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tv   Counting the Cost 2018 Ep 10  Al Jazeera  March 12, 2018 7:32pm-8:01pm +03

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to this in his post to the story join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera. welcome back you without is there let's update you on the stories making headlines this hour the british prime minister to resign may is due to make a statement in parliament eight days after the nerve agent attack on a russian double agent. a rebel group operating in syria's eastern ghouta enclave says it's allowing wounded people to be evacuated after striking
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a deal with russia and dozens of people have been killed after a plane carrying seventy two passengers crashed at katmandu airport in. well the stories of following president on his job backtracked on proposals to raise the age limit for gun sales trump has unveiled new legislation which includes strengthening background checks and funding firearm training for teaches changes don't include raising the minimum age to buy guns from eighteen to twenty one trump says that should be left to a new federal commission on school safety but that's angered students in the u.s. who is staging another protest on wednesday to demand tighter gun laws this time then missing school for the cause is rob reynolds has the story from los angeles. well. spurred to action by the marjorie stoneman douglas high school protesters teenage students around the united states plan to walk out of class on march fourteenth they're demanding stricter gun laws in an end to the political influence
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of the gun lobby najar ramaswamy is a thirteen year old student in los angeles it's the adults making the laws but the kids who are getting shot and so i feel like the kids are the ones who should be standing up for themselves now as mother sosh ramaswamy slowly supports or i have told my you walk out if you want to walk out you walk out and we will deal with that but the administrator said knowing is school are discouraging student protests and threatening punishment park each year told her that if anyone left ten am then they would get in on satisfactory that they would lose their privileges like being a but in this new land with their class. other school districts around the u.s. are brandishing similar threats for example when used in texas a school district chief announced he would not allow student demonstrations for any quote protest or awareness unquote those threats violate numerous court rulings
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upholding students' rights to free speech school administrators and students and families need to understand that students cannot be disciplined any more harshly under the constitution than they would be if they were just missing class or lunch period so they cannot be disciplined for protest and they cannot be disciplined generally for things that they say are political positions that they take civil liberties organization say they'll take school districts to court if they impose harsh punishment for non-disruptive student protests naya says threats won't prevent her from standing up for her beliefs they're not going to stop me from there or my friends student protesters are getting strong support from top university admissions officers. universities including cal tech mit the university of massachusetts is others are all saying that even if the high schools give black marks to their students for participating in walkouts it will have no impact on the
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likelihood of them being admitted to those colleges and many universities are encouraging students to take action saying they should stand up for what they believe in robert oulds al jazeera los angeles. well i'm sales are increasing around the wild with asia in the middle east leading the demand this is according to a new report by the still come international peace research institute the us which is the world's biggest exporter increased its sales between twenty thirty and two thousand and seventeen by twenty five percent this accounts for more than a third of global exports india is the top accounting for twelve percent of the world's total weapon sale tensions with neighbors pakistan and china driving the growing demand saudi arabia is the second largest importer riyadh which is leading an arab ally in the civil war in yemen increased its spying by two hundred twenty five percent between two thousand and eight and twenty seventeen ninety eight percent of those weapons west supply by the u.s. and the u.k.
