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and that's what i think we really do well. it's very difficult as a chef or restaurant or to buy shrimp with the kong for them that what you're serving is going to be good seafood by nature is a high risk sometimes trump is really using production drugs. that are not approved for use in the u.s. the f.d.a. simply isn't testing on the imported market to really find all of these by a lot of brands to be used take note at this time on al-jazeera. airstrikes kill children sheltering in a school in syria's eastern huta. a lot as i'm sick of this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up palestinian
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president mahmoud that bassam lashes out at the u.s. and. chinese president xi jinping closes the people's congress with a warning to those he says want to divide his country. former french president nicolas sarkozy questioned by police about a campaign financing scheme. hello we begin in syria's eastern huta where there's been more fighting following a brief lull over the past few days local media and activists say thirty two civilians have been killed overnight in overnight shelling by the syrian regime volunteer rescue group the white helmet says banned weapons have been used including what appears to be phosphorus munitions in this video more than a thousand people have been killed in the past month as the government and its russian allies try to seize the area from rebel fighter. plane
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a father has more from beirut. there was a brief lull in the fighting for a few days but renewed the escalation as of late yesterday airstrikes targeting the main town of duma that's in the north of. towns in the southern part of this well are coming under heavy fire civilian casualties as well has been divided into three parts now the government the pro-government alliance managing to split the enclave into three. putting more and more pressure on the rebels to surrender now the renewed bombardment clearly an indication a sign that talks are not going well the rebel factions each of these rebel factions are engaged in negotiations with the russian military but the pro-government alliance is very clear they want us to render they want the rebels to lay down their arms and agree to go to other rebel controlled territories particularly in the north but what the rebels are trying to achieve is a ceasefire to allow aid in and to be able to stay in but this is not an option
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that is on the table and the russian military the syrian government have made that very clear now thousands of people are still trapped in a war zone a battleground lack of food the lack of medical supplies but there is also great concern about their safety and protection these people many of them are wanted by the government media activists people who are engaged in opposition activities and these people are now demanding for safe passage internationally monitored safe passage because they fear for their lives of the un's human rights chief says the siege of eastern hooter's involved war crimes including using starvation as a weapon zero that are that has same speaking to u.n. headquarters his briefing was officially labeled informal after russia blocked a meeting of the security council my can explain. but it was a very rare occurrence within the security council when a procedural motion to dismiss a session was actually up held what happened the un human rights chief was due to
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brief the security council on the human rights situation in syria it was expected that russia would object having argued that the forum for such a briefing should be the human rights council in geneva not the security council chamber as expected it was backed in its photon a procedural issue by its normal allies including china but what was not expected what's this. the result of the voting is this follows eight votes in favor for votes against three abstentions the provisional and jim has not been adopted it have been filled to obtain the required number of votes and abstention by the three african members of the council equitorial guinea ethiopia and cote d'ivoire this is only the fourth time in some four decades that a procedural vote has actually been carried in the security council what happened
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next well the meeting went ahead the briefing went ahead but in an informal aria form and that means that it did not carry the weight politically or diplomatically of a formal security council session the human rights chief went ahead and brief security council members and as expected deep criticisms of the syrian government the see joy of eastern time by the syrian government forces half a decade long has involved pervasive war crimes the use of chemical weaponry in forced starvation and certain weapon of war for and the denial of essential life saving. in the current relentless month long bombardment of of hundreds. thousands of terrified and trapped civilians at the end of the day perhaps a tactical miscalculation by those who wanted the briefing to take place in the
