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private company spend the us government wash their hands and say well we didn't know where it was so weapon that was supplied by the us government may well end up being pointed at us soldiers yes absolutely pick it up less than two months off in the professional america's guns secret pipeline to syria at this time on al-jazeera . a senior british filmmaker says the poisoning of a russian double agent looks like state sponsored attempted murder as the prime minister prepares to update parliament on the investigation. hello i'm maryam namazie in london you're watching al-jazeera also coming up the
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syrian army's hold on the eastern ghouta grows as a rebel group reaches a deal with russia to evacuate civilians. a land grab in myanmar amnesty international accuses the military of deliberately building on areas home to the rain. and at least fifty people have died after a bangladeshi ally in a crashed at the polls katmandu at port. we begin here in london where the british prime minister is due to make a statement in parliament on the nerve agent attack against a russian double agent so i guess cripple and his daughter yulia were found unconscious in southern england last sunday to reason may has warned that if russia is responsible for the alleged attack britain will respond robustly we'll have the challenge in the russian capital moscow in just a moment let's join barnaby phillips outside the british parliament in central london bonna b.
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trees a maze update to the house of commons was jus to get underway roughly about half an hour ago with the have been proceedings taking place in the parliament just to update us on the plan there. well simply that we expect a reason made to speak imminently as you say the statement had been expected half an hour ago so i'm afraid we're in the area of speculation until then but what we can say is that i think there is mounting pressure on the british government to come to some conclusions about what happened in salzburg last week and who was responsible and if they have decided that russia was involved what sort of measures are they going to take against russia it will be interesting to see you know there are various options open to the british prime minister of
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course there are there is the possibility of expelling diplomats the risk there is that you get into some sort of tit for tat game there's the possibility of targeted financial sanctions against certain individual russians who are either close to the russian president or whom the british government believes were involved in some way there's a possibility of causing wealthy russians off from access to the london property market cutting them off from access to london's from the u.k.'s private schools and so on but it's a fine calculation that the british government will have to make if they have decided the that the russians are. involved because of course britain seeks to cooperate with russia on a range of international issues iran north korea they would like to be able to cooperate better on the ongoing crisis in syria of course in the talks there in the u.n. security council so it will be
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a balancing act of britain standing up for its sovereignty defending itself it would argue. when it comes under attack but of course operating in the world of real politic at the same time. indeed and so how much concern is there about how this poisoning could impact the relationship between britain and russia well i think the concern that the two powerful countries to permanent members of the security council from a british point of view i think what would be preferable would be yes if britain has decided that russia was responsible clearly britain is going to take the lead but that they would look for some sort of multilateral support from the united states and indeed from european allies and i think to that extent this could end up
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being an interesting test case if you like of the sort of international clout that britain retains with the european allies are after the brics it vote. all right thank you very much bonamy will get back to you. more on developments there in westminster as we await that briefing from the u.k. prime minister trees in may let's now check in with roy chalons he is in the russian capital moscow where of course the kremlin has denied any involvement or knowledge of the case involving second. yeah they've been denying it for many days now since the poison's replace last weekend. every other day or so they say something vaguely new but it always tends to be on the same theme this was nothing to do with us it's an anti russian media campaign being whipped up by the press in the united kingdom and that we have very little information the kremlin
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says on what's been going on now putin was actually asked a question by a british journalist at an event in krasnodar earlier on today and his response was that well britain has to go through its investigation first and then it should talk to russia once it's got all the facts but i think behind all of that behind the kind of bluster and the denials there is certainly an awareness in russia that this is a delicate situation and the united kingdom is looking very hard what measures it might take in response if this is assessed by u.k. politicians to be a state sanctioned hit ok thanks very much to a challenge in moscow and we can now head to the house of commons where trees and maze update on the investigation is has just now started to set out the details of events as they are folded on sunday the fourth of march i'm sure the whole house
