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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  March 19, 2018 7:00am-7:33am +03

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sicko's on the world we control this the site and who controls feel the people in power will follow the smuggling route and test the ease of acquiring untraceable weapons on american soil the weapon that was designed for war and it took you about five minutes to buy it. america's guns arming mexico's cartels on al jazeera congressman are you interested in stopping crime. russian president vladimir putin celebrates an election victory that was never in any real doubts. though this is al jazeera live from doha i'm fully back also coming up turkey says
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it's captured the kurdish out syrian town of affray in while syrian government troops make gains in rebel held eastern ghouta trumpery news his attack on the special council investigating russian election meddling as republicans won the us president not to sign robert miller costs. the horse first be a knowledge showcasing on and contrarian one of pakistan's biggest city. to me a putin has celebrated his victory in russia's presidential election with thousands of supporters in moscow has won seventy six percent of the vote with almost all the ballots counted putin was always expected to win but what was in question was how many people would vote in his favor is nearest competitor was communist party candidate dean and who is on almost twelve percent soon after the first exit poll.
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putin joined crowds in moscow's red square the election was held on the fourth anniversary of the annexation of crimea from ukraine at a press conference the president later rejected british allegations that moscow was involved in the poisoning of a former russian spy and his daughter in the u.k. calling them nonsense lawrence lee reports now on putin's landslide victory. so it's all over putin's world again and i think the kremlin a likely to be pretty happy with the way this is turned out of course they were worried that putin's been in power for such a long time that people simply might not turn out to vote given the inevitability of the outcome but they had set this benchmark that said that they wanted a seventy percent turnout to prove that people are still interested in voting and they wanted putin to get seventy percent of the vote and certainly their goal at least one of those two things putin is going to get more than seventy percent of the turnout is going to be i think sufficiently high that they'll be satisfied enough with the outcome how did they do this well it was a variety of means political the whole of the russian media almost on their side
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there goes a set of opponents to putin who were frankly hopeless there was a mood fosters before the vote that said that putin is the only man who can stand up so all this west and aggression particularly around the spied a poisoning in the u.k. they were in juice man's offer to be able to turn out to vote you could win a mobile phone maybe or something like that and the was some evidence of irregularities the polling stations as well but one way or the other they won and putin is going to get his fourth term. price if they called his election for such as the status of blood in your putin in russia as he was in reality little more than a coronation i mean you could lead you says we're going to you me it's very important to maintain this unity to attract those who could have voted for all the candidates we have to stand together shoulder to shoulder we have to think about unity not about differences we should think about the future of our people about the future
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of our country we are destined for success. it was never a contest to single out the overwhelming percentage of votes cast and more than six out of ten russians voted for the kremlin it went more or less to plan of course russians knew perfectly well that when the television told them that they had to go out to vote because it was a civic do you see what they really meant was you have to go and vote because we have to get putin back in the kremlin that meant this wasn't great election about who was going to win but it was about but how much several instances of fraud were caught on camera harmless looking old ladies voting twice or stuffing reams of paper since a box is not enough to alter the outcome but for alexina valmy banned from standing in the election evidence of a corrupt vote. thousands of people went to vote and out of curiosity i went on twitter to check on the candidates to see if they are writing about violations they are behaving as if nothing is happening people who are observing these elections
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keep writing about other violations and they are complaining about it and the people who are remaining silent don't care about this they are candidates it's just that kind of election i guess. in delhi even took part in the campaign and was entirely absent from the t.v. debates but during the election videos surfaced on the internet like this one which gave a glimpse of how the kremlin wants people to think. the film depicts a man who tells his wife he can't be bothered to vote something which putin himself had warned against him and then has a nightmare in which black africans suddenly appear in the armed forces to his horror there's a homosexual in the kitchen the message is clear is day this is what you'll get if you don't have putin in charge and of course it's coupled with a promise from the president to spend more and more on the military but here fortune put in would very much like to normalize ties with west but his personality means he can't show weakness he can't be seen to be giving up yet he understands
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very well that with international isolation his regime is open to risks and dangers his fourth term begins with a flat out diplomatic crisis with the west's events which are uncertain and fast moving but political change in russia continues to move as fast as the ice on the moscow river by the time putin finishes this fourth he'll be in his seventy's and he will have been in power for almost a quarter of a century that's a very long time and also raises a very difficult question for the establishment here because the constitution in russia says that you can't serve more than four terms but clearly given that putin's been portrayed as the only man to lead russia forward and there's no obvious alternative what are they going to do and put themselves are asked about this in the immediate aftermath of his when he was asked are you going to change the constitution and he said well look i don't want to serve the one hundred years old and he said i haven't thought about changing the constitution yet so he doesn't
