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of taxi drivers the conversation starts with do you have a boyfriend you're very pretty and young you feel unsafe threatened you think about how to react what do i do if this gets worse no money on the uses a new service it's called loyal droid it's for women custard tj's only drawn by women drivers pull for some extra features like a panic button and twenty fourth's of a monitoring of drivers. we will not weaken our resolve we will stand firm britain takes its case against moscow to the u.n. now after announcing russian diplomats will be expelled over the poisoning of a former spy russia says it wasn't involved.
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hello i'm down jordan this is out as there are live from doha also coming up. from coast to coast tunes in the u.s. walk out of class to demand change a month after school shooting in florida. a call for donations of blood as kurdish fighters in a syrian city prepare for one last big battle with turkish forces. and open for business the push to revive zimbabwe's struggling economy. moscow has told the u.n. security council that accusations by the u.k. that it's behind the poisoning of a former russian spy and his daughter are unfounded britain requester the emergency meeting in new york just hours after prime minister to resign may order the expulsion of twenty three russian diplomats the u.s. called a security council to hold russia accountable for what it described as a chemical weapons attack said gania script remain in a critical condition in hospital after being targeted with
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a military grade nerve agent last week but britain's deputy ambassador to the u.n. urged the security council to take a united stance towards russia this is how russia has acted in every other case where it is being caught flouting international law denial destruction and threats it is what russia does but we will not let such threats deter us we will not weaken our resolve we will stand firm confident in our democracy our rule of law and the freedom of our people. we will stand by the values which is shared by the overwhelming majority of those in this council in this united nations and we are. to stand by. persons whom he has more from u.n. headquarters in new york. the united kingdom laid out its case for blaming the russians and got full throated support from the strongest allies on the council
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including the united states france and sweden other council members were reluctant to point the fingers at russia but expressed their concern over the gravity of the situation the united states for its part made a very clear plan to stand by its ally while russia continued to deny the charges the united states stands in absolute solidarity with great britain. the united states believes that russia is responsible for the attack on two people and the united kingdom using a military grade nerve agent. danielson only thorough interested in finding the truth lost they guided by something else the using propaganda war to influence the public which is very easy to influence and not well educated the u.k. has asked the o.p.c. . organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons to validate the findings of their investigation the russians say they're happy to cooperate but they won't
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respond to alternate arms the u.k. says now continue to keep the international community apprised of progress in the investigation well let's get more now on those measures against russia announced by the reason may she's given twenty three russian diplomats a week to leave the country a move that some but by the white house correspondent bobby phillips reports. there was an air of inevitability to the prime minister's announcement given what she calls the contempt with which russia has responded to her demands for an explanation of what the british authorities say was a nerve agent so mr speaker there is no alternative conclusion other than that the russian state was culpable for the attempted murder of mr script powell and his daughter and for threatening the lives of other british citizens in salzburg including detective sergeant nick bailey this represents an unlawful use of force by the russian state against the united kingdom she told parliament she's expelling
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twenty three russian diplomats alleged to be undeclared intelligence offices they have a week to leave she said the u.k. will suspend all high level bilateral contacts with russia and cancel a planned visit by foreign minister sergei lavrov ministers of the royal family will boycott russia's well cup in june and she said the government would freeze russian state assets if there's evidence they may be used to threaten the life or property of u.k. nationals or residence. the opposition labor party leader jeremy corbyn was supportive up to a point his spokesman later refused to say the russian state was definitely at fault if the government believes that it is still a possibility that russia negligently lost control of a military grade nerve agent what action is being taken through the o.p.c. w. with our allies i welcome the fact the police are working with the o.p.c. w. . and has the prime minister taken the necessary steps under the
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chemical weapons convention to make a formal request for evidence from the russian government under article nine point two from russia itself the message remains consistent speaking before teresa mayes announcements the foreign minister was characteristically dismissive. stay with mr little move we will demand be application of international boards and we see no argument from our partners and without demonstrating concrete facts they will be responsible for attempting to deceive the international community. so that the russian embassy in london they'll be packing their bags and low russian relations at their lowest point since the cold war but even now britain needs to keep open some lines of communication with moscow on so many issues from iran to north korea britain can't afford to ignore russia. the measures which have been announced here