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will want to once again pay tribute to the bravery and professionalism environment agency services and armed forces in responding to this incident as well as the doctors and nurses who are now treating those affect it. our thoughts in particular are with detective sergeant nick bailey who remains in a serious but stable condition in responding to this incident he exemplified the duty and courage that define our emergency services and in which our whole nation takes the greatest pride. mr speaker i want to pay tribute to the fortitude and calmness with which people in salzburg have responded to these events and to thank all those who have come forward to assist the police with their investigation this incident has of course caused considerable concern across the community following the discovery of traces of nerve agent in z.z.z. restaurant and the mill pub the chief medical officer issued further precautionary advice but as public health england have made clear the risk to public health is
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low. mr speaker i share the impatience of this house and to the country at large to bring those responsible to justice and to take the full range of appropriate responses against those who would act against our country in this way. but as a nation that believes in justice and the rule of law it is essential that we proceed in the right way led not by speculation but by the evidence that is why we have given the police the space and time to carry out their investigation properly hundreds of officers have been working around the clock together with experts from our armed forces to sift and assess all the available evidence to identify crime scenes and decontamination sites and to follow every possible lead to find those responsible that investigation continues and we must allow the police to continue with their work. this morning i chaired a meeting of the national security council in which we considered the in the information so far available as is normal the council was updated on the assessment
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and intelligence picture as well as the state of the investigation it is now clear that mr script and his daughter were poisoned with a military grade nerve agent of a type developed by russia this is part of a group of nerve agents known as no factual. based on the positive identification of this chemical agent by world leading experts at the defense science and technology to poetry at porton down our knowledge that russia has previously produced this agent and would still be capable of doing so russia's record of conducting state sponsored assassinations and our assessment that russia of views some defectors as legitimate targets for assassinations the government has concluded that it is highly likely that russia was responsible for the act against . scripture. mr speaker there are therefore only two pools of oil explanations for
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what happened in stalls free on the fourth of march either this was a direct act by the russian state against our country or the russian government lost control of its potentially catastrophic league damaging nerve agent and allowed it to get into the hands of others. this afternoon my right honorable friend the foreign secretary has summoned the russian ambassador to the foreign and commonwealth office and asked him asked him to explain which of these two possibilities it is and therefore to account for how this russian produced nerve agent could have been deployed in salzburg against mr script and his daughter my right honorable friend stated the ambassador that the russian federation must immediately provide full and complete disclosure of the nazi chalk program to the organization for the prohibit of chemical weapons and he has requested the russian government's response by the end of tomorrow mr speaker this action has happened against a backdrop of
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a well established pattern of russian state aggression russia's illegal and accession of crimea was the first time since the second world war that one sovereign nation has forcibly taken territory from another in europe russia has fermented conflict in the dorm bass repeatedly violated the national airspace of several european countries and mounted a sustained campaign of cyber espionage and disruption this is included meddling in elections and hacking the danish ministry of defense and the among many others during his recent state of the union address president putin showed video graphics of missile launches flight trajectories and explosions including the modeling of attacks on the united states with a series of warheads impacting in florida while the extrajudicial killing of terrorists and dissidents outside russia were given legal sanction by the russian parliament in two thousand and six and of course russia used radiological
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substances in its barbaric assault on mr litvinenko. we saw promises to assist the investigation then but they resulted in denial and obfuscation and the stifling of june process and the rule of law. mr speaker following mr litvinenko death we expelled russian diplomats suspended security cooperation broke off by that drill plans on visas froze the assets of the suspects and put them on international extradition lists and these measures remain in place furthermore our commitment to collective defense and security through nato remains as strong as ever in the face of russian behavior indeed our armed forces have a leading role in nato has enhanced forward presence with british troops leading a multi-national battle group in this tony and we have led the way in securing tough sanctions against the russian economy and we have at all stages worked closely with our allies and we will continue to do so we must now stand ready to
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take much more extensive measures. mr speaker on wednesday we will consider in detail the response from the russian state should there be no credible response we will conclude that this action amounts to an unlawful use of force by the russian state against the united kingdom. and i will come back to this house and set out the full range of measures that we will take in response mr speaker this attempted murder using a weapons grade nerve agent in a british town was not just a crime against the script miles it was an indiscriminate and reckless act against the united kingdom putting the lives of innocent civilians at risk and we will not tolerate such a brazen attempt to murder innocent civilians on our soil i commend this state. for thank you mr speaker. this is figure i'd like to thank the prime minister in
