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we are witnessing around the word this hungry money which is only looking at how to make the next profit devastating economies devastating ecosystems putting a price on the protection of nature green economy is sound good but it was all privatized sation of nature should our environment be for sale what we're trying to do this destroyed people to stabilize the country given them a financial incentive to do that pricing the planet at this time on al-jazeera. zero. hour i'm citizen this is the news hour live from london coming up in the next sixty minutes the pressure mounts on russia the trump administration announces sanctions
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for alleged interference in the twenty sixteen election. while the u.s. france germany and britain issue a rare joint statement blaming moscow for a nerve agent attack also ahead after weeks of intense and strikes thousands of people stream out of syria's rebel held enclave. and what's in a water bottle a surprising finding prompts the world health organization to conduct a review. and i'm far a smile and be here with all the sport on a tanzanite of europa league action as arsenal look to ease the pressure on under fire boss arsene wenger lay down his face eighteen land with a place in the quarter finals on the line. they don't she states has announced sanctions on russia targeting more than a dozen individuals and groups for trying to influence the twenty sixteen
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presidential election and it's warned more sanctions will follow against government individuals while our white house correspondent kimberly how kate is in washington for us came day any more details on who these sanctions are against some just the justification really as to why now. right ok so in terms of who these individuals are and the entities five groups that are being named by the united states treasury and that includes the internet research agency which the background official who briefed reporters early this morning here in washington said was largely responsible for a lot of that trolling that was spotted on the internet creating fake accounts even organizing what appeared to be grassroots rallies and very active of course on social media so this is one of the company's management consulting as well as concord catering all supporting that effort and then nineteen individuals including two russian intelligence officers or f.s.b. now the reason the u.s.
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is doing this now has a lot to do with what's happening in the united kingdom almost simultaneously when we got news that these treasury sanctions were going to go into effect we were also getting a joint press statement from the white house press secretary in fact where there is what they said an abhorrent of the recent nerve agent attack that included the two former the former russian spy as well as his daughter that of course has left him comatose that joint statement coming not just from the united states but also france germany and of course the united kingdom and kennedy of course all of this is happening when we're already listening to those investigation the various people is indicting the various bits of evidence so they're coming out that's happening sort of parallel the same time is this almost the champ administration almost taken the wind out of. well you certainly could look at it that way and i imagine that's going to be the focus of some questions in the upcoming press briefing but i can
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tell you that one of the top democrats on the senate intelligence committee that is still conducting its own investigation into whether or not there was collusion between the trumpet ministration and russia in the twenty sixteen u.s. election he has issued a statement saying that he welcomes the actions of the trumpet ministration as long overdue to punish russia for its involvement and i can tell you also a prominent republican on the foreign intelligence committee or sorry the house foreign affairs committee royce is saying that he also is really pleased that this is happened because russian cyber actors and his you have been weaponized information targeting critical infrastructure undeterred for years but here's the key point as our midterm elections approach we must send a clear message our attacks on our political process will not be tolerated why else is all of this happening now will this is an election year twenty sixteen years behind the united states now they're looking to the congressional elections taking place in november many senators many members of congress have been pressing the top
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prompted ministration repeatedly saying we gave you the tools we passed legislation you gradually signed into law in august you have not sanctioned russia and these elections are soon upon us we need you to take action as of today the trumpet ministration finally has manufacturing scrambling to bring in the latest outside the white house and she mentioned the u.s. has joined britain france and germany in blaming russia for the poisoning of a former double agent and he's talked to in the u.k. they've released a joint statement saying there is no the will simple alternative explanation for the attack on wednesday britain expelled twenty three russian diplomats sound suspended high level contacts with mosco correspondent on the phillips who pulls. the prime minister visit salzburg a small english cathedral city not accustomed to this level of international attention we do hold russia culpable for this brazen brazen acts
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and despicable acts that's taking place on the streets of what is such a remarkable city and while she met the people of seoul spree her ministers continued to press home their argument that russian guilt is indisputable something by the way in the kind of smug sarcastic response that we've heard from the russians that to me between indicates their fundamental guilt they want to simmer tenuously to deny it and yet at the same time to glory in it and the reason they've chosen this this nerve agent is to show that it's russia and from the defense secretary words that may cause even more offensive moscow frankly russia should go away should shut up a joint statement with the americans french and germans described events in salt spray as an assault on british sovereignty and from nato this this is the first of
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france if use of a nerve agent on alliance territory since nato's foundation all of us agree that the attack course a clear breach of international norms and agreements this is unacceptable it has no place in a civilized world as for the russian reaction contemptuous of british accusations. the british prime minister has made several statements over the last few days in parliament they were completely insane accusations against the russian federation against our country against our nation. so now it's london bracing for what feels like the inevitable expulsion of several of its diplomats from bosco and with vladimir putin's able to relax surely a formality the british government believes the deep freeze in anglo russian relations will last for years to come to be phillips al-jazeera london we can speak
