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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  March 11, 2018 9:00pm-10:01pm +03

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al-jazeera. where ever you are. i'm. about you. know some of it i like. zero. zero i'm maryam namazie this is the news hour live from london coming up in the next sixty minutes. as turkish forces close in
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kurdish fighters say they'll form a human shield around the syrian town of a free. surrounded syrian government forces link up to cut the main rebel held parts of eastern into. china removes time limits for its leader from the constitution allowing gigi and paying to become president for life. to wash their clothes and possessions if they visited a restaurant and in the english city where a russian always spy and his daughter will poison. the montana homeless with all the day's sport asked fourteen time major winner tiger woods edges closer to the first tournament win in nearly five years. we begin in syria where reported to be mobilizing to form
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a human shield around the town of offering as turkish forces advance turkish troops and free syrian army fighters have surrounded our friend and a warning that their entry is imminent kurdish y.p. g. forces say civilians have volunteered to protect the town and are on their way to form a human shield around it. well elsewhere in syria state media says that the army has now completely surrounded the town of duma in eastern guta that means the main rebel held area is cut into amid intense as strikes pro-government forces broke through rebel lines to establish a corridor through the and claves state t.v. has been broadcasting inside the town of wood darrow where the army units joined up one it is an activist say over a thousand people have been killed since the government ramped up its offensive to take back the area over three weeks ago well eastern ghouta is the rebels last stronghold near the capital damascus the orange stripes here show how much of it they held on february eighteenth when the government stepped up its offensive three
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weeks of heavy bombardment later a mass dramatically shrunk and the surrounding of duma by syrian government forces threatens to exacerbate an already dying humanitarian situation meanwhile the white helmets reporting that several people have been killed in a barrel bomb attack on a residential part of the rebel held town of urbin in easton guta they also say government forces have hit the town with corrin gas phosphorus bombs and napalm u.s. defense secretary jim mattis has warned that the syrian government would be unwise to use weaponized gas. why and why a deal lives in duma in eastern guta he spoke to me earlier about the conditions in the city of duma and what he's witnessed over the past few days. i don't see any. regime i i see the russian airplanes and militias of iranian and. un. known. army coming
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to is doing good. yesterday in there was civilians in and we don't know anything about them. unfortunately the situation here in eastern good very very awful and miserable and fissures in gaziantep for some attacking syrian border. but what has happened in dumas happened elsewhere in syria we've seen it before where first of all the split the area as they did in eastern guta on saturday and there's no surrounded one tire on the syrian government forces and backed by the russians then tend to use their military advantage to try and gain a political advantage by saying to the fighters maybe you should leave a move to another part of syria as a see that has happened before in this conflict meanwhile in a free and we are hearing that the y.p. g.
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the kurdish militia are calling on civilians to help form a human shield to police themselves between the white p.g. and the advancing free syrian army which of course are backed up by the turkish military no it's not just cards who have responded to this call and we hear that there are buses heading towards our friend but also groups here in turkey clued in women's groups and socialist groups or how they will get across the border which is currently closed is another issue entirely in our friend city please see that there is no water no internet and up to three or four families are no sharing each ice because families that move from the early stages of this assault are no seeking shelter with friends and relatives seeking shelter essentially where they can the leader of the council in a frame says the situation is dire and has called on the united nations not only to investigate but to intervene. or kurds in other countries have been protesting against takis actions in syria train services at one of the u.k.'s busiest stations have been hit with the lazing cancellations after
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a group of activists climbed onto the tracks at manchester piccadilly and car launched its offensive in the african region in january to drive out a syrian kurdish y p g. senior yemeni officials called for protests to demand the return of president months or hardee from saudi arabia the minister of state. made the statement on his facebook page the country ahead of the saudi led coalition's air campaign against the rebels in march twenty fifteen the president has reportedly been in riyadh for over a year now china's national people's congress has voted to abolish term limits for the president and the vice president to change the constitution paves the way for judging and to remain in office beyond two thousand and twenty three allowing him to become president for life adrian brown has more on this front paging. an army of chinese legislators came to the great hall of the people knowing what was expected of them from their display of uniform loyalty to the man who could now be
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china's leader for life for the constitution is in accordance with our country's reality and the wishes of all the people. this is a big event a very memorable moment in our political life. and historic and controversial moment as world view almost three thousand delegates had been told the amendments were needed because the challenges china faces require a strong leader and the united party. in china's version of legislative government new laws and constitutional changes are always passed unanimously. and so it proved to be the case again on sunday when delegates approved twenty one constitutional revisions including the scrapping of term limits for the president and vice president for there was perhaps token opposition to votes against and three abstentions congress officials insist this process was
