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the news breaks. in the mail man city and the story bill needs to be forced to leave the interest. when people need to be heard to women and girls are being bought and given away in refugee camps al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring you the winning documentaries and. i got to commend you all i'm hearing is good journalism on and on. the world. turkey says it will launch a military operation against kurdish fighters in the syrian town of raising fears of a faceoff with the u.s. . fully back to go this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up china's president
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xi jinping outlined his vision for the future at the closing session of the national people's congress breaks it a breakthrough with the e.u. and the u.k. reach a deal on a transition phase but still no solutions for ireland plus arts and activism we visit an exhibition inspiring creativity with a message for the middle east. the end. the syrian government has heavily criticised what it calls turkey's occupation of the town of a friend and is demanding turkish forces withdraw turkey says it now plans to expand its military operation to other kurdish towns in syria victoria gate and the reports elicited in a free for some much needed aid is starting to flow in the turks say they were cathal to leave the towns infrastructure intact and have to. civilians they can
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return for those who've already made it home there's a huge sense of relief not only job but i'm talking to the people of my village of lift on what they can hear me return to your village we're comfortable here there's nothing to worry about it's quiet now. the syrian government has criticized what it calls turkey's occupation of the town and blames the united states for allowing it to happen if turkey is part of the nato and the nato is involved into the bloodshed in the area in iraq as well as in syria so the nato is protecting turkey don't believe in this hollywood show you are seeing in and elsewhere turkey is doing what it is doing with the blessing of the americans turkey started pushing into kurdish held territory marked in yellow in january the green is held by turkish troops and the syrian rebels they support almost two months later they've taken
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a frayne the next major target is members where kurdish forces are directly supported by u.s. troops then off initiate a medic is you know after controlling the city center of afrin yesterday we completed the most important phase of operation olive branch now we will continue this process with members i know and ras al-ain and chemists leave until we remove all of this card along. with turkey's plan to push further east and directly into the path of u.s. forces the situation on the ground is likely to become even more difficult i would expect the americans to avoid a full scale crisis with turkey and they will. alternative scenarios perhaps a different force to be. created over here it wants. turkey's operation has been criticized by all sides in the syrian conflict. a
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monday the u.s. state department said while it respected turkey's security concerns the operation against kurdish forces has distracted from the campaign against the remnants of eisel in the area it cools that is serious and growing concern big turia gazin be al jazeera further south in what's left of the rebel held enclave of eastern ghouta local media and activists are reporting that i'm as strike has hit a school where people were sheltering in the town of out of been killing two women and fifteen children the syrian government backed by russia launch an offensive to retake the area near damascus a month ago since then more than a thousand people have been killed meanwhile the un's human rights she says the siege of eastern go to has involved war crimes including using starvation as a weapon there are hussein was speaking at u.n. headquarters his briefing was officially labeled informal to russia blocked a meeting of the security council my can explains. well it was a very rare occurrence within the security council when
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a procedural motion to dismiss a session was actually up held what happened the u.n. human rights chief was due to brief the security council on the human rights situation in syria it was expected that russia would object having argued that the forum for such a briefing should be the human rights council in geneva not the security council chamber as expected it was backed in its photon a procedural issue by its normal allies including china but what was not expected what's this. the result of the voting is this follows eight votes in favor for votes against three abstentions the provisional agenda has not been adopted it have been filled to obtain the required number of votes and abstention by the three african members of the council equitorial guinea ethiopia and cote d'ivoire this is
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only the fourth time in some four decades that a procedural vote has actually been carried in the security council what happens next well the meeting went ahead the briefing went ahead but in an informal aria form and that means that it did not carry the weight politically or diplomatically off a formal security council session the human rights chief went ahead and brief security council members and as expected deep criticisms of the syrian government the see georgia eastern war torn by the syrian government forces half a decade long has involved pervasive war crimes the use of chemical weaponry in forced starvation and served weapon of warfare and the denial of essential life saving. in the current relentless month long bombardment of of hundreds. of terrified and trapped civilians at the end of the day perhaps
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a tactical miscalculation by those who want to the briefing to take place in the security council chamber in a formal session because now with the abstention by the african members the security council is divided as never before. and now the well the chinese president has outlined his vision for the nation in a closing speech delivered to the people's congress members have backed a series of proposed new laws in recent days including the abolishment of presidential term limits the decision paves the way for xi jinping to remain in power indefinitely. during the closing ceremony of the eighteen days of the national people's congress here in beijing xi jinping the president addressed the nearly three thousand delegates now this is something new he normally the president normally doesn't address the delegates on the last eight he did that very broad stroke broad themes speech to the people here the delegates here saying
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it's important for them to realize they work for the people and also kind of looking into the future of china's importance now but then it's growing importance in the global arena and they need to realize that and they need to move toward being a more modern nation but during these eighteen days or all of a lot of new things to the constitution was reforms change one of the most important one where the most significant ones were term limits were lifted for the presidency and the vice presidency obviously that means choosing paying will probably be taking an oath more times than we saw these last eighteen days because there have been a lot of sweeping changes within how the government is going to be run a lot of reform that we haven't seen for years but also going back to the oath taking that's also something new that hasn't happened before so right now she's been playing as she mentioned in closing ceremonies making sure that the delegates here in the government realizes that they need to really kind of continue with this track of modernization. in what's being hailed as a major step forward in bracks in negotiations the u.k. has been granted a twenty one month transition period out of the e.u.
