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what went wrong in society that opened up the space. race is the european parliament it's not accountable and it's impossible for the people to bear the school end up our people don't want to take the money and then leave that to focus on a stronger man or song woman who was getting the growth projection is a business model because the model doesn't europe's forbidden colony episode two at this time on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera. hello and welcome to this al-jazeera news hour live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes.
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six more years for vladimir putin but how will he take russia forward we'll be live in moscow. international investigators are in the u.k. to help police discover who poisoned a russian spy and his daughter. i mohammad followed by the shores of lake chad coming up i'll tell you why the source of fresh water for millions of people in the region disappearing. and i'm peter stennis with all the day's sport says a big upset head indian wells sees twenty time grand slam champion roger federer beason for the first time this year i'll have more on that story later. now it was always going to be. a victory the question was really how many people would turn out to vote in the president's. election well the number was higher than
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the last election and mr pearson got seventy six percent of the vote and that's despite calls for a boycott by the main opposition leader alexina valmy independent monitors have also reported hundreds of irregularities but electoral officials say none of them were serious lawrence lee has our report now from moscow i by see what they called his election such as the status of blood in your putin in russia as he was in reality little more than a coronation the first time you could lead us with that are you me it's very important to maintain this unity to attract those who could have voted for overcome to date we have to stand together shoulder to shoulder we have to think about unity not about differences we should think about the future of our people about the future of our country we have destined for success. it was never a contest got the overwhelming percentage of votes cast and more than six out of ten russians voted for the kremlin it went more or less to plan of course russians
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knew perfectly well that when the television told them that they had to go out to vote because it was a city do you see what they really meant was you have to go and vote because we have to get putin back in the kremlin that meant this wasn't great election about who was going to win but it was about but how much. several instances of fraud were caught on camera harmless looking old ladies voting twice while stuffing reams of paper since a box is not enough to alter the outcome but for alexina valmy banned from standing in the election evidence of a corrupt vote so thousands of people went to vote and out of curiosity i went on twitter to check on the candidates to see if they are writing about violations they are behaving as if nothing is happening people who are observing these elections keep writing about the things and other violations and they're complaining about it and the people who are remaining silent don't care about this they are candidates it's just that kind of election i guess. barely even took part in the campaign and
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was entirely absent from the t.v. debates but during the election videos surfaced on the internet like this one which gave a glimpse of how the kremlin wants people to think the film depicts a man who tells his wife he can't be bothered to vote something which putin himself had warned against the man that has a nightmare in which black africans suddenly appear in the armed forces to his horror the homosexual in the kitchen the message is clear is day this is what you'll get if you don't have putin in charge and of course it's coupled with a promise from the president to spend more and more on the military. which in would very much like to normalize ties with the west but his personality means he can't show weakness he can't be seen to be giving up yet he understands very well that with international isolation his regime is open to risks and dangers his fourth term begins with a flat out diplomatic crisis with the west's events which are uncertain and fast
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moving but political change in russia continues to move as fast as the ice on the moscow river largely al-jazeera in most of. right let's go to calls his assistant professor at the moscow state institute of foreign relations he's joining us now from moscow thank you for talking to us i'm just wondering whether these irregularities that have been cited quite extensively whether they are significant enough to bring people out onto the streets of russian citizens as we've seen in the past good afternoon well i don't think that any regularities will bring people to the streets because the general attitude is still favorable towards mr putin he's why did he has wide support of the population and i don't think that there is also our will go well well the reason no one really different even if some irregularities took place still. the major outcome is clear he has very strong
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support one more than sixty percent yet in fact more than seventy six percent we understand so what does this powerful mandate this new mandate for a fourth term leading russia what does it in entitle him to do what does he promised russian voters well speaking in terms of foreign policy he promised to restore the status of the great powers and that's what he'd be restored to military and now he is clearly showing that russia's main global role especially with the successful outcome pain in syria and in spreading influence around the middle east and other areas so that's that's the main that's the mean issue but also or there will be all definitely an issue of the confrontation with the west which is i think one of the biggest challenges for mr putin in his next term and looking at this the involvement in syria in particular this is a hugely militaristic involvement isn't it can russia or afford it russia has that