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security council chamber in a formal session because now with the abstention by the african members the security council is divided as never before the palestinian president mahmoud abbas has blamed rival faction have asked for an attack on the prime minister in gaza. was not hurt when the roadside bomb exploded last week his convoy entered the gaza strip. who can't deal with her only we offer well wishes and safety to our brother. the prime minister and murdered father of the head of intelligence and the rest of our brothers from the security detail that went through this despicable incident that was done by hamas in the gaza strip. to have made his life worse in. the heart of the palestinian president had quite a lot to say in that meeting with officials and he wasn't pulling his punches. absolutely not actually has very harsh and blunt words. as we just
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heard he really pointed the finger and put the blame squarely on hamas for what happened last week in gaza now he went on saying that actually this was not this was simply the way how mass has been operating for years and then but i think what's more important is that he should have made it clear that at the moment talks of reconsideration could be further away than ever he did say that how can there be reconsideration under these conditions and he did it was something he had said in the past but he reiterated it again it's either you are in charge of gaza on the all its aspects administration the border crossings or even this security all we are meaning the palestinian authority is in charge so basically he is saying here that there is no way of cooperate to gether in gaza now mahmoud abbas had also
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a very harsh words to words american ambassador in tel aviv david friedman he actually used some foul language describing the american ambassador there and then he retreated what we heard him say ever since the jerusalem declaration last december that at this point the administration is biased towards israel that all what's happening is basically a plot to divide those separate by and west bank from gaza and maybe eventually create an independent state of gaza as a really it was a speech where he lashed out at absolutely everyone. so the big question then becomes where do things go from here what happens now. well certainly that is the big question and as i said earlier it's quite clear that at the moment talks of reconciliation would be very difficult to start again and
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his last cent in a sentence in his speech was quite important he said that they'd be a is now thinking about taking a further measures towards gaza he didn't spell out those measures probably we would hear about them in the coming days but you have to bear in mind that there's also a regional players who are involved in this namely egypt we do know from palestinians here senior officials that there was a very long phone conversation yesterday between the egyptian president at the head sisi and president mahmoud abbas and during that conversation president sisi would have pressed on one who would have best to hold back from any further steps maybe probably presidency wanting to calm down a little bit now you have to bear in mind also it's a bit long what i'm saying here but there are already measures that have been taking against gaza for example seven services that the average youth salary
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not their full salary and then in the past we've also seen the p.a. holding off on paying dearly to city bill of gaza leaving hundreds of thousands of people there in the dark certainly it is a lot of worry for the people in gaza and now probably all eyes will be on the weekly cabinet meeting later on today headed by the prime minister. and maybe we will hear more from him about what those measures could be if eventually they are put in place thanks for that one of the jaime lifeforce in ramallah. former french president nicolas sarkozy has been taken into police custody in a paris she's green question in an investigation into campaign finance irregularities police are looking into whether sarkozy received illegal funds from libya during his two thousand and seven presidential bid that tasha butler is my first in paris attash big story this in france what more do we know.
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well the former french president nicolas sarkozy is being held right here behind me at a police station in non-tenured just outside of paris and he's being questioned over the possible illegal campaign funding of his twenty two thousand and seven presidential campaign because there are allegations that it was funded with libyan money now this case was opened by police about five years ago but it's the first time that nicolas sarkozy is being questioned in relation with it well police say that he can be health arbs of forty eight hours and at the end of that magistrates then have to decide whether or not he will be placed under formal investigation. sort of tension how unprecedented is this that a former head of state is is is being questioned for charges a serious as this. one is very serious but these
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allegations have been around for some time it was back in twenty twelve that a french media websites actually published documents suggesting that nicolas sarkozy is campaign had been partly funded by libyan money and said that the then leader of libya colonel gadhafi had given sarkozy money in order to pop in a pocket mop now years later police actually opened a case into this and ever since magistrates have been trying to gather evidence and documents and these allegations blew up again very recently during the last presidential camp. because nicolas sarkozy actually decided to run as a conservative party candidates and backed them a lebanese french woman claimed that he himself had taken five million euros in suitcases from tripoli to paris back in two thousand and seven handed them over to sarkozy aide the thing is sarkozy has never actually been directly linked himself to this money but today's arrest in this questioning do suggest that perhaps
