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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  March 17, 2018 2:00am-3:01am +03

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iowa the presidency take note at this time on l.z. . when the news breaks. on the mailman city and the story builds to be forced to leave the room just. when people need to be heard to women and girls are being bought and given away in refugee camps al jazeera has teams on the ground to bring you the award winning documentaries and knives on al-jazeera i got to commend you all i'm hearing is good journalism. and. this is al-jazeera. hello i'm daryn jordan this is the al-jazeera news hour live from doha coming up in
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the next sixty minutes the war in syria escalates on two fronts strikes in eastern guta while activists say the turkish military bombed a hospital in a free. a questionable arms deal corruption charges are reinstated against former south african president jacob zuma. the johnson corruption protesters in slovakia call for an early election after the killing of a journalist plus. i'm catherine saw him now i'll be telling you about keep their superheroes and like every other child he wants to be just like. welcome to the program fighting on two major fronts in syria is forcing people to flee in the tens of thousands as airstrikes rained down on civilians in rebel held eastern ghouta near the capital damascus at least ninety people have been killed most of them went to. market was hit by an air strike well activists say the bombs
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were dropped by russian jets the united nations estimates up to sixteen thousand people have escaped the enclave in recent days meanwhile in the north west activists and the kurdish white b.g. are reporting the only functioning hospital in a frame has been hit by turkish forces killing fifteen people which turkey has denied you know turkish troops and allied rebel groups now have a free and surrounded in their battle against the y.p. gene for control of the fighting has already forced almost fifty thousand people to flee their homes alan fischer reports from gaziantep. it's ability of stark and brutal contrasts. with a line between life and death a sharp and arbitrary this is a fringe a city that's been shelled by the free syrian army backed by the turks. with a number of dead rises by the day with a pall of smoke from another attack hangs in the year no surrounded by the f.s.a.
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in the turkish military the final assault take the city is under way civilians on the ground have expressed serious worries to us regarding their safety including as a result of fighters placing rocket launchers in residential areas. we're deeply concerned about the high risk of civilians who are effectively trapped being injured or killed the sieged used as human shields or displaced as a result of the fighting people have been allowed to leave your road to be so the humanitarian corridor to skip the fear and the expectation of what's to come. on and our friends in the cause of turkey we fled from a friend because of the heavy turkish bombardment there frightening people yesterday i couldn't sleep we suffer to get here. used to go to different actors but a similar situation cozens left part of the besieged on cleeve on thursday thousands more have no choice but to put it simple and straightforward children have been and
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continue living in hellish conditions in places like eastern good but also it is good to see. at last a few thousands of people have been able to leave these hellish conditions in any single day enough rain. a popular market now was hit boardings piled up in the streets of the syrian civil war no moves into its alliances of the battle lines of change but what is no different is that each day some people will live until to morrow for many innocent people will die our fish are out to see it up on the turkey syria border. well joining us on skype from los angeles is not a hashem she's director of programs at the qur'an foundation that's a humanitarian aid group operating on the ground in syria and turkey not of the
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u.n. estimates up to sixteen thousand people have fled goot in recent days what are you hearing about this mass exodus of people. we've been receiving really scary reports every day this morning i received a message that from one of our team members up to learn eastern and it was titled the final call the last call he told us that today was a catastrophe by all definitions of the word. there being fled from neighborhood to neighborhood only to be met by death from place to place from the aerial strikes from the syrian regime and russian jets and and how were your staff not on the ground dealing with these thousands of displaced people and all your stuff themselves being forced to move as well yes exactly our staff or one of the people in there they're being forced to. forcibly displaced from place to place and you know they're they're traveling between basements to basements you know they're
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these basements are not equipped they're not prepared it's just a place underground where they can try to stay safe from these aerial bombardments and every place they leave for example they left him when he had a look so they went to his did today the same thing they're met with the same but martin and the same death and destruction and just talk us through what humanitarian projects your organization has on the ground and the sorts of challenges you face in the east and going to. sure we had a a project that was catered to the malnutrition children in east hoopla and we did it in collaboration with the director of health and we were damascus and provincial council and it was where we made children's food locally using milk formula we own sugar in a pharmaceutical factory but with the ongoing tax and israel pulled out we had to relocate our factory several times to restart the mechanical equipment
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configurations and production to ensure that through that was being produced high quality we did an emergency distributions of food to the i.d.p.'s and basements resilience were hiding out and it's been an ongoing struggle because of these massive displacement that we're talking about. and honestly in the past few days we've had to completely poser projects and distribution because of this as the affiliation of attacks is it isn't your assessment a lot of that the situation is likely to get worse as syrian government forces keep up the attacks on the bombardments yeah that's what we've been witnessing day by day we always hope that the next they will be better but we've only been witnessing worse i mean leave yesterday we heard about the the quarters being opened for civilians to be able to leave for those who wanted to leave and they were only faced by regime abduction and they were taken into prisons in concentration camps
