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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  March 19, 2018 3:00am-3:34am +03

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greatly kurtz all the international species. in syria citizens are collecting evidence. of crimes committed against civilians moved out of those six hundred thousand pages of material so that one day they can bring the assad regime to justice it puts a she will face on the charges it's a this if you introduce syria witnesses for the prosecution at this time on al jazeera. the. russian president vladimir putin celebrates as he looks set to return to office for a fourth six year term. and
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welcome to. headquarters and the problem also ahead. turkey says it's captured the kurdish held syrian town of pain while syrian government troops make gains in rebel held eastern ghouta. trom for news his attack on the special council investigating russian election meddling republicans want him not to sack robert mala. while people are still suffering health complications four years on from sierra leone's a ball a crisis. that in a person has celebrated his victory in russia's presidential election with thousands of supporters in moscow with more than ninety percent of the votes counted as projected to take seventy six percent of the ballot he was always expected to win but what walls in question was how many people would vote and his. favor as near as
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competitive as communist party candidate pavel denon who was who was on twelve percent or so now after the first exit polls came out and joined crowds in red square the election was held on the fourth anniversary of the alex ation of crimea from ukraine at a press conference later the russian president rejected bush allegations of involvement in the poisoning of a former russian spy and his daughter in the u.k. saying they were nonsense takes a look at putin's landslide victory so it's all over putin has won again and so i think the kremlin a likely to be pretty happy with the way this is turned out of course they were worried the putin's been in power for such a long time that people simply might not so now to vote given the inevitability of the outcome but they have set this benchmark they said that they wanted a seventy percent helps to prove that he was interested in voting and they wanted putin to get seventy percent of the vote there was a mood fosters before the vote said this person is the only man who can stand up to
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all this western the gresh and physically around the spot poisoning in the u.k. they were in juice months over to be able to turn out to vote you could win a mobile phone maybe or something like that and the was some evidence of irregularities the polling stations as well but one where the other they won and putin is going to get his fourth term. crises they called his election such as the status of blood in their putin in russia that he was in reality little more than a coronation the last thing you do. it's very important to maintain this unity to attract those who could have voted for all the candidates we have to stand together shoulder to shoulder we have to think about unity not about differences we should think about the future of our people about the future of our country we are destined for success. it was never a contest to single out the overwhelming percentage of votes cast and more than six out of ten russians voted for the kremlin it went more or less to plan of course
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russians knew perfectly well that when the television told them that they had to go out to vote because it was a civic duty what they really meant was you have to go and vote because we have to get putin back in the kremlin that meant this wasn't great election about who was going to win but it was about but how much several instances of fraud were caught on camera harmless looking old ladies voting twice or stuffing reams of papers into books is not enough to alter the outcome but for alexina valmy banned from standing in the election evidence of a corrupt vote. thousands of people went to vote and out of curiosity i went on twitter to check on the candidates to see if they are writing about violations they are behaving as if nothing is happening people who are observing these elections keep writing about other violations and they are complaining about it and the people who are remaining silent don't care about this they are candidates it's just that kind of election i guess. barely even took part in the campaign and was
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entirely absent from the t.v. debates but during the election videos surfaced on the internet like this one which gave a glimpse of how the kremlin wants people to think. the film depicts a man who tells his wife he can't be bothered to vote something which putin himself and warned against the man then has a nightmare in which black africans suddenly appear in the armed forces to his horror there's a homosexual in the kitchen the message is clear is day this is what you'll get if you don't have putin in charge and of course it's coupled with a promise from the president to spend more and more on the military but here fortune which in would very much like to normalize ties with west but his personality means he can't show weakness he can't be seen to be giving up yet he understands very well that with international isolation his regime is open to risks and dangers his fourth term begins with a flat out diplomatic crisis with the west's events which are uncertain and fast
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moving but political change in russia continues to move as fast as the ice on the moscow river by the time putin finishes this fourth he'll be in his seventy's and he will have been in power for almost a quarter of a century that's a very long time and also raises a very difficult question for the establishment here because the constitution in russia says that you can't serve more than four terms but clearly given that putin's been portrayed as the only man to lead russia forward and there's no obvious alternative what are they going to do and put themselves was asked about this in the immediate aftermath of his when he was asked are you going to change the constitution and he said well look i don't want to serve i'm one hundred years old and he said i haven't thought about changing the constitution yet so he doesn't seem to think that he's going to do it he certainly hasn't ruled it out but is by no means clear who might stand instead. well as we mentioned persian has dismissed allegations by the u.k.
