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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  March 18, 2018 7:00pm-7:34pm +03

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fine against judicial corruption as in my i have my back i'm out of my car in an exclusive documentary al-jazeera examines one man's extraordinary battle for justice in ghana. east and the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world. al-jazeera. thank i thank you says its forces have taken full control of the syrian town of a free and from this crisis and president assad made syrian troops in a single where they've now we take an eighty percent of the enclave.
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don't suit us on this is al jazeera live from london also coming up observers report violations of polling stations across russia where the kremlin is hoping for a high turnout of latham of putin's expected victory republican senate president trying not to shut down robert muller's investigation after he steps up his twitter attacks on the winter paralympics wrap up in south korea for recording the events that's it it sounds. in serious north western african region have vowed to fight song after the main town was taken by turkish forces. so he has declared victory in a free and raising the turkish flying in the town because the shop ministration now
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says it will use guerrilla tactics to become quote a constant nightmare for the turkish forces on korea's operation to clear the region of y p g finances in january and correct considers the one p.g. a terrorist organization links to the p.k. k. simmons has. only to the syrian border. in the early hours of sunday morning the free syrian army advance from the west and the east on to the city and by dawn they had reached it didn't reach didn't have much resistance from y.p. g. forces but they pushed for what they claim there was seventy fatalities amongst the why p. g. forces they haven't mentioned their casualty rates other than to say of the ten civilians were injured and four f.s.a. were injured after the event because all five of improvised explosive
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devices i e d's left behind but the turkish forces covered from the air i'll tell you recover as well they were very forceful in taking this city and this is what the president had to say tell us this is other than most of the terrorists have already fled with their tails between their legs our special forces and members of the free syrian army and cleaning the remains of the traps i left behind in the center of a frame our flags of trust and stability away even inside of rags of terrorists we've since service saved sweets from the p y d that's the political wing of this kurdish movement a chair former chairman saying withdraw from one battle doesn't mean most of the war and giving up the struggle the struggle will continue and the kurdish people will keep defending themselves against the genocide planned on them the victory will be for northern syria forces that's all we've heard from the kurds no word or
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either from the syrian states on this very very. clear that they don't have anything to say at this point but that has to be said that civilians have fled into the syrian regime held part in the south and also the y p g a known to have withdrawn south ahead of this attack. well in southern syria syrian president bashar al assad has visited army positions in eastern water where his forces now control almost eighty percent of the territory assad met with soldiers who were part of the effort to retake the damascus suburb the un is said to be negotiating a possible ceasefire with the main rebel group the file crack. the rebels say they're in discussions about getting aid to civilians and evacuating people with medical cases as i'm a binge of a it has the latest on the situation any single time. this is still happening in
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the besieged pockets of rebel held eastern. here strikes and shelling have continued on duma one of the largest and most populated parts of the entry from inside duma this footage from a drone shows the shrinking boundary between rebel fighters and advancing forces loyal to president bashar al assad thousands of people have been wounded in more than fifteen hundred killed in the latest on slot for. sure we hold the united nations and the security council directly responsible for their silence around these crimes and for failing to take action to prevent these crimes but let us not forget the party that holds direct responsibility of the syrian regime and the countries that continue to stand by it like much else of rebel held syria relentless bombardment of who has forced most of it into submission the buildings over parking garages no longer stand that's a washing machine hanging out from the shell of an apartment block
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a fridge shows what was once a kitchen another floor appears to show but and the caved in roof the cameraman who filmed it says this used to be his neighborhood creatures on top of buildings are the entry points from where rockets and bombs enter these buildings. until recently eastern there was home to almost four hundred thousand people the u.n. is said to be negotiating with rebels for an evacuation deal many don't want to leave because they fear conscription arrests reprisals and revenge wants to leave. more than twenty thousand have fled to government controlled areas but tens of thousands still remain inside. we lived in horrible conditions we did not have food water or wood. syria's military has released videos of tanks and soldiers rolling into the streets of towns across eastern huta in addition to russian air cover government forces are backed by iranian troops hezbollah fighters and shia militias
