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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  March 17, 2018 8:00pm-8:33pm +03

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on the image get out but she is the european parliament that's not accountable and it's impossible for the people to bear then it's for link up our people don't want to take a vote and then leave that if will find a stronger man our song woman while getting the growth of rejectionism of this world because the model doesn't work europe's forbidden colony episode two at this time on al-jazeera. no end to the exodus in syria as thousands flee besieged cities at opposite ends of the country at least twenty four civilians die in eastern guta. amman tell you this is al jazeera live from london also coming up. we will consider our next steps in the coming days before that continues from the british russia
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a nerve agent attack now u.k. police warned russian exiles about their security. the deputy chief of the f.b.i. hits back at president trump after being fired just days before he was set to retire. a million miles leader gets more than she bargained for at a summit in australia the threat of prosecution. but only twenty four civilians have been killed by syrian government forces in eastern guta on saturday bringing the death toll over the past two days to almost one hundred thousands of civilians are fleeing besieged cities at opposite ends of syria as two major battles intensify in eastern go to near the capital damascus thousands of people have left areas held by rebels since early morning meanwhile in the north city of afraid and thousands are evacuating territory held by kurdish y p
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g fighters as turkish forces and their syrian allies try to fight their way into the city or been reports of war arundhati bombardments in both of those areas dozens of people being killed in the latest strikes on the town of in eastern guta under simmons as the latest from near the turkish syrian border. that almost can't be verified this isn't a united nations operation the russians and the syrian regime are organizing these two colored olds one to the north of peace and goodwill one to the south it's the last a wall in the southern wall and it's being used right now and thousands of people in a very sullen state are moving away and trying at hoping that they're going to get safety no absolute certainty of where they're going the syrian regime says that they will be processed in evacuation centers they'll be medical help they'll be food they'll be water but uncertainty with all of that as far as the security
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position nice and good to goes no ceasefire to allow all this to happen and there have been further attacks particularly in some which was under attack on friday there were claims that russian warplanes were engaged in dropping munitions that included in century bomb that was for me to buy denied by russia but the situation is quite critical with the s.o.h. all the syrian observatory for human rights claiming that at least thirty civilians died as they were preparing to flee eastern. and now in a free closer to the turkish syrian border the position there is escalating more civilians fleeing that city they wipe e.g. the kurdish fighters are trying to defend it but the turkish forces now in circling right the way around the city and the syrian free syrian army which is backed by the turkish taking over
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a prison now and moving forward furthermore there is a categorical denial by the turkish that they targeted a hospital in a free and on friday they say that they've shown these pictures showing that the hospital is intact however the sort observatory for human rights is showing video of a damaged building which it says is the hospital so dispute that one of many about exactly what is going on. britain's prime minister to resign may says the u.k. is considering its next steps after moscow now says it would expel twenty three british diplomats and close the british council in russia britain has accused the kremlin of orchestrating a nerve agent attack on a former russian spy and his daughter in salzburg twenty three russian diplomats already been expelled by britain china how reports from moscow. after
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days of waiting it took barely ten minutes for british ambassador laurie bristow to be handed russia's written response we gave russia the opportunity to explain help the material souls but we asked russia to declare that material that the capability to the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons russia did neither therefore we announced certain steps russia today has informed me off the steps that russia will be taking in response to that. the decision to remove twenty three british diplomats from russia mirrored u.k. prime minister to resign may's own statement on wednesday expelling twenty three russian diplomats from london the countermeasures didn't stop with the expulsion of british diplomats from the embassy here they were as well what the russians would call a symmetrical measures to match the reason mase promise of looking more closely at the sources of russian money in the u.k. so britain's diplomatic presence in russia will be further reduced by the closure
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of its consulate in simply does burke russia second city and the operations of the government funded british council will cease a charity that promotes british culture abroad the russian government has long suspected it of being a cover for british intelligence it is though in diplomatic speak might be described as a measured response what's is there russia does not want. fresh wanted to ask then the rest by britain. expulsions could be the even more severe way with the americans they could exploit more they could cripple actually the british mission and moscow. russia is sending a message of its. rhetoric continues but no more serious action. to lisa may chose to double. russia's response doesn't change the facts of the matter the attempted assassination of two people on british soil for which there is