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it's designed to reduce any sudden shocks when the u.k. leaves the bloc next march and means it will effectively remain as a non-voting e.u. member until the end of twenty twenty the u.k. will be able to negotiate trade deals with the rest of the world during the transition but there's still no agreement on the question of the irish border sonia gago has more from london. much goodwill between the u.k. breakfast secretary david davis and the chief negotiator michel barnier a lot being made about the fact the progress that has been made that means coming to the agreement on those two main issues there one which would include the rights for european union citizens to be able to have enjoyed the same rights as e.u. citizens already living in the u.k. if they are to enter the country during the transition period this was something that had been resisted initially by the prime minister to reason may she had thought about saying that they should perhaps have different residency rights considering that they would enter the country knowing that the u.k.
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would eventually be leaving the european union but certainly on the on that point that this is a point that michel barnier was eager to play up in terms of the progress that is being made after all hard work that both sides have put in their mutual reader has really this makes it possible today to reassure the four and a half million people british and european who are affected and concerned by break that those are the people who have been our priority from day one the priority of european parliament and the priority of the member state the other issue of course the u.k. is also able to pursue and negotiate third country deals but it will not be able to implement any of them until the end of the transition period which is the end of december twenty twenty the first day breaks that obviously being the first journey twenty twenty one but the other issue which is a sticking point here is still regarding the situation of northern ireland. is being put into place
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a backstop deal which would mean that if in the event that the u.k. would crash out without a deal then northern island would be protected and it would still be included as in the single market and the customs union to prevent any fracture or any issue between the border with the republic of ireland lot of work having. been put in there of course not forgetting the good friday deal which has been made so much of everything is trying to be placed into a position where tension along that border will be preserved as little as possible during the brics negotiations u.s. resident donald trump has issued an executive order banning american citizens from using venezuela's new cryptocurrency venezuela need only could us maduro hailed the launch of the petro last month as a way to address the country's economic crisis but trump says a new digital currency is an attempt to circumvent u.s. sanctions against venezuela facebook's chief information security officer is
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stepping down the new york times says i make stamens disagreed with the company's handling of revelations that russia use facebook to spread false information only a u.s. democratic senator sent a letter to c.e.o. mark zuckerberg demanding a response to allegations that data from fifty million users was harvested by a political consultancy firm cambridge analytic. was birthed out of a company called a c l group which is a military contractor based in london. this data was used to create profiling algorithms that would allow us to explore mental vulnerabilities of people and then map ways to inject information into different in different streams or channels of content online so that people started to see things all over the place that may or may not have been true this is a company really took three clues to the next level by pairing it with algorithms
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on facebook shares have fallen almost seven percent on monday wiping nearly forty billion dollars off its market value michael symon is the c.e.o. of tech company elusive he says the poor response from facebook has already hurt the company. facebook's reaction to a series of embarrassing sort of egg on their face moments including this one revolving the recent us elections have been. surprisingly slow for a company whose motto is move fast and break things. they've been very reactive very behind the ball this particularly of this particular event. this theft of data happened over four years ago so it's very surprising to see them be so reactors had a proactive i think you're going to starting to see members of congress of both parties really wake up and start to see a problem and start to sort of shake the cage and demand that back in january
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a number of sort of mid-level executives from facebook and google and twitter were called before congress testify about a unrelated matter regarding the u.s. election and foreign meddling but they said middle of executives that in the send the c.e.o. i think when your company loses almost forty billion dollars in market value in one day that probably is deserving of sending the c.e.o. to to account for it. still ahead on al-jazeera the president the princess and the basis man will tell you about their reported secret meeting on a yacht in the red sea and they call them sounds of violence interrupt me to the x. gang members helping to keep new york's crime rate at a seventeen year no. however