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from iraq and afghanistan they say they have almost one but they're taking over another area decimated by serious seven year war some of a job with al jazeera. the russians have been casting their votes in the presidential election widely expected to deliver another term to that i'm a person polls are set to close in two hours telling the opposition has been urging people not to take part in the vote so there is low turnout but the russian election commission says the numbers of voters taking out has been much higher than previous polls so it is when we see him stay in power until twenty twenty four down the hall reports from moscow. you know there's a presidential election going on because of the banners in the street that say presidential election and schools are full of adults on a sunday voters are presented with a seemingly vibrant
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a row of choices eight candidates as a veteran politicians as a communist an ultra nationalist and a former reality t.v. star who some fancy is a future leader but not this time. this time the result is not in doubt. this man says he's voting for the father of the nation. approved. which i trust putin and i like the way he rebuilt our country. the array of choices is not all it seems a series of televised election debates over the past fortnight featuring seven of the eight candidates minus putin of course quickly descended into a circus like farce in fact circus is a word the kremlin has used to describe the other seven election candidates so it's more a show of democracy than the real thing. conspicuously absent from the ballot is this man alexina valmy and to corruption lawyer turned opposition figure
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who's led enormous street protests in the past he's putin's most outspoken critic barred from taking part after a conviction for embezzlement a charge he says was politically motivated novelli has called on his supporters to boycott the election as the voting day wore on low turnout what the kremlin really cares about seem to be high so to the number of alleged voter violations reported on social media big numbers will add legitimacy to the putin victory and it does appear that big numbers have turned out to vote join a whole al-jazeera moscow. so let's take a closer look at some of putin's seven holes one high profile name is thirty six year old. czech a form that reality t.v. star whose father had close ties with president putin that is the communist party's candidate strawberry tycoon pavel gordon who's being critical of the government but
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not putin himself that the mazarin of ski is an ultra nationalist who's consistently supported putin and the united russia party this will be his sixth bid for the presidency economist grigory yavlinsky is arguably the most liberal candidate since running against putin in two thousand he's frequently criticized the president called for wall political freedom. well russia's opposition leader alexei navalny was barred from running in the vote in his anticorruption group say that have been dozens of violations in polling stations across the country. thousands of people went to vote and out of curiosity i went on twitter to check on the count just a few theorizing about violations they are behaving as if nothing is happening people who are observing these elections keep writing about things other violations and they are complaining about it and the people who are remaining silent who don't care about this they are counted it is just that kind of election i guess. well we
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have correspondents covering events in both moscow and crimea let's go across to moscow first where lawrence joins us now along with some feels more of a coronation and then a presidential election really but the important thing for the kremlin is the numbers the turnout how is it looking on that score. yes that's right say the senate is very important we'll explain why in a second but it's just off a seven has only two hours to go before the polls close in the far west who's going to win we can we can barely contain our excitement let's toss in a katherine a showman who's a little scientists will just be austin about the importance of turnout to katrina why does that matter so much for the kremlin exactly because the results of the elections are so predictable the only parameter which is more or less dependent on the actual voters behavior is the turnout that's why it has become so important and the second two reason is dead during the previous election cycle during the
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previous federal level election in the autumn of two thousand and sixty and political machine and karl entered a widespread borders passivity turnout during parliamentary elections in two thousand and sixteen where the lol were just. recorded history in history but just just to just to pursue this point i mean given the inevitability of yet another person victory is there any evidence that the russians are getting a bit bored of knowing what the result is it's actually a hard job motivating a voter to take part in something which will happen anyway whether he or she votes on not so all the political management the federal political management has faced this problem and they have been trying in various ways to make their two ams meet first to avoid in your respects and this was done by barring candidates from participating from running and at the same time to ensure more or less decent
