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trying to take in more folks that need that if profundity stronger man our song woman was getting the growth of rejectionism of this world because the model doesn't work europe's forbidden colony episode two at this time on al-jazeera coming. up later. a mass exodus more than twelve thousand residents flee a town in eastern pewter as the syrian army advances we'll have a live update. hello again you're watching al-jazeera live from our headquarters here in doha mining's part of w. also coming up in the next thirty minutes russia's foreign ministry describes as
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insane the british government's accusations that moscow organized a nerve agent attack on an expiry and his daughter in the city of salzburg in england no longer in play the leading the worst toy seller toys r us is filing for bankruptcy losing the battle to online retailers. also this half owner country an increase in the number of women joining the afghan police force. let's get going to the developing story for you coming to us out of syria more than twelve thousand people are leaving east and in syria as government forces close in on the last major opposition stronghold close to damascus they're going to territory held by president bashar al assad's army and its allies it is the largest number of people to leave since the assault on eastern ghouta was launched last month it's happening as
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a twenty five truck aid convoy enters the area the syrian red crescent says it's aiming for the town of duma and contains enough supplies for just over twenty six thousand people for a month east and has been the syrian opposition largest piece of territory near the capital but it's been split into three encircled pockets by the syrian government offensive our correspondent alan fischer is on the turkey syria border alan difficult to know for sure of course but what we think's going on there in eastern guta. well watching what's been happening over the last few hours it seems that a number of people decided to try the humanitarian corridor that the syrian government and the russians had set up out of this town and what started out as hundreds became thousands of became this very bizarre precession on the seven thousand vesey of the start of the syrian civil war and people have been moving through that area away from the bombardment remember this town has been under
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bombardment for more than three weeks of people clearly took the decision that rather than live under that anymore they would take their chances on the government side and there are no in the government side where they will be processed that we identified and the big give any what happens after that we're not entirely sure but certainly this is been a tactic that has been used by the syrian government since they employed the russians to help them in the battle in syria they get to an area the encircled and then the u.s. military pressure to get a political pressure which is getting people out of that area and as you see gupta is split into three so there's possible that know they've started to do this in the south eastern part to me do it in other towns and other cities across the region now as far as the aid is concerned we know that in northern good and duma they had a number of trucks arrive last week but not all of them were able to unload the liter dead at the weekend but this is a new convoy that's going in carrying enough food for people to survive for at
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least a month for a boat twenty six thousand people that are no medical supplies at the again have been stripped out of these trucks but for the moment people in the north are getting some food while people in the south are getting out and what's the latest from aspirin. what we're hearing the afrin is surrounded by turkish soldiers the turkish presidency see they're expected to have soldiers in the center of the town within the next couple of days they're under pressure from the european parliament. to pull out of offering completely but that has been rejected in the last owner so by president of the one he says they intend to continue their operations there the turkish presidency also saying that once they have control of our friend they might not give it back to syria now that would go against the policy that they've held since they started this operation back in january operation all of bryant the intention was to try and sweep the y. p.g.
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the kurdish militia east of the euphrates and part of that was getting down to our friend and they say that once they have done that there is no guarantee that they will hand this territory back to syria no that would cause some concern in damascus i'm sure in normal circumstances that another country was saying they were going to take over what is so foreign territory for the syrians but for the moment the syrians are concentrating on what's going on in ghouta much closer to the capital damascus than what is happening all the way over in our friend allan thanks very much wells in a holder has the latest from those talks taking place on the war in syria from the kazakh capital a stunner. the turkish russian and iranian foreign ministers will be meeting in the capital on friday these three countries really have been closely cooperating concerning syria over over a year or so but clearly there are differences between them there are disagreements
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between them they do not see eye to eye on those differences emerged in re and it became very very obvious now russia of course giving turkey the green light to launch the offensive because it had the aim of trying to damage the relationship between turkey and and the united states and russia also trying to put pressure on the y.p. g. the kurdish militia to hand over territory to the syrian government now the iranians also are unhappy with turkey's increasing role not only in african but in northern syria now these three countries coming together to discuss syria even the russian president vladimir putin himself actually saying that. look we understand each of these countries we have our different interests and we have different concerns but we are working together so there are common interests really are more important than their differences but the meeting really comes at a critical time because asked and i was about reducing the violence in syria and on the contrary what has happened is that the violence the level of violence has only