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transparent. the chinese people have had no say in this historic moment critics accuse president xi jinping of building a personality cult indoctrinating the masses with his political philosophy just as chairman mao once did it was done shopping the other towering figure in recent chinese history who'd insisted on two term limits for the president he wanted to avoid a repeat of the cultish devotion that had surrounded mao but analysts say one party rule is once more turning into one man rule the fact of the matter this seeming has hijacked the entire communist party in the country so we are back to just one person doing the talking one person making the decisions for the entitled party in the entire country we are back to the period of the so-called one wars
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echo chamber. the president's influence is now felt in many aspects of life here she jean ping thought is now required reading for all party members study groups of spread to businesses and universities. parliament also voted to expand the president's campaign against corruption joining a five year purge more than one and a half million party officials have been punished analysts say the campaign is a guys for getting rid of potential rivals for now at least though she would appear to have none adrian brown al-jazeera beijing. with china's plan to scrap presidential term limits prompted donald trump to joke last week that he might give that a shot someday but many leaders around the world have already been doing just that but live is over morales is the latest of a number of latin american leaders to extend his rule venezuela on duras and nicaragua also scrapped over lax limits within the last decade in africa pulled
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gummi in rwanda or n.p.r. and in burundi are just two of a number of leaders who've recently extended that term limits there while joseph kabila in the democratic republic of congo is stayed in power off to his term expired by delaying elections well others have failed in the face of popular opposition like bikini long serving president lies a comp aura who was driven out by protests in twenty fourteen and then of course as russia's vladimir putin got round the term limit problem by becoming prime minister while dmitri medvedev kept the sea room for him was a long low before putin returned as president in two thousand and twelve and is expected to be elected for a fourth term think someday kerry brown is director of the lao china is to use it king's college here in london he joins me now via skype thanks very much for speaking to us and those who are hearing that the. potential end of term
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limits for heads of state is by no means a trend that is restricted to china how would you say compares to his counterparts around the world. well he's in control of a much bigger country in a more important country and also a country which is quite soon going to be the world's largest economy probably so it's the stakes are much much higher but i don't really think we should see this is being a return to a kind of maoist sort of power. don't have an independent kind of basis and charisma that was sort of more than the party that was the problem really whereas i mean she's in pain works within the party and the country that he leads is so much more complicated it's not possible for one person even a complete megalomaniac to make decisions about china on their own because it's got so many different kinds of constituent elements so i think we're a long long way from that in a sense the problem is that we have a you know leader promising so much who might not be able to deliver
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a great deal because the problems are so complicated. so if he fails to fulfill the the expectations you're saying that he could potentially be removed we could see a change of power without people participating in any sort of process. yeah i mean the issue really is that he's placed himself as the chairman of everything as some people have called him he's the president he's the head of the military he's the party secretary he's the chair of all these different kinds of small leading groups that really run policy on areas he's the head of the national security come to council them everywhere he's everywhere and that's good when things are going ok it's not so good when things don't go well and you know china's had a lot of luck in the last few years but there are issues on the way i mean the economic development is still you know highly difficult environment natural environment is not great all sorts of things where people start seeing this all powerful figure
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and saying well if you're all powerful why is it that your able to solve these problems and then he's much more vulnerable but then you are saying that this isn't a return to the days of chairman mao for this you were describing actually what we are seeing now is one party rule becoming one man rule here we have judging paying saying that he will had the communist party he will speak for the party he will make decisions for the party and the country that is one man rule isn't it. i think it's symbolic the thing is the party has decided collectively that having a unified looking leadership and a salesperson in the form of c.g. ping suits it because it makes a complicated thing straightforward. doesn't have a sort of big family network around him i mean he's dependent on a big coalition of forces in the party some of whom we know about and some we don't know about compass parties eighty eight million members so it's a size of some large countries and he has to sort of you know really represent the
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leadership glossary so symbolic but that doesn't mean that he has the kind of powers marketing milestone had of just unilaterally changing policy overnight he works within the framework set by previous leaders needs to feel that well thank you for giving us some context around these developments in china kerry brown from king's college london or people in hong kong have been voting in a byelection in which pro-democracy activists are going to win back veto power in the legislature police detained a number of protesters have gathered outside the polling station where the city's leader cast her ballot the vote is to fill for a thick seat formerly held by pro-democracy politicians who al said frank protests in a office. and u.s. president donald trump says his plan talks with north korea could either fail to bring about the greatest deal for the world or ease nuclear tensions between the two countries speaking at a rally in pennsylvania he said he believes north korea wants to make peace
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president trump already could leave the talks quickly if it didn't look like progress for nuclear disarmament could be made or to south korean officials who met the north korean leader kim jong un last week or to brief the leaders of china and japan one of the officials will meet china's president xi jinping on monday the other wealthy japan's president on tuesday meeting that designed to update the leaders on the progress of nuclear talks with north korea if you envoys return from the u.s. on sunday after meeting president donald trump. let's get more on all this now with john hendren his and washington inside the big story of the week president trump attention agreeing to a meeting with the leader of north korea something that's supposed to happen in less than two months one of the sunday talk show has been sang. but everybody is still in something of a shock about how this came about this was apparently a matter of south korean leaders coming to the white house and beginning what they
