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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  March 18, 2018 12:00am-1:00am +03

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another day another explosion. from one of the thousands of i.e.d. strewn through the landscape of this lawless tribal region in pakistan with only the most basic equipment of phillis bomb disposal unit are determined to counter the horrors of the relentless taliban onslaught. armed with faith but witness documentary at this time on al-jazeera. this is. hello i'm citizen this is the news hour live from london coming up fire the f.b.i. deputy director andrew mccabe says he kept personal memos of his interactions with
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president donald trump. turkish forces begin their advance into the syrian town of offering as tens of thousands of civilians fleeing for safety and polls open in russia in a vote widely expected to deliver president vladimir putin another term in power. and fire as well have all the day's sport including most solid scores for is liverpool thrashed watford five nil to move up to her in the english premier league . first we had to the us where it's been reported that fired f.b.i. deputy director andrew mccabe kept detailed notes on his interactions with president donald trump but kerry was sacked for misconduct just days before he would have been eligible for full retirement benefits. celebrated his firing on
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twitter saying and to make a fire it a great day for the hardworking men and women of the f.b.i. a great del full of democracy sanctimonious james komi was his boss and made mccabe look like a choir boy he will about the lines and corruption going on at the highest levels of the f.b.i. well also in jordan. andrew mccabe was an f.b.i. agent for twenty two years rising to deputy director and then acting director after his boss james komi was fired by the trump white house in twenty seven teens but just before he planned to retire on march eighteenth mccabe too was dismissed in a statement released late on friday night the attorney general jeff sessions said that according to an internal agency investigation quote mr mccabe had made and and authorized disclosure to the news media and lacked candor including under oath a multiple occasions i have terminated the employment of andrew mccabe effective
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immediately. right after this mccabe told the news media his firing was payback for doing his job investigating ties between russia and donald trump's two thousand and sixteen presidential campaign as well as overseeing the probe into hillary clinton's use of a private e-mail server while she was secretary of state now president trump has accused mccabe of partisan bias mccabe's wife a democrat received campaign donations from one of hillary clinton's our laws then mccabe added this quote the attack on my credibility is one part of a larger effort not to just slander me personally but to taint the f.b.i. law enforcement and intelligence professionals generally it is part of this administration's ongoing war on the f.b.i. and the efforts of the special counsel being fired means andrew mccabe might lose
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his retirement and health care benefits but mccabe might also have much more to gain by telling robert muller everything he knows about any russian links to the trump presidential campaign and that could mean the trumpet ministration might now have a much bigger problem on its and rosalyn jordan al-jazeera washington well let's cross across to washington d.c. where our correspondent tom ackerman is waiting to talk to us that tom we're hearing just lately that these memos he's nuts of being kept is a significant. it's highly significant the various sources have said that mccabe's contemporaneous notes and memos are now in the possession of the special counsel robert muller and presumably as indicated by mccabe's comments and reaction to his firing that they could corroborate james cole music out of his interactions with the fired f.b.i.
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director james comey who himself has just recently emailed in his reaction to tweeted his reaction saying the american people will have my story very soon and they can judge for themselves who is honorable and who is not mccomb account is being highly touted in advance of his of his book which is due to come out under high secrecy guarantees or about months from now and i believe that they have advanced the publication date from that but the latest development here and the most ominous for muller is the demand publicly by the president's personal lawyer john dowd to call for the deputy attorney general who is the direct superior of mahler to fireballer
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as a baby and the basis for that he said is because of mccabe's suppose the disciplinary infractions would justify his firing. doubt after afterwards said that he's only speaking on a personal level and not on behalf of the president but it's hard to see in light of the president's own tweet last night that that mccabe's firing was a great day for democracy it's hard to believe that that dowd wasn't speaking for the president and that now the question is what kind of pressure will the attorney general. jeff sessions be under from the president who is already been highly critical of him publicly for having recused himself from this case what kind of pressure jeff sessions will be under to actually follow that advice and to fire rod rosenstein and thereby allow for the firing of the special counsel to many thanks tom i commend that bringing in the latest from a washington d.c.