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so the civilians are just telling us we need we need guarantees from the international community to guarantee our safety we need civilian protection for those who want to leave and for those who want to stay in their homes not to hashem thank you very much for showing the top thanks so much. now the foreign ministers of iran russia and turkey are meeting in kazakhstan for talks on the syrian conflict the three countries have been on opposing sides during the seven year war but a now working together to end the violence reports from. syria brings them together stakeholders in power brokers in a country now divided into areas of influence turkey unlike iran and russia doesn't support the syrian government but the three countries have enough common interests to continue cooperating through the so-called us to now process the kazakh capital has hosted many rounds of talks on syria since the beginning of last year the process is meant to complement talks in geneva but the message from here was clear
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a disregard for the un led peace process and any western intervention in a final settlement but. fire in the deescalation zones were important steps to end the war in syria. the successful international initiative to decrease tension in syria a sauna is where the political situation to the crisis will be found. for now agreeing on the paramita years of post war syria is being decided on the ground turkey is leading a military operation against the white p.g.d. in the mainly kurdish populated northeastern town of africa and the russian and iranian government are supporting the syrian government's campaign to recapture the rebel held. the foreign ministers meeting will be followed by a summit in april that will be attended by the three countries president turkey said it will host the meeting and said it's will be to revive peace efforts the last time the three leaders met was in november at the time they were discussing
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post conflict syria and a peace conference that was held in sochi in late january since then there has only been military escalation. this week countries may have their differences but they share animosity. towards the united states turkey's against the us is alliance with the syrian kurdish wife e.g. armed group the russians and iranians believe the american military presence in the critics controlled north east and its threats against the government are about increasing leverage. which you're sure that. it's unacceptable the u.s. threats to strike damascus with false pretext like the use of chemical weapons we have told washington we rejected to use force. support have changed the balance of power in the syrian government's favor but politically there is no credible prospect of a settlement there is an international power struggle and they go likely to
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continue on the battleground. including right now i don't have any answer for just like we should and why a bit. of the daughter he calls an angel died in the u.k. . the so-called agitator is planning to challenge the russian president on election day. and. on the country hosting competitive home internationals. now south africa's former president jacob zuma is facing prosecution for corruption the charges include fraud racketeering and money laundering over a two point five billion dollars arms deal signed in the one nine hundred ninety s. zuma denies any wrongdoing reports from pretoria. it began with
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a two billion dollars deal between south africa and a french arms company in the one nine hundred ninety s. . these fighter jets were part of it. and prosecutors say this man jacob zuma was paid bribes to secure the deal he was charged with corruption in two thousand and five the charges were later dropped shortly before he became president zuma resigned in february and now south africa's prosecutor says the case is back on. the view that a trial court would be the most appropriate forum for these issues to be ventilated and to be decided upon. after consideration of the matter i am of the view that there are reasonable prospects of a successful prosecution of mr zuma and the charges listed in the indictment. charges one of several scandals that hung over soon as
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a nine year presidency. here he's seen leading one of his many court hearings press in opposition accused him of handing control of parts of the state to private interest is always the night charges and accusations. the prosecutors who work in this office drops the arms deal corruption charges against zuma that he became president they said they had recordings of conversations that showed that there had been political meddling in the case those recordings were never published the opposition fought hard ever since to get the charges reinstated karen mourns the journalist who first broke the story of the charges being dropped and covered the issue ever since and it's been a very long time in coming almost a decade it was in april two thousand and nine in the very same rematch on abrams has now just made his historic announcement that a former head of state for the first time in south african history is going to be prosecuted for corruption zoomers controversial president over prosecutors and the
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press billions of dollars of public money was stolen before and during his tenure south africans are still waiting to see if zuma anyone from his government will be held to account. al-jazeera pretoria south africa. or some of the kenny's a policy and political scientist at the university of south africa he says new evidence against zuma may come from his former financial advisor who's now in prison. who think that their chances of even going to use and may be limited but the chances of him being involved guilty quite high and some penalties may come in his way. because at this particular stage you may find that one year was a segue into the excess of the two that even though you benefited from it he is the relationship with. the new evidence that may or may have really come
