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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  March 15, 2018 6:00am-6:34am +03

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to train and equip the opposition in syria so they can help push back these terrorists people in power investigates how the us supplies soviet style weapons to its allies through private companies and the us government could wash their hands and say well we didn't know where it was so weapon that was supplied by the us government may well end up being pointed at us soldiers yes absolutely pick it up that's me two months off in the professional americas guns secret pipeline to syria and this time on al jazeera. we will not weaken our resolve. we will stand firm britain takes its case against moscow to the u.n. after announcing russian diplomats will be expelled over the poisoning of a former spy russia says it wasn't involved.
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in this is al jazeera live from doha it was a coming up. from coast to coast students in the u.s. walk out of class to demand change a month after a school shooting in florida. the call for donations of blood kurdish fighters in the syrian city prepared for one last big battle with turkish forces plus. we will not. we will not allow. a vote from south africa's president as australia offers to help the republic's white farmers. told the u.n. security council that accusations by the u.k. that it is behind the poisoning of a former russian spy and his daughter are unfounded britain requested the emergency
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meeting in new york just hours after prime minister to resign may ordered the expulsion of twenty three russian diplomats the u.s. called on the security council to hold russia accountable for what it described as a chemical weapons attack so again yes cripple remain in a critical condition in hospital often targeted with a military grade nerve agent last week britain's deputy ambassador to the u.n. urged the security council to take a united stance towards russia this is how russia has acted in every other case where it is being caught flouting international law did destruction and threats it is what russia does. but we will not let such threats deter us we will not weaken our resolve we will stand firm confident in our democracy our rule of law and the freedom of our people we will stand by the values which is
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shared by the overwhelming majority of those in this council in this united nations and we are you today to stand by us christensen from the united nations and headquarters in new york. the united kingdom laid out its case for blaming the russians and got full throated support from its strongest allies on the council including the united states france and sweden other council members were reluctant to point the fingers at russia but expressed their concern over the gravity of the situation the united states for its part made a very clear plan to stand by its ally while russia continued to deny the charges the united states stands in absolute solidarity with great britain. the united states believes that russia is responsible for the attack on two people and the united kingdom using a military grade nerve agent. interested in finding the truth
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lost they guided by something else the using propaganda war to influence the public which is very easy to influence and not well educated the u.k. has asked the o.p.c. . organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons to validate the findings of their investigation the russians say they're happy to cooperate but they won't respond to alternate arms the case says continue to keep the international community apprised of progress in the investigation let's get more on those measures that the british prime minister announced against russia to resume a has given twenty three russian diplomats a week to leave the country a move that the white house backs a u.k. correspondent reports. there was an air of inevitability to the private a says i'm not surprised given what she calls the contempt with which russia has responded to her demands for next probational what the british authorities say was a hit. so mr speaker there is no alternative conclusion other than that the russian
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state was culpable for the attempted murder of mr script and his daughter and for threatening the lives of other british citizens in salzburg including detective sergeant nick they this represents an unlawful use of force by the russian state against the united kingdom she told parliament she's expelling twenty three russian diplomats alleged to be undeclared intelligence offices they have a week to leave she said the u.k. will suspend all high level bilateral contacts with russia and cancel a planned visit by foreign minister sergei lavrov ministers and the royal family will boycott russia's well cup in june and she said the government would freeze russian state assets if there's evidence they may be used to threaten the life or property of u.k. nationals or residence the opposition labor party leader jeremy corbyn was supportive up to a point his spokesman later refused to say the russian state was definitely at
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fault if the government believes that it is still a possibility that russia negligently lost control of a military grade nerve agent what action is being taken through the o.p.c. w. with our allies by welcome the fact the police are working with the o.p.c. w. . and has the prime minister taken the necessary steps under the chemical weapons convention to make a formal request for evidence from the russian government under article nine point two. from russia itself the message remains consistent speaking before theresa may's announcement the foreign minister was characteristically dismissive of him and stood with mr little move we will demand be application of international laws and we see no argument from our partners and without demonstrating concrete facts they will be responsible for attempting to deceive the international community. so
