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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  March 14, 2018 4:00pm-5:01pm +03

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the russian state. and he said that we should be trying to build a consensus it was clear it's clear from the conversations i've had with our allies that we have a consensus with our own eyes it was clear from the remarks that were made by backbenchers across the whole of this house on monday that there is a consensus across the but then she's also this is how. i am truly sorry that the consensus does not go as far as the right honorable gentleman. could have taken the opportunity as the u.k. government has done to condemn the culpability.
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is to territories i mean they're the u.k. prime minister responding to journey called in the main opposition leader inside the palace of westminster the house of commons kenneth clarke the tory m.p. former chancellor putting in his penny worth just to sum up the headlines for you that you will see on your front page tomorrow to resume a saying as to the navi chalk nerve agent development program highly likely it was the russians it was a direct act by russia she said or russia has lost control russia was culpable of the back of that the u.k. is within one week expelling twenty three russian diplomats and they will now begin to detain people at the border people who try to get into the u.k. who they think have a questionable backstory when it comes to their involvement with the russian state or they are russian. passport carriers they will also begin
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a process of freezing russian assets that's significant because one of the aspects of this ongoing scandal that's come out since the attempted assassination of circus cripple and his daughter yulia has been the sheer wealth that is spent by russians in london there was one report in the past twenty four hours saying that ten percent of russian property at the high end of the market in certain areas of london is owned by russians as to the bilateral relationship with the kremlin mrs may saying we are not breaking off all the dialogue but they are revoking an invitation they've been extended to the russian foreign minister mr lover off another takeaway point misses me saying it was tragic that mr putin has chosen to act in this way barnaby phillips is our correspondent following the story for us on college green outside westminster the barnaby they were expecting we were expecting a robust response it certainly looks like that's what we're going to get.
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yes indeed i mean i've just seen an expert say to put this into perspective peter that there are fifty eight russian diplomats registered at the embassy here in london if twenty three are expelled well that's that's close to half it's something like forty percent isn't it so that that that is that is a lot of people who are being told that they have to leave this country with the win with the with within a week a range of new legislation and measures to be taken to target if you like russian money the russian elite and yes the suspension of high level bilateral contacts sergei lavrov not coming here. no royal family no high level british dignitaries accompanying the england football team to the world cup although yes thing of football team are still going to the world cup . as things stand. but bear in mind it's it there are
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a number of challenges for the british government what sort of multilateral response will they get now they've laid down their marker they'll be bringing this up at the u.n. security council later in the evening they'll be hoping for more action across the e.u. across nato but they also know that dialogue with russia is essential these are two of the world's major powers both permanent members of the security council both nuclear armed they have to talk about issues like for example the nuclear ambitions of north korea and iran what is going to happen to syria if or when that dreadful conflict there ever ends so all of those calculations have to be made this is a major challenge for britain as it seeks to exert its muscle its remaining muscle on the global scene of course in the era of rex's and in the era of donald
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trump as well barnaby let's just pause for a second and just for anyone joining us here on al-jazeera just recap what we're looking at right now misses me in response to what jeremy corbyn the labor party leader was saying she said this was about the culpability of the russian state we have a consensus she said we have a consensus across the party from backbench the backbench she did take a pop at jeremy corbyn by saying it was a shame this is what she in effect said it was a shame that mr korb and was not on board when it came to that consensus but to pick up on the point that barnaby was making there is a consensus she says at the un within the european union because the french and the germans are involved in this as well and there will be a meeting of nato tomorrow here's what mrs may had to say at the beginning of her address to the parliament. we have had a very simple approach to russia engage but be aware and i continue to believe it is not in our national interest to break off all dialogue between the united
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kingdom and the russian federation but in the aftermath of this appalling act against our country this relationship cannot be the same so we will suspend all planned high level bilateral contacts between the united kingdom and the russian federation this includes revoking the invitation to foreign minister lavrov to pay a reciprocal visit to the u.k. and confirming they will be no attendance by ministers or indeed members of the royal family at this summer's world cup in russia finally mr speaker we will deploy a range of tools from across the full breadth of our national security apparatus in order to counter the threats of hostile state activity does she have anything else left that she can do beyond this to be think barda because meetings of the un security council members meetings of nato and also doing things that will not be put into the public domain there's not much much left in her armory here surely no . why i think that the british hope is that today was the
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first stage and the britain would announce certain unilateral acts today as she said in her speech there would be other acts i suppose you might call them she was never going to be in a position to stand up and announce the world today but yes they would like now to see nato and e.u. allies come on board and i think this is this is the problem for britain the rhetoric that they've received over the past forty eight hours from major european capitals and from washington although the fact that rex tillerson was signed in the middle of this process a set of states he was very highly regarded here in the british foreign office was not entirely helpful all of that notwithstanding the rhetoric that has come from allies has been very supportive but words are one thing actions are quite another and as we've been saying to put it in context of the west's relationship with russia britain has consistently been at the hawkish end of that spectrum for many