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ironically there from the very person or was imprisoned in a city or may not be very happy of the fact that he suffered. for this body. and he seemed to have been neglected by the president during his years as opposed to he also faces yet another challenge because of the same time the state kept a investigation which is absolutely inverse of aging is that oh into a court option during his term of office might prove to be a lot more difficult than this one. tens of thousands of people have been protesting in slovakia demanding an early election to end the political crisis triggered by a journalist mota prime minister roberts he says resigned on thursday but demonstrators are wanting more action on what they see as widespread corruption. was reporting on the accusations of muffet ties to face associates when he and his girlfriend was shot dead al-jazeera
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a civilian to do such as move on but just love. organizers of this protest say that the resignation of not of prime minister at all but feet so does not change essentially nothing i spoke earlier today with one of the main organizers of the protest the journalist peter knight he said it is not going anywhere he said and clearly that message yesterday to the press and to the president he's caught himself so people who gathered here still had to demands they want independent investigation of murder of the uncouth sect and you know this new doc also they want government to do a new one a government with no connection with this organized crime and corruption and they want these two countries and one of the protesters here for example is. former candidate for the president most of i can one of the main organizers of the protests the people against violence and nine hundred eighty nine i see underlined
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there was one of these in the country he's not just about this because government brought about any government so according to the organizers they want new election the citizens so slovakia as they say laws that just in their country and the elections are the only way to change that. they're organized in thirty cities in the slovakia this place exactly in the brought this low voice symbolic in many ways this is the exact place where protests been denying was held there. message here in one of the buildings says all the men who fight for his freedom has the right to hold it also this is the only place. where we can both. feel standing three weeks after their murder. egypt's foreign ministry is demanding answers after a teenager's death in the u.k.
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mary mustapha sustained severe head injuries in an attack by a group of young people in nottingham last month she died on wednesday emma heywood reports well liked bright the had everything going for her a promising future she come to live in the u.k. from egypt and was studying engineering. i don't do anything for anyone. last month my arm was attacked by a group of young people in the english city of nottingham marion was taken to hospital placed in an induced coma but never recovered it was about eight o'clock at night when merriam boarded a bus in the center of nottingham it's alleged she was attacked on the pavement by a group who then followed her on to the bus and continued to abuse her. family says she and her sister had been attacked by some of those in the group of poor and a struggling to comprehend what happened do you believe this was
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a hate crime. because right now i don't have any. question why you haven't. marian story has been well documented in egypt and on social media with speculation running high about whether the attack was racially motivated police here say they're keeping an open mind and say there's nothing to suggest at the moment that this was a hate crime the local m.p. told lady justice. this is a very welcoming and diverse city and we are very proud to have people from all corners of the world here and not saying this is a very very unusual but clearly quite distressing situation and everybody from all backgrounds whatever their religion wants to see justice done and that is absolutely the feelings of everybody throughout our criminal justice system the egyptian authorities a calling for those involved to be swiftly brought to justice this is an ongoing
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investigation which has left a city in shock and a family broken and a heywood al-jazeera nottingham. two israeli soldiers have been killed and two others are being treated for serious injuries after a car running in the occupied west bank the israeli military considers it a deliberate attack the driver fled but was caught shortly after and taken to hospital unconfirmed reports say his twenty six year old palestinian russia plans to expel british diplomats in a tit for tat round over the poisoning of a former spy foreign minister sergei lavrov says the expulsions are in retaliation for britain booting out twenty three russian embassy staff there due to leave on tuesday moscow denies playing any part in last week's attack on sergei script and his daughter the u.k. foreign secretary boris johnson has accused president vladimir putin of ordering it himself all quarrel is with putin's kremlin and with his decision
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and we think it overwhelmingly likely that it was his decision to direct the use of a nerve agent on the streets of the u.k. on the streets of europe for the first time since the second world war that is that is why we are at odds with russia and a separate murder inquiries begun into the death of another russian in the u.k. businessman nicholai chris dodd was found dead in london on monday police have confirmed the cause of death was compression to the neck sixty eight year old disc of was a close associate a prominent putin opponent or aspersion ski who was found dead in the u.k. in twenty thirteen. russia's most high profile opposition figure alexina valmy isn't standing in sunday's election after being banned by the electoral commission in december but that doesn't mean he's completely sitting it out in the valleys funding or option group is challenging the legitimacy of that image putin victory and they say they've got fifteen thousand people ready to help really challenge has been to meet some of. these muscovites or learning how to be disruptors they
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volunteer to monitor voting in russia's presidential election and meetings like this have been happening all over the country. they're showing videos of what to look out for this one is from parliamentary elections two years ago and shows what looks like ballot stuffing in southern russia they want to minimize such fraud being repeated which they hope will keep sunday's election turnout from being artificially inflated mean much taking a little. every one understands that this is not an election and there's no point in voting that's why our only game is the turnout because that's the gremlins main focus in this election and they fight for high turnout with all their administrative resources if that's true just to get a man driving all this is alexina valmy russia's most high profile opposition politician in december he was barred from the elections for an embezzlement conviction that he's always said was politically motivated. choosing the presidents