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thought would be a lengthy process of diplomacy but instead president trump apparently popped his head into the room and when the proposal came about for him to meet with kim jong un without consulting anyone in the room according to a lot of the reporting out there he just said yes let's do it and he was given some cautious remarks by some of his aides and he said yeah i get it but let's go ahead and do this so the talk on the sunday talk shows is really about whether this is a good idea and whether it will come up with anything because presidents in the past including president obama have not agreed to meet with kim jong il and without preconditions now in this case the north koreans have already said that they're willing to do no nuclear tests and not to object to the u.s. south korean joint military exercises as north korea has objected to in the past. but apparently this is a meeting with technically no preconditions but really with some preconditions this
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is what mike pompei of the cia director had to say about that. this first meeting i think is between the president is the leader of north korea the two people who are the decision makers who will ultimately decide what arrangements are acceptable but make no mistake about it while these negotiations are going on there will be no concessions made the activity of this administration to disrupt the north korean economy to put pressure on north korea to galvanize the world in a way that you have countries from the middle east to europe and asia placing sanctions on the north korean regime and those will continue and walls see how the talks and the negotiations prosy. and of course we're talking about a meeting between trump and kim jong un without the conditions being great there were no well level negotiations going on and perhaps that being a lack of preparedness on trying spot what are people saying about the risks of this meeting. well mary and you heard mike pompei there say there were no
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no concessions made by the u.s. that they were not prepared to make concessions but really president has already made the biggest concession that is agreeing to have the meeting at all this is something kim jong un is likely to use for propaganda purposes in his own country a meeting that visually will put him in the same space on equal footing with president trump and that's going to be a big boon for him and that's one of the reasons u.s. presidents have not met with him in the past there have been negotiations with south korea under his feet or with north korea rather under his father those did not come to fruition even after the u.s. . released some sanctions in that case so the risk is that this all falls apart and that trump who is already taking something of a victory lap right now ends up coming out with nothing in kim jong gets to say i met the american leader i. and i was able to stave him off and goes about
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continuing with his nuclear program in the way that iran has been accused of doing in the past so the risk is that nothing happens here and that this is a big meeting for propaganda purposes for kim jong il thank you very much john hendren with all the latest from washington still to come on this news hour france's national front starts a new chapter and cutting ties with its founder and changing its name. protest as a back on the streets of boston on a demanding the release of jailed politicians. and emotional scenes as italian football team ferran tina return to action following the sudden death of that captain sun i will have more on that in sport. people who visited a pub and restaurant in the english city where a russian former spy and his daughter were poisoned a week ago have been to wash their clothes and possessions they had with them
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health officials believe as many as five hundred people may have been contaminated by the nerve agent which left cripple and his daughter yulia critically ill in hospital or brannan reports. families enjoying a pizza drink socializing in the pub hundreds of people may have been unknowingly contaminated as a consequence of the u.k. spy poisoning the revelation the traces of toxic nerve agents have been found with both z.z.z. and the mill pub in soldiery approved a startling message from the u.k. top health draws a. i am confident that this is not honed the health of anyone who was in the middle or this is restaurant however some people are concerned that prolonged long term exposure to these substances may over weeks and particularly months give rise to health problems the advice is to machine wash clothes use baby wipes to clean any
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personal items such as phones and items which can't be washed should be securely bagged and sealed the authorities insist the risk is minimal but caution is essential the trail of nerve agent contamination is being followed backward from the park bench where sergey scrip owl and his daughter yulia were found collapsed the former spy's house is also sealed off for forensic examination and specialist officers have even been examining the cemetery where mr script was wife is buried among several priorities for police are the questions of how and where scripts and his daughter came into contact with the nerve agent had they already been contaminated by the time they visited z.z.z. in the mill or where the traces of toxin found at those locations left by whoever was trying to kill them in two thousand and six when former k.g.b. dissident alexander litvinenko was murdered by russian agents using radioactive polonium the killers left a trail of radioactivity at several locations in london and fortunately it happened
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they go it means something was not done and a lesson what is saved after the murder of man has been was not turned sergei script and his daughter remained critically ill in hospital twenty one other people have also been treated for possible exposure but the instruction for hundreds of people to cleanse themselves of possible contamination is a worrying escalation paul brennan al-jazeera. france's main far right party the national front is to be renamed the national gathering party need a marine le pen but for the proposed on the second day of the national front's congress a party also severed its ties with a strange father former leader's only real upin is called the name change of betrayal the make over is designed to revive the nationalist party after the loss the french presidential election to emmanuel act on last year they've also. we are the defenders we are the last defenders of the french republic. the french
