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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  March 13, 2018 1:00am-1:33am +03

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has been the invisible weapon of the syrian dictatorship through the. sometimes the cold you can be brother to god and continue to be. told. the disappeared of syria but this time on al-jazeera. the government has concluded that it is highly likely that russia was responsible for the act against. the script. the british prime minister clearly points a finger of blame for the spy poisoning attack in the u.k. . hello i'm maryam namazie in london you're watching al-jazeera also coming up at
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least fifty people are killed after a bangladeshi airliner crashes it appalls katmandu airport the syrian army's hold on eastern booted rose as a rebel group reaches a deal with russia to evacuate civilians. and after weeks of student protest the white house announces its plans to deal with gun violence in the united states . the british prime minister treason may says it's highly likely that russia was behind the attempted murder of a former spy and his daughter earlier this month sergei and eunice cripple us still critically ill in hospital after they were poisoned with a nerve agent that the prime minister says was developed in soviet times on a b. phillips has the story. the british police and military are still combing all over the town of salt but they and the government now believe they have some monsters
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that surrogates create paul and his daughter yulia were poisoned with a nerve agent developed by russia and that leads the prime minister to one of two conclusions either this was a direct act by the russian state against our country or the russian government lost control of its potentially catastrophic lee damaging nerve agent and allowed it to get into the hands of others she presented the russians with an ultimatum. we must now stand ready to take much more extensive measures. mr speaker on wednesday we will consider in detail the response from the russian state should there be no credible response we will conclude that this action amounts to an unlawful use of force by the russian state against the united kingdom. but from russia so far blanket denial vladimir putin's spokesman says service group all worked for british intelligence the incident happened in britain so it has nothing to do with
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russia it seems that anglo russian relations are bound to get significantly worse now and the british will be hoping for international support from european and nato allies as they seek to put pressure on moscow. but what measures can britain take that will really be felt in the kremlin diplomatic expulsions sanctions against powerful individuals both seem likely but their impact may be limited the russian economy is under sanctions it has adapted to a hostile climate of international relations british national commercial ties are not very accurate so. things of symbolic nature do not hurt russia anymore because they expect for the investigators on the ground an unusual and unexpected test of their expertise for britain itself a crisis that will test its continuing stature in the world to be phillip's
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al-jazeera london so what exactly are agents well it's translated as new boy the family of nerve agents developed in the old soviet union as a cold war weapon in the one nine hundred seventy s. and eighty's they were manufactured and tested in a top secret facility in what's modern day is back a stone that was then closed in one thousand nine hundred three their exact details remain top secret but it's widely believed agents are dispersed in a powder form rather than gas or vapor like most nervous. since and they usually in help by victims their effects are rapid often within a minute and they're specifically designed to be resistant to conventional antidote some treatment make him suffer involuntary muscle contractions that can lead to symptoms including cardiac arrest and or spiritual failure well i spoke to samuel green director of the russia institute's at king's college in london he says all eyes are now on moscow's response right now what we have to do is wait and see how
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to respond towards a rush or could. point to somebody who may have been acting without the government's approval and and allow the investigation to move in that direction or it could dig in its heels the way it did over things like image sort of a light other case that we've reaction to that i've been today statement to say well yes i'm very happy and i mean we've heard i could show that this could be a false flag operation the british government itself could have been behind it will have to wait and see what happens the likelihood i think is that they will probably deny any knowledge or involvement having turkey turn this in her statement today as. unlawful use of force by a foreign power right that does raise the stakes what she's going to have to come up with some kind of a response that rises to the level of the rhetoric the tense amount to a declaration of hostilities now in nepal investigators are trying to find out why
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a bangladeshi adeline it crashed killing at least fifty people the u.s. alliance flight from dhaka missed the runway katmandu airport and bust into flames in a field nearby sabina shuster reports. seventy one passengers and crew were on the flight from takata gottman who were witnesses report seeing the turboprop flying extremely low abort its landing and then turning to land again from the other end of the runway after narrowly missing other aircraft on the ground it crashed down a slope at the side of the runway and burst into flames. fire engines ambulances and security personnel rushed to the wreckage inside the airport paramita. some passengers managed to break a window and scrambled out almost on skates others were pulled free and taken to hospital many of the dead were charred beyond recognition nepal's from minister visited the scene. this is
