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beach too many remain. now a politician activists are building a home grown solution could make live units and secure the nation's technological sovereignty. geeks the citizens network at this time as you know. the government has concluded that it is highly likely that russia was responsible for the act against andrew the script. the british prime minister clearly points the finger of blame for the spy poisoning attack in the u.k. .
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hello i'm maryam namazie in london you're watching al-jazeera also coming up the syrian army's hold on eastern ghouta grows as a rebel group reaches a deal with russia to evacuate civilians. at least fifty killed after a bangladeshi airliner crashes at the poles katmandu airport. we report from the pristine continent of antarctica on the threat tourism is is to its wildlife. we begin here in london where the british prime minister has told parliament that it was highly likely that last go was behind the poisoning of a russian double agent sergei script ball and his daughter junia have been in hospital in a critical condition since march fourth when they were found unconscious outside a shopping center in the southern english cathedral city of souls bree tourism
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a told lawmakers that either the russian state was directly responsible for the poisoning or had allowed a nerve agent to get into the hands of others russia has denied any involvement in the attack it is now clear that mr script and his daughter were poisoned with a military grade nerve agent of the type developed by russia this is part of a group of nerve agents known as no factual. based on the positive identification of this chemical agent by world leading experts at the defense science and technology to poetry at porton down our knowledge that russia has previously produced this agent and would still be capable of doing so russia's record of conducting state sponsored assassinations and our assessment that russia of the views some defectors as legitimate targets for assassinations the government has concluded that it is highly likely that russia was responsible for the act against judea script. and there is a u.k.
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correspondent barnaby phillips joins me in the studio now at so trees in may making a very clear and somewhat definitive statement very in parliament about who is behind the poisoning what happens now in the next forty eight hours what she did say is that from the british point of view there are two alternatives either this was a russian state act of aggression or another possibility in its own way just as frightening perhaps that this nerve agent which had been developed in soviet times we believe. somehow was not under the control of the russian state and ended up with some other individuals who used it with an intention to murder here in the united kingdom the foreign secretary boris johnson called in the russian ambassador this afternoon and asked him which of these two alternatives is correct the british want a satisfactory answer by the end of play tomorrow that is choose day they've also
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asked that the russians go to the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons the o.p.c. w. in the hague of course i mean give a full disclosure of whatever movie chalk program whatever never talk stocks remain under its control and eve the british feel that the answers have not been satisfactory and we've got to say that there is very little sign of any into government cooperation at the moment in london and moscow then on wednesday to reason may well outline what presumably punitive measures the british government intends to take and what could that potentially involve water her options here well there's there's a range of options but also i would say some very delicate diplomatic balancing considerations that the british have to take at the same time they can expel some diplomats perhaps right up to the russian ambassador himself well then we can assume they'll be tit for tat expulsions effectively who knows the breaking off of diplomatic relations between two nuclear armed permanent members of the security
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council. every difficult and dangerous situation perhaps we can look at some financial economic sanctions against powerful russian individuals wealthy individuals who just happen to be close to the russian president vladimir putin who have shown a well documented fundis for london property for sending their children to exclusive british boarding schools in the past their assets could be frozen as those kinds of things she spoke later in the house of commons about the possibility of british dignitaries not attending the football world cup during the summer which the england team is going to go to well i'm not sure that the russians will lose any sleep over that i think what the british have to bear in mind is that they do cooperate with russia on issues like iran's nuclear program on issues like north korea or issues like rebuilding syria even when the war in syria ever ends and also the other consideration for the british is that any action if it is multilateral or not bilateral if it pulls in nato allies and european union allies will be that
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much stronger but we are in the era of donald trump and breck's it and that brings complications and perhaps undermines the british position all right thanks very much foreign beef and ups. let's get the latest now from moscow chalons has more on . well considering that russian official dem has been relatively quiet in the the week since scripture when his daughter or poisons we've had a flurry of responses in the short time since to resume a made her statement in front of the british parliament now the russian foreign ministry says they want to reserve may said is basically a circus show that it's information political campaigning based on provocation the russian foreign ministry has calls to reason may's comments essentially tales we've also heard from the first deputy head of the federation council's foreign affairs
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committee the federation council is the russian version of the senate they say or he says that script did not stand in russia's way didn't threaten russia in any way and therefore russia was not interested in eliminating him and this head of the federation council's foreign affairs committee has also said that essentially what's going on in the u.k. is a provocation ahead of russia's presidential elections and the fee for world cup coming up in a in a couple of months we've also heard from a dewar deputy a parliamentarian called on lugovoy. now on lugovoy is actually one of the men wanted in the united kingdom for the murder of alexander litvinenko in two thousand and six poisoned with polonium two ten he was never extradited to the u.k. but was actually made a deal with deputy now he says that the u.k. prime minister's hasty statement that a substance used to poison scripture was developed in russia is irresponsible to