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voters turnout and this was non with the how mainly though the main tool for these was using the as so called administratively dependent electorate just very quickly so what happens with putin's next. for a still office is supposed to be his last time under the constitution does he do what the chinese and the and the cows oxidizing him become president for life do you think will or is he going to step down and if so who takes over. so far our political regime our political system as a child has been a verse to any radical changes including radical legal changes there has been persistent that tamps to keep william frey more for the constitution you know the of fame of two terms in a row norm has not been changed although it would have simplified matters for the political management very much so if the current prem world who we are indeed go in
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to stay within the limits set by the constitution then we will see either this successor blog played all over again or we may see some minor changes for example empowering collective organs like. state state council or security council there are various scenarios already allowed that ok thank you very much it was going to be very complicated but i think we can say with with some certainty that we have a fair idea as to what the results likely to be here later on she said with a dry tone lower in slave thanks very much reporting live from moscow well in ukraine the national guard and police have been deployed to prevent russian citizens from casting their votes in the presidential elections guns were stationed outside russian diplomatic missions to block voters from entering election is being held on the fourth anniversary of russia and in crimea from ukraine let's go to our
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chalons who is in the crimean city of sevastopol standing by for us why is crimea so important in this election. well basically it's important because for the kremlin for that image putin. the central achievement of his last term in office to have brought crimea back russian orthorexic it's a source of immense national pride for many russians and so therefore it plays very well for vladimir putin so yes there is this supposed coincidence that the election is being held on exactly the same day as crimea was brought back to russia four years ago voters here are being given this little medal and sebastopol when they when they have done their deed in the in the in the voting booth and it says the on the back with russia forever and it's got on the front a little memorials basically for the sixty the march two thousand and fourteen
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that's the date of the referendum four years ago and tonight we're going to get a big concert on red square and that concert is called russia sevastopol crimea so it kind of shows really exactly how these two events are being linked to the presidential election and the crimean referendum the annexation of crimea four years ago i understand the other person actually used his final campaign speech he made in crimea is of a sense that he's almost preaching to the converts into. what yeah absolutely but that never hurts does it. you know people here particularly in sevastopol where i am at the moment are by and large ethnically russian and very much supportive of the president's policies and most of the people we spoke with everyone we've spoken to here today has said that they have only voted for one man
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guess who it is so you know this this this place is russian essentially in there has always been the home of the black sea fleet even in the post soviets years when russia had to lease severstal. all of ukraine now it's back in russian hands once more and for the people here it's essentially a celebration to be able to reaffirm their russian this. vote in russian presidential elections for the first time so there are no complaints that i've heard here in sevastopol about what is going on with this election and who they are expected to vote for many thanks for being is the crimean perspective on the russian presidential election. still to come this half hour britain accuses moscow off stockpiling the nerve agent used on a former spy and his daughter dispensed dismissing russian suggestions they came for me. and twelve days after the anti muslim riots broke out sri lanka's president
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lifts a nationwide state of emergency. welcome back with some fairly heavy rain in the forecast for much of southern and eastern china on monday shanghai away down towards fuzhou and hong kong with threats of rain sunny warm rain with the flow coming in from the southwest a few showers in northern parts of vietnam but her noise expected to be dry gerri that rain there it will move further towards the southeast during the course of choose day so fuzhou see temperatures drop a heavy rain developing and it could turn to be quite wet in hong kong stage so let's head across into south asia where we've had a little area of low pressure work its way around sure lanka and then up through the west coast of carola and cannot occur there seems to died out now so weather conditions or returning to how they should be which is basically fine and sunny
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with temperatures generally in the low to mid thirty's the same goes across northern parts of india and pakistan but there is this area of ranges pushing towards the north so close to conditions here generally but looking at thirty six as a high in delhi into the arabian peninsula if briss winds forecast for monday suggest lighter winds generally around the gulf with the highs of twenty nine expected here in doha remains fine on the other side the peninsula despite the southerly breeze bringing some dust willesee temperatures thirty eight in mecca and it stays around that level on choose day. a global economic superpower that's underperformed in the world of football when used explores how china is now spending billions in its quest to conquer the beautiful game. at this time on al-jazeera.