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a terrible accident from what i understand from the airport officials the plane was in difficult position but the pilot did not ask for emergency landing and tries to land it into this fatality but we offer our condolences to the government and the people. the airlines chief executive in bonn that they she is blaming air traffic controllers and elite recording of the conversation between the flight deck and air traffic control other pilots listening were concerned that the flight might crash. an investigation committee has been set up to find the cause behind me is that wreckage off the plane where the last of the bodies are being recovered and police and army personnel are taking out personal belongings off the passengers and putting its aside as you can see the plane has been burned beyond recognition except for the tail and if you look at the area that's been saying the grass that has been synced on the ground it looks that there was
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a massive explosion. and it has a poor air safety record with more than seventy crashes since one thousand nine hundred forty nine but most fatalities have involved planes flying into the himalayas or trying to land at mountain airports the bombard dash eight involved in this latest disaster is built in canada and executives are expected to fly in to join the crash investigation. al-jazeera government do. a rebel group operating in syria's eastern ghouta and place says it's allowing wounded people to be evacuated generation islam says it struck a u.n. brokered deal with the syrian government's ally russia it's the largest of three groups in the area where almost four hundred thousand civilians have been besieged since two thousand and thirteen. more than a thousand people have died since the government offensive began three weeks ago
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the united states is called an urgent meeting in jordan off syrian jets struck a rebel held town in the country's south the strikes the first aerial attacks on the area since the u.s. and russia brokered a deal making it deescalation zone last year fighting in eastern guta meanwhile is also continuing despite the international community's call for a cease fire al-jazeera is kristen salumi has more analysts from the united nations cities bleeding inside and two weeks after agreeing to a cease fire the security council learned their words were having little effect for civilians on the ground in syria in the eastern loan according to the u.n. more than one thousand have died in recent weeks amid continued shelling the united states said it was prepared to offer a second resolution calling for an immediate end to all military action in eastern guta and damascus city basser nikki haley backed her words with a threat we support the united nations political process that seeks to end the war
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in syria. but we also warn any nation that is determined to impose its will through chemical attacks and end human suffering most especially the outlaw syrian regime the united states remains prepared to act if we must in the last year as haley reminded everyone the u.s. bombed an airfield in syria believed to be associated with a chemical attack syria's ally the russians question the u.n. source of information saying syria continues to act within its rights. to a counterterrorism operation which has continued by the syrian military is not in contradiction with resolution twenty four i one the government of syria has every right to try and remove the threat to the safety of its citizens the cease fire resolution proposed by the united states would take effect immediately with no exceptions for groups on the un's terrorist list but it would require russian
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support to pass highlighting yet again the limits of what a divided security council can do for the people of syria christian salumi al jazeera the united nations well this week marks seven years since the start of the syrian war the conflict has displaced millions of people and led to one of the worst humanitarian crisis and recent history for the civilians still inside syria there seems to be no end to the violence and deaths as catch up as her diana reports. my eleven year old honea still learning how to read and write on but already he's witnessed things no child should ever see his home was destroyed his teacher killed when airstrikes hit a school here i think the teacher was standing by the window she told us she was going to get pens and paper before she could even go she was hit in the head we also heard die. these type of stories have become common over the last seven years
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the number of people killed in syria is rising despite the approval of deescalation zones which were meant to reduce the violence how to manage to leave the violence in eastern guta her daughter and six grandchildren are still there phone calls how to keep them connected number when i talk with my daughter she tells her youngest boy to say hello to grandma that hunger has made him so weak he doesn't have enough energy to speak. no one really knows exactly how many civilians have died in the seven year war in syria the u.n. stopped counting some years back but it's last reports that around half a million people have been killed the number keeps rising especially with the latest assault on eastern ghouta. these resolutions and all of this proclamation is seem quite meaningless because they haven't led to change on the ground a cease fire agreed to last year was meant to protect civilians but some argue fighters who support bashar al assad's government use
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a to gain ground skill or should. they force the russians. to use as much force as they try out. these crowded basements provide some shelter for perceived serious but getting aid and supplies to them isn't guaranteed they go through the trash bins children go looking for left overs in case someone left a piece of bread. it's easy to spot destruction in syria's ruined cities yet some still manage to imagine a future the sad reality of my dream is to become a doctor that way i can help and cure people the world is full of bombing and shelling a seven year war with no end in sight and millions anxiously hoping for a peaceful days ahead katia locus of a young al-jazeera of al-jazeera watch want to tell you about a ground we. live to colombia where the president is ready to restart peace talks just six weeks after