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that russia was behind the chemical attack on a former double agent as long as russian has expelled twenty three washington formats and protested the poisoning of sergei scrapple and her daughter and southern england last week russia has retaliated with similar measures but insists it did not possess the nerve agent used in the attack. i learned about this tragedy about script poll i learned about it from the media i think it's quite obvious that if it was a chemical weapon many people would die immediately it doesn't have any chemical weapons which destroyed all its chemical weapons under international observation some of our international partners promised to do so but they haven't done before we're open to cooperation with investigation which. help us to understand how the stockpiles of. gone missing and how some of it could have turned up on the streets of wilcher in this way or else i'm afraid we will be forced as the promises said in the house of commons to draw the conclusion as we did in the case of alexander
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litvinenko that the trail of culpability leads inexorably to the kremlin. let's move on to other news now and kurdish fighters and syria's northwest a free invasion of valor to fight on after the main town was taken by turkish forces and their allies turkey launched its operation to clear the on klav off kurdish y.p. forces in january those fighters say they are now used well of tactics against the turkish army andersen's reports from turkey southern border with syria. they reached sunrise columns of free syrian army fighters turkish special forces have been active on the ground ahead of them kurdish why p.g. fighters have withdrawn in large numbers there was limited resistance oh yeah the rebel fighters backed and directed by turkey with ground forces and their strikes. prepared to declare a victory here. before nine am and you know probably after we enter the fray and
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we've liberated all the center buildings we will declare a victory statement on the terror we are telling the civilians to come back to our friends it's safe now. within hours celebrations in the city center. for the syrians and the turks. people this is a gift from the turkish armed forces to the turkish people and our glorious martyrs on this day a reference there to the victory of turkish forces against the western allied forces one hundred three years ago in deliberately in the first world war the turkish president was at the commemorations and made this announcement. most of the terrorist have already fled with their tails between their legs our
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special forces and members of the free syrian army a cleaning the remains in the traps i left behind in the center of affray al flags of trust and stability away even inside of rags of terrorists and so on the fifty eighth day of operation olive branch turkey's first objective is realized that if i can't work for transit some civilians have chosen to stay instead of joining tens of thousands of others into syrian regime areas to the south. this reporter the kurdish y p g now in turns to avoid direct confrontation with turkish forces. engaging in guerrilla types of action the turkish have proved with force their intention to push back the white p.g.a. away from its border and it doesn't and they'll be moving further east routes this is likely to be one bottle of several andrew symonds al-jazeera. and this is the situation in syria now turkey and the free syrian army have
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captured large swathes of the a fleeing region bartz kurdish forces remain in control of most of the northern territory that east of the euphrates and the province in the northwest remains the largest rebel stronghold in the south syrian government forces backed by russian airpower have divided the rebel enclave of eastern ghouta into three cutting off fighters key supply lines and the syrian government has released a video said to show president bashar assad visiting army positions in eastern guta where his forces now control almost eighty percent of the territory state media say as have met saunders who'd been part of the effort to retake the area the un is said to be negotiating a possible ceasefire with the main rebel group there. the rebels say they are in discussions about getting aid to civilians and evacuating people in need of urgent medical care. to the u.s. now where republican senators are warning president donald trump not to fire special counsel robert muller they say he must be allowed to investigate alleged
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russian meddling in the two thousand and sixteen presidential election in a series of tweets over the weekend trump accused the f.b.i. leadership of lies corruption and leaking information tom ackerman has more from washington d.c. . while calling the investigation into his campaign suspected connections with russia a witchhunt the us president had indicated he might be willing to submit to questioning by the special counsel but as robert muller's team appears to tighten its focus on the president himself trump's latest tweet storm made clear his open hostility towards the probe why he said as the moeller team have thirteen hardened democrats some big crooked hillary supporters and zero republicans another dam recently added does anyone think this is fair and yet there is no collusion on saturday trump's personal lawyer john dowd called for a shutdown of moaners investigation at first saying he was speaking for the
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president but later backtracking he spoke after former f.b.i. acting director andrew mccabe was fired for what government investigators said were on authorized media contacts and a lack of candor about alleged disclosure of classified information mccabe disputed the allegations and said his dismissal was an attempt to undermine his credibility because he could corroborate former f.b.i. director jim commies own firing by trump who's admitted it was intended to and the russia investigation amid reports that muller has presented the white house with questions he wants to ask the president even under threat of a court ordered subpoena there's growing speculation that trump is ready to fire muller that say members of congress would be a big mistake this is a serious investigation and if the president tries to terminate it prematurely i think it will be. a true constitutional crisis but meanwhile mccabe's firing just two days before he became eligible for