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no alternative conclusion other than that the russian state was culpable the british government may be emboldened by a show of support from allies like france and germany along with new sanctions aimed at russia by the united states russia meanwhile may be looking for ways to calm things down jonah hill al-jazeera moscow. has got the nations to russian reaction after lawrence lee who's in moscow said more strong words from the u.k. prime minister how is this whole route viewed there. well i think i think there are some grounds for thinking that scene sems of the actual actual actions the russians would quite like this now to be over as jonah was suggesting in that reports having said that some of the words that are coming out of moscow today on the eve of the election here are just as extraordinary is the as the claims and accusations coming out of london and in just the same way
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that boris johnson the british foreign secretary said that in his opinion and himself it authorized this which clearly he can't prove in much the same way the spokeswoman for the russian foreign ministry has been to the t.v. here today to say that for a start russia has no nerve gas of a nerve agent of the sort that was used but of western countries like britain and sweden the power to do she said and then went on to say that in their opinion the british should poisons the script roles because they wanted to undermine russian successes in syria which seems like quite a call it's but that's what she suggested and so this gigantic mudslinging verbal operation still still still carries on and a do think that actually the most important thing is going to happen next is when the inspectors as from forms in social body turn up in salt the next week take some samples take them away and try over the course of trying to figure out if it actually lends any sorts of clarity to what the agent was and who might reasonably have actually done it's because they are in social body and therefore neutral and
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they're the people thing who have any chance of getting through all this now in orange county if you as you mentioned elections coming up many a few hours until the polls open what if any effect on voters. well i think that you know the thing that you can say is that clearly the idea of the putin administration here has has pedals for osha slee for years that russia is under siege the west the wraps it gets us putin is the only guy who can defend russia against this onslaught clearly when you have people like the woman from the russian foreign ministry saying we don't have this notation they all have it they're trying to undermine us that sort of plain directly backs up the sorts of political theses that underpin the entire putin presidency for the time being and so in that sense it's a given that is all over russian t.v. tonight on the eve of the election it can only help him in he's
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the endless rhetoric to come out of about you know returning russia's glory in defending russia or against all these countries who are out to get us. very much indeed you know on u.k. police have contacted several russian exiles due to concerns over their safety following the killing of a prominent businessman he could i do scoff was found dead in his home in southwest london on monday made back a has more from outside his cuffs home. the murder investigation into the death of nicholai glitched coffee is well underway he was body was found here at his home in south west london on monday with what police described as compression wounds to his neck he was due to appear in court earlier on monday to answer longstanding allegations of fraud that had been brought against him by his former employer russia's national airline araf lot where he'd previously worked as the company's chief financial officer he'd been given political asylum here in the u.k.
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in two thousand and ten after previously serving a five year prison sentence in russia for financial irregularities police are also undoubtedly going to be looking at his links to the russian oligarch boris berezovsky who was a staunch critic of the kremlin and of lad he may have putin he was found dead in mysterious circumstances in two thousand and thirteen and bush coffee his friend and business partner always believed that bearers of ski had been murdered police and the british national domestic intelligence service m i five are now said to be looking at previous cases of other russian exiles here in the u.k. that have died in mysterious circumstances they're said to be reexamining a number of cases including that of the death of boris berezovsky police here they are not linking the death here to the poisoning of assegais and
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yulia script and song speech just under two weeks ago on that case the british prime minister believes that it was in her eyes and equivocally the russian state that was behind the poisoning whereas shortly after the poisoning she'd insinuated that possibly a nerve agent manufactured by the state could have got out of the hands of the russian government but now she's focusing her attention directly on the russian government blaming them for that poisoning the investigation. in souls pretty continuous. so to come on the program. she's been paying is confirmed as china's leader for life and there's a major promotion for a close ally of the president. and will the search the african leaders sign a petition aimed at saving the elephant but is it enough.
