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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  March 13, 2018 6:00am-6:34am +03

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and. full a man has decided to break with tradition and train to sail competitively maybe not that we want to present a positive image and change this to your typical expectation of women for them it's about more than just racing yes you can still be a good i'm only a woman and also a very talented sailor going off around the world showing everybody how strong on money people are al jazeera world meets the first female sailing crew in the guns oman's sailing stars at this time on al-jazeera. the united states joins person in accusing russia of the poisoning of a former spy in the u.k. and says they'll be consequences.
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this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. the u.s. calls for an immediate cease fire in syria's east and threatens unilateral action if the international community doesn't act. here's congressional republicans say the investigation into collusion between the trunk campaign and russia is over democrats disagree. and at least fifty people are killed after a band of the plane crashes at them paul's katmandu all. the united states has backed britain's assessment that russia is likely behind the poisoning of a former russian spy and his daughter in the u.k. yes actually rex tillerson says those responsible must face serious consequences are involved it will trigger a response his chief has expressed great. the attack. remain in
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a critical condition in hospital or u.k. prime minister to resume said the military grade nerve agent that was used had been developed by russia however moscow denies any involvement and the phillips reports from london the british police and military are still combing all over the town of salt but they and the government now believe they have some monsters that circus creep paul and his daughter yulia were poisoned with a nerve agent developed by russia and that leads the prime minister to one of two conclusions either this was a direct shot by the russian state against our country or the russian government lost control of its potentially catastrophic lee damaging nerve agent and allowed it to get into the hands of others she presented the russians with an ultimatum we must now stand ready to take much more extensive measures. mr speaker on wednesday
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we will consider in detail the response from the russian state should there be no credible response we will conclude that this action amounts to an unlawful use of force by the russian state against the united kingdom. but from russia so far blanket denial vladimir putin's spokesman says surrogates cripple worked for british intelligence the incident happened in britain so it has nothing to do with russia it seems that anglo russian relations are bound to get significantly worse now and the british will be hoping for international support from european and nato allies as they seek to put pressure on moscow but what measures can britain take that will really be felt in the kremlin diplomatic expulsions sanctions against powerful individuals both seem likely but their impact may be limited a mash an economy is under such. it has adapted to a hostile climate of international relations british national commercial ties are
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not american so. things of symbolic nature do not hurt russia anymore because they expect for the investigators on the ground not usual not expected test of their expertise for britain itself a crisis that will test its continuing stature in the world barnaby phillips al-jazeera london the us is calling for an immediate cease fire in syria's eastern ghouta in a stress and act alone if the international community doesn't the situation inside the rebel enclave has been described as hell on earth following three weeks of heavy bombing by the government and russia rebels and russia struck an evacuation deal russia's military says so far seventy six people have been able to leave and salumi has more cities living inside and dogs two weeks after agreeing to a cease fire the security council learned their words were having little of fact
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for civilians on the ground in syria in eastern loan according to the u.n. more than one thousand have died in recent weeks amid continued shelling the united states said it was prepared to offer a second resolution calling for an immediate end to all military action in eastern guta and damascus city massacre nikki haley backed her words with a threat we support the united nations political process that seeks to end the war in syria. but we also warn any nation that is determined to impose its will through chemical attacks and end human suffering most especially the outlaw syrian regime the united states remains prepared to act if we must in the last year as haley reminded everyone the u.s. bombed an airfield in syria believed to be associated with a chemical attack syria's ally the russians question the u.n. source of information saying syria continues to act within its rights to the
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counterterrorism operation which has continued by the syrian military is not in contradiction with resolution twenty four zero one the government of syria has every right to try and remove the threat to the safety of its citizens the cease fire resolution proposed by the united states would take effect immediately with no exceptions for groups on the un's terrorist list it would require russian support to pass highlighting yet again the limits the border divided security council can do for the people of syria christian salumi al jazeera the united nations. the u.s. has also called for an urgent meeting in jordan following reports of syrian government as strikes on the first in months there as in southwestern syria near the jordanian border some of the provinces still under opposition control is also part of a deescalation zone negotiated last year by the u.s. russia and jordan that means there's meant to be no fighting sort of was a strike it's could be