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will be to weitzman is from the stockholm international peace research institute which produced that report says citizens need to put more pressure on their leaders to block weapons sales to some countries. there are a few you turn trees where did the bait has led to the decision by go all the modes to no longer allow new arms sales to. saudi arabia and also to the emirates but that's not going to make a very big difference on the arm flows to the region because of course there's so many other states which can and do could use arms and eyes to sell weapons to the region and certainly not notice whether that's the u.k. which is signed or is kind of moving on a major deal with saudi arabia again or whether it's going to be like russia or china which are trying to get a share of the market in the region and equal to the extent super society as to try to understand this kind of figures which we present today and other similar
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information so i do understand what impact has on them to work on governments the industry to some extent to try to be more responsible in their arms or the. well now to south sudan where the five year civil war has resulted in a health care system that lacks the most basic facilities people have suffered minor injuries often face the threat of serious surgery and in many cases amputation as have a morgan reports from aguilar some patients have been resorting to traditional healing methods to treat their injuries which is leading to a rise in those needing severe solutions little longer has been suffering for more than a year he injured his foot while playing with his friends his mother says she resorted to traditional medicines initially because it was the nearest option but after she saw it getting worse she decided to make the long journey took clinic to get medical assistance to get out of the flesh was getting bad the bone was starting to show so i took him to the clinic they fixed the bone and i don't know if i have
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already treated him or her operate on him and cut his leg. doctors are still assessing if longer would need an amputation but that's not the case for a joke a ball who recently had her left leg amputated after an injury became too infected to treat. there's nothing i can do now if i had my other leg i would have been able to help myself now it's a struggle to cook for myself to get water for myself now i struggle in life is hard i can still feel the throbbing pain with my leg was. a joke is one of more than fifty thousand and petey's in africa standards country south sudan which descended into civil war in twenty thirteen less than three years after its independence from sudan although more than half of the amputees are the result of were related injuries amputation also happen for other reasons five years of war has affected delivery of health services to rural parts of the country here in a dog where one hundred fifty thousand people live doctors say they perform more
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than two dozen amputations in the past six months alone one of the main factors contributing to amputation in south sudan is that health centers particularly those able to treat ones and infections are not often within easy reach because of that patients tend to seek traditional treatments and only make the journey to hospitals when it's often too late many of those who come to are from neighboring counties more than half of the population lives in rural areas where there is limited health care according to the un over fifty percent of health facilities in the country are nonfunctional and while proximity to health centers is the reason doctors see other factors also contribute to delays in getting treatment. from the first. part of the biggest. competition is
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a problem after the amputation. of. a challenge a joke is already facing and one long mars mother a book fears her son may have to face if he loses his foot he will mark and al-jazeera south sudan germany's grand coalition deal has been signed to form a new government nearly six months after national elections the agreement was given the green light by angela merkel's christian democratic union it's a very insistent policy and the center left social democrats and german parliament . for a fourth term as chancellor on wednesday dominic cain has more from berlin. so nearly six months after the indecisive general election finally germany today sees the political parties signing the coalition agreement that will govern this country for the next three and a half years as i say there's been a period of doubt of discord both inside parties and between parties getting to
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this point but when there came the moment for a news conference of the three leaders of the parties to spell out what are the measures that they consider to be important this is how angular miracle addressed the world's media nothing they are yet as the oil law keyes's it towards or we can now say that the really acute euro crisis has been managed after all the member states show that growth and employment are picking up again we need to stabilize the euro states there are no differences between the questions of the banking union and the capital union and there are now new ideas for guarding an investment budget for the social democrats signing this deal in some ways is a real success because they will control more powerful ministries in this it ministration than they did in the previous one but of course there are many people in their party who aren't really happy about going into coalition with merkel and her christian democrats again but the man who's going to be the new finance
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minister all of shots well for him the priorities with these on this doc will have to make progress in those areas that concern it real policies like in foreign affairs security refugees and migration and of course all those questions that have to be answered when we look at organizing our economy and finances the new government will actually take office on wednesday when angle americal will be the first of the ministers to be sworn in following a vote in parliament and she will take office again for the fourth time in a parliament where there is now over six for us opposition both to her and to the grand coalition she leads in the shape of the alternative for germany party who say that this grand coalition is wrong for germany it will be for angle americal a christian democrats and social democrat allies as they are now to prove that the f.d.a. is wrong. french fashion designer divisional she has died aged ninety one the fashion leader was famed for the little black dress and creating the iconic