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years now and certainly since the annexation of crimea in twenty fourteen and it has been pushing the line on e.u. sanctions ensuring that countries like greece like italy are like hungry perhaps even to a degree like france and germany have not always been so convinced if you like the british would say stiffening their backbone across europe the have been concerns that those sanctions might hurt individual countries commercial interests some countries feel just more sympathetic and more aligned to russia anyway than britain does and there are many governments in europe who question whether these sanctions are really effective or not so just holding the line has been a challenge will be very difficult for a britain which after all is in the process of. divorcing itself from the european union not entirely harmoniously then turn around to e.u. partners and say by the way we need to strengthen the sanctions which have already been in place for a number of years barnaby for the moment thanks very much will it was mentioning
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the crimea and the events in crimea twenty fourteen challenge is in sebastopol on the russian controlled crimean peninsula we're not that far away from an election so this is playing into an agenda there as well i guess but what you think the russian reaction will be to freezing the russian tighter border controls and twenty three diplomats being expelled within seven days. well the only response we've had so far from russian official jim is from a senator in the federation council called jobar of who has basically said that there will be a number of british diplomats who are going to be expelled from russia in response to this possibly possibly in excess of the twenty three that the reason may just announce would be thrown out of the u.k. . that's the only official response we've had so far marie is a quarter of
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a who is the spokeswoman for the russian foreign ministry says that a statement from the m.f.a. is going to be coming very soon certainly the russians are going to be going through want to reason may has just said and trying to work out what impact this is going to have they will take note of the supports that the u.k. seems to have at the moment from its international partners it's a reason they were saying that she had been speaking to donald trump and to angela merkel to other leaders and also that there had been a statement of support from nato from the nato secretary general and stoltenberg course that will factor into russian thinking russia is in many ways a kind of all. darkie so rich powerful people have close connections with the kremlin close connections with madam a putin if those people are going to be targeted by the u.k. as to reason may have suggest they would be that is going to have ripple effects
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that is going to be felt in moscow these are lots of these people have assets in the u.k. which stories may has just says just said maybe frozen maybe confiscated so rich russians having their assets seized in the u.k. is going to reverberate in moscow and moscow will come out with some kind of response yet. there are presumably mr putin won't actually talk on camera about this mr lavrov may but mrs may's language was interesting wasn't it she was talking about asking the u.p.c. w. the office for the prohibition of chemical weapons to verify or analysis i.e. everything points towards the russians as far as mrs may's concerned but she did not use the word evidence does that mean they don't have any documentary evidence and if they don't the russians might turn around and say well there's no evidence therefore catch this if you can. what they already have said that in
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effect yesterday when to resume a made her first statement. they said basically that it was as it was essentially the u.k. not fulfilling its obligation and the chemical weapons convention that the u.k. had as its first duty essentially the responsibility to provide russia with the samples that it was using in its investigation and that it hasn't done so that is why russia says it didn't respond to the ultimatum that the reason may gave to moscow so that is the line i think that we're going to hear from russia going forward that this is essentially. a kind of anti russian campaign it's not backed up by evidence if there is evidence then show it to us let us have access to it and if it goes through any kind of international legislation process
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involving the chemical weapons convention well that's certainly something that russia is going to be pulling up as as a kind of negligence so far that london has gone through. many things for a challenge correspond there and so fast we'll be talking to bob mitchell it's a little later in westminster as well we move on. busy news day let's get you right up to speed as all the other top stories the turkish president richard type one says he hopes the kurdish held syrian city of a stream will be surrounded by turkish troops in the next few hours thousands of civilians are under siege after turkish troops and free syrian army fighters encircled the town the u.n. is warning of a humanitarian crisis as the water supply is being cut he launched a military assault in january to clear syrian kurdish forces that control the region let's get more now from our correspondent alan fischer who joins us live from the turkey syria border so allan they're not going they're not saying it's
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going to fall to them but they are saying they've got it encircled. well actually if you listen to what the president said to a meeting of local government officials just a few hours ago in ankara he said that he expected them to be in control of a free and in a couple of hours by the end of whedon's the it was twenty minutes after that that the turkish presidency started to clarify those remarks saying actually this city will be surrounded so perhaps president of the wind getting slightly ahead of his military commanders at that point we know that the city is under siege that all the roads in and out of essentially been closed off by the free syrian army backed by the turkish military we know that the water has been cut off the united nations saying it's no been off for a week but we had locally is that it's at least five days the internet also has been cut now you'll remember too that the kurdish militia the y. p.g. said that they were going to employ civilian volunteers as
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a human shield between the free syrian army and themselves and they're also calling seventeen hundred fighters from elsewhere in syria to help defend our free neither of those moves appear to have dissuaded at the turks and the free syrian army from continuing this onslaught and now. nobody expecting this final proof to take place in the next few hours no the turks have also said that there's a humanitarian corridor that is open for people who want to leave the city that's to the south of africa at the white p.v.c. no one is taking the trucks up on that offer but we have seen pictures of people leaving the city heading away from the area because they're worried about what's going to come and also in african city itself we've seen people who identify with the kurdish struggle offering up themselves to donate blood because clearly they're worried that what is going to come in the next few hours is going to be a long and very bloody thanks alan. the u.n.
