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subzero temperatures to stream altitude. this is where the hard part because of the extraordinary journey from polish to tajikistan braved ordinary george. would do harm there's no oxygen. just to experience life simple pleasures. risking it all in the kurdistan of this time on al-jazeera. a senior british filmmaker says the poisoning of a russian double agent looks like state sponsored attempted murder as the prime minister prepares to update parliament on the investigation.
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hello i'm maryam namazie in london you're watching al-jazeera also coming up as syrian army pushes further into eastern as a rebel group there reaches a deal with russia to get people out. at least fifty killed after a bangladeshi ally no crashes at the polls katmandu ought. tens of thousands of farmers march into india's financial capital demanding aid and debt relief. i'm a clock reporting on the multiple threats to wildlife here and on top to go from climate change to tears. or we begin here in london where the british prime minister is due to make a statement in parliament on the nerve agent attack against a russian double agent to reason if russia is behind the attack and bersin will respond robustly. and his daughter yulia been in hospital in
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a critical condition since march fourth when they were found unconscious outside a shopping center in the southern english cathedral city of souls bree russia has denied any involvement in the attack. bonamy phillips is following everything from westminster and gonna be what are we expecting to hear from tourism a when she speaks. well we'll find out for sure in half an hour but the speculation is that the government will accuse russia of having been involved in some way in what it says was the attempted murder using a nerve agent of service triple and his daughter what just over a week ago in the english city of saul's i think that the government is under mounting pressure to come up with that announcement there have been comments from members of parliament today to that effect and i think. it's a difficult it's a difficult position that the british government is in because there are certain
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measures which they can take which would follow from such an announcement diplomatic measures financial measures boycotts and so on but at the same time remember of course that britain needs a relationship with russia on crucial international issues iran north korea and so on and so the question is how far if the british government has come to that conclusion that it is prepared to go to disrupt and potentially damage its relations with moscow which of course at the moment is vehemently denying any involvement in this in this alleged attempted murder as you say about to be with terrorism a now in a position where she is facing increasing pressure from m.p.'s to make russia's alleged involvement in this perhaps that much more explicit but how much of a tightrope is she walking here how in fact is she going to be when she gives her update to parliament. well if you look at the
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kinds of measures that britain could take if she has come to that conclusion you could be looking at the expulsion of a number of diplomats you could be looking at people within within the immediate circle of the timea putin being being refused entry to this country their assets being frozen in this country property being seized in this country although i think that brings with it all sorts of legal complications and then there's the question of to what extent britain is able to mobilize any sort of international reaction if they have come to the conclusion that russia was responsible can they get the americans on board well i don't think that there has been any statement out of washington over the past week or so over this case and it will be an interesting challenge if we're talking about european allies will get a pretty good idea of to what extent britain still has diplomatic leverage with
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european partners even as the brics that process is underway and since you mentioned mention washington there barnaby could we see something similar to america's magnitsky act over here. that has been that has been that has been one of the options that m.p.'s have been talking about yes just to remind viewers that involves targeted sanctions against individuals financial sanctions and that would appear to be something that the british government is considering other ideas by the way have involved britain or perhaps more specifically i should say england's participation in the football world cup this summer the england football team qualified other british teams didn't the english team withdraw i doubt it but what would seem more
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likely less painful both for britain but then by extension perhaps russia as well would be the issue of senior officials from the football association or dignitaries who might have a comp need the team v.i.p.'s even like prince william not going to russia during the summer thank you very much barnaby phillips for the latest from westminster chalons is in the russian capital moscow for us now and rory we know that russia has denied all involvement and knowledge of this case but how closely are they watching developments over here. well i mean the the official statements as you say are just a blanket denial they have been for many days now so we haven't really heard much from the kremlin or the foreign ministry beyond saying it was nothing to do with us essentially is being portrayed as a kind of anti russian media campaign in the united kingdom dmitry peskov who's the
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kremlin spokesperson said earlier on today that the british media are not always famed for their impartiality so that's the kind of official message but yes beyond that of course i think the kremlin is going to be certainly working out where britain is likely to strike back what kind of measures they may take and they're probably looking i think what's going on in the in the british media the moments in the kind of measures that are being talked about over there barnaby was just going through some of them i mean if this was a state sanctioned attack within the united kingdom that came from the kremlin or bodies just below it then i would have thought that there would have been some kind of risk assessment done before that was taken into account before the actual assassins were sent on their way and therefore the russians must already
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have calculated again i say if this was a state attack. that the u.k. response would be limited and that therefore whatever measures that russia was taking were going to be worth it because essentially i think you know if this was the state of iraq what russia is doing is saying that the united kingdom is too weak to respond adequately and indeed i think if we look at the russian markets what's been going on in the bond markets and trading in that sort of thing over over the last few hours and days they're not very troubled by what's happening bloomberg has been talking to various traders and they've been saying things like i don't think the u.k. has the guts to do anything meaningful u.k. sanctions don't matter the u.k. can't do much to hurt russia and i think the only sanctions we're hearing about are against individuals i think that shows that of course the u.k. may take measures that don't impact the markets which are still meaningful but i think it shows the kind of buying into the u.k.