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looks for audrey have been grace kelly and jackie kennedy his business partner for even him made the announcement saying mr sharon she died in his sleep on saturday at the chateau de paris china spends more on internal security than its military budget total thought to nearly two hundred billion dollars last year much of this new spending is going to the rest of regions of tibet and gen scott heil has more on this now from beijing. china has more people than any other nation in the world and the government is now spending billions of dollars more for internal security and to keep a close eye on that one point four billion people according to a report out by the u.s. based jamestown foundation nearly two hundred billion dollars was spent on domestic security and surveillance last year that's about twenty percent more than china spends on its defense that's more on technology cameras and face recognition but
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it's also the hiring of many more police domestic security spending has been increasing the last several years outpacing the economy it rose more than twelve percent last year and in two thousand and sixteen it increased nearly eighteen percent in the st john region there's been an increase between two thousand and sixteen and two thousand and seventeen nearly ninety three percent of that's a region that's critical to president xi jinping silk road ambitions while the exact number of the billions spent on domestic security is not published percentage increases are and they were released just last week at the start of the annual legislative session called the national people's congress. indonesia's trying to free up its great law capital a new plan to ease the choking congestion has. to drive to work on alternate days step austin explains. and not a government's attempt to reduce those famous traffic jams every weekday from six
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to nine am an odd and even license plate system will take effect here on the patrol road it's a system that has been used already in the city as well and that's now been extended to the suburbs it's easy to remember because on the odd days an odd number plate is allowed to enter here the toll road and on the even days will be even numberous and if someone tries to answer the toll road with the wrong number there will be no mercy and you will immediately be sent back. for those who are not allowed to enter the toll road the government has prepared these buses twelve buses have already left this morning for the government not only wants to reduce traffic but also wants to change the mindset of people who are still taking the car to go to work only twenty percent of the people in use in public transport that's now see how can people are to take the bus. i take the bus every day already so i'm not getting tired being stuck in traffic in the bus i can sleep and wake up when i
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arrive the government paid to reduce traffic here by twenty five percent from around eight thousand cars a day to around six thousand and it also wants to increase the speed of the crop and drive here from around twenty five kilometers from our forty five but now we're already getting seventeen kilometers an hour so we're doing pretty well but a lot of people fear that the traffic jams just houseware. and this is a situation closer to a recent study found that people. spend an average of twenty two days a year just simply being stuck in traffic this not only causes major air pollution but also cost the economy around five billion u.s. dollars a year. in colombia right wing parties opposed to the peace agreement with the funk rebels on leading the results of sunday's election a vote for members of congress is the first election since the signing of the deal to end decades of civil war. brings us the latest now from the capital.
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it's an image for the history books former fire crevel commander even markets legally voting and running for office in colombia. i did not think that this would happen so soon but we must recognize one thing that this is thanks to the peace agreement signed and have a momentous event all of us colombians hoped for but now everybody in the country agrees the peace deal guarantees the fark party ten seats in congress even if you colombians actually voted for them. and the peace deal still profoundly divides voters for candidates were pelted with tomatoes and rocks at campaign events. unfortunately our country is deeply polarized trying to repudiate violence a lot of people and acting violently people have the right to protest but we should
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do it exclusively through voting these legislative elections set the stage for the upcoming presidential race in may results show a strengthening of right wing parties that opals the peace deal colombians also voted for two primaries on the right of the democratic center party of former president easily one attracting over tree and a half million votes. and we vote for a country where there is no class based hate but rather brotherhood we vote for a country that has development and that no productive sector is persecuted we vote for a social agenda to close the poverty gap to end poverty we vote for hope. a controversial but very popular former mayor of and former good fighter of the in one thousand movement was the expected when they're on the left yet the right wing primary attracted almost double the number of voters this piped attentions this was
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probably the most peaceful election day in the country's history with former fired gravel sticking parts in it and still active rebels serving a cease fire yet it also proves that deep resentment that many colombians feel towards the feyerick and establishment politicians the results seem to show that the most hard line conservative have a clear shot at the presidency putting at risk the already fragile peace agreement . but what that. so i had. four he has. a who.