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the weather is generally set fair across the middle east over the next few days lossie settled and sunny a little bit of cloud over towards the sort of around heading over towards afghanistan some bits and pieces of rain there with the ball at around fourteen celsius the west of us five and settle twenty two degrees in beirut little bit of cloud just sliding out of the turkish mountains states and resettled and sunny that cloud will drift over armenia pushing over towards the caspian sea northern parts of iran maybe just catching a little bit of that but as you can see it's general looking dry baghdad at thirty degrees celsius sort of values that we're looking at across the arabian peninsula highs here in doha of around thirty degrees in gentle wins but to back even pick up to around thirty one degrees as we go on through wednesday no shortage of sunshine on offer here still plenty of sunshine since much of southern africa the eastern cape a little more cloud possible this is some damp weather no sign of any damn weather
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making its way towards the western type having said that we've got some showers there into northern most that they can to tanzania linking up with a very heavy showers that we have just pushing up through zambia into the democratic republic of congo harare stay settled and sunny with a top temperature of twenty six. on counting the cost are russians getting all they bargain for economically as lemay putin heads for reelection plus saudi aramco keeps the financial world guessing but the globe's largest i.p.o. on ice will be off again what's behind the delay counting the calls on ages you. go.
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welcome back our top stories on al-jazeera the syrian government has had any criticize what it calls turkey's on the patient of the town of a friend and is demanding the withdrawal of turkish forces but turkey says it now plans to expand its military operation to other kurdish town in syria where u.s. forces are supporting the white beach. the chinese president has struck a nationalistic told in his closing speech of the people's congress she says the country must stay united and take available opportunities for congress agree to abolish presidential term limits paving the way to remain in office indefinitely and the u.k. has been granted a twenty one month transition period out of the e.u.
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in what is being hailed as a major step forward in negotiations it's designed to reduce any sudden shocks when it leaves a brawl next year this will see the u.k. effectively remain as a non-voting e.u. member until the end of twenty twenty. now a lebanese american businessman is reported to have organized a summit of arab leaders suggesting they create an elites regional group london based website middle east says george neda set up a meeting on a yacht in the red sea alan fisher has a story. thanks claimed georgia need to organize the power some at least in twenty fifteen five middle east leaders were on the guest list it was mohammed bin so mundane deputy crown prince of saudi arabia mohammed bin zayed the crown prince of abu dhabi egyptian president abdul fattah el-sisi the crown prince of bahrain prince so money king abdullah of jordan middle east i says leader urged them to create a new power block in the middle east to combine turkey and iran and he would lobby
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for them and moshing to libya was to join the group later its alleged leader a convicted paedophile was told they like the idea that the meeting were concerned that as the us presidential election was moving into high gear democratic nominee hillary clinton would protect the iran nuclear deal and would be less keen to abandon old alliances at the meeting thought the republican candidate donald trump might be more likely to support the initiative we have seen for the last nine months that there has been a new alliance that has emerged between the united arab emirates saudi arabia egypt and what bahrain as a junior party as a junior partner and what or not that alliance can sustain itself in the long run that is unclear but there are certainly efforts to boost that alliance at the expense of the gulf cooperation council. it was reported that king abdullah of jordan briefed congressional leaders in the us that turkey was the main regional threat to stability but he later allegedly fell foul of the group for not fully
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supporting the blockade against qatar which is no ten months old and jordan voted against donald trump's controversial move to recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel this bloc that has so to speak emerges is not and that a bloc that can implement and carry out actual policy. and what we have seen us that the u.s. prefers a bilateral relationships with each of the sixty sixty countries and therefore unity this essential thank you very much leader is being investigated as a possible key link between donald trump and the iraqis and to see if there was an attempt to buy influence by indirectly sending money to the trump presidential campaign later also arrange the meeting in trump tower in december twenty sixth in the brought together the trump son in law and key advisor joke then chief strategist steve bannon and the crown prince of abu dhabi he was also at the second meeting in the seychelles which brought together significant trouble donor erik
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prince and this month killed dimitri of a russian banker with close links to president vladimir putin several embassies were approached for comment on the middle east eyes allegations no one provided any reaction. special press saudi arabia's crown prince mohammed bin salman is scheduled to make his first visit to the trump white house on tuesday he is a first of several gulf leaders who will visit washington in the coming weeks and hysterical hand reports behind the scenes all the supremacy is generating a lot of business for one of washington's biggest industries lobby. u.s. president donald trump was clearly impressed with the reception he received in saudi arabia and it's likely the saudi crown prince mohammed bin solomon can expect a similar greeting perhaps just a bit more understated when the two speak their words will be closely watched trump initially sided with the blockading countries against cutter but then reportedly pushed by then secretary of state rex tillerson he later called for the crisis to
