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on and and on. a key figure of the early twentieth century arab literary scene. and a feminist writer. had ever had time. so why did a story and in such tragedy. al-jazeera weald expose the life and why of maisie adda at this time on al-jazeera. this is al jazeera. hello welcome to this al-jazeera news hour live from doha i'm martine denis coming
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up in the next sixty minutes. the. be. glad to meet hussein when six more years we'll look at how he plans to take russia forward. reports that hundreds of people fleeing eastern ghouta being arrested by syrian forces. he wants to create his own project in the middle east very much like hitler saudi arabia's crown prince hits out of iran's supreme leader and his first interview on us t.v. and. by the shores of lake charles coming up i'll tell you why the source of fresh water for millions of people in the region is a political disappearing. and i'm peter stammered with all those supporters twenty time grand slam champion roger federer loses for the first time this year in the final movie in the world so i'll have more on our place of business.
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but first patient has held on to power after winning another six year term as president of russia he got seventy six percent of the vote hundreds of irregularities though they reported but electoral officials say none of them was serious challenge senses this from crimea. i with russians around the world looking at six more years of bloody me putin the question what next as an obvious answer but with his constitutional limits of two consecutive terms reached in twenty twenty four there are plenty of people wanting to know if that will be good for putinism perhaps these journalists are so he might return in twenty thirty eight was able to stay we're going to finish what you say is quite shy name is let's count you think i'll sit here until i'm one hundred you know know and when questioned about any constitutional changes he had this reply
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but you can't you at the moment i have no plans to carry out any constitutional reforms as far as the head of the government is concerned and the government as a whole i've said that i'm of course thinking about it but i'll start thinking about it substantially from today. putin comes out of these elections with the highest percentage of the votes in his rule so far several instances of fraud were caught on camera harmless looking old ladies voting twice or stuffing reams of papers into boxes but the central election committee has judged that there's no reason to question the results. in general to compare it with two thousand and twelve well we have a look at the so-called violation map there are at least two times viewer violations even if we count the reports of possible violations in recently an excretion media which featured so centrally in the kremlin's electoral fear to prove putin sentiment is strong ninety two percent of people who voted in crimea voted for putin he's seen here particularly in this naval city of sevastopol as the
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man who saved crimea and the russian black sea fleet from falling into the clutches of ukraine's western leaning governments only the minority population of muslim tarts ours is a significant voice of opposition. but clearly some russians are unhappy about political stagnation. there will be no developments we will spoil relations with the whole world dirty world and that will be it this voter in your guttering burg also depressed by the lack of change was asked why he voted for putin anyway i don't know still thinks gets worse. it's a measure of russia's aversions of the term all that's engulfed it so often in the past and the sentiments in his long taken for the advantage of voting for him is voting for stability even if for most russians life is unlikely to get any better.
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out as iraq crimea where the ukrainian president had a slightly different take on the election he dismissed it as an illegal political. because of. the results of illegal voting in crimea are no and void and will have no legal consequence the only legitimate presidential election in crimea is a ukrainian presidential election it is another kremlin attempt to legitimize aggression but the annexation is doomed to fail. the legitimacy of the presidential election in russia and of the so-called elected candidates is in doubt not only because of illegal voting it was a political farce which has nothing in common with a truly democratic elections and for us it was a choice without any choice without real political competition without freedom of speach. investigators from the world chemical weapons what stock of now of arrived in the u.k. to test the nerve agent that was used to poison a former russian spy now moscow has dismissed u.k.