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now to roman osher off who is with the russia and eurasia program at chatham house here in london and comes from siberia himself thanks so much for coming on to al-jazeera and firstly we've got this joint statement all these western nations grouping together clearly they seem to have had the same intelligence so they believe russia was behind it doesn't matter if this person can suggest this joint climber is heading his way. here i think. the question is for russia russia is used to be under sanctions first sanctions been imposed in two thousand and fourteen in response to russia's russia's actions in crimea this new sanctions this new statement makes. the u.k. most important allies the united states germany and france support the u.k. in its assessment of the dark but the question is what would be the
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actual actions or would be the actions taken by the. allies. in response to. events in the u.k. is there anything that they they could to either thinking back to when alex wellen have been young was poisoned and it was a tit for tat and different sort of people being sent out of the country and russia did the same in the end the end it came to nothing will this hurt them indeed with the administration in terms of ministration the u.s. now putting on sanctions is it a war of words always she going to turn into something bigger than the world so far we have just a statement of solidarity of the most important allies and it's not clear what would be the actions taken by. the besides the explosion of print is for your russian diplomats and plans for us for you key version of the like needs. and the question for russia whether there will be these sanctions will be toughened
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and there was that there will be e.u. wide response in support of the uki full of in the dark or in script by is that when you say the magnitsky attack where they free say individuals assets and they can't move money around is that the key to you think if they were to come up with some sort of joint measure is it the economy is it sort of business that would really be the one that would really it's really hard to see on its allies a set of. tools to respond to this those could be diplomatic and economic when it comes to money it's not me it's. dark it's certain interviewed those and russia for human rights violations and so far it's not clear what the u.k. version of base would look like and some european countries has already has their own version so magnitsky i guess both see as it runs on forwards and.
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what would be what would be the actual response of course the time when a station is talking about. the sort of cyber attacks that happened during the twenty sixty election even some cyber attacks and certain energy groups and in the end is there a way of curbing that behavior. of russia in the international global sense so is that an impossible thing to do now now it's almost seen as a weapon of its disposal. well the russian government denies that it has anything to do with the selections and that they're russia was not responsible for any attacks and. even when it comes to the attack on script by india key it says russia hasn't seen any evidence that this attack took place and that russia voice involved in this. the sanctions that been announced just
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a day will come in for a long time. since we're expected but the timing of this sanctions is the new year sanctions is. it. took place in conjunction with the. with the response to it. or scrape by thanks for sharing your thoughts of it rowan ussher a phone chatham house thanks very much. we've much more to come here on the news hour people parents live out here mateship passion for the killing of a journalist and his fiance prime minister to resign. we meet the young women confronting afghanistan's rising rates of violence against females head on. and in sports roger federer as perfect start to the tennis season continues in the u.s. . now to syria where thousands of people are leaving the rebel held and. their
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damascus government is inching closer to taking full control of the area there are reports that they are now in control of seventy percent of the region for weeks that syrian government forces have been bombarding was a thousand people have been killed many of them children alan fischer reports. we had a choice stay in three small bombardment or leave to an uncertain future they choose to leave it started with hundreds of thousands grabbing what they could carry what they could stuff into vehicles and reminder of a home they may never see again my idea is no water no medicine that could be a priority to our children not even food the situation is miserable. we're sorry happy because we're safe right now in the hands of the army we were living in a jail not in the goto way not when i did not have. a mass exit
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bizarre procession on the seventh anniversary of the start of the syrian civil war was leaving came from home area a city that's been under attack for three solid weeks and the area was controlled by anti assad forces the completely surrounded by their enemies. something like this had been expected since the syrian government forces backed by the russians effectively cut guta in three they've used their military pressure to force people to leave. i mean i'll be looking at a similar solution in other parts of the area the regime offensive against used to alter and which has been the seat for the last seven years i've just finally you know falling victim to government start isn't about negotiation that is really where you is using exploiting your duty it has the other fronts are moralists. but even as a civilian streamed out of the besieged enclave is strikes and aerial bombardments reported elsewhere in ghouta. and in the north of the area in
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a police controlled by jai shell islam a convoy of trucks entered the turn of duma the twenty five lorries caring enough indeed for twenty six thousand people for one month once more there were no medical supplies allowed in oh i dunno i'm a normal no i do in that nice weather we're sleeping in the corridor of this house it's too difficult to walk inside because of the huge number of displaced people who are here. could see a quarter how in the people leaving will be identified and processed and offered some aid this will be seen as a major victory for the syrian government for the people who managed to walk out it will be seen as survival alan fischer al jazeera on the tukey syria border and thousands of civilians are also fleeing the main city in africa in syria's north as the turkish military closes in images have a maze of people cramming on to trucks and tractor drawn carts to get away people who've stayed in the city are lining up to buy food in preparation for a fully fledged sea turkey is trying to retake the area from the kurdish y.p.