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says more than three hundred civilians have managed to leave rebel held east and which are in syria despite ongoing airstrikes the syrian civil defense says russian planes drop cluster bombs on residential areas in the city of kufa about air raids and shelling by government allied forces also targeted neighboring towns at least thirteen civilians were killed and dozens of lunatics if you are going to continue to be very you know another one following airstrikes in libya rescuers worked to free a woman from a collapsed building for twelve hours five civilians were killed and another five missing from the same attack. now thursday marks seven years since the start of the war in syria it's created a huge humanitarian crisis with five million people living as refugees many more internally displaced jan egeland is the secretary general of the norwegian refugee council join us live from oslo yan egeland six years three hundred sixty four days ago did you think this war would last for seven years. no i must
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confess i never ever believed they would be so long so rude through us so cruel and so bloody it's lasted longer than the second world war it's been the bloodiest war the war that has created most displaced people since the general sites of the one nine hundred ninety s. how could we let it go on for so long and how could we let it become so bloody i think there has to be a lot of reckoning when this is over but of course our priority now is to make the eighth war year the last war year a year where the where we can have hope to the civilians in syria and not just missile how did we let it go on for so long i think really the big mistake was that there were too many external forces rushing
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to each of the two sites with fuel to the fire and then there were too few of us and we have too little strength trying to bring these warring parties to the negotiating table. this became a proxy war this became a place where where where external forces fought each other at the expense of the syrian population a lot of very courageous humanitarian action has taken place countless lives have been saved. but we've been really deprived of access from millions of people in hard so-called hard to reach areas and besieged areas but of course it's a cure for mr for men with guns and power preventing humanitarian workers like myself to do my job for women children and civilians in the frontlines we are now therefore into the eighth year of the war in syria what has to happen to make sure
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that the eighth year is the last year of this conflict several things have to happen number one stop bringing fuel to the fire the external sponsors of this war. is russia and iran on the government side gulf countries western countries on the opposition side should stop turkey enough need to course now and say can we can we sit down and talk with each other can we have wise men and women talking and men's with gun power coursing there or there was a spectacular failure of believing in military solutions alone and then we need to allow humanitarian workers to do our job we're still prevented from going to
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eastern enclaves there are now is the go to as is is in three pieces at the moment there are tens of thousands of children in side there were prevented access we may be able to go the un to the red cross red crescent tomorrow and the day after. but not to the other places ok we have to leave the young eagle and on this seventh anniversary many thanks for your time. thank you now it's the states the outgoing u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson is searching a smooth transition after president trump fired him on twitter mr tillotson doesn't have a twitter account so the two men spoke on the phone three hours after donald trump's initial tweet one of the listens top aides released a statement saying to listen didn't know why he was forced out last official was sacked as well democrats say it's another sign of chaos in the white house trump blamed policy differences the two had disagreed over
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a number of issues including the iran nuclear deal and the blockade of cattle to listen will be replaced by the cia director mike pompei oh he advocates a more aggressive stance on north korea and iran and his job will go to gina hospital who set to become the first woman leader of the cia and looks back at the friction between to listen and trump. it's not every day you lose your job the social media but an emotional rex tillerson deliberately ignored that detail when he addressed reporters on tuesday received a call today from the frozen united states at low afternoon time from air force warn my commission as secretary of state will terminate at midnight march thirty first tillerson served as u.s. secretary of state for a little more than a year he spent much of that time pushing back against reports that the president donald trump wanted to fire him on tuesday morning on twitter trump did just that
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mike pompei a will become our new secretary of state thank you to rex tillerson for his service . trump then told reporters this we disagreed on what you look at the iran deal i think it's terrible i guess it was ok i want to use a regular something he felt a little bit differently so we were not really thinking the same looking back it's clear trump and tillerson disagreed on the big problems of the day whether or not to engage directly with north korea how far to hold russia accountable for brits meddling in u.s. political and civic affairs something tillerson made a point of stressing the u.s. must do ultimately former u.s. diplomats say taylor since firing is no surprise and neither is the choice of his replacement the cia director mike pompei oh he's well known for his support of trumps policy trump is impulsive and trump is temperamental
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trump wants once a neighbors and validators more than he wants advisors tillerson didn't have many fans at state because of his plans to cut staffing by nearly thirty percent some senior diplomats quit in protest but the firings at state didn't end there at lunchtime the white house dismissed under secretary of state steve goldstein after he released this statement suggesting tillerson thought his job was safe the secretary did not speak to the president this morning and is unaware of the reason for his dismissal in any case tillerson said he had no regrets rex tillerson didn't lose his job because he didn't agree with the president analysts say he lost his job because he refused to pretend that he agreed if confirmed my pump ale will face a very high standard of agreeing with the president all the time especially because the president believes he already does rosalynn jordan al-jazeera the state department. well asked to listen is replaced by mike pompei of the woman who takes
