you get are you asking the
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government specifically for some kind of measure to protect you. the moment where i'm a leader speak up we are now preparing a letter to the government to resume with different questions and one of the main questions will be how could governments protect us people who was. political asylum in the kitty thank you very much indeed for joining us andreas you know thank you you thank. the philippines foreign minister has hit back at the u.n. human rights chief is suggesting that president roediger deter to needs psychiatric help he called the comments irresponsible and disrespectful mean all human rights groups in the philippines have criticised detective for giving additional powers to police a new law gives senior officers the power to compel individuals to provide evidence activists are concerned it will lead to extra judicial killings and arbitrary arrests it's believed more than four thousand people have died at the hands of
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officers since a crackdown on drugs ordered by president rejected it at eighteen months ago. israeli soldiers have shot dead a palestinian man following a confrontation involving jewish settlers near the west bank city of nablus palestinian security sources say the clash was started by the settlers after which the army intervened and fired at a group of palestinians at least one other person is thought to have been injured in the incident israeli army has not yet commented on the incident women in palestine are generally more educated than men thirteen percent hold university degrees compared to nine percent of the male population but despite their higher level of education various factors mean many struggle to find jobs are a force that reports from the occupied west bank. university are trying some of the most able and ambitious students in the occupied west bank and what's noticeable on this most prestigious palestinian campus is how many of them are female natalie
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salama is in a fourth year studying civil engineering and business she says she dreams of a career in the field and in academia but is all too aware of the realities of the palestinian job market i think i have like a good chance but not the best not because of my academics or my g.p.a. it's because of the type of the need or nature of the. work you in the environment the situation is bad so it reflects a wide a premium that's been put on female education in palestinian society women sixty two percent of the current students are women a problem for them is what happens when they graduate. palestinian women are some of the region's best educated thirteen percent have a university degree compared to nine percent of men but only nineteen percent of women are in or seeking work that compares to twenty five percent in the middle east in north africa and fifty one percent in the world as a whole palestinian society is certainly patriarchal women often face pressure to marry young and stay at home there's also political and cultural pressure in favor
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of having large families the palestinian fertility rate is among the region's highest but economists some here are both misses the critical difference from the rest of the region is the impact of the israeli occupation in the palestinian context israel has worked. very hard since nine hundred sixty seven on undermining the productive capacity of the economy that is undermining agriculture and long acting these are the sectors that employ women agriculture has long been a mainstay of female employment especially here in the village of the about loot where the women say it's rare to spot a man in the fields but these days it's just as red or find a woman under forty five because they might think that other jobs are better it's easier to sit at the desk than work the land we've lost lands to confiscation and we've lost our mountains to settlements it is somehow six daughters she says education has been crucial to their upbringing but the two who have already graduated university of both unemployed are
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a force at al-jazeera in the occupied west bank still to come this hour. as colombia prepares to vote for a new congress former fox rebels find fighting an election far from easy. warning victims of last week's attack in brooklyn afonso as more suspects arrested including soldiers at a sports mchale or schifrin is back on top of the podium he tells her to. hello there we've got a lot of cloud of rain that's working its way across the middle east at the moment the satellite picture is showing all the cloud gradually drifting its way towards the east and it's bringing some wet weather mostly through parts of afghanistan and
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a lawyer up into catholics than this area of damp weather is going to stick around as we head through into monday as well a lot of rain on that and a fair amount of snow over the mountains as well behind that system there's another one that's drifting its way southwards over the caspian sea giving some of the some rain and again some snow for the works it's looking quite quiet weather wise we're looking at a top temperature of around nineteen there in beirut a bit further towards the south and here in doha it's got pretty horse over the last few days all top temperature on sundays again going to be pretty high up around thirty two degrees but it will be less high as we head through into monday so this time temperatures topic at around twenty nine this week feature is edging its way towards us a behind that the winds will change they'll be quite brisk and that will make things feel a bit cooler over the next few days further towards the south of there's plenty of showers over the southern parts of africa at the moment you can see the more our satellite picture stretching across into madagascar we're also seeing a little bit of cloud in the far south western parts of south africa will see