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chain which it considers a terrorist group. so exactly seven years since the syrian civil war began with peaceful protests against president bashar al assad the conflict has descended into a complicated quagmire involving competing interests as iran and hezbollah which backs a sound russia and to the war in twenty fifteen also on the south side turkey joined the fight against iso but its main priority has been stopping the kurdish y p g from becoming too powerful the u.s. has backed certain rebel groups and it has bases in northeast kurdish areas it also launched missiles in twenty seventeen targeting a syrian air base in retaliation to an alleged chemical attack and that is israel which has carried out multiple air raids in terms of resolving the crisis there are the un back to geneva talks eight rounds of those with no result the start the
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process that's where the so-called the escalation zones were agreed but are essentially still battlegrounds russia has also hosted talks in sochi and then there's the human cost more than four hundred sixty five thousand syrians are being killed the war has created five point five million refugees and displaced six point five million people now talk to james down the slow who's the head of conflict and humanitarian policy at save the children first of all if we can think back all those years ago to when it did first start it was a revolution it was an uprising of the people it was the people trying to make better their country by and wasn't yes and it was also fundamentally a lot of our children which i think we should remember it was children in the town of there are who wrote on some walls in their school around about the regime and that then led to a series of events that of course of taken us to where we are today some two thousand five hundred and fifty five days later and as you describe the situation
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is considerably more complicated since but ultimately the toll is had on the country is enormous of the population. forced from their homes a life expectancy has dropped massively the economy has collapsed and it will finish your children one day this war will end but the children of syria will have to live with his legacy whether it's in lost families lost homes lost limbs or lost childhoods and we've seen three million children in syria now who've known nothing but war so we have no end in sight we know that our partners on the ground in places like seeing the worst violence of the water dates there's no sense that we're coming to an end and unfortunately that will be the legacy the burden we will face as a globe and of course children are caught up in that general chemical attack the chemical attack where the president of the time president obama said if the red line is crossed then we will take action and then he was wrong footed by president putin saying that when the war really shifted before that there was a chance that there could be some way of stopping the killing right across the country but once that was lost it was lost where we've had so many kind of well
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they were in their moments and let's not remember let's not forget that president also did conduct some strikes on syrian targets following the use of chemical weapons and that hasn't fundamentally change the conflict in any particularly particular way what i would say there is that we should be very clear that what's happening in syria is not isolated to syria it's the hemorrhaging of international norms and laws and the moral authority of the system such as the united nations we're seeing hospitals and schools attacked on a regular basis we've seen a denial something that was so kind of basically agreed on in times past now usually a horrific level in the basically not allowing aid and we saw a few convoys get into ghouta but even then they were taken out of medical equipment so the fact that we're going back to medieval siege tactics is something that will then kind of cross on to other conflicts in the world already has talked of not long list of the quagmire the proxy war that's going on i remember being in syria very early on just after the libyan revolution and people saying to me why aren't the west going to help us we're doing what the libyans did why aren't they in the watching nato strikes are us in the end all these neighboring countries and
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the big superpowers are involved but nobody nobody really is doing it it seems. for the good of the syrian people. the former president syria once said about the palestinians the palestinian cause is far too important be left to the palestinians themselves the same is now true syria syria is far too important to lift the syrians and now we have instead the regional states international states each pursuing their own agendas in the country and of course the people who are paying the biggest price of that are the civilians and selves and we're seeing this matter mass exodus going on in eastern also in africa in a lot of people are running it does feel now that the vestiges of those areas that any kind of opposition to assad has been and is still there is almost like a cleansing then i was always like a finishing our we did looking at an awful lot more people going to be killed before it's written well currently receive a fifty percent spike in casualties since the start of the summer agreement they came up with the as you describe them so called the escalations i think we should use that term at all because they are escalation zones are exactly what we're seeing in these areas so i think there's no sign that syrians here in common can
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finish there are things international unity can do mainly around the refugees mainly around the region but the moment is no peace process there's no road to damascus moment unfortunately from the peacemakers of this world and that's the kind of we're having to deal with the fallout from that conflict it's a huge failing this james and for thanks very much for talking to us and i should mention says a donor conference in rome has raised an extra one hundred million dollars to fund the u.n. relief agency for palestinian refugees the agency which is the oldest and largest u.n. relief program in the middle east is facing a funding crisis after the u.s. government slashed its aid the u.n. says it's still running about three hundred forty six million dollars short for twenty eighteen and officials are warning that critical services could be scrapped if the money doesn't come through or christopher gunness is the chief spokesman for the un relief and works agency he says they now have enough funding to keep them going for several more months. what's at stake for refugees for the palestine