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to the brink sanctions are really taking it's taking that toll on the russian economy. well i wouldn't exaggerate that. as far as i know our presence and in our russian involvement in syria is quite limited and it is limited thirst of all to the air and to the use of the air force so it's not something like we had in the eighty's during the afghan war it's quite limited and i don't think that the economy's on the brink of collapse as some experts might think so i am i strongly suspect that we'll see continued presence military presence at least at the permanent bases and i think that the support of the government of the syrian government will continue because russia cannot. withdraw at the current stage middle east is very important and any global power which really wants to be
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global must be present in the middle east so allies are necessary and there will be not only syria where we have russia will have strong ties with egypt russia will have strong ties with l.g. area and i think russia will do its best to develop those with the countries of the persian gulf we can i circle thank you very much indeed thank you now i've had to say that syrian government forces have arrested hundreds of people as they fled east and over the past few days they say mostly men between the ages of twenty five and fourteen picked up tens of thousands of civilians have been fleeing the rebel held on claim in recent days and the government stepped up its attacks all nice and good at last month and it now controls around eighty percent of the territory let's go live now to our correspondents anahata she's monitoring events from neighboring lebanon from the capital beirut fs all this is quite alarming is that this these reports that we're heading that possibly those people are managing to get out of
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east and gooch or in this situation a siege and now being arrested. yes a lot of concerns like you mentioned thousands and thousands of people have crossed into government controlled territories the front lines in eastern which are changing as the government captures and recaptures more and more ground and some people just find themselves in government controlled territories we have reports of a syrian journalist who works for a opposition channel he is now missing his friend said that he surrendered himself to authorities but for the past two days they haven't been able to contact him had had the from television and there are other similar reports now human rights watch we posed this question to them they said that we are not able to fair fight these reports but we have been calling for international monitors to be deployed on the ground because people are scared people are worried and especially anyone who engages in any sort of opposition activity is considered a terrorist by the government and it's not just those who managed to move into government controlled territories there are people who are trapped inside rebel
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controlled territories in eastern civil defense volunteers media activists doctors people who are considered terrorists by the syrian government and they have been making appeals to the international community the united nations sending open letter saying give us safe passage we are ready to leave we are ready to move to rebel controlled territories but give us a humanitarian corridor that is monitored by the united nations so a lot of concerns about the safety and protection of civilians in eastern and meanwhile we understand there is a complex network if you like of negotiations taking place between the separate rebel groups and different entities including the united nations. well yes eastern which has now divided into three pockets the north the west in the south controlled by different rebel factions what we understand is that there have been negotiations these rebel factions and gauging the gauche nations with the russian military but it doesn't seem to be going so well and why because indications on the ground show that the negotiations have reached
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a standstill programs the media if you watch it you see that the military offensive has now resumed in the southern pocket they're saying that they're trying to push into are being and has the area still under the control of the opposition and they're saying that they're going to push with this offensive so clearly they're not getting what they want from the rebels what they want the pro-government alliance is a surrender they want them to agree to lay down their arms and move to a rebel controlled territories what we understand from civilians inside rebels are still not agreeing to this. live in beirut thank you. now let's go to the other end of syria to the north and a bomb blast in afrin region has killed at least seven civilians and four rebels from the free syrian army this version happened after turkish forces backed by syrian rebels took control of the city on sunday turkey launched its offensive on afrin in january to drive out why p.g. fighters who it says terrorists kurdish tries is
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a valve to battle on and say they'll use guerrilla tactics against the turkish army we can talk to them cause here lou nash is following developments in our friend from istanbul first of all what do we know then about this explosion where did it happen and clearly this is indicative of the kind of task ahead that lies ahead for the free syrian army and turkish forces. yes martin the explosion happened inside often city center and other new willage is and this is actually doing this is one of those unexploded unexplored unexploded devices that have been that has been hidden in some of the cells inside city turkey after capturing the city on sunday morning turkish military has launched actually a cleanup operation inside the city to defuse those booby traps that have been installed in particularly buildings. during this time by y. p.g.
