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going places together on counting the cost in what's been a big week for global trade we'll look at how the u.s. is bending the rules of commerce and if free trade is really worth fighting for plus the latest mind bending concept cars from the geneva auto show counting the cost at this time. this is. hello welcome to this al-jazeera news hour live from doha i'm martin dennis coming up in the next sixty minutes blaming the kremlin british m.p.'s say the poisoning of a former russian spy looks like state sponsored attempted murder. a bangladeshi
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plane crashes a katmandu airport in the pool several people are feared dead. the syrian government advances on eastern guta as the u.n. security council wrestles with how to stop the killings and i'm tatiana that all of the day's sports including tiger woods comes up short in what's been an impressive comeback for the fourteen time major champion. but first the chairman of the u.k. parliament's foreign affairs committee says the poisoning of a former russian spy looks like state sponsored attempted murder prime minister three's a maze due to discuss the case at a national security council meeting within the hour segue a script powell and his daughter yulia remain in critical condition. after falling
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unconscious in the city of souls free now we can speak to two of our correspondents we've got rory chalons who's in moscow and we've got barnaby phillips in london first to you barnaby this is the strongest language language yet to come from the british political establishment but falling short of of categorically accusing moscow. yes still falling short of that we're expecting an announcement from to resume a in the house of commons this afternoon and i think the pressure is growing on the government to say something substantial it's been more than a week now the british press is awash with speculation and there is a great deal of anger within parts of the british political establishment and that is of course reflected in the remarks from the chairman the parliamentary chairman of the foreign affairs committee but it's one thing to make a statement it's quite another takes of stunt or realistic action that will hurt
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the russians which would be the intent and that is the challenge for the british government and barnaby i mean we've kind of been here in this position before haven't we with the litvinenko case what did the british government do then. in the end they did very little and with the benefit of hindsight i think that is what is causing the reason may who was home secretary at the time now prime minister some embarrassment sanctions against two particular individuals who the british believe were involved in the murder of alexander litvinenko and an appeal to the russians to help them in a broader investigation an appeal which was simply shrugged off so that doesn't look good so what can the british do now well there's a range of options expelling russian diplomats wide a sanctions against wealthy russians who have
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a soft spot for say london property say a soft spot for the qualities of british boarding schools where they send their children those kinds of things are being discussed so too is the idea of the england football team not going to the russia world cup this summer i don't think that is likely but perhaps what might be more likely is that all those dignitaries who would go there with the english football association who could theoretically have included prince william might not be going to russia will find out today all right thanks for that let's go to rory now in moscow rory this seems to be growing certainty should we say in london that moscow or russia has something has had something to do with this incident but the russian government is not a monolith is it there are many organs of state. yeah absolutely and often they compete with each other you get different factions
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within the intelligence services within the f.s.b. within the g.r.u. which is the military intelligence service and the foreign intelligence service as well or all of these organizations have different power bases and so it is entirely possible that if there were russian agents who were behind the poisoning of surrogates cripple they were not necessarily acting on orders from above that this was some kind of freelancing enterprise that heads the british at the moment seems to be gearing up to implicate the russian hierarchy the russian leadership in some way in this and the official response at the moment then in moscow is that they had nothing to do with it it's nothing to do with any seventy nothing to do the kremlin. well yeah the russian message sure the official one at least is has remained the same for the last few days and that is
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essentially that this is all or an anti russian media campaign being whipped up in the u.k. that said basically amounts to propaganda that's what sergei lavrov the russian foreign minister said and that there is no proof to back up any of these allegations russian state t.v. though has been a bit more lurid while it denies that russia did have anything to do with this it also says that traitors as it calls them perhaps should not go and settle in the u.k. because of the high number of strange and incidents there with with grave outcomes another t.v. program was essentially saying that perhaps british agents poisoned scribal and his daughter themselves to fuel russophobia in the u.k. but i think there's a growing awareness in russia at the moment of the atmosphere in the united kingdom in that there is a growing push in the u.k.