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allegations that it was behind the attack on sergei scriptural and his daughter and russia even insists that it doesn't possess the nerve agent that was used both sides of expelled diplomats in response. i learned about this tragedy about script poll i learned about it from the media i think it's quite obvious that if it is a chemical weapon many people would die immediately it doesn't have any chemical weapons which destroyed all its chemical weapons under international observation some of our international partners promised to do so but they haven't done before we're open to cooperation with. well with that direct intervention by writing into this route that is now entering its third week last week to our correspondent some barnaby the u.k. is now rallying all the support kamba to killie of course from its e.u. allies. yes that's right this is very important for britain
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it wants to show russia that it is not acting alone even in the era of bret's it and donald trump but that the west will speak as one in support of britain and i think so far you'd have to say the british have been fairly successful at that let's just look at some of the wording that came out of the e.u. meeting this morning no one has ation that britain is in the process of leaving it has put out a statement saying that the european union is shocked at the effects of use of any military grade nerve agent of a type developed by russia for the first time in european soil in over seventy years the european union expresses its unqualified solidarity with the u.k. and its support including for the u.k.'s efforts to bring those responsible for this crime to justice so i think boris johnson's trip to brussels today has paid off to that extent biting you mentioned boris johnson of course the british foreign secretary he seems to be the one who's now task with leading the charge if you like
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and he must be pretty happy with the support he's he's gotten from his trip in brussels where boris johnson's rhetoric has been extremely tough throughout this crisis martin over the weekend i think it got even tougher he said that he believed that russia had been stockpiling nerve agents over the past ten years in in violation of international treaties and that it had been looking at the possibility of using them in assassinations as happened the british government alleges or attempted assassination in the case of circus cripple and is taught let's just hear the words from federico mcgreevey the e.u. foreign policy chief and boris johnson as they went into that meeting in brussels this morning. this is absolutely clear is our full sort it out if you will united kingdom and our extreme concern about what has happened there is really an
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acceptable i've been briefed partially due already by the strength of the support the buco use getting in respect to the incident seems bring today the technical experts from the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons are arriving in the u.k. to take of the song planes are free and meantime the russian grew increasingly absurd. also britain receiving warm words whether they push for further e.u. sanctions against russia remember there are already sanctions in place since the annexation of crimea in twenty fourteen well i think that will be a lot more difficult and a lot more ambitious for the british to pull off and i don't think realistically they will even try in till we hear back from those o.p.c. w. investigators that boris johnson was alluding to there and we'll have to see whether they come up with a verdict that can be interpreted as damning to the russians meanwhile marty just
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one more tiny development to morrow in london choose day those twenty three russian diplomats who were expelled are due to leave the country within the one week time deadline given to them by the british prime minister last week all right down to me thank you for that barnaby phillips live in london now let's go to moscow and our correspondent there lawrence he saved starts off what everyone thinks could possibly be his last term in office with a full blown diplomatic growl under way is he going to be apprehensive in this roughly two week period while these these investigators look at the sample and actually make their make their final assessment. well it isn't it isn't at all clear to be honest with you whether the o.p.c. w.-o. going to be able to even if they find out what the agent was which i'm sure is within their gift. that doesn't necessarily mean they're going to be able to say
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where it came from and indeed in recent days the russian government has been saying to the fury of many european countries that a russia gave up its own supplies of this this weapon some years ago and b. many other countries actually do have it and the and the and they then listed european countries including the czech republic and slovakia and sweden which they said had bass and actually could have use of themselves in turn from to these european countries to express enormous amount of outrage toward russia saying how dare you try and drag us into this is nothing to do with us at all and so actually what's happening at the moment i think is that's the point in time where putin at home says a lot of what this enormous amounts of validation a record breaking votes in my favor we're all a big team together at exactly the same points in time the whole set of supposed european partners are now coming out together and saying we really really really have had it with you and i think that's a problem that their particular problem martino would say is with germany and their
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foreign minister that meeting that vanity was talking about said today that germany no longer regarded russia as a valid partner that is potentially i think the most significant thing that's happened today it's really important because while russia doesn't care very much about the u.k. it regards the u.k. as in significant it cares very much about germany because very much about its gas deal is about to sign with germany germany is the most important country in the european union and if it starts to lose its grip on a strategic relationship of that importance with the most important country in the european union that's a big problem for putin and the prospects of course lawrence of i don't know how distant a prospect it is that the possibility of another tranche of e.u. sanctions being placed on russia would be a missed missed some welcome thing for that in asia. yeah i'm not entirely sure that the european union wants to start going down the whole set of sanctions but you know if you're talking about germany in the gas deal i think the
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thing to understand is you know many russians at home regard putin as being a bit like superman you know he's impervious and he can take on everybody for the kryptonite to continue the analogy is that if the european union really wants russia needs to stop buying its gas and oil because the problem for russia is that over the years the putin's been in charge they haven't diversified their economy at all and it's still intolerant entirely reliant on oil and gas and so today poland which doesn't like russia would all turn and said to the germans stop the gas deal stop buying their gas you know and that they understand is how you're going to hurt putin how are you going to hit him if if if as they say russia continues to make these wild allegations and he's poisoning people which they believe to have happened and putin is not taking any notice they're going to say well look we might not buy your gas in future and that would be i think the most significant thing they could do to upset the putin administration going forward lawrence lee live in moscow thank you. we've got
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a lot more to come on this al-jazeera news hour including chuni leads the arab world in protecting women's rights but activists say they're still a big problem. people in iraq's vibrant colors to try to turn the page on the history of. christianity are now they're not another career highlight find out what it is pizza will have all the details. now activists are reporting that syrian government forces are arresting hundreds of people as they leave. this has been happening over the past few days tens of thousands of civilians have fled the rebel held area which has come under heavy bombardment by the government in the past month then one hundred reports. estimates vary on the number of civilians who have crossed into government controlled territory because of military operations in eastern huta but it's believed to be in
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the tens of thousands many people found themselves back under government rule as frontlines quickly changed the pro syrian government camp is calling this a victory a liberation but human rights organizations are expressing concern following as of yet unverified reports of people going missing or arrested no one it's fair minded about the violations that we have seen in places of detention by government forces from the torture ill treatment sexual violence and even executions in order to ensure the security of these people that are fleeing from the center. we do need to have independent monitors on the ground thousands remain trapped inside an ever shrinking rebel enclave many of them are wanted by the state because they were involved in opposition activities medics civil defense volunteers are particularly vulnerable so are media activists who the government accuses of being terrorists a reporter working for the syrian opposition orient t.v.