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a violation of that agreement. and elsewhere in syria hundreds of civilians have been fearing the northern city of a frame is turkish troops and their rebel allies close in on the kurdish why p.c. fighters to his forces destroyed water and power stations that supply our frame make it difficult for people to survive alan fischer reports. on the turkish syrian border. they're escaping the turkish push on a free and they've grabbed what they can and leaving for somewhere they hope will be safe with the free syrian army backed by the turkish military on the doorstep of a through the city you see they were left with no choice and there's a home with us and we cannot stay under bombardment we have to flee to a safe place we are farmers. we fled because of the turkish air strikes on the area we couldn't stay there so we carried our stuff and lift the last few days the turkish back defensive has swept through towns and villages to this one of the looters to be taken over by the free syrian army the sign on the wall points to
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a free people have taken shelter during the fighting come out it's ok you're safe no you're taught i think a lot of lot of ali i'm going to is asked to to thank god mom don't be afraid we're going to have to thank god we are happy they made us a phrase that now we are safe. turkey launched its offensive in a free region in january even to drive the kurdish fighters the y.p. ji who it describes as terrorists away from its border over the weekend the kurdish militia the y. p.g. said it would use civilian volunteers to form a human shield to help protect the city of our friend just last week it said it was pulling seventeen hundred fighters from other places in syria to go to the front lines it appears neither of these moves have deterred the continued push by the f.s.a. and the turkish military the free syrian army has posted this video which shows them within sight of a free in city no waiting for the order for the final push alan fischer on the
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turkey syria border. yes president donald trump has repeated assassins by republican members of the house intelligence committee that they found no evidence of collusion between the twenty six campaign and russia but the top house intelligence democrat says the speech of the claim saying that was clear evidence russia tried to help and the run up to the fight john hendren has more from washington d.c. the house intelligence committee on capitol hill as ended its russia investigation that committee concluded after listening to seventy three witnesses and reading three hundred thousand documents that there was no collusion between the campaign of donald trump and the government of russia the republican leadership of that committee says there were active measures taken by the russians to interfere in the election but they disagreed with u.s. intelligence officials saying that that was not done to aid donald trump and they
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say that while donald trump jr and jared cushion are the president's son in law and aide both met with a russian lawyer in june of two thousand and sixteen that was just bad judgment that was not collusion so as that investigation winds down the independent investigation of special counts or robert mueller has ramped up he has already indicted thirteen russians in absentia and several top u.s. officials none of those people was interviewed by that house committee and some of the people who were interviewed gave very little information democrats were incensed joaquin castro on that committee called it a stunning betrayal of the american people and the top democrat on that committee adam schiff called it a capitulation saying that republicans placed the interests of protecting the president over protecting the country so this investigation will go on independently but in the house intelligence committee it is over. political
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commentator i'm board member of republican women for progress she joins us from washington d.c. great to have you with us what do you make of the republican house intelligence committee findings while i do think that this is a bit shady in some ways laura because of the fact that the investigation is obviously still continuing and there is then roughly about one thousand indictments from that so basically this house intelligence committee is coming out and saying there's nothing to see here one of course there is way more to this story and i would just like to point out some of these republican house committee members on the intelligence committee are ones who were in fact saying things such as hillary clinton needed to be investigated for her e-mails and for her connections to the clinton foundation and her relationship with foreign governments and all they're willing to say about this current president is he acted in appropriately and maybe made some bad judgment calls when his campaign officials made these knowing advancements when they were meeting with some of these russian officials when they
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were making some of these financial agreements so i do think that this is a larger issue that they really need to start looking into and i guess we'll see what comes out of this and the senate intelligence committee will continue their investigation and i'm hopeful that maybe they'll take a deeper look into this as the moeller pro continues to see all of you reflect the majority republican feeling. no it doesn't and my view hasn't really i think reflected the majority of republican feeling for some time i was never trumper during the two thousand and sixteen election because i don't think he represents republican or conservative values i think he has hijacked the republican party and it is worse off for it and i think many republicans have had their issues with him but they're not willing to really step up to the plate and take a side against him thinking that they're going to suffer because of it instead you're seeing many republicans choosing not to run or to retire in twenty eighteen and twenty twenty and moving forward just given the fact that he has really in some