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choosing the future says the sign and it's an intriguing idea isn't it one of russians had been able to make that choice between vladimir putin and alexina valmy well polling over the last year suggests to me a person is consistently on seventy percent whereas no valley is in single digits the implication of that is clear but it's telling of the kremlin's approach to things that they weren't prepared to even take that chance. so in the valleys plan b. is to deal it just bloody mayor putin's expected reelection his tactics are polling station monitoring and calling for an election boycott he's sure of the result but he needs people to come to the polling stations otherwise his spectacle the actors the lighting man and the cloakroom attendant are all in place but the theater is empty the audience didn't turn up and that's what scares him for many of these supporters this is a generational struggle and their feel better as when i went to my first rally
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a year ago my granny called me and said you study in a state funded university and the state pays for your education why are you going to rally you're being so bad but young throws in the university especially in moscow support me because everyone sees where the country is going the central election committee has already attempted to block accreditation for thousands of new valleys monitors campaign activists around the country face prosecutions and jail sentences like with all of alleys initiatives this one won't go smoothly reach alan's al-jazeera mosque or. north korea's foreign minister has met sweden's prime minister during a visit to stockholm ri young is there to discuss security on the korean peninsula but his visit has filled speculation sweden could host a meeting between the u.s. and north korean leaders donald trump accepted an invitation to meet kim jong un by may the swedish foreign minister says she hopes her country's relationship with the north korean government can be put to good use we valued this
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opportunity to arrange a meeting and we believe in dialogue and in the political process but we are not naive that we are hopeful hoping that if we can use our role and also our contacts then we will put it to the best use and then this for the parties to decide what is the way forward and the process from now on. now the white house has dismissed reports u.s. president donald trump is planning another staff shake up sect of state rex tillerson was sent to this week but the white house chief of staff has been reassuring aides that been no further changes press secretary sarah huckabee sanders told reporters no employees should be concerned for now and they just have actually spoke to a number of staff this morning reassuring them that there were personnel changes no immediate personnel changes at this time and that people shouldn't be concerned
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we should do exactly what we do every day and it's come to work and do the very best job that we can and that's exactly what we're doing that's exactly what we're focused on time for a short break here not just here at when we come back a tribute to five thousand people who died in one of the world's worst chemical attacks. and in sport the draw for the quarter finals of the champions league has been made and it's delivered some exciting times on that stay with us. how low we've got more wintry weather making its way across the u.s. at present and of course across canada a cloud snow missing pieces of right drifting through the plains pushing for the race was it will bring some further destructive weather on parole in the middle
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antic states as we go on through saturday and eventually up towards that northeastern corner into eastern canada further west cold enough here's what a fair bit of snow that drifting in across the rockies eleven or twelve celsius for seattle and for sam sam sam francisco beginning it's about sixty degrees in ally seventeen as we go on into sunday that's not a funny thing to sinking a little further south was you know just maybe monocacy of us out of the country it should clear three bright skies combat kids to seven celsius. in new york cold enough not to fall that fall off so well twenty four celsius in dallas five and dry weather pushing out of the way will let some rain coming into central pass all of texas will see some bits and pieces of right to just around the great threads of his but for much of the caribbean tropical sunshine not too bad it's all thirty celsius the kingston and also into santa the main gun symbol about these two unitas for cuba a little bit more clout there into that one would audience the lottery draw a central america.
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we are witnessing around the word this hungry money which is only looking at how to make the next profit down the street economies devastating ecosystems putting a price on the protection of nature green economy is sound good but it was all about privatized sation of nature should our environment be for sale but we're trying to do this destroy people to stabilize the country given the financial incentive to do that pricing the planet at this time on al-jazeera. al-jazeera for me is different because there's a maturity about its views gaps in the news group generally a report says channel but the pads take the risk of a story are going to kill over time i'm finally going anywhere al-jazeera is setting out to convey to feel the reality on the ground that the reality on the ground can only become by the day the magic of the people and that's what we do not
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think that's what we do well. welcome back a quick recap our top stories here this hour dozens of people have been killed in airstrikes and two areas of syria and rebel held eastern due to a market was hit meaning more than seventy people dead and activists say fifteen others died when turkish forces bombed the only functioning hospital in kurdish controlled or free. so that's because former president jacob zuma is facing prosecution for corruption the charges include fraud rocketeer ring and money laundering of a two point five billion dollars arms deal signed in the one nine hundred ninety s.