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and also in such a day actually a turkish military in epis a captured and how many shouldn't be pulled by the y.p. gee if full of. flaws i'm a nation float what happens i made by the u.s. and russia there also for skated devices all for manpads and. other do other weapons so this actually shows the amount of ammunition that y p g has than the risk of an unexploded. vices that hidden inside the city that's why still the emergency is under way the cleaning up operation is still underway but of course this makes life difficult for the civilians over there who who are also inventor because you don't know where and when these devices can be x. can be exploded whether by troll or whether they're under dick ground whether it's going to explode when you step on it so when you talk to the sources on the ground
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they say that the civilians have begun returning the. villages in the often pull vans but until the city is sort of the cleared up by these unexpected explosions and risks and the civilians will have to wait to get back to a fence at the center martin and also we're hearing of kurdish elements gathering together to have a meeting to plot the way forward for afrin. yes actually yesterday there was a meeting in god santa's turkey syria border and there was a delegation from often a group of kurds to name themselves as a cornish rabbits a group they gathered and they elected a council among themselves a city council actually this is a part of resettling in our friend this is this council is the stablished by the
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kurds to rehabilitate the life and to reorder the security situation inside the city but i must tell that this group of kurds who gathered in gaza on top yesterday we can we can say that they are more conservative. people compared to the white p.g. and p. y. d. political tendon so you can hear from the y.p. decide that these people do not represent all offering kurds on the other hand so probably there will be a problem by the people i do i.p.g. side in terms of recognizing this council as a legitimate one for the kurds but at least this is a step forward for locals to really have the life back in their city martin all right seeing them cause here lou thank you very much indeed reporting live from istanbul. lots more to come on this al-jazeera news hour including. he wants to
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create his own project in the middle east very much like hitler saudi arabia's crown prince his out of iran supreme leader his first interview on the u.s. t.v. . six months after an earthquake killed hundreds in mexico there are concerns money meant to help survivors is being mismanaged. and christiane a renowned or not is another career highlight find out what his latest achievement is peter will reveal. our officials from the world chemical watchdog will arrive or have arrived actually in the u.k. on monday to start testing that nerve agent that was used to poison a former russian spy moscow has dismissed u.k. allegations that it was behind the attack on sergei scrip hall and his daughter and both sides have expelled diplomats in response russia insists it doesn't possess
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the nerve agent that was used. i learned about this tragedy about scripts i learned about it from the media i think it's quite obvious that if it is a chemical weapon people would die immediately it doesn't have any chemical weapons which destroyed all its chemical weapons under international observation some of our international partners promised to do so but they haven't done. arises from the boundary his in london and barnaby hearing vladimir putin just riding the wave of his election victory but his first direct intervention in this raul denying that russia's even possess this. toxic substance that apparently was used but nonetheless these the independent agents from the the prohibition of chemical weapons organization have now started their work. well the o.p.c. w.
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officials are being extremely tight lipped about their operations and they say that they don't comment on ongoing investigations so what we do have is a statement from the british foreign office who invited the delegation here and according to the foreign office the o.p.c. w. reputable body a recent winner of the nobel peace prize has selected international of trees to which it will send samples that it collects here in the u.k. and it will be at least two weeks before we hear back any results but clearly the hope of the british government is that the o.p.c. w validates the british government's line of argument that this is a military grade nerve agent originally developed in soviet times novacek the russians likewise will be hoping that the o.p.c. w. is unable to confirm the british argument and that we are entering
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a more three weeks now since the since the incident and the rhetoric certainly from the london end is getting more and more heated isn't it primarily led by foreign secretary boris johnson as he goes off to brussels to meet other e.u. ministers. yes boris johnson said to me extremely strong things over the weekend said that russia had been retaining in fact developing more of its stock of nerve agent over the past decade and had been investigating its use as a weapon of assassination so he headed off to brussels today looking for further international affirmation of the british position later today will be meeting the nato secretary general stop in boca you're absolutely right this morning he's been meeting e.u. foreign ministers and just to put this in context boris johnson the man really who
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led the campaign this is quite a test of his credibility with his fellow e.u. foreign ministers but i can tell you that they've released a statement in the last few moments following that meeting i knew you would think that boris johnson would be pleased with the wording the e.u. expresses its unqualified solidarity with the u.k. and its support including for the u.k. efforts to bring those responsible for this crime to justice the e.u. takes extremely seriously u.k. government's assessment that it is highly likely that the russian federation is responsible but to be phillips live in london thank you saudi arabia's crown prince has hit out iran accusing it of wanting to expand its power in the middle east mohammed bin sound man was speaking to a u.s. t.v. news program ahead of his trip to washington this week wasn't jordan has more. for thirty minutes on sunday the u.s. news program sixty minutes profiled the saudi crown prince mohamed in solemn on his