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seem to think that he's going to do it he certainly hasn't ruled it out but it's by no means clear who might stand instead. well as you heard early on a vote was held on the fourth anniversary of the annexation of crimea from ukraine moscow decided the vote would be also held in crimea leading to increased tensions with kiev challenge reports from sebastopol probably its largest city. as the home of russia's black sea fleet sevastopol has always felt like a russian city even in the years before crimea was annexed when this territory was leased off ukraine. so the polling stations here bustled with cadets naval officers military policemen and civilians most seemingly happy for crimea to be voting in its first russian presidential election and most seemingly happy to cast their ballot for one man. is that the animal of course we voted for the president of the russian federation for number one vladimir putin. if he didn't take
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civil stop all in the whole of crimea under his arm it would have ended up in the wrong hands if he didn't do what he did who knows who would have been in charge of this fleet now watches or thirty's want to connect this presidential election as much as possible with another vote that happens four years ago and so everyone in the cast their ballots in this polling station today and around sebastopol gets a medal and this medal has the dates of the referendum sixteenth of march two thousand and fourteen that referendum of course in which the annexation of crimea was formalized and then on the back we have the motto with russia forever very consciously election day here has been made a celebration of being russian it's a tactic that's likely to play well for the kremlin both in terms of crimean turnout spam results. but the an experience has been a central declared campaign platform for putin nationally to win criminalise it's
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the biggest achievement of his last presidential time and for many russians it's a source of huge national pride got it seems serious. so on sunday evening shortly after the polls closed big celebrations were held in red square named russia. crimea. out to zero crimea. and out of. syria as northwest region have vowed to fight on after the main town was taken by kurdish forces and their allies to launch its operation to clear the enclave of kurdish fighters in january they'll try to say they'll now use tactics against attack andrew symonds reports from turkey southern border with syria. they reached a friend at sunrise columns of free syrian army fighters turkish special forces have been active on the ground ahead of them kurdish why p.g. fighters have withdrawn in large numbers there was limited resistance on what the
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rebel fighters backed and directed by turkey with ground forces and their strikes to declare victory here. i just want to after we enter the fray and with that all the center buildings we will declare a victory statement on the terror we are telling the civilians to come back to our friends it's safe now. within hours celebrations in the city center. for the syrians and the turks. believe this is a gift from the turkish armed forces to the turkish people and our glorious martyrs on this day a reference that. to the victory of turkish forces against the western allied forces one hundred three years ago in deliberately in the first world war the
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turkish president was at the commemorations and made this announcement. the result of the most of the terrorist have already fled with their tails between their legs our special forces and members of the free syrian army a cleaning the remains in the traps a little hind in the center of a frame our flags of trust and stability away even inside of rags of terrorists and so on the fifty eighth day of operation olive branch turkey's first objective is realized how here look how defensive some civilians have chosen to stay instead of joining tens of thousands of others into syrian regime areas to the south it's reported the kurdish y p g now intends to avoid direct confrontation with turkish forces instead engaging in get rid of types of action the turkish have proved with force their intention to push back the wipe e.g. away from its border and it doesn't and they'll be moving further eastwards this is
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likely to be one battle of several andrew simmons are jazeera gaziantep to the u.s. now and republican senators are warning present donald trump not to fire special counsel robert mueller they say he must be allowed to investigate alleged russian meddling in the twenty six thousand presidential election in a series of tweets over the weekend. leadership of lies corruption and leaking information that he has more from washington. if twitter is any indication u.s. president donald trump is growing increasingly worried about the investigation into ties between his campaign and russia sending off a series of angry tweets including this one where he did something you normally doesn't do he mentions robert mueller by name tweeting why does the miller team have thirteen hardened democrats some big cricket hillary supporters and zero republicans another demaris unli added does anyone think this is fair and yet there
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is no collusion there are a couple of problems with this tweet first of all muller is a republican so is the man in charge of him rod rosenstein who trump appointed and the f.b.i. director christopher a also a republican trump also tweeted there was no cried but three people who were part of his campaign to rather high up have pled guilty to committing crimes more than twenty people and companies have been indicted so far on saturday trump's personal lawyer john dowd called for a shutdown of miller's investigation at first saying he was speaking for the president but later backtracking leading to criticism from democrats and republicans this would undoubtedly result in a constitutional crisis and i think democrats republicans need to speak out about this right now given the time the resources the independence to do its job and when you are innocent if the allegations collusion with the russians and there is no evidence of that and you're n.-s. scent of that act like it trump can't actually fire moamar but he could try to fire