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bureau well we're joined also via skype by lawrence quote from the city of lewiston delaware is a senior fellow at the american progress action fund and a former assistant secretary of defense thanks very much for joining us on this story on al-jazeera and as tom was explaining that this oversea has an impact on the whole most investigation how do you read what mccain is now saying and how significant do you think it is that he is now i guess saying all that his notes will back up what james comey has been saying about pressure to to quash this investigation. you know i think this is more significant than the wired wiring was wrong because the president put pressure on the attorney general to do it they did not allow mr mckay to rebut the claims that were made against them but the fact that he has notes about all of the conversations he had with the president i think can get into the not the russian collusion but another struction of justice which
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is one of the reasons that. our director colby was fired and that opened up that investigation and the fact that mckay has notes can show that you know trump was also trying to stop the the investigation interesting aspect and we look at investigations of presidents years gone by sometimes it's not what they they actually accusation but the attempts to cover up is that what we're saying here that that could indeed be more powerful when it comes to the scope of molesting choir e that no doubt about it because the question about the collusion it's pretty hard to prove they have meetings what did they talk about what with the russian truly up to one of struction of justice that's you know that becomes much war easy to document if you tell you tell the f.b.i. director stop investigating if you tell the beauty attorney general you need to
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fire the special prosecutor or you ask the cave for example who did he vote for in the last election before you decide to force him out those are questions that get into the whole obstruction of justice how damaging is this now with the relationship between the white house and the f.b.i. it seems every day we we have more revelations and it's all being done very publicly as well. yeah business week this is unprecedented you know the fact that you fired the director ironically it was colby coming out a week before the election and reopening the investigation into secretary clinton's e-mails that really slung the election to trump because before that secretary clinton have been a little bit ahead and then he fires him because the fact that he didn't want him to would have bessie gate that collusion when in fact that they f.b.i. had to do that given all of the evidence that they have about what russia was
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trying to do with the young election and if we look forwards now do we may have has the bigger power well is there a chance that the the mother inquiry could bequest or indeed does he have the wind behind the sails now with all this new evidence coming forward or i think if they try to quash a mole or investigation it would be like when nixon fired his special prosecutor i think even the republicans would rebel against that and that would cause an awful lot of problems for president trump because lawlor is a republican he has been a point to by republicans to office so it's not a partisan question the other issue is what else will they find looks like getting into trump's finances and his the dealings of the trouble organization with russia so i mean a lot of other things could come out that would make it much more difficult for president trump to survive this very grateful feel thoughts on this one is called
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speaking to us in delaware thanks very much for talking to us thank you for having me. turkish forces have begun their advance inside the northern syrian town of afraid following weeks of fighting which has displaced tens of thousands of people in the south the government ships have captured two major rebel strongholds within eastern ghouta taking their total territory sure around eighty percent from the turkey syria border andrew simmons has the latest. anywhere else in the world they'd be running for their lives but this is syria it's a slow procession the body language of mental exhaustion and fear they may not know what lies ahead of them they've only been able to bring what they can carry but they feel there's no other option but the eastern ghouta. the command of the syrian army urges all civilians to leave the areas under control of the extremist organizations through the safe corridors we affirm that we will continue to fulfill
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our national and constitutional duty to defend the nation until the return of security and stability throughout the country there is no united nations operation here to be mistaken to expect a full ceasefire not far away reports of airstrikes killing more civilians one of several districts zamalka hit again on friday activists had reported incendiary bombing which russia had denied the head of the main syrian opposition group criticize the un for failure to protect people. from alone we hold the united nations and the security council directly responsible for being silent around these crimes and for failing to take action to prevent these crimes but let us not forget that the syrian regime holds direct responsibility for these crimes along with the countries that continue to stand by it airstrikes are known to often coincide with such operations to evacuate civilians the opposition say it's
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a deliberate ploy to cause more terror and the syrian observatory for human rights says at least thirty civilians died as they attempted to fleeced and on saturday in a separate battle civilians caught between the kurdish white b.g. of the turkish backed free syrian army fighting in a free had been leaving in larger numbers and the turkish military denied attacking the city hospital killing sixteen people on friday. it said these pictures were taken on saturday morning showing the building unscathed but the syrian observatory for human rights had shown video of a damaged building it claims is the hospital has f.s.a. fighters took control of a prison and turkish forces maneuvered the u.n. warned it was deeply alarmed by reports of civilian deaths and it was also concerned about reports of kurdish fighters using civilians as human shields and
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drew simmons al jazeera killers on the turkish syrian border. well let's talk now to going to yield a sees a visiting fellow at the european council of foreign relations where he specializes in syria turkey and the coats thanks very much for coming in to al-jazeera and some is confirming only in the last twenty minutes that we're now hearing that the turkish france has gone into the city of after rain what are you hearing what you're hearing from i actually confirmed with sources inside a fin that conflict started the turkish troops and turkish support the syrian troops syrian groups have been entering the city from the western front which is a mahmoudiya neighborhood we're actually entering into a particularly violent episode of already a bloody conflict which so tens of thousands of people being displaced which most of them took shelter in the town itself and they're they're now being displaced again and they're taking root towards the south they don't want to go back go to