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height and the conflict is is worsening on the ground and these three players are what brings them together really is their animosity towards the united states and now we're seeing us up our small towards turkey and now whether or not this will continue in light of the fact that the u.s. secretary of state has been replaced this is another question but the u.s. trying to pull turkey away from russia and iran so these different players which have influence in syria have decision making powers really in syria coming together to try to pave the way for you know the next phase in this ongoing conflict. well today it is not exactly seven years since the syrian civil war began with the brutal repression of peaceful protests against the president bashar al assad the start of the uprising began when a group of children schooled and graffiti on a wall in the southern city of daraa samir c s n e was one of the boys involved this is his story. three incentive my name is summer
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and i'm twenty one years old i was fourteen when the revolutions in the arab world started we used to follow the news on t.v. one day some friends and i wrote on a wall it's your turn doctor us security agencies threaten my father with the arrest of all the members of our family if i wasn't handed over to the police within twenty four hours they also told him if he did hand me in nothing would happen except to sign a pledge not to write words like that again instead myself and twenty of my friends spent three months in prison we suffered all forms of torture and had nightmares our families did everything for us to be released when we were eventually returned to our families other people welcomed our release near the alimony mosque by protesting and chanting against the regime after that i joined the free syrian army i fought battles and i've been injured i got married and have two daughters i live a normal life but this will always be my way either to be a martyr or to achieve victory but we will never retreat. france germany and the
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u.s. have all this feud a joint statement with the u.k. holding moscow responsible for last week's nerve agent attack in the u.k. earlier britain's foreign secretary but rist johnson said evidence that russia was behind the attack on a former russian spy and his daughter was overwhelming the ukase expelled twenty three russian diplomats over the incident the largest expulsion of its kind since the cold war the russian foreign minister sergei lavrov said which is diplomats would be sent home in response his spokeswoman earlier called the u.k. accusations completely insane for didn't we see an attempt to use the mechanisms of the security council to once again fuel the anti russian hysteria we call once again on the u.k. to provide all materials at their disposal regarding this incident as they call it let's get more on the russian response now john a hole is in moscow. well we are getting bits and pieces of additional information from the russian government
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albeit as yet no concrete response spelled out the russian foreign minister sergei lavrov addressing an unrelated forum in moscow a short while ago i was asked by a member of the media whether he was willing and ready to start expelling british diplomats in response to the british moves in london he said absolutely and soon i promise you that he called the allegations against russia absolutely boorish and an example of russophobia in the meantime dmitri peskov the russian president's spokesman has said that you can and you can expect an answer from us any time you won't have to wait long but he pointed out that russia considers britain's position absolutely irresponsible and simply doesn't understand british britain's position and what seems to be happening here is that russia is increasingly falling back settling on a position to do with correct procedure correct obligate obligations being
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fulfilled in terms of the chemical weapons convention membership of the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons in terms of which russia believes a sample of this nerve agent must be submitted to the o.p.c. w. all members to the convention must have time to consider it and russia must have ten days worth of time to give its considered response britain essentially has jumped the gun as far as moscow is concerned it stands ready to cooperate with any investigation but it won't be dictated to that is russia's position currently as we await further details on what its concrete response may be meanwhile tourism a has arrived at the sites of last week's nerve agent attack the british prime minister thanked the first responders service cripple and his daughter yulia were found unconscious on a bench outside a shopping center after the attack they along with a police officer remain in a critical condition live now to london and our correspondent barnaby phillips barnaby other ready for russian reprisals there. i think russian reprisals
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are expected peter and they were anticipated whilst the british were drawing up their response it was always likely that if a substantial number of russian diplomats were expelled from from london that a substantial number of british diplomats were going to be expelled from moscow that is the expectation in the foreign office here in london yes mrs me has been looking for a multilateral backup plan on this and i guess she's kind of got a long way towards that because we've heard these comments coming from the french the germans and the americans just in the past sixty minutes or so however the french are also saying look you've got to get the evidence that you're basing your suppositions on your instincts on as well to the c.w. based in the hague which is what the russians were saying as well. yes i mean the french position has been a little bit confusing i suppose you'd say over the last twenty four hours and that hasn't been helpful to the to the british the british have tried very hard to drum