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zero. three. welcome back to remind all of the top stories here on al-jazeera just find as in serious no question the three major has vowed to fight on using the relative success of the turkish forces took control of the main town syria's president bashar al assad has visited soldiers in the enclave of which his forces now control eighty percent of and observers are reporting violations up polling stations across
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russia vladimir putin is expected to secure another term in the presidential election. russia's ambassador to the e.u. has suggested that the nerve agent used to poison a former spy could have originated in the u.k. the british government has dismissed the claims saying the poison used on sergei scriptural and his daughter came from russia person accuses moscow of being behind the attack a charge it denies russia and britain have expelled twenty three of each other's diplomats over the row with both sides considering further retaliate rematches foreign secretary boris johnson says international experts will conduct further analysis on the poison tomorrow. but from the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons or who come from the hague to the u.k. we will share. with them they will be tested by the most reputable possible international
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border trees republican senators are warning us president not to fire special counsel robert saying he must be allowed to investigate alleged russian meddling in the twenty sixteen presidential election trump has renewed his attacks on both the f.b.i. since firing the hero's former deputy director and the mccabe on friday the cable is reported to have kept detailed notes about his interactions with the president and i handed them over to them when the inquiry. well in a series of tweets over the weekend trump accused the f.b.i. need a ship of corruption and leaking invites information is heated so why does the melissa same have thirteen hearts and democrats some big crooked hillary supporters and zero republicans another dam recently added does anyone think this is fact and yet there is no collusion for more tom ackerman joins us from washington d.c.
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tom reading that tweet it really makes it sound like president's rising off the miller investigation by saying it's potus on these pro-democrat is this going to fly well it certainly flies with some republicans but they are drawing the line on the president's increased hostility to the the investigation the legitimacy of the investigation itself now on saturday the president's personal lawyer openly called for an end to the mall or investigation then he backtracked saying for a first that he was speaking for the president but then he backtracked and said this is only his personal opinion but that just increases the pressure or at least the miss fear that trump and trump's base wants to watch to cultivate to show increasing suspicion about the legitimacy of the investigation as to whether as to the speculation as to whether the president will go as far as to fire
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moller which he can do indirectly by ordering it through the attorney general most members of congress who've spoken about this say that would be a bad idea. the president said that mccain's firing was quote a great day for democracy and another one of his tweets what has been the response from capitol hill and another quarters about. well again the president's tweets are being greeted with open confrontation by democrats who say that the president is is absolutely reducing his credibility as to the issue of could collusion and by the way collude by collusion collusion is not the only suspicion. that the president is facing your room you'll remember that last week team. issued subpoenas against. trump's private organization his business and that might be something that according to the
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president would cross the red line so this is the question but as to whether this would actually. spark a firing of muller here's what one. independent senator said about that why are they going to such extreme lengths to undermine this investigation which is being carried out in a very responsible way of notice there haven't been many if any leaks from the mall or investigation nonpolitical they're trying to get to the bottom of a very complicated set of facts and anybody that says there's nothing to it while they've already had three or four guilty pleas and fifteen or twenty indictments. meanwhile the mccabe the man who was fired by by the attorney general just days before his scheduled pension was to go into effect has said that he has or he
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we have word that his he has documents that would corroborate jim comi the fired f.b.i. directors account of his contacts with trump and we're all waiting with great the anticipation komi his book tour which will go inside with the issuance of his book in which he will give his account some time next month about april seventeenth is the current date expected the whole miller investigation rumbles on tom a common life as in washington d.c. thank you new video has emerged of the moment a newly built pedestrian bridge collapsed in the u.s. state of florida killing six people this dash cam footage taken on the road at florida international university in miami shows how in a split second the bridge crashed on to vehicles below the university says engineers met hours before it collapsed on conclude it a crack in the structure was not a safety concern. and israeli has been stopped and wounded in occupied east