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republic has been stripped of its content which you three year is becoming less and less democratic and less and less social the political leaders are speaking in english is being replaced by the european flag marked by agendas that avoid over any substance david has more from the congress and we'll. we had to wait until the very last moment of marine le pen speech here before we heard the name being suggested to replace the national front and her suggestion was national gathering now that name will be put to the membership of the party in the next few weeks we know that but now i could see two percent of respondents so far has said they're in favor of that that still leaves a large number of the old national front opposed to changing that name now the reason the reason the pen was trying to rebrand and change all of this is she wants to see talks defy the image her party has because of her father john modi le
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pen now he stayed away from this conference he was stripped of the honorary presidency by by them during the course of proceedings and he actually has been launching his own autobiography the first volume at least in paris which is turning out to be a bestseller in that autobiography he says that he was a very much in favor of the he she regime of course whose whole aberrated with the nazis in the second world war adding to the impact of the remark he made about the holocaust as a. detail of history so i don't think despite marina penn's best efforts she could really rid herself of the fact of the father who found his body and let it really for decades no matter what she does what she goes through what policy policy she tries to push through the memory of her father will stay as
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a troublesome haunting spirit no matter what she tries to do it does still make her brand even with a new name slightly toxic. jack while as head of european research at the global policy institute an international affairs think tank he joins me via skype from the city of samarra and northwest france thank you very much for speaking to us so a new name for the party and an attempt to project a new image but does that mean anything's changed. no it doesn't mean that much of a challenge to mind. the main purpose of this congress these weekend was to reassert our independence authority and control of the polity which has been the leadership was but the frightened by the disastrous presidential debate in president bush or actually last year in may and she's after that many people vote she is not commit to a person to be president for example. one people in full one french people in full
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force she could make a good president today sunday one in six so demain demain aim of his congress was to reassert of foreign t. which has been a challenge to show that she has retained a grip on things and then the other way of just congress with a change of name was to try to see whether they could attract people beyond the national front and choosing a name is just a faint i don't think it will change that much because the main problem with the national front is actually not an offense personally which has been seized damaged but that it does that mean that with a new leader the party would be more successful in a painting can you. it could many people think that for example or nice. as it was drawn to a particular life that woman waiting in the wings would have
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a better chance of making allowances with the other right wing parties such as the republican party now controlled by wrong who was adopting some of the main themes of the national front of all now the new not the national or from. some remote ness at some ramon less you're not a national ronnie of the national gathering but that she would make a better she would be in a better position to achieve that the republicans who have the same ideas at the national front we could see that in the end went back to the basics in a big speech today she went back to the traditional females of the national front they do free eyes is security immigration identity and especially she was very strong on immigration which is a feat which is popular so defames that to many people in the repartee going wants
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to accept the big challenge now for not in a bent is to try to retain control and their european election and hope that she has a good enough scope in next year's your benediction writing a new wave of end to your granny sim and a populist wave in europe you know that to really confirm the control any of the you're going to diction next year our failure for then we can see we get we would see a monument to shannon and then they'd be trying to get back home to come and take control of the party jack whitehall thank you very much for speaking to us. supporters of catalonia independence have been protesting in barcelona demanding the release of politicians jailed in the aftermath of last year's referendum catalonia has postponed until further notice the election of a new regional president after spain supremes court ruled that candidate george sanchez would not be allowed to leave prison to attend a parliamentary session and on monday. was much more to come for this hour
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colombians are voting for a new congress which will include members of the former fock rebels honest in the power of the sun an international alliance aims to increase the use of solar energy to combat climate change. and is serina williams continues her tennis comeback a familiar face away and well we'll have the details with saddam. because a little bit of rain sleet the snow heading towards afghanistan and took my stand this band of clout that just pulling across iran will continue to drive its way further ace was bright skies do come back even behind this that disturbed weather kabul is around sixteen celsius you can see
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a little further north that wintry mix still showing its hand to also want to rain showers into northern parts of iran maybe just around the caspian as well but fine enjoy across that eastern side of the med warm sunshine temperatures getting up to around ninety twenty celsius over the next day or two little bit of wet weather just easing its way into western parts of turkey by this days no sign of any wet weather across the arabian peninsula over the next day that a little bit of cloud that just around that eastern side of saudi arabia but fog in try here in monday will see temps getting up to twenty nine celsius with a gentle breeze there but on the murky side recently the wind switched around to a northwesterly direction as to the chance of seeing some of the dust and sand in fact could still create some visibility problems and as we go on through the next day or two meanwhile the slushy dry into western parts of south africa i'm afraid the wetter weather still clinging on to the eastern cape a chance of some showers here through monday still plenty of showers into mozambique zimbabwe and zambia.