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at the russian embassy in london they'll be packing their bags anglo russian relations at their lowest point since the cold war but even now britain needs to keep open some lines of communication with moscow on so many issues from iran to north korea britain can't afford to ignore russia the measures which have been announced here would have been largely anticipated by the russians what would really hurt them would be further multilateral sanctions involving other western countries for that to happen britain needs to convince its allies that this is not just a bilateral spat between london and moscow but an issue which has the potential to threaten the security of many western countries to be phillip's al-jazeera westminster in central london. is a global affairs analysts he says the u.k. measures against russia don't go far enough. i would describe it more as
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a pinprick for the time being rather than hitting russia with a sledgehammer i think that a lot more could be done because don't forget expulsion of diplomats is one thing they can always replace them but you know remember when president obama hit hard against the russians they closed for example certain properties where the russian diplomats play and relax so that should be done here another thing of course is looking at the billions of dollars of property here where we sit in london that has been purchased by russians who have links to president putin transparency international said today that approximately one fifth of the four point four billion in property here that has been designated by them as you know purchased with dirty money is and is purchased by russians and then of course the other thing could be travel sanctions i think if significant people as well as maybe even ordinary russians could no longer come here to the united kingdom that easily that
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would really hit them very very hard exactly a month after seven people seventeen people died in the florida school shooting the u.s. house of representatives has approved legislation to try to prevent gun violence in schools the bill will allow for at least fifteen million dollars a year to fund training and coordination between schools and police but it doesn't address any action on gun control president donald trump has backed the legislation which falls short of broader measures he suggested following the pact in choosing the bill now goes to the senate for debate prosecutors are seeking the death penalty for the teen suspected of last month's shooting a judge entered a not guilty plea for nicholas cruz of the main silent during his court appearance the shooting sparked a nationwide student movement and all across the u.s. young people walked out of class demanding strict to gun safety and they got to get more from park and in flight. across the united states students left their
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classrooms in droves from the east coast to the west this was a mass protest by a generation calling for gun reform on the capitol lawn in washington activists laid out thousands of shoes each pair represents a child killed by gun violence. in new york the sentiments of many reflect the pain and george by those in florida that is why it is important for us to stand here today to show that gun control isn't a suggestion but a demand from the american people the protests lasted seventy minutes one for each of the victims that were killed a month ago some t.v. networks followed suit paying tribute to those that died on to schools around the country. we've been doing so i think if we can. start changing. the prosecutors in florida and now seeking the death penalty for the alleged shooter nicholas cruz i want yes but more than anything else these students are determined
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to campaign for change no matter how long it takes a deeply cared to meet the difference and there are going to stop until they have not only does that mean that we're going to start seeing politicians realize that they need to make a difference and they want to stay in office and congress hearings into the aftermath of the parklane shooting continue i on the streets demands for gun reform grow if there is a message from the students of the marjorie stoneman douglas high school it's one of hope and remembrance they will continue to honor the friends that they lost one month ago but they will also continue to campaign for change this is the voice of a new generation and gallacher al-jazeera park in florida now to syria where the red crescent says a large aid convoy is due to arrive in the rebel held parts of eastern goes on thursday the u.n. says fighting has subsided in duma after a deal with the main rebel group the it allowed the vaca. hundred fifty people in
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need of medical treatment to the capital damascus at least three hundred civilians have left eastern goods in recent days despite the ongoing bombardment by government and russian forces. people have died in the latest attacks in eastern go to syrian forces are making major advances nearly a month after stepping up their assault on the besieged area in recent days they have sought to cut off sections of rebel held territory. civilians are caught up in fighting on another front in northwest syria rescuers worked for twelve hours to free a woman from a collapsed building at least nine people were killed in the same attack two others were rescued further north turkish troops and free syrian army fighters are aiming to surround the city of affray in the coming hours turkey's been fighting for two months to drive out kurdish forces from the border region it sees them as terrorists thousands of civilians are under siege in the kurdish held territory as