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towards the turkish captured areas but the regime also doesn't allow them to enter into regime areas so that we're actually facing a double human tragedy of civilians trapped inside the city as well as to civilians trying to flee from that the turkish authorities saying that their attacks are not hurting civilians are not killing civilians they're also being quite clear as andrew was explaining is report they're saying that the actual picture a bomb ta spittle is not they showed pictures of a building that had not been bombed want to get any of sources saying inside of our freeness just the picture the civilian picture in the syrian observatory which has extensive network of. informers people on the ground said the building which was hit actually it was a smaller building which is blurred in turkish. chief of staff's pictures which aired just a minute ago and that was the building of the larger building which remain on skate it is a separate building that's what they say i haven't visited. often myself but i visited
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other northern syrian towns a few months ago i'm not pissed. due to u.s. relations with turkey in the end the u.s. is the one that's been back in the case the way p.j. inside that offensive the turks are going against and how is that going to affect that relationship well turkey is depending heavily relying heavily on russian approval to carry out this attack and. com for the broader reduce the strategic rivalry between russia and us will be influenced by this so turkey cannot be so close to russia on multiple actors including allies for example syria jim is allied obviously with russians and iran is also an ally of the group but syrian regime is less happy of about turkish offensive into syrian territory then russia so there could be some kind of distance between the two as well and also iran can step in from a different angle. the what is more worrying is that syrian conflict had
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been at the beginning of a proxy war between the bigger forces now it is like the forces themselves the countries themselves are on the ground which is which makes the situation much more dangerous it's a multi-ethnic town are free and easy it is alawite so arabs all sorts of different ethnicities there they've been like many towns in the area they've been through so many different changes of people sort of the regime and their different rebel groups i what does the future hold for these people are still in africa i mean in africa actually has been a trade traditionally kurdish majority town would use it is also ethnically kurdish were religiously different not known muslims some kurdish other words in print too . but since the start of the conflict affan actually spared the. brunt of the war and received many refugees from aleppo from other places so the population of arabs actually increased in the town who took shelter in this relatively peaceful area
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now they have been displaced again and prisoner has been saying that they were turkey wants to. put syrian refugees from elsewhere in syria into this town. we can see a huge demographic change in this area. thank you very much for joining us. you're watching the al-jazeera news hour from london still ahead another blow to yemen as the world health organization wants exterior is spreading across the country affecting more than thirteen hundred people. we will consider on the steps in the coming days british prime minister to resign my promise is more action as russia expels twenty three pushes diplomats and in sport this could be the new star of motor jeep a we'll tell you who will be racing from pole position at sunday's season opener catalogue grown pre.
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now poll of polls have opened in russia's presidential election which is widely expected to hand them in to send a force to him in power meaning he could lead the country all the way until twenty twenty four let's go live to lawrence lee who is in moscow so lawrence a polls have opened but we've got this backdrop going on as to what's happening with this tit for tat with the u.k. at the moment how is this all playing into the domestic situation. yes yes quite right it's just ultimate not sue here in moscow russia so vos that in eastern siberia it's already well into sunday morning in the polls open there and no doubt the kremlin wants that said be a big now vladimir putin themselves said in recent days that he urging people to go out and vote because they want him to get a straight majority in the first rounds or doesn't go to have to go to a second round of voting there were the people so bored of voting when they know
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the result the model bother setting up and so i think in that sense the facts of the spy poisoning scandal erupts saying in this collapse in diplomatic relations with the u.k. has actually come at a very handy time because certainly what the russian media and the foreign minister in the kremlin want to do is to instill a sense of moral outrage in the russian citizenry by saying to them look at these yes again yes again russia is under attack by sokol partners they're all out to get us and vladimir putin is the only man who can defend russia's dignity and so come out and vote and ensure that he's president for another and indeed is particularly important because it might be limited putin's lost as russian president. whatever you think of him there's no denying that a lot of mere putin has made russia important again and here he was in two thousand
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and four winning a second time as president against a field as hopeless as the one this year but then russia's opinion on world affairs didn't count for much but as he said during this campaign people listening now will need a ship has been designed to guarantee a continued direction for russia down a very definite off making sure there is a voice in the world as loud as that of the united states at home his admirers say his achievements the bill enormous. one putin came to power it was hard for us to understand that in our government american advisers were working why were they telling us what to do nobody was talking to russia about solving global problems our country is putin's life and therefore russia's life is our president. actions which in recent years made russia's presence felt have been utterly polarizing the annexation of crimea through telling the syrian war to the advantage of the asset regime cost russia heavily putin never look comfortable at g eight meetings at the