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a few showers in cape town. bigger and potentially more dangerous that's the best way to describe what's happening with a smoking alternative known as favorite i enjoy the taste of it and the harmful effects of what smoking does between two thousand and thirteen and two thousand and fourteen alone we start tripling and use among us high school students and head to head comparison ysaye versus conventional cigarette which one do you think it's healthy for my opinion i think they're both dangerous take no at this time on al-jazeera. the nature news as it breaks it's estimated ten million children of school age are still roaming the streets of baghdad with details coverage children what i'm off base and number of serious problems from chronic child malnutrition to a stream poverty from around the world should one is lost you have small soup in
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two thousand and thirteen by then he'd spent more than twenty million dollars in legal fees. of the top stories. syrian government troops have made further advances into eastern ghouta cutting off the rebel held town of duma and harasta. british police say they've identified more than two hundred witnesses in then best occasion into the poisoning of a russian former spy and his daughter with a nerve agent. and u.s. president all trump thanks china for its help in trying to find a diplomatic solution to the nuclear standoff with north korea or softer north
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korean leader kim jong il and agree to talks with him. depends trade minister has sought an exemption from the u.s. imports. on steel and i mean you and call for calm headed behavior the e.u. japan and the us have been holding trade talks in brussels japan's trade minister told a news conference his u.s. counterpart had only explained the shadow and procedure for the tariffs the use trade chief said the block is also seeking to be exempt cauldron and has more from brussels. this is a meeting that had been put in the diary several weeks ago to talk about the root cause of the industries the steel industries where as and that is overcapacity but president trumps an ounce months on tariffs have put new impetus into that part of the discussions that have been taking place here in brussels and the opportunity for the european union trade commission and the japanese trade minister to have face to face time with robert light hisor the u. s. trade envoy is very valuable at the start of this two week period before president
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trump's tariffs actually start to be imposed there are going to be intense negotiations over this next two weeks to decide whether or not the european union can be exempted from those tariffs and the big implications if they're not are an escalating tit for tat kind of trade war involving all kinds of other products such as peanut butter orange juice harley-davidson motorcycles blue denim jeans all of these kind of things that the european union are threatening they will that slap tariffs on in retaliation essentially for what's happening to the steel industry now it's not a foregone conclusion by any means that the european union will find that it's steel has tariffs imposed upon it overnight president trump appears to be coming close to a deal with the australian prime minister on security arrangements there which will mean president trump won't impose tariffs on australia so there is a glimmer of hope that european union still produces will escape the worst effects
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of it but with this president it's not there's no guarantee at all and that is why the european union is seeking clarity from robert light housing here in brussels. france's president emmanuel mccall wants france to replace britain as india's gateway to europe emmanuel mccaw stated his aim as he held talks with prime minister narendra modi on his first official visit to india para focusing on trade security and fighting climate change signing fourteen agreements president michel also said he wants to welcome more indian citizens to france. france should be the best partner of india in europe the point for europe and i dream to have more on more indian students coming to france. becoming unpopular creating start ups and i want my country to be the best partner in europe and it's not
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a good point the whole. nation in the defense sector is very deep and we consider france as one of our more stressed of defense back in the us to their country the degree minority populistic support among our armed forces as a golden step in the history of a close defense corporation. he was in italy for their elections last sunday and now donald trump's former adviser steve bannon has taken his nationalist message to france more specifically the far right national front addressing the party's sixteenth congress panel spoke about the change to modern politics and how people are turning against globalization the national front leader mccain their pain is hoping to revive her party's fortunes at its event by changing its name marine le pen said this week that you can't look at modern politics on the traditional left and right spectrum now we saw in italy in washington d.c. this week the exact representation of that in italy two