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over from him at the cia as a veteran of more than thirty years of intelligence experience in a house bill still needs to be confirmed by the senate tough questions are expected over allegations that she oversaw the torture of detainees pain as that from washington. jeanne has spent most of her career at the cia undercover so there isn't much video of her but if you prepares to try and take the top job we are going to see a lot more of her and hear much more about her past she was in charge of the facility in thailand codenamed detention site green the senate has detailed what happened to captors there like abu zubaida he was water boarded eighty three times beaten by having his head slammed into a wall deprived of sleep for days he was kept in a coffin sized box possibly with insects for more than eleven days and held in a small box less than a meter tall for twenty nine hours the report also says that. he was held and
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tortured at the same site according to reports she was clearly in charge according to one cia cable quote only the detention site green chief of base would be allowed to interrupt or stop an interrogation in process and that the chief of base would be the final decision making authority as to whether the cia's interrogation techniques applied to zubeida would be discontinued. zubaida had to be revived once after waterboarding torture didn't stop human rights groups are outraged by her nomination the idea that she would be put in charge of the cia should send. shimmers terrorists are most people who care about international law this is a woman who was complicit directly in the torture of two detainees in thailand and then the chief of staff of the counterterrorism center back lushington as they rendered dozens and dozens of other detainees some of them merely innocent people
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who were swept up shall have to answer for more than that there were videos of some of that torture has reportedly signed the directive to have them destroyed all of this will be a big debate when she comes before the senate to try and get confirms democrats will be under pressure not to vote for her and if that's the case you can only afford to lose one republican vote and still get the job still president donald trump is sending a message with this nomination just like he said on the campaign trail he's fine with torture and also apparently fine with promoting those involved with that political hane al-jazeera washington let's talk to can you help it in washington for us this hour here on the news kimberly i mean rex tillerson see a sect on twitter but you don't know it because you're not on twitter and people are saying this chaos in the white house is it chaos in the white house what does it tell us about how the administration is functioning. i think it's been chaos for some time and to put this in perspective certainly we've seen chaos in the first
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year in an administration before bill clinton's comes to mind but not in recent memory and the difference might be between the clinton administration of the tribe and ministration is that bill clinton was experienced in governance and eventually sort of found a pace that was more workable although still filled with some controversy and scandal of course you remember the monica lewinsky scandal but donald trump many who have known him for a very long time say this is his normal this doesn't change this doesn't subside this is how he thrives this is where he gets energy what we're seeing here with the departure of rex tillerson prior to that gary cohen his economic adviser is that what he's doing is exactly what he said yesterday when he spoke to reporters he's getting the cabinet that he wants the team of advisers that he wants he wants to surround himself with loyalists and also those who tend to support his views but also acco his views he doesn't like people who have a difference of opinion tends to push them to the side and what we're seeing not
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only with mike pump aoe now once he's considered confirmed as secretary of state is that we're seeing more people surrounding him that have positions that are further to the right and really mirror what donald trump made in terms of his america first national policies on the twenty sixteen presidential campaign trail let's talk about those confirmation hearings for a second kimberly what are the chances as far as mr pompei is concerned that people will ask him questions about what donald trump allegedly did not allegedly suits him about the cloning investigation into the allegations of russian collusion. i think that there's a one hundred percent chance that he's going to be asked those questions particularly from some top democrats because certainly this is an ongoing investigation still in the senate we have still two congressional investigations that are underway at the senate level many of those senators who are on those
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committees will be asking those questions having said that mike pompei who has already been confirmed once by the same body and it's expected that he will be confirmed again but the tough questions will be out there because what these senators are looking for is to get some members of the potentially now secretary of state but members of the administration are on record as they continue this investigation so certainly they are going to be asked those tough questions it will be very uncomfortable not just for my pump but also as you heard in that report there for jena hospital given her record at the cia and some of the things that she has been accused of doing while she was there and those questions when they leveled at her kimberly i mean waterboarding torture allegedly described destroying videotapes of people being tortured but when donald trump goes to his next party rally that will actually one would assume from rome he would go down quite well with his base they might not have an issue with such. it's hard to say i mean
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what how politicians usually get around this and how the house bill is likely to get around this when asked these very same questions is the argument that it was legal at the time and that's how many american voters will try to kind of rectify this in their minds this is something that president obama however said is no longer legal so that is the wiggle room and that is how presumably many will try to justify this in their minds but many on the committee that will be asking those questions of the house full of course will be saying whether it was legal or not you knew it was wrong you now are going to lead this body moving forward and are you going to make those same what many feel are very morally wrong morally corrupt and erroneous judgment calls camilli thanks very much. time for the weather here's richard another storm system hitting the states yet third third nor'easter in a month and the third weather bomb deepening twenty four minute bars in twenty four
