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tv   Chinas Big Goal  Al Jazeera  March 18, 2018 7:32pm-8:01pm +03

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opposition leader alexina valley who's barred from running says there's been dozens of violations in polling stations. thousands of people went out of curiosity i went on twitter to check on the count just a few theorizing about violations they are behaving as if nothing is happening people who are observing these elections keep writing about things other violations and they are complaining about it and the people who are remaining silent who don't care about this they are counted it is just that kind of election i guess. russia's ambassador to the e.u. has suggested that the nerve agent used to poison a former spy could have originated in the u.k. the british government has dismissed the claims saying the poison used to cripple and his daughter came from russia britain accuses moscow of being behind the attack a charge it denies and republican senators are warning u.s. president donald trump not to fire special counsel robert mueller saying he must be allowed to investigate alleged russian meddling in the twenty sixteen presidential
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election trump as we knew his twitter attacks on both the f.b.i. and melissa it's far in the bureau's former deputy director and the mckay those are the top stories one when a state is coming up next. china isn't a limp exporting superpower. but football has always been there it can be seen. they've only qualified for the world cup once i am lost every single
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match. despite their current low rank china wants to conquer the beautiful game the twenty fifth. it's spending billions of dollars importing foreign football stars and creating trainee accountant to develop tomorrow's superstars. i'm steve chow on this edition of one of one east we ask can china lift its game to dominate the most popular sport in the world. the fact that. i didn't have much opportunity to go ball say in lives in braids the beautiful guy. for the twelve year old as part of a grand ambition to turn china into a world soccer superpower stopping here in the little town of jodan in china's central west if i remember treasure of ever up.
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to. here my mother wasn't sure how. to teach you the. teach your hometown. school. caught. up. her career. although she cheerful told her father that. my mother. whom are. you sure. it will get him to promise to my mojo keep pressure. in june. both san lives with his parents and a one room house on the outskirts of town. if. it gets cold in the meantime there's not much in the why of mog comes. but by this if you look at the.
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sins mother. sorrows for an income the family has to get by on seventy dollars a month well below the household average even in this part of china. is dad looks for casual work on building sites. you should see that. you cook and they. have. had them on the air too and yet such an attack. was theirs. there was
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a on their faces. that was very dangerous. i know they are going to be are doing is the man behind the genius squads here and the grassroots pioneer he's made this small town famous throughout china for the quality of its young stock appliance you up for the past thirteen years he's been raising money to train and send more than eighty players to clubs across the country. because of. help the. one hard. without. good will work with the idea. to hold your start off with a. yes
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. the whole kind of like you know tree at the church of like i think. you're. going to. hear that kind of what he told you are so you hope. that. doesn't work out a. little. like the other three or fetal point of. what. i think.
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you know would. walk into. a government plan is to have fifty million ply is fifty thousand coaching schools within the next ten years and for china to be a world soccer superpower by twenty fifty. for a group of german coaches to help train the older students as well as talent spot if you. sebastian ross and the coaches are on their first trip to jodan and they came to spot young players who could one day trying with them in europe. i see the potential you will have to fifteen minutes but if i want to see in which direction can go later on it's great to have differing station to see him dribbling shooting running a few. a little game after one or you know that's
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a boy you can't put you out of forward in or. let me know go for fun. in the last few years there's been a rush of european football schools to china by sides feel lifting the game standard here is something china can do on it sign. icing a lot of new companies or schools will look at sudan and really copy it because they started a good cross check and now you can spread it out but from my point a few it's really important for them to console swiss european clubs or schools where they have the experience bring them in let it explain let them build up coaches here in china and they could start. but what's really
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amazing about all this is that these coaches have bypassed cities like by eugene and shanghai to come here to what really is a very out of the why remote town it just shows that those in the know think that this here is the future of chinese football. not that the students themselves same that interested in the home grown lee. will miss the fact and only when they do it with omega the new year me oh you're going to go on the day. that owns your. ass. and me. to want to join char don't tell the sunny come on my ideas are sound i was young. male count.
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i am. from the cold mountains of jodan more than a thousand kilometers to the east it's now a bustling city of millions. here astride the entrance signs free is already living in the chinese football dream. he's one of the staff foreign players for the local club. and asked me to and that's. so easy he's taken to some of the local customs. sheesh that's a really cold day or. chucking it down outside come and sought in this. boy was very briefly yeah basically i mean the chinese are very set in their ways when it comes to the very same with it's a special off the training. there. is less enthusiasm other local cuisine and i tried up tongue. didn't last long. and
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it didn't last long for that way spaghetti bolognese if they've got that on the on the menu the farm boys advice you happy. he was lured more than a year ago from a dutch club with a surprise offer on a two million dollar transfer fee to come to a city he'd never even thought about. of all places and i think this would've been in the top one hundred be honest. china yeah i don't think i'd ever play in china so is always the english premier league is always a top target for everyone and then also yellow european leagues but you can't just explode out of nowhere and it gives great opportunities for players like myself to set themselves off the football while still enjoying themselves. all right despite china never being on he's right friends making the most of the adventure. going over there prices and trying so a cup of much as
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a culture is part. because you don't really going to get much of a chance to say that i lived in china so one option you came and took it by fans. his family has flown from perth for the first time to watch imply and the pressures are. likely the coach has been giving him less game time triggering speculation that he might be on the way out. and he's club junge susu ning has no shortage of ambition or money it's on the buy a massive electronics group that has splashed close to one hundred million dollars on big name imports in the past two years and it's not just spending in china soon in bold italian super club into milan for three hundred eighty million dollars it was just one of a string of chinese tighe overs of european football clubs. overseas some smiling in for and around just same ridiculous but at the same time i mean if you want to make a statement and you want to get your name out to the public especially in europe
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it's what's necessary i guess and over here club owners can destroy as much much money as a plays and players and get the best talent over here this week trent's team is taking on its biggest rival the champions along joe ever grand owned by a property group and e-commerce giant ali baba their squad is worth even more than soon england's. top sports journalist how says it's a dream match up. that had a chewed up. so you saw coming down to the pond. and she said she had to mean that you should i left it on she panicked and i love scene. where nineteen people all gave her a lego. there's a fair bit of anticipation for the sky already a sprinkling of fans have turned up on a random monday afternoon to try and get
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a glimpse of some of these stars. if we if we win this game is going to carry our fans our cubs to to more like increment a next season so we think this one is very important and also. we are also saying most of our football players are very well loved it. yeah. what do you think of the. oh i actually i like him because. he looks so good also was in the past two decades johnny's football has mostly overcome rampant match fixing and corruption but once played the game but one old problem reminds. me you are. so used to what time should be what you're the.