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thirds of the population was an anti-establishment vote in washington d.c. barbara love president tribe. finally start to show the globalists the door. well correspondent david chaytor joins us live from the congress so how did that appearance by david bannon go down. lauren it's not often the you see the spotlight move away from marine le pen in front of the national front but stephen bannon actually managed to he's been on a tour of europe he was in milan and rome during the italian elections then he went on to zurich where he met members of the alternative for germany the extreme my block that's got around ninety cents in the bundestag so he said his mission was to bring on the foot soldiers of a populist army and train them in in the arts of the social media to try and
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combat what he calls the liberal elite opposition media which would include me and he actually said that as far as he was concerned what was happening here was that the national front were part of a world movement and that the tide of history was turning on their side and it would give them victory after victory after victory and you can imagine he got very warm applause here for saying such things and depth how much will a name change make a difference from the independent think. well that's a very good question there and i think nobody knows exactly what the name is going to be maybe remove the national maybe roof the front but everybody knows that the policies will remain broadly the same number the pair and has been very bruised by had defeats and by a man you know mark rock nine months ago but it must be said she actually doubled the vote for the national front on the previous elections some ten point six
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million people voted for a party that's nearly thirty four percent of the electorate and she made it pretty clear that she will still be here if macron fails and his task of reforming france and her message was essentially that there. france at the top and the center of all politics and that she's still very much getting response from a questionnaire sent out before this conference eighty eighty questions in that dossier on top of that was the fact that ninety percent of the national front as it's still being called a wanted a frags it's a referendum on joining or or not joining the e.u. a chance for the french to do exactly what the british did and even more importantly ninety eight percent of respondents in that questionnaire said that they wanted strict draconian limits on immigration and they described that
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immigration as a tsunami so although the name might change it looks like the policies won't take a change to thank you very much indeed. libya's coast guard says several hundred migrants been picked up as smugglers took advantage of calm seas and watching a flurry of boats towards italy on one hundred twenty people had to be rescued after their inflatable dinghy broke down it was the second boat carrying african migrants picked up in the mediterranean sea today all the six hundred thousand migrants have crossed from libya church early in the past four years max avis is the deputy on board the ship that rescued the migrants. so there was pretty scary rescue as the we had a critical rescue which means that there's a high risk of many people dying in that and the boat was in very bad condition all but one of the five pollutants holding the boat up was either completely deflated or deflating and we saw about one hundred twenty people inside the boat. again
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a fast so is mourning the victims of last week's coordinated attack on its military headquarters and the french embassy an investigation into the violence has resulted in more arrests including soldiers because haq has the details from we're going to go. the honors for those who died in last week's attack most killed were soldiers of. brick enough also is in mourning still in shock. for moving to a distance. this is a moment of incredible sadness for us my brother in law went to the army headquarters to run an errand he was a bit late and the attackers took his life his body was so wounded he was unrecognizable. nine armed men drove a car full of explosives undetected through rush hour traffic to the most secured areas of the capital the french embassy and army headquarters. the car bomb took
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park enough aso security forces by surprise overrun and overpowered the french special forces who have a base in the capital intervened and killed the attackers investigators say the target was a scheduled meeting of the army chief of staff a five saheli in countries part of a multinational force led by france to push rebel groups out of the region on a visit to britain to foster the forces coronating country needs share vowed to hunt down the group responsible for the attack in some won't. we know that terrorists and their accomplices seek to undo our alliance they say they are foreign forces but they are allies fighting a common enemy. eight men in the capital were arrested after a rebel group operating in this to help claimed responsibility for the attack news that men are not foreigners but a mix of active and former soldiers surprised many here but all. the time came forty eight hours after the start of the trial of gen gen derry the former head of
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the presidential guards orchestrated a failed coup attempt in two thousand and fifty since then many of his soldiers have been fired and his men negotiated with the rebel groups on behalf of western countries he was key to the release of european hostages. since his arrest attacks have multiplied killing hundreds of people these soldiers on the front line of an expanding war with what now seems like an enemy within their midst nicholas hawk. colombians will vote on sunday in the first parliamentary elections to include candidates former rebel group fog the peace deal which ended the fifty year war was signed in twenty sixteen but as our m.p. reports. the path of fighting the government to fighting elections has not been an easy one. i mean it's the last day of campaigning for former far commander big.