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hours since the start of the year so so in that part of the world they've seen some pretty nasty weather conditions and you see this big spire of plaid across the northeast and there is a really deep area of low pressure so let's move in and take a slightly closer look at it up to the end of wednesday boston has set a record in terms of snowfall thirty seven centimeters or as they still use imperial over there fourteen point four inches to bring things up to date wilmington it's got to snow depth currently or certainly fairly recently of seventy five centimeters twenty nine point five inches so it's really been coming down over the low pressure itself to continue to move slowly towards the northeast we're now just getting the a westerly wind coming to boston we have found wind gusts of up to a hundred thirty kilometers per hour associated with this storm and is still perishing the cold across much of the in the boston at minus one and the winds strong enough to be jolting in
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a wind chill of or minus ten so still plenty of snow across upstate new york all the way through northeastern areas into nova scotian you can see that snow then continuing to push away malda air relatively speaking beginning to push in behind and that's a good thing it's twenty four hours the weather getting somewhat by to normal. thanks very much richard still to come here on the news we're engine is here with many refugees seeking shelter from human traffickers in neighboring libya. plus punishment for a greek football president who ran off the pitch with a gun. and in the sport a new role for tiger woods as the upswing in his gold career continue. the scene for us where on line what is american sign in yemen that peace is possible but. not because the situation is calm but because no one cares or if you
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join us on sat there are people that are choosing between buying medication and eating this is a dialogue i want to get in one more comment because this is someone who is an activist and has posted a story join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera. the harvester.
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welcome back you're with the al-jazeera news hour live from doha your top stories the u.k. is expelling twenty three russian diplomats in response to the poisoning of a former double agent in the city of salzburg the prime minister to resign may has in the past half hour said all high level contact with moscow will be kept the kremlin has rejected britain's claim that it was involved in the poisoning. turkey's president typer the one says he hopes the kurdish held syrian city of a three will be surrounded by turkish troops in the next few hours thousands of civilians under siege after turkish troops and free syrian army fighters encircled the time. and the former u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson who was fired on twitter by president trump is warning of what he's calling russia's quote troubling behavior and actions he's urging a smooth transition for his replacement the cia chief mike pompeo. students and
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teachers across the u.s. a walking out of their classrooms in about half an hour's time to demand tougher gun control the protest will last for seventeen minutes to pay tribute to the seventeen people killed in the florida high school mass shooting one month ago some school districts are threatened to punish those who take part in the rally that's angered parents who say their children's right to protest is being violated live now to and who's outside the high school where the mass shooting took place exactly a month ago and the over to you. well obviously this is a day when protest turns into a memorial service and also pushing forward with the demands of the students and their parents have for gun control about two thousand eight hundred schools across the nation across four time zones will be joining in on this mass protests in about twenty five minutes time but other nations across the world are also joining in the
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let's bring in miguel who is a seventeen year old junior junior at the moderates douglas high school this is quite of movement that's been started at the school what do you think what's about to unfold here and across the whole country ana said think we're going to bring about change to the whole not just florida but the whole nation we've seen change in a legal level in florida but in d.c. it's very slow the promises the president made haven't come to fruition how do you just keep going to do is keep pushing and asking for to change i think we need to keep going until every state in the country has these laws to make the school safe just to be clear what are the main demands of the protests today. for most of the people talk about gun control and a lot about making the schools safer which i stand off for the safer schools and i stand with the gun control but i don't ever think that we're going to get gun control because it's just it's a battle between both sides so i think we should be going for is to make the school safe so you talk about more security is opposed to banning assault rifles as a as
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a practical thing because the ban on assault rifles if it's been going on for years i don't think it'll ever happen even if we do there's still no inza guns out there so i think that we need to make the school safe. thank you very much miguel so you just get some of the sense of what the students here and in other schools across the nation want they are calling for a ban on assault rifles are calling for increased background checks of course we haven't seen any of those things in the months since the shooting happened since fourteen students and three teachers died we've seen some movement in the state of florida raising the age limit from eighteen to twenty one but on a national level at least. and their supporters still waiting for some kind of concrete action and they will come back to you as soon as that walk up begins but in the meantime for the next fifteen minutes or so thanks very much. human rights groups have criticized the deal between italy and libya aimed at curbing migration they say it's led to even more appalling conditions for people who come to cross the mediterranean one refugee from egypt told al-jazeera he was captured bought and
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sold whilst in libya before seeking safety in tunisia is mohammed. life may still be hard but at the very least mohammed feel safe here in tunisia. today he's picked up a job cleaning a beachside villa work that helps keep his mind off the horrors he experienced in libya. you're always welcome it's enough if you run away from diminishes they feel free to shoot you because well it's a cheap mohammad left his home in the air because the people of his town were being terrorized by boko haram he had hoped to cross the mediterranean and settle in europe but after reaching libya he found himself stuck in a vicious cycle of violence repeatedly captured and beaten by militias who would always demand payment for his release. at one point he couldn't afford to buy his freedom from one of the armed groups that had imprisoned him so the fighters found another way to get the money. like it they sold me i was sold it i'm.