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to take off the gloves do something properly punitive something meaningful something that would actually hurt the russians if that does happen there will be of course a pushback from russia but as we don't know what the united kingdom's response is in the moment we don't yet know what the the retaliation from russia would be i agree thank you as well chalons live in moscow. none of this is coming in of a passenger plane having crashed at katmandu airport in nepal the number of casualties is still unclear but the wreckage is on a field right at the edge of the airport the plane belonged to a private bangladeshi carrier u.s. spangler it's called and it left dhaka the bangladeshi capital and was just about to land in the pali capital when it crashed as of the number of people on board and
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all those sorts of details we are awaiting confirmation and soon as we get the numbers involved we will bring them to you here at al-jazeera now it's two weeks since the u.n. security council outlined the terms of a cease fire the syria's eastern ghouta but hundreds of people have been killed since then in the rebel held on claim which is very close to damascus the syrian government has been relentless in its attacks and only limited aid has been allowed in later on monday the security council will be discussing how to implement the cease fire that still only on paper and the u.n. secretary general himself and tony he's expected to brief members many on a honda reports. for three weeks the syrian army's bombs have fallen on eastern good while its troops have moved in easing into rebuild to retreat. over some of the syrian arab army continue their operations in eastern guta
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successfully day by day other areas in fast spaces of eastern ghouta are secured. and the last week rebel held territory shrank and split into what syrian state media saying the army had completely surrounded the town of duma now those same government forces have reportedly kept the way even further into opposition territory splintering the rebel held territory into three. the bombardment has been receiving less and indiscriminate monitors and activists say more than eleven hundred people have died since the government offensive began the syrian civil defense accuses government forces of using chlorine gas phosphorous bombs and napalm u.s. defense secretary james mattis wants syria against using chemical weapons situation in eastern good very very powerful and miserable oh. another rebel held area feeling the bite of syrian government advances is edlund the largest chunk of
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syrian territory currently held by the opposition this footage shows russian and syrian government gets striking the central bank in adlib city syrian government supporters sit it was the command center for the group in charge of it hyatt studied al shan an opposition tweet described it as the base for a syrian risk you teens. many areas in the province of being targeted al-jazeera arabic scurry spondon to adam abu same witness the bombardment of the town have been nice and. were being at the among the targets where these residential areas several people were killed others wounded civil defense units have been trying to get people out from underneath the rubble there have been global calls for cease fire in syria but syria and russia have paid little mind to the outcry it's a familiar government strategy and intense unrelenting bombardment designed to weaken and ultimately divide the rebel held region and this strategy appears to be
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working but at an enormous human cost million one hand out to zero. elsewhere in syria kurdish fighters have called on civilian volunteers to form a human shield around the town of african turkish troops and free syrian army fighters have surrounded the city and warned that they will enter syria turkey launched an offensive in the area in january saying it wanted to clear kurdish wife viji fighters. we've got a lot more to come here on this out of syria news hour including me a man accused of replacing ranger villages with military bases as the u.n. considers referring atrocities to the international criminal court by thousands of india's followers of claiming central government sowing the seeds of discontent. and in sports former world number one novak djokovic is shopped in california tatiana has all the details coming up.
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now a u.n. fact finding mission is due to present its initial findings on atrocities committed against the rich in miramar just days after the un human rights chief called for crimes against the ranger to be referred to the international criminal court meanwhile satellite images released by amnesty amnesty international they appear to show range of villages in states being cleared to make way for military bases there this is believed to be a military base being built on a township the security forces are suspected of burning to the ground last august and there's another image to which shows the construction of a road directly over the top of homes that were destroyed in the violence while the images raise questions about the government's pledge to repatriate hundreds of thousands of ranger who fled to neighboring bangladesh to escape the military
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crackdown many of the refugees are refusing to go back for fear of further violence right we can speak now to ronan levy who is a research of the school of humanities and social sciences at deakin university in australia but he's joining us now from london thank you very much indeed. there is a vast wealth now of of quite forensic evidence that is being compiled and being documented quite meticulously to what effect what four. well two reports just this week should leave us in no doubt that we missing a genocide in real time the mistreatment of the rich by me in mars military and me in mars authorities surely meets the criteria to be considered a genocide then and that must compel the international community to act do you think it well. i'm not positive about that i mean what we've seen so
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far is seven hundred thousand muslims pushed out of me and my misty's report today suggests that there are no military barracks been built on the land that those people used to live on and what we've seen from the international community short there's been humanitarian assistance for the refugees but very little response in terms of demanding action from me and maher and nothing practical yes we actually need to see sanctions back on the table me and man needs to know that the international community is going to prioritize human lives rather than rather than commerce should be visa bans for the perpetrators of these atrocities and that should include not just the military but it should include the civilian authorities of me and maher who have stood by and allowed this to happen what's quite striking is the fact that there was