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zuma denies any wrongdoing. and tens of thousands of people have joined anti-government protests in slovakia they're demanding an early election to end a political crisis triggered by the murder of journalist. top prosecutor is warning federal authorities would investigate the death of a popular rio city councilor if the local police don't perceive the case aggressively mario franco was shot on a wednesday night and what the president's calling an assassination the thirty eight year old had repeatedly criticized police violence and a hoax to reports. despite the music and dancing this is not a happy occasion classed as brian streets of sao paolo to mourn the murder of prominent politician once described as a timeless social warrior the biggest marches were in her hometown of rio de janeiro where tens of thousands of brazilians gathered outside the city's council this is the woman whose killing has provoked such outrage marielle franco the
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thirty eight year old councilor has become a voice for gay and black rights as well as fighting against police violence in poor areas of the city police officials say she was deliberately targeted frank who were shot four times in the head and her driver was also killed her assistant who is in the back survived brazil's president was quick to speak out to condemn the killing even though the to do. agreed over his recent plans to put the army in charge of security in rio de janeiro. the assassination of councilwoman r.t.l. and her driver and us and go as is unacceptable in visible like all the other murders that happen in rio de janeiro is truly an attack on the rule of law and on our democracy has promised to carry out a full and transparent investigation if the people on the streets are angry and point the finger at the or far to. the banks there is a lot of indignation against this cowardice they want to silence a woman who fought for rights for justice for young black women.
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if that was the reason why we were in two thousand and eighteen in the injustice carries on that's why we gathered here today we're tired of injustice we want this to go not unpunished for our friend our colleague our sister's death not to go unpunished because her blood cries out. one of franco's farno posts on twitter criticized the police killing of a young man as he was leaving church. he remarks groups say police are responsible for at least one thousand killings last year. on a hoax that al-jazeera. well david miranda is a rio city councilor who was a close friend of mario franco he told al-jazeera she leaves an impressive legacy. my idea was inspiration because for ten years we didn't have a black woman on the city council she was not only a black woman but she would also be t would bring so much pride she was the fifth
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most vote i like to in rio all the vote for her we actually have a representation near her got really close because we have the same history for black well i would be teens we come for the for our we sat next to each other and our friendship bonds was beyond she was living in a house with friends she got to know our kids and it was really hard to see such a loss and in politics right now she was an inspiration and i'm shaking right now given this interview of. everybody in this country shaking she has to try really really and future and i had of her illustrate that move it was so. bullets crossing and. sending a straight message if you are black and you're off of from the favelas and you feel
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woman and you trying to go against the power against these structures the power the corruptions power you will get killed well i'll cut upon it joins us on skype now from south pollo he's an associate professor at the south pole a management school and his research specializes in police brutality in brazil in terms of the broader picture how big of a problem is police brutality particularly in the fella's poor neighborhoods of rio de janeiro. informant lee that's a big problem and breast is problem in president of the alice has it's very against him in lot of different situations but on the other side a little signs is that police officers are also very huge in brazil the police that humans a lot is also the police going to is also futile odds and mariel franco was a big critic of police brutality in the killing of innocent civilians how successful do you think her campaign was i think she was quite successful show as
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it were to be elected as a cultural or indeed this is just religion arrow she was able to mobilize people who against police brutality and she was a very important figure of new types or new types of politicians who are emerging now brazil. but look the government says that the violence and the drug gangs in the favelas is a big problem do you think they're right to bring in the military to take charge of security there well the government is also has a big problem because the government simple do a lot of corruption corruption problems and the government has also tied the gangs it seems like that i don't think the military is going to so is the situation as it does not only mexico and other places of the world the government should try first completely itself to lay there and be able to develop the police force to tackle this problem and just a final thought from you rafael if if there is excessive use of force by the police