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up support from their allies and to ensure that the west is seen as projecting a united front that has been the british agenda president macron came out this morning and appeared to contradict those more hesitant remarks that you were quoting from his spokesperson which came out yesterday v.c.u. to me and so i think we can take this latest statement from the united states germany france and the u.k. at face value which is that the west is united and to quote it that there is no plausible explanation for this attack other than that russia was responsible so i think that will reassure the british whether they are able to convince allies to take any action in unison with them against russia be further sanctions be be it from cancellation of reciprocal visits by other countries for example i know
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that president macro is due to to visit russia quite soon that remains to be seen when the reprisals come and everyone saying they will come at that point what happens then. well i think you would then have to say that british russian relations are in a very bad way and it's difficult to envisage at how they will improve there is complete distrust at the moment between london and moscow at the same time from the british point of view there is a feeling that no matter how much they may dislike the current administration in moscow and no matter how much real is i'm around the fact is that vladimir putin is not going anywhere of course he's going to win his election on sunday that some sort of relationship with russia is nonetheless necessary with a nuclear powered state with a fellow veto holding state on the united nations security council issues are bound
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to come up that you need to talk to russia about about climate change about iran or north korea's nuclear ambitions about what's going to happen in syria about all sorts of issues and so some line of contact is required barnaby thank you very much slovak is president is asking the deputy prime minister to form a government after the prime minister resigned rather a few who was under pressure to step out and protest over the murder of a journalist. had been investigating alleged links between government figures and the attorney and mafia the death led to widespread anti-government rallies the interior minister earlier this week thousands of hunger ians have been running in support of the prime minister because of next month's parliamentary elections or bone delivered a speech to mark the anniversary of the eight hundred forty eight revolution against the austrian empire his party is at odds with the e.u. on issues such as refugees and immigration however opinion polls show it's well
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ahead of its rivals. still to come here on al-jazeera why the agency that helps millions of palestinian refugees who's going through a critical funding crisis. we'll tell you why toys are our susan leading us retailers well it's no longer in play. welcome back as we look at weather conditions across central and southern parts of china you see some rain in the east of the region but temperatures still pretty good twenty six in hong kong there further north some colder air with shanghai just twelve degrees thing see these wind ours are converging and that's going to result in an area of rain as we head on into saturday certainly much cooler conditions change to further towards the north and the some rain is likely further south
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looking fine across indochina with pleasant conditions in hanoi in vietnam across into south asia we've had an area of low pressure working its way across sri lanka through into carola and connecticut and that's giving some heavy rain the moment across the light should be violent further towards the north we've got a few showers towards the east coast and that continues to have on through into the weekend so a bit of a change of weather conditions here chennai might pick up the old shower at times otherwise fine conditions delhi at thirty one crouchie certainly two degrees here in the arabian peninsula weather conditions still looking very fine little bit of cloud in the forecast at least across northern parts of a saudi arabian across key white person move through into south of that tends to clear away so we're left with some pretty warm weather again thirty one degrees here in abu dhabi will be up at thirty degrees celsius on the other side the potential is looking fine for mecca with highs here of thirty six.
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the scene for us where on line what is american sign in yemen peace is always possible but it never happens not because the situation is complicated but because no one cares or if you join us on sat there people that there are choosing between buying medication or eating this is a dialogue i want to get in one more comment because this is someone who's an activist just posted a story join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera. welcome back here without jazeera live from doha a reminder of our top stories twelve thousand people are leaving eastern cooter in syria as government forces close in on the last major opposition stronghold near
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damascus they're crossing by foot to government held territory nearby it comes as a twenty five truck aid convoy entered the area on the day of the conflicts and says it's a three year. the turkish government says it expects to clear a friend of kurdish fighters very soon and may not have the city back to the syrian government after its military operation ends there thousands of civilians are leaving after being surrounded by turkish troops and free syrian army fighters. and the u.k.'s prime ministers a reason may has been to the site of last week's nerve agent attack on a former spy and his daughter in the city of seoul spring a short time ago the u.k. france germany and the u.s. issued a joint statement holding moscow responsible for the attack. foreign ministers from three countries are meeting in the attorney in capital to discuss a funding crisis at a u.n. agency for palestinian refugees representatives from jordan sweden and egypt are in room for talks with the un secretary general and the underachieve the agency that