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best of times now russia is alps western sanctions and the total mismanagement of russia's oil and gas wealth left most of the world's biggest country impoverished while a small clique in moscow grapples with money. it is striking how putin's popularity is very often it is strongest in places which is seen almost no material benefits from his nearly twenty years in power you don't to go to show how potent identity politics and nationalism can be and they remain putin strongest cards. and so the people who run russia are coming up against a problem putin is presented as the only man to keep russia great but after this time is time supposed to be up so what's who comes next you've got to be a reporter and you called on you would already forty one option is that after twenty twenty four he changes the constitution as they did in kazakstan in china and he stays on as long as he is capable or in the next two or three years he will
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pass power on to someone acceptable unless he decides to stay on forever putin will have to use this last term to cement a legacy from the look of it it will lean heavily towards militarism and even greater hostility to the west it is after all what putin does best. because some people argue that putin would actually quite like to normalize relations with the west but the central contradiction say what think is this that the entire basis of the putin presidency over the years has been that he's trying to defend russia against enemy is it real or imagined and so if that is the basis then he can't be friends with the west it becomes impossible for him to achieve and so i think this far down the line he'll be twenty years in power in a couple of years time is very difficult to see russia going in any other direction many thanks for giving us the latest on the us the polls opening in russia and
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britain's prime minister theresa may says the u.k. is considering next steps after moscow announced it would expel twenty three british diplomats and close the british council in russia britain has accused the kremlin of orchestrating a nerve agent attack on a former russian spy and his daughter in salisbury joe now reports from moscow. after days of waiting it took nearly ten minutes for british ambassador laurie bristow to be handed russia's written response we gave russia the opportunity to explain help the material got sold and we asked russia to declare that material that particular to the organization the program in. russia did neither therefore we announced certain steps russia today has informed me of the steps that russia will be taking in response to that. the decision to remove twenty three british diplomats from russia mirrored u.k. prime minister to resign may's own statement on wednesday expelling twenty three
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russian diplomats from london the countermeasures didn't stop with the expulsion of british diplomats from the embassy here they were as well what the russians would call asymmetrical measures to match to reason may's promise of looking more closely at the sources of russian money in the u.k. so britain's diplomatic presence in russia will be further reduced by the closure of its consulate in. petersburg russia second city and the operations of the government funded british council will cease a charity that promotes british culture abroad the russian government has long suspected it of being a cover for british intelligence it is though in diplomatic speak might be described as a measured response but soon as the russia does not want to wait for fresh wanted to go then the response to british expulsions could be the even more severe way with the americans they could exploit more they could cripple actually the british mission and moscow. russia sending
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a message that's the rhetoric continues but no more serious action number two reason may chose to double. russia's response doesn't change the facts of the matter the attempted assassination of two people on british soil for which there is no alternative conclusion other than that the russian state was culpable the british government may be emboldened by a show of support from allies like france and germany along with new sanctions aimed at russia by the united states russia meanwhile may be looking for ways to calm things down joe the whole al-jazeera moscow meanwhile u.k. police have contacted several russian exiles due to concerns over their safety following the killing of a prominent businessman nicol eglash cough was found dead in his home in south west london on monday he said he died from compression to the neck and
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a murder investigation is underway blue scarf was granted political asylum in twenty ten and the u.k. have blocked attempts by russia to extradite him. still to come on the program. paying is confirmed as china's leader for long as a major promotion for close ally of the president growing pains in one of india's biggest cities where a surging population is running the area dry and in sports a shock defeat for the world number one the indian wells tennis. hello there it is cold now in some parts of europe and elsewhere it's pretty wet we look at the satellite picture we can see all the cloud feeding up from the south
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that's bringing in all the rain and then it hitting that cold air over the northern parts of europe where has the cold air is turning to snow so we're expecting quite a bit of wintery weather across parts of russia and ukraine there during the day on sunday in fact that wintry weather also extends a long way towards the west with some post the u.k. seeing a lot of snow at the moment and sunday will see some more brashly does clear there as we head through monday still for monday plenty of cold but dry weather for the northern parts of europe for the south plenty of wet weather and at times we're seeing more wintry weather for the southeast corner as well for the other side of the mediterranean while it's been fairly unsettled here recently as well more showers are making their way through parts of o.j. area and morocco there on sunday and that system is slowly edging its way towards the east behind it to some rather brisk winds bringing in a fair amount of cloud and perhaps one or two more showers during the day on monday for the east though largely fine and dry for most of us here around thirty three in cairo for the central belt of africa
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a lot of weather here over parts of uganda that stretches out towards the west gabble is also looking particularly wet during the day. with. on the benefit of people. so see all these. witnesses documentaries that open your eyes. at this time on al-jazeera. and the. u.s. and british companies have announced the biggest discovery of natural gas in west africa but what to do with these untapped natural resources is already a source of heated debate nothing much has changed they still spend most of their