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is missing the organization says he is being held along with members of his family by the government it is demanding his release activists and journalists are demanding. the. international. through status quo goes on the president of the. international community is what is . the pro-government alliance has recaptured approximately eighty percent of the enclave eastern huta is now divided into three pockets in the north the largest town duma is surrounded it's the same case in nearby harasta and both are split off from the rest of the area the rebels still control some towns in the southern edge . each rebel faction controls different pockets are a sham controls harassed or specialist controls the north and fire local rush man
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controls the southern towns the three rebel factions are involved in separate negotiations with the russian military they are insisting that the negotiations do not involve an evacuation of civilians and rebels but it is clear that anything short of a surrender will be a nonstarter for the pro-government alliance the situation on the ground is an indication that talks are not going well the pro-government alliance resumed its offensive from the air and on the ground after a brief lull piling more pressure on the opposition since the military campaign began just over a month ago the russian military and the syrian government have made clear that agreeing to leave to go to other rebel held areas is the only option the opposition has if the military assault is to end. beirut turkey says it will withdraw its troops from afrin in northern syria turkish forces backed by syrian rebels took control of the city on sunday turkey launched its offensive on
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afrin in january to drive out kurdish y p g fighters who it says are terrorists turkish soldiers have been clearing the town of weapons the charity the red cross is calling for access to our friend. our friend has been nearly of concern over the last couple of months it was difficult to reach the civilian populations already but we have made some progress recently now with a combat operation we have a big number of people displaced they are displaced with a new reasonable perspective on what happens to them and we are a relatively stable iraq so we will have to find the best way possible to reach this population over the next couple of days and weeks and i hope this is possible behind the front lines and also in africa has gone off and it's killed at least seven civilians as well as for rebels from the free syrian army more now from our
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correspondents in them called the earlier in istanbul. the latest explosion in al for intel center shows us the possible risks of the unexploded devices that are hidden inside the city by the y.p. g.p.o. id cells and it shows the possible risk for the civilians if they enter back the city until the clearing up operation by the turkish military and the f.s.a. has been over and that's why the turkish military has launched an emergency operation to defeat was the movie traps that are hidden inside the city after the after the military and there for say have captured the city for no inside the city center we're not hearing the civilians returns but. we know that for a while this really has been returning to their religious that are in offering provence but of course until the clearing clear operation is over inside the city
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center it's going to be tough days for the civilians there also there was a coastal that gathered in turkey's syria turkey border city got into naming themselves as cornish robert this is a city council a stylish by the kurds of a friend but probably y.p. g.n.p. why the real not spirited nies in this city council because politically they are different from the y.p. g.n.p. why did who are named to be more secular kurds saudi arabia's crown prince has criticised iran for being what he said a destabilizing force in the region he was speaking in a u.s. t.v. interview. and iran has now responded calling mohamed bin delusional and naive saying does ravi has more from tehran. the heir to saudi arabia's throne
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began his tour of the united states by pointing a finger at his country's arch rivals even though saudi arabia has played a major role in regional conflicts both past and present. blamed iran for instability in the middle east iran and. unfortunately iran is playing a harmful role in the iranian regime is based on pure ideology. many of the al qaeda operatives are protected in iran and it refuses to surrender them to justice and continue to refuse to extradite them to the united states and this includes the sun i was some of the new leader of al qaeda he lives in iran and works out of iran and he's supported by iran. and despite the fact that saudi air strikes have killed thousands of people in yemen been solomon said iran is responsible for the ongoing conflict led to the jihad on the of. the iranian ideology penetrated some parts of yemen during that time this militia was conducting military maneuvers right next to
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our borders and positioning missiles at our borders do you know. observers say the crown prince is exaggerating iran's role to justify the saudi action which. we do you have a. lot of private lot and also in order for the action to rise to. in order to have the. yeah and he. does. influence. in yemen her me this before it was a career diplomat he said comparing iran's supreme leader to adolf hitler and minimizing the military strength of iran's armed forces are signs of been so months in experience with. newcomers. to show. here's a strong one on sunday iran's foreign minister signaled that been sold comments
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were part of an ongoing campaign to keep iran from reestablishing itself in the international community we have made extensive efforts for normalizing relations and creating a suitable climate for talks with saudi arabia but unfortunately continuation of saudi arabia's illusions in the wake of the twenty fifteen iran nuclear deal shows that the country lacks adequate preparedness for talks with iran to reach an understanding iran and saudi arabia are on opposite sides of every major conflict in the middle east and recent comments by leaders from both countries would seem to show that a meeting of minds is unlikely to happen anytime soon the same bus ravi old zero. where the saudi crown prince also addressed the months long detention and subsequent release of hundreds of influential saudi figures at riyadh's ritz carlton hotel there was a campaign which was dubbed a corruption crackdown by the government and it led to ripples of physical abuse