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helps more than five million palestinian refugees is experiencing one of its worst financial crises the u.s. the largest earner decided in january to cut millions in funding christopher gunness is the chief spokesman for the united nations relief and works agency he joins us now from rome chris gunness how much money do you need to get back to where you were well we began today with a deficit for two thousand and eighteen of four hundred and forty six million and i'm pleased to say that first of all there was huge political unanimity at the meeting here in rome about the essential role the under plays both in giving dignity to five point three million refugees but also bringing stability to the middle east a point which the secretary general and tony harris was very keen to stress when he spoke to journalists afterwards but the commission general appear the commissioner
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of under announced one hundred million dollars worth of additional money so it's politically it's certainly a very resoundingly result for us but there's work to do on the funding and we will follow up believe us believe you me that we are going to be working very hard in the next weeks and months we now have enough money to take our operations through to the middle of the summer but of course speaker after speaker was very clear today that we have to make sure that under gets through not just to the end of the year but that in the longer term we're put on a stable and sustainable financial footing how do you do that i mean usually in this kind of situation there's a difference between pledges and the money actually going into a bank account. indeed that's a very good point as we say there's many a slip twixt cup and lip having said that there was huge support i mean speaker after speaker was very clear about the role that under plays as i said we'll be
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reporting back and we will be relying on the support of our co-chairs to make sure that countries are held to account and that the donor community having the talk the talk is prepared to walk the walk as far as under is concerned and we certainly hope that the huge political support that was expressed today will be translated into hard cash what's the critical timeline here between a cut in the money and how people live or their lives are really changing. well that's a very good question because what's at stake for under as refugees for the palestine refugees that we serve is for example nine million patient consultations a year by a doctors five hundred twenty five thousand children around the middle east receiving a daily education one point seven million people receiving food assistance the
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timelines are quite short we had been saying before this conference that we were going to be running on empty by may june and now we are able to extend that and say that we have money to maintain our services to the middle of the summer so things are tight we are certainly not going to be complacent we accept that we have to continue there is enormous pressure but what we've won today i think is a breathing space and thanks to the huge unanimous political support that we had for we have a lot to build on we have to leave it there chris gunness in rome thank you very much. thank you very much lisa the crown prince of saudi arabia will be in washington next week to discuss defense cooperation the kingdom is the biggest importer of u.s. arms and is expanding its military procurement the saudi led air campaign in yemen is now entering its third year creating what the u.n. calls the world's worst humanitarian crisis and huckster reports now on the
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battleground on the saudi yemeni border. the latest battle damage the saudi army in the most volatile area the three year war against who things in yemen both forces have suffered heavy losses but the terrain suits hoofy fighters this rugged region of hundreds of kilometers of mountains and valleys has turned into an open battleground funeral for saudi soldiers have become common since the conflict began saudi media says the army has lost seven hundred men here apart from military losses saudi's defense ministry is paying condolence fees to the families of the dead soldiers this graph. shows how the so-called martyrs fund is swelling. we don't have accurate statistics but the sniper kills between six to eight saudi soldiers on mercenary as we destroy from three to five military vehicles every day who feel losses have also been significant with saudi warplanes helping the kingdom's cause the air force controls the skies above nearly all areas of military
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operations in yemen you had to produce the following video you'll see our coalition aircraft targeting yemeni homemade missile platform near the yemeni saudi border the yemeni rockets were aimed at saudi cities and villages warplanes from the coalition of countries led by the saudis target who's the attempts to breach the kingdom's border who's the leaders haven't released the precise take but the number of dead is in the thousands in the town of side the main stronghold despite their losses the who things have managed to obtain more sophisticated weapons including ballistic missiles capable of reaching riyadh was a launch like this towards the saudi capital the lead to blockade on yemeni ports and airports stopping vital humanitarian aid agencies described yemen as the world's largest humanitarian crisis united nations says a record twenty two million yemenis are in need of food aid more than eight million threatened by severe hunger and disease to cholera has infected more than
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a million yemenis and syria is another threat facts the saudi crown prince will want to avoid when he visits washington next week. i'll just share. now e.u. watchdog is urging the ethics case against the former european commission chief joseph manuel barroso to be reopened but also was previously cleared to work for goldman sachs after pledging he wouldn't lobby members of the commission but the european emily o'reilly wants the ethics case revisited following a meeting but also held that the senior european commission official in a hotel last year but also strenuously denies any wrongdoing and said the meeting appeared to be for the purposes of lobbying as it was registered as one with goldman sachs but the two people taking part described it later as a private and a personal encounter. one of the biggest companies in the u.k. is closing down its london offices and moving its corporate h.q. entirely to the netherlands unilever says the decision is not because of brics it but it is expected to be a blow to u.k.