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the scene for us whether online what is american sign in your mind that peace is always possible but it never happens not because the situation is complicated but because no one cares or if you join us on sat there are people that that are choosing between buying medication and eating base is a dialogue i want to get in one more comment because this is someone who's an activist and she's close to the story join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. where ever you want.
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welcome back you with the news hour a quick look at the top stories kurdish forces in northwestern syria say civilians plan to form a human shield around the town of our friend to protect it from an expected turkish incursion. syrian state media saying the army is completely surrounded in. the main areas still held by rebels. and our other top story china's national people's congress has voted to abolish term limits for the president paving the way for g.g. going to remain in office beyond two thousand and twenty three. and other stories
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we're following colombians a current a voting for a new congress in the first election to include former funk rebels political debut comes after they laid down their arms ending fifty two years of war with colombia's government guaranteed to win a minimum of ten seats under the terms of the peace settlement but many colombians feel the former fighters should be in prison rather than in congress let's go live to us under m.p.'s use in bogota also still a great deal of opposition and hostility towards the fark how people been reacting to them on the campaign trail. yes marion no doubt that was never going to be easy for the fark to legally enter politics in colombia but i think that even then i've been surprised by just the level of resentment and anger that they had to face on the campaign trail so much so that a month ago they decided to suspend their campaign almost completely and now their
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candidates for president of the golan don't you know better known as too much in court decided to end it all together now we also had some serious help over all the fark as felt that they haven't had the guarantees here that they were expecting in presenting themselves to the colombian people despite that they have ten seats guaranteed for the next two legislatures that's part of what was agreed to in the peace deal but the question here is the if in the end they will at least get enough votes to kind of legitimize those seats that they have guaranteed who will they be representing as it just themselves or a portion of the colombian people as they hope to do so that's definitely something that's very important to look at the at the end of the election day the other team though that it's been on everybody's mind here is that corruption and that is something that has been
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a pervasive the political machinery for congress in colombia has been controlling more than half of the vote for decades. colombians gear up to renovate their congress and then they there's one issue on everybody's minds. like corruption good group soon or corruption is the biggest worry of voters reachin who are on the right or left of the political spectrum colombia's get the war as long overshadow the legal political practices which are only now coming on their bigger scrutiny scandals in past months have involved most parties and even tainted president juan manuel santos mask and. yes a new study by the peace and reconciliation foundation says that public outcry will not bring political renovation. more than eighty candidates for the senate and the house of representatives that have links with criminal organizations or are involved in corruption scandals such as older brecht or our children our wives are currently jailed representatives all with excellent
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chances of being elected they represent rural family clans that have for decades run their districts like. most are expected to remain in power doling out jobs public work contracts for just a little food and money to maintain the loyalty of their impoverished voters. many politicians and thirties corruption circuits to finance their cum pains they buy out local community leaders and pay around one thousand dollars per vote the culprits in the end there to citizens they vote for the same corrupt parties then they complain about corruption it's a vicious cycle you can't vote for bandits and then expect to be well governed. according to this study only three of the nine main political parties have not presented candidates viewed with suspicion for their relations with illicit activities or criminal organizations which have many here worrying that the new congress will have a hard time changing longstanding corruption practices when you tell your own
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director of political website unless you have a c.e.o. says the system is pervasive i have done like an informal survey with professional politicians asking them how what is the percentage of pattern versus opinion votes for congress and they all agree that seventy percent patronize seventy thirty percent opinion votes. and like other major latin american countries jailed mindy kaling and chieftain to clarence remain tough through this large as long as votes can be bought for pennies. so alexandra how much is this parliamentary election a dry run for the presidential vote set to take place in may. it is the it is so i absolutely this in many ways is a print preview to those elections at the end of the day we're going to have to see which party is diverse strengthen their position inside the colombian parliament in
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the us will strengthen or weaken candidates who are hoping to become the next president of colombia there are also two primary taking place today one for the left in one on the right on the right is a coalition of parties who oppose the peace deal and the reforms that are expected to be implemented by that peace feel probably if they're the candidate of former president alberto what do you even do care will probably win that primary and become the candidate for the rights and on the left the former mayor of bogota controversial police station boost i will say it is expected to win the primary on the left how many people will vote in those primaries also will tell us which way colombians workers or are swinging towards and about but probably the result at the