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a perfectly good report issued by the an commission which offered a plan didn't it a plan for the me i'm our government to actually solve this problem as far as they see it the range of problem american state and yet it was at that very moment bar a couple of days that the violence really kicked off in august last year. while i think the military were looking for an excuse to push out of the country let's be clear about this this is not a one off event this is not a recent event the crisis that we're seeing most recently is by far and away the most devastating but the rangers have suffered decades of mistreatment within me and mine and their mistreatment today should be considered in light of that these decades of restrictions on their ability to access health care children's ability to go to school restrictions even on moving from one village to another and we've
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we've known this for a long long time and this been not enough action from the international community that they should be demanding that me and mar live up to its international obligations and give people access to their human rights and one of the rights that the rich who claim a centuries long heritage and me and mine should be entitled to his citizenship rights absolutely thank you very much good to hear your thoughts thanking. now fifty thousand farmers have reached india's financial capital along by after a five day protest march they're demanding aid from the government that's a crop prices and more access to land the tory occasion be ripple. there are. the atmosphere is upbeat but these farmers arrive in mumbai with a serious message to the indian government it's taken them five days in the hot sun to march one hundred eighty kilometers from the ancient holy city of nashville
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stopping only for food and rest now they are determined to make their voices heard to state and federal government legislators just talk nice except my daughter is a re follows a coming all the way from nashik on foot the government of the promised but has not given us the land rights we will hold demonstrations outside the family until our demands are met yeah. we have a lot of demands the price of archaeology seductively. farmers in india are having a tough time many have fallen into debt due to drought and increasingly erratic weather thousands involved in the farming industry commit suicide each year the farmers are demanding more government subsidies higher crop prices and for tribal farmers who mainly cultivated forests to be allowed to own land they also say that strict conditions on a government loan waiver program excludes the vast majority of farmers.
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the government should accept some of our demands in the past they have blocked roads tried to fill day where the government is on move with this long march yet determined to stay put outside the state assembly to lower demands are met and you're ready to put. the state government says it will appoint a six member committee to look into the demands but that may be too little too late for many farmers who feel they've been ignored for too long and are impatient for change victoria is there a form of bangladeshi prime minister who was jailed last month for corruption has been granted bail the israelis means bangladesh nationalist party may now reverse its decision to boycott the general election in december it says she was jailed on trumped up charges. rivalry with the current prime minister sheikh hasina has defined the country's politics for years. in colombia right wing parties opposed to the peace agreement with rebels are leading the results of sunday's election the
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vote for a new congress is the first since the signing of the deal to end decades of civil war and. reports now from the capital. it's an image for the history books former fire crevel commander even markets legally voting and running for office in colombia law. i did not think that this would happen so soon but we must recognize one thing that this is thanks to the peace agreement signed and have a momentous event all of us colombians hoped for but now everybody in the country agrees the peace deal guarantees the fark party ten seats in congress even if you colombians actually voted for them. and the peace deal still profoundly divides voters our candidates were pelted with tomatoes and rocks at campaign events. unfortunately our country is deeply polarized trying to repudiate violence
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a lot of people and acting violently people have the right to protest but we should do it exclusively through voting these legislative elections set the stage for the upcoming presidential race in may results show a strengthening of right wing parties the peace deal colombians also voted for two primaries on the right of the democratic center party of former president. easily one attracting over three and a half million votes. and we vote for a country where there is no class based hate but rather brotherhood we vote for a country that has development and that no productive sector is persecuted we vote for a social agenda to close the poverty gap to end poverty we vote for hope. well . a controversial but very popular former mayor of and former give me
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a fighter of the m. one thousand movement was the expected when they're on the left yet the right wing primary attracted almost double the number of voters this piped attention so this was probably the most peaceful election day in the country's history with former fired gravels taking part in it and still active rebels or serving a ceasefire yet it also proves that deep resentment many colombians feel towards the feyerick and establishment politicians the results seem to show that the most hard line conservative have a clear shot at the presidency putting at risk the already fragile peace agreement . egypt has extended the detention of al jazeera journalist mark with hussein by another forty five days the egyptian national was arrested whilst on vacation in december twenty sixth seen the same is accused of incitement against state institutions and broadcasting false news with the aim of
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spreading chaos he his lawyers and doubters they are strongly deny the allegations this is the twelfth time his detention has been extended hussein is yet to be charged that the trumpet ministrations says they'll be no added conditions for talks with north korea donald trump and kim jong un are set to meet within the next two months the first ever face to face talks between the two nations leaders north korea has promised not to resume nuclear nor missile testing ahead of the talks cia director mike pompei is says this is a first for pyongyang and president trump seems to have backtracked on his call to raise the age limit for gun sales from eighteen to twenty one the u.s. president says that should be left to a new federal commission on school safety gun control advocates say his plan which includes funding firearms training for teachers is an insult to the victims of armed attacks like those of the recent school shooting in florida. the u.s.