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government is in in the moment but how my kremlin respond to a punitive action from london. well that totally depends on what about punitive action is i mean we've seen of course haven't we over the last few months that when there were diplomatic spats between the e.u. the the united states and russia and the diplomats were kicked out of the united states then of course u.s. diplomats were kicked out of russia as well these things tend to follow reciprocal measures russia has this policy of reciprocity where it thinks that you know if you do something to me we're going to basically do the same thing back to you of course they do things in a slightly different way and they try to. bring in some degree of imbalance to make things that much less predictable so yes if we get some kind of expulsions of
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russian diplomats in the united kingdom we're going to see something similar here if there are. economic measures taken against russia or that's something the russia has a much harder time responding to because the russian economy is is reasonably weak at the moment and they will have a hard time hitting back i think in the united kingdom in that regard all right thank you very much for a chalons in moscow of course we're waiting to hear that update from the u.k. prime minister trees in may here in the house of commons an update on the investigation into the poisoning of russian former spy service cripple and his daughter uni of that expected to get underway in about twenty minutes from now a rebel group operating in syria's eastern ghouta enclave says it's allowing wounded people to be evacuated jaish al islam says it struck a un brokered deal with the syrian government ally russia it's the largest of three groups in the area where almost four hundred thousand civilians have been besieged
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since twenty thirteen more than a thousand people have died since a government offensive started three weeks ago. russian and syrian government jets have attacked another rebel controlled area edler province in the north of the country they bombed the central bank building in the province's main city and a number of other sites as well one person is confirmed dead twenty five others have been injured pro-government media says the bank was being used by al qaeda as a command and control center rebel activists say it was an administrative building for the opposition well as the war approaches its eighth here a new report by unicef suggest children are more risk than ever before it found a fifty percent rise in the number of children killed in the conflict last year and said two thousand and eighteen was off to an even worse start overall children make up a fifth of all civilian victims and around three point zero and children have been exposed to explosive hazards as well it's been two weeks since the u.n.
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security council outlined the terms of a cease fire in east into separate since then the violence has continued in the last hour u.n. secretary general antonio the terrorist has addressed security council members on this he said the humanitarian situation is becoming more desperate by the day in duma relief workers were reach reached the city last week described conditions a stocking and overwhelming people sheltering in overcrowded bodies months access to food water and sanitation limited and the version two point two duma we have a convoy ready that i hope will be allowed to proceed in the coming days it is the good dance partners on the ground advise of more than one of the people are you know didn't need of medical evacuation united nations events to support these medical evacuations in cooperation with the syrian auburn regression and other partners a proposed list of those in the lead mostly children as we've shared with the serial authorities and i urge a positive response opening the today's meeting will allow it to take place in the
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immediate future. kirsten slim is following all of this at u.n. headquarters in new york a very grim assessment now by the u.n. secretary general confirming what we already know that violence continues not just in eastern but all across syria. absolutely said while the overall intensity of the conflict has gone down since declaring a cease fire there has been absolutely no cessation of hostilities in syria and of course eastern ghouta has been the focus of much of the international community's attention recently with the fighting there continuing unabated the secretary general called it hell on earth. some eight deliveries have been getting into syria but under threat of shelling and a precarious situation some medical supplies have been seized by the government so far the u.n. claims not a single medical evacuation has taken place which was also called for by this