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ways destroyed what the republican party used to be so what do you think is going to be the impact of these findings are you do you think it's going to undermine the other investigations that are going on by robot mode by the senate oh i don't think so i think this right now is obviously a partisan move ahead of the twenty eight hundred midterms they want this to be done that way it doesn't have an impact on the midterms they said that they aren't going to interfere with the mall or investigation it seems as though as again as they're winding down their search muller's is definitely ramping up he's having more meetings you're seeing more high profile meetings people such as steve benen who is obviously a high advisor to the president has come out he has said some things you have hope picks who said she's told white lies for the president so i do think there is a lot of information there that muller and his team are digesting and i don't think it's going to reflect well on the current officeholder at six hundred pennsylvania avenue but given that these findings have come out now before the could argue that
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it's quite time you think there's going to be any political ramifications. yeah i think there could be for democrats sadly because i think at this point republicans want that to happen they want there to be some sort of i guess good thing for republicans going into the eighteen midterms because right now the things that have been happening really has been for lack of a better word a dumpster fire when it comes to this presidency yes tax reform was a good thing but he's somewhat offsetting that with this terrorist proposal possibly launching us into a trade war and his rhetoric is one that is obviously very disgusting and not representative of the majority of the republicans out there but yet they've been braced it just because he is the current officeholder so i think it's a sad reality for republicans i do think it will have implications going forward but i do hope that they will get to the bottom of this and i have faith that muller well ok great speech you thanks for joining us there from washington d.c. thank you. the u.s.
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national security adviser says washington's optimistic about the planned meeting between donald trump the north korean leader kim jong un the agreement to meet followed talks between kim and cd a south korean envoy last week has pledged to suspend nuclear and missile tests. briefed members of the u.n. security council on progress promising to keep up the pressure on pyongyang. we all agreed that we're optimistic about this opportunity but we're determined we're determined to keep up the campaign imagine the pressure until we see words matched with deeds and real progress toward you grizz asian. sentiments were acas by south korea's ambassador to the u.n. . all of the members welcomed the recent development on the korean peninsula in terms of political and the possibility of a quality time in washington and emphasized that this is also there was you know
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a lifetime opportunity for peace were as a result of this you. and south korean envoys traveling across the globe giving updates on the talks souls national security chief is going to russia the head of the spy agency will meet the japanese prime minister shinzo abe and take your bride has more from seoul. as the preparations continue for these summits south korea is keeping up the soft pressure of its shuttle diplomacy chunky young the main envoy has been in china meeting with chinese president xi jinping the chinese are very supportive of this whole process they have always called for direct dialogue between north korea and the united states and indeed they will feel as though their implementation of sanctions has helped the whole process chong is now going to moscow to brief the russians on the agreement meanwhile and his colleagues the other main envoy in this process is still in japan he's had
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a meeting with the japanese foreign minister and will be meeting with the prime minister of japan to explain this agreement the japanese will feel slightly sidelined in this whole process they were taken by surprise that trump agreed to meet with kim and their concern is that they possibly could be left out of any agreement that they will be concerned that the united states for example could reach a limited agreement with north korea to stop work on its long range intercontinental ballistic missile that is capable of reaching the united states but leave in place missiles that can reach all of japan's cities shinzo are very says there is no date at daylight between tokyo and washington's diplomatic positions but he will be going to washington in april probably just to make sure that there is no daylight showing. so has hair on al-jazeera to speak to sri lanka's prime minister as
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tensions similar after last week's anti muslim violence. and peace talks get a reboot in colombia has the government announces it will sit down with rebels. say some really nasty weather across southern parts of the u.s. recently just around the deep south this cloud of rain that's moving out of the ways the things squatting down that's not the end of it because this area of storms this area of low pressure every statement and i'm afraid it will become the third nor'easter in the space of just ten days affecting that northeastern side of the united states by the time we go through monday into tuesday there we go with the cloud of the rain the snow talking in across the northeastern corner anywhere from around new york north which really certainly across new england seeing some really
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nasty conditions and some pos could see as much as maybe thirty to forty centimeters of snow so this could really cause some problems clear skies do come back in behind only thing too bad there a little chance of some a snowy weather over towards the west coast as well even it's california could see some wintry flurries san francisco struggling to get to twelve degrees celsius seattle with a high of around nine degrees in between is settling down is quite in down a little sunshine a lot of sunshine syria across much of the caribbean it's fine dry warm and sunny gorgeous tropical weather coming through for the most part with more cloud into the greater antilles on tuesday and wednesday but last year dry for most. over benefit those people. saw v.c.