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would have been largely anticipated by the russians what would really hurt them would be further multilateral sanctions involving other western countries for that to happen britain needs to convince its allies that this is not just a bilateral spat between london and moscow but an issue which has the potential to threaten the security of many western countries barnaby phillips al-jazeera westminster in central london michael berserk user global affairs analyst and former spokesman for the organization of security and cooperation in europe he says the u.k. measures against russia don't go far enough. i would describe it more as a pinprick for the time being rather than hitting russia with a sledgehammer i think that a lot more could be done because don't forget expulsion of diplomats is one thing they can always replace them but you know remember when president obama hit hard against the russians they closed down for example certain properties where the
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russian diplomats play and relax so that should be done here another thing of course is looking at the billions of dollars of property here where we sit in london that has been purchased by russians who have links to president putin transparency international said today that approximately one fifth of the four point four billion in our property here that has been designated by them as you know purchased with dirty money is in is it purchased by russians and then of course the other thing could be travel sanctions i think if significant people as well as maybe even ordinary russians could no longer come here to the united kingdom that is a lead that would really hit them very very hard exactly one month them from a florida school shooting which left seventeen people dead the u.s. house of representatives has approved legislation to help prevent gun violence in schools the bill would allow for at least fifty million dollars a year to fund training and coordination between schools and the police but it
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doesn't address any action on gun control president trump has backed the legislation which falls short of broader measures he suggested fall in the parkland shooting the build not go to the senate for debate. but prosecutors are seeking the death penalty for the teens suspected of last month's shooting a judge and the not guilty plea for nicholas cruz after he remained silent during his court appearance the shooting spots on nationwide student movement and all across the u.s. young people walked out of class demanding stricter gun safety laws and he got to go has more from parker in florida. across the united states students left their classrooms in droves from the east coast to the west this was a mass protest by a generation calling for gun reform on the capitol lawn in washington activists laid out thousands of shoes each pair represents a child killed by gun violence. in new york the sentiments of many reflect the pain in george by those in florida that is why it is important for us to stand here
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today to show that gun control isn't a suggestion but a demand from the american people the protests lasted seventy minutes one for each of the victims that were killed a month ago some t.v. networks followed suit paying tribute to those that died got a lot of schools around the country. we've been doing so i think if we. start changing. the prosecutors in florida and now seeking the death penalty for the alleged shooter nicholas cruz wants yes but more than anything else these students are determined to campaign for change no matter how long it takes a deeply cared to meet the difference and they're going to stop until they have not only that we're going to start seeing politicians realize that they need to make a difference if they want to stay in office and congress hearings into the aftermath of the parklane shooting continue i on the streets demands for gun reform grow if there is
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a message from the students of the marjorie stoneman douglas high school it's one of hope and remembrance they will continue to honor the friends that they lost one month ago but they will also continue to campaign for change this is the voice of a new generation and gallacher al-jazeera park in florida. now to syria where the red crescent says a large aid convoys due to arrive in a rebel held part of eastern ghouta on thursday the u.n. says fighting has assad in duma after a deal with the main rebel group there it allowed the evacuation of around one hundred fifty p. . people in need of medical treatment to the capital damascus at least three hundred civilians that left eastern route in recent days despite the ongoing bombardment by government and russian forces. at least thirteen people have died in the latest attacks on eastern ghouta syrian forces are making major advances nearly a month after stepping up their assault on the besieged enclave in recent days they've sought to cut off sections of rebel held territory and civilians are caught
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up in fighting on another front in it libyan northwest syria rescuers work to free a woman from a collapsed building for twelve hours at least nine people were killed in the attack two others were rescued. further north turkish troops and free syrian army fighters surround the city of a free in the coming hours turkey's been fighting for two months to drive out kurdish forces from the border region it sees them as terrorists thousands of civilians are under siege in the kurdish held territory helen fisher reports i slowly they're closing in on our friend these free syrian army fighters are no taking up positions on the edge of the city the next move could come at any moment . where the special forces that belong to homs a brigade are preparing for an operation which you'll hear about in a few hours it's a big operation at a meeting in ankara the turkish president confidently predicted an end to this phase of operation all of branch in the coming hours. before i came here today i