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house of representatives is set to vote this week on paying more for security at schools and students a planning nationwide protests following the florida shootings last month of seventeen high school children and stuff has more from los angeles. spurred to action by the marjorie stoneman douglas high school protesters teenage students around the united states plan to walk out of class on march fourteenth they're demanding stricter gun laws in an end to the political influence of the gun lobby now you're ramaswamy is a thirteen year old student in los angeles it's the adults making the laws but the kids who are getting shot and so i feel like the kids are the ones who should be standing up for themselves now as mother sosh ramaswamy fully supports or i have told my you walk out if you want to walk out you walk out and we will deal with that but the administrator said knowing is school or discouraging student protests
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and threatening punishment her teacher told her that if anyone left ten am then they would get in on satisfactory that they would lose their privileges like being a but in this new land with their. other school districts around the u.s. are brandishing similar threats for example in houston texas a school district chief announced he would not allow student demonstrations for any quote protest or awareness unquote those threats violate numerous court rulings upholding students' rights to free speech school administrators and students and families need to understand that students cannot be disciplined any more harshly under the constitution than they would be if they were just missing class or lunch period so they cannot be disciplined for protest and they cannot be disciplined generally for things that they say or political positions that they take civil liberties organization say they'll take school districts to court if they impose
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harsh punishment. the non-disruptive student protests naya says threats won't prevent her from standing up for her beliefs they're not going to stop me from this or my friends student protesters are getting strong support from top university admissions officers universities including cal-tech mit the university of massachusetts and others are all saying that even if high schools give black marks to their students for participating in walkouts it will have no impact on the likelihood of them being admitted to those colleges and many universities are encouraging students to take action saying they should stand up for what they believe in robert oulds al-jazeera los angeles it's also done injuries that are relatively simple to treat by doctors in other parts of the world often result in amputation three years of civil war have devastated the health system and many of forced to result to traditional healing methods that have been morgan reports now
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from i go by the time the injured decide to travel to hospital it can often be too late to save their limbs a little longer has been suffering for more than a year he injured his foot while playing with his friends his mother says she resorted to traditional medicines initially because it was the nearest option but after she saw it getting worse she decided to make the long journey took clinic to get medical assistance. the flesh was getting bad the bone was starting to show so i took him to the clinic they fixed the bone and i don't know if i have already treated him or operate on him and cut his leg doctors are still assessing if longer would need an amputation but that's not the case for a joke a bowler who recently had her left leg amputated after an injury became too infected to treat. there's nothing i can do now if i had my other leg i would have been able to help myself now it's a struggle to cook for myself to get water for myself now i struggle in life is
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hard i can still feel the throbbing pain with my leg was. a joke is one of more than fifty thousand and petey's in africa standards country south sudan which descended into civil war in twenty thirteen less than three years after its independence from sudan although more than half of the amputees are the result of were related injuries amputation also happen for other reasons five years of war has affected delivery of health services to rural parts of the country here in a dog where one hundred fifty thousand people live doctors say they perform more than two dozen amputations in the past six months alone one of the main factors contributing to amputation in south sudan is that health centers particularly those able to treat ones and infections are not often within easy reach because of bet patients tend to seek traditional treatments and only make the journey to hospitals when it's often too late many of those who come to are from neighboring counties more than half of the population lives in rural areas where there is limited health
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care according to the un over fifty percent of health facilities in the country are nonfunctional and while proximity to health centers is the reason doctors see other factors also contribute to delays in getting treatment. from. something the first person you know there is the parties all the biggest challenge for the skills of. a brother after the un petition. is to. run for the bishop in this lawsuit. a challenge a judge is already facing and one long mars mother a book fears her son may have to face if he loses his foot he will morgan al-jazeera o'clock south sudan in just a few moments staff will have the weather also coming up on this al-jazeera news
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hour how all the sales are thriving spurred by regional tensions and civil war plus . i'm a clock reporting on the multiple threats to wildlife here in antarctica from climate change to terrorism. and in sport tatiana will be here to tell you about a record breaking performance at the winter paralympic games. from a fresh breeze. to watching the sunset on the australian outback. hello there we have some very stormy weather across new zealand at the moment all thanks to all ex-tropical cyclone called hala this is a fijian word not the spanish version of hello now there is the storm the strongest of the wind that i've seen so far is one hundred twenty two kilometers per hour that was in north wind but all across north and we've seen gusts well over sixty
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kilometers per hour and that system is now steadily moving through but the eye of the storm is actually just off towards the east and it's a fairly compact storm so fortunately the worst of the storm has to offer should avoid death instead we're just seeing some very windy and very wet weather but really we've dodged a bit of a bullet here first omes moving through pretty quickly as well so by the time we get to choose day it looks like the north island is back with the sunshine and it'll be warm so twenty degrees there in oakland a completely different day than to monday elsewhere if you look at this chart you can also see a little circulation further north and that does appear to be another developing system it has a formation alert to it at the moment and it looks like that will gradually sink its way southwards as we head through the next few days probably is a western edge will just graze the east coast of australia we could see some very large surf have very heavy downpours we'll have to watch when that storm goes over the next few days. the way that sponsored by the time.