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advance for advance call previous statements on this deep you alarming your time raises very serious questions the whole house condemns the suspected poisoning of cigar scruple and his daughter in salzburg and of course we wish them a return to good health and i'm sure mr speaker the whole house will join me and wish you to take to sergeant nick a speedy recovery as well no one has been listening to british prime minister to resume a day saying the house of commons commons on the investigation into the poisoning of russian former spy sergei scruple and his daughter yulia in the southern new english town of salzburg treason may said that it is now clear that sergei scrip oil and yulia were poisoned by a military grade nerve agent that has been previously produced in russia this leads to the conclusion that it is highly likely that russia was behind the poisoning of sergei script pole it was she said there are two possibilities here either it was
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a direct attack by the russian government or russia lost control of this deadly nerve agent and it ended up falling into the hands of others or a challenge is in the russian capital and he joins us now and so rory we would say we were hearing to resume a saying that. she thought well the russian ambassador has now been summoned to explain which of these two possibilities is most likely so the russian ambassador to the u.k. will be questioned whether this was a direct attack or if the nerve agent fell into the wrong hands and that more extensive measures will be taken against the kremlin if the russian response is not sufficient how might the kremlin respond to this. well i think it depends on what the response that the united kingdom takes is in
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that eventuality of an essentially the russians have me given an ultimatum haven't been given an ultimatum well to have they got until wednesday to come up with a proper explanation for what went on and if they don't come up with an explanation then well yes the. reason they are saying that will set out a full list of measures to take in response now there are various things that they might be able to do the united kingdom there is diplomatic expulsions things like that there are. boycotts perhaps they're going to stay away from the world cup in russia in a few months time perhaps there are going to be tightening of financial sanctions against russia depending on which of these the united kingdom takes of course the russian response will be different so i think if you know there are expulsions of diplomats well then that's the kind of thing that we're going to see a sort of reciprocal reaction from russia they'll probably expel british diplomats
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if we're seeing. the u.k. keeping its dignitaries at home not sending them to the world cup well i don't think it's going to hurt russia too much if there are financial sanctions levied against either russian institutions or russian individuals that is going to be more problematic for the kremlin to deal with that i think the most likely course of direction for the for the u.k. government to try and make this hurt for oligarchy that are close to the kremlin people who do their business often in the united kingdom and have close ties to write him a piece and those are the kind of people that the u.k. could choose to go after and that's where i think it will have most impact in russia. thanks very much rory chalons in the russian capital moscow on a b phillips . has been monitoring developments outside the house of parliament in westminster and so the reason may making it clear that more extensive measures have to be taken
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that it's highly likely russia was behind this poisoning what are the options in front of him now. i think rory was just going through the. it's difficult to see a situation now in which anglo russian relations which have been poor for a least the last decade maybe a little longer than that do not now enter an even more negative spiral i think what will be interesting will be the extent to which britain can mobilize its allies in any concerted action against the russians if they feel by wednesday that ultimatum that the reason referring to if they feel that they have not received satisfactory answers by then yes britain does have some leverage over russia as rory was saying access to the london property market seizing
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financial assets here in the united kingdom that undoubtedly would hurt some powerful people close to the russian president but i think multilateral action condemnation and other measures taken in unison with european allies or with the united states would be that much more effective and i suppose the difficult thing for the u.k. right now is that it's in the middle of renegotiating its relationship with some of its closest allies in europe how effective is any punitive action against russia likely to be without the cooperation of the e.u. . well it's an interesting test case if you like for britain's continued credibility and weight on the international scene and in that regards the foreign secretary boris johnson
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a man who so passionately made the case for breaks it can. have the opportunity to prove if you like that britain still matters it would have been absolutely fascinating being a fly on the wall to hear that conversation between boris johnson and the russian ambassador which took place earlier today which to resume a alluded to in which the british said from their point of view there are only two alternatives that this was an act of aggression attempted murder by the russian state or that a russian military grade nerve agent that was under the russian state's control is no longer under its control and how did that frightening situation arise thank you very much from now on of the phillips now looking at some other stories we're covering today a rebel group operating in syria's eastern ghouta enclave says it's allowing wounded people to be evacuated. says it struck a u.n.