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checked the latest numbers of how many terrorists were neutralized enough rain three thousand four hundred forty four terrorists were neutralized and we have gotten closer to africa and i hope that by this evening inshallah african will be completely followed but within twenty minutes of the president speaking his advisors were qualifying that what he meant was the city of african would be completely surrounded within a few hours not taken over the cottage militia the y.p. g c the idea that the city is about to fall is completely false. the turks say they've created a humanitarian corridor to low people in the city to leave safely a number of people have already done just that the international red cross has reminded everyone that any civilians who evacuated anywhere in syria must be treated humanely among the key points the emphasize are any evacuees must be informed in advance on the thames of the agreement destination site and evacuation process that they must be protected from attack if they're staying or leaving
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family unity must be protected that there are loads to take and keep personal belongings including important documents and property and possessions left behind must be protected in ashland city. the cards have asked people to donate blood. knowing that a battle may lie ahead in the coming hours bloody that might be alan fischer on the turkey syria border bridges reopened in the iraqi city of mosul more than a year after it was destroyed in fighting between coalition forces and i saw iraqi prime minister body officially opened it to traffic the old bridge as it's known was one of the main links between east and west mosul all five bridges across the tigris were bombed by the u.s. led coalition i suppose moved. as you can see the old bridge is back in its original state it's even better now that's because the reconstruction cost is lower compared to other bridges and it's also important because it represents an artery to bring life back to the old city so this bridge had to be
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the first one to be reconstructed time for a short break here not just iraq when we come back there now and physicist who made the world take notice people are paying tribute to stephen hawking who's died at seventy six. i roll a woman in blue under censorship. from an unscripted moment at china's people's congress this. from dusky sunsets over the sprawling savannah. to sunrise atop an asian metropolis had i was tired for a bit of spring rain in china specifically in hong kong good feed of some of the moisture as you can see combined with various other aspects give you a nice green line up season side of china probably misses shanghai but wouldn't guarantee that inland to further inland is looking fairly fine relatively woman's
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while a few showers will develop as things start to dry up over hong kong and the whole lot moves inland come friday sasso this in the sas china sea increasing cutting the north the philippines looks fine at the moment the onshore breeze isn't quite as strong for vietnam so for example satellite imagery showing showers shows that she nothing over the coast but much of borneo is covered still so the way i see bali east was it looks on the nice clad nights with a rather wet weather is and is forecast to be but we are developing showers further north and they're rather more than just scattered over tile and laos and cambodia over the next couple of days it's still dry season but it wants to change i we've had some of the usual cloud development of a southern india you wouldn't expect significant rain quite so good in the us indeed has happened the far tip of kerala and in the forecasts yet the showers them moving slowly up the coast of the southwest. the weather sponsored by cattle and
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face. in the past seven means over three million homes storing. and eleven million people displaced. syrians made homeless by. sharing their stories. in the ruins of a dream and this time on al-jazeera. welcome back a quick recap of the top stories here this hour moscow has told the u.n. security council that accusations it's behind the poisoning of
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a former russian spy and his daughter unfounded britain requested an emergency meeting in new york just hours after prime minister to resign may order the expulsion of twenty three russian diplomats. exactly a month after a florida school shooting which left seventeen people dead the u.s. house of representatives has approved legislation to help prevent gun violence in schools comes as students across the u.s. staged a walkout demanding tougher gun control legislation now goes to the senate. and the word present in syria says a large aid convoys due to arrive in a rebel held part of the same group on thursday follows the medical evacuation of one hundred fifty people from duma where fighting has subsided after a deal with the main rebel group is. now at least nine people have been killed and twenty seven injured after a bomb blast ripped through a police checkpoint in eastern pakistan it happened in the city of lahore where police were changing guards the checkpoint was outside an annual religious meeting where only eighty thousand people were gathered pakistan's main taliban group has