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richard problem is something which is a geopolitical issue that's for governments international institutions to manage their one thousand refugees don't have the right to freely on the other goods can move freely as far and as much as they want it's a multinational colonialism this is a v i'm not a woman over the democratic process these companies they just want the money europe's forbidden colony episode one at this time on al-jazeera. perception. documentary. from around the globe. was a big sound. it's journalism. debates and discussion is a lot of misunderstanding and distortion isn't the only argument i find against that is all according to. see the world to see the spectrum
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on al-jazeera. take a look at the top stories here and out of syria british m.p.'s say the poisoning of a former russian m.p. looks like state sponsored attempted murder by the kremlin so gays can apologize d'orsay usually have remained critically ill in hospital a week after they were found unconscious. a rebel group in syria's eastern ghouta says it's reached agreement with russia to evacuate wounded people from the besieged on claims the un security council is due to discuss a possible ceasefire. but is have been recovered from
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a bangladeshi passenger plane which crashed in flames there katmandu airport in the poll. and that's exactly what we're going to talk to our correspondents of enosh rest are about she's live for us on the phone from the nepalese capital what more can you tell us a bina. i'm actually at the airport right now where. i've come over to gather whoever's injured i'm on. that blog being recovered injured are being taken out. what we can say is that there is. a line it's going to be my airline i talked to one of the people. the accident happened and she said there was a loud noise. and then. she said she saw the pilot move or the plane. hit the aircraft situ on the runway.
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and they were delayed as a situation is developing to see what's happening there's a lot of crowd a lot of people around. presence. strong as it is nation is coming. to see how it developed and how many people actually survived a lot of people crying around here but we don't know more details all right so we still don't know then how many people were on bold and when in fact there were any survivors. well as high that there are survivors i still haven't been able to satisfy. the kind of information that is incoming is around seventy five people who were on the plane but it is officials are giving different numbers at different times so. i think you have to get the updates the numbers all right ok so
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being the stressed i thank you very much indeed for the very latest from mine too. the sole candidate for catalonia his presidency is waging a legal battle against madrid's attempt to keep him in jail karl penhall is our correspondent in barcelona and he joins us live where is jordan sanchez's battle then fame to be released from the madrid author it is unable to take what he considers to be his rightful place. but i think that question is the question that many cattle hands raskin themselves this morning martine don't forget that it's been five months since many kaplan's voted to break away from the rest of spain in a referendum it's been more than two months since those kaplan's went to snap elections for the capital and parliament and that returned a majority of politicians again in favor of secession and today it was jordi sanchez
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a former grassroots catalan leader who was due to be sworn in as head of the regional government the first minister he can because the judge has him in jail facing charges of rebellion and the judge refused to release him to be sworn in now initially his legal defense team had said that they were going to launch an appeal to the u. european court of human rights they have now backtracked on that saying they will not do that but will go for more procedural approach and of large an appeal to suit very sure there is no saying how long it could be before the supremes call produces a ruling but what essentially is that the spanish central government is trying to deadlock this whole process of the move towards capital and independence within legal measures that have included jailing leaders and that is generating some kind of tension here on the streets now as diehard supporters of secession in the catalonia region of pushing their politicians to make good on their promises to move towards greater independence for this region let's take a look at
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a demonstration that has recently taken place. there marching for their own breakaway. republic but they going nowhere fast do we need any. i was. in venice the. songs of freedom ring out but the political reality is discordant. it's been five months since many catalans voted to split from the rest of spain the spanish central government to so far block the move it declared the secession referendum illegal and jailed some catalan leaders while others fled. the politicians are being a bit indecisive they need to be more daring to make progress. demonstrations like this seem to be an indication that diehard supporters are growing impatient with their leaders failure to declare an independent republic as promised and this is
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certainly the largest process session demonstration here so far but it's seven o'clock live from the days leading up to the october referendum last year when you independence was able to put tens of thousands of protesters onto the streets. the catalan parliament had been due to elect a new first minister for catalonia. but the top candidate sanchez is in jail facing charges of rebellion the judge refused to release him. the two largest cattle and separatist parties are now considering a legal appeal to european courts this small rally the leftist c u p party and its head carlos really had a more radical action i'm not going to do with those he said i'll struggle is peaceful nonviolent but the only way to win is through civil disobedience and that means we'll have to suffer more state repression. with chants to