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end of the day here is that traditional party is more centrist bart these are the ones that are going to suffer the most given the creeping polarization in the country thank you very much alexander on hand he was all the latest from bogota. he's been devoting to russia five and you national assembly a key step toward choosing a new president on the communist run caribbean island nation eight million cubans are expected to turn out to ratify more than six hundred candidates for an equal number of seats in the assembly. if any members of the national assembly would choose a successor to president roh castro next month new president would be the first in almost sixty years from outside the castro family. what good are going to anyone who leaves a country well that's what's your main thing that they lead well they look out for the good of cuba of the old. little closer so for i don't know who will be the
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president of this country will i think it could be the he looks like a good person up to now let's see about the rest sebastian pinera has been sworn in as chile's president for the second time and you're a billionaire entrepreneur about to revive the economy which is slumped on the outgoing center left it in the shell the chalet it's the second time russia has turned over the presidency to any era large crowds gathered for exit ceremony at valparaiso a latin america editor lucien human was at the ceremony earlier she joins us now from the capital santiago what is the biggest challenge facing any area now. hello mary i'm well right now i'm right in front of the presidential palace where you may be able to see behind me they are everything is being put in place to receive president. so that they can hear him speak from the balcony here what he is going to be clearly telling chileans is that this time he is really going to look out for all chileans not just for the wealthy because that is his biggest challenge not only to promote economic growth which is needed but also to really let people
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know that it's not just for the wealthy for the rich for the business sector of which he as a billionaire is of clearly a member that was a mistake he says that he made last time and he is wearing not to do it again and that's why rather than come first to the palace he is going to stop first at a slum to a home for dispossessed children and to me to sort of say that this is his priority this time around mariam and you know gratian has been an opportunity for regional leaders to talk out of the summit of the americas which donald trump is due to attend. absolutely and you know it's turned out to be very interesting fascinating in fact that when i spoke to several of the presidents as they were coming out of the congress on their way to have lunch with president one of them president in the week opinion yet when i asked him what he was planning to do at the summit of the americas which i'd like to remind our viewers it is the only venue where all the leaders of the americas north and south can you can sit down at the same table he
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said let's not get ahead of ourselves it's not confirmed that i'm going. to be discussing this with president peña over lunch i also understand that brazil's president president temora has not confirmed that he is going on a lot of this may have to do with the increased tensions i think that exists now between the trumpet ministration and the rest of the region or at least some of the region over the very thorny issue of immigration and of course trade barriers. the ripples from washington go on thank you very much and latin america to lucy and human in santiago. eighteen tons of supplies including water shelter and hygiene kits have been delivered from new zealand to papa new guinea as part of her sponsor last month's earthquake more than one hundred people were killed when the seven point five magnitude earthquake hit on february twenty sixth three hundred thousand people still in urgent need of assistance locals say the quake was the worst in living memory it's fought
9:43 pm
landslides in remote areas and cut off already isolated communities well it's seven years since an earthquake and tsunami killed thousands of people of course a major nuclear disaster in japan the prime minister shinzo army told a remembrance service in tokyo that reconstruction is making steady progress tens of thousands of people have still not returned to their homes and cleaning up the still radioactive fukushima nuclear plant site may take up to forty years. a huge tsunami struck right off to my husband and my uncle decided to evacuate our bodies were lifted for me to swim to the wave and although i managed to hang on to a nearby pine tree my hands let go of my uncles and my husband also true further and further away. more than fifty thousand indian farmers are marching towards india's financial capital mumbai and demanding financial support from the government and at a quote prices the five day march set out from nashik city which is one hundred
9:44 pm
seventy kilometers from mumbai they hope to reach the city on monday many of the farmers have gone into debt because of drought an increasingly erratic weather patterns. in while the indian prime minister nuri under modi in the french president emmanuel micron of officially launched the international solar alliance at a summit in new delhi they want to reduce the world's dependence on fossil fuels by expanding the availability of solar energy the idea was first proposed on the sidelines in the twenty fifteen paris agreement on climate change representatives from forty five nations are attending the event. well the summit's goal is to promote greater investment in solar projects in member countries the alliance is seeking to add a thousand gigawatts of solar power by two thousand and thirty but that comes with a price tag of a trillion dollars to date there are one hundred twenty one prospective member states thirty of which signed and ratified the framework agreement countries at least partly within the tropics are eligible to join most of those involved the relatively poor states with high levels of sunshine all at the launch president
9:45 pm