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aimed at extracting money and confessions from those held against their will. the amount exceeds one hundred billion but the real objective was not this amount or any other amount. the idea is not to get money but to punish the corrupt and send a clear signal that whoever engages in corrupt deals will face the law. unsorry is a political a professor of political says he elegy at cafe university he says the interview by the saudi crown prince is a mere public relations exercise. it's self promotion been said man is obviously moving towards being king he would like to be a king that has a blanket approval from the west to do whatever he wants to do to implement his projects and his ideals in the region as the. ambassador in the united states once said that the view that saudi arabia and the u.a.e. share is secular strong and stable countries in the region are translates into anti
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popular anti reform and very security states in the region this is what he wants to do and he wants to get approval of the united states he has a good friend and present trump who actually believes that strong leadership such as with putin and shipping and now with been so money is the solution he'd like to fill that position although he and others know their body else knows that all the crises that been so might have started he was never able to accomplish anything through this crisis other than humanitarian problems and and other issues that cannot be resolved to the states so it's only a p.r. campaign that he is doing in the united states he will pay into the united states economy in order to get that blanket blanket approval and he will make concessions for the united states on various fronts including the issue with israel just to get that. press conference where he basically can say that i stood with present when i got approval from the united states to trinity and now which is long been
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a regional leader in protecting women's rights last year for instance muslim women were allowed to marry non muslim men but activists say sexual harassment is still a big problem i have met some university students who used technology to protect women. for saddam and her fellow university students their mission isn't just clear it's also personal we're a team for students who often think public transportation and well we think public transportation we say sexual harassment a lot in the public spaces selma tells us it's a terrible and terrifying situation that women in tunisia face constantly it's why she and her team are developing a mobile app called safeness whatever you're working on the streets alone and you don't feel safe you will send your location to one of the best a person that you that. these person will get. and they
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will track your movements until you arrive safely or arrive to the place you are heading to despite their busy class schedules they meet as often as possible the app will allow this victim if she wants to know what are the police stations that are nearby and the hospitals that are around her so that chicken take action at that moment even in a country many say is one of the most progressive in the region for women's rights this group says there's simply no time to waste tunisia passed a landmark law last year criminalizing domestic violence since then several women here have launched initiatives to raise awareness about the numerous issues affecting their safety and security. the new legislation also includes provisions outlawing sexual harassment in public spaces and what i want at a conference in the country's capital organized by us walk in the center a local women's rights organization participants discuss what more needs to be done
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i mean the law if we have a no it's not it's not necessarily implemented or we don't have the budget or we don't have the process to to to monitor it and to to evaluate it and second the people are supposed to apply the law like the police or the mrs they don't know they're not trained they don't have the skills and the tools to do that in this era of the me too movement selma and i sure like others in attendance are encouraged it's been seeing throughout two thousand and seventeen there were many women that were raising their voices and taking action so it's really like a moment and yet i think it's going to make it you know they say real change whether through grassroots activism or technological advances can't come soon enough. tunis tunisia. or as hard as they can look at the weather now history looking at north america this time martine it's in for
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a bumpy ride over the next day or so we've got this feature in the east but we've also got more cloud of rain that's working its way towards the west now in the west we do have a drought so of course some rain is good news but not this amount of wet weather because swirling mass here that's quite ominous doesn't it and it's working its way steadily towards the east towards california so here's that rain then works its way injuring the day on choose day we start to see some pretty heavy rain and then that rain will stick around throughout chews day and into wednesday along some of the coast we're expecting around one hundred millimeters of rain and then some of the hills are likely to see around one hundred fifty millimeters of rain this does include the counties of ventura and santa barbara where we had the largest fire in california's history and so there is a problem with the burn scar area if that gets an awful lot of rain they could well be some mudslides and that could cause major major problems so that's something to keep an eye on over the next few days and further towards the east we've also got more severe weather building as well this system here so actually edging its water
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way towards the east and just ahead of it around tennessee and to the south of that in alabama and georgia we're likely to see some severe weather so they could be some tornadoes could be some very large hail and then the system gradually up the east coast bringing some heavy snow marty you know over the next few days. so if thank you very much indeed lots more to come on this al-jazeera news hour including we'll be talking live to a turkish government spokesman. and as president trump three news his attack on the special council investigating russian election meddling why republicans are warning him to leave robert alone and in sports her maiden title of one of the biggest tournaments on the women's tennis to a pizza we'll fill you in just a little walk. on
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counting the cost are russians getting all they bargain for economically as lemay putin heads for reelection plus saudi aramco keeps the financial world guessing but the globe's largest i.p.o. on ice will be asking what's behind the delay counting the cost and i just you. know. another day another explosion. from one of the thousands of i.e.d. strewn through the landscape of this lawless tribal region in pakistan with only the most basic equipment a fearless bomb disposal unit are determined to counter the horrors of the relentless taliban onslaught. with faith but witness documentary at this time on al-jazeera.