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say the least considering the sensitivities there are of course in the u.k. about the living yanker case this i think amounts to basically fairly high level trolling from russia's duma to the u.k. parliament. a rebel group operating in syria's eastern ghouta enclave says it's allowing wounded people to be evacuated jaisha islam says it struck a u.n. brokered deal with the syrian government's ally russia it's the largest of three groups in the area where almost four hundred thousand civilians have been besieged since two thousand and thirteen well than a thousand people have died since the government offensive started three weeks ago and as the war approaches its eighth year a new report by unicef suggests children are more risk than ever before it found a fifty percent rise in the number of children killed in the conflict last year and said two thousand and eighteen was off to an even worse start over all children
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make up a fifth of all civilian victims and an estimated three million children have been exposed to explosive hazards as well meanwhile the united states has pushed the un security council to demand a new cease fire in syria it's a draft resolution calling for an immediate thirty days to say sion of hostilities in damascus and rebel held east and guta the us ambassador to the un also warned that the country was ready to act if need be we support the united nations political process that seeks to end the war in syria but we also warn any nation that is determined to impose its will through chemical attacks and any human suffering most especially the outlaw syrian regime the united states remains prepared to act if we must it is not the path we prefer but it is a path we have demonstrated we will take and we are prepared to take it again. well
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hundreds of civilians have fled the syrian city of afrin on monday as turkish troops and their rebel allies continue to close in on kurdish why p.g. fighters turkish troops have destroyed water and power stations that supply african making it difficult for people to survive there alan fischer reports from on the turkey syria border they're escaping the turkish push on our freedom to grab what they can and leaving for software they hope will be safe with the free syrian army back by the turkish military on the doorstep of i threw the city we see they were left with no choice and we cannot stay under bombardment we have to flee to a safe place and we are farmers. we fled because of the turkish air strikes on the area we couldn't stay there so we carried our stuff and lift. the last few days the turkish back to friends of his swept through time to villages to absorb by living this one of the looters to be taken over by the free syrian army the sign on the
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wall points to a free people have taken shelter during the fighting might it's ok you're safe no you're talking i think a lot of lot of ali i'm going to result to to thank god mama don't be afraid we're going to exile how they look thank god we are happy they made us a phrase but now we have to say. turkey launched its offensive in a free region in january even to drive the kurdish fighters the y.p. ji who it describes as terrorists away from its border. over the weekend the kurdish militia the y p g said it would use civilian volunteers to form a human shield to help protect the city of our friend just last week it said it was pulling seventeen hundred fighters from other places in syria to go to the front lines it appears neither of these moves have deterred the continued proof by the f.s.a. on the turkish military the free syrian army has posted this video which shows them within sight of a free in city below which include the order for the final push on fischer. from
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the turkey city border. a group of human rights lawyers standing for two journalists who died in the bombing of a press center in syria says french courts have enough evidence to issue arrest warrants against the syrian perpetrators american journalist marie colvin and french photographer remi ochlik were killed in homs in two thousand and twelve edith bouvier survived the attack who knew she was very normal we actually have a weapon a friend and an american citizens as well as three hundred fifty thousand dead syrians this should be enough for france to move the war crime unit which opened an investigation in two thousand and fourteen did it move things forward at all the justice system has got all the elements to move forward and to question the dignitaries. and dozens of people have been killed after a plane carrying seventy one passengers crashed at an airport in a pulse capital the plane burst into flames when it hit an area just off the runway
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in katmandu witnesses say it swerved repeatedly as it prepared to land the final death toll remains unknown is the injured were rushed to hospital kathmandu the airport has been the site of several deadly crashes so when it is at the crash site . leaders are standing here in front of the u.s. aircraft which crashed earlier this afternoon into monday airport seventy one people including crew members were on board just them thirty three were nepalis we've been told that twenty one are alive and have been taken to the hospital for. treatment now witnesses who saw the crash say that the plane was flying extremely low when it looked like it was almost going to hit the tower and it aborted a landing mannish try to land again when it skidded off the runway and all they could see was a plume of smoke another witness said that the pilot tried to avoid at no other
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aircraft that was parked on the runway that the power has a bad safety record when it comes to aviation safety in two thousand and fifteen a turkish airlines skidded off a runway fortunately no one was badly injured in two thousand and twelve a small aircraft which was flying towards the everest region crashed near the airport after it hit and around twenty people on that plane died but this happens to be the worst crash in the past twenty five years. you know doubt is there still to come for you on the program students in the u.s. plan a school walk out today monteith's and gun controls. we take a look at the military might on display this is an international maritime defense exhibition.