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meeting this week with president donald trump and with climate actual officials in new york for americans who don't pay much attention to foreign affairs the impression of the thirty two year old man slated to be king one may well be a positive one he's trying to turn saudi arabia's oil based economy into one that's more diversified he favors religious and social reforms and he wants women to have more rights but if you had i mean we have extremists who forbid mixing between the two sexes in are unable to differentiate between a man and a woman alone together and their being together in a workplace but many of those ideas contradict the way of life during the time of the prophet and the caliphs the presenter asked m.b.'s about saudi arabia's poor human rights record and about his country's air war against hope these in yemen a war that has caused a humanitarian crisis but in d.s. was most forthcoming about the existential threat. from
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a rhodes ayatollah ali common if he wants to create his own project in the middle east very much like hitler who wanted to expand at the time many countries around the world and in europe did not realize how dangerous hitler was until what happened happened that night and i don't want to see the same events happening in the middle east. not mentioned during the segment the saudi led economic and political blockade against the possibility of diplomatic relations with israel or the war in syria analysts say the interview was revealing in one significant way i think that his instinct to blame everything on iran from domestic problems in saudi arabia to the region was quite striking and to rewrite history and that somehow the problems in saudi arabia only started in one thousand nine hundred nine erases the fact that his relative king faisal was assassinated in one nine hundred seventy five for bringing television to the kingdom and allowing girls to school go to school this is not a problem that started with iran this is
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a problem inside saudi arabia inside the ruling family in saudi arabia that mohamed bin some on is really trying to erase and it comes out pretty clear in this interview the chrome prince wants saudi arabia to be the most powerful country in the middle east and he wants to make sure the u.s. is in his country's corner all the more reason then to make an appeal to the court of u.s. public opinion. al-jazeera washington. well just before the interview was actually aired the bahraini and foreign ministry commented on relations with riyadh and he said in the persian gulf region we have good relationships with amman and even kuwait and qatar but iran is facing a serious problem in the region and that is saudi arabia we've made extensive efforts for normalizing relations and creating a suitable climate for talks with saudi arabia but unfortunately continuation of
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saudi arabia's illusions in the wake of the iran nuclear deal showed that the country lacks adequate preparedness for talks with iran to reach an understanding by well let's talk a bit more about this with a magic sorry who is professor of political sociology at castle university thank you very much indeed for coming in so. mohammed bin solomon making quite an issue of saudis relations with iran of being very accusatory tools around but perhaps what was more interesting was what he didn't talk about yes certainly i mean the piece all together was quite self congratulatory on many fronts however it was very visible that he avoided talking about the gulf crisis he avoided talking about israel he did not want to mention these two issues one main thing of course is because he knows how this will play in the united states you know that the issue of israel cannot be spoken about in the in the way that he can actually mitigate both audiences both back home and in the united states and it came to the u.t.c.
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it seems like there's nothing that he had a parent could say that would first of all be in line to the white house is trying to do in mediation the crisis and the same time with the rhetoric that saudi media has been airing for quite a while now and let's just listen because there was a tiny mention of yemen so let's just listen as i think we can play this piece of the interview in which the crown prince mentioned g.m. and little. iranian ideology penetrated. some parts of yemen during that time this militia was conducting military maneuvers right next to our borders and positioning missiles at our borders. i can't imagine that the united states will accept one day to have a militia in mexico launching missiles on washington d.c. new york and l.a. while americans are watching these missiles and doing nothing. it is truly very painful and i hope that this militia ceases using the humanitarian situation to their advantage in order to draw sympathy from the international community they
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block humanitarian aid in order to create famine and humanitarian crisis. so that was the section of the interview in which the crown prince mohammed bin sound man basically deflected any kind of criticism of this humanitarian. discredit and some of the some of the human rights and humanitarian issues that are being directed at saudi arabia he deflected some of those but what he did do was that he packaged himself as the great reformer the great reformist who is turning in his back on the conservative values of the saudi arabia perhaps that most people know how profound all the changes in saudi arabia that he has ever seen so far well it's very clear that and so on all this try to sell themselves as a reformer as you said not only socially but economically politically in the region as a whole and not only in saudi arabia but we can clearly see that the regime is more
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oppressive than it used to be it is not less conservative than it used to be the only thing that's changing there is the facade so women being able to drive hasn't solved all the main issues in saudi arabia it's just helped with marketing saudi arabia new york member how the saudi envoy to the united nations club for himself when he was announcing that news of the u.n. clearly what is meant by these changes is not acting real change in saudi arabia it is simply too it's a p.r. campaign for been so month to be shown as a performer and in the same time give him credibility in the west as he who fights extremism who fights islamic radicalism which is in line with what trumps rhetoric has been for the sense he came into office so he's about to embark on a two week tour of the united states what exactly is that two week till hoping to achieve again it's self promotion been so is obviously moving towards being king he would like to be a king that has a blanket approval from the west to do whatever he wants to to implement his