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nicolas sarkozy could be directly linked in the eyes of the magistrates the perhaps they feel that they have gathered enough evidence to actually get to the stage today natasha valar first there in. now u.s. president donald trump has released a holiday statement to mark the iranian new year now lose he started by wishing iran well but then slammed its armed forces saying the islamic revolutionary guard corps a hostile army the brutalizes and steals from the iranian people to fund terrorism abroad and that since two thousand and twelve the i.r.g.c. has spent more than sixteen billion dollars of iran's wealth to prop up the acid regime and support terrorists in syria iraq and yemen he goes on to say it employs propaganda and censorship to hide the fact that the iranian regime plunders the country's wealth and abuses its people and to hide the truth iran's rulers suppress their own citizens rights to free assembly access to information and equal
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opportunity same bus ravi has more on this from tehran. in his first nora's address u.s. president donald trump accused iran's revolutionary guard corps of plundering the country's wealth and iran civilian government of suppressing the civil rights of their own people at times like this it's difficult not to compare trump to his predecessor barack obama in his first speech in two thousand and nine obama used the opportunity to reach out directly to the iranian people in a video message from the white house trump's address was simply a written statement barack obama used the opportunity to extend all of grants to iran's leaders and eventually open the road to dialogue and the two thousand and fifteen nuclear deal and ever since trump has taken over the white house he has done everything in his power to try and dismantle that deal obama spoke to the iranian people and said they had more in common with americans that there were more similarities between them than differences but ever since trump has taken over the
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us presidency iranians say his policies have made them feel attacked and excluded on the international stage so as a ronnie and celebrate their new year amid so much uncertainty essentially created by. the truth white house any kind words the words nor was he dressed like you didn't see you as disingenuous but still ahead on the edges iraq competing messages from the gulf as the saudi crown prince arrives in the u.s. to meet with president trump. the world's last male white rhino has done. hello there we're seeing some heavy downpours over so much here at the moment for take a look at the satellite picture we can see the showers flaring there and it's giving
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us a very very heavy downpours now this is gradually going to break up over the next few days but still some shop showers to b.c. on wednesday elsewhere will see some more prolonged outbreaks of rain over parts of java and over borneo as well in this region again is looking fairly wet during the day on thursday meanwhile if we had down towards australia we can still see our tropical cyclone marcus that's on the satellite picture here trucking away towards the west but is that one clears away we are seeing another one begin to form is in this blob of planted now you're probably squinting at it sets wondering where exactly that storm is rather quite formed just yet as we head through the next day or so that's when we'll see things really get going so wednesday a little bit more in the way of intensity more storms there and then we see the cycle of rainfall on thursday so as that works its way towards the northern parts here will see the rains increase as that storm approaches meanwhile for marcus is moving away from us for now but it does look like that's going to bend back around and head towards the perth region as we head through the next few days meanwhile
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for new zealand as first some file and we've got the wettest of the weather on wednesday. education is struggling to keep pace often failing to prepare children for today's world. at some schools the changing the rules are good to have the day in spanish and. with still mission results. even. if it both are in. rebel education early learning mexico at this time on al-jazeera.
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again you're watching the inner mind of our top stories in syria's eastern ghouta local media say thirty two civilians have been killed in overnight shelling by the syrian regime volunteer rescue group the white helmet says banned weapons have been used including what appears to be a phosphorus mune phosphorus munitions in this would video. palestinian president that bass has blamed the rival faction had asked for an attack on the prime minister in gaza also head out to the u.s. ambassador to israel and dismissed the u.s. plan for reconciliation talks. the former french president nicolas sarkozy has been taken into custody just outside paris he is being questioned in an investigation over irregularities in campaign finance french police are looking into suspected illegal funding for libya two thousand and seven presidential bid.