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kind of. passenger. that donal was. there what you will. you know you know you. don't doubt in it and you turned out. to stem the spending spree chinese old guard he's recently moved to cap the number of foreign players. subs could field each match the big money keeps flowing one club even trying to poach the world's best player christianity with
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a three hundred million euro and it's not just about the playas. is just the lightest and along a lot of foreign manages the common coach the chinese national same the fans are desperately hoping that they can find the sort of success that has alerted his predecessors. with them and even. investigate it. nancy navy i met and she. made it to wally. and shit in the sky then we'll deal with it i. don't know man oh and you only want to them by noon. and if you go. and make that had to do anybody jaggies pollution then yeah just some tentacles event in the sky sure going to this is you can issue a shuttle is just paid. to get
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a spot. back in the mountain town of jodan it's game done for young golf ball sent. out into the fresh on his parents a coming to watch imply from the very first time. a kite touches all follow it's not so you talk. about. policy sense number right his team is the favorite to beat the opponents from a school across town. that was under the watch of the
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german coaches. was he was what you should have said that how you do that to thomas where you. are. leading for nil of the bride. is cruising to victory. was. going to both of them are. awful but those five to five pct. those of you that you got your. vessel text from was pretty accurate what you need to get the people to shia you see bessie ok that's a woman you do your best to tell me she just has a proposal she wants to do and i leave to shut you out just because.
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it's all about using saka as a means to help his family. want to shout you should go see him or ya. cho yeah. we are say we found mama. so he. tells her about the mushroom. clouds are who're. see you out on that. surely.
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you are. in nanjing trend sainsbury's getting ready to his big match. we go into the training center to a last training session to be on the stadiums in the early riser souls of the beach and then will ever own get on the same bus move it off to the heights open on and do the video session and get a team bonding what is the same bowling a bow on the cards t. just basically to sleep and sleep in same room you remain a sort of thing lunches together do not gods and say sounds very civilized here here tempe what about your family they're going to be watching the sky in the stadium in a sort of pressure does that add up. to us or be thinking about it much more on the pitch of see if oscar gold be looking for them in the crowd so giving them the school to. be in us was not a man when he cheerio. thank
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you fans they might yeah but instead oh i think the guy yeah it was good. but it's not like you want to hit a guy like good luck best of luck to their money what you guys just says enjoy thank you but. among the fans some unlikely faces center has made a twenty hour journey with coach doing to make deals he playa and what she's first professional guy oh i don't. i. i. i and. this is a clash of that shot specific last minute joe susumu thing i'm going to have
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a grand not really household names in los it falls to the chinese and vicious plans for the game come to fruition for the next thirty years a site that will be. cut i cut cut. cut. cut cut cut i thought i did that live i. transcends free has good news he's back in the starting lineup a good performance in tonight's big match could determine if sitting keeps an. eye . on.
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the sucky pitch makes trends job as a defender easier. to get the second yellow cab to see him sent off. to go i. had to take his luck to milan hopped on approaching the chancellor spot. who kept tensions threaten to boil i bought. a and. the battle of the chinese superclubs will all come down to the second half laugh
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i. bought last play bridget has my chance i am the guy the bright trap who can. laugh and then the heavens are open and sejong susu needing when it rains it pours i bought the bouquet my hat you know but i'm about the doc i think it was going on both economically change the positive and his dream but i did not not write the docs will have
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to enjoy up my hat a to. that. it. was only if you know i did hear it if i pretty well it. really was i will suck up while the site the one that. i keep enjoying yourself on the costuming movie a little i didn't say she didn't say. ok ok did i thank you. i tend the country boy. and his first ever professional match tonight spain a tight stories our own future might hold this city on the pitch one day you need to trend science theory this match turns out to be his farewell to the chinese guy
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. the light to land a plum deal to apply online immediately assuming iron super into milan. and unexpected paths to europe in the new era of chinese football i. cut. cut. i. love. i. lost and i'm banned. found and saved. one when he's reveals how one charity is giving pakistan's lost children
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a new chance at life on al-jazeera. what went wrong in society that opened up the space for him to get out but age is the european problem and it's not accountable and it's impossible for the people to school end up are people trying to take it and then leave that defo find a stronger man or song woman while getting the growth the projection is of this world because of all those of europe's forbidden colony episode two at this time on al-jazeera i really felt liberated as a journalist was. getting to the truth of that i would say that's what this job.
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it's very difficult as a chef or restaurant or to buy shrimp with the confidence that what you're serving is going to be good seafood by nature is a high risk monitoring sometimes trampas raised using production drugs. that are not approved for use in the us the f.d.a. simply isn't testing and not on the imported market to really find all of these biologic bread to feed take note at this time and else is in. the last remaining polls will close in russia in an hour with an election set to secure six more years of power of love em if hoots and.


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