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the people in charge of him asking their replacements to kill the probe that would likely lead to huge protests and pressure on congress to name a special prosecutor giving him vastly more power that couldn't be stopped no matter what the president wants political gain al-jazeera washington. still ahead on al-jazeera. he wants to create his own project in the middle east very much like hitler saudi arabia's crown prince hits out at iran's supreme leader in his first interview on u.s. television and as the u.s. debates its gun laws we visit an ohio school which is spinning quietly arming educators for years. from the clear blue sky of the doha morning. to the fresh autumn breeze in the sea to be nothing but. hello there it's still rather unsettled across many parts of the
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middle east at the moment we've still got one weather system after another that's marching its way towards the east here's the first one on our map making its way through parts of iran through afghanistan on up towards kazakstan and there's a bit of a break for the next one that's making its way in through parts of turkey as that one edges its way eastwards it's going to be kicking up a fair amount of dust making things rather gray there on monday but i don't think there's going to be a great deal more in the way of wet weather left to it and for the western parts of turkey this still going to be more in the way of strong winds a few showers perhaps but those mostly clear as we head through the day on tuesday a bit further towards the south and here in doha it's been quite dusty recently the wind still feeding down from the northwest still picking up a little bit of dust at times twenty nine degrees maximum temperature as we head through the next couple of days for the south for since the law of the winds not really an issue here and all temperatures making it up to around thirty now for some madagascar we've had a so i claim with this over the past few days it has caused
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a fair amount of flooding fair amount of damage and that's now gladly working away towards the southeast as it does so it's still dragging plenty of showers behind it so still quite a few over the northern parts of madagascar over the next few days but there's more showers towards the west and some of them are looking pretty lively as you head across towards ankara there with sponsored by qatar. where we need. the will of the people hinges on the mass media state p.r. machine go into overdrive. just. influencing. we just don't know where the lines we draw in between can be said and what conducted. some journalists decided to sacrifice their integrity for our polling the media opinion the listening post they stein on al-jazeera.
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you're watching al-jazeera live from doha a reminder our top stories this hour valerie a putin has celebrated his landslide victory in russia's presidential election thanking thousands of his supporters in moscow which in won seventy six percent of the vote with almost all ballots counted but some observers have reported widespread violations including suffering of ballot boxes kurdish fighters in syria's northwestern offering region have vowed to fight on using get real attack takes off the turkish forces took control of the main town that he launched its operation to clear the enclave of kurdish y.p. g. forces in january. and republican senators are warning u.s. president donald trump not to fire special counsel robert miller they say he must be allowed to investigate alleged russian meddling in the twenty six thousand
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presidential election in a series of tweets over the weekend trump accuse the f.b.i. leadership of lies corruption and leaking information. crown prince has hit out at iran accusing it of wanting to expand its power in the middle east mom had been sama made the comments during his first u.s. t.v. interview ahead of a trip to washington this week was in jordan has more. for thirty minutes on sunday the u.s. news program sixty minutes profiled the saudi crown prince mohamed in solemn on his meeting this week with president donald trump and with climate actual officials in new york for americans who don't pay much attention to foreign affairs the impression of the thirty two year old man slated to be king one tag may well be a positive one he's trying to turn saudi arabia's oil based economy into one that's more diversified he favors religious and social reforms and he wants women to have
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more rights but if you had a man we have extremists who forbid mixing between the two sexes in are unable to differentiate between a man and a woman alone together and their being together in a workplace many of those ideas contradict the way of life during the time of the prophet and the caliphs the presenter asked m.b.'s about saudi arabia's poor human rights record and about his country's air war against hope these in yemen a war that has caused a humanitarian crisis but india's was most forthcoming about the existential threat he sees from iran's ayatollah ali common it he wants to create his own project in the middle east very much like hitler who wanted to expand at the time many countries around the world and in europe did not realize how dangerous hitler was until what happened happened that night i don't want to see the same events happening in the middle east. not mentioned during the segment the saudi led economic and political blockade against qatar now in its tenth month the possibility of diplomatic relations with israel or the war in syria analysts say
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the interview was revealing in one significant way i think that his instinct to blame everything on iran from domestic problems in saudi arabia to the region was quite striking and to rewrite history that somehow the problems in saudi arabia only started in one thousand nine hundred nine erases the fact that his relative king faisal was assassinated in one nine hundred seventy five for bringing television to the kingdom and allowing girls to school go to school this is not a problem that started with iran this is a problem inside saudi arabia inside the ruling family in saudi arabia that mohamed bin some on is really trying to erase and it comes out pretty clear in this interview the chrome prince wants saudi arabia to be the most powerful country in the middle east and he wants to make sure the u.s. is in his country's corner all the more reason then to make an appeal to the court of u.s. public opinion. al-jazeera washington johnson is the executive
