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tv   Inside Story 2018 Ep 75  Al Jazeera  March 16, 2018 8:32pm-9:00pm +03

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agent in england last week foreign minister sergei lavrov says the expulsions are in retaliation for the u.k. ordering at twenty three russian embassy staff moscow continues to deny any involvement in the chemical attack but lavrov u.k. chems of boris johnson accuses president vladimir putin of ordering it himself. smart investigation is now underway into the death of another russian in the u.k. earlier this week businessman nicolay glues cough was found dead in a west london suburb on monday the civic confirmed the cause of death was compression of his net but his death isn't believed to be linked to last week's attack saul's free and iraqi teenager's been found guilty of attempted murder for planting a bomb on a london train last september it's in your old uk white house son will be sentenced next week thirty people were injured when his homemade bomb partially exploded at parsons green underground station in west london. you are up to date those are our current headlines stay with us the inside story is coming up.
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there is anger in egypt as a teenage girl died weeks after a street attack in the u.k. office family suggest that she was the victim of a hate crime british police say there's no evidence that it was racially motivated but such attacks are on the rise will we ever get to the truth this is inside story .
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hello welcome to the program i'm adrian finnigan police in the english city nottingham's say that eighteen year old mariam was stoffel was followed by a group of girls was virtually abused and then punched several times she was treated in hospital and released but later suffered a brain haemorrhage she died in a coma three weeks following the attack detectives say that they're keeping an open mind but there's no information to suggest that the attack was racially motivated however merriam's family is not so sure they're critical of the authorities in britain the police the hospital and the government for their slow response they say she'd been attacked by the same group last august's a seventeen year old arrested on suspicion of assault occasioning grievous bodily harm has been released on bail pending further investigations several other juveniles have been questions. and i just and him who instead want to ask what are human rights and what is democracy we asked for c.c.t.v. footage of them and they said the cameras weren't working and we asked for witness
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accounts away from the bus driver and the man who tried to help him and despite having witnesses the girls who killed her are still free when our human rights in this room started well before we bring in our guests and broaden out the discussion i just want to bring in via skype from not to comply foster his pastor and member of the citizens' leadership group could tell us more about about that city clive good to have you with us on inside story what are your thoughts on what happened to merriam it is this an isolated case does not have a problem with with gangs with bullying with with violence assault with hate crime or first of all i want to express my condolences to the family of miriam this is a really sad case and even more tragic in the circumstances in which this young person should lose their lives i want to say from the get go that nothing is a very diverse and welcoming city and on the whole people get along together as part of a lot of considerations this is an organization which is made up or churches mosques
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unions universities and schools ordinary citizens who come together and work for the common good and we did a record in twenty fourteen and that report unfortunately highlights that hate crime was prevalent hate crime was under reported and there's a result of that we took action to work with the local authority and with the police to ensure that increase we saw this would be placed into these institutions so we could have more effective we porting of hate crime more understanding of crime so what are people saying they're not saying about what happened to marry him . well people are really upset that this could happen on the streets of nothing and as i mentioned earlier nothing in my. thirty five percent of the citizens of markham come from a type a background and people really working hard to ensure that community
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cohesion. is respected and that people respect one another so when this news broke there was obviously a will concur that this should happen in. the as i said of the city we have taken measures to ensure that a crime is properly recorded and to ensure that the communities as well understand that. for a state on taking a crime to reflate the police on the local authority and that if any of the incidents happen that should be reported and they should be dealt with satisfactorily and one of relations like between the community and the police force there in the. marriage family suffering unimaginable grief and in that greece has criticised the police response into to what happened to marry him is the criticism valid. well this is an ongoing investigation so i can't comment directly on that
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but what i can say is that a part of citizens we are actively campaigning to ensure number one that the police take this seriously and they are committed to taking that seriously and we hold them to account that they take that seriously so we ensure that if anything happens . we called incident as a hate crime so that is an ongoing process that we scrutinize any incident that happened happened that they are reporting and because it is a crime number two that the public themselves. we have companies where we go out we train people and teach people what is a hate crime and also that you don't have to be a victim because a third party on what used to can we call a hate crime and that should be recorded as a hate crime and it will be investigated accordingly as well and so there was ongoing work we have a good relationship with the place but it doesn't mean that we don't scrutinize them it doesn't mean that we don't challenge them when we feel that there is
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a failures within the law nothing actually became the first city in the country in the world to make misfunctioning a hate crime and that was directly as always a result of ordinary citizens of color not against innocent campaigning actually injuring the authorities that we want to make the site quite clear really good to talk to many thanks indeed for being with us on inside story. let's bring in our other guests on today's program from london via skype which on by. director of tell mama u.k. a group that measures anti muslim attacks from leeds rusin conceive of of still pay to u.k. and from cairo also via skype tim count us on the resident fellow at the top of the institute for middle east policy team will begin with you i just want to ask you about the reaction to what happened to marry him there in egypt right now the hash tag merriam's rights will not be the last is trending this that right.