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time to sink a lot of the top stories here at al-jazeera the european union's twenty eight foreign ministers of offered britain unqualified solidarity over the poisoning of a former russian spy and his daughter meanwhile investigators from the world chemical weapons watchdog have arrived in the u.k. to test the nerve agent that was used to poison. and his daughter. in his crucifix in sunday's election for another six year presidential term is victory was expected as russians overwhelmingly voted for him while the independent monitors reported hundreds of irregularities electoral officials say none was serious. i to
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say syrian government forces have arrested hundreds of people as they leave the rebel held area and suffered heavy bombing by the government forcing tens of thousands to leave in recent days activists are calling for the evacuation routes to be monitored or let's go. now to the situation in northern syria the turkish operation particularly in the african district now as we mentioned earlier turkey now says it's going to withdraw its troops from the city of afrin. we're not permanently and we're certainly not invaders the goal of our operation is to clear the region from terrorists and to reinstate a stronger environment of peace trust and stability in time the region by which reloaders after clearing it's of terrorists now we bring him cullen who is a spokesman for the turkish president rather tired bedouin he's joining us now live
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from ankara thank you for joining us now turkish forces have succeeded in reclaiming afrin what is the next stage in the turkish operation. but with the taking over of the city we have completed an important phase in dolphin operation the next step will be to secure the areas because there are still you know mines and traps and i.e. these etc placed in different parts of the city so we want to make sure that all the soldiers and the civilians free syrian army are all soldiers and local people are safe and secure so we are in the process of stabilizing and securing the regions cleared from pew why the y.p. terrorists and when the turkish government says it will hand african back to its rightful owners how does it mean. well i think we have set a good example last year when we conducted the euphrates shield operation between jobless and iraq where we have cleared more than two thousand square kilometer area
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from the dies terrorists time and we have returned those places cities and towns back to be of local owners and in fact in seven years syrian war something happened there that never happened anywhere else and about hundred fifty thousand people have returned to their homes these are syrian refugees who lived in turkey at that time they went back to their homes because jobless area was cleared and it was safe and now at the moment there are no p y d y p g no diet and no regime forces there it's run by local people so we dissipate a similar situation enough where those who had to flee because of the regime attacks or because of the p. y. d. y. p.g. will go back to their homes and we are making our plans to make sure that they go back safely and run their businesses and in fact i was also on the line the fact that if you look at you know the post liberation station in often in regards to what happened in iraq or in mosul i think the station is very clear the city has
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been kept intact we have not been barred at the city our soldiers and free syrian army fighters have been very careful in avoiding civilian casualties they've been very careful in not attacking any of the houses of worship or historical sites and in fact if you look at the pictures as i said it's very clear compared. but he said in mosul yes mr callan news limited to make that point there also there are some there who would argue against you and say that actually there's been some looting and there's been some destruction of some important kurdish symbols cultural symbols in africa but these are unverifiable pictures but nonetheless the point is what is the turkish government doing to reassure people the villages that it's safe for them to return that they have removed just fighters from the african region what sort of reassurances are you giving to the kurdish villages for instance. again you know our actions speak very clearly about this until we reached the
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center of the city of often over the last two months we have cleared the surrounding areas towns and villages etc and those places have been very safe and we are sending humanitarian aid through the turkish red crescent through disaster agency and we have in fact we have had international journalists visiting those places the station is very conscious similar thing will happen there by the way in regards to the looting issue if you take those reports seriously and we are looking into the incidents there might be some groups here and there that may have involved in that kind of action but we take that very seriously and necessary measures will be taken to address that issue but we want to assure everyone and often as well as those who have to flee to turkey or aleppo or other places that often it will be a safe place for them to return to and what kind of a range meant and has turkey entered into with the united states with russia in order for it to carry out its operation in africa and.