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days looking forward to full dry river beds like this one five years on the syrians still feel battered or even those who managed to escape their countries haven't truly been able to escape the war. welcome back remind of the top story say on al-jazeera there are reports that fired f.b.i. deputy director jim mckay detailed notes on his interactions with president obama trump mckay was sacked for misconduct just days before he would have been eligible for full with time of benefits turkish military sources have confirmed to al-jazeera that barack vols inside the northern syrian town of affray in have to
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officially begun the operation which began in january has displaced over one hundred fifty thousand people and polls have opened in russia's president shared action which is widely expected to hand the other. brewton six more years leading the country there are seven other candidates vying for a share of the vote. the richest data firm is under investigation in the u.s. over possible interference in the twenty sixteen presidential election cambridge analytics is alleged to have used to date or of more than fifty million facebook profiles to support president donald chance election campaign the company reportedly harvested the data without authorization in twenty fourteen to build a software program to influence choices in the twenty sixteen poll well annalisa marilee is a reporter for news website courts and joins us live from new york thanks very much for coming on to talk about this but we're all used to opinion polls being taken to
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try and get a sense of how somebody maybe is going to vote but this took this to a completely different level didn't it can you just explain it was a little bit about how this data company could have used the information to influence the vote. well so what they did is they used data that was collected by a personality test so it's very personal data and they harvest it it's first of all it's not just the data of the people who don't load it up which was about two hundred seventy thousand but it's data all of their friends on facebook and all of the people who who's sort of security setting would allow the data to be accessed by dia as it is up and been transferred to come originally and they had been sort of looking at what it's actually pretty sinister the way did the whistleblower who spoke about it described it as like sort of like x. and cs accessing people. you know so like they're private and personal concerns
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about the election and so you know it's far deeper and it's far more personal than a simple opinion poll and it's not going to say to not alter ised yeah i don't like this stage i was being used by both sides i mean in the end steve bannon was a vice president of this particular company i don't know if he still is at one point but this was very much to promote president trump's election prospects absolutely mercer was the owner of the company and steve van at the time was the vice president there was clearly only one you know one direction that you know this data was used to to favor in a way now who owns facebook has been very much pushing the fact that they're going to be much more guarded with the way the information is used on the line here of we are committed to vigorously enforcing our policies to protect people's information well that's ringing pretty hollow with this information is it not. absolutely
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the entire statement that facebook published essentially contradicts itself because it talks about you know all these measures that they are going to take to protect a data but on the other hand day knew that you know there had been a bridge of data and they hadn't done anything they knew it in twenty in twenty fifteen and all the day was a declaration from the company that you know that essentially declare that they hadn't used the data in the had destroyed it and sure they banned from the platform but that doesn't necessarily guarantee anything and again it was so boring said all that they wanted was a checkmark you know wherever it needed to be that sort of confirmed that data to be deleted and it hadn't and even further on. in the explanation of facebook gives there's a lot of a tenth as a lot of focus on you know people can sort of manage their own experience of facebook they have the ability to sort of decide what data gets shared and what
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doesn't but once again they thought they had and what happened should that was a necessarily the case so disquiet and lack of accountability on facebook's part under specific topic so and similarly you know for that matter for you know false news circulation so these are going forwards how do we protect ourselves from this in the end as you say people probably thought that they were seeking the right security boxes and it made no difference is it just that you basically have to delete your facebook account or is there a way that you can be protecting of your own data. well. that's a that's a that's a good question and definitely deleting your facebook account is going to make things much safer you know for many people that's not an option it's to intimate that it's very integrated with our daily lives. only will i think be a demand for stronger you know policies and at the government level and as in like
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a delete all level and so that will help ensure that the data is protected for real and you know such situations will happen again and then you know this sort of reminds people the need to be very cautious and be very cautious all free to work on all our to social media and for that matter on all online. content axis because we consistently are required to give our theories ation for you know data access and war often and not we don't think about it but does a good reminder that in fact people do use it and you know any to has big consequences you get the feeling there may well be a backlash on the lisa marie thanks very much for talking to us on the edges or. thank you for having me. the rebels say that willing to hold talks with saudi arabia to end the war in yemen the truth is made their mission after reports emerge the group spokesman had been done right contacts with saudi officials in amman both
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sides deny secret talks taking place but they said they would support un peace efforts aimed at reaching a political solution it comes as the humanitarian situation in yemen continues to worsen with twenty two point two million people in desperate need of assistance. and i mean. there was no direct meeting between us and saudi arabia in misconduct but when there was a chance for honorable peace there is no problem in having a direct dialogue between us and the saudi government that we are in a war with saudi arabia and the u.a.e. and they are using all their military capabilities on yemen we need such dialogue between parties to stop the war. and the world health organization is warning diptheria is spreading across yemen affecting more than thirteen hundred people the outbreak was first detected in october last year in a country already ravaged by color and the health system close to collapse has no.