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occupy the streets some demonstrators seem ready to heat the cool but direct action than it was just on you know money first honestly other than that we have to turn out and demonstrate every day and night until our voice runs out until we can sit up our republicans soon as possible. but others clearly did not share the same urgency and headed home the piper's last two rounds only the stragglers. now seem to be a limited range of options going forward of course the supremes court could approve that appeal and actually allow jordi sanchez to get out of jail and be sworn in as the kaplan first minister that doesn't seem very likely though what the process session parties could of course do is to choose a candidate who is neither in jail nor in self-imposed exile they don't seem ready to do that just yet and the other option moving forward is that they could be
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entirely new elections to choose a new catalan parliament that of course no knowing what the outcome of that would be and whether that would incite return a majority of politicians once again in favor of secession so for now deadlock seems to be what is going to continue marty all right for now karl penhall live in barcelona thank you very much. now arms sales are increasing around the world in countries in asia or in the middle east are leading the demand so says the stockholm international peace research institute that's an independent swedish based group that the u.s. is the world's biggest weapons seller accounting for more than a third of all global exports american manufacturers increased sales by twenty five percent in the four years to last year now india is a leading buyer accounting for twelve percent of all of the weapons in the world tensions with neighbors pakistan and china
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a driving growing demand saudi arabia is the second largest importer almost all of its weapons come from the us and britain and the saudis who are leading the arab alliance in the civil war in yemen increased weapons buying deals by two hundred twenty five percent that's right two hundred twenty five percent between two thousand and eight and two thousand and seventeen right we can now speak to peter visit a man who is a senior researcher at that very institute the stockholm international peace research institute and he's joining us via skype from sun home forgive me for sounding a little bit negative but none of this really is surprising when countries are in conflict you expect weapons sales to go up. absolutely true but it is not surprising you do this don't worry the countries continue to choose weapons as their main to see and the conflicts will see to ensure their
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security for example saudi arabia which is not necessarily going into yemen trying to talk with the rebels there but instead it use military means to tries to sort out problems even though large parts of the rest of the world say that's not the best way to go about now this year perhaps more of the separately than other years is the debate or the opinion being expressed about concerns regarding human rights particularly when it comes to the war in yemen it's about the number of civilians who are being killed in military conflict but this is a debate that doesn't seem to be having any impact whatsoever on the sale or the buying of these weapons notes for the record has very little impact so it has no impact at all there are a few you in turn treece where did the boat has led to the situation in bogata limits to no longer allow new arms sales to particularly saudi arabia
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and also to the emirates well that's not going to make a very big difference on the arms flows today region because of pools there's so many other states which can and do produce arms and asked to sell weapons to the region and certainly not going to stop whether that's the u.k. which just signed or is kind of moving on a major deal with saudi arabia again or whether it's a country like russia or china which are trying to get a share of the market in the region at least it didn't have before to that extent so is it naively optimistic then at least hope for a reduction in the proliferation of weapons around the world. i think it is white now. something which we can hope for something we can work towards to but no we should not expect the steps very fast it is a very slow process in which super society has to try to understand this kind of
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thing as we present today and other similar information why do you understand what impact it has on the. governments industry to some extent to try to be more responsible with our arms. cried peter that's a man thank you very much indeed that china's spending on domestic security has skyrocketed in recent years it's around nearly two hundred billion dollars that was her last year and that's more than its overall military budget and much of this new spending is concentrated in the to bed and this shouldn't jungle regions scott hardly has more from beijing. china has more people than any other nation in the world and the government is now spending billions of dollars more for internal security and to keep a close eye on that one point four billion people according to a report out by the u.s. based jamestown foundation nearly two hundred billion dollars was spent on domestic security and surveillance last year that's about twenty percent more than china
1:45 pm
spends on its defense that's more on technology cameras and face recognition but it's also the hiring of many more police domestic security spending has been increasing the last several years outpacing the economy it rose more than twelve percent last year and in two thousand and sixteen it increased nearly eighteen percent in the st john region there's been an increase between two thousand and sixteen and two thousand and seventeen nearly ninety three percent now that's a region that's critical to president xi jinping silk road ambitions while the exact number of the billions spent on domestic security is not published percentage increases are and they were released just last week at the start of the annual legislative session called the national people's congress all right listening to adrian senses the report author and he's a lecturer at the european school of culture and theology and he joins us now from stuttgart in germany thank you very much indeed for talking to us and what do you