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refugees that we serve is for example nine million the patient consultations a year by a doctors five hundred twenty five thousand children around the middle east receiving daily education one point seven million people receiving food assistance the timelines are quite short we had been saying before this conference that we were going to be running on empty by may june now we are able to extend that and say that we have money to maintain our services to the middle of the summer so things are tight we are certainly not going to be complacent thousands of brazilians are protesting what appears to be targeted killing of a city councillor and her driver thirty eight year old mariella franco and anderson pedre goma's were killed when their vehicle was fired upon this ranko was a popular public official and
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a critic of killing is carried out by police in summary or degeneres poorer districts the military took charge of policing in the city last month violent crime against women is on the rise in afghanistan with an eleven percent increase in cases last year despite after a record number of young women are joining the police force to find vention and sometimes death threats tony betty has their story. this the latest batch of young hopefuls sitting the afghan police entrance exam seventy young women were included in the four thousand applicants the highest number to date it's a korea about honor and survival and pleasant good i don't get that i want to join the place to help defend my country and fight for the rights of my people and the rights of women the war in afghanistan has touched many but few as hard as samir and her family her two sisters nor all hire a menorah were police officers in fiza bad in badakhshan province as they drove to work with their mother the taliban stop their car drugged the young women out and
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strangled them their bodies were dumped in the river they were targeted because they were police. i couldn't do anything my daughters were screaming help me mother help me it was terrible. the family had to flee the province after receiving death threats so mira still clutches the cord used to kill her sisters despite what happened she's determined to join up. i am scared of the taliban we even i.c.'s they will kill us perhaps they might riddle me with bullets or strangle me i can't go home anymore so i am determined to join the police for the memory of my sisters and to serve my country. females in the security services are often treated more harshly by the taliban which is consistently opposed women's rights those rights of steadily improve for some women in afghanistan mainly in the cities but not as fast as many would have liked the drawing up of a new penal code left out
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a section about penalising violence against women and a draft law aimed at making the houseman to women an offense has been left untouched for a year younger than i am they deliver speeches and play politics with their words and the women of afghanistan are tired of the empty promises and lies changing lives is one thing but changing very conservative mindset in much of the country is quite another to stephanie miller freedom of support for some women in the country today but even so the number of cases of physical and sexual abuse against women is not fairly they're raising. last year saw an increase of eleven percent in those cases and two thousand three hundred women and girls committed suicide because of abuse but in reality those figures are said to be much higher because many women are too scared to report violence to a male dominated police force samir assisters were victims not only of war but also of deep rooted discrimination it seems clear that long after the last bullet has
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been fired the women of afghanistan will still be fighting a battle tony berkeley al-jazeera kabul. libya's attorney general's office says it's arrested a number of people suspected of taking part in a smuggling network for migrants and refugees heading to europe on wednesday libya issued two hundred five arrest warrants on charges that included human trafficking torture and murder investigators say the list includes members of libya's security services and officials from african embassies video emerged last year of african migrants and refugees being sold at slave markets in that view. so to come on the news hour the u.n. accuses mexico of human rights abuses including torture during its investigation into the disappearance of forty three students in twenty four teams. as a saudi crown prince prepares to visit washington we know his country's battle with
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the rebels on the yemeni border. and the baseball player known as the japanese babe ruth's struggles to find his feet in the united states. welcome back as we look at weather conditions across the levant some western parts of asia we've had an area of snow across the east which is clearing away so bright to conditions for our marty in kazakhstan and tashkent is becky stan elsewhere we've got a fair amount of cloud around the caspian sea region it should be dry for back you maybe a chance of a shower for tehran we've got some snow across eastern parts of turkey with rain extended to northern parts of syria otherwise we're looking at relatively bright conditions for beirut in general cross this region it should become fine as we head into saturday further towards the south fine conditions prevail across the arabian
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peninsula with thirty one the expected high here in doha little bit of cloud around you in the course of friday about tends to clear away so remaining fine highs of thirty six degrees in mecca let's head down into southern portions of africa where we've got a developing tropical cycle which is going to be impacting madagascar over the next a few days is going to try to very very slowly down the east coast so a lot of rain likely to develop here with some flooding certainly an issue we've got some showers around the eastern cape said durban will pick up one a tutor in the course of friday should be fine for cape town for the north much of botswana and the may be a dry and fine but again we're seeing some heavy rain affecting zambia with highs of twenty six degrees expected in new saka. what makes this moment this era we're living through so unique this is really an attack on the truth itself is a lot of misunderstanding
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a distortion isn't of what free speech is supposed to be about the context is hugely important level was to publish if you have a good cheap to be offensive or provocative or did as people did setting the stage for a serious debate up front at this time on al-jazeera. with a big breaking news story it can be chaotic and frantic behind the scenes. people shouting instructions in your ear you're trying to provide the best most accurate up to date information as quickly as you can. it's when you come off air on being seen peer realized even witness history in the making.