9:42 pm
and it's a symbolic one she's back in her hometown. the town she left thirty one years ago to become a good fighter but this is what. you have resisted you have had the ability and the courage to endure the systematic violence that has been waged against our people when you fight party has been running on a platform of political and social welfare reform but it has had a hard time attracting people outside of its traditional base and in all attendance here are poor farmers mostly cocoa growers hoping peace will bring about change. the hope is that this party will help us move forward and that one day we can experience the peace we've been tonight's personae long by the war we can reach at this time. but the far campaign has largely attracted a different kind of attention. last month it suspended campaigning after. it stopped commander running for president was pelted with rocks he later ended his
9:43 pm
run because of health reasons too x. fighters campaigning for a candidate have been killed and most suffered attacks or traits and social media sending a says columbia's private institutions systematically hampered their efforts. but we've been trying but it has been very hard the goal was to reach as many people as possible but we weren't able to finance the campaign banks would not open us accounts we couldn't reach out on radio and t.v. like the other parties we suffered considerable stigmatise station and much slanging. as one of the facts stop sending a well likely fill one of ten congressional seats that the peace deal set aside for the new farkas party regardless of their showing but it will be difficult for them to be driven by those states if they don't get enough votes there is a tremendous degree of. negative feelings towards this group
9:44 pm
the have not. adequately processed and taken measures to address. or extend zisha into a legal electoral for. force was never going to be simple but this tentative steps are already and the story kaci ferment in a country still struggling to find a way to turn the page on its long and bloody conflict alison. both still ahead this news our. reporting from an expedition in. the effort to turn the bathroom light weddle see into the largest protected area. and going global professional wrestling has its eyes set on the middle east that sport coming up. for a man has decided to break with tradition and train to sail competitively we're not that we want to present
9:45 pm
a positive image and to use this here in typical expectation of women for them it's about more than just racing yes you can still be a good a modern woman and also a very talented sailor going off around the world showing everybody how strong armani people are al jazeera world meets the first female same crew in the gulf a man's sailing star at this time on al-jazeera. perceptions powerful documentary. from around the globe or is an example that that brings me down to. felix journalism. debates and discussions there's a lot of misunderstanding and distortion is that the only argument i find against that is all corded history. see the world from a different perspective on al-jazeera.
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what else see in antarctica is the coldest on the planet and it's home to extraordinary ecosystem besting an estimated fourteen thousand species from killer whales to starfish now there's a proposal to turn the rich waters into the largest wildlife sanctuary on earth in part one about a serious series on the web l c environment at an clogged joined greenpeace an expedition to the century. it's a city near the end of the maritime history. in the main square in punta arenas but none miguel and looked out towards way go across the strait that bears his day from scott shackleton this is where famous antarctic
9:47 pm
expeditions came and sometimes returned and today it's home to the chilean arctic it's to toot a signatory to a very important treaty preserving the integrity of the antarctic continent works as a kind of international co-operative as you walk into the chilean and talk to institute your presented with a map of the continent incredibly rich in resources from copper to oil to gold and a lot of nations would like to get their hands on that but they caught because of the antarctic treaty which was signed back in one hundred fifty nine to ensure in the interest of all mankind that shall continue for ever to be used exclusively for peaceful purposes and shall not become the scene object of international discord and so far that has worked to the principle the spirit is a corporation in a really if you don't compare it maybe you can be or can do anything because this is an extreme. with extreme conditions.