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sally arabia's crown prince mohammed bin cell man will meet with u.s. president donald trump at the white house he is the first of several gulf leaders who will visit washington over the next few weeks this particle he reports behind the scenes all this diplomacy is generating a lot of business for one of washington's biggest industries lobbying. u.s. president donald trump was clearly impressed with the reception he received in saudi arabia and it's likely the saudi crown prince mohammed bin solomon can expect a similar greeting perhaps just a bit more understated when the two speak their words will be closely watched trump initially sided with the blockading countries against cutter but then reportedly pushed by then secretary of state rex tillerson he later called for the crisis to be resolved but tillerson is gone fired by tweet millions have been spent trying to he says millions have been spent since the start in june according to public records since the blockade saudi arabia spent more than two million dollars
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a new contract with lobbyists but many of the amounts are recorded so it's likely much more the u.a.e. has also increased its lobbying and qatar did as well according to the center for responsive politics spending at least five million as of last october and they continue to sign contracts after that worth hundreds of thousands of dollars a month but freeman points out saudi arabia has a big head start they started lobbying after nine eleven qatar was working before they just didn't have anywhere near the scale of the saudi lobby before and to be fair cutter so as one of the largest lobby is that that there is it's it's a very powerful effective lobby too it's just simply not in the scale of the saudi lobby right now you might be asking why people pour millions of dollars into the lobbying firms that lined the streets of washington d.c. well they are trying to buy access to policymakers and they are also trying to shape public opinion the firms have to detail their work public records show several sending talking points to reporters posting twitter ads and putting
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competing commercials on cable news they want to limit all seventeen could tar and north korea partners in terror saudi arabia has benefited from some positive press some of the most influential columnists have praised the crown prince as a reformer but there have also been some negative stories as well. well one alleging been some man has been secretly keeping his mother away from his father for years and she was under house arrest and they believe that he did this because . i felt that she was not on board with his plans for a power grab and several organizations have printed detailed accounts of the alleged torture of prominent saudis at the ritz carlton in riyadh still been sold man has spent millions to make sure he will find a friendly reception at the white house and on wall street while millions more have been spent in hopes he won't have to call him al jazeera washington of the council of ethiopia's ruling alliance is meeting on tuesday to elect
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a new prime minister of haiti. are resigned last month sign a move was needed to enable reforms growing protest movement since two thousand and fifteen has put pressure on the coalition's twenty seven year long grip on power stephanie decker reports from the capital at a suburban. as ethiopians go about their daily lives in the capital a deep political crisis is being discussed behind closed doors i think you can say arguably this is the biggest challenge the party has fest. in the past history of governing fuel but this point i mean the party of the coalition of the four parties they're experiencing unprecedented level of divisions there has been growing and unprecedented pressure on the government a wave of protests have been swelling across the room and of heart region since two thousand and fifteen strongholds of the two largest ethnic groups in the country many been killed in the government crackdown that followed it's largely the youth
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who've been leading the protests they say they feel disenfranchised not represented by the government and are frustrated at the lack of jobs and opportunities it's governing point because. of the people of egypt. they want to sort things out to the going to be owned by undemocratic means. they were. the government has made some concessions releasing thousands of political prisoners including opposition leaders and some journalists who've been arrested over the last few years one of them is met at a good deal leader of the main opposition group he says the priorities for the next prime minister should be clear it's going to be anybody but this should be enough. to lead this country. a year from
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now. the government has imposed a state of emergency across the country after the prime minister resigned in february it bans public gatherings and it also allows security forces to make arrests and search homes without a warrant now these are sensitive times here in ethiopia and many people we speak to don't want to talk on camera about the political situation the government says the state of emergency is in place to ensure the security and stability of the country it also says it will address the public's demands many here tell us it almost doesn't matter who takes over as prime minister what matters for them is what will be done to address the people's concerns. real reforms are needed we're told not cosmetic ones anything less than that and the millions who have found their voice will continue to demand change stephanie decker al-jazeera that is out of the. china's president has warned against any efforts to divide his country president xi jinping made the remarks during his closing speech in the annual
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parliamentary meeting it's seen as his strongest warning yet to taiwan which china claims as its territory last week u.s. president donald trump angered beijing after signing a bill that encourages senior officials to meet directly with taiwan's government. and office of missing persons has finally opened in sri lanka as nine years after the end