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welcome back reminder of the top stories here on arches there are the united states has announced new sanctions on more than a dozen russian individuals and groups in response to election meddling and malicious cyber attacks and the leaders of britain the u.s. france and germany say they're united in blaming russia for an agent attack on serious cripple and his daughter. thousands of people are finally being syria's rebel held enclave of eastern gusa after weeks of bombardment by government forces . the u.n. human rights office says that mexican authorities have tortured dozens of people and committed human rights abuses in connection with an investigation into the twenty fourteen disappearance of forty three students and it's now calling for
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a full inquiry well let's go across to john homan who is live for us in mexico city on this john give us a little bit more background if you could this is to do with students and disappeared some years ago the inquiry that went on into that and the behavior of those that did the inquiry. exactly that and even though it happened in two thousand and fourteen this is a case which still strongly residents in horrifies many mexicans you can see on this side behind me a sort of a memorial and a protest to these forty three students who were taken by police in league with a low cool guy and in september two thousand faulty you can see on the other side the attorney general's office this is been put here very purposefully in front of that because many people feel the attorney general's office didn't do near enough to try and resolve this that what the united nations report says is a least thirty four suspects in this case that were taken in by the attorney general's office with them tortured they said they got strong convictions people
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were tortured we're talking about sexual. abuse i think see ation beatings an electric shock so fairly heavy stuff and even worse than that they say that when the attorney general's office later on have an internal investigation to try and get to the bottom of who exactly their officials talked to these people the investigation was sense stifled by the miss by the same attorney general's office and the impunity has rained on this that no officials have been called to account i mean she was saying it has really got a lot of people quite upset about they carry out this investigation in the way that they did it but the flight has to be that the fallout within mexico and. with the fallout from the one from the attorney general's office doesn't seem to be very much they've already replied to the investigation saying the only going investigation of this and the evidence recorded in that case falls does not support the conclusions of the united nations report it's not just the united nations
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that's concluded this about it's n.g.o.s it's a group of independent experts have already come to me it's code so they've basically stonewalled to push back against that the united nations says that it hopes that this will mean that the attorney general's office changes it becomes profession about but i think that this aunt so really gives an indication of how they feel but it's not just this case there are many other case in mexico where the attorney general's office is a killer and the authorities in general are accused of negligence or brutality and even on occasions on corruption now the fallout from this on a wider scale has already really been though i think since this case it marks a real before and after especially for president enrique pena nieto his popularity ratings which before were quite high really went into freefall after this in his reluctance it is ministrations reluctance to really deal with the investigation and get justice for the students behind us now we go elections in mexico in the next
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couple of months coming up so we have to see if that's going to have impact any. when his party the free party which a ruling at the moment languishing in third place in polls so that suggests that even years on the trace of a similar for the case of the student is still haunting this party in the ruling ministration good to get your thoughts on this john heilemann now life rest in mexico city. now saudi arabia's crown prince will discuss defense cooperation with his u.s. counterparts in washington next week the kingdom is the biggest importer of u.s. arms but it's three hero in the war in yemen has been condemned by rights groups how the hoxton reports. the latest battle damage the saudi army in the most volatile area at the three year war against who sees in yemen both forces have suffered heavy losses but the terrain suits hoofy fighters this rugged region of hundreds of kilometers of mountains and valleys has turned into an open
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battleground funeral for saudi soldiers have become common since the conflict began saudi media says the army has lost seven hundred men here a puff military losses saudi's defense ministry is paying condolence fees to the families of the dead soldiers this graph shows how the so-called martyrs fund is swelling. we don't have accurate statistics but a sniper kills between six to eight saudi soldiers and mercenaries we destroy from three to five military vehicles every day whose the losses have also been significant with saudi warplanes helping the kingdom's cause the air force controls the skies above nearly all areas of military operations in yemen you had to produce the following video you'll see your coalition aircraft targeting yemeni homemade missile platform near the yemeni saudi border the yemeni rockets were aimed at saudi cities and villages warplanes mco relation of countries led by the saudis target who's the attempts to breach the kingdom's border who's the leaders haven't
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released the precise take but the number of dead is in the thousands in the town of side their main stronghold despite their losses the who things have managed to obtain more sophisticated weapons including ballistic missiles capable of reaching riyadh was a launch like this towards the saudi capital the lead to blockade on yemeni ports and airports stopping vital humanitarian aid aid agencies describe yemen as the world's largest humanitarian crisis united nations says a record twenty two million yemenis are in need of food aid more than eight million threatened by severe hunger. and disease to cholera has infected more than a million yemeni and syria is another threat facts the saudi crown prince will want to avoid when he visits washington next week. and saudi arabia's crown prince says if iran is to develop nuclear weapons his country well to muhammad bin solomon gave the first u.s.