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projects and his ideals in the region as the. ambassador. in the united states one said that the view that. secular strong and stable countries in the region are translates into anti popular anti reform and very security states in the region this is what he wants to do and he wants to get approval of the united states he has a good friend and president trump who actually believes that strong leadership such as with putin and shipping and now within said money is the solution he'd like to fill that position although he and others know their body else knows that all the crises that been so might have started he was never able to accomplish anything through this crisis other than humanitarian problems and and other issues that cannot be resolved to this day so it's only a p.r. campaign that he is doing in the united states he will pay into the united states
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economy in order to get that bracket blanket approval and he will make concessions for the united states on various fronts including the issue with israel just to get that. press conference where he basically can say that i stood with present and i got approval from the united states. thank you very much indeed. now some republican politicians in the u.s. have joined democrats in warning president of not to file a special counsel robert mueller they say he must be allowed to continue his investigation into russia's suspected meddling in the twenty sixteen election mr trump accuse the f.b.i.'s leadership of lies corruption and of leaking information in a series of tweets over the weekend as eco hate ripples from washington d.c. if twitter is any indication u.s. president donald trump is growing increasingly worried about the investigation into ties between his campaign and russia sending off a series of angry tweets including this one where he did something you normally doesn't do he mentions robert mueller by name tweeting why does the miller team
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have thirteen hardened democrats some big cricket hillary supporters and zero republicans another demaris and lee added does anyone think this is fair and yet there is no collusion there are a couple of problems with this tweet first of all muller is a republican so is the man in charge of him rod rosenstein who trump appointed and the f.b.i. director christopher ray also a republican trump also tweeted there was no cried but three people who were part of his campaign to rather high up have pled guilty to committing crimes more than twenty people and companies have been indicted so far on saturday trump's personal lawyer john dowd called for a shutdown of miller's investigation at first saying he was speaking for the president but later backtracking leading to criticism from democrats and republicans this would undoubtedly result in a constitutional crisis and i think democrats republicans need to speak out about
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this right now given the time the resources the independence to do its job and when you are innocent if the allegations collusion with the russians and there is no evidence of that and you're an ascent of that act like it trump can't actually fire moamar but he could try to fire the people in charge of him asking their replacements. to kill the probe that would likely lead to huge protests and pressure on congress to name a special prosecutor giving him vastly more power that couldn't be stopped no matter what the president wants to call him al jazeera washington. in just a minute or two we'll have the weather from the staff and also coming up on this al-jazeera news hour a full blast two more victims but a different type of device the latest on another bomb attack in the u.s. city of austin. people in iraq for vibrant colors to turn the page on a legacy of violence and in sport there's
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a surprise women's winner at the indian wells tellus tournament peter we'll have that story coming up. from brisk. to the trunk of southeast asia. hello there we've been hearing a lot about the cold weather over parts of europe and it's the north where it's bitterly cold at the moment here's what it looks like in hamburg at the moment you can see the frost just along the edge of the water there so clearly very cold but sunny ade lots of bright blue skies to enjoy it all the parts of europe where it's fall wetter the satellite picture shows all the clouds working its way across the mediterranean and up into russia and that's the track of storms there where expected over the next few days as well and for some of us who have seen too much rain now out of these storms this is what it looks like in causey in nj in croatia
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and here the river level isn't expected to peak until wednesday so things are likely to get worse hic clearly very wet and there's more rain still to come so here's what we're expecting to happen over the next few days and then the first system that's running away over the parts of russia there the next system is over parts of italy so actually giving us a fair amount of snow here we've got snow on the beaches and then all the. eastern parts of italy at the moment and then we've got the next system that's working its way into the bay of biscay there and through parts of spain and portugal this is going to give us some heavy snow over puzzles spain particularly later today and overnight eventually that system then works its way into the mediterranean and look at parts of ukraine and remain very very wintery that. the weather sponsored by qatar race. education is struggling to keep pace off and failing to prepare children for today's world. but some schools are changing the rules our kids have the day in china and how beginning. with the
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stunning results. by a different book are. rebel education early learning mexico at this time on al jazeera. al jazeera. you have your.
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time visiting to look at the top stories here it out. on his cruise to victory in sunday's election for another six year presidential his victory was widely expected as russians overwhelmingly voted for him whilst independent monitors monitored hundreds of irregularities electoral officials say none was serious activists say syrian government forces have arrested hundreds of people as they fled. they say men between the ages of twenty five and forty were mostly picked up the rebel held area has suffered heavy bombing by the government forcing tens of thousands to leave in recent days. officials from the world chemical watchdog are in the u.k. they are testing the nerve agent that was used to poison a former russian spy moscow has dismissed u.k.