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children and desperate parents from a disorganized queue at this medical clinic and some are lining up for potential lifesaving vaccination against that area local health workers are in force in the world health organization must vaccination program to counter the rapid spread of the disease across the country they've inoculated over two and a half million children aged between six weeks and fifteen years old there's been a diff the outbreak in yemen since late last year and there are now almost thirteen hundred cases of deep theory including more than seventy deaths most governorates most areas of yemen have been affected by this to syria outbreak dip there is a serious bacterial infection that affects the mucous membranes of the throat and nose once infected toxins are released and spread through the bloodstream causing the thick gray coated to the nose throat tongue and blocks ways eighty percent of the sufferers of children and young adults under twenty five years old dip there is common in many developing countries where sanitation is lacking. these facilities
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here a basic yemen's health system has almost collapsed after nearly three years of war most workers have not been paid this year fairly fifty percent of all health facilities are functioning there's also a devastating cholera outbreak diptheria outbreak and a cholera outbreak at both symptoms of a failing health system because people are not that's in asia because they do not have access to safe water because their sanitation has been ruined by war all of these are symptoms of a collapsed hell system and this is in truth due to the war and this will only improve once there is peace. peace looks a long way off yemen is engulfed in a war between government forces helped by saudi led coalition against iranian backed who think rebels as the conflict continues so does the suffering of millions of yemenis trapped in a situation. the un has cooled the world's largest humanitarian crisis. al-jazeera
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. at least four people have died in a car bomb attack in the afghan capital kabul police say the bomb went off as a convoy of foreign vehicles passed by all those killed appeared to be local bystanders there's no immediate claim of responsibility it's a latest in a series of attacks to hit the afghan capital. of afghanistan they say sing a growing drugs problem with around nine thousand tons of opium produce that last year heroin is an important source of revenue for the taliban and the u.s. is targeting their drug cultivation sites tony betty reports from kabul where record numbers of people are turning to drugs in desperation. in afghanistan there is a level below rock bottom it's where these lifeless expressionist drug addicts exist men who lost dignity a long time ago they've been rounded up and herded into one of the country's
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biggest drug rehabilitation units in kabul. these are the other victims of this never ending war collateral damage if you like people who've lost loved ones lost jobs lost hope and their numbers are growing in afghanistan every day the forty five day program of this former military warehouse complex is basic and caters for nine hundred patients the treatment consists mainly of keeping the addicts away from drugs but it can't keep them away from the desire most relapse when they leave . not there not that we need international hill we are struggling drug addiction is everywhere in the world but unfortunately it's affecting us more we have double impact one is the war and the other is that people are jobless. no ruse turn to drugs eight years ago when he lost his job he abandoned all hope and his wife and six children. my from north dakota with no job or income you have no choice but to steal and rob to get drugs addicts you have money eventually spend it all on drugs
12:42 am
and when the money is gone they join us poor under the bridge we are no use to family society or country the bridges police doctor in kabul where the addicts live in a desolate world the afghan government estimates that three million people ten percent of the population is addicted to heroin forty percent of those are women opium cultivation is a major source of funding for the taliban and a major target for the u.s. an air campaign to destroy crops and production has been intensified the international community's sixteen year battle against drugs in afghanistan has cost billions of dollars but poppy growing is flourishing like never before last year there was a sixty three percent growth in land use for cultivation and then eighty seven percent increase in opium production the most in afghan history farmers of turn to poppies because there's more money in them than conventional crops but the threats from the air always there. we are worried that foreigners are the afghan government
12:43 am
are going to destroy our fields the farmers are the ones who face the entire hardship of cultivation but the smugglers and others are the ones who benefit the most. that is beyond the concern of the addicks under the poly sakta bridge their only concern is how to get the next fix they are in direct victims of this war but their image will haunt afghanistan for many years to come tony berkeley al-jazeera kabul. china's leadership has been unanimously we appointed by his party with no term limits effectively making him president for life a close ally of president she was voted in as his deputy the national people's congress scott hide from beijing. for the first time in history the president of china took an oath of office president xi jinping raising his fist pledging loyalty to country and constitution as he begins