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television interview with a saudi latest since two thousand finally hairiest speaking to norah o'donnell on c.b.s. you've been rivals for centuries at its heart what is this rift about is it a battle for islam they are and they said iran is not a rival to saudi arabia its army is not among the top five armies in the muslim world the saudi economy is larger than the iranian economy iran is far from being equal to saudi arabia but i've seen that you call the ayatollah khomeini the new hitler of the middle east we should absolutely why. he did it because he wants to expand he wants to create his own project in the middle east very much like hitler who wanted to expand it at a time many countries around the world and in europe did not realize how dangerous hitler was until what happened happened i don't want to see the same events happening in the middle east does saudi arabia need nuclear weapons to counter iran assert directing them to it and saudi arabia does not want to acquire any nuclear
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bomb but without a doubt if iran developed a nuclear bomb we will follow suit as soon as possible. is a political commentator he says there's no evidence to suggest iran is developing nuclear weapons. everyone is just watching iran's nuclear case the so would these have been very you know silently and covertly developing a military nuclear program there have been reports in the media outlets in the middle east so facing since last year that this all these have been budgeting over a billion dollar in the military nuclear program of pakistan and in return for a number of nuclear warheads and a following in pursuing reports have been stating that the sell these have been importing these nuclear warheads already so they are going nuclear and nobody is paying attention to this fact despite the fact that the saudis are the real cause
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of tensions in the region eisel has been trained you know provided with backup and financial backup and arms. from sol the arabia and they are to be blamed for rising tensions in the region and now they want to go knock nuclear. somali m.p.'s have rejected a match major port deal between the u.a.e. ethiopia and the breakaway state of somaliland they also voted to ban the mangy dubai based shipping company from investing in somalia where the actions have been further strength because of allegiances related to the gulf crisis one hundred hour explains from mogadishu. the. heated debate in somalia's upper house of parliament senators debate a motion on the recent signing of a deal between the united arab emirates if you appear on the breakaway enclave of somaliland to operate the portal there but out there well the buildout aims to ban the dubai ports world from somalia quickly sail through the law house it's proving
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to be contentious in the senate whose fifty four members represent the interests of somalia six federal states which include somalia and does our government fair ethiopia why are we not talking about ethiopian interference in our affairs while we are only talking about the u.a.e. and dubai ports world when ethiopia took a nineteen percent stake in berbera port in the deal signed into by a recently the port operator took off to one percent stake in the port of but better somaliland retained thirty percent while the remaining nineteen percent goes to thier p.t. . so mallya and the u.a.e. how frosty relations even before the ports deal was signed somali government leaders say it's because of somalia's refusal to side with countries including the u.a.e. which are blockading qatar saudi arabia the united arab emirates and other countries cut the amount of ties with qatar last year they insist that others in the horn of africa follow their lead and that pitted the somali federal government which
9:41 pm
offered him a new front in the crisis against most of its one state the somali government blames the u.a.e. for courting the leaders of the six federal states and encouraging them to side with the blockade in countries causing a series. tell him to somalia's already struggling state building process right now you know. it's true we are passing through tough times but it is true our economy is not doing well but we shall never allow foreigners to take advantage of our weaknesses and interfere with ourselves reigning. barely two months of the he was appointed somalia's foreign minister has been given the responsibility of dealing with the fallout from the port deal we have no problem with investment in sunlight and importance of. that however we would not. negotiate a compromise be the servant in the internet or somebody so my learns a relatively small portal but her exploits livestock to the middle east and imports
9:42 pm
food and other items including for landlocked ethiopia all bought said to change as d.p. world says it's prepared to invest up to four hundred forty two million dollars to develop the port for somaliland the dubai port deal is not only a financial windfall but also a vote of confidence and that is a major problem for somalia which view somaliland as its sovereign territory mohammed all just zero. slovakia's prime minister has resigned over the murder of an investigative journalist and his fiance leaving his deputy to form a new government robert fico is the latest political casualty in a scandal that same thousands of protesters take to the streets of bratislava the many of those demonstrating say they don't trust the current political leadership to form a new government a calling for fresh elections the killing of journalists young crazy ak and his girlfriend last month has found outrage it was investigating links between slovak
9:43 pm
politicians and an italian mafia group or al jazeera correspondent charlayne iglu shack says the demonstrators are unlikely to be satisfied with ficos resignation. the biggest question now is this going to be enough because when when the feet so he said i will resign but only if the next prime minister come from my political party so this is what's happening now we have. a greenie smear so we have the same political party and the same pol it digs just two different names and even the president. said i excepted this but i'm not sure if public will. thousands of people in hungary are rallying in support of prime minister viktor orban a right wing party ahead of elections next month earlier nationalist pro over and
9:44 pm
supporters of the so-called peace march through the capital budapest the fifteenth of march is a national holiday in hungary marking the anniversary of the eight hundred forty eight revolution opposition groups are also holding remembrances across the city. one of the largest companies in britain is moving its headquarters from london to watchers and unilever says its decision is not because of pressure you know whether to simplify its structure and rebuff takeover bids the anglo dutch firm makes a number of popular supermarkets and items such as duck so put to rest us and ben and jerry's ice cream sunday gago has more from london. after a year long review the decision now has been made to take the company back to the the corporate headquarters of a company that is back to the netherlands it has previously been headed here in london as well as right to thoughts in the review questions have arisen that some make it more streamlined how to make the company more focus the c.e.o.