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claimed responsibility for the attack. says it's willing to work with u.n. agencies on the possible repatriation of range of refugees who fled to bangladesh so far the governments approved the return of fewer than four hundred range that's from a list of more than eight thousand names that bangladesh provided about seven hundred thousand range of fed me and mas northern rakhine state since the start of military crackdown in august senior officials in myanmar say they're in talks with un agencies and how they can help repatriation efforts. we considered that the time is now appropriate to invite you in a t r and you and d.p. to involved in the repatriation and resettlement process that's right less in carrying out the nivea who development said communities in the kind state the has come back with the proposal and concept paper or nine march two thousand and eighteen to exult in the reply tradition process the government is now
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considering the proposal. and we were riveted back to them all to zero as far as most. yes my government official said they were only able to verify the three hundred seventy four names out of a list of about eight thousand names given to them by bangladesh because the wreck or its furnished to them were incomplete they weren't fingerprint records they went photographs so they've only been able to verify the small number now they appear to be really keen to show they that they are ready to get the repatch ration process started especially when only a week ago a bangladeshi minister had said that he didn't think the repatriation process was likely to succeed and appeared to lay the blame on myanmar which he described as an evil rogue government now the reality is however conditions on the ground in myanmar may not be suitable for revenge or refugees to return there was an amnesty international report issued just of several days ago that said will hinge a villages are being bulldozed and structures including military bases roads of the
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sorts of infrastructure are being built on top of those villages it also described what was happening as a land grab by the military on a dramatic scale and it said it made the eventual return of refugees even more unlikely now they also said that the new centers that were being built by the government for returning refugees appeared to be in places where there is heightened security presence these sensors are also surrounded by fences and this is this comes from a study of satellite imagery in the area and on top of that you've got a u.n. investigator saying the government appears to be pursuing a policy of starvation to drive the ranger the remaining population out of. the european union says it will give another three point seven billion dollars for syrian refugees in turkey but it plans to punish countries refused to take back people who don't get asylum in europe the measures include targeting diplomats by restricting their visas or increasing travel costs the e.u.
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hopes this will further reduce the number of refugees entering the middle east and africa. stock yes prime minister has offered to resign as his party faces growing protests of a corruption and the murder of a journalist robert fico has been under intense pressure to step down since young and his fiance were killed last month which asked as are pushing for a thorough inquiry into the deaths could have been investigating alleged links between government figures and the italian mafia the interior minister stepped down earlier this week. two people have been shot dead during anti-government protests in guinea they have been weeks of protests led by opposition parties demanding the publication of results of last month's elections allies of president alpha condé say he won the poll protests in the country's western mining towns have died down the line but such shipments to resume. meanwhile teachers are called off their month long strike out to reach an agreement with the government president hyundai has faced criticism following the industrial action for drag on south africa has
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slammed an australian government minister for suggesting white south african farmers should get special visas due to the horrific circumstances they face at home so that's going to presidents or of course has vowed to escalate the pace of redistributing land from wealthy whites to poor blacks almost seventy five percent of south africa's farmland is still owned by whites more than twenty four years after apartheid but from a poster says any transfer would be done legally. i can say now that we will not allow grapes we will not allow lending invasions and those who are tempted to resort to such activities must be warned in advance that we will not allow it because it is illegal but apart from being illegal it begins to violate the rise of the south africans it is. zimbabwe's business community is calling for international sanctions to be lifted to help improve the struggling economy
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president. wants to attract more foreign investors but some are cautious about doing business with zimbabwe. from where. company produces one thousand eight hundred tons of flour a month he thinks he could double production as sanctions imposed on zimbabwe by the waist nearly two decades ago are removed they targeted specific individuals loyal to former president robert mugabe was not as company is not on the sanctions list but he feels being zimbabwean means many others like him are considered guilty by association with. countries. sending money to zimbabwe ultimately just. be frozen. that affected us.
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from the number of companies afflicted with equipment bought from europe and the us can't easily be replaced the state owned railway company is one of several that needs urgent foreign direct investment. right now president government is leasing locomotives and wagons from neighboring south africa he says it's a temporary solution until people are ready to do business with zimbabwe again president. and hold free and. once that then perhaps all. will be removed. to law foreign investment was government says it will amend black economic empowerment laws to limit majority ownership for the state to only diamonds and platinum they have to work with as promised. but not many. actually being actively kept.