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forced to work for the man who bought him mohammed was in slave for months before being freed. why the inside exam is if i am a human just like him and only difference between me and him is that god created me with dark skin and he was white this is not my fault god created me like this i was very upset because i didn't hold any value to any of them i wasn't worth anything to them as if i'm not even a human being which like many others in his position mohammad eventually made it onto a smuggler's boat but it never reached italy instead he ended up in southeastern tunisia humanitarian workers hearings are aziz expect the migration crisis to continue that's why they're asking the tunisian government to do more to protect the rights of migrants and refugees now mohammed lives at
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a center in nearby mid mean run by the tunisian red crescent dr manji slim who heads the southern tunisian branch of the aid organization says that as long as human traffickers continue to exploit the chaos and conflict in neighboring libya things won't improve. them the chin is in authorities have many other issues that the focusing on so we hope that the international community will remember these migrants and help them to achieve a solution either with a voluntary return to their countries or with integration or by helping them seek asylum even though he's barely making ends meet mohammed still feels lucky. to have escaped the kind of trauma most people could never imagine to be in a place where despite the difficulties he says he's being treated like a person. is a disease tunisia. the philippines is withdrawing from the treaty that fund its international criminal court the president says it follows what he calls baseless
4:41 pm
unprecedented and reaches to turn from u.n. officials the i.c.c. who is investigating his campaign against illegal drugs which has left thousands of people dead to tertius accusing the court of violating g process by trying to have jurisdiction over him and the gun has more now from manila in there where a written order coming from the president himself he says that the country is withdrawing its ratification of the rome statute immediately but that's not how it works because based on the rules of the i.c.c. which covers a member states like the philippines it will take a year after the un secretary general receives the letter before there is basically withdrawal while it becomes effective it also cannot and will not have any impact on countries with pending investigations such as the philippines and president would be good to tary it is government currently going through a preliminary investigation by the i.c.c.
4:42 pm
for crimes against humanity since president with the good authority was born in two thousand and sixteen rights groups say at least ten thousand filipinos have already been killed because of this so-called war on drugs that something that is government and the police forces deny they see basically that many of these filipinos have been killed by vigilante groups that this is a drug war and that basically a lot of them and the question is the number itself whether the ten thousand is really accurate or not but what is going to be sure here is that in the next coming months not much will change the philippines will still be part of the i.c.c. and the investigation when it comes to the probability of a case to be filed against the president or the good the third and members of his cabinet will continue. meanwhile says it has a list of more than three hundred seventy rushing who it's ready to take back after they fled the recent military crackdown bangladesh originally provided a list of more than eight thousand names but meanwhile as ministry of foreign
4:43 pm
affairs says it couldn't verify all of their identities it is unclear whether the writing on the list want to return many fear for their safety if they go back across the border florence louis has more. myanmar government officials said they were only able to verify the three hundred seventy four names out of a list of about eight thousand names given to them by bangladesh because the wreck or it's furnished to them were incomplete they weren't fingerprint records they went photographs so they've only been able to verify the small number now they appear to be really keen to show they that they are ready to get the repatch relation process started especially when only a week ago a bangladeshi minister had said that he didn't think the repatriation process was likely to succeed and appeared to lay the blame on myanmar which he described as an evil rogue government now the reality is however conditions on the ground in myanmar may not be suitable for revenge or refugees to return there was an amnesty international report issued just several days ago that said real hinge of villages
4:44 pm
are being bulldozed and structures including military bases roads of the sorts of infrastructure are being built on top of those villages it also described what was happening as a land grab by the military on a dramatic scale and it said it made the eventual return of refugees even more unlikely now they also said that the new centers that were being built by the government for returning refugees appeared to be in places where there's heightened security presence these centers are also surrounded by fences and this is this comes from a study of satellite imagery in the area now on top of that you've got a un investigator saying the government appears to be pursuing a policy of starvation to drive the ranger the remaining population out of. the chinese government a sensitive video which suddenly became popular on the internet reporter. who's wearing blue couldn't contain her theatrical distain for another journalist when
4:45 pm
she asked a government minister a soft and apparently staged question scott who has more now from beijing. it was the eye roll seen around the world and it's still being viewed now the young is a financial magazine journalist here in china she's wearing a blue dress in this video she is seen reacting to her colleagues in the red dress there asking a very long winded softball question at a press conference on tuesday night what's going on in china right now is the national people's congress this is their version of the annual parliamentary session and what's known to take place during these two weeks are a lot of press conferences heads of ministries officials will hold these kinds of press conferences but there it's also known that a lot of these questions at the press conferences are state or choreographed people took it off screen because it was aired live on state run television here in china then reposed it and posted it was interesting to see how quickly censors here in china went away about to bring down those video clips but also even phrases lady in