back on took a subtle swipe at u.s. president donald trump for pulling out of the paris climate agreement as he praised a group of female solar engineers they didn't wait and they didn't stop because some decided to leave the floor and leave the bridge agreement. because they decided it was good for them for the children the grandchildren they decided to act. and keep back. and. while we're on here in order to act rican creek. several hundred migrants and refugees have been rescued off the coast of libya libya's coast guard an international charity of intercepted more than three separate boats in the past twenty four hours rescue is on board one of the boats say it was on the verge of sinking when they approached it more than six hundred thousand people have crossed the central mediterranean into italy over the past four years thousands of others
9:46 pm
have died at sea. a new polish law banning most trade on sundays has come into effect supermarkets and many other retailers closed for the first time since the nine hundred ninety s. all has divided people in the country though with some arguing they felt exploited under previous regulations and that they want to have a day of rest but others feel this ban infringes on consumer freedom. so ahead for you in the news hour cutting through the ice we report from antarctica on a proposal the time which sees into a wildlife sanctuary. find out his top of the medal table on day two of the winter olympics in. santa will have more on that and all the rest in the sports world. capital the capital which makes a creative. when nature is transformed into
9:47 pm
a commodity big business takes a new interest brian wells goes for talking well it's a phenomenal opportunity to be able to use a business model to achieve sustainability of nature but at what risk banks of course don't do that because they have at the heart protection of nature they do that because they see a businessman crossing the planet at this time on al-jazeera. when the news breaks when people need to be heard in the stock market good to me is. my brain and this story needs to be tuned just largest catholic country is witnessing a dramatic rise in teenage pregnancy al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring the mood winning documentaries. and live news on air and online.
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antarctic has been described as one of the most remote and treacherous places on earth much of its rich biodiversity has yet to be fully documented and the second part of our on topic series we look at the european union's campaign to protect the desolate region al-jazeera is nick klug joined a greenpeace scientific expedition through the web elsie. the captain's eye view of all voyage south as the icebreaker optic sunrise pushes through into the remote waters of the weddell sea vost unknown territory few ships venture this far. has already made an attempt this and talked to someone but was
9:49 pm
foiled by ice because we were way through. to get it down into the wealthiest try and reach before the beginning of what would be protected it's like helping you more. yes probably just making sure somebody. finally we break through into the isolated area of the proposed site tree at the moment i checked on the. satellite charts this morning and there's someone of a ship in this entire space as us that another ship about that and that's it and i'll hold area that's a slightly scary terrifying. exciting exciting kind of just makes the case that this is pristine this area is not developed his no call industry has never had industry. we take
9:50 pm
a chance in this rare window of weather to take to the air and look down on the mesmerizing scene below. the western edge of the would be protected zone breathtaking the rule power of land and sea and ice constantly reshaping on the move this is nature on a planetary scale so what we're looking at here is multi-year sea ice a great ice book to the glass just sweeping off james ross island the weddell sea extends way to a distance over that proposed area pretty much on talks by human activity almost no scientific research is taking place back to base the on. sunrise standing by for a return alongside a giant tabular iceberg perhaps a kilometer along the next helicopter sortie is to the very top of it the expedition team are making a dramatic landing to spread the sanctuary message around the world this iceberg
9:51 pm
thousands of years in the making now adrift in a process that has been going on for hundreds of thousands of years appraises it seems may be changing because of global warming i did a day of scenic wonder below the antarctic day with a spectacular show above this apparently a reverse sunset phenomenon while simultaneously the clouds morph in shape and color into fantastic unworldly painting across the evening sky at the ends of the. nick log al-jazeera and taught to go and in the third part of our series nick will be looking at the multiple threats wildlife in antarctica face ranging from climate change to terrorism so don't miss the. point now with santa thank you very much mary i'm always out with golf with tiger woods is in contention to win his first title in nearly five years the fourteen time major winner has just teed off
9:52 pm
for his final round eyes the false but championship woods that was just one shot of cory connors overnight after carding four on the posix to seven in the third round on saturday to three here it would mark a huge turnaround for the forty two year old who has dropped down to three hundred eighty eight in the world rankings on this is just his fourth official start on the p.g.a. tour since having a back surgery last april. i am excited i feel good i feel like i've. playing little better little cleaner the last two days and i missed a medical use their last hole with a sandwich yesterday. it's been a pretty clean last couple days been really good i've been really consistent a little myself off the board i know it's packed up there but. they say i've got a shot arsenal have won their first game in the english premier league since the beginning of february they beat what for three males sunday to end
9:53 pm
a three game losing streak in the league scored wrong with the fi open the scoring up for the hosts after just eight minutes pm merry go round and henrik tyron completed the scoring in the second hole for the tech also saved a penalty to score his two hundredth premier league clean sheet it. did stick together you know when. you take advantage of the weak moments. defensively and match in the end it was a convincing win. highlights as well but peter cheek is known two hundred games two hundred thousand cheats in their career remarkable. the only other game on sunday talk number one with four one despite star striker harry king going off with the ankle injury it means spurs have gone up to third in the table a point above liverpool just a city still lead the way in the e.p.l.