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allegations that it was behind the attack on pearl and his daughter and both sides russia and the united kingdom of expelled diplomats in the tit for tat. now the world water for an opens in brazil on monday and it's going to be talking about the growing fears about water security around the world lake chad in central africa provides water to around thirty million people in four different countries but it has already lost ninety percent of its surface area in the last hundred years and as mohammed evolve reports in the second of our first series environmentalist a warning of an impending disaster if nothing is done to stop the disappearance of the lake. for the people of getting pillage the lake is life but these fishermen see things are changing. when water was abundant on the lake we could fill our
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boats with fish on one trip so now the water is scarce and we need ten trips to catch half the previous amount. lake chad was one of the largest freshwater bodies in the world it straddles the borders between chad cameroon and nigeria in the mostly dry ice ahead climate the lake remains an exceptional nursery for thousands of fish animals and plants species supporting the livelihoods of forty million people living along the. route and the harsh dusty winds over the last sixty years have turned much of the area into desert. hundreds of islands began to appear in the middle as the water levels dropped environmental organizations and regional governments have long sounded the alarm bells. villages that were on the shores of the lake years ago are now fifty kilometers away filling the studies show that is appearance of the lake is an extremely sad situation within the last twenty five years it's water receded by two thousand five hundred square kilometers and the
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right of it's shrinking is getting faster now causing a huge disruption in the natural habitat. the climate issues have been compounded by insecurity in recent times the group boko haram used and its new islands as a hiding place and base from which it could launch attacks in london the majority of villages around the lake are now deserted especially on the nigerian side those who fled are living in refugee camps and lack of funds has also complicated regional and international efforts to launch meaningful programs to save the lake. and there's a growing concern that further deterioration of the lakes environment will encourage thousands of the spokes young people to join armed groups as the only available source of income. well now we can actually go live to mohammad vall who is on the show as of late chad and mohamed you are actually in the country over and you've talked about the warnings that have been issued about the status of the lake
1:39 pm
but what can be done to save what is a shrinking body of water. martin yes what can be done is what has been discussed during the last several decades this discussion about the disappearance of lake chad has been going on for a long time now and countries are not able to come to an agreement with the donors and the bigger powers to come to a kind of peaceful program to preserve the lake and say that there is a committee a committee made up of seven countries including the four that are jason to the to the lake and also several other countries including even libya sudan and i think many in so these countries have been demanding that something should be done they have to be demanding funds and demanding serious studies to be implemented so that there can be a way to work around them in this this impending disaster of the lake the
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donors have a problem consolidating this plan or because of the i think a plan in the to this respect because there is no effective coordination between them and the leaders of these countries there is no trust that these funds if channeled to this area will be used properly in the in the preservation of the league there have been ideas to dig a channel that links the congo river to the sheriff which is the main when the militia supplying the lake with water i mean this lake has some time ago been seen as a gigantic ocean by some studies that has been stretching over the desert and there have been even ideas in the past of the early twentieth century that the lake could even supply other countries in the desert area including in tunisia now we have come down to only just this desperate need and desperate search for a way to preserve what remains of it which is only about ten percent of what it was in the past and mohamed in your report would make that rather depressing connection
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between increasing does that is the case in lack of resources and increasing insecurity in this particular region. exactly when we look at the area around the lake it's surrounded by niger that's where the boko haram has its main activities around has also been able to stage attacks in the jail and sometimes in other countries surrounding villages so this is a serious situation because many studies suggest that had those powers and donors and people who cared about the situation about the stability of the season had channeled the money not just to the to the to the to buy weapons for these leaders of the leaders of these countries to fight against books but also to build meaningful programs of economic programs investments and preserve the league that can even save the region better than just concentrating on weapons so it is a serious situation studies have to be made countries have to refute their studies particularly those who think that only by by force they can subdue the people who
1:42 pm
are fighting to these armed groups and there is a connection according to many observers many studies between around the league and the shrinking of the league and the desperation that leads young people in this region either to migrate to europe or to take arms and join boko haram and other armed groups mohammed vile joining us live there from the shoals of lake chad thank you. now to iraq where the city of fallujah has a decades long a history of conflict it was a major battlefield during the u.s. invasion fifteen years ago and in recent years experience the trauma of eisel the armed group was pushed out two years ago but the men have fully just says dozens of other exploded munitions continue to kill people and run cohen reports. this is a side of the luge really saying the gateway city to our province is busting a write a column painting the fine arts college has been rebuilt and students and teachers
1:43 pm
are producing more work than ever before for leisure has a violent history fifteen years ago it was the center of some of the toughest battles in iraq's recent past al qaeda in iraq then ten fallujah and much of the province into its base and the occupying american army was almost powerless to stop the group it was local ambar tribes of the american backing that eventually defeated al qaida in iraq but i need peace in the region wasn't a lost the neighboring war in syria spilled over into the province and i saw a march into anbar in two thousand and thirteen. the fine arts college faculty members remember that time of dread this mural commemorate students who were killed because i still said painting was a santa. not because i don't just do we as fine art teachers have took the initiative to keep the memory of the massacre in order to become a message of awareness for the world that the city removed all its violent and