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well you know given the realities in the syrian territories you have to coordinate obviously everything that you do there we are part of the international coalition against dice so we have conducted a number of operations for example as part of the coalition with the united states with the u.k. with the countries involved and in the in the jobless area and other places therefore we as we have coordinated before during the euphrates field operation we also coordinated you know our operations in the olive branch operation and off in the region because the native with the russians with the iranians with the americans on the international coalition and has been very successful so far we have avoided as i said civilian casualties and so on so forth and i've been very transparent from the very beginning i'm not about the intentions of our operation i'm afraid we're running out of time but i just would like to ask you one more question mr kalin and that is is turkey's intention to push on westwood's to man beach where of course the situation on the ground is a very different one with u.s.
4:39 pm
forces on the ground and presumably if you are a new arrangement will have to be negotiated. well the all of the negotiated actually what needs to be done in men which we have been in talks with american administrations two administrations i have to say obama administration on the trumpet in the ocean over the last two years about evacuating or getting old is he why do you why p.g. elements and terrorists out of men which because members is an arab town there are no or very few or no kurdish maybe residents there but it's not about the kurds it's about p y d y p g terrorists being taken out of men beach and moved to the east of euphrates we had this agreement actually for a long time now but most recently over the last three weeks we have intensive talks with the americans with secretary tillerson general mcmaster and other u.s. officials about this we have reached
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a general agreement now we would like to see this implemented if it is implemented we will avoid any kind of confrontation with the americans after the rock operation is completed as the americans themselves have said they will get drove from those areas so we expect that to happen now and very very quickly my comp am the new secretary of state will that make any difference to tacky well you know continuity is the essential principle in state affairs so ministers make change other officials may change but the key policies are expected to remain the same so the agreements that we have reached you know with our american counterparts we hope they will be they will be kept abraham kalin spokesman for the tech president thank you very much indeed. now britain and the european union have agreed a nearly two year transition period for after the u.k.
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actually leaves the bloc next march they each chief negotiator michel barnier said e.u. rules would continue to apply in britain during the transitional period and this will give both sides time he said to put a new trade deal in place they also agreed on what they called an emergency backstop on northern mali and to prevent a hard border if no other solution is found i'm usually do. this makes it possible today to reassure the four and a half million people british and european who are affected and concerned by brags that those are the people who have been our priority from day one the priority of the european parliament and the priority of the member states so i set out a framework for delivering a bridge to each. one sees the u.k. formally leave the european union on the twenty ninth of march which gives everyone time they need to prepare for the future by ensuring our access to each other's markets continues to come to. the deal was reached today does just. that
4:42 pm
some republican politicians in the us have joined democrats in mourning president trump not to sack special counsel robert muller they say he must be allowed to investigate alleged russian meddling in the two of the sixteen presidential election and this is a tweet sever the weekend president trump accused the f.b.i. leadership of lies corruption and of leaking information patty culhane reports. if twitter is any indication u.s. president donald trump is growing increasingly worried about the investigation into ties between his campaign and russia sending off a series of angry tweets including this one where he did something you normally doesn't do he mentions robert mueller by name tweeting why does the miller team have thirteen hardened democrats some big cricket hillary supporters and zero republicans another demaris unli added does anyone think this is fair and yet there is no collusion there are a couple of problems with this tweet first of all muller is
4:43 pm