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a bomb attack that killed six policemen. the building over the ruins the satellite images that are said to show the myanma military's occupation of reading adventures . a fine and dry across much of australia now with a chance of wanted to show us just around the top and on shore breeze could feel a little bit of wet weather too into that eastern side of queensland but notice this circulation just down since of the collar say that does give some cause for concern looks like a developing a cycling which will make its way towards the east coast of australia to go on through a wednesday said not too far away from the sunshine coast the gold coast chance to some rain increasingly wet weather feeding its way into brisbane and then further south east and reply twenty three cells just from melbourne twenty five in adelaide
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is still very hot in perth temperatures getting to thirty five degrees for those winds coming in from the interior brickfield a wind of coast male models say some rather lively winds across the far north of new zealand this is what remains of typical cycling hola tourist guys now coming through the systems pass through bright skies the temperatures getting up to around twenty degrees celsius twenty one in oakland by b. as you go on into wednesday and they go look a little further north you can see the next system developing towards that he says hot of australia may want is fine and dry warm and sunny across a good part of japan temps could touch twenty in tokyo on wednesday. like everywhere connectivity is part of our. core infrastructure in the pen and some form corporation speech to many of. our politicians
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activists are building up homegrown solution. and secure the nation's technological sovereignty. piques the citizens network at this time. welcome back to with al-jazeera a recap of the top stories now prime minister to resign may has told parliament that it was highly unlikely moscow was behind the poisoning of a russian double agent thousands of people have been killed after a plane carrying seventy one passengers crashed at katmandu airport in nepal and
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a rebel group operating in syria's eastern ghouta and place says it's allowing wounded people to be evacuated after striking a deal with russia. the commun president says his government will restart peace talks with the guerrilla group and after a six week pause president one manual santos suspended the talks in late january after bomb attacks by e.l. and killed eight of these offices the airline says it will agree to continue the peace talks but that the us a little more than little the alternative is to continue killing ourselves to continue confronting one another for many more years or decades to come our firmly believe the country has no need to resign itself to this for that reason thinking of life in so you can lives in a tree even peace for colombia decided to resume peace talks with the. well on a sounder m.p.'s he is following these developments for us from bogota was this a surprise announcement by one sent to us. well i am it definitely
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was a surprise for many colombians especially since the announcement came just one day after anti peace party's one legislative elections here but two things happened that might help us understand sense of this season first of all was the fact that the year len sent sent a signal for peace to the government which was the fact that they announced a ceasefire during the elections and indeed a void that any attacks on election day which has long been a constant here in colombia yesterday's elections have been the most peaceful in the history of the country because the fark the rebel group signed a peace deal with a government that took part in it and the plan essentially follows through with this ceasefire so the census took advantage of this
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a signal as an opportunity to restart the talks but this is also probably a signal to the rest of the political spectrum in the country as sometimes once peace to remain on the re there in colombia wanted to remain a key element of the presidential campaign here it also shows that he wants to persevere until the end of his presidency which will be in august and try to end all civil conflicts in the country however it will be difficult because the yellin is less centralized organization then the far and there are divisions among its leadership on how to continue the species negotiations with the government right and. santos wants to focus on making peace with these groups seen the right wing parties make strong gains in recent elections he has many opponents and the country is very divided on this what does how will this affect the crucial presidential
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election a couple of months. there's no doubt that colombians are divided on this issue in particular the way peace was achieved with the fire why it's in that peace deal the fact that these rebels can now participate in politics we saw fark rebels voting yesterday they will enter congress only a few colombians voted for them but they are indeed participating in legal politics in the country but many people here instead would like to see them in jail or responding or asking for forgiveness and in a different way from what they've done so this issue remains one of the big dividers in colombian society and the elections. elections tell us that a majority of colombians are following right wing parties who are opposing the peace talks and the frontrunner for the next presidential elections on may twenty
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seventh is at this point he's the candidate for the democratic center party this is the party of former president alberto diva who was the man who was voted the most yesterday he is the first senator by votes in the in the country still probably the greatest political force in the country so where it shows that these parties could come in power dave do control and i'm sure it is now in congress and this could have grave effect in the implementation of the peace deal with the fact there are many reforms that congress passed as part of that peace agreement and this could also of course have an effect in these negotiations with the land from long time alexandra thank you very much. well the white house has announced a setting up a commission to deal with gun violence in the united states the commission will push to on teachers and u.s.