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hello there there's still plenty of unsettled weather across parts of the middle east at the moment here's the latest weather system as it works its way out of iraq and into iran still getting some heavy downpours as it does say and ahead of it we're seeing a few flurries of snow over the mountains in afghanistan so that system still with us on sunday gradually retreating eastwards as we head into monday but still afghanistan looking pretty wet and actually extends all the way up into catholic stan as well then move to other weather features with us as we head through monday the next one is here that's working its way over parts of iraq not a great deal of rain on this but i think we'll see some winds and some dust being kicked up as well and then the next systems here over the western parts of turkey giving some rain and some strong winds too now as that first system worked its way across parts of q wait we saw the orange skies thanks to the dust that it was kicking up there and the whole system then gradually sunk its way towards the east
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brought us a few breaks of rain here in doha and across parts of the u.a.e. as well so clearing away to sea by sunday should be fine and dry the wind still feeding down the gulf so twenty eight degrees will be the maximum temperature we're expecting in doha maybe up to around twenty nine as we head through monday and the winds bringing in some slightly fresh air from madagascar we're watching our cycle as it gradually sinks southwards.
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and they're going to run to the top stories when i was there at least twenty four civilians have been killed by syrian government strikes in eastern ditto on saturday thousands of people have left areas held by rebels in the past few hours. britain's prime minister to resign may says the u.k. is considering its next steps off to moscow announced it would expelled twenty three british diplomats and close the british council in russia in a tit for tat move over the poisoning of a former double agent. u.k. preserve contacted several russian exiles due to concerns of their safety following the killing of a prominent businessman. who is found dead in his home in south west london on
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monday. the chinese do this using ping has been reappointed united mostly by his party with no term limits effectively making him president for life a close ally of president she was voted in as his deputy by the national people's congress it's called hardly has more from beijing. for the first time in history the president of china took an oath of office president xi jinping raising his fist pledging loyalty to country and constitution as he begins his second five year term and that's a constitution that was changed last week during the national people's congress here in beijing. one of the biggest differences lifting term limits on the offices of presidents and vice presidents meaning this is almost certainly not the last time we will see she take the oath. also took his oath on saturday his first five year term as vice president. only one vote was cast against
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him out of the nearly three thousand carefully selected delegates known as a firefighter taking on tough tasks one front at the president's anti-corruption crackdown it punished more than one and a half million officials the election of won't east on was no surprise he's a close ally of season playing and term limits have been lifted on the vice president's role but what will be different is that his power and influence will elevate the position that's traditionally been ceremonial get things done so see his loyalty and how he can follow his order to discipline chinese officials and he has been very successful in that and i'm looking forward to seeing you would want to make sure that his power i would be stabilized to for next decade or beyond that even before the curtains close on this year's national people's congress on tuesday wang will have his work cut out one of
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his responsibilities is to deal with u.s. trade friction something president trump has intensified over the past few days he's got how to al-jazeera beijing. fired f.b.i. deputy director andrew mccabe has hit back at the us president mccabe was sacked for misconduct just days before he would have been eligible for full retirement benefits don't celebrate in his firing on twitter saying andrew mccabe fired a great day for the hardworking men and women of the f.b.i. a great day for democracy sanctimonious james komi was his boss and made mccabe look like a choir boy he knew all about the lies and corruption going on at the highest levels of the f.b.i. or insists he's done nothing wrong and jordan has more on the controversy andrew mccabe was an f.b.i. agent for twenty two years rising to deputy director and then acting director after his boss james komi was fired by the trump white house in twenty seventeen but just
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before he planned to retire on march eighteenth mccabe too was dismissed in a statement released late on friday night the attorney general jeff sessions said that according to an internal agency investigation quote mr mccabe had made in an authorized disclosure to the news media and lacked candor including under oath a multiple occasions i have terminated the employment of andrew mccabe effective immediately. right after this mccabe told the news media his firing was payback for doing his job investigating ties between russia and donald trump's two thousand and sixteen presidential campaign as well as overseeing the probe into hillary clinton's abuse of a private e-mail server while she was secretary of state now president trump has accused mccabe of partisan bias mccabe's wife a democrat received campaign donations from one of hillary clinton's allies then