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and the military what other options are available to deal with the violence on the drug gangs. well you have to you have been as you have to be clever about it so you have to be you have information or i don't know that you have information to act with the police to act also i think legalizing drugs is a biggie shouldn't has to be kept there is has to happen even as you know the war on drugs has failed all over the world and we're going to release an experiment with shows that the war only drugs should be all right so legalizing drugs in brazil will be a good solution as well but i fail al qaeda pani thank you for talking to al jazeera now immoral service has been held for victims of one of the world's worst chemical weapons attacks five thousand people died when saddam hussein's forces attacks the iraqi kurdish town of halabja thirty years ago it happened in the final months of the war between iraq and iran people living in hell and have health
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problems believed to be linked to the attack and they still debate at the u.n. security council how to monitor the use of chemical weapons in syria the u.s. wants a new group set up after russia vetoed a resolution which would have extended an international clowning to such attacks michaela reports from new york one thing another briefing of the security council about the crisis in syria. and further reports of the use of chemical weapons in the complicate this time in the besieged enclave of. then also knew these thirteen elevations of the use of chlorine gas underlying the ongoing debate an overarching international law the chemical weapons convention which essentially outlaws the possession production and acquisition of chemical weapons and it's signed by one hundred and ninety two states. and this is the attack that galvanized the negotiations that led to the convention thirty years ago saddam hussein ordered
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a chemical attack on the kurdish. in northern iraq the negotiations on the chemical weapons convention were already going on in one nine hundred eighty eight at the time of the whole attack and the the momentum in those negotiations really sort of tripled or quadrupled. unfortunately thanks to what happened in that but despite these horrific images that shocked the world it was seven weeks before the security council passed a resolution condemning the attack even then it was a neutral resolution calling on all sides to refrain from using chemical weapons their portion of blame complicated by the fact that american intelligence claimed iran was responsible and by the fact that there was no mechanism to formally investigate the attack and thirty years later as evidence emerges of repeated
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chemical attacks in syria the security council finds itself in a similar position. a russian veto effectively ended the mandate of the joint investigative mechanism that had been formed with the express intention obvious step to shing accountability for chemical attacks in syria completely. with no formal investigation of these attacks there's no sanction effectively rendering the chemical weapons convention meaningless and sending a dangerous message to those who deploy them they may take the lesson you can get away with it you can get away with murder you can get away with using the worst kinds of weapons and there won't be any accountability despite the international revulsion to the attack thirty years ago the saddam regime continued deploying chemical weapons with apparent impunity until the end of the war with iran and every veto in the security council today which suggests that the listen up. has
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still not be learned. by cannot al-jazeera united nations. investigators say it's unlikely any more survivors will be found after a bridge collapsed onto a highway in florida at least six people were killed on thursday when the pedestrian walkway fell on to several lanes of traffic at florida international university in miami several cars were crushed and police and more bodies could be found. which is people just waiting to hear anything but. i know they get thirty six is doing everything that they can and they've caught up with those very words just they get tedious process of just waiting in line wanting to know but it's what's happening. the been protests in australia ahead of a southeast asia summit being held in sydney the cambodian community there was angry over the attendance a prime minister hun sen accusing him of overseeing human rights abuses he's one of a number of asian leaders involved in the two day summit which will be focusing on
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security and trade hundred thomas reports from sydney. organizers called this event held in sydney on thursday the phone teams of computer experts were given mock cyber security challenges with five hundred participants. internationally and domestically both from public and private enterprise trying to. fix six terrorism questions we've given them in thirty two hours most participants were from association of southeast asian nations or as the n. countries australia has put countering cyber crime and tackling money laundering and what it calls terrorism at the heart of the agenda for the asean special summit australia itself isn't in as again as its acronym suggests its ten members are all in southeast asia australia though is too far south and east to be a member but australia has important trade and security relationships with asean