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classrooms but falls short when it comes to raising the age limit for buying a rifle which is angered many american students campaigning for change our white house correspondent kimberly our ports. after weeks of student protests across the country calling for restrictions on gun ownership the white house has responded it's setting up a federal commission on school safety rolling out proposals the trumpet really strace and says will reduce gun violence. among the ideas providing firearms training for teachers a move that's been sharply criticized by national education groups missing is something president donald trump promise in the days following last month's florida school shooting raising the age limit for buying assault rifles from eighteen to twenty one as is the case with handguns were going to work or getting the age up to twenty one instead of eighteen the president's critics accuse him of backing off the age limit proposal under pressure from the nation's largest gun lobby group the
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n.r.a. on friday it filed a federal lawsuit challenging age restrictions on gun purchases put in place last week by florida politicians in a tweet on monday trump acknowledged his policy shift explaining he was watching court cases and rulings before acting states are making this decision. and just a day before the school safety panel was announced the president appeared to mock the idea of commissions suggesting they look good but are a waste of time we care just keep setting up blue ribbon committees with your wife and your wife and your husband. and they meet and they have a meal and they talk or. still the white house is in dorset bipartisan legislation to improve background checks for gun sales it's also calling on individual states to pass legislation giving law enforcement the ability to take
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guns away from those deemed mentally unstable. the trunk administration has also announced it's taken the first step in the regulatory process to ban bomb stocks devices that increase a semiautomatic rifles rate of fire and were used last year in the las vegas massacre the white house is framing its action as bold steps to reduce gun violence but gun control advocates argue the plan falls short of what the president a nationally promised kimberlee help get al-jazeera washington amnesty international has already satellite images it says shows man was military building infrastructure on top of areas once home to rangoon muslims the organization is describing the construction as a land grab comes as the united nations accused government of using a policy of force starvation against rang a villages and explains life continues to be
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a misery at this rigid refugee camp in eastern bangladesh many of those who live here say they just want to go back to their homes in myanmar's rakhine state but if you are certain if they ever will what's also unclear is whether they will ever see justice for the abuses faced abuses the u.n. describes as bearing the hallmarks of genocide there appears to be a policy of forced starvation and place designed to make life in northern rakhine unsustainable for a hunter who remains. i miss the international is also questioning whether the more than seven hundred thousand written injured displaced in months of violence will ever be able to return to their homes be satellite images appear to show areas where rohingya houses mosques and businesses once stood and where since the sort of the year there has been a rapid increase in the construction of myanmar military infrastructure including three new army bases construction the rights group is describing as
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a land grab around three hundred fifty range of villages have been destroyed since unrest and rakhine state began last august eyewitnesses say the myanmar military directed the burning of the villages and accusation the government denies despite an agreement with neighboring bangladesh to repatriate the hundreds of thousands of rohinton who fled over the border to safety it's looking increasingly unlikely many will be able to return to where their homes once stood as well as the new military infrastructure rapid road construction and other building has been seen in the area and in one case for him to villagers who had remained in myanmar were forcibly evicted to make way for an army base we are witnessing a genocide in real time the mistreatment of the relationship by me and my military and me and mas authorities surely meets the criteria to be considered a genocide and we actually need to see sanctions back on the table this should be visa bans for the pipa trite as all of these atrocities and that should include not
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just the military but it should should should include the civilian authorities of me and the me and maher government doesn't deny bulldozing the remains of the wreckage of villages in recent months but says it did so to make way for the new homes for returning refugees u.n. investigators say it's been difficult to ascertain what's happening in rakhine state because it has largely been sealed off from them rights groups and the media in al-jazeera. that been protests at the funerals of three suspected rebel fighters in indian administered kashmir the unrest has forced police to impose a curfew on some parts of the main city shanika and schools and businesses have been closed priyanka gupta reports i mourners packed the streets of chicago the old it's a familiar scene in indian and instead kashmir. people caught between a government crackdown and an armed rebellion which is lasted for nearly thirty