a republican so is the man in charge of him rod rosenstein who trump appointed and the f.b.i. director christopher ray also a republican trump also tweeted there was no crying but three people who were part of his campaign two rather high up have pled guilty to committing crimes more than twenty people and companies have been indicted so far on saturday trump's personal lawyer john dowd called for a shutdown of miller's investigation at first saying he was speaking for the president but later backtracking leading to criticism from democrats and republicans this would undoubtedly result in a constitutional crisis and i think democrats republicans need to speak out about this right now giving the time the resources the independence to do its job and when you are innocent if the allegations collusion with the russians and there is no evidence of that and you're n.-s. scent of that act like it trump can't actually fire moamar but he could try to fire the people in charge of him asking their replacements to kill the probe that would
4:44 pm
likely lead to huge protests and pressure on congress to name a special prosecutor giving him vastly more power that couldn't be stopped no matter what the president wants political hane al-jazeera washington. right now the world is facing a water crisis results is it becoming ever more scarce and in brazil the wild was a fall. opened to talk about what can be done now an example is lake chad in central africa which has provided water to tens of millions of people across four different countries but it is rapidly disappearing more now from our correspondent mohammed val in the second part of a series first examining water issues around. for the people of getting village and the lake is life but these fishermen say things are changing because of the different when water was abundant on the lake we could fill our boats with fish
4:45 pm
on one trip so now the water is scarce and we need ten trips to catch half the previous amount. chad was one of the largest freshwater bodies in the world it straddles the borders between chad cameroon and nigeria in the mostly dry ice ahead climate the lake remains an exception of necessity for thousands of fish animals and plants species supporting the livelihoods of forty million people living along the. drought and the harsh dusty winds over the last sixty years have turned much of the area into a desert hundreds of violence began to appear in the middle as the water levels dropped environmental organizations and regional governments have long sounded the alarm bells. villages that were on the shores of the lake years ago are now fifty kilometers away. the studies show that is appearance of the lake is an extremely sad situation within the last twenty five years it's water receded by two thousand
4:46 pm
five hundred square kilometers and the right of it's shrinking is getting faster now causing a huge disruption in the natural habitat. the climate issues have been compounded by insecurity in recent times. and it's a new islands as a hiding place and base from which it could launch attacks but in the majority of villages around the lake are now deserted especially on the nigerian side those who fled are living in refugee camps and lack of funds has also complicated regional and international efforts to launch meaningful progress to save the lake. and there's a growing concern that further deterioration of the lakes environment will encourage thousands of the spokes young people to join armed groups as the only available source of income. or just a nature. she gave to this meeting now that's taking place in the brazilian capital brasilia our correspondent there is daniel so danielle what are these experts
4:47 pm
activists actually hoping to achieve to try to reverse the crisis that is rapidly approaching. for martin it is a huge conference one of the major slogans being bandied about is if you drink that you either need to be. paying attention to what's going on here there are representatives from about one hundred sixty countries environment minister to engineers people who consume water. all the slogan being all the feeling being. everything the aspect of our lives and as we just heard there the lake in chad is not the only one where the waters are receding that's happening around the world along with receding glaciers along with lakes drying up the rivers being polluted increasing they should and of course that ever present threat of climate change affecting many aspects of water consumption their appeal to the
4:48 pm
expert here is going to be one thousand three hundred different presentations going on for several days with a form they have. and every three years the last one was in south korea one of the things going to be looking at is with a number of experts about with the number of themes being tackled is just what is being done a lot of talking going on a lot of reports being produced what actually happens with the implementation all these various projects to ensure that enough people have access to water to clean. the sanitation and that's one of the major issues being looked at here and of course the ever present question with all these schemes being talked about being planned who actually pays for it all so they're looking for leadership from bodies such as the united nations and looking for expertise from around the world and from the ground level with one plan being implemented in one country does not necessarily work in another country to many things being discussed and many great hopes for the future daniel shriner live in brasilia thank you and in part three of
4:49 pm
our third series on to say we'll be looking at how drought is ravaging parts of northern kenya and that's leading to deadly conflicts arising from past scarcity that's to say here and out to sara. rory mcilroy a hissing form just a few weeks out from the first major of the story coming up in school.