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resolution although the secretary general did welcome news today that some deal it looks like has been made between opposition groups and russian troops in order to allow some of those evacuations to begin so they are waiting and hopeful on that front but what was really surprising perhaps out of this meeting was an announcement from the united states that they are putting forward yet another cease fire resolution and remember it took a long time for this one to be worked out between all members of the security council u.s. ambassador nikki haley talked about how russians negotiated down to the. to the period in commas in the resolution calling for a ceasefire there's a loophole in it for terrorist groups that the government is allowed to continue fighting against terrorist groups and that's the rationale that they've put forward for continuing their bombardments in eastern guta this new resolution according to nikki haley calls for a cease fire immediately to take place as soon as it is voted on without any
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terrorism loopholes and she had bit of a threat for syria and the russians have a listen to what she had to say we support the united nations political process that seeks to end the war in syria. but we also warn any nation that is determined to impose its will through chemical attacks and any human suffering most especially the outlaw syrian regime the united states remains prepared to act if we must it is not the path we prefer but it is a path we have demonstrated we will take and we are prepared to take it again so robust rhetoric from u.s. ambassador nikki haley saying that if the u.n. doesn't do anything the u.s. is prepared to step in what's been the reaction that this. well as we speak
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the russian federation has just begun talking and i haven't been able to listen to what the ambassador is saying but you can expect a very vigorous reply it has become commonplace for the russians in the united states to go at each other during these council meetings during these tough negotiations nikki haley during her remarks and asked whether or not the russians were now taking orders from president assad in syria because this resolution which they negotiated they then immediately didn't follow and the days they were russians continued to eastern ghouta times as much as twenty times a day she said in the days following the implementation of that resolution so she took a dig at the russians there suggesting they were taking their orders from syria now it will be interesting to hear how the russians respond to what she has to say from other members of the security council concern over the ongoing humanitarian crisis in that country a call to restore efforts to get the parties to talk politically and for the
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russians to support to lean on syria and support implementation of this resolution full force but whether or not they can all come together and pass the united states resolution seems unlikely without the russians behind it which then opens the door to the united states threat we'll have to see if they make good thank you very much of course incidentally with all the latest from the united nations in new york. well now dozens of people have been killed after a plane carrying seventy two people crashed at an airport in the pulse capital the plane burst into flames when it hits an area just off the runway in katmandu witnesses say swerved repeatedly as it prepared to land the final death toll remains unknown as the injured were rushed to hospital katmandu samples has been the site of several crashes. at the crash site. leaders i'm standing here in front of the u.s. aircraft which crashed earlier this afternoon airport seventy one people including
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crew members were on board with them thirty three were nepalis we've been told that twenty one are alive and have been taken to the hospital for. treatment now witnesses who saw the crash say that the plane was flying extremely low when it looked like it was almost going to hit the tower and it aborted a landing mannish try to land again when it skidded off the runway and all they could see was a plume of smoke another witness said that the pilot tried to avoid other aircraft that was parked on the runway that the pilot has a bad safety record when it comes to aviation safety in two thousand and fifteen turkish airlines skidded off the runway fortunately no one was badly injured in two
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thousand and twelve a small aircraft which was flying towards the everest region crashed near the airport after hit and around twenty people on that plane died but this happens to be the worst air crash in the past twenty five years. by the tens of the victims back in bangladesh are anxiously waiting to hear what's happened to their loved ones they've gathered at the offices of the line waiting for news but details are coming in slowly. to do we're going to get the news of the accident one and a half hours after the plane crash the plane crashed inside the airport after the landing we don't know any more details at present we couldn't confirm the accident until just now currently be put into police closed once the airport is open how team will get there immediately that same woman even today we still don't know the exact number of the injured or dead it was a total of sixty five plus two infant passages we can't confirm old one so tame reaches the.