9:45 pm
of the company coleman has insisted that it has to do with that relatively few of the jobs of seven thousand three hundred jobs at a base to are going to relocate back to the netherlands also what is another factor in this to be considered here is the fact that there was a hostile takeover bid by the u.s. food giant cross tie ins last year and if it continues to be remain if you continue to remain in london london's. laws surrounding hostile takeover bids are loose so whereas they are much tougher in the netherlands therefore the risk of that is less but also what colby ignored as well is this juggernaut of bricks about continues with all the uncertainty that's surrounding it it doesn't really look good for two reasons and the optics certainly are very good for that to try and get companies to stay has certainly big companies like this it is an enormous company it is listed on on the london stock exchange and to have that is considered a something of
9:46 pm
a bit of an embarrassment for the u.k. in this context however the c.e.o. maintains that it has nothing to do with brics it but suddenly to go from britain and to be seen to go right back to the heart of the e.u. is not going to be considered necessarily as a very good thing for the u.k. economy. the world health organization is launching a review after a study found almost ninety five percent of bottled water contains tiny pieces of plastic surgeons in new york looked at hundreds of water bottles from none different countries and from then on average of more than three hundred plastic protocols per lisa the test is samples include some of the world's biggest bottled water brooms and molly bingham is the chief executive of over media a u.s. based nonprofit media collective that's conducted the research she says the next step is to figure out how consuming micro plastics is affecting our health
9:47 pm
everyone in the world relies on water to survive and some of us in cities or locations where the tap water is potable drink bottled water as a luxury i think presuming that it is better for us or it is cleaner than the tap water however two point one billion people don't have access to potable water and they rely on bottled water for their consumption if the science on how consuming michael plastics impacts our bodies is really nascent and the answer to that is still very unclear however i think what is clear is that we as people around the world are consuming plastics and micro plastics in the water and probably in the food that we eat and that it's important given the ubiquity of micro plastics in the environment and in our consumption that large institutions that research human health step up and start to figure out what that means and i'm happy to see this morning that the show is done exactly that and announced that they will be doing a full review of the impact of human health on micro plastics in water. so.
9:48 pm
the women's world number one on another. tiny faction from indian wells coming up in school well. the opening of. this year is the first to have an altruistic director. explain the significance. about the role the changes in society.
9:49 pm
9:50 pm
and let's go. with all the sport. so thank you so much spanish side athletico madrid are through to the quarter finals of the europa league they thrashed host lokomotiv moscow five one on the night brace from fernando torres in goals from korea griezmann and as helped diego simeone a side advance eight one on every get athletico have won this competition in two thousand and ten and two thousand and twelve their main goals in all of the games currently being played as they near half time are saying life's a cold there aggregately the goal for kiev would be enough for them to go through on away goals and my side are so hoping to salvage something from their season there are two nil up after the first leg against ac milan the winners of this trophy will qualify for next season's champions league. to have a chance to qualify for the quarterfinal you know me as well. who is in. the.