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however got spring temperatures across the good parts of europe as we go on through the next few days is looking rather wet and windy having said that fair amount of class still spilling in the from the atlantic little spin of the just in the english channel some damn weather never really too far away but we are getting up into double figures london paris eleven to twelve celsius close enough there in spirit nine degrees but a woman there in madrid mo too bad at a little more clout there into portugal into southern parts of spy plenty of flour plenty of rice to the place across the the balkans it looks losey fine and dry so much weather also pushing across ukraine pushing a little further north woods of moscow in a southerly breeze the laast getting above freezing two degrees celsius the top happen here on tuesday falls but with low freezing for moscow as we go on through wednesday but some places of cloud and right i do want to wintry flowers as well
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for the west it's warming up nicely paris getting up to fifty degrees celsius haven't seen those numbers for quite a while listen cloud and rain they want to get out of the atlantic that's will make his way towards western parts of hewitt western parts of africa also seeing some damp weather so repassed is around nineteen celsius the pushing through the straits of gibraltar tap warmest on wednesday with a high of twenty one. capital which makes you creative. when nature is transformed into a commodity big business takes in the interest. of protecting well it's a phenomenal opportunity to be able to use a business model to shave sustainability of nature but at what risk banks of course don't do that because they have the heart protection of nature to do that because they see a business in pricing the planets at this time on al-jazeera. welcome
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back a quick update of the top stories this hour the british prime minister to resign may as told parliament that it was highly likely that moscow was responsible for the poisoning of a russian double agent. a rebel group operating in ceres eastern guta and life says it's allowing wounded people to be evacuated after striking a deal with russia. and dozens have been killed after a plane carrying seventy two passengers crashed kaplan do airport in nepal. when all the stories we're following out misti international has really satellite images set to show me
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a minute tree building infrastructure on top of areas one's home to wrangle muslims the organization is describing the construction as a land grab meanwhile the u.n. is accused me on miles government of using a policy of force starvation against ring of villages in iraq and state and explains. life continues to be a misery at this were hinge a refugee camp in eastern bangladesh many of those who live here say they just want to go back to their homes in myanmar's rakhine state if you are certain if they ever will but what's also unclear is whether they will ever see justice for the abuses they faced abuses the u.n. describes as bearing the hallmarks of genocide. amnesty international is also questioning whether the more than seven hundred thousand written injured displaced in months of violence will ever be able to return to their homes be satellite images appear to show areas where rohingya houses mosques and businesses once stood and where since the sort of the year there has been
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a rapid increase in the construction of myanmar military infrastructure including three new army bases construction the rights group is describing as a land grab. around three hundred fifty ridge of villages have been destroyed since unrest of rakhine state began last august eyewitnesses say the myanmar military directed the burning of the villages and accusation the government denies despite an agreement with neighboring bangladesh to repatriate the hundreds of thousands of the hindu who fled over the border to safety it's looking increasingly unlikely many will be able to return to where their homes once stood as well as the new military infrastructure rapid road construction and other building has been seen in the area and one case for him to villagers who had remained in myanmar were forcibly evicted to make way for an army base we are witnessing a genocide in real time the mistreatment of the written by me and my military and me and mas authorities surely meets the criteria to be considered
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a genocide then we actually need to see sanctions back on the table this should be visa bans for the perpetrators of these atrocities and that should include not just the military but it should should should include the civilian authorities of me and the me and maher government doesn't deny bulldozing the remains of the ridge of villages in recent months but says it did so to make way for the new homes for returning refugees u.n. investigators say it's been difficult to ascertain what's happening in rakhine state because it has largely been sealed off from them rights groups and the media if you have al-jazeera for bangladeshi prime minister hala dizzee has been granted bail in a corruption case that so had jailed last month when these ruling raises the chances that bangladesh nationalist party could now run in december's elections which it previously said it would boycott zero was convicted in february on charges of misusing up power and embezzling about two hundred fifty thousand dollars she