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countries and wants to tighten connections with a group it sees as valuable to regional security. as he is uniquely placed to continue to promote international order within our region. as he and countries are nothing like as in twined politically or economically as countries in for example the european union but having a regional group in asia which excludes china is useful to australia hosting a summit is a sign of australia's commitment to it the benefit i think is establishing these relationships so that if there is a crisis probably one that will be that it will involve china in the future yes trying different has these relationships and it is able to call on them and rely on them the summit of asean leaders is being kept low key in part because it's controversial those attending include myanmar's on sunday despite her government's treatment of the rohingya the military leader of thailand will be coming to even
2:43 am
though elections there were recently delayed again. then so too is malaysia's prime minister despite many saying he's corrupt the only as yet leader choosing not to come as the philippines roderigo to test a even cambodia's prime minister hun sen is being welcomed by australia's government despite his crackdown on opposition figures and human rights activists at home and has threatened to beat up any protesters who burn effigies of him in sydney a horrible dictator who has no respect for human rights. he doesn't understand democracy. the way he treated people really through. you know thread harassment. you know mainly to make people silenced cambodians ranger and vietnamese people living in australia. to protest and to thomas al-jazeera says. the president of cyprus says he's ready to resume
2:44 am
peace talks with the breakaway northern region nicos anastasiades told our jazeera he would jump at the first opportunity to talk with the north leader moustapha kinja earlier this month a separate foreign minister said his country would not resume talks while turkey blocks its gas exploration efforts you could not expect to form a government to. continue the talks or to accept to start. a new round of negotiations when the other side is putting a precondition that the. exploitation exploration exploitation or whatever point we are portraying as regards the. height of our points we have to decide together we have to agree to a got a whole committee will decide. regards to licensing guys or gods with whom we have to to whom we have to sell and all of these kind of things ok but if
2:45 am
not stuff i can see the turkish cypriot leader if he calls you today and says let's have talks would you accept given those ladies they won't hear you and attend to meet. thousands of people in the spanish capital have been protesting for a second day against the death of an african street vendor demonstrators in madrid are demanding but at the defendant was thirty five year old mom from senegal. after being chased by police on thursday madrid's man has promised an investigation. now at least. function in the georgian result of videos posted on social media show the lift reversing direction on a dangerously high speed ski is already surprised backwards rapidly down the hill. to jump to safety and investigation is now on the way. it's
2:46 am
coming. only sport zimbabwe qualifies for the world. cricket cup but it would have helped boost play in numbers that.
2:47 am
welcome back now children in kenya's largest slum are on a mission to change their neighborhoods through a local project called super heroes of. workshops help children create their local superheroes to deal with issues that affect them in the slum culture and soil as more from iraq. it's saturday afternoon and
2:48 am
a handful of kibera children get creative with the spray paint brushes and converse is what they like most about this project in the heart of the largest slum in the country is they get to be who they want through an initiative called superheroes of kibera squid one is undoubtedly the head of the park the same delicate look how much building my superpower is to help out when there is fire in the slum i bring water and help people to get to safety. green arrow tackles bogas and he shows us how. wonder woman says she has the power to get the truth out of people. this could be a has lots of law isn't criminals if i can get people to be honest we could live peacefully the walk shop which has also opened its doors to many practicing artists
2:49 am
in kibera were started by to groups whose founders were born and bred here we have an artists we have guys who do it for three guys who do. some other games with lots of creative about things so there's a calmness and it is a collective obsidian it's a comedian. the room itself can only take about ten children of the time the project accommodates just forty children every few months and only when there's money to buy the tools to work this afternoon they get to go outdoors where they make modern searched shanty walls their converse this is the street of kibera children here gets to express themselves in whatever way they see best and on any of the little space their mentors tell us it keeps the ground it's. their idea is to have the children deal with everyday problems that affect their neighborhoods. kids to delist become heroes in their own community so like. we want to show
2:50 am
these kids you can be the black man in the community you can transform your community many children who live in slum areas have few opportunities to make it out but this superheroes of kibera see they're determined to succeed and as long as they're here they want to make their lives and many other people they interact with a little better catherine sawyer all jazeera nairobi kenya. now his far thanks very much for the first time in almost thirty years iraq will be able to play international football matches at home after a fever partially lifted a bag a lifting of the ban also opens the way for iraq to host next year's crop safety and security concerns had meant that all home world cup an asian cup qualifiers had to be played in neutral countries the president says it's now safe enough for internationals to be played in three cities erbil basra and. these things he's.