4:50 pm
4:51 pm
thank you so much. as taste of defeat for the first time. the trophy at the indian wells tournament in california. reports. well number one roger federer was returning to the court for this final against one martin del potro having extended his career best on a beat and run to seventeen matches. but it looked like he would have his work cut out if he was to try to make it to eighteen his opponent showing no signs of the wrist problems that of competition in recent years. keeping the pressure on poetry forced the experience thirty six year old to make monk characteristic unforced errors. and with it the option trying to take the stance that. sweeping federal side is no easy task. del potro may have come out on top at last
4:52 pm
year's us open but lost to the swiss a month later in basel and federal level to match at one settle. i asked the battle would continue into this time i del potro and showed his determination slowly during out his opponent with one final unforced error six four six seven seven six was the final straw giving the argentine fans everything to sponsor. them so that when the cycle like this was many finals without some masters but today was a day for me i'd play the number of attorneys say it was three hours to march our leader and or assure him the first time of the year that's means
4:53 pm
a lot to me you know look it's disappointing but i thought it was a good match and. you know what it was a bit better than that was. maybe a point here there maybe a shot maybe a forehand maybe a chip so that's how it goes so it's unfortunate but i'm happy for him one on one time. single cell phone i was ten when my team del potro showed he's flatty it having made it back into the top ten in the out stopping the wild number one fedoroff and feigning six titles at this. time. to see. japan's naomi osaka was crowned the women's singles champion at indian wells she beat fellow twenty year old daughter custer tina to win her first w.t. a title at what is one of the biggest events of the year i saw the head knocked out world number one samantha halep in the semifinals and she continued that form against a subpoena needing just seventeen minutes to wrap up
4:54 pm
a six three. six two victories of the russians world number nineteen she now moves up to a career high ranking of twenty two. really happy of course and. i don't really feel how much after is this still yet thinking. i think maybe like in two hours or so then i'll feel a little bit more but right now i'm just sort of happy that over tiger woods has produced the second top five finish in as many weeks on the professional golf circuit but the arnold palmer invitational in florida also another world number one former world number one anyway and he's own title drought leads home and has the story. there was no doubting who received the loudest cheers at the bank your club in orlando. it's been five years since fourteen time major winner tiger woods has posted a victory on the professional tour but as he continues
4:55 pm
a comeback from multiple back surgeries for a second straight week woods found himself in contention during the final rounds. if you ask me you know the beginning of the year that i would have a chance to win two golf tournaments. that's now than ever taken on a heartbeat. well woods finished in a tie for fifth i chopped off the lead he can finally be considered again in next month's must is. god i miss playing there i've been there for the for the dinner and as great as it is it's frustrating knowing that i'm you know i would have to say young enough to play the event as some of the other champions you know are not and i just have not been able to physically do it the masters is the only major eluding rory mcilroy he also had inclined to tour victory since the twenty fifth of september twenty sixth the day that onil palma died but the northern irishman
4:56 pm
drought ended at the events named after the goldfish brain was really proud of myself i have hung in there over the past sort of a year with injuries and. you know taking a little bit of time off at the end of last year to to sort of get myself right come into this year and. you know all the all that were hard workers. has finally paid off mcelroy had started the round two shots behind us and i played a henrik stenson was that birdied five of the last six holes for a round of sixty four and just three shots victory was. was i mean i played a perfect going to golf i got myself pretty chances on basically every hole. you know just executed shots the way i the way i wanted to when i needed to mcelroy another big name that will now be considered a contender for the cues from last major was released home an al-jazeera
4:57 pm
portuguese superstar striker cristiana rinaldo has baggies fiftieth korea hattrick in real madrid's latest leg a victory rebel that helped himself to four goals on sunday israel thumps judo on a six three he also now has twenty one goals in his last eleven games the thirty three year old proving to me as a lethal as ever. look at. what rinaldo has is that ambition it's tremendous a bishan because in every match in every training session in every play if he has a penalty he will make the penalty with the maximum concentration a player needs even in training and that's why he's different from the others. meanwhile league leaders barcelona made it thirty six matches unbeaten in the league with a two no victory over a. messy with the goal it's. a mess still valverde side now have an eleven point lead at the top of the standings that's
4:58 pm
after the second paste athletico madrid lost two one at video on sunday real madrid six three win inspired by christiana rinaldo puts them in the foot and that's all the sport for me more again later marty peter thank you very much indeed and that's so for this al-jazeera news hour don't go anywhere because i'll be back in just a minute or two with much more of the day's news there's a lot going on to stay with us. a scandal that's rocked the nation to its core and exposed hundreds of. brides just to show the most local movie t one and sometimes take a spy or a difference to blow up a personal find these judicial corruption has in my mind i i come back in an exclusive documentary al-jazeera and examine one man's extraordinary battle
4:59 pm
for justice in diana. when we managed the financial system between one nine hundred forty five and one nine hundred seventy one there was not a single financial crisis anywhere in the world and then in one thousand seven hundred the bank has lobbied and they said no no no we don't need controls you know the market will discipline us banks love to make loans to sufferance why because behind the sovereign a millions of taxpayers we can see a reaction to the liberalization of five guys just as we saw in the one nine hundred twenty s. and it's going to be updating to already is ugly in many parts of the world where people are saying if my government went to cough to my interest then i would look for a strong narrative if he's a fascist i don't care if you promises to secure the stability of my life and my people i will vote for him i think that's where we're heading and i don't think god indeed has had the vision to understand that's the threat that we face.
5:00 pm
in syria citizens are collecting evidence and you know what the dollar bill has shot of crimes committed against civilians we've moved out of syria in the cold six hundred thousand pages of material so that one day they can bring the assad regime to justice that puts a she will face on the charges it's a dead human face but it's a human tricks syria witnesses for the prosecution at this time on al-jazeera. a day after vladimir putin wins another term in office he says russia one thing gage in an arms race.
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without is there live from day also coming up.


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