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a full government pension has prompted at least one democratic congressman to offer him a temporary job allowing mccabe to preserve his benefits tom ackerman al-jazeera washington . still ahead on the bonus unless the u.s. debate said john bolton's way visit and ohio school which has been ongoing educate his fields. by the sky knowing the full range and harbor or off the coast of the italian riviera. hello there we've got a lot of rain over parts of southeastern china at the moment the chart showing plenty of wet weather stretching all the way towards the east and as that system gradually sinks its way southward it is turning a lot fresher behind it so for us on tuesday there will be dry out weather but it does that like it's going to be a good deal cooler shanghai as a maximum just
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a ten degrees the rain still clinging on to this southeast corner but force in taiwan for now at least it's like it should stay dry if we head down towards the southeastern parts of asia there's plenty of dry weather to be found here as well but we do have some rather lively showers at times not really what we're expecting over the next few days so plenty of sunshine for us but also quite a few heavy downpours later on during the day for the north force in the northern part of the philippines should be dry here and it should also be dry for most of us through parts of vietnam as well but i think there will be a little bit more in the way of cloud that begins to build him as we head through choose day over towards india when it's in the far south where we've still got a few lingering showers they think a cloud more persistent rain for the north that's mostly have a pulse of afghanistan there as we head through monday but then gradually it's edging its way eastwards amorphous in pakistan are likely to see a few outbreaks of rain there to the south what is just hot our net pole at thirty six there with sponsored by qatar race.
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in the past seven years over three million home strong and. i didn't have an million people displaced. syrians made homeless by. sharing their stories. in the ruins of a dream at this time on al-jazeera. it's good to have you with us on al jazeera these are our top stories that implosion has celebrated his landslide victory in russia's presidential election thanking
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thousands of supporters and. percent of the votes counted putin's projected to take seventy six percent of the ballot some observers have reported widespread violations including ballot boxes being stuffed. kurdish forces in syria's northwestern of the invasion have vowed to fight on using guerrilla tactics after turkish forces took control of the main town launched its operation to clear the on klav of kurdish forces in january and republican senators are warning us president not to fire special counsel robert muller they say he must be allowed to investigate alleged russian meddling in the two thousand and sixteen presidential election and a series of tweets over the weekend trump accuse the f.b.i. leadership of lies corruption and leaking information. let's get more on our top story now that election victory we're joined by harry manned leverett former white house national security official she's joining us live from washington d.c.
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. great to have you with us as always on al-jazeera so is this victory this resounding victory or referendum do you think on putin's fall and if so can we expect more of the same what can we expect from the. i think it's unquestionably referendum a mandate that lattimer putin has won in russia i don't think even his opponents really dispute that though he has his critics there is clearly a depth of popularity for vladimir putin in russia he is now the longest serving ruler of russia since stalin so it's quite an achievement and i think he was he will continue with the policies that he has pursued that has led to a resurgence of russia both within the country. russia is now our alternative to the united states in the middle east and elsewhere they're running i think it will drawing closer to china and really give the united states a run for our money but they do have their problems both domestically and
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internationally and sometimes these problems are actually linked if you take one of the biggest challenges expected for the president in his fourth term which is the lagging russian economy will he be able to address that without addressing you know the international sanctions that have been put in place because of the annexation of crimea. well i think you'll go in two ways one is that he will use the international pressure against russia as an explanation as a justification for why things are tough inside the country so it will deflect blame from him and his administration to the outside world particularly to the united states that it's the united states that is bringing these pressures to bear on russia and russia needs to draw from its nationalist great history to withstand those pressures i think he'll pursue that tack in addition to the fact that i think he will grow closer to china and that russia and china very importantly will increasingly not suddenly but increasingly work to move the international financial system away from the dollar away from its dependency on the dollar so that