2:51 am
also budgets will be about complaints was he was concerned obviously the opposition organizing in this case he would obviously get on the scene as well but. we'll see if those requests imagine but bob. these are questions bob accepted by the council yet these questions didn't need to be monitoring any quest to be fair they mean very very late what the country hasn't played full internationals on home soil since the one nine hundred ninety invasion of kuwait their one world cup the parents came four years before that in one thousand nine hundred eighty six despite the disruption iraq's biggest success came in two thousand and seven when the team won the asian cup fever granted them permission for the country to host friendlies last may and more than sixty five thousand fans were in attendance when iraq hosted saudi arabia last month for the first time in almost four decades earlier i spoke
2:52 am
to iraq's football writer hossam bello he told us how difficult it's been for the team to play all their important games away from home. it's been very difficult of course for the fund to specially you know football's basically all kind of final beacon of hope it's a huge sport iraq is the main sport for us to not be able to watch our national side in nearly three decades it's been very tough but likewise for the team it's also been very difficult you know in various different aspects first of all on the top level of football the small margins much usually. with no home support when you're playing in a stadium that's completely empty whether it's in kind of dump or the u.a.e. or wherever you know it's not the same atmosphere that will generate when you're playing in your own country so that might give you a five percent edge but it's very difficult for the plays in that sense likewise the factors such as extra travel or the pitches being poor this is especially been
2:53 am
the case when we played in iran and when you have to play is capable of playing fast fluid football such as seen just in their own really results in you being forced to play a more direct approach which is not very convenient when you have the play is capable of playing a better standard of football so it's been very difficult in these in these circumstances the draw has been made for the champions league quarter final senate still leverage some exciting ties two time defending champions around madrid will face italian side eventis and a repeat of last season a final that was won by the spanish side real are bidding to become the first team to win europe's top club competition three straight times in more than forty years . yes i mean i think. we already played them three times recently in the past and i think both of us recognize it'll be difficult we'll have to play those games very very well at a very high level to progress this being said we obviously trust players who showed
2:54 am
us those last years that they're able to handle these types of games very well and raise a lot of joy among all fans. roma will be able to avoid the thrashing barcelona gave them when they last met in the champions league twenty fifteen all quarter final debutant severe but in this league a leader is bar in munich one of the two remaining english teams will be eliminated after liverpool were drawn with manchester city for the first time in european competition authorities will be on high alert after english side arsenal were drawn with cisco moscow in the europa league final with tensions between the two nations have been high after the poisoning of a former russian spy and his daughter shortly after the draw was made the club issued a travel advisory for france thinking of going to moscow for the away like it highlighted warning from the british foreign office saying there is the possibility of anti british sentiment in russia and to avoid commenting publicly on political
2:55 am
developments. last year's mozy ph championship runner up andre divots he also was quickest and practice ahead of sunday's season opening round. the italian ducati ryder finished just six one thousand seven second faster than his nearest rival qualifying session will be held on saturday. oh some bob we have moved to the top of the table after beating ireland by a hundred and six runs and their cricket world cup qualifier ten teams have been battling it out for the last two remaining spots in next year's world cup the years of economic and political turmoil in zimbabwe have affected participation levels in the sports but as harm with asa reports organizers hope the home tournaments will attract people back to the game. zimbabwe's national cricket team has surprised many local fans they've made it into the last sixteen is
2:56 am
fighting it out for two final spots at next year's cricket world cup being held in england zimbabwe used to regularly play against the top national sides in the world . but the political and financial crises joining robert mugabe's rule hurt the game some senior many white players left in protest leaving behind a young inexperienced players who had the daunting task of picking up the pieces. he was forced to resign in november what is now president some fans and players hope a new beginning for the country will also be a new beginning for cricket and we've had some challenges in the past and i think you know just what with the changes that have happened in the country i hope that we can play our little part and do well you know we're representing fifteen million people in our country and if we can if we can do well in flight of the flood car then yeah it will be good for cricket in this country in the for the future of cricket. in recent years the team has struggled against other international sides.
2:57 am
but they say playing on home soil in the super sixes qualifying tournament gives them an advantage and gets more young people interested in the sport with all these games being played here at home that's a lot more younger people watching and i love more than the people interested in the sport i mean that's always sort of coming out and watching all your twelve year old. international teams are playing in zimbabwe inspires him encourages young people by seeing shots playing people playing and people playing. bill for game night. football remains more popular than cricket in zimbabwe some people here believe cricket is an elitist sport some schools are trying to change that perception it's a poor school the bats and balls are several years old they're really good players and i'm dreading cricket academy and maybe one day play for the national team it's
2:58 am
been a bumpy road because the national side players know they still a lot of work to do the more matches they win could raise the profile of cricket and return zimbabwe's. national team to form a place competing with the world's elite. and that's all your support for now more later. on star of the back of the top the hour with more news stay with us here at.
2:59 am
the corner. perceptions. documentaries from around the globe always a big sound but that brings me down to. believe it's journalism. debates and discussion this is a lot of misunderstanding and distortion is that the only argument i find against that is all over the corded history. see the world from a different perspective on al-jazeera. it's very difficult as a chef or restaurant or to buy shrimp with the confidence that what you're serving
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is going to be good seafood by nature is a high risk sometimes trip was released using production drugs. that are not approved for use in the us the f.d.a. simply isn't testing and not on the imported market to really find all of these vial of the president take no at this time on al-jazeera. how many. times. the war in syria escalates on two fronts asteroids and eastham do that while lots of us say the turkish miniatures bombed a hospital in a free.


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