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amnesty international has released satellite images which is. building infrastructure on top of areas once home to rangoon muslims. describing the construction as a land grab meanwhile the un is accused man miles government of using a policy of force starvation against rangar villages in iraq and state in reports. life continues to be a misery at this rigid refugee camp in eastern bangladesh many of those who live here say they just want to go back to their homes in myanmar's rakhine state but if you are certain if they ever will what's also unclear is whether they will ever see justice for the abuses these faced abuses the u.n. describes as bearing the hallmarks of genocide. amnesty international is also questioning whether the more than seven hundred thousand written injured displaced in months of violence will ever be able to return to their homes be satellite
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images appear to show areas where rohingya houses mosques and businesses once stood and where since the sort of the year there has been a rapid increase in the construction of myanmar military infrastructure including three new army bases construction the rights group is describing as a land grab around three hundred fifty range of villages have been destroyed since unrest in rakhine state began last august eyewitnesses say the myanmar military directed the burning of the villages and accusation the government denies despite an agreement with neighboring bangladesh to repatriate the hundreds of thousands of rohinton who fled over the border to safety it's looking increasingly unlikely many will be able to return to where their homes once stood as well as the new military infrastructure rapid road construction and other building has been seen in the area and one case for him to villagers who had remained in myanmar were forcibly evicted to make way for an army base we're witnessing
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a genocide in real time the mistreatment of the rich by me and my military and me and mas authorities surely meets the criteria to be considered a genocide then we actually need to see sanctions back on the table this should be visa bans for the pipa trite as all of these atrocities and that should include not just the military but it should should should include the civilian authorities of me and the me and maher government doesn't deny bulldozing the remains of the wreckage of villages in recent months but says it did so to make way for the new homes for returning refugees u.n. investigators say it's been difficult to ascertain what's happening in rakhine state because it has largely been sealed off from them rights groups and the media in al-jazeera. well james gammas is the regional director of southeast asia and pacific for amnesty international who are behind this report he spoke to us about their findings and what's been happening to the rangar inside me and. i think we just have to step back you know six months ago when we saw. villages burning as
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hundreds and thousands of. fled across the border into bangladesh of fast forward a few months burnt remains in a bend in villages since january have been you know bulldoze brought down. and misty used a mixture of satellite pictures verified videos pictures and i witness accounts both in rakhine state over. to build a composition picture of the mass building that going on essentially this is a military land grab and of kind of four elements to the mess of construction that is been taking place that has been evidenced by the images our position is that no returns should take place until you know the rowing community is able to return in the same undignified measure instead to you know we won the u.n.
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fact finding mission to have access to rakhine state so that we can fully investigate all the crimes against humanity what is of concern here is the message building is actually destroying evidence that could be used to investigate you know crimes against humanity and you know perhaps all story you know or call stewards and international justice solution to what has been happening in myanmar. fifty thousand farmers have reached india's financial capital mon by after a five day protest march they are demanding aid from the government better crop prices and more access to land victoria gave me reports. from the atmosphere is upbeat but these farmers arrive in mumbai with a serious message for the indian government it's taken them five days in the hot sun to march one hundred eighty kilometers from the ancient holy city of nashville stopping only for food and rest now they're determined to make their voices heard
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to state and national government legislators on the floor though much i'm on my own but i got the government should accept some of our demands in the past we have blocked roads tried to fill dates but the government of the move with this long march yet determined to stay put outside the state assembly to lower demands are met yesterday to put in dave. thomas in india are having a tough time many have fallen into debt due to drought and increasingly erratic weather analysts say that between twenty fourteen and twenty sixteen the number of protests by farmers across india increased by almost seven hundred percent to nearly five thousand a year what they actually did find was that asking is if they wanted a full income then actually standing for the rights they want justice to be done to them you know the government has to go to our farmers as a glass which has been just ignored and we have believed that the economic reform economic growth of the country if they did place just by industry or they got this
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. farmers are demanding more government subsidies higher crop prices and the tribal farmers to be allowed to own land they also say that strict conditions on a government loan waiver program excludes the vast majority of farmers. if the government does not do anything for us in the next two days they did not return empty handed to them by the leader take a bullet or return with a loan waiver. the state government says it will appoint a six member committee to look into the demand but that may be too little too late for many farmers who feel they've been ignored for too long and during patient change big turia going to be out is their. form of bangladeshi prime minister has been granted bail in a corruption case that saw her jailed last month monday's ruling raises the chances bangladesh nationalist party could now run in december's general elections which it