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insists the challenge is a trunk. egypt has extended the detention of al jazeera journalist mahmud hussein by another forty five days egyptian national was arrested one on vacation in december two thousand and sixteen hussein was accused of incitement against state institutions and bull costing false news with the aim of spreading chaos he his lawyers and al jazeera strongly deny the allegations this is the twelfth time as detention has been extended now casso is hosting the doha international maritime defense exhibition it's the tenth year the event has been held in the number of exhibitors has increased despite the blockade imposed by other gulf countries well matheson reports. next to gun barrels and racks of missiles billions of dollars are being spent this is the doha international maritime defense exhibition where the theme is to bring countries together nowadays that their doctrine the concept of the military operation has been changed it's nobody can now works alone that's why
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they had they say we should have a look subtler cooperation between the between the countries that call for cooperation comes despite qatar ensuring a nine month blockade by gulf neighbors including saudi arabia and the united arab emirates qatar denies allegations of supporting terrorism the organizers say the number of exhibitors has increased despite the tensions we were to cross the region for over ten years and the key to building long term relationships is a senseless handling of each individual country and characteristics the cultures and the requirements that i have the biggest buyer is likely to be cut off by itself since june it's signed their defense contracts worth twenty billion dollars it's also been developing it's only quote saudi arabia and the u.a.e. have also raised their defense spending creating concerns about a regional arms race some global tensions have been put aside for this exhibition
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the u.s. is here and so is china india and pakistan both have warships that are both at the nearby port at the root of all of this is money lots of it it's estimated that in twenty sixteen at this exhibition alone deals were done that were worth a total of over thirty billion dollars exhibitors say they are cautiously optimistic we are growing together with their development of the the fans in the also for the commutes not sectarian the country but together they are supporting each other. the weaponry stunned silent but the buzz of business goes on right matheson al-jazeera. donald trump appears to backtracked on proposals to raise the age limit for gun sales the us president has unveiled new legislation which includes strengthening background checks and funding firearm training for teaches the changes don't include raising the minimum age to buy guns from eighteen to twenty one trump says that should be left to
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a new federal commission on school safety but that's angered students in the u.s. who are staging another protest on wednesday to dim on tyson gun laws this time they're missing school for the cause rob reynolds has the story from los angeles. spurred to action by the marjorie stoneman douglas high school protesters teenage students around the united states plan to walk out of class on march fourteenth they're demanding stricter gun laws and an end to the political influence of the gun lobby neither ramaswamy is a thirteen year old student in los angeles it's the adults making the laws with the kids who are getting shot and so i feel like the kids are the ones who should be standing up for themselves now as mothers sosh ramaswamy fully supports or i have told ny you walk out if you want to walk out you walk out and we will deal with that but the administrator said knowing is school or discouraging student protests and threatening punishment per teacher told her that if anyone left the classroom
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at ten am then they would get in on satisfactory that they would lose their privileges like being able to put a disney land with their class. other school districts around the u.s. are brandishing similar threats for example in houston texas a school district chief announced he would not allow student demonstrations for any quote protest or awareness unquote those threats violate numerous court rulings upholding students' rights to free speech school. ministers and students and families need to understand that students cannot be disciplined any more harshly under the constitution than they would be if they were just missing class or lunch period so they cannot be disciplined for protest and they cannot be disciplined generally for things that they say are political positions that they take civil liberties organization say they'll take school districts to court if they impose harsh punishment for non-disruptive student protests naya says threats won't
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prevent her from standing up for her beliefs they're not going to stop me from there or my friends student protesters are getting strong support from top university admissions officers universities including cal tech mit the university of massachusetts and others are all saying that even if high schools give black marks to their students for participating in walkouts it will have no impact on the likelihood of them being admitted to those colleges and many universities are encouraging students to take action saying they should stand up for what they believe in robert oulds al jazeera los angeles. and the ticker is the largest unspoiled wilderness on earth famous for its wildlife but it's facing multiple threats from climate change to a dramatic rise in terrorism and vironment and it's an it caucus on a greenpeace expedition ship in the weddell sea looking at the animals that call the continent. life of the islands fringing the antarctic peninsula