9:48 pm
from writers to king george island on the fringes of antarctica it's well below zero and the tourists of the crew. ships are on their way home. here with your darling and downscaling laden. like landover. this is where the world's geography is turned upside down where russian mabel's chile along side it does not the nation's research stations it is the antarctic treaty in action. survival suits are on for the trip from shore to ship. through the ride up to the. top when the men. on board were quickly on our way south bound for the site of the proposed ocean sanctuary an isolated wilderness of sea and ice home to an astonishing erev life they are campaign sort of is for the wealthy marine protected area proposal by the german government backed by the
9:49 pm
e.u. and that sort of starts about sixty four degrees described by everyone who goes there is pretty inhospitable i think that's the feeling we're going to have as we round this corner the greenpeace expedition is taking in scientific studies of the ocean floor as well as an exploration of this remote outpost how far we get will depend on whether ice conditions and a good deal of luck nick clarke al-jazeera antarctica and in part two of our series on the proposed train o'clock breaks through the ice what activists hope will become the western edge of that protected where else that's on sunday here are just their. time for sport has. lauren thank you where we start with football where manchester united have strengthened their hold on second place in the english premier league after beating face rivals liverpool to want on saturday by his first league start for united since december markus rushford school twice in just ten minutes to put the hosts in control therefore got on the scoresheet in the second
9:50 pm
half of stephen on goal from eric by e. but united held on for the win there now five points clear of liverpool in the table. so the points is very important. push for performance i wouldn't go so far so perfect in relation to. to what the game gave us and in the first of the game it was the opportunity to be aggressive in direct and fast and intense and to score goals but there were ugly scenes at london stadium as west ham fans invaded the pitch sharing their three no home defeat to burnley many were protesting against the board in the joint chairman who had to be escorted from their seats before the end of the game the loss was west ham's third straight league defeat their fifteenth in the table just three points above the relegation zone well that result leaves
9:51 pm
burnley two points behind sixth place arsenal who play on sunday or wins two for everton newcastle and leicester chelsea and crystal palace are in action right now chelsea lead to no in the second half there in the spanish top flight two goals from christiane an elder ensured real madrid hold on to third place in the standings but they were made to work for their win against eighth place to a bar even remise in the fiftieth minute cancelled out ronaldo first half strike but the portugal captain scored his second with six minutes remaining to secure a two one win well that result means rayleigh now twelve points off barcelona's lead for the moment the play malaga later on saturday. remained just a point behind after they beat sivia a little bit earlier. now ireland have won rugby six nations title with
9:52 pm
a week to spays after they secured a bonus point for securing four first scoring four tries in a win over scotland on saturday while title rivals england lost twenty two to sixteen in france two tries from jacob stockdale and one each from qana mari and sean cronin helped island to the twenty eight to eight victory in dublin and now face england in their final fixture in a week's time bidding to become just the third irish size to complete a grand slam by winning every game in the tournament. the it. up. the paralympics so well and truly underway with twelve gold medals handed out on the first day of competition survive his henrietta for kosovo was the first gold
9:53 pm
medalist she won the women's downhill for visually impaired athletes beating defending world champion millie knight of great britain who took silver meanwhile it was a super day for the united states who supports their gold medal haul from sochi games four years ago on just the first day they clinched gold in men's downhill skiing and the women's and men's biathlon and that puts the usa at the top of the medal table with three gold one more that in sochi france and the neutral paralympic athletes will or n.p.a. are just behind with two gold medals each the ukraine and canada round out the top five ok well staying on the slopes mckay to schifrin has won her fifth world cup slam title in sixty seasons shifrin secured the crystal globe with victory in the world cup race of the season in germany on saturday she's the first gear to win forty two world cup races before the age of twenty three the american also clinched the overall title on friday for the second straight season. four while the one
9:54 pm