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be resolved but tillerson is gone fired by tweet millions have been spent trying to influence this debate alexei if there's any winner in the blockade cation k. street is a euphemism for lobbyists ben freeman studies the influence of foreign money he says millions have been spent since the start in june according to public records since the blockade saudi arabia spent more than two million dollars a new contracts with lobbyists but many of the amounts are recorded so it's likely much more the u.a.e. has also increased its lobbying and qatar did as well according to the center for responsive politics spending at least five million as of last october and they continue to sign contracts after that worth hundreds of thousands of dollars a month but freeman points out saudi arabia has a big head start they started lobbying after nine eleven was working before they just didn't have anywhere near the scale of the saudi lobby before and to be fair cutter so as one of the largest lobby is that that there is it's it's
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a very powerful effective lobby too it's just simply not in the scale of the saudi lobby right now you might be asking why people pour millions of dollars into the lobbying firms that line the streets of washington d.c. well they are trying to buy access to policymakers and they are also trying to shape public opinion the firms have to detail their work public records show several sunday in talking points to reporters posting twitter ads and putting competing commercials on cable news they want to limit all seventeen could tar and north korea partners in terror. he has benefited from some positive press some of the most influential columnists have praised the chrome prince as a reformer but there have also been some negative stories as well one alleging been some on has been secretly keeping his mother away from his father for years and she was under house arrest and they believe that he did this because. i felt that she was not on board with his plans for
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a power grab and several organizations have printed detailed accounts of the alleged torture of prominent saudis at the ritz carlton in riyadh still been sold on has spent millions to make sure he will find a friendly reception at the white house and on wall street while millions more have been spent in hopes he won't. al-jazeera washington. in the u.s. have attracted headlines and prompted a national debate about gun control but crime in new york is at a seventy year no but he say one reason is because of a community based program that has little to do with law enforcement christensen only reports. so if you know anybody that need any help they may act like nosy neighbors we need to talk to these kids about the bully and gladys brooks and her team are part of a concerted effort to reduce shootings in one of new york's toughest neighborhoods well we come from boston. pharmacy on one sixty fifth street the team of so-called violence interrupt yours consists of the local residents many have had their own
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run ins with guns of the police like eric farmer whose brother was shot and killed by a police officer or james rivera who oversees the team and was once an active gang member the reason we get it from reason is because we're from the same community the people dollars they've all that there's sharing information to people that are just that the soldiers that we want to make the safer of the thought about incarcerating anybody or about punitive stuff it's about making the community safer interrupt yours monitor social media and check in with anyone they think might be contemplating pulling the trigger the team canvasses the neighborhood three to four hours a ship just talking to people last week a shooting took place here and the suspect hasn't been caught so they're focused on the victim and his friends and making sure that they don't retaliate. gladys who began this work in an effort to keep her own son from becoming a victim says it's getting people to think about the consequences of their actions
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they trust that we're not going to tell the police that this one did that this one did that because that's not our goal of the goal is to pull people off. and a recent study shows they are making a difference not only in terms of fewer shootings but also in improving community relations with police new york's police commissioner has given the city funded program credit for helping reduce the crime rate to its lowest in seventy years we're proving that when the public and police work side by side we can make positive lasting change in our society shootings are down citywide but even more so in neighborhoods canvassed by violence interactors resulting in safer streets and a program that is being replicated nationwide christian salumi al-jazeera south bronx. the production company previously run by disgraced film producer harvey weinstein has filed for bankruptcy the future of the weinstein company has been in dollars since its former boss was accused of sexual misconduct by seventy women he