12:44 am
his second five year term and that's a constitution that was changed last week during the national people's congress here in beijing. one of the biggest differences lifting term limits on the offices of presidents and vice presidents meaning this is almost certainly not the last time we will see she take the oath. also took his oath on saturday his first five year term as vice president. only one vote was cast against him out of the nearly three thousand carefully selected delegates known as a firefighter taking on tough tasks one front at the president's anti-corruption crackdown it punished more than one and a half million officials. the election of one tucson was no surprise he's a close ally of susan ping and term limits have been lifted on the vice president's role but what will be different is that his power and influence will elevate the position that's traditionally been ceremonial get things done so see his
12:45 am
loyalty and how he can follow his order to discipline chinese officials and he has been very successful in that and looking forward as you would want to make sure that his power a would be stabilized to for next decade or beyond that even before the curtains close on this year's national people's congress on tuesday wang will have his work cut out whatever his responsibilities is to deal with u.s. trade friction something president trump has intensified over the past few days it's got harder al-jazeera beijing according to un endorsed projections there is a looming global crisis of water scarcity despite covering about seventy percent of the earth's surface drinking water is not as plentiful as one might think with only three percent fresh enough to consume and global demand for fresh water is expected to exceed the seed supply by forty percent in twenty thirty thanks to
12:46 am
a combination of climate change human action and population growth cities will be the worst hit with experts predicting the following could see run out of water and less urgent action is taken a catchall opus had reports on the threat facing the indian city of bangalore. bangalore is the epi center of india's high tech industry it's even nicknamed silicon valley despite all its advances in cutting edge technology it's facing a major problem water or rather the lack of it in that if you tell a big bang a little bit of what this is this is the main point of this and then if anything this that is going to make it collapse it will be because of the war that the city's population has doubled over the last fifteen years to more than ten million as young i.t. workers arrive to take up high tech jobs but about half of them have to rely on tankers for their water supply i would say this is because of unplanned that but
12:47 am
a nation that has happened in the bando landscape sold a senseless irresponsible ad but there is a ship bangalore's dry fields are replacing what was once fertile and profitable land farming is now on luxury and fewer crops mean higher prices at local markets. it's also a challenge elsewhere in india thousands of farmers marched to mumbai recently demanding more access to land and financial help from the government india is not alone inadequate supplies of water have become an international problem cape town in south africa has its own crisis to deal with after a three year drought the city is predicted to reach a day zero in early july when its water supplying reservoir sink below thirteen percent of capacity in india the supreme court is now involved last month that allowed for a new river sharing arrangement for the indian state of karnataka of which bangalore is the capital and the prices on board the call as if not
12:48 am
a. looming problem which is when it. that we that we love must force almost everyone holds to pick up measures naked in order harvesting and water conservation measures it's hoped the warnings are now being treated seriously enough that action can be taken to preserve water and keep it flowing katia lopa so the young al-jazeera. still ahead on the program all the sports including us a skiing style mckayla shift for an end this season on a winning notes details with our just ahead. education is struggling to keep pace often failing to prepare children for today's world. but some schools the changing the rules are good to have that they can and
12:49 am
how to pay to meet. with but still missing results. if it both are in. rebel education early learning mexico at this time on al-jazeera. perceptions. documentary. from around the globe or is a big sound that the plane coming down. felix journalism. debates and discussion is a lot of misunderstanding a distortion even the only argument i find against that is all corded. see the world from a different perspective on al-jazeera. that
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scale the spoke with far and. su thank you so much manchester united have kept their hopes of winning a trophy this season alive beating brighton two nil to reach the semifinals of the english f.a. cup romelu lukaku put the hosts ahead just before half time with pneumonia manage adding a second goal late on the win comes just four days after united were knocked out of the way for champions league by severe or earlier on saturday taunton made it through to the last four with a three nil win at swansea christian eriksen finding the back of the net twice for the visitors with erik lamela also on the scoresheet. side are bidding for their first trophy since winning the english league cup back in two thousand and eight.