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welcome back now greece's top football league has been suspended indefinitely off to the owner of the pay ok team stepped on to the pitch with a gun strapped to his belt police have issued a warrant for the arrest of greek russian businessman ivan is off to he invaded the pitch to confront the referee over it disallowed goal in a match against a athens they are both challenging for the greek super league title jones are up with us has more from athens. the incident in which the owner of the. team stormed the playing field with his hand on his gun which was resting on his right hip has met with universal condemnation by football fans and commentators
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today one person told me that he should go back to russia mr seve this is a russian national greek descent another said that he should be arrested the police have put out a call for his immediate arrest on site because of his use of that weapon in public he has however apparently not shown up yet and is presumably in hiding this is over a suspected off side goal which even today commentators are having trouble calling whether that was really an offside goal or not and whether it should have counted in favor of the team or not three hours after calling the goal an offside call the referee reversed himself and validated it three hours during during which he was holed up along with his assistants in the changing rooms apparently afraid to show himself these sorts of behaviors are all of
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a piece with the ownership of the major football clubs in greece all of the four major clubs which at certain points in time have made it out of greece into the european sponsored tournaments and championships three of the club owners have at one point or another been brought up on criminal charges this is not a scene in which owners are let's say responsible stakeholders in society they are seen rather a self-styled strongman who use soccer teams if anything to bolster their image in greek society and bring more influence and pressure to bear on elected governments . antarctica is the largest unspoiled wilderness on a famous for its wildlife but it's facing multiple threats from climate change to a dramatic rise in tourism our environment added to nick clark is on a greenpeace expedition ship in the weather will see looking at the animals that
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call the continent. life in the islands fringing the antarctic peninsula is abundant a place of seemingly endless variety the whole region is richly biodiverse a living example of how things are pretty much free from the influence of man. a place to breed feet and grow. its pristine nations full of marine species including more than a dozen types of whale but getting to see the astonishing wildlife here is by no means straightforward. the weather makes everything a challenge bit of a threat on today it's gusting forty to forty three very very good progress in the not right now. which is. time we want to visit that is also a colony of about one hundred thousand. and then by radio the argentine
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base says the winds have become impossibly strong and it now has enough things to me. so mission is aborted and we have to wait another twenty four hours before making landfall on penguin island near the reasonably accessible tip of the antarctic peninsula a colony of chinstrap penguins territory with a large group of seals one making the most of the comfortable feathers of the molten juveniles of course the environment where these magnificent animals as wild life is living is incredibly fragile incredibly delicate there's all sorts of threats they're up against from climate change to cruel fishing and then of course there's this tourism and the tourists come here the audience close to king george in their masses some are prepared to pay top dollar to have the and all to experience there are some pressures that come from tourism in the background.
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two hundred person tours ship big the number of tourist coming down here say the beginning of the two thousands was somewhere around four five thousand a year we're now over thirty thousand people a year. two days later we arrive at hanna point on the southern edge of livingstone island here another colony of chinstrap penguins healthy and in good shape they will look a group of gentoo penguins there's the distinctive beak of the southern giant but showing its young. or elephant seals all different species side by side on a grand scale but across the continent the pressure is building it's crazy the pace of change and at the moment colonies like this one seem to be doing ok but all it takes is one bad year and we saw in the east antarctic last year a penguin colony collapse due to chicks born. and and some of the pace of change so
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quick we don't want to add additional threats things like fishing which is gradually expanding and is still in pretty good shape but it's apparent this unique landscape needs to be very carefully managed as multiple threats interludes on the horizon. al-jazeera antarctica. that's it for now but i'll be back very shortly with more news for you including of course a full round up of all the day's top stories. the continent of antarctica is facing multiple threats from climate change to over fishing and tourism but now a campaign is underway to create the largest protected area on earth the remote
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waters of the wideout sea stay with al-jazeera for a series of special reports from the greenpeace expedition to antarctica it's impossible to underestimate the size and scale of the economic crisis it's not just about the billion trillion dollars of debt it's not just about the banks it's not just about the government it's about real people. natural capital the capital which makes the creative. when nature is transformed into a commodity big business takes a new interest buying landscapes protecting landscapes it's a phenomenal opportunity to be able to use a business model to achieve sustainability of nature but at what risk banks of course don't do that because they have at the heart protection of nature they do that because to see a businessman pricing the planet at this time on al-jazeera to train and equip the opposition in syria so they can help push back these terrorists people in power
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investigates how the us supplies soviet style weapons to its allies through private company spend the us government could wash their hands and say well we didn't know where it was coming from so weapon that was supplied by the us government may well end up being pointed at us soldiers yes absolutely pick it up less than two months off in the professional america's gun secret pipeline to syria at this time on al-jazeera. a senior british filmmaker says the poisoning of a russian double agent looks like state sponsored attempted murder as the prime minister prepares to update parliament on the investigation.


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