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mccabe added this quote the attack on my credibility is one part of a larger effort not to just slander me personally but to taint the f.b.i. law enforcement and intelligence professionals generally it is part of this administration's ongoing war on the f.b.i. and the efforts of the special counsel analysts say robert muller who is the special counsel will want to talk to mckay but now aides now will be testifying in front of mahler and he knows a lot now what happened. during the campaign and during the investigation mr mckay going to talk about the fact when president drama fired erector call me that was i didn't see him you were going to call me when i'm actually going ahead with the investigation and not could be considered obstruction of justice being fired means andrew mccabe might lose his retirement and health
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care benefits but mccabe might also have much more to gain by telling robert muller everything he knows about any russian links to the trump presidential campaign and that could mean the trumpet ministration might now have a much bigger problem on its hands rosalyn jordan al-jazeera washington. one of the world's fastest growing cities could be about to run out of water bangalore is a hub of technology but urban growth neglect and unpredictable rainfall have caused it to dry out catch all of us would be on reports. bangalore is the epi center of india's high tech industry it's even nicknamed silicon valley despite all its advances in cutting edge technology it's facing a major problem water or rather the lack of it in that if you tell a big bang a little bit of what this is this is the main point of this and then if anything this that is going to make it collapse it will be because of the war that it's the
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city's population has doubled over the last fifteen years to more than ten million as young i.t. workers arrive to take up high tech jobs but about half of them have to rely on tankers for their water supply i would say this is because of unplanned that been a nation that's happened in the band the landscape sold a senseless in a sponsible out but there's a ship bangalore's dry fields are replacing what was once fertile and profitable land farming is now on luxury and fewer crops mean higher prices at local markets. it's also a challenge elsewhere in india thousands of farmers marched to mumbai recently demanding more access to land and financial help from the government india is not alone inadequate supplies of water have become an international problem cape town in south africa has its own crisis to deal with after a three year drought the city is predicted to reach a day zero in early july when its water supplying reservoirs sink below thirteen
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percent of capacity in india the supreme court is now involved last month that allowed for a new river sharing arrangement for the indian state of karnataka of which bangalore is the capital and the prices on board the call as if not a. looming problem which is when a. that really the most force almost everyone audio video host to pick up measures naked in order harvesting and water conservation measures it's hoped the warnings are now being treated seriously enough that action can be taken to preserve water and keep it flowing. katia lopa so the young al-jazeera. a group of lawyers in australia has filed a private prosecution against myanmar as leader and son sushi over her country's treatment of muslim or hinders sushi is in sydney for a meeting of southeast asian leaders but her tendence hasn't been welcomed by all as a thomas report. it's not an image of aung sang suu kyi that anyone would have
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created a few years ago but now refugees in australia blame her for the persecution of the hinge in myanmar they are disgusted that australia's government has welcomed at the sydney. lists and indicated the problems the other problems in her own country why long song suchi is in australia with all the latest for the association of southeast asian nations or as the end summit five lawyers are trying to get her prosecuted we have lodged a private prosecution application in the magistrates court victoria accusing unsung suchi of crimes against humanity specifically the crime of deportation forcible transfer of people australis attorney general says but international convention heads of government and ministers of foreign affairs have immunity from prosecution
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but human rights lawyers say that immunity shouldn't apply on song suchi is not officially the head of the en masse government and lawyers say it was very accusing her of has nothing to do with foreign affairs portfolio so isn't covered by the immunity protocol others in sydney protested the presence of viet nam's prime minister neutron folk and cambodia's leader one saying who's been accused of crushing the opposition and violating human rights there's not a strong an ambiguous message from the struggling government about sense crackdown in cambodia i think it's you know a big mistake for the government just so completely gloss over those issues or just deal with them quietly on the fringes they should be front and center of a summit like this police are not allowing protests right outside the convention center where the asean talks are happening but these protesters did get close as young ladies will be out of here these protests where they're meeting but it's unlikely they'll be talking about them too much but then the focus is on trade and
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security. australia's prime minister malcolm turnbull says he'll raise the range of prices with aung san suu kyi but his main focus on saturday was combating terrorism and how to pursue free trade opportunities in the face of protectionism together we can seize those opportunities but to do so governments and businesses must remain committed to the rules based order be fierce advocates and persuasive advocates above all for free and open trade the as the end summit runs on both saturday and sunday the protests are expected to as well andrew thomas al jazeera sydney. or than thirty african leaders have signed a petition named to protect the elephants from poaching the president of kenya uganda and botswana a leading the call for the european union to ban the sale of ivory more than half of africa's savannah elephants live in those four countries the president a part of a group called the giants club focused on the conservation of the world's largest