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sanctions will not hurt russia as much in the future if the international financial system moves steadily away from its dependence on the dollar but how much international pressure or international condemnation do you think russia can withstand because as well as you know the actions in ukraine in syria we've also got the ongoing investigations into russian meddling in the the last u.s. presidential election and now more recently the case of the poisoning of the russian double agent in the u.k. i mean is this is this is damaging to russia's image and does putin care in the end . you know and in fact this poisoning this alleged poisoning in the u.k. i think worked to advantage domestically i think he was able to use it domestically to show that russia is is incredibly tough and look take on its adversaries anywhere around the world and so that whatever the u.s. or the west wants to do to russia russia has
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a response i think we see that not only in terms of how russia is acting in europe in the u.k. but we see that in terms of how russia is acting i think particularly in the middle east they have really presented themselves earned in a sense a position as the great power alternative in syria with turkey with iran across the middle east everybody wants the s four hundred they're not looking for the u.s. anti-missile system they're looking at the russian russian anti-missile system so we underestimate bloodier putin i think very much to our strategic peril he has proved time and again that he is resilient and has tremendous resources at his disposal even when russia looks like it's suffering in some ways he's able to really draw upon strength in ways that are underestimated certainly here in washington and do you think this will be his last. i think he was asked about that and quietly said well he's not going to be sitting
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you know to see the seat of power in russia when he's one hundred years old so i guess we have to look forward to but he probably will use the mandate that he that he achieved with this election to try to make some changes domestically to at least give him more more strength in his current term his current six year term if not beyond that it's not clear that he's looking beyond six years but i think he's certainly looking to have the strongest six years that he can possibly have and you're probably likely to see some changes domestically to empower him for the next six years for it is great to get your thoughts as always that's how demand leverage joining us live from washington d.c. thank you. now cutter has regulations in the u.s. to investigate a subsidiary of the biggest bank in the united arab emirates the claims of illegal currency manipulation they accuse america's which is linked to the state's own
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first abu dhabi bank a fake foreign exchange deals they say the deals on the. currency and economy well the u.a.e. is one of several states imposing an economic blockade on cut the i can't. comment on the legal procedures of the case but i can confirm that lots of letters been sent to us like a little element of us a little bit of. the market manipulation an israeli security guard has died in hospital after being stabbed in occupied east jerusalem the suspected attacker twenty eight year old palestinian man shot dead by security forces it comes as concern cuozzo of a potential surgeon on the west in the coming weeks as the u.s. prepares to move its embassy to jerusalem. zimbabwe's first presidential and parliamentary election center robert mugabe was removed from office will be held in july president m.s.n. money god well said he hopes the vote will be violence free and transparent as he
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became president last november after a defacto military coup helped end of our business the four decade long quest on power. now sierra leone as still struggling to recover from the above the outbreak which hit west africa four years ago the epidemic killed thousands of people in the country want those who survived so they are not getting the help they need for health complications linked to the disease that there is reports from the city of waterloo. they fought and survived one of the most fatal viruses treat west africa indicate a group of survivors of the twenty forty noble outbreak i walking we're now in a strategy to help others instead of your so they say the disease is still killing people three years after the country was declared a ball of free. the. complications leads to the death you know there of fifteen of the survivors in the country and that one is too but there
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is also a need to get out of there for even probably be concrete sorrow that if we don't have proper cleaning from a care so you will be i mean we risk because members mill survivors some are still there that i have fragments of the virus and yes i'm in. a period instead of the young ones of the first outbreak in guinea in march two thousand and fourteen it killed thousands dozens already dying before help arrived this symmetry in waterloo is dedicated to victims of the disease thousands of them are buried here some sort of loon is believed many could have been saved if the funds received by government had been used properly. this symmetry is a constant reminder of one of several yawns darkest moment. activists and survivors
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still struggling to recover. court demanding accountability on how fourteen million dollars of money meant to fight the disease vanished the history of that many strikes one striking their whole idea is ritual and that the victims survivors get just what it will are we have to strike again that our government is prepared that our government judicious and manages whatever funds their side to respond to the virus that is what we do it is a government official told us that they have not received communication on the matter from the regional court. government says more than four thousand people died here activists say the numbers are higher. for now their biggest challenge is dealing with the health complications and the stigma of having contracted the virus . with the trees. water the city of. more than three hundred shops at