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now that has to be played probably on social media right now. mike my personal timelines flooded with stories about her and people are shocked and horrified to hear what happened to her and that she that she eventually succumbed to her and treated and passed away. it's a tragic story. of the young woman whose life is certainly far too early and beyond that people can relate to the idea of you know it's families going abroad to try to give their children better opportunities maybe with study engineering and then that being cut short by this violence but there's also a lot of concern amongst students that the case wasn't handled properly both by the police and by the by the hospital. the family is planning but four months prior to this this attack there was a previous attack that they reported to the police and then nothing came of that.
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report and then also mary was taken to the hospital immediately after the attack and sent home a few hours later telling her that she's fine only to fall on conscious several hours later and come back eventually be induced into a coma and that's way so there's a there's concerns about multiple parties family too. to do what they should and the there is a lot of pressure from the public that this be properly investigated and if the government play a role tim if you read newspapers you could be led to believe that this this is led to some sort of diplomatic spat between egypt and the you can not quite sure it's got to that level yet but but the egyptian government is involved what is it they want from the u.k. authorities at the moment there are demanding that their investigation and there are not many that the that the culprits who did this be brought to justice quickly . there's there's i think there's a there's
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a risk that some people in the government looks like opportunistic we leverage this to say that the case in respect that unites egypt is a way to flex criticism in my situation. as are you getting respecting the rights of a difference in the u.k. as a way to deflect criticism of the year i started in egypt. and hopefully that doesn't feature prominently in the conversation going forward but overall they are under a lot of pressure from the press and from the public to have to look into this very seriously and it's all over the egyptian paper as we see our because coverage. and for the time being we look at foreign minister say that it seems like there's very focused on it and and hoping that the government didn't unite he could take it very seriously or attempt let's bring in. ben in london as clive were saying a few minutes ago we got to be particularly careful but we don't prejudice any any
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court action. but arises as a result of this tragic case. what we can discuss is whether they talk against maryam fits into into a pattern whether there are any similarities between what happened to her and the kind of cases that tell mama is dealing with. first of all our condolences go out to family and actually to as altar to the egyptian people and i believe that mr gaytan we're going to happen. from the reports that we get into tomorrow at the different reports that unfortunately currently with and he was no hatred being on the rise driven by many factors starting from. terrorism to the online world. headlines that you will as well and the u.k. the range of reports are coming to us can start from abusive behavior and in certain instances and ing and in physical violence i mean some instances death
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unfortunately it as a case of miami is still under investigation we don't know whether it's really driven by erase the motivation or hateful and what it's going to be as well and elements of bullying given the age range of of the of the of the young girls involved in this but this is something that we don't see it reported on a high level i don't see as reports coming into us into tell mamma eman of what's going on in the u.k. u.k. police recorded some eighty thousand hate crimes from which seventy eight percent were based on race seven percent were based on on religion in in the last year the number of race hate crimes increased from twenty seven percent from the twenty fifteen sixteen year to twenty sixteen seventeen and religious crime increases by thirty five percent over the same period what is going on in the u.k. at the moment. i mean at absolutely and spot on this is exactly a picture that receiving from months is a picture that we are working with police forces across the country on we had