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alan fischer points i slowly they're closing in on our friend these free syrian army fighters an o.t. here positions on the edge of the city the next group could come at any moment. with the special forces that belong to our homes a brigade we're preparing for an operation which we'll hear about in a few hours it's a big operation at a meeting in ankara the turkish president confidently predicted an end to this phase of operation all of branch in the coming hours. before i came here today i checked the latest numbers of how many terrorists were neutralized in africa in three thousand four hundred forty four terrorists or neutralized and we have gotten closer to africa and i hope that by this evening inshallah african will be completely followed but within twenty minutes of the president speaking his advisors were qualified that what he meant was the city of african would be completely surrounded within a few hours not taken over the kurdish militia the y.p. g so the idea that the city is about to fall is completely false i the turks say
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they've created a humanitarian call to go to a low people in the city to leave safely a number of people have already done just that the international red cross has reminded everyone that any civilians who evacuated anywhere in syria must be treated humanely among the key points the emphasize are any evacuees must be informed in advance on the terms of the agreement destination site and evacuation process that the. must be protected from attack if they're staying or leaving family unity must be protected that there are loads to take and keep personal belongings including important documents and property and positions left behind must be protected enough in city itself because people to donate blood in the. doing that a battle ahead becoming you know those bloody that might be. on the turkey syria border thursday marks seven years since the start of the uprising that aid to
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the syrian civil war the torture of fifteen schoolchildren in the southern province of dura for writing anti-government graffiti sparked the first mass demonstrations weeks later security forces opened fire on crowds in the protests spread to damascus homs and other cities soldiers angry over the government's response defected from syria's military and announced the formation of the free syrian army aiming to asked bashar al assad the country was heading towards a civil war by ferry the following year armed rebellion spread to parts of libya holmes and the damascus countryside in november twenty different rebel groups began seizing territory and the syrian kurds took defacto control of kurdish dominated areas after the withdrawal of assad's forces twenty thirteenth for the birth of eisel which captured large swathes of syria and iraq over the next two years in september twenty fifteen the russian military stepped in it said it was fighting
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isolated so-called terrorists but its support to magically altered the battle lines in favor of its ally a key rebel held areas such as eastern the leopard their ire and homes came under government control last year i saw was effectively pushed out after a renewed offensive by the u.s. led coalition after seven years of conflict this is how the battle map of syria looks small pockets of rebel held territory are surrounded by regime for. kurds control much of the country's north that territory is divided by turkey backed rebel groups in the middle with pushed into small corners of the country and one of the main bridges in the iraqi city of mosul has reopened prime minister made it official more than a year after it was blown up in fighting between coalition forces and i saw all five bridges across the tigris river were destroyed. as you can see the old bridge is back in its original state it's even better now
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that's because the reconstruction cost is lower compared to other bridges and it's also important because a represents an artery to bring life back to the old city so this bridge had to be the first one to be reconstructed at least nine people have been killed and twenty seven injured after a bomb blast ripped through a police checkpoint in eastern pakistan it happened near the city of lahore while police were changing guards the checkpoint was outside an annual religious meeting when eighty thousand people were gathered pakistan's taliban has claimed responsibility for the attack it's led on al jazeera. this is the first ever to have an artistic director. significant. about the changes in society.
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hello the latest winter storm which draws a nor'easter to massachusetts in particular is very obviously visible it's curling up through eastern count and now but the os about it so quiet ties are many hours to go before the wind relief finally drops out and snow stops falling and tukey may hide the temp she's off single figures two in toronto six in new york the real cold is still back in the canadian prairies and that's coming up against incoming pacific whether we should get some good late winter snow cover for all the high ground really from the canadian border southwards almost down to the hills inland from l.a. of course is that walled abuts the cold the city of the plains you get significant stuff as a tongue for a while stretching right across the central plains winter has not yet gone as you can see have a science of the u.s. and this is a sort of legacy of the last winter storms
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a line of cloud he would choose because it brought a few showers even as fast as it induced him off the yucatan peninsula across cuba and the bahamas and that might still be the case in the next day or so we've seen significant showers in the coast of nicaragua otherwise although it is still a little bit more showery look at jamaica eastern cuba is still a fine time of the year in the caribbean. subzero temperatures extreme altitudes. this is where the hard part because of the extraordinary journey from polish to tajikistan. in ordinary georgia and of course we do high you know there's no oxygen. just to experience life simple pleasures. risking it all in the car to stop of this time.