12:51 am
they were made into quarterfinals the third tier side wigan host southampton and chelsea travel to leicester the draw for the semifinals will take place after sunday's match there was also action in the english premier league on saturday where most sellers scored four goals as liverpool thrashed watford five nil the egypt striker also provided the assist for roberta from a neo second half strike cell and now has thirty six goals for liverpool in all competitions this season but when takes you're going club side up to third in the premier league standings moves on from testy goods for sure but i would always use a life after if you have to skills have to show it constantly in these discussions consistency is very very good for. the boys. lot of playing together with the milos play together with them so it's good. rugby six nations competition concluded on saturday and it was
12:52 am
a st patrick's day to remember for champions ireland they'd already secured the six nations title last week but i twenty four fifteen victory over england at twickenham but they also sealed the ground slam for winning every game in the tournament it's just the third time in history ireland have achieved that feat. every kid grows up dreaming the plan for our play for our next event is when something in the green jersey i'm saying to win something cup my. special green jersey. is something that dreams are made of them and certainly for me it's up there is probably a career the biggest time out of my career. francis smashed a lap record to clean pole position for sunday's moto g.p. season opener the cats are grand prix the yamaha rider beat the previous lap record set by jorge lorenzo back in two thousand and eight by zero point two four seconds
12:53 am
reigning moto g.p. world champion mark marquez will race from second on the grid while italy's danny aiello retreat she finished qualifying in third. italian veteran rider valentino rossi will start his twenty third moto g.p. season from eighth position the thirty nine year old seven time world champion has just signed a three year contract extension for yamaha or earlier we spoke to moto g.p. writer simon patterson who told us why rossi is so important to the sport's. it's massive valentino rossi is still the face that everyone associates with moto g.p. so to have him in the championship for what would be another three years is a big deal but i think he's not just there to be a face a there is still you know ultra competitive he was second fastest yesterday morning in the first session of the the first round of the year and the only reason he's still there is because he thinks he can win the championship he's being hunting for his elusive tenth title money for the best part of
12:54 am
a decade and he's not going to rest too easy until he gets it there's a real charisma and rossi there's a real passion for the sport which you don't always get off some of the other writers she you always feel that even if he wasn't talented enough to be in then time will be need be right now by going to car park with his mates somewhere just having some fun and you know he very much money just to get that across and i think because because most of g.p. because by chris saying is. it's a little bit more of an each sport sort of all bikers or moto g.p. fans for not all car drivers are formula one funds it's quite easy for people to relate to that passion that he brings we were doing quite a good job of developing new markets especially scythe asia and south america they've really sort of started to expand in the last few years and there's a huge clamor at the minute to get a race in indonesia in particular we've got our first malaysian writer on the grid this year the first writer from that part of the great a kid called as if siren has already proven to be incredibly popular and is doing
12:55 am
good things for the sport they're the team that he's signed for the monster take three team have seen like a three fold expansion in the social media in the month that he's been with them so it's you know that's already starting to feel the impact of it we were expecting a sell out crowd at the malaysian race we're going to thailand for the first time in october we were there last month for a test and we get a bigger crowd there for the test and we do some races i think in terms of week by week we're going to see a lot of unpredictability there's a lot of be. very very fast writers they sure some of the factory manufacturers started given some of the smaller teams bikes that are on par with the likes of what mark has and of its sousa were all so there's a lot of very fast writers on very very good machinery and well maybe they can't win you know put together a title challenge and win every week they can win on their day and that's you know that's going to throw a spanner into the works of the championship contenders. roger federer has booked his place in an eighth indian wells final with the three sets went over twenty one
12:56 am
year old borna corage meanwhile in the women's draw both world number one small howard and seven time grand slam champion venus williams lost in the semifinals how it was beaten by twenty twenty year old guy only osaka of japan in straight sets there are mania didn't win a single game in the second set as the soccer progressed to the final the world number forty four also knocked maria sharapova and carolyn and out of the terrace. it was another twenty year olds who ended william's run in california roll them or nineteen daria cups akina coming back from a set down to beat her thirty seven year old opponent at the king and osaka one now for the first time in their careers in the sunday's final. american mckayla shifrin stormed to victory in the final slalom event of the season in sweden on saturday the twenty three year old finished a massive one point five eight seconds out of switzerland well when do you hold her
12:57 am
for her forty third world cup victory and thirty second in small and the skiing star had secured a fifth world cup slalom crown a week ago making up for her fourth place finish in the discipline at last month's kyung chang olympics schifrin also clinched the overall world cup title for the second consecutive time. austria marcel hirsch are also ended his season on a winning note in sweden the double olympic champion from young chang getting his fifty eighth career victory in the giant slalom for sure how to wrapped up the world title and a seventh successive overall championship two weeks ago. and that's all your sport for now it's now back to sue in london. now the price of one sweet treat has reached record breaking levels this is the world's most expensive chocolates on display in portugal is worth almost ten thousand dollars company an edible gold inside is a feeling of threads white truffle vanilla from other gold flakes and to add to the
12:58 am
weighty price tag its crown shaped box is decorated with five and a half thousand crystals set for me so tired of this news hour but i will be back in a moment with more of the day's. work
12:59 am
. the street is quiet the signal is given. out so it's safe to walk to school last year there are more than thirty metres in this community in one month the police say this area is a red zone one of several in some townships in cape town children sometimes are caught in the crossfire when rival gangs fight so parents and grandparents have started what they call a walking bust to try to take them from gang violence i lost my cooking weyland go i also lost my but there are more than one hundred fifty volunteers working for several walking buses teaching one hundred fifty volunteers working for several walking busses teachers say it is working class attendance has improved the volunteers also act as security guards in syria thousands have disappeared without a trace were. forcibly taken from their family.
1:00 am
the most terrible things used to be. this has been the invisible weapon of the syrian dictatorship throughout the world or sometimes a call to complete brother to god and continue to be sure to unfold. the disappeared of syria but this time on al-jazeera. fi the f.b.i. deputy director andrew mccabe says he kept personal memos of his interactions with president don't trump. public and i'm certain this is al jazeera live from london also coming up.


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