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sixteen. a friend that sheds some light on all types of racism the lights off allowing any suits that people had about not liking the other to come out in the physical world them obviously the campaigns on their friends were not helping that goals and they for people were becoming more aware of what hate incidents are what racism is and came forward and started reporting and the attacks they undergo twenty seventeen in fact terrorist attacks hit the u.k. rhetoric we had the u.s. elections that actually while the president came into office during that year and lots of friends a muslim hatred that is driven by far right in the line of all as well as on a streak of world again at combining that with terrorism combining that with the headlines that he wanted to use the rhetoric with more awareness of people coming forward to report which he really a rise in the number of hate crime that is recorded on a recent as well as a mom an oven and still pits crime is under reports a. nation of months before actors is actually driving that hates racial hatred or
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religious hatred within the u.k. and we've seen recently as well the mayor of london has been under attack as one with the hateful comments on from for rights activists and we've seen that social media companies are taking more responsibility in addressing this although it's a bit late but still they are up to their markets in addressing this we're seeing that it's taken down in major major and far right groups facebook which is written first that had over two million subscribers to that page that is from saying i'm patriots it's words of a community and specifically. let's bring in the chief executives of page had how do you define what constitutes a hate crime. well a hate crime has to is about whether somebody has been targeted because of a because of their identity so they were talk about race and religion today in particular. but so it's whether there was
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a motivation to say this is why this is why the person was targeted and it's so if you think that this was their motivation or any other person thinks that it's their motivation then it should be treated as as a hate crime it's really important to remember that a crime still has to take place so it's not a stand alone crime so obviously it's assault on public order or obviously in this case. i mean it could be murder we don't know exactly what's going to come out of the investigation jeff but basically a crime has to take place and we're looking at an aggravating factor so do we think this was motivated by race is the question. and obviously there are other forms of hate crime is mentioned hate crimes carried out at least statistically by by one particular agenda or ethnic group. no i mean it depends on the different
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types of of hate crime are carried out by many different people and part of the problem as has already been said as a man said you know. most hate crime is not reported so actually we only know about the alleged perpetrators are the perpetrators are the ones we know about we actually we know there are more than around reported so they could be whole groups of people that we're not even realizing are perpetrators or indeed are victims so the call is that people should report all forms of hate crime when we're looking at really serious incidents such as obviously the loss of life or serious injury people are more likely to go to the place where those what where what we often deal with stop a u.k. are things that are kind of the first steps towards maybe those sorts of incidents happening so people coming to us at the very early stages of of you know something
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doesn't feel right i think i'm being targeted and they're often about more difficult ones for the police to deal with but what we're trying to do is stop the escalation. i mean if you have a racist murder or a murder of a storm somebody is faith it doesn't come from nowhere it there will always be a trail that takes it back to these sorts of incidents a lot of people say oh well that's what i have to put up with or there was no evidence or you know that's that's every day for me and that's what we're really concerned about is how many people are suffering those every day incidents and not talking to somebody and obviously we're trying to prevent the escalation into the serious crimes of of the loss of life jim we talked earlier about the anger there in egypt about what's happened in merriam in the u.k. in terms of those everyday incidents that rose was just talking about or we hear about attacks on on ethnic minorities in egypt big terrorist attacks when they're targeted but but does does egypt have a similar sort of problem in terms of everyday racism in hate crime. i mean there
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are very ugly issues of racism in egypt exactly sectarian violence to believe that it's not really christians and the time so. that's often behind us that there must marker. so there are certainly incidents of that in egypt i think every society to some extent deals with it's going to or violence quite a primes. and the question is. we documented properly great knowledge of the problem and. then do we take steps to prevent it but yes of course it exists i think fear and it's funny when. we talk about the fact that hate crime is on the rise in the u.k. that i want to go into the particular reasons why right now but but what can be done to stop this this this alarming rise in hate crime numbers.