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jerusalem the suspected attacker who was shot dead by security forces was a turkish tourist tensions have been as collating since u.s. president donald trump recognized the city as israel's capital at the end of last year and israeli forces say they have destroyed a new tunnel network dug by hamas in the gaza strip the military says the tunnel was two hundred meters from the israeli border and was going to be used to mount to cross border attacks the tunnel was cut off during the twenty fourteen gaza war and hamas had been working to get it back into operation a spokesman for hamas has denied the claims and accused israel of marketing fake achievements to increase the morale of the. sure like as president has lifted a nationwide state of emergency which was imposed to quell anti muslim violence the order came into effect twelve days ago following anti muslim riots which killed two
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people and damaged hundreds of muslim owned properties and mosques much of the violence was carried out by senator lees buddhists and was concentrated in the central districts of candy security forces have been deployed to help rebuild damaged homes and businesses and its methods more from the city of jaffna in northern sri lanka. now when intercommunal violence first broke out two weeks ago the police and the government were criticised for not doing enough to stop the violence that was directed mainly on muslim owned shops businesses and homes so in response to that they quickly imposed a state of emergency in as part of but they blocked all restricted access to what's up to viber to facebook because the government says messages inciting racial violence were being spread by members of the sinhalese majority nationalist community to the muslim minority now one of the lessons the government has learned
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is that it says in future it's going to much more closely monitor what goes out on the social media because now for two weeks people not been able to get access to watch baseball all viable or imo because of those restrictions considerably inconveniencing people here but he says he needs to monitor what's the message of the spread on those social media platforms and indeed facebook was called in by the government last week to say what it could do and facebook has said it will work with the government to try and stop these messages and messages of. violence racial incitement being spread by its powerful. association of southeast asian nations summit has just concluded l straining it with leaders expressing grave concerns about the situation on the korean peninsula latest from the ten nations and australia have also been discussing the militarization of the south china sea trade and counterterrorism a straight is not a member of a c.m. but hosted the two day summit for the first time as it aims to strengthen political
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and trade ties in the region. the olympics and paralympics in south korea have been credited with helping a thaw in relations on the peninsula with teams from north korea crossing the border for both games nine days of paralympic competition has just concluded with the closing ceremony and chan more than five hundred sixty athletes from forty nine nations competed for eighty gold medals with the united states topping the medal table next winter games will be in a chink in four years' time. where the top stories announces there are kurdish fighters in syria's northwestern african region of fight a fight on after the main town was taken by turkish forces and their allies the
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kurdish administration says it will now use tactics to become quote a constant nightmare for the turkish forces and who has been trying to clear the region of white b.g. fighters since january syria's president bashar al assad has visited army positions in eastern guta which his forces now control almost eighty percent of assad met soldiers who've been part of the effort to retake the area the un is said to be negotiating a possible ceasefire with the main rebel group there. polls in russia's presidential election will close in just a few hours time we've learned tooting widely expected to secure an other term in office the opposition has not been urging people has been urging people not to take part in the vote but the russian election commission says voter turnout is higher than previous elections. opposition leader alexina valley who's barred from running
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says there's been dozens of violations in polling stations. thousands of people went out of curiosity i went on twitter to check on the count just a few theorizing about violations they are behaving as if nothing is happening people who are observing these elections keep writing about things other violations and they are complaining about it and the people who are remaining silent who don't care about this they are counted it is just that kind of election i guess. russia's ambassador to the e.u. has suggested that the nerve agent used to poison a former spy could have originated in the u.k. the british government has dismissed the claims saying the poison used. and his daughter came from russia britain accuses moscow of being behind the attack a charge it denies and republican senators are warning u.s. president donald trump not to fire special counsel robert mueller saying he must be allowed to investigate alleged russian meddling in the twenty sixteen presidential
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election trump as we knew his twitter attacks on both the f.b.i. and melissa it's far in the bureau's former deputy director and the mckay those are the top stories one on one east is coming up next. china isn't a limp exporting superpower. but football has always been there richard least you know. they've only qualified for the world cup once up and long.


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