1:44 pm
bloody images is now wearing another colorful dress and adopting a new no peaceful culture and a constructive awareness for spreading through a number of art and cultural activities. the memories of war run deep here people look back at the last fifteen years as a dark age and are trying to revive for leaches reputation as a city of culture that i can get the ideology of i soon left negative impressions on the younger generation in this. students through images of will and that's why we're working to erase all of these effects and now says she is considered a city of peace and stability. the peace and stability are difficult things to maintain without government support palooza like other parts of iraq faces electricity blackouts that can last up to eight hours a day there are food shortages and the constant threat the remnants of isis fighters could attack in a day for the mayor of fallujah employment is key. we are hoping the government
1:45 pm
will provide job opportunities for the people include including the young everyone knows that when people return to pollute unemployment spiked on a city. fifteen years is a long time to be at war and despite the fact that iraq now enjoys a relative peace there's still a very long way to go before permanent security can be established now there are success stories in places like fallujah but in order to be able to build on them all of iraqi society needs to come together with elections scheduled for may iraqis will be hoping that the memories of the american occupation and sectarian violence al qaida and eisel are a thing of the past and that new government will build a better iraq imran khan i was there like. thousands of families are still waiting for help six months after a magnitude seven point one earthquake hit mexico city killing hundreds of people makeshift camps are scattered around the city and questions are being asked as to why the payments from a multi-million dollar recovery fund have been delayed john homan reports. it's not
1:46 pm
easy getting ready for work in the morning when you live in a tent that's how it's been for six months for patti since her home was damaged in last september's earthquake she has her few possessions with her. i haven't really slept in six months we take turns who's on watch who is then we look for a chain to close the gate we use ropes there's people who try to get in one hand full of camps like patti's adulthood around the capital thousands of others were damaged tiles is living with relatives or paying rent that they can ill afford elsewhere while they wait for the more than three hundred fifty million dollar reconstruction budget kid much of it hasn't done yet and that's partly because the city committee set up to administer the funds led by local makers was plagued by irregularities for experts on the advisory panel resigned in protest among them.
1:47 pm
so that in this moment i can say that the money has been managed with the desirable transparency. that's a worry especially with elections coming up c.s.t. man i'm not saying if the use of this money isn't rigorously made transparent it's possible that it's going to end up being diverted many know and others hope the city's finance secretary freshly assigned to clear up the mess will stop that from happening everything would be to fine it would be up on the internet platform for all the things we would be able to feel what was done with it we'd geim the year by two. for the reconstruction of it was supposed to go from the start the city government has tried to create more checks and balances than elsewhere in the country to stop funds going astray but starting almost a new will mean more delays officials admit that they've been improvising and you can still really see that there are some temporary centers like this one offering
1:48 pm
loans but in general information on how to get help has been little publicized and often inaccurate or confused. civil organizations say even the census of the damage caused by the earthquake still isn't complete it's all led to a situation in which people still don't know exactly what comes next. john homan oh does it or consider. that a people in the u.s. city of austin have been injured in an explosion as the fall for such attack there this month police are investigating whether it's connected to three package bombs that killed two people and whether race may be a motive but they are the honda has more. for explosions two people killed and in less than three weeks this is the scene of the latest blast a residential area southwest of austin the capital of texas two black men in their twenty's were hurt investigators say they're working on the assumption that it is
1:49 pm
connected to three package bombs left on people's doorsteps earlier this month but unlike those explosions this happened in a different part of the city and police say the bomb may have used a triggering device like a trip wire it is very possible that this device was a device that was activated by someone either handling kicking or coming in contact with a trip wire that activated the device. the first three explosions all happened in the eastern part of austin package bombs delivered by hand and lift on people's doorsteps the first exploded on much the second killing a thirty nine year old black man and then ten days later two more bombs the first just before seven that sunday morning killing a seventeen year old black man and injuring his mother and another at around midday injuring a seventy five year old hispanic woman police say they're still looking into whether she was the intended target that the victims were black or hispanic has led
1:50 pm
many to speak elate with the attacks of racially motivated investigators say they're still looking into motive but have not ruled out the possibility of hate crime. just hours before sunday's a tech officials raised a reward to one hundred fifteen thousand dollars for information leading to the arrest of whoever is responsible police say they believe the explosions are part of a larger plane and are meant to send a message quite what that message is and why it will be an important part of the investigation maidana hond out to syria or i type of a sports news there his peter well thank you so much twenty times grand slam champion roger federer has tasted defeat for the first time this year argentina's juan martin del potro instead lifting the trophy at the indian wells masters tournament in california santa ana sanchez reports. well number one roger
1:51 pm
federer was returning to the court for this final against one martin del potro having extended his career best on a beat and run to seventeen matches. but it looked like he would have his work cut out if he was to try to make it to eighteen his opponent showing no signs of the wrist problems that of competition for. keeping the pressure on poetry forced the experience thirty six year old to make money characteristic unforced errors. and with it the option time to take the stand in the. sweeping federal side is no easy task. del potro may have come out on top at last year's u.s. open but lost to the swiss a month later in basel and federal level the match at one settle.