9:51 pm
past and you have many of you have all the fringe teams some good french team should have many good teams in this competition maybe she's not of a higher level whenever there's someone out there. well we are ready we were born radio then we have to play against another team we know it's going to be difficult but in football and in the sport in general there's nothing better than giving all of yourself and changing the course of history we came here but i already started a week ago saying we're not coming here just for fun or for a little journey and we know it's going to be difficult. it's been a day of surprises cricket's world cup qualifying tournament in zimbabwe despite not reaching the super six round the paul managed to secure one day international status by beating pop one new guinea there was also a huge upset as afghanistan beat the west indies by three wickets in the super six stage this was the first loss of the tournament for the windies the two time world
9:52 pm
cup champions now risk failing to qualify for next year's of then they're currently third and only the top two teams go through. now if you believe the stats roger federer is playing his best tennis in more than a decade the world number one moved into the last eight at indian wells with his fifteenth straight when of the year his best start to a season since two thousand and six a straight sets victory at one of the biggest tournaments outside of the four majors came against france's jeremy charedi thirty six world who best ever start to a campaign with a win in the quarter finals federer is also aiming for a record six the indian wells title i.x. south korea's ching. twenty year old japanese player naomi continued her impressive run in the women's draw with soka beating czech number five seed carolina pills and strength to move into the semifinals the world number
9:53 pm
forty four is already being reassured and for once. osaka will face world number one small to how up in the last four the pair have met three times before with winning on each occasion how it was taking three sets wide aeration archer marches became three six three in the decider. baseball player known as the japanese babe ruth bizarre having an easy time of it as he adjusts to life as a major league star with the l.a. angels shohei otani was signed by the angels in december and is highly prized because in japan he excelled at both a pitcher and hitter but he took a playful blow your in his latest warm up game for his new team and was hit listen to so far otani has injured seven strikeouts and reward walks in nine games. england rugby coach eddie jones has been forced to apologize for derogatory
9:54 pm
comments he made towards wales and ireland the remarks were said at a sponsor a vent last year but have only now been widely shared jones tried to focus attention on away from the comments and towards this weekend's six nations game where england will try to stop arnel and securing a grand slam. so wiles as wow says anyway. so i see life as three million people three million people with twenty three tests were very last one. i'm still dirty that they. will get back. next year i will get them back of paul and joyce for the remarks. i sincerely mean that. i really don't have anything else to say the matter. of the questions on
9:55 pm
a fantastic game that's coming up but i think the other matters did. ok and that's your sport for now now back to see you in london. thank you now for the first time ever one of australia's biggest shows is being run by an artistic director from ancient japanese curator. is taking the reins at this year's sydney she says her choices are aimed at reflecting the multicultural make up of the city country thomas reports. sidney's held or not be in ali almost every two years since one thousand nine hundred seventy three but some art critics say this year is sydney's twenty first represents a coming of age old libyan ollie's previous artistic directors have been west and other australian european or american this be and ali is the first with someone from asia curating monica to ocala who normally runs a gallery in tokyo sees the significance and how it reflects a broader changes in australia since the bee and ali began so this is not
9:56 pm
a zero but this is not europe either it's interesting to see the demographics of this country and city and how you capture. this is hired to through the lens of the . one nine hundred seventy three year of the first beer dolly was also the year the queen both britain's and australia's open sydney's new opera house the crowd in this old footage is exclusively white until nine hundred seventy three white australia was official policy that changed soon after and australia sent to become far more multicultural today more immigrants arrive from china and india than from any european country the art scene reflects that so that doesn't seem to rattle this be an erroneous in calculating something percolating. and sort of that being away since. since the late seventy's maybe eighty
9:57 pm
eight b.n. ali is showing out in six ten years across sydney chinese artist ai weiwei ways work in response to the global refugee crisis is the standout piece on cockatoo island a film a shipyard and one time prison in the middle of sydney harbor. unlike some permanent galleries like london's tate modern which have been built within the shelves of former industrial buildings this has been a space is still very much roar the floors are on even for a cracks in the windows and this old machinery it's still covered in dust ty an artist has hung canvases from the ceiling of a formal workshop where ships were once made and repaired first the top with the q i really love and good luck. to keep me disappear. even critics who don't like most of the b.n. ollie's ott say the setting is dramatic even sometimes the most but now or or you know sort of piece can look quite interesting in one of these places in boris from
9:58 pm
the interest of the buildings alan thinks the bin ollie's ought suffers from being too commercial it's not as political as it once was but arts can reflect rather than campaign and this year's been ali reflects the changing face of australia under thomas al jazeera sydney about it from a citizen and the news hour that maryanne demasi will be here in a moment with much more of the day's news thanks for watching. the scene for us whether online what is american sign in yemen that piece is almost possible but not what happens not because the situation is complicated but because
9:59 pm
no one cares or if you join us on sat there are people that that are choosing between buying medication eating base is a dialogue i want to get in one more comment because this is someone who's an activist who's close to the story joined the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera. net morales was just ten years old when a devastating earthquake struck mexico city in one thousand nine hundred five the quake damaged her family's apartment and the government moved them to distant shack around seventy families who lost their homes in that earthquake still live in this camp say i'm going to wake up that because of the government raised our hopes and then abandon us politicians have promised that they won't allow a repeat of what happened after the earthquake in one thousand eighty five but the cost and complexity of housing hundreds of people living in camps is a major task and one that many people here think the government fail. when
10:00 pm
the winning the will of the people hinges on the mass media and state p.r. machine it's going to overdrive. but just one piece can fill in saying. we just don't know yet where the lines will be drawn between what can be said and what conduct that. some journalists decided to sacrifice their integrity for access the polling the media opinion the listening post base time on al-jazeera. the trump of ministration takes action against russia and mounting sanctions for meddling in the two thousand and sixteen election and this as the u.s. joins force in france and germany in condemning russia for the nerve agent attack in the u k.


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