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a central market and guinea on fire firefighters are battling to put out the play is about has been burning for about an eleven hours now at least twenty five shops have burnt down they have been no casualties so far. now thousands of protesters have rallied again and brazil to denounce the killing of a politician who was an outspoken critic of police violence demonstrators gathered at a slum in rio de janeiro where city council. she was shot dead along with a drive on wednesday in what investigators the treating of the targeted assassination. now u.s. president has proposed is to prevent to get more school shootings that comes after seventeen people mostly teenagers were killed in a high school in florida the state's parliament has since passed a law to allow teachers to carry weapons but it's not a new concept as john hendren to polls from ohio this might be the most heavily armed public school in america in the rural town of sidney ohio would be
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attackers are warned each entrance to every school scattered throughout this school or several safes opened with a fingerprint it put a glock nineteen handgun in reach of a team of teachers and staff trained to take out the shooter i don't necessarily like having guns in school either mental health backpacks background checks assault rifles gun control laws all of those things i don't necessarily a disagree with but at the same time all of those things combined are not going to stop an active shooter five years before president trump said this if you had a teacher with who was adept at firearms they could very well end the attack very quickly educators like this former soldier were volunteering to train for classroom combat back when we first started this. i second guessed whether this was the correct thing to do and sometimes i still do but. if if we save one
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one one student or we say a whole building worth a student's it's it's i think it's worth it i think it's. i don't it's it's just sad that we have to do that now after the massacre at connecticut sandy hook elementary school in two thousand and twelve sheriff john lynn hart decided that if anyone starts shooting here there would be a small army to fire back its case in america i cannot wait on the state i cannot wait on the federal government i can wait on psychologists to figure out why one person hurts another person you have to protect yourselves if i could wave a wand and make it all go away i would prefer a no guns period but that's not going to happen in the states. each school in sydney also has an armed deputy and each classroom is numbered on the outside so first responders can pinpoint a gunman the locations of the weapons and the identities of the first responders are secret so that if a gunman came to this school he wouldn't know who might be armed because it's all
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caught on camera the first responders can see him. many teachers say they're already overburdened without adding security to their duties they're there to teach so what they would rather have than guns is to have training on how to identify mental health problems but here in sydney some parents of reluctantly come around like it's not the world i think any of us well event but i think it's the reality of where we're at and. you know we take all kinds of measures to protect banks and our money and museums and why would we do the same thing for our kids as she can schools across the us return to focusing on the so-called three r.'s reading writing and arithmetic here in sydney they've added a fourth responder john hendren al-jazeera sydney ohio.
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and again i don't have a problem in the headlines i want to say are that i'm a person has celebrated his landslide victory in russia's presidential election thanking thousands of supporters in moscow potence projected to take seventy six percent of the vote ballots counted some observers have reported widespread violations including ballot boxes being stuffed. it's very important to maintain this unity to attract those who could have voted for overcome today it's we have to stand together shoulder to shoulder we have to think about unity not about differences we should think about the future about people about the future of our country we have destined for success. kurdish fighters in syria's north west and a fleeing region have valid to fight on after the main town was taken by turkish forces and their allies turkey launched its operation to clear the on klav of kurdish y.p. g. forces in january the syrian government has released
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a video said to show president bashar asad visiting army positions in eastern guta where his forces now control almost eighty percent of the territory the un is said to be negotiating a possible ceasefire with the main rebel groups there. and israeli security guard has died in hospital after being stabbed in occupied east jerusalem the suspected attacker a twenty eight year old palestinian man shot dead by security forces it comes as concern grows over a potential surgeon on the wrist as the u.s. prepares to move its embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem. republican senators are warning the u.s. president not to fire special counsel robert muller they say he must be allowed to investigate alleged russian meddling in the two thousand and sixteen presidential election and a series of tweets over the weekend trump accuse the f.b.i. leadership of lies corruption and leaking information thousands of protesters have rallied again in brazil to denounce the killing of a politician who was an outspoken critic of police violence rio de janeiro councillor mariani franco was shot dead on wednesday and what investigators are
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treating as a targeted assassination. those are the headlines on al-jazeera do stay with us inside story is coming up next thank you for watching. reasons dominated russian politics for eighteen the is now he's going to be elected president for another six at a time when relations with the us a compared to the cold war and moscow is accused of poisoning a spy in britain what do russian voters expect from them this is inside story.


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