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and again you're watching al-jazeera the top stories moscow has told the u.n. security council that accusations it's behind the poisoning of a former russian spy and his daughter quote unfounded britain requested an emergency meeting in new york just hours after prime minister to resign may ordered the expulsion of twenty three russian diplomats. executive months after seventeen people died in a florida school shooting the u.s. house of representatives has approved legislation to help prevent gun attacks in schools it comes as students across the u.s. states the walkout demanding tougher controls. the red crescent in syria says
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a large aid convoy is due to arrive in the rebel held parts of eastern goods on thursday it follows the medical evacuation of one hundred fifty people from duma the fighting has subsided after a deal with the main rebel group in the area. south africa slammed an australian government minister for suggesting white south african farmers should get special visas because of what's described as horrific circumstances they face at home so that they can presidents or all run a poser has vowed to escalate the pace of redistributing land from wealthy whites to poor blacks almost seventy five percent of south africa's farmland is still owned by whites more than twenty four years after the end of apartheid a drum oppose a says any chance for it would be done legally i can say now that we will not a long land grabs we will not allow land invasions and those who are tempted to resort to such activities must be wound not bombs that we will not allow it
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because it is illegal but apart from being illegal it begins to violate the rights of other south african citizens in return as the spokesman for the refugee action coalition in brisbane he says the decision highlights the astray and government's racist attitudes towards refugees. i think i think the racism of the coalition government to strike here is very very clearly on the sly that's exactly what it is it's astounding you parker say and and it is clearly you know races that we've often joke that if they're all you know white zimbabwean has a white south african farmers arriving in but it's a mistrial there would not be mandatory detention. ethiopians going to sudanese when they're somalis when they're from iraq or afghanistan the attitude is very very different that bites are turned around they're expelled to nero and and medicine it is astounding that the saudi government rices them i think has been
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recognised internationally and how it's treated refugees and nap heated up was taken up another step to get this by the crisis money international's eyes this is the this is a government that is in very difficult electoral circumstances in astrology and i would i would lose an election and there will be an election in the next next few months i will lose it dramatically end up in a dot and comments are buried under the law and for domestic political the domestic political audience who died i have been pitching to our isis fight in australia full some time now that i've been you know criminalizing you know sort of sudanese refugees there being no references about you know african gangs a lot of there's been you know no substance so that in terms of the experience and the striving community about it it's a think a very very deliberate ploy to appeal to rice's vote in the context of a government which is declining in the polls and a desperate late feeling that rice is not to try and maintain some popularity.
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nigeria's president has told the families of one hundred ten missing schoolgirls there will be no rest until they are found mamadou bihari visited the school in northeastern with the students were abducted last month the government says they were taken by suspected boko haram fighters it's the second largest abduction since the group kidnapped more than two hundred seventy schoolgirls from the town of cheap book in twenty fourteen bihari as promised a renewed military offensive so i guess prime minister has offered to resign as he's party faces growing protests against corruption and the murder of a journalist robert fisk who has been under intense pressure to step down since yon could shake and his fiance were killed last month protesters are pushing for a thorough inquiry into the dates could be investigating alleged links between government figures and the italian mafia interior minister step down this week
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said these are biennial begins on friday and runs for the next three months for the first time ever it has an artistic director from asia japan's many cattle car curating this is event says her choices of artists reflect the modern multicultural city and to thomas reports. sidney's held a not be an alley almost every two years since one thousand nine hundred seventy three but some of our critics say this year is sydney's twenty first represents a coming of age old libyan ollie's previous artistic directors have been west and other australian european or american this be and ali is the first with someone from asia curating monica to ocala who normally runs a gallery in tokyo sees the significance and how it reflects a broader changes in australia since the bee and ali began so this is not a zero but this is not europe either it's interesting to see the demographics of this country and city and how you capture. this entire team through the lens of the
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. one nine hundred seventy three year of the first b. and ali was also the year the queen both britain's and australia's open sydney's new opera house the crowd in this old footage is exclusively white until nine hundred seventy three white australia was official policy that changed soon after and australia sent to become far more multicultural today more immigrants arrive from china and india than from any european country the art scene reflects that so that doesn't seem to rattle this be an erroneous and calculating something that is being percolating. and sort of that being away since. since the late seventy's maybe eighty eighty years but the analogy is showing out in six thousand years across sydney chinese artist ai weiwei ways work in response to the global refugee crisis is the standout piece on cockatoo island