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business sentiment as the government there negotiates to leave the european union and the anglo dutch company already has headquarters in rotterdam makes a huge range of popular supermarket items like soap shampoo soup ice cream and mayonnaise. tiny particles of plastic have been found in some of the best selling brands of bottled water research as in new york tested two hundred fifty bottles imported from nine different countries and found an average of ten plastic particles per liter each particle is about the width of a human hair tested samples included every young nestle and aquafina. in afghanistan more crimes of violence against women were reported last year than ever before however new laws often fail to punish the guilty some blame the difficulty in changing conservative attitudes but a record number of young women are defying convention and death threats and they are joining the police tony berkeley now from kabul. this the latest batch of young
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hopefuls sitting the afghan police entrance exam seventy young women were included in the four thousand applicants the highest number to date it's a korea about honor and survival and pleasant i want to join the place to help defend my country and fight for the rights of my people and the rights of women the war in afghanistan has touched many but few as hard as samir and her family her two sisters nor all higher and menorah were police officers in fiza bad in badakhshan province as they drove to work with their mother the taliban stop their car drag the young women out and strangled them their bodies were dumped in the river they were targeted because they were police. i couldn't do anything my daughters were screaming help me mother help me it was terrible the family had to flee the province after receiving death threats samir a still clutches the cord used to kill her sisters despite what happened she's determined to join up. i am scared of the
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taliban we even they see us they will kill us perhaps they might riddle me with bullets or strangle me i can't go home anymore so i am determined to join the police for the memory of my sisters and to serve my country. females in the security services are often treated more harshly by the taliban which has consistently opposed women's rights those rights of steadily improve for some women in afghanistan mainly in the cities but not as fast as many would have liked the drawing up of the new penal code left out a section about penalising violence against women and a draft law aimed at making the harrison into women an offense has been left untouched for a year younger than i am they deliver speeches and play politics with their words and the women of afghanistan are tired of the empty promises and lies changing lives is one thing but changing very conservative mindset in much of the country is quite another there's definitely murder freedom and support for some women in the
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country today but even so the number of cases of physical and sexual abuse the great swimming is not fairly they're raising. last year saw an increase of eleven percent in those cases and two thousand three hundred women and girls committed suicide because of abuse but in reality those figures are said to be much higher because many women are too scared to report violence to a male dominated police force samir assisters were victims not only of war but also of deep rooted discrimination it seems clear that long after the last bullet has been fired the women of afghanistan will still be fighting a battle tony berkeley al jazeera kabul. this is al jazeera these are the top stories more than twelve thousand people are leaving eastern cooter in syria as government forces close in on the last major opposition stronghold near damascus they are crossing on foot to government held
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territory nearby it comes as twenty five trucks aid convoy into the area on the day the conflict enters its eighth year. turkey says it may not hand back the city of a to the syrian government once its military operations there are over the turkish government says it expects to clear after an of kurdish fighters very soon thousands of civilians are leaving the city after turkish troops and free syrian army fighters encircled the city turkey launched a military assault in january to clear syrian kurdish forces that control the region russia's foreign ministry has called the u.k. prime minister to resume is allegations that moscow was behind the nerve agent attack in england completely insane a spokeswoman said moscow was working on retaliate three measures for the u.k.'s expulsion of twenty three russian diplomats missy's made today went to souls brew the location of the incident meeting the local authorities involved in the investigation. or boris johnson the foreign secretary has been giving
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a round of interviews this morning he said that the expulsion of twenty three russian diplomats had gone far beyond what vladimir putin would have bargained for and that the capacity of the russian state to spy here in the u.k. had been if this aerated that is severely weakened i quote for decades to come he said that there was something in the russian denials of its responsibility that was mild and sarcastic only you watchdog is urging the ethics case against the former european commission chief just human will but also to be reopened it was previously cleared to work for goldman sachs after pledging he would not lobby members of the commission but the e.u. ombudsman that's emily o'reilly wants the ethics case revisited after a senior european commission official in a hotel last year but also strenuously denies any wrongdoing you are right up to date with all our top stories the news continues after the stream i'll see you very
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soon. just. seeing. some journalists decided to sacrifice their integrity for. the listening this time on al-jazeera. reverence for. the old. year in the stream today betting on block change technology but what exactly is blocking me thank you for the easy question really o'hare southwest southwest it also in texas is one of the trendiest called the stations you can be in right now i have with reese and guess.


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