1:46 pm
what do you how do you read this exponential growth in spending on domestic security in china what does it actually translate into. well to some extent the domestic security spending in china represents the catching of china's a very large country with religious myths and significant policing needs however what we see in recent years especially after the two thousand and eight riots and last for tibet and shinji is a government that's increasingly preoccupied with domestic security and the xi jinping this is being pushed to the next level and he's really betting on technology a lot of spending is based on a very sophisticated surveillance systems that are being started in many cities and they can monitor increasingly anything that's going on in public and china doesn't pretend to be a westend style democracy and in china maybe personal
1:47 pm
personal privacy and individual rights are less important than in weston democracies so is it right to be judging china by the same standards. well i mean that's that's really a matter of debate the problem in china is indeed the lack of concern and awareness of privacy of course you also have a situation where the citizens of china extend to trust the government and to appreciate increased security or safe streets the problem now of course with more and more data being stored including increasingly vast police databases that store real time surveillance image real time information being passed around privacy is certainly a rising concern i believe also amongst the chinese but president xi i mean just be count it just become the. be made possibly
1:48 pm
a lifetime leader does seem to be very very popular on the streets of china maybe the intelligentsia slight have their reservations about this but the ordinary people of china i think to like him fine. she didn't think this in many ways very popular because he was populist and he was a strong leader you see as uniting china that i'm going to china as very actively seeking to leave behind its oppressed past and trying to be an equal par specially the united states at the same time the sophistication of surveillance and control is becoming sort of strong if you have increasingly proactive policing predictive policing on the one hand if there are expressions of disagreement are being eliminated very quickly on the other hand you also have a phenomenon of increasing preemptive obedience where citizens are really thinking twice about what they're saying now all right adrian zen's thank you very much
1:49 pm
indeed for joining us live from shock out thank you. now i'm talking here is the largest unspoiled wilderness on earth famous for its wildlife and it's facing multiple threats from climate change to a dramatic rise in tourism and it clark is on a greenpeace expedition ship in the weddell sea looking at the animals the cool the continent. life of the islands fringing the antarctic peninsula is abundant the place of seemingly endless variety the whole region is richly biodiverse a living example of how things are pretty much free from the influence of man. a place to breed feet and grow. its pristine oceans full of marine species including more than a dozen types of whale about getting to see the astonishing wildlife here is by no means straightforward. the weather makes everything a challenge bit of
1:50 pm
a threat on today it's gusting forty to forty five knots we buried her progress in the night we're now back in the antarctic that hoping to get her back which is where there's an argentine research station three want to visit that is also a colony of about one hundred thousand to be pregnant. and then by radio the argentine base says the winds have become impossibly strong as it is now they have no way sixty maybe their mission is aborted and we have to wait another twenty four hours before making landfall on penguin island near the reasonably accessible tip of the antarctic peninsula a colony of chinstrap penguins territory with a large group of seals one making the most of the comfortable feathers of the molten juveniles of course the environment where these magnificent animals as wildlife is living is incredibly fragile incredibly delicate there's all sorts of
1:51 pm
threats that they're up against from climate change to cruel fishing and then of course there's this tourism and the tourists come here the audience close to king george in their masses. some are prepared to pay top dollar to have the and all to experience there are some pressures that come from tourism so in the background we have a two hundred person tours ship take the number of tourists coming down here it's a beginning of the two thousands were somewhere around four five thousand a year we're now over thirty thousand people a year. two days later we arrive at hanna point on the southern edge of livingstone island here another colony of chinstrap penguins healthy and in good shape they overlook a group of gentoo penguins that is the distinctive beak of the southern giant but showing its young. or elephant seals all different species side by side on a grand scale but across the continent the pressure is building it's crazy the pace
1:52 pm
of change and at the moment colonies like this one seem to be doing ok but all it takes is one bad year and we saw in the east antarctic last year a penguin colony collapsed due to chicks born. and and some of the pace of change so quick we don't want to add additional threats things like fishing which is gradually expanding antarctica is still in pretty good shape but it's apparent this unique landscape needs to be very carefully managed as multiple threats interludes on the horizon the clock al-jazeera and ought to get rid of all right it's time for this false news out his tatiana thank you very much martine fourteen time major champion tiger woods has narrowly missed out on a first tournament win in five years at the valve championship in florida would finish tied for second off the sunday's final round to england's paul casey was the winner beating woods by one shot i think winning his second p.g.a.