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years india accuses pakistan of provoking the uprising government leaders in islamabad deny storing undressed against the injured who was this time some meanies are moving the killing of three suspected rebel fighters in a gun battle with indian troops police say they retaliated after coming under fire during a raid on a village in an impound district two of the team and killed have been identified as engineering students the police say became rebel fighters the other hasn't been identified. and we protest just poured into the streets on news of their deaths street battles were fought with stones. and tear gas. the government ordered schools and colleges to shot to prevent more violence. that's all you got about. india is committing atrocities on us is violating the chastity of our systems which we condemn in strong words what do you want to hear. their
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dead bird sitting as they're bringing us to ballard's we don't want anything from anyone we're just hollywood florida last week police killed four people and two suspected fighters at a military checkpoint soldiers were accused of indiscriminate shooting indian troops are protected from prosecution by a controversial law in india a mystic. human rights activists are routinely accused them of misusing that power priyanka group of syria out greece's top football league has been suspended indefinitely after the owner of the park team stepped on his own to the pitch with a gun strapped to his belt police have issued a warrant for the arrest of russian businessman ivan after he invaded the pitch to confront the referee over a disallowed goal in the match the choose sides have both been challenging the greek super league title french fashion design a digital she has died aged ninety one fashion media was famed for the little black
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dress and creating iconic looks for audrey have been grace kelly and jackie kennedy as business partner then and made the announcement saying she died in his sleep on saturday at the chateau paris. let's just take another look at the day's top stories now the british prime minister to resign may as told parliament that it was highly likely moscow was behind the poisoning of russian double agents or case cripple she says the substance involved is one developed by the russian military. based on the positive identification of this chemical agent by world leading experts at the defense science and technology to poetry at porton down our knowledge that russia has previously produced this agent and would still be capable of doing so russia's record of conducting state sponsored assassinations and our assessment that russia
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of the views some defectors as legitimate targets for assassinations the government has concluded that it is highly likely that russia was responsible for the act against. the script. we're going to our other top stories in nepal investigators are trying to find out why a bangladeshi airliner crashed on landing killing at least fifty people plane carrying seventy one passengers burst into flames when it hit an area just off the runway at katmandu airport a rebel group operating in syria's eastern ghouta enclave says it's allowing wounded people to be evacuated jaish al islam says it struck a u.n. brokered deal with the syrian government's ally russia the largest of three groups in the area where almost four hundred thousand civilians have been besieged since two thousand and thirteen. the colombian president says his government will restart peace talks with the guerrilla group the land after a six week course present one manual santal suspended the talks in late january
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after bomb attacks by the l.n. killed eight police officers the white house has announced it setting up a commission to deal with gun violence in the united states the commission will push to on teaches in u.s. classrooms but it falls short when it comes to raising the age limit for buying a rifle which has angered many american students campaigning for change. and amnesty international has released satellite images it says shows me a military building infrastructure on top of areas once home to rangoon muslims the human rights organization is describing the construction as a land grab. you're up to date with all of our top stories that's it for myself in the team here in london there is much more news coming up from doha in about twenty five minutes time off the rebel cakes which is next.
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thanks candidates but i did want like the winner got him a persons tight grip on the kremlin as a spy and eighteen years now when the russian people's voice on march the eighteenth there's every indication that they will return him to our physical presidential to. follow the russian elections here on al jazeera. digital technology is the promise of intimacy and he's meant and even longer not. in the ability to keep billions of calculations in our pockets it seems we've discovered a need and mention. in which everything in our lives can be increased and tracked and intended to money. that is convenience profit and surveillance the only use these powers.


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