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land mammal korea's president is facing impeachment for a second time over his ties to a brazilian construction giant. narey survives the first attempt to remove him from office in december now an impeachment debate will take place on thursday sanchez has more from alina. they waited seven months before the president agreed to meet them said politicians of the door so-called car wash corruption investigation took their time questioning president. he's accused of corruption over his links to brazilian construction giant all they would each and the role he played in contracts for a series of government infrastructure projects. the president has known for seven months if we detail of the issues that bring us here today he has a government lawyer so he will have the right to defend himself. after eight hours
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of questioning members of the multi-party committee emerged from the presidential palace or hear more about everything winter the president has collaborated as part of his defense tragedy. the questioning happened one day after a majority in congress voted to start impeachment proceedings against the president for a second time analysts say this has turned into producing the worst political crisis in decades. never improves history has a president been through impeachment twice in three months after eighteen months in office even if he survives there is no guarantee there won't be another process the scenarios of this political process of very dark to say the least the president's future may now be much more complicated on thursday the state's financial intelligence unit revealed that he received money from all they voted when he was a finance minister more than a decade ago the thirty four page state intelligence report says all the rich and
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other business groups paid millions of dollars to companies and others linked to him for consultancy contracts president kaczynski has repeatedly denied any wrongdoing but political opponents say he's lying an opinion poll says sixty three percent of peruvians agree and want the president to the feel me. it's a horrible crisis so much instability we don't know what will happen but this corruption everywhere we want to stable country. dealings have made him deeply unpopular in the. i'm so angry they are still politicians are in office to steal the so you beautiful ideas and then steal it almost makes you laugh unfortunately. christine kaczynski has said he has nothing to hide analysts say even if he survives a second impeachment move next week he's weak and his ability to govern has already been hampered by the innocent as i just see that he might be too. large parts of
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the world are turning green to celebrate the irish national holiday so patrick's day in the u.s. city of chicago the river was dyed emerald green the city's annual parade about eighteen kilograms of environmentally friendly vegetable dye went into the water was three hundred landmarks in forty eight countries are also growing greening tooting the empire state building and sydney opera house that i began as a religious holiday in ireland and spread around the world as they are ish emigrated abroad does a pretty amazing that. provide the headlines on our jazeera at least twenty four civilians have been killed by a syrian government strikes in eastern guta on saturday bring the death toll over the past two days to almost one hundred thousands of people have left areas held by rebels in the past few hours the heading to syrian army positions after they were
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urged to leave in a state t.v. broadcast andersen's has more from killisnoo the turkey syria border. but all this can be verified this isn't a united nations operation the russians of the syrian regime are organizing these two corridors one to the north of us and go to war to the south it's the last a warm the southern warm that's being used right now and files of people with a very sullen states moving away trying to hoping that they're going to get safety in the northern city of affray in fallon's leaving territory held by kurdish y p g fighters as turkish forces and their syrian allies try to fight their way into the city have been reports of more air and artillery bombardments there britain's prime minister to resign may says the u.k. is considering its next steps after moscow announced that it would expel twenty three british diplomats and close the british council in russia britain has accused
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the kremlin of being behind the nerve agent attack on a former russian spy in the u.k. twenty three russian diplomats so already been expelled by britain and u.k. police have contacted several russian exiles due to concerns over their safety following the killing of a prominent businessman nikolai blue scarf was found dead in his home in south west london on monday police say he died from a compression to the neck and a murder investigation is underway to scaf was granted political asylum in twenty ten and the u.k. have blocked attempts by russia to extradite him the chinese leader xi jinping has been unanimously reappointed with no term limits effectively making him president for life a close ally of president she was voted in as his deputy by the national people's congress. and is known as the fire fighter his central role in tackling issues like corruption and domestic financial problems. inside stories up next hour the news
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are few straight after that you stay with us for cash. the national home of the jewish people that's what a controversial bill that's being fost track through israel's parliament wants to achieve but where does that leave millions of his waiting palestinians what will be the regional fallout this is inside story.


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