1:52 pm
the battle would continue into this time i del potro and showed his determination slowly drawing out his opponent with one final unforced error six four six seven seven six was the final score giving the argentine first ever to spend some. time so doesn't win a cycle like this there was many final thoughts on masters but today was a day for me i'd play the number of attorneys it was three hours from our time leading rusher in the first time of the year that's means a lot to me you know look it's disappointing but i thought it was a good match and i. know what it was a bit better and that was. maybe a point here there maybe a shot maybe a forehand maybe a chip so that's how it goes so it's unfortunate but i'm happy for him one on one
1:53 pm
time. single cell phone i was ten when matthew del potro showed his flat he had having made it back into the top ten in the out stopping the wild number one fedoroff and feigning a six title at this. time the sun can see. there was another surprise result in the women's draw as twenty year old naomi osaka claimed her first indian wells title the japanese born youngster beat a russian. in straight sets to claim her maiden to event a soccer only dropped one said in seven matches on the her way to a first at w.t. a title. she rises from forty four to a career high number twenty two in monday's two rankings but isn't getting carried away. really happy of course and. i don't really feel how much after is it still yet the thinking. here telling them i think
1:54 pm
maybe like in two hours or so then i'll feel a little bit more but right now i'm just sort of happy that over tiger woods has produced these second top five finish in as many weeks on the professional golf circuit but the arnold palmer invitational in florida saw another former world number one in his own title drought in his home and has the story. there was no doubting who received the loudest cheers at the bank your club in orlando. it's been five years since fourteen time major winner tiger woods has posted a victory on the professional tour but as he continues a comeback from multiple back surgeries for a second straight week woods found himself in contention during the final rounds. you would ask me you know the beginning of the year that i would have a chance to win two golf tournaments. that's. all of them are
1:55 pm
taking on a heartbeat. well woods finished in a tie for fifth i chopped off the lead he can finally be considered again the next month masters at augusta ga i miss playing there i've been there for the for the dinner and as great as it is it's frustrating knowing that i'm you know i would have to say young enough to play the event as some of the other champions you know are not and i just have not been able to physically do it the masters is the only major eluding rory mcilroy he also had inclined to tour victory since the twenty fifth of september twenty sixth the day that on upon the dives but the northern irishman drought ended at the events named after the break was really proud of myself i have hung in there over the past sort of year with injuries and. you know taking a little bit of time off at the end of last year to to sort of get myself right
1:56 pm
come into this year and. you know all the all that were hard workers. has finally paid off mcelroy had started the round two shots behind us and i played a henrik stenson was that birdied five of the last six holes for a round of sixty four and just three shots they dream was. was i mean i played a perfect going to golf i got myself pretty chances on basically every hole. you know just executed shots the way i the way i wanted to when i needed to mcelroy another big name that will now be considered a contender for the cues from last major was released home an al-jazeera. portuguese superstar striker cristiana an elder has baggies fiftieth career hedrick in real madrid's latest leg a victory ronaldo helped himself to fall goals on sunday israel to ger on a six three he also now has twenty one goals in his last eleven games the thirty
1:57 pm
three year old proving to be as lethal as ever. look at. what rinaldo has is that ambition it's tremendous ambition because in every match in every training session in every play if he has a penalty he will make the penalty with the maximum concentration a player needs even in training and that's why he's different from the others meanwhile league leaders barcelona made it thirty six matches unbeaten in the league with a two no victory over athletic bilbao third and lee n l messi with the goals and nest of our very best side now have an eleven point lead at the top of the standings that's after the second place athletico madrid were beaten two one at vieira yell real madrid six three win inspired by christiane another sees them overtake valencia into third now over england last season's beaten finalist chelsea are through to the f.a. cup semifinals but they did need a extra time to do so chelsea laid through. in the first half before jamie vadi
1:58 pm
equalized for leicester to force extra time substitute pedro headed in the winner in the one hundred fifty minutes ascendant tonio contests side into the final four and that's all the sport for me more later peter thank you very much indeed and that's all for me for this ad is their news that they don't go away because the hail will be in this chair in just minutes to stay with us.
1:59 pm
the final version. was just ten years old when a devastating earthquake struck mexico city in one thousand nine hundred five the quake damaged her family's apartment and the government moved them to this tin shack around seventy families who lost their homes in that earthquake still live in this camp say. the government raised our hopes and then abandoned. politicians have promised that they won't allow a repeat of what happened after the earthquake in one thousand eight hundred five but the cost and complexity of housing hundreds of people living in camps is a major task and one that many people here think the government the fail.
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