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a film a shipyard and one time prison in the middle of sydney harbor. unlike some permanent galleries like london's tate modern which have been built within the shelves of former industrial buildings this has been a space is still very much roar the floors around even the cracks in the windows and this machinery it's still covered in dust tiny artist has hung canvases from the ceiling of a formal workshop where ships were once made and repaired firth. she gives me the sphere. even critics who don't like most of the b. and all these are not the setting is dramatic even sometimes most but now or or you know sort of piece can look quite interesting in one of these places it borrows from the interest of the buildings alan thinks the bee in all these ought suffers from being too commercial it's not as political as it once was but arts can reflect
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rather than campaign and this year's been ali reflects the changing face of australia under thomas al jazeera sydney well known retailer toys r us will sell or close all of its u.s. stores putting thirty thousand jobs at risk it's also shutting down its remaining seventy five artists in britain the company filed for bankruptcy last year after racking up five billion dollars in debt it dominated the toy business in the one nine hundred eighty s. and ninety's but it's been struggling to compete with online retailers such as amazon a chinese reporter is in trouble because she rolled her eyes during the national people's congress reporter lying on the left couldn't contain their disdain at the soft level of questioning from a colleague china's government has tried to censor the clip which went viral and has taken away her cretaceous reporters at the annual event to have their questions vetted in advance by authorities scott high there's more from beijing. it was the i
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roll seen around the world and it's still being viewed now the young is a financial magazine journalist here in china she's wearing a blue dress in this video she is seen reacting to her colleagues in a red dress there asking a very long winded softball question at a press conference on tuesday what's going on in china right now is the national people's congress this is their version of the annual parliamentary session and what's known to take place during these two weeks are a lot of press conferences heads of ministries officials will hold these kinds of press conferences but there it's also known that a lot of these questions at the press conferences are state or choreographed people took it off screen because it was aired live on state run television here in china then reposed it and posted it was interesting to see how quickly censors here in china went away about to bring down those video clips but also even phrases lady in blue was a phrase that also being censored and still is being censored now so it's very
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interesting to see how quickly they stepped up the great firewall here in china to control this message that came out of this press conference now what's interesting is that it's very sensitive time during this national people's congress generally every year it happens but what's even more so now is there are a lot of changes being put forth by the communist party so even you know during a sensitive time normally it's even more sensitive now there's even a constitutional change that lifted term limits on the presidency in the vice presidency so. the current president is very sensitive about that change and about controlling the message in these very choreographed press conferences this goes against that seeing this woman role arise so they're obviously trying to control that. is there these are the top stories russia has told the u.n. security council that accusations it's behind the poisoning of a former spy and his daughter. found britain requested an emergency meeting in new
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york just hours after prime minister to resign may ordered the expulsion of twenty three russian diplomats. this is how russia has acted in every other case where it is being called flouting international law denial destruction and threats it is what russia does but we will not let such threats deterrence we will not weaken our resolve we will stand firm confident in our democracy our rule of law and the freedom of our people we will stand by the values which is shared by the overwhelming majority of those in this council in this united nations and we are skewed today to stand by us exactly a month after seventeen people died in a florida school shooting the u.s. house of representatives has approved legist legislation to try to help prevent gun
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attacks in schools it comes as students across the u.s. staged a walkout demanding tougher controls the red crescent in syria says a large aid convoy is due to arrive in a rebel held parts of eastern got on thursday but as a medical evacuation of one hundred fifty people from duma where fighting has subsided after a deal with the main rebel group in the area it is nine people have been killed and twenty seven injured after a bomb blast ripped through a police checkpoint near low hor in eastern pakistan have been outside an annual religious meeting where nearly eighty thousand people were gathered pakistan's main taliban group has claimed responsibility for the attack so their figures slammed an australian government minister for suggesting white south african farmers should get special visas because of what's been described as quote circumstances they face at home serbian president so all round pose as valid to escalate the pace of redistributing land from wealthy whites to poor blacks those are the headlines the
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news continues here on al-jazeera but first it is risking it all. i am doing this on the benefit of saddam people so bad they see the importance of our. witness documentaries that open your eyes at this time on al-jazeera.


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