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is abundant a place of seemingly endless variety the whole region is richly biodiverse a living example of how things are pretty much free from the influence of man. a place to breed feet and grow. its pristine nations full of marine species including more than a dozen types of whale about getting to see the astonishing wildlife here is by no means straightforward. the weather makes everything a challenge bit of a threat on today it's gusting forty to forty three very very good progress in the night right now back in the antarctic. which is where. we want to visit that is also a colony of about one hundred thousand. and then by radio the argentine
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bass says the winds have become impossibly strong and it now has enough things to meet. mission is aborted and we have to wait another twenty four hours before making landfall on penguin island near the reasonably accessible tip of the antarctic peninsula a colony of chinstrap penguins territory with a large group of seals one making the most of the comfortable feathers of the molten juveniles of course the environment where these magnificent animals wildlife is living is incredibly fragile incredibly delicate there's all sorts of threats that are up against from climate change to cruel fishing and then of course there's this tourism and the tourists come here the audience close to king george in their masses. some are prepared to pay top dollar to have the and all to experience there are some pressures that come from tourism so in the background. a two hundred
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person tours ship take the number of tourist coming down here say the beginning of the two thousands was somewhere around forty five thousand a year we're now over thirty thousand people a year. two days later we arrive it had a point on the southern edge of livingstone island here another colony of chinstrap penguins healthy and in good shape they will look a group of gentoo penguins that is the distinctive beak of the southern giant but short of its young. or elephant seals all different species side by side on a grand scale shot across the continent the pressure is building it's crazy pace of change and at the moment colonies like this one seem to be doing ok but all it takes is one bad year and we saw in the east antarctic last year a penguin colony collapsed due to chicks born. and and sort of the pace of change so quick we don't want to add additional thrust things like fishing which is
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gradually expanding and is still in pretty good shape but it's apparent this unique landscape needs to be very carefully managed as multiple threats interludes on the horizon because al-jazeera antarctica. and in part four of our series next ails through huge swells and one hundred ten hour winds off antarctica gets close to all sorts of marine animals thriving in the most fragile of environments where you can read more about his voyage and everything else recovering right here al jazeera dot com is the address. quick look at the stories making headlines now the british prime minister to reason may has told parliament that it was highly unlikely likely that moscow was responsible for the poisoning of russian double agent sergei script she says the substance involved is one developed by the russian military. based on the positive
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identification of this chemical agent by world leading experts at the defense science and technology to poetry at porton down our knowledge that russia has previously produced this agent and would still be capable of doing so russia's record of conducting state sponsored assassinations and our assessment that russia of the views some defectors as legitimate targets for assassinations the government has concluded that it is highly likely that russia was responsible for the act to go and do the script. moving to the other top stories of rebel groups operating in syria's eastern ghouta enclave says it's allowing wounded people to be evacuated jaish al islam says it struck a un brokered deal with the syrian government's ally russia the largest of three groups in the area where almost four hundred thousand civilians have been besieged since two thousand and thirteen thousands of people have been killed after
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a plane carrying seventy one passengers crashed at katmandu airport the plane burst into flames when it hit an area just off the runway witnesses say it swerved repeatedly as it repaired to land in the next police capital amnesty international has recently images it says shows man mas military building infrastructure on top of areas once home to rangoon muslims. is describing the construction as a land grab. four bangladeshi prime minister khalid dizzier has been granted bail in a corruption case that so had jailed last month it raises the chances of bangladesh not going to nationalise party could now run in december's general elections which it previously said it would boycott and donald trump appears to have backtracked on proposals to raise the age limit for gun sales the us president has unveiled new legislation which includes strengthening background checks and funding firearm training that teaches but the changes don't include raising the minimum age to buy guns from eighteen to twenty one years old as the headlines more news coming up
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later off to the stream which starts now. it's an exciting week ahead at the story my family is at the south by southwest conference and festival in austin texas and we'll be bringing you a series of programs on technology and innovation today what are the ethical implications of immersive storytelling tools like augmented reality and virtual reality are growing in popularity.


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