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being polled and. witnessed documentaries that open your eyes. at this time on al-jazeera. and again you're watching out there has a mind of our top stories this us as backs bresson's assessment the russia was likely responsible for the poisoning of a former spy and his daughter in summoning the ball than a week ago government says. were attacked using a minute to graze
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a nerve agent developed and russia also has denied any involvement. united states is calling for an immediate cease fire in syria's rebel held eastern ghouta some boston to the u.n. says the u.s. will act alone if the international community doesn't more than a thousand people have died since the syrian government stepped up its offensive anything good so last month. and the u.s. national security adviser says washington is optimistic about a pond meeting between donald trump of the north korean leader kim jong un software envoys are in japan and russia updating them on progress with talks in the talks have gone yet. and the poor investigators are trying to find out why a bangladeshi airliner crashed killing forty nine people and injuring twenty two others there as bangor airlines flight from dhaka repeatedly before missing the runway at katmandu airport it burst into flames and thereby failed sabina shatha reports from katmandu seventy one passengers and crew were on the flight from
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target to do witnesses report seeing the turbo prop flying extremely low aborted slanting and then turning to land again from the other end of the runway after narrowly missing other aircraft on the ground it crashed on a stoop at the side of the runway and burst into flames. fire engines ambulances and security personnel rushed to the wreckage inside the airport paramita. some passengers managed to break a window and scrambled out almost on skates others were pulled free and taken to hospital many of the dead were charred beyond recognition nepal's prime minister visited the scene. this is a terrible accident from what i understand from the airport officials the plane was in difficult position but the pilot did not ask for emergency landing and tried to land it into this fatality but we offer our condolences to the government and the people. the airlines chief executive in bangladesh is blaming air traffic
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controllers and in a leaked recording of the conversation between the flight deck an air traffic control other pilots listing were concerned that the flight might crash. an investigation committee has been set up to find the cause behind me is that wreckage off the plane where the last of the bodies are being recovered and police and army personnel are taking out personal belongings off the passengers and putting its aside as you can see the plane has been burned beyond recognition except for the tail and if you look at the area that's been since the grass that has been singed on the ground it looks that there was a massive explosion. has a poor air safety record with more than seventy crashes since one thousand nine hundred forty nine but most fatalities have involved planes flying into the himalayas or trying to land at mountain airports the bombard dash eight involved in
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this latest disaster is built in canada and executives are expected to fly in to join the crash investigation. al-jazeera government do. the sri lankan government is being accused of failing to act fast enough to contain a wave of anti muslim violence and nationwide state of emergency was imposed more than a week ago after days of riots and which sinhalese buddhists gangs attacked muslim owned homes and businesses but as has more from colombo. lanka's embattled prime minister is on a damage limitation exercise ronald wickramasinghe visited candy to promise swift compensation for the loss of life and property in riots last week he wanted al-jazeera asked for his response to the communal violence we have learned that in the hallway of the country as a boy people do not want to violence they may have different views about they think if you are the world really. this date but like any other country though they will
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be discussed in the media at least that's a great word leak and thereby. will emerge at election day here in. the last elections local ones last month delivered a major blow to the prime minister and president that coalition parties won control of just fifty two councils out of three hundred forty. three years ago may three powers syria say no was elected president and wickramasinghe are became prime minister after both men joined forces to defeat then president mahinda rajapaksa the muslim and tamil minority groups that helped them win and now dissolution promises to bring the previous regime to account for corruption and yet to be on it and both leaders have been jockeying for influence that risks creating a power vacuum when the norm that the government is real and the one cannot bear decisive action and you know they also are not in the police were not on the orders of the government that's one of the most troubling developments feel during
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candidate numbers the police did not act immediately and partly because they were not sure whether they should because the government has been sending. contradictory signals. the opposition sense is an opportunity and a way back in the former president rajapaksa really lost. them i think the country. didn't expect this type of situation to live with. his leaving. so the collapse of the government has contributed to seek for a more stable alternative to the government's imposition of a nationwide state of emergency to deal with an issue in just one part of the country following its initial slow response to the outbreak of violence and candy has been seized on by critics as an indication of weakness at the very top there are no presidential elections almost two years and the opposition doesn't have the