4:46 pm
blue was a phrase that also being censored and still is being censored now so it's very interesting to see how quickly they stepped up the great firewall here in china to control this message that came out of this press conference now what's interesting is that it's very sensitive time during this national people's congress generally every year it happens but what's even more so now is there are a lot of changes being put forth by the communist party so even you know during a sensitive time normally it's even more sensitive now there's even a constitutional change that lifted term limits on the presidency and the vice presidency so she can ping the current president is very sensitive about that change and about controlling the message in these very choreographed press conferences this goes against that seeing this woman role arise so they're obviously trying to control that heavily. football's governing body is threatening to expel greece off for a football club president ran onto the pitch carrying a gun even severe this was enraged from the league goal was disallowed. against the
4:47 pm
league leaders ethen is now the incident forced the suspension of all matches in the local. the greek football federation says it may impose a ban on submit is all points from his team johnson office has more now from athens . fifty days here in greece to monitor to observe and to advise the government and the football clubs and the governing body of the football league here in greece and the super league the two separate tournaments which have both been suspended since since sunday's incident what fifo is saying is that greek football is going to the edge their words and the grex it is not impossible in other words greece may get kicked out of fee for at least temporarily fever will try to save the greek football family but the government has to take the necessary measures is what fief is saying and they're calling on the clubs as well to make a common declaration to abjure violence to withdraw their hooligans from football
4:48 pm
matches to lay down arms as they said because the sorts of weapons that are carried to football fields in greece include moments of cocktails. banners knuckle dusters clubs there are all sorts of mind a violent phenomena that don't usually make it into international news but it is a regular phenomenon for the tournament for the football league here to be suspended because of acts of violence. so of the sports news with me thank you so much pete so well one of the great rivalries of recent champions league history regimes lights are on this wednesday barcelona have the slight advantage going into the second leg of their time with chelsea boss a crucial away goal in the first leg of this author stephen coutts in london courtesy not surprisingly of a no messi but chelsea are unbeaten in their last eight matches against barcelona well this is a robbery that began in one thousand nine hundred sixty six in the into city's fairs cup that was a competition that ended in one nine hundred seventy one it was seen as
4:49 pm
a forerunner of what is now the europa league it was actually set up to promote international trade fairs both sides one. time outs things were decided in a timely breaker which basso won five nil since then the sides of had some memorable encounters in the champions league in two thousand and nine they met in the semi final with a last minute goal in london from bosses andreas iniesta deciding that sigh and in twenty twelve fortunes reversed as chelsea beat barcelona three two on aggregate that year they went on to win the final. we must start the game we great concentration and to stay with. only each and every moment of the game to know that. there are moments that we have to suffer because as not only for charity but to put every team there to play against barcelona they must be prepared to suffer and. i expect
4:50 pm
a similar arrival to the one we faced during the first leg with all of their virtues and with all the danger attached to them they are a rival capable of scoring at any moment roma and survey have moved into the last states of the competition run on reaching the quarter finals for the first time in a decade after a one no home win against shuts out on yet sc it's how insane thrown away goals three time winners manchester united are out it's after a nail nail draw in the first leg in spain united will be to see one of home by severe severe through to the quarter finals there yet a double securing a famous win for the spaniards you know it's it's only realistic trophy chance now is in the english f.a. cup i don't want to make a drama of it we don't have time for that we have a match. on saturday we have no time to being too busy for more than twenty four hours. one of again coming up on wednesday about caesar bar in munich
4:51 pm
meeting a disastrous outing if they're to not go through a good space ship thrashed us because they already lead five nil from the first leg in germany. now south america's top club competition is still at the group stage with sara put scene all involved in a bruising encounter with defense or sporting this couple limited overs group game didn't go well for sporting we call our career on the receiving end of that challenge in paraquat is the home scene that finished up this two one win is against the euro one opponents so it's you know it's top of the qualifying group with two wins from two games. australian open champion caroline wozniak has gone out of the indian wells masters the california event one of the biggest tournament outside of the four majors was beaten by twentieth seed daria keener in this fall for a match is the russians second win over the world number two this season as a kid winning six four seven five to move through the are states. that defeat for
4:52 pm
wozniak a good news for simona halep who is now guaranteed to hold on to a world number one ranking at the end of this event's remaining here straight sets win against barn wang the twenty fifteen champion who played the unseated petra martic she in the quarterfinals. and surprise role of sixteen year old american seen a.j. amanda and he seem over is over she was beaten by world number five carolina discover six one seven six prior to this event and the similar had never won a main draw much out of w.t. a tournament. venus williams still going strong less than twenty four hours after beating her sister serene at this time and she was a straight sets win a stars use of a star over the seven song grand slam singles champion now is a day off before facing twenty seventh ranked carla suarez navarro in the us. all the men's draw is still at the third. round stage and second seed marin chill