which is looking to put a troubled twelve months behind him at indian wells and an elbow injury during wimbledon last year kept the twelve time grand slam champion out of action until january australian open after which he had to undergo more surgery he'll take to the court again on sunday against japan's terror daniel. obviously expectations wise it's different you know it's a lot like coming in last year or two years ago this year is really different not just because the rankings but because of the fact that i haven't played matches at all i mean in the last nine months and so so for me you know the goals are bit different. nevertheless when i step on the court. it's all game and. and game on and of course i want to i want to try to get the best out of myself and . meanwhile ludlum once monaghan a president of the third round at indian wells and how opening match the two
9:55 pm
thousand and fifteen champion i would pound the technique public is to not discover us six four six four. pro wrestling is going. to talent in untapped markets including the middle east into monaghan went to the regions first ever progress ling school in qatar to hear from aspiring crapulous. welcome to the school of hard knocks. clotheslines are on the curriculum all with technical hold on the map. but trainees at the counter pro wrestling academy aren't just picking up the moves they're also learning to take them safely both grapplers work together to put on a show that mixes sport with dramatic storytelling. isn't to win but to entertain the crowd and that means you have to rely on your opponent to keep you safe from injury just stupid pollutants so like you know in the first place we are friends
9:56 pm
and we move into doing so little if i don't trust him i won't be able to. pull that you see. the school is the first of its kind in the middle east in the past aspiring wrestlers would have to go to the u.s. or the u.k. but now they have an opportunity that's closer to home i just don't want to get. back on t.v. i want to be in many. many shows. with you to do. the students say they're committed and those who aren't serious don't last long boys came here because you just believed it was in this field if you think it's fake well the first thing you think that we got to teach and hope to at the top to risk so with we give them this is listening. ticking bomb on the way that you did my professional wrestling already has deep roots in the u.s. the u.k.
9:57 pm
japan and mexico but it's right here in the middle east comes a time when the industry is truly going global with market leader world wrestling entertainment setting its sights on the region w w e airs in more than one hundred eighty countries in twenty different languages the company rakes in over eight hundred million dollars a year and the middle east is its latest target for expansion american wrestling shows usually portray arab wrestlers as bad guys but going global could be challenging old stereotypes anything to change now. maybe because there will be start to the visiting the least not like before so if you go in to for example to soldier be it time to bring the bill to be there you should have to get other because this man has a mate who p.w. regularly flies in foreign stars for shows and catherine some of the academy students might soon be ready for a spot on the card but for now they'll battle it out in the gym getting ready for their chance to perform in front of the big crowds. bins manhunt al-jazeera doha
9:58 pm
and that is a list for now back to lauren in london. thank you very much a lot about our website address that is al jazeera dot com and that's it for me i'll be back in a minute on the for the day's news ahead. well no winning the will of the people hinges on the mass media state p.r. machine is going to overdrive. but just who is influencing.
9:59 pm
we just don't know yet where the lines will be drawn between what can be said and what conduct that. some journalists decided to sacrifice their integrity for access in the media or opinion that listening post based time on al-jazeera the sams in archaeology graduate from iraq is also a part time going to billings pergamon museum which includes a reconstruction of the famous ishtar gate in babylon most of the people he's showing around came to germany as refugees this is just one of several billion museums taking part in the project called multicultural meeting points and as well as bringing people together one of its aims is to emphasize the contribution of migrants right up to the present day to western culture office in a language he had been because i've been here for some time i can help them with lots of things that mrs ford to me the great thing is it's not just about museums about forming a new life it is a part of life it's culture. in
10:00 pm
a war torn city you know iraq a magic documents the stories of the survivors recording best hopes and dreams for a peaceful future after american troops withdrawal. but the conflict is far from over. he turns the camera on himself when i still take control and his family off forced to flee and nowhere to hide a witness documentary at this time on al-jazeera. a rebel stronghold now weakened and splintered syrian forces make their biggest gains yet in the battle to take.


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