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director of the arab center in washington he says the interview was an attempt by the saudi crown prince to win over the american public. it's. cool if you want to call it in the sense that the crown prince as a normal ambitious young thirty two year old who has great dreams for his nation and was seeking to change if you will the kingdom in terms of its internal and external policies however when you carefully listen to him i think you see all kinds of misunderstandings and probably exaggerations with regards whether yemen or iran or his own concept of transparency openness human rights dealing with radicalism and extremism in the country so in a and a way i think he opened if you will the window to his personality and we learned
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actually a lot from this interview with regards to how we perceive the world and how we perceive themselves and how we perceive this country and israeli security god has died in hospital after being stabbed in occupied east jerusalem the suspected attacker a twenty palestinians man was shot dead by security forces it comes as concern grows over a potential surgeon on race says the u.s. for past some of its embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem and israeli forces say they have destroyed a new tunnel network dug by hamas in the gaza strip the military says it was two hundred meters from the israeli border and was going to be used to stage attacks a spokesman for hamas accuses israel of making false claims to boost the morale of its soldiers. more than three hundred shops at a central market in guinea's capital are on fire firefighters are battling to put out the blaze in conakry which has been burning for about ten hours now at least
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twenty five shops have brought down there's been no casualties so far. hundreds of people have been forced to flee their homes in the australian state of victoria as bush fires rage across four hundred thousand square kilometers a dozen probably have been destroyed already with almost forty towns under threat eight hundred people have so far been evacuated officials believe the bases were sparked by lightning strikes thousands of protesters have rallied again in brazil to denounce the killing of a politician who was an outspoken critic of police violence demonstrators gathered at the slum in rio de janeiro where city councilor mariella franco grew up she was shot dead along with a drive on wednesday in what investigators are treating as a targeted assassination at u.s. resin donald trump propose arming teachers to prevent more school shootings florida state's parliament has since passed a law to allow teachers to carry weapons but it's not a new concept as john hendren reports from ohio this might be the most heavily
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armed public school in america in the rural town of sydney ohio would be attackers are warned each entrance to every school scattered throughout this school or several safes opened with a fingerprint it put a glock nineteen a handgun in reach of a team of teachers and staff trained to take out the shooter i don't necessarily like having guns in school either mental health backpacks background checks assault rifles gun control laws all of those things i don't necessarily agree disagree with but at the same time i am all of those things combined are not going to stop an active shooter five years before president trump said this if you had a teacher with who was adept at firearms. they could very well end the attack very quickly educators like this former soldier were volunteering to train for classroom combat back when we first started this i know i second guessed whether this was the
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correct thing to do and sometimes i still do but. if if we save one one one student or we say a whole building worth a student's it's it's i think it's worth it i think it's. i don't it's it's just sad that we have to do that now after the massacre at connecticut sandy hook elementary school in two thousand and twelve sheriff john lindhardt decided that if anyone starts shooting here there would be a small army to fire back its case in america i cannot wait on the state i cannot wait on the federal government i can't wait on psychologists to figure out why one person hurts another person you have to protect yourselves if i could wave a wand and make it all go away i would prefer no guns period but that's not going to happen in the states. each school in sydney also has an armed deputy and each classroom is numbered on the outside so first responders can pinpoint a gunman the locations of the weapons and the identities of the first responders
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are secret so that if a gunman came to this school he wouldn't know who might be are because it's all caught on camera the first responders can see him. many teachers say they're already overburdened without adding security to their duties they're there to teach so what they would rather have than guns is the have training on how to identify mental health problems but here in sydney some parents of reluctantly come around like it's not the world i think any of us will live in but i think it's the reality of where we're at and. you know we take all kinds of measures to protect banks and our money and museums and why would we do the same thing for our kids as she can schools across the us return to focusing on the so-called three r.'s reading writing and arithmetic here in sydney they've added a fourth responder john hendren zero sydney ohio. zimbabwe's first presidential and parliamentary elections since robert mugabe was removed from
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office will be held in july president. said he hopes of old will be violence free and transparent he became president last november to military coup help and mugabe's nearly four decade long grip on power. now artists musicians and poets from around the world have been trucking to lahore for pakistan's first ever be an alley the art festival aims suppress pakistani on a global stage to my high to has a story. this is a horse forged beer knowledge art french. art lovers in. place once known as lotus guarded by the british in the mid nineteenth century it has since been renamed you know garden after pakistan's founding father. is rejecting musicians entertain the audience with glass. and to allow trip roll.