1:53 pm
tour title at this event woods ended on a nine under par on a final round on one hundred seventy the forty two year old underwent back surgery last april. i. think against progressing. as i was telling you guys yesterday i had really. some nice building blocks and honda and it's you know i've made a few tweaks for this week and it's paid off and i hit the ball well made some parts this week and. you know the thing that i was the most happy about this week is that when i did miss i missed some of correct sides again and you know that's what we have to do out here and i was able to do that so my up and downs were relatively easy this week. another upset now as novak djokovic has sent crashing out to indian wells in california it was his opening round to match the former wild number one was beaten by the wild number one hundred nine qualifier tara daniel of
1:54 pm
japan this was djokovic just fast to parents is just really an open due to injury seven six four six six one was the school. for me like. first match ever played on the tour. very weird i mean i was just completely. lost rhythm everything just struggles a little bit with our last couple weeks but. yeah i was just. i was i was grateful to to be our only quarter after surgery that quickly. but at the same time resisting didn't feel good at all. it was better news for the current wild number one roger federer who off to his match being delayed due to rain with arjun tying federico del ponte to manage to advance to the third round six three seven six to score it's federer's thirteenth straight match winner of the year. i.
1:55 pm
mean look at any first round win that this point is a good one because you're just still doesn't don't have your normal rhythm yet so you know first round the tough for everybody including myself even though i'm defending champion but that was over three hundred days ago so a lot has happened in the meantime you're not guaranteed to play well again in the women's for a while number one simona halep survived a scare in her third round encounter with american caroline dollar hyde after losing the first set quite badly she then came back to take the final two one six seven six six to the score the remaining will play chang wang of china in the round of sixteen. sisters venus and serena williams a jew to step out on court against one another in the third round at indian wells later on monday three and continues her comeback following the birth of her first child here's how the sisters fare against one another the twenty three time grand slam champion leads the head to head seventeen to eleven including winning eight of the last nine three and also has the advantage when it comes to total single thread
1:56 pm
titles one she's on seventy two venus on forty nine the third round again three it will be the earliest the sisters have played at a tournament since their first tour meeting the nine hundred ninety eight australian open the two have never played one another at this event. canada's brian mckeever has become the most decorated winter paralympian of all time on monday mckeever won his eleventh a gold medal and fourteenth over all medal off to previous times in vancouver and thought she the men's twenty kilometer visually impaired cross country event was to be the history making clinch a fan this is also the third consecutive olympic victory in this event for the
1:57 pm
thirty eight year old he'll be back in action in the men's one point five kilometer visually impaired sprint classic on wednesday this is how the medal table is looking on a day three the united states running away with it at the moment with the six gold medals out double what the next three pass france and ukraine a car at least second third and a landmark move for women to rugby new zealand's national federation on monday signed professional contracts with fathy of its players the women will be paid salaries of at least twenty nine thousand dollars for fifty days of duty pay yet the benefits include medical and life insurance the new zealand as a far away the most successful international women's team with five wild card victories compared to england's two this is not the first time women have been contracted professionally in rugby england did so last ship but that money was then shifted to the sevens for much of the sport. for now more later martinez facty
1:58 pm
thank you very much ceci on earth. thank you for watching the al-jazeera news that's it for the news of it don't go away because laura will be here in this seat in just a minute or two and she'll have the very latest on all the day's top stories stay with us.
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one of the really special things about working for al-jazeera is that even as a camera woman i get to have so much empathy and contribution to a story a feel we cover this region better than anyone else would be pushes you know this that it turns out in the book to be good because you have a lot of people that are deployed their own political issues. the people who believe that tell the real stories just mended used to do you were in-depth generalism we don't feel inferior to the audience across the globe. on counting the cost in what's been a big week for global trade we'll look at how the u.s. is bending the rules of commerce and free trade is really worth fighting for plus the latest mind bending concept cars from the geneva also show counting the cost at
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this time. and for you. blaming the kremlin. on the poisoning of a former russian spy looks like state sponsored attempt to. show them.


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