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numbers to win a vote of no confidence leaving this administration to try to deliver on its something. from al-jazeera. the new year and humanitarian coordinator for yemen is pledging to do more so help the millions of people facing starvation it's a grand day says addressing food shortages in the major color outbreak our top priorities the almost three years civil war has led to what the u.n. says is the world's worst humanitarian disaster to three rebels are fighting pro-government forces backed by a saudi led coalition for control of the country. a former nazi s.s. guard who was known as the book keeper of our switch has died at the age of ninety six graining was convicted in two thousand and fifteen of being an accessory to the murder of three hundred thousand jews during world war two he was sentenced to four years but died before beginning his jail term groaning says he didn't take part in
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any killings but counted cash taken from victims upon their arrival at the concentration camp. new york's metropolitan opera has fired his longtime conductor a musical director of allegations of sexual misconduct and independent inquiry into james levine says it's found credible evidence of sexually abusive and harassing behavior the seventy four year old was suspended in december after several accusations of misconduct between the one nine hundred sixty s. and one thousand nine hundred eighty s. venus one of the most widely known and influential figures in classical music he's been the mets musical director since one nine hundred seventy six he denies any wrongdoing colombia's government will restart peace talks with the country's last remaining rebel group after a six week pause negotiations were suspended in january after a bomb attack in the end of a temporary ceasefire nineteen members of the armed forces and thirty four rebels have been killed in fighting since president. says it's time for
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a new round of talks but the deal was done little the alternative is to continue killing ourselves to continue confronting one another for many more years or decades to come i firmly believe the country has no need to resign yourself to this for that reason thinking of life in so you've lived in achieving peace for colombia i've decided to resume peace talks with your own as underground he has more from brokers are. the announcement surprised many here in colombia coming at a time when most people thought that peace negotiations with the land were doomed and the fact that it came just one day after and peace parties one village's to the three of elections but it also shows the willingness of part of president to climb and i listened to perseverance and till the end of his presidency in august in trying to end all civil conflicts in the country the
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government had asked for a signal to restart these negotiations that signal came in the form of a ceasefire during the elections the year len respected that there were no attacks on election day and the days preceding the vote so president santos took that as the possibility to announce a restart of the talks and send this negotiating team back back to key to ecuador but if you ask practically any analyst here in colombia they'll tell you that even if this is good news it will be very difficult to reach an agreement with the best because this rebel group is less centralized then the fark and that the divisions exist among its leadership and how and if continued negotiations with the government.
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without zira these are the top stories the u.s. has backed bresson's assessment that russell was likely responsible for the poisoning of a former spy and his daughter in something done more than a week ago the bush government says. attacks using a minute she grades nerve agent developed in russia from his attorneys in may is demanding an explanation from moscow this denies any involvement. we must now stand ready to take much more extensive measures. mr speaker on wednesday we will consider in detail the response from the russian state should there be no credible response we will complete this action amounts to an awful use of force by the russian state against the united kingdom. us is calling for an immediate cease fire in syria's rebel held eastern guta as ambassador to the u.n. warns the u.s. will act alone if the international community doesn't have a thousand people have died since the syrian government stepped up its offensive in
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eastern guta last month. has national security adviser says washington is optimistic about a planned meeting between donald trump a north korean leader kim jong un south korean envoys are in japan and russia updating them on progress in the talks with. investigators are trying to find out why a bangladeshi airliner crashed in the pool's capital killing forty nine people and injuring twenty two others the u.s. by and the airlines flight from dhaka missed the runway at katmandu airport and burst into flames in a nearby field as president trump was repeated assertions by republican members of the house intelligence committee that they found no evidence of collusion between the twenty six thousand trump campaign and russia the top house intelligence democrat has disputed the claim saying there is clear evidence that russia tried to help trump in the run up to the voters can be as government will restart peace talks with the country's last remaining rebel group after a six week course. was suspended in january after the l.n.
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launched a bomb attack following the end of a temporary cease fire these are your headlines we're back with more news here on al-jazeera after india's forbidden love. on counting the cost in what's been a big week for global trade we'll look at how the u.s. is up bending the rules of commerce and if free trade is really worth fighting for plus the latest mind bending concept cars from the geneva auto show counting the cost at this time.


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