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but outside the music. and some will still registers find their hard to reduce the rhythm of the drop everything is so wonderful and almost fantastic and so you know to be participating and to global. security historians galleries and then to show them facts of law. even we don't visit modern culture and cultural events are important to any country absolutely anything for us all because that's what. we are i think the whole pineal it said really nice things about pakistan i think that the people every person i've met in pakistan has been fantastic so you couldn't ask for a better investment or for the country it's a rare time by the pakistani authors. the richness of the whole city the beer naleo . forced offered. and there's historic city it will not only show gets baldassarre
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orders to the rest of the word but also give an opportunity for barbara starr new yorkers to learn from all those people who have come all the way to partnership baird and dish richer vein although there are more than fifty are just taking part from bangladesh india iran syria longer europe and the us pakistani authors. i fear it is really excited it's like a new journey has become and we are learning from them they are learning process night not only an exchange of culture a bit sensory of experiences and the very incomes or time of relative calm in the safety and security situation improves organizers believe it will encourage people to partnership in events like bay now is a opportunity. for people to come and visit. for. casual. and to be able to see. the whole
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to be able to see pakistan that we all are living in we all are part of the same global culture and it's business as usual here things go up and down but things are going up and down a little was back at the old museum one of the seven locations for the event it is not difficult to understand their rich tapestry. but their message heritage that love orders a lie with this rich tradition. muji. the whole or pakistan. well again i'm fully back to bill with the headlines on al-jazeera vladimir putin has celebrated his landslide victory in russia's presidential election thanking thousands of his supporters in moscow fourteen one seventy six percent of the. both with almost all ballots counted some observers have reported widespread violations
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including the stuffing of ballot boxes but. it's very important to maintain this unity to attract those who could have voted for overcome we have to stand together shoulder to shoulder we have to think about unity not about differences we should think about the future of our people about the future of our country we are destined for success kurdish fighters in syria's north western african region have vowed to fight on using given that the turkish forces took control of the main town turkey launch its operation to clear the enclave of kurdish y p g fighters in january in the u.s. republican senators a warning present donald trump not to fire special counsel robert muller they say he must be allowed to investigate alleged russian meddling in the twenty sixteen presidential election in a series of tweets over the weekend trump accused the f.b.i. leadership of lies corruption and leaking information. saudi arabia's crown prince
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has hit out of iran accusing it of wanting to expand its power in the middle east mom had been summoned compares supreme leader ayatollah ali how many to hitler he made the comment during his first u.s. t.v. interview ahead of a trip to washington this week hundreds of people have been forced to flee their homes in the australian state of victoria as bush tries rage across the one hundred thousand square kilometers a dozen properties have been destroyed already with almost forty towns under threat eight hundred people have so far been evacuated officials believe the blazes were sparked by lightning strikes and zimbabwe's first presidential and parliamentary election since robert mugabe was removed from office will be held in july present m s n one god was said he hopes of old will be violence free and transparent will be the first major test of the homes he became president last november after a defacto military coup help and got business only for decade long great on power
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bills on the headlines on al-jazeera coming up next year it's a listening post to stay with us. on counting the cost are russians getting all they bargain for economically and heads for reelection because saudi aramco keeps the financial world guessing the globe's largest i.p.o. on ice will be asking what's behind the delay counting the cost on urges you. don't explain to the russian population that a script i'll be streaming video one point frankly that russia will find everything is going to be. what they. claim that there was a point. hello i'm barbara starr and you're at the listening post here are some of the stories that we're tracking this week the poisoning of a russian spy in britain sets off a.


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