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encourage people to believe everything. close enough. and until those investors sees them as low risk which could take a while remnants of the once thriving industrial sector tower over the jobless al-jazeera. the well known retailer toys r us will sell or close all of its u.s. stores putting thirty thousand jobs at risk it's also shutting down its remaining seventy five outlets in britain the company filed for bankruptcy last year after racking up five billion dollars in debt toys r us dominated the business in the one nine hundred eighty s. and ninety's has been struggling to compete with online retailers such as amazon. the university where stephen hawking made his name has been at the forefront of worldwide tributes to the renowned physicist a book of condolences has been opened at cambridge university after he died at age seventy six hawking worked there for almost fifty years he was also an inspiration
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for people with disabilities after being diagnosed with a form of motor neuron disease in his twenty's looks at hawking's life. stephen hawking was a devoted scientist what was often treated like a statesman millions revered him for his gift of communicating complex matters to the masses i and on wednesday there were expressions of sadness across the world a cambridge university where hawking studied and worked for decades they were particularly proud of the professor xavier has just had such a huge impact as as a person he's inspired generation after generation of individuals to go into sciences inspired people who are disabled and the foreign ministry in china the country he visited several times offered its condolences to hawkings family. mr stephen hawking was an outstanding scientist who has been battling disease he made
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great contributions to science and to mankind we are alive we are intelligent hawking decoded some of the most enigmatic mysteries of the universe its origins structure and end from big bang to black holes he also beat the odds spectacularly hawking was almost twenty one and a student at cambridge university when he was diagnosed with a less a degenerative motor neuron condition he was given just two and a half years but went on to live for more than half a century. because. as the disease progressed talking last mobility and had to rely on a wheelchair after losing the ability to speak hawking turn to a voice synthesizer selecting words by moving his cheek muscles a tedious process but one that allowed him to express his pioneering ideas looking was respected early on in scientific circles for helping to prove the big bang
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theory about how the universe burst into existence fourteen billion years ago global acclaim came in one thousand nine hundred eight with the release of his book a brief history of time this introduction to cosmology was a global hit it sold more than ten million copies and been translated into dozens of languages at this tokyo bookstore his fans have been paying tribute showing. he had a mind that no ordinary person could patent i wonder if he was able to convey everything that he wanted to convey through his research. stephen hawking became a figure in popular culture guest starring on shows such as the simpsons and star trek the presses in the washington press corps and public fascination with him culminated in the hollywood film of his remarkable life the theory of everything the universe is expanding if you were first in the universe getting smaller. stephen hawking devoted his life to seeking answers to the questions of our existence and in doing so he helped us to peer deeper into how our universe works
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now a chinese reporter is in trouble because she rolled her eyes during the national people's congress reporter liang xiang ye on the left couldn't contain her disdain of a soft level of questioning from a colleague china's governments tried to censor the clip which went viral and has taken away her accreditation reporters at the annual event and the questions vetted in advance by the authorities. all the news of course on our website there it is on your screen the address is al jazeera dot com that's al-jazeera. time for a quick check of the headlines here russia has told the u.n. security council that accusations its behind the poisoning of a former spy and his daughter are unfounded written requests that an emergency meeting in new york just hours after prime minister to resign may order the expulsion of twenty three russian diplomats this is how russia has acted in every
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other case where it is being caught flouting international law denial destruction and threats it is what russia does but we will not let such threats deter us we will not weaken our resolve we will stand firm confident in our democracy our rule of law and the freedom of our people we will stand by the values which is shared by the overwhelming majority of those in this council in this united nations and we are asking today to stand by us exactly a month after seventeen people died in a florida school shooting the u.s. house of representatives has approved legislation to help prevent gun violence in schools the bill increases funding for safety and training but doesn't address gun control it comes as students across the u.s. staged a walkout in modern tougher gun laws. the red crescent in syria says
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a large aid convoys due to arrive in a rebel held part of eastern ghouta on thursday follows the medical evacuation of one hundred fifty people from duma the fighting has subsided after a deal with the main rebel group in the area. at least nine people have been killed and twenty seven injured after a bomb blast ripped through a police station near lahore in eastern pakistan it happened outside an annual religious meeting where nearly eighty thousand people were gathered pakistan's main taliban group has claimed responsibility for the attack stocky as prime minister has offered to resign as his party faces growing protests on corruption on the murder of a journalist robert fico has been under intense pressure to quit since john and his fiance were killed last month just as are pushing for an inquiry into the deaths have been investigating alleged links between government figures and the italian mafia. well those are the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after
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inside story station that's the watching. what now for washington's relations with the rest of the world. america's top diplomat well rex telling his replacement. vision of foreign policy this story.


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