9:54 pm
and they play stoke on monday. in spain that lexical madrid beat self of a go to stay within eight points of league leaders barcelona antoine grossman got at it all for the moc just before half time and korea and the total were also on the scoresheet with a three nil win it means athletico also states seven points ahead of city rivals real madrid in the table. there are emotional scenes in italy on sunday asked fear and tina played their first match since the sudden death of their captain a story just a week ago fans paid touching tribute to a story ahead of their game with been even till which was stopped on thirteen minutes to honor the former italy international players from both clubs also wore a story's number thirteen shirt through until now went on to win the match when the story died of a cardiac arrest just hours before his side were due to play to the knees in syria
9:55 pm
last sunday eight thirty one ten is now serino williams will play system venus in the third round of indian wells and she continues her comeback following the birth of her first child playing in her first tour event since her daughter was born just six months ago he said six year old beat kiki burton's seven six seven five in the second round of the tournament we know will not play venus for the first on since the two thousand and seventeen australian open final would she want to claim her twenty third singles title. isn't done. you know as one of the best players in the world where she so for me to have to go up against so passes will be good to see where i am on my level also putting too much rumors. it is innocent vance with a straight sets win over psoriasis to play her twenty ninth competitive match against her youngest is still monday with serena having won seventeen of them. in
9:56 pm
the men's draw a rare rain delay in the california desert the hole to draw defenders opening match the world number one will resume his contest with argentina's federico the bonus later on sunday federer won the first set meanwhile and there was an upset as says he is going to go dimitrov last dispenser non-valid ask over daskal winning in three one two sets to reach the last six. to give you. up he went to paralympics are continuing in p.r. and chang and the usa is kind of trait to is establishing herself as one of the game's early stars the twenty five year old came her second gold in the space of two days on sunday she won the city twelve kilometer cross-country leading the race
9:57 pm
from start to finish she also won the biathlon on such a day and this is how deem and medal table is looking after a day to the usa our top would fall gold already two more than they won in the sochi games of france and slovakia are just behind with three golds each. staying on the snow. in this truest limpid korea may have come to an end but the norwegian cross-country skiing star made more history on sunday a month after becoming the most decorated winter of all time the thirty seven year old became the first athlete to win seven ladies thirty kilometer event in the world cup in front of home crowds in all slow. slightly more extreme winter sport and with downhill i is cross the event sees competitors race on track of steep turns and vertical drops at the world championships i have been taking place in canada hold favorites called cross golf secure the world title. and that's it
9:58 pm
for me i hand you back to mary thank you very much santa well that wraps up the news out to our you know a full bulletin coming up in just a couple of minutes and i'll have a roundup of all the day's top stories very shortly here. facing realities growing up when did you realize that you were living in a special place a so-called secret city getting to the heart of the matter why is activists to live
9:59 pm
in jail just because she expressed herself hear their story on talk to al-jazeera at this time the continent of antarctica is facing multiple threats from climate change to overfishing tourism but now a campaign is underway to create the largest protected area on earth the remote waters of the wideout sea stay with al-jazeera for a series of special reports from a three piece expedition to antarctica. in the past seven years over three million homes and stories. and eleven million people displaced. syrians made homeless by war share their stories. in the ruins of a dream at this time on al-jazeera.
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perception. documentary. from around the globe. was a big sound but the. feel it's journalism. debates and discussion is a lot of misunderstanding a distortion isn't the only argument i find against that is all over the corded history. see the world from a different perspective on al-jazeera. do must surrounded syrian government forces east and into dealing i'm a just set back to rebel fighters. and turkish forces close in on the african and northern syria because say they'll form a human shields.


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