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previously said it would boycott zia was convicted in february on charges of misusing her power and embezzling about two hundred fifty thousand dollars but she insists the charges are trumped up egypt has extended the detention of al-jazeera journalist mahmoud his saying by another forty five days egyptian national was arrested while on vacation in december twenty sixth in hussein was accused of incitement against state institutions and broadcasting falls news with the aim of spreading chaos and his lawyers and al-jazeera strongly deny these allegations this is the twelfth time his detention has been extended. the u.n. relief and works agency says it needs five hundred million dollars to keep hundreds of schools open across the middle east the organization has been stretched since the u.s. reduced funding earlier this year now it's the children affected by the cuts speaking out iran khan is in the occupied west bank with more on this. the message
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here is that dignity is priceless it's aimed at the united states of america with held one hundred ten million dollars in funding for the united nations relief works agency they're the ones that deal with palestinian refugees and it's not just say in the occupied west bank this similar things are taking place in syria in lebanon in jordan and in gaza and the u.s. is very simple this is about humanitarian aid now some countries have already stepped up to try and make up that shortfall they've issued money towards however that's no money that's new money that was money that's already been promised it's just been delivered. it's incredibly important that we understand that each of the students you see around us here every day shows so much courage in coming to school despite all the constraints and the risks and to invest in their education and i cannot conceive or imagine that we would not be able to keep these schools open
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because of the financial situation the donor conference and rome on thursday will be crucial for underwrote to try and raise the money needs that it's not just the u.s. withholding funding there's a shortfall of about five hundred million dollars say a new of five hundred million dollars that's needed to keep schools like this one open and this is just one of about seven hundred schools. and without his era still to come on the program students in the u.s. planned a school walkout to demand tyson gun controls. and how indonesia plans to cut congestion and gridlock capital. hello there we're seeing quite a bit of warm weather over the southern parts of china at the moment look at these temperatures twenty four in hong kong though that's not too impressive but look at
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shanghai all the way up to twenty four as well and staying really quite warm for many of us even as we head through the day on wednesday wednesday will bring a bit of a change for some places though and that's thanks to all this wind that's bringing up all the moisture and so we think more in the way of rain as well so through greece through hunan and up toward shanghai we're likely to see some wet weather on wednesday and at times that could turn out to be rather heavy we've also seen some heavy downpours over sri lanka recently you can see the area of cloud here that's responsible few bits and pieces of that has just worked a little bit further towards the north and just clipped the so the total of india there but i think for most of us the chevy showers are going to be over sri lanka again on tuesday just the occasional showers maybe making its way into india further north fine and dry but getting pretty hot now thirty six is a maximum a in new delhi it's in the far northern part of i'm up there's more in the way of cloud rain and a little bit of snow over the mountains as well mostly over parts of afghanistan
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that'll just edge a little bit further towards the north there as we head through wednesday but for the rest of us no major change staying hot here with showers in the south. the continent of antarctica is facing multiple for a from parma during the overfishing tour of britain our campaign is underway to greet the largest protected area on the remote waters of the world both sea stay with just zero for a series of special reports from its review six british around talk to. the scene for us whether online what is a parent site in yemen that peace is always possible but it never happens not because the situation is complicated but because no one cares or if you join us on sat there people that there are choosing between buying medication and eating this is a dialogue i want to get in one more comment because this is someone who's an activist
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and she's close to the story join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera. welcome back to you without is there are lots update you on the stories making headlines this hour the british prime minister to resign may is due to make a statement in parliament eight days after the nerve agent attack on a russian double agent. a rebel group operating in syria's eastern ghouta enclave says it's allowing wounded people to be evacuated after striking
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a deal with russia and dozens of people have been killed after a plane carrying seventy two passengers crashed at katmandu airport and. when i was stories of following president donald trump of his job backtracked on proposals to raise the. age limit for gun sales trump has unveiled new legislation which includes strengthening background checks and funding firearm training for teaches changes don't include raising the minimum age to buy guns from eighteen to twenty one trump says that should be left to a new federal commission on school safety but that's angered students in the u.s. who is staging another protest on wednesday to demand tighter gun laws this time then missing school for the cause is rob reynolds has the story from los angeles. the action by the marjorie stillman douglass high school protesters teenage students around the united states plan to walk out of class on march fourteenth they're demanding stricter gun laws in in the political influence of the gun lobby
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