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brokered deal with the syrian government's ally russia it's the largest of three groups in the area where almost four hundred thousand civilians have been besieged since two thousand and thirteen more than a thousand people have died since the government offensive began three weeks ago when the last hour the u.n. secretary general antonio terraces address security council members he said the humanitarian situation is becoming more desperate in eastern guta by the day. in doomer relief workers were reach to reach the city last week described conditions a stocking and overwhelming people sheltering in overcrowded bodies most access to food water and sanitation limited and diversion to quote two duma we have a convoy ready that i hope will be allowed to proceed in the coming days in eastern good or else partners on the ground advise that more than one of those people are in urgent need of medical evacuation united nations is ready to support these medical evacuations in cooperation with the syrian arab red crescent and other
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partners prioritized list of those in that this leads mostly children as we've shared with the syrian authorities and i urge a positive response hoping that today's meeting will allow it to take place in the immediate future the us ambassador to the un also warned that america was prepared to act against the syrian government we support the united nations political process that seeks to end the war in syria but we also warn any nation that is determined to impose its will through chemical attacks and any human suffering most especially the outlaws syrian regime the united states remains prepared to act if we must it is not the path we prefer but it is a path we have demonstrated we will take and we are prepared to take it again. amnesty international has released satellite images which is said to share myanmar's military building infrastructure on top of areas once home to running
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a muslim's the organization is describing the construction as a land grab meanwhile the u.n. is accuse me and last government of using a policy of force starvation answering a villages in iraq and state m.t.r. say up or four pts. life continues to be a misery at this for hinge a refugee camp in eastern bangladesh many of those who live here say they just want to go back to their homes in myanmar's rakhine state if you are certain if they ever will but what's also unclear is whether they will ever see justice for the abuses they faced abuses the u.n. describes as bearing the hallmarks of genocide. amnesty international is also questioning whether the more than seven hundred thousand written injured displaced in months of violence will ever be able to return to their homes these satellite images appear to show areas where rohingya houses mosques and businesses once stood and where since the sort of the year there has been a rapid increase in the construction of myanmar military infrastructure including
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three new army bases construction the rights group is describing as a land grab. around three hundred fifty ridge of villages have been destroyed since unrest and rakhine state began last august eyewitnesses say the myanmar military directed the burning of the villages and accusation the government denies despite an agreement with neighboring bangladesh to repatriate the hundreds of thousands of the hindu who fled over the border to safety it's looking increasingly unlikely many will be able to return to where their homes once stood as well as the new military infrastructure rapid road construction and other building has been seen in the area and one case for him to villagers who had remained in myanmar were forcibly evicted to make way for an army base we're witnessing a genocide in real time the mistreatment of the rich by me and my military and me and mas authorities surely meets the criteria to be considered a genocide then we actually need to see sanctions back on the table this should be
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visa bans for the perpetrators of these atrocities and that should include not just the military but it should should should include the civilian authorities of me and the me and maher government doesn't deny bulldozing the remains of the wreckage of villages in recent months but says it did so to make way for the new homes for returning refugees u.n. investigators say it's been difficult to ascertain what's happening in rakhine state because it has largely been sealed off from them rights groups and the media in al-jazeera dozens of people have been killed after a plane carrying seventy two passengers crashed an airport and a pulse capital plane burst into flames when it has an area just off the runway in katmandu witnesses say it's was repeatedly as it prepared to land final death toll remains unknown as the engine rushed to hospital monday's episode has been the site of several deadly crashes so we mistrust is at the crash site. leaders are standing
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here in front of the u.s. aircraft which crashed earlier this afternoon into monday airport seventy one people including crew members were on board just them thirty three were nepalis we've been told that twenty one are alive and have been taken to the hospital for. treatment now witnesses who saw the crash say that the plane was flying extremely low when it looked like it was almost going to hit the tower and it aborted a landing mannish try to land again when it skidded off the runway and all they could see was a plume of smoke another witness said that the pilot tried to avoid other aircraft that was parked on the runway that the power has a bad safety record when it comes to aviation safety in two thousand and fifteen a turkish airlines skidded off