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so i want time we are asking people to report any into them that they feel them suffer from whether the greater whether edith whether the based on their sexuality of the ability or the different characteristics that we all carry so obviously the more the ports are coming it's more giving up an indication of what's really happening in terms of community tensions it allows us to address issues of concerns in terms of coming between the different communities some of the drive behind racial attacks and the religious attacks are taking place in the u.k. are driven by far rights groups that this is something that we're working with with police forces and governmental officials to address to be able to take down accounts that are fueling that hate are also taking measures to address our extremism the way we address other types of extremism because unfortunately extremism does if you will more hate crimes in muslim communities we also. are working as well on ensuring that communities are aware on how they can work
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together on being up standers in society against hate so one of the things that we work on is really empowering the younger generation educating the younger generation around what racism is what bullying is what discrimination is what he incidents will glock like and for them to be empowered to stand for other communities that will suffer such type of features and be able to put measures in place and help them to what measures in place to prevent that ignorance that community we have about the opposite and by then for be able to create more community cohesion. empowerment. whether it's projects or whether it's education projects that would be able to address the issues of racism but also create that dialogue between the communities in the whole of the u.k. rose and do the police in the u.k. take a crime serious enough that particularly when it when it involves juveniles. i
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think that they do take a crime seriously i mean we have some good policies and part of why we have such high numbers of recorded incidents is because we're the people of we're better at reaching out to get people to report but there are still i think some of the problems around some of those those early incidents i talked about before that often people report things where there's not really any evidence or we don't know what to do with it and i think we're not always very good at engaging people to make help them understand why nothing can happen at this point but if we keep talking we might get the evidence together so i think there are there's lots to be done about those first ever reports as first conversations and so we're missing a lot of things because hate crime is often subtle in the early stages and so i think we've just got to get better understanding the risk of escalation and also how by dealing with people probably in that first conversation they're more likely
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to come back when things start to escalate and we don't want to wait till of see the serious serious offenses so stop a you can it is that you know how do you have that conversation with somebody who's distressed or angry or frightened. and when you can't give them the answers they want at that stage but by keep talking we will get we'll more likely to get to the point where the place can intervene or other agencies can intervene and it's it is around how do you help people realize that around health cohesion diversity is actually really good for us but also how if you allow somebody else or another group to be targeted then you are really basically also allowing yourself to be targeted and it's you cannot condemn one other group and expect sought safety and protection for yourself we also we need to think about everybody's safety and everybody's rights. and that's and i'm bill that the haitian and really work with
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communities to help them understand each other and also understand the real harm that a crime does and i don't think many people really understand the harm it does people still say oh it's only name calling oh it's only their stories only that it's only bit of banter and i think we need to understand we call it what it is about hate and we need to understand help people understand the harm and how and how we all we can all help protect each other. what would your advice be to anyone who is. the victim of of hate crime particularly. young people juveniles who have an ass pressures as a as well in their in their lives i mean heaven knows growing up you know teenagers have all the the social issues that are going on that they have to deal with what would your advice be and the one thing definitely we urge young people to do is
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that if you feel that you were subjected to air race or hate incidents based on your or sometimes even based on your looks based on your sexuality based on your religion based on your color based on the language you speak race on the x. and there's a lot that actually kids and younger generation pick up on and keep inside them or not talk about it but you feel that you're targeted for any reason whatsoever speak to an adult to speak to your teacher at school seek out help and speak to someone who trust that would be able to it's great it's very there i mean we again in schools and we're happy to support our young people with we have produced just now actually today before we spoke a kind of a guide for young people that will go out on social media for them to actually be able to be supported in case anything happens do not keep it inside you please speak up piece make sure that you're safe in case if you're subjected to an attack and reach out for help and in case of an emergency dial the police. all right
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there we must leave it many thanks indeed to all of you ruth simpkins and timothy called us and as always thank you for watching you can see this program again at any time just by going to the web site al jazeera dot com for further discussion please join us at our facebook page at facebook dot com forward slash a.j. inside story and you can join the conversation on twitter our handle at a j inside story for me adrian finnegan and the team here in doha proceeded by foot .
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lost and a band. found and saved. one is reveals how one charity is giving pakistan's lost children i knew chance and luck on al-jazeera. and london pointed world on. us and british companies have announced the biggest discovery of natural gas in west africa but what to do with these untapped natural resources is already a source of heated debate nothing much has changed they still spend most of their days looking forward to for dry river beds like this one five years on the syrians still feel battered or even those who managed to escape their country haven't truly been able to escape the war. there is growing in a very short time to be a trusted news source wherever you are in the world he really want to know what's going on there and to find out very quickly we're not looking at the news some nations prison. we are probably international everybody will learn something
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watching our coverage. be showing that we can be the best international news and mistrust and source of stories that people actually can't find elsewhere and that's going to continue. what makes this moment to this era we're living through so unique this is really an attack on its truth itself is a lot of misunderstanding a distortion even of what free speech is supposed to be about the context it's hugely important level wise to publish it beat up again to be offensive or provoke the thought of it as people did setting the stage for a serious debate up front at this time on al-jazeera. on counting the cost are russians getting all they bargain for economically as putin heads for reelection plus saudi aramco keeps the financial world guessing but the globe's largest i.p.o. on ice will be asking what's behind the delay counting the cost on ages you.
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facing the realities of growing up when did you realize that you were living in a special place the so-called secret city getting to the heart of the matter is activists to live in jail just because she expressed herself hear their story on and talk to al-jazeera at this time. this is al-jazeera. i'm julie macdonald this is the news hour live from london coming up thousands of syrians. as talks to try to resolve the war on.


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