4:53 pm
it's a high profile loser the christ bateson in straight sets by germany's philip hall schreiber. broke his thirteen game losing streak against top ten players. thirty six year old spaniard flossy on a lopez's beat and jack sock of the united states sock a semifinalist at last year's a.t.p. finals i went out in straight sets. the two teams he looks set for the playoffs in basketball's top pro league faced off on shoes day night the indiana pacers just as you know this game against the philadelphia seventy six is scoring twenty five points and i want to one hundred ninety eight when the pace is off third in the n.b.a.'s eastern conference would be seventy six is in six the top eight teams will head into the postseason. for the upswing in saga woods's golfing fortunes have continued with him being named u.s. captain for the twenty nine same presidents cup the event sees a u.s. team taking on an international lineup which includes players from the rest of the
4:54 pm
world minus europe before that woods will be continuing his playing comeback at the all palm invitational in florida. for me to go from not knowing whether i will ever bill play the game again to you know i'm a plate maybe the reliable. make a couple cuts my builder you know possibly get myself into the mix i'm in the mix and so there's there's a process and a blue should do it and it's been quick and severe goetia has won the season long downhill world cup title it's helen's great rival lindsey vonn did win the final race of the campaign here in sweden but the olympic champion so you're finished three points ahead of all in the overall stuff. ok i suppose looking for an elevator and a thanks very much more news on this channel in what about six minutes between now and then tributes been pouring in for. around the world one of the world's greatest scientists even hawking has died at the age of seventy six his
4:55 pm
children describe their father as an extraordinary man whose work and legacy will live on for many years he is not a bum i his was a life of applause and accolades. stephen hawking was a devoted scientist but was often treated like a statesman millions revered him for his gift of communicating complex matters to the masses i on wednesday there were expressions of sadness across the world from the cambridge university college where he worked for decades to the foreign ministry in beijing. mr stephen hawking was an outstanding scientist has been battling disease he made great contributions to science and to mankind and as far as i know mr hawking visited china three times in his life time we are alive we are intelligent hawking decoded some of the most enigmatic mysteries of the universe its origins structure and end from big bang to black holes he also beat the old
4:56 pm
spectacularly hawking was almost twenty one and a student at cambridge university when he was diagnosed with a less a degenerative motor neuron condition he was given just two and a half years but went on to live for more than half a century. because. they still could. develop the condition. like me work again because. you know there are certain which disability is not as serious. as the disease progressed talking last mobility and had to rely on a wheelchair his speech began to slur and an emergency throat operation robbed him of his voice but not for long. hawking turned to a speech synthesiser selecting words by moving his cheek muscles a tedious process but one that allowed him to express his pioneering ideas it also gave him his trademark american accent there have been
4:57 pm
a few setbacks like the dark cooking was respected early on in scientific circles for helping to prove the big bang theory about how the universe burst into existence fourteen billion years ago global acclaim came in one hundred eighty eight with the release of his book a brief history of time this introduction to cosmology was a global hit it sold more than ten million copies and been translated into dozens of languages at this tokyo bookstore his fans have been paying tribute showing him now i shall. he had a mind that no ordinary person could patent i wonder if he was able to convey everything that he wanted to convey through his research. stephen hawking became a figure in popular culture guest starring on shows such as the simpsons and star trek blocking again. the presses in washington's court and public fascination with him culminated in the hollywood film of his remarkable life the theory of everything the universe is expanding its universe time and the
4:58 pm
universe again it's all. stephen hawking devoted his life to seeking answers to the questions of our existence and in doing so he helped us to peer deeper into how our universe works and that was broadcast that was the news on usefully on this channel in about two minutes. our. own the benefit of people. so see all. witness documentaries that open your eyes. at this time on al-jazeera.
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al-jazeera is there what a story breaks but it's also that to see what happens next if you wish to chew on that if fired by the barrier for a model barricade of over seven streets that b.b.q. here the movies now has been all about change people have gone all still here area the mission of the national army is to search the entire oil complex and i'll just there are stories about telling it from the people's perspective what they think is happening in their culture. winning the will of the people hinges on the mass media state p.r. machine go into overdrive. but just who is influencing who. we just don't know yet where the lines will be drawn between what can be said and what could just be. some journalists decided to sacrifice their integrity for outside the polling the media or opinion the listening post but based time on al-jazeera when the news breaks. on the mailman city and the story
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builds to be forced to leave it would just be all when people need to be heard to women and girls are being bought and given away in refugee camps al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring you the award winning documentaries and nine years on al-jazeera i got to commend you all i'm hearing is good journalism on air and on mine. action on gun control students across the u.s. protesting mass shootings in classrooms.


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