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denies the accusations that for i'm also announces releasing alleged victims and witnesses from non-disclosure agreements that prevented them from speaking out. an exhibition on the global refugee crisis by a known chinese on tizen activists i way away has arrived in the middle east for the first time it's one of many held in qatar aiming to inspire young artists reports from doha. you'd be forgiven for thinking this is a new fashion collection but the title rows of color tell a different story more than two thousand items fill the room they're all from a greek refugee camp that no longer exists evidence of disrupted syrian lives on the move and a refugee crisis that's not going away it was created by chinese artist and activist i way way and it's part of an artist in residence program. runs out to his fire station gallery he hopes exhibitions like this will inspire local artists to
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explore new ways of creating art we had damon have we have. we have more economy so all the spams has really a big impact with the artist here and not looking for beauty it's more like the message dimitri booker ascii is a serbian graffiti artist who lives in the heart he's one of many who find inspiration by creating art that focuses on say show and political messages including the nine month long blockade of carter so there for the most of times is a form of practice but sometimes it's also very personal or and doesn't relate to anything other than the person who is doing it but it's very thin the facts pressing the. case for a cause. and then with a message to meet three hopes this type of exhibition will help to broaden his skill activists are has been pushing boundaries three years but it seems so much
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more relevant today as well politics becomes increasingly unpredictable many artists believe activism through art is one of the most potent ways to navigate through divisive politics it's may have truly flourished as a result of the arab spring because still potentially lead to change years later a saudi artist monella the way on who in two thousand and five made the work about that is called the choice about women. drive in the right for women to. it's only ten years after her after work that women start to have the right to drive among the most striking developments in the region is the emergence of female or to sharing those ideas on the contemporary art scene suspended together is mel's installation which represents the lack of freedom of movement the saudi women these doves have been on a journey to europe and back and are imprinted with travel permission documents as a not to saudi women who can only travel with consent from a male relative. the is
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a qatari artist who's experimenting with stereotypes and gender roles in her society does not have museum has given her the space to exhibit her thought provoking art this is a piece she created last year a woman with a traditional face veil and ballerina attire to symbolize personal freedom she's now working on a public sculpture that she hopes will create a debate so high it out al-jazeera the house. hello again i'm fully back to go with the headlines on al-jazeera the syrian government has heavily criticized what it calls turkey's occupation of the town of a friend and is demanding turkish forces withdraw but turkey says it now plans to expand its military operation to other kurdish al towns in syria where u.s. forces are supporting the kurds. after controlling the city center of
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afrin yesterday we completed the most important phase of operation all of branch now we will continue this process with members and you know and ras al-ain in chemistry until we remove all of this corridor will the chinese president has struck in nationalistic tone in his closing speech of the people's congress she says the country must stay united and take available opportunities last week the congress agreed to abolish presidential term limits paving the way for she to remain in office indefinitely the u.k. has been granted a twenty one month transition period out of the e.u. in what's being hailed as a major step forward in bracks it negotiations is to reduce any sudden shocks when it leaves the bloc in march next year this will see the u.k. fecht of leave remain as a non-voting e.u. member until the end of twenty twenty facebook's chief information security officer is stepping down the new york times says alex amos disagreed with the company's
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handling revelations that russia use facebook to spread false information early a u.s. democratic senator sent a letter to c.e.o. mark zuckerberg demanding a response to allegations that data from fifty million users was harvested by political consultancy firm. right hayling company has suspended its south driving vehicle program in the u.s. after a woman in arizona died when she was hit by one of its cars it's a first pedestrian fatality involving an autonomy as you call police say the car was in south driving mode but a person was behind the wheel and u.s. president donald trump has issued an executive order banning american citizens from using venezuela's new cryptocurrency the venezuelan need any dural hailed the launch of the petro last month as the way to address the country's economic crisis but trump says it's an attempt to circumvent u.s. sanctions against venezuela those are the headlines the news continues here on
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al-jazeera after counting the cost to stay with us. in the past seven years over three million homes strong. and eleven million people displaced. syrians made homeless by. sharing their stories. in the ruins of a dream and this time on al jazeera. alone has a secret this is counting the cost on al-jazeera your weekly look at the world of business and economics this week old knowing russians getting all way bargain for as lemay putin.


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