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a runway fortunately no one was badly injured in two thousand and twelve a small aircraft which was flying towards the everest region crashed near the airport after it hit and around twenty people on that plane died but this happens to be the worst crash in the past twenty five years. relatives of the victims back in bangladesh anxiously waiting to hear what's happened to their loved ones they've gathered at the offices of the dhaka based airline waiting for news but the details are coming in slowly but they want to do we're going to look at the news of the accident one and a half hours after the plane crash the plane crashed inside the airport after the landing we don't know any more details at present we couldn't confirm the accident until just now currently be put into police closed once the airport is open no team will get there immediately the team will move into day we still don't know the exact number of the injured or dead it was a total of sixty five plus two infant passages we can't confirm or one so terry
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reaches the. pro-democracy campaign as have lost ground in a crucial byelection candidates won only two out of the four seats up for grabs that means the opposition won't be able to block any bills in the city's legislature the seats were vacated two years ago when a gloop of pro-democracy lawmakers were ousted from office for using their oath to defy china. or china spends more on internal security than its military budget the total sold to nearly two hundred billion dollars last year watch of the spending is going to the rest of regions of tibet in jan scott has more on this from beijing. china has more people than any other nation in the world and the government is now spending billions of dollars more for internal security and to keep a close eye on that one point four billion people according to a report out by the u.s. based jamestown foundation nearly two hundred billion dollars was spent on domestic
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security and surveillance last year that's about twenty percent more than china spends on its defense that's more on technology cameras and face recognition but it's also the hiring of many more police domestic security spending has been increasing the last several years outpacing the economy it rose more than twelve percent last year and in two thousand and sixteen it increased nearly eighteen percent in the st john region there's been an increase between two thousand and sixteen and two thousand and seventeen nearly ninety three percent know that's a region that's critical to president xi jinping silk road ambitions while the exact number of the billions spent on domestic security is not published percentage increases are and they were released just last week at the start of the any legislative session called the national people's congress greece's top football league has been suspended indefinitely after the owner of the team stepped on to the pitch with a gun strapped to his belt police have issued a warrant for the arrest of russian businessman ivan savages after he invaded the
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page to confront a referee over it disallowed goal in a match against a key athens can a. challenging for the greek super league title french fashion design a bad she has died aged ninety one the fashion leader was famed for the little black dress and creating the iconic looks for audrey had been grace kelly and jackie kennedy is business and am at the announcement saying he died in his sleep on saturday. a quick look at the top stories now the british prime minister to reason may has just been speaking to parliament about the nerve agent attack on a russian double agent eight days ago she's identified the substance involved as one developed by the russian military it is now clear that mr script and his
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daughter were poisoned with a military grade nerve agent of the type developed by russia this is part of a group of nerve agents knows no factual. based on the positive identification of this chemical agent by world leading experts at the defense science and technology to poetry at porton down our knowledge that russia has previously produced this agent and would still be capable of doing so russia's record of conducting state sponsored assassinations and our assessment that russia of the views some defectors as legitimate targets for assassinations the government has concluded that it is highly likely that russia was responsible for the act against judea script. a rebel group operating in syria's east and go to enclave says it's a lying wounded people to be evacuated. says it struck a un brokered deal with the syrian government's ally russia it's the largest of
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three groups in the area where almost four hundred thousand civilians have been besieged since two thousand and thirteen. amnesty international has released satellite images it says show military building infrastructure on top of areas once home to rain the muslims the human rights organization is describing the construction as a land grab dozens of people have been killed after a plane carrying seventy two people crashed at katmandu airport the plane burst into flames when it hit an area just off the runway witnesses say swerve repeatedly as it prepared to land in the nepalese capital. hong kong's pro-democracy campaign as of last ground in a crucial by election candidates want to only two out of the four seats up for grabs that means the opposition won't be able to block any bills in the city's legislature you're up to date with all of our top stories the news is coming up in about twenty five minutes time that's off the inside story which starts now.
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the brocade ties nine months old but the country is behind it's on the radio not out of evidence behind and egypt have been conspiring against oh how for more than twenty years the un to cut off water it wanted with g.m. changing ninety nine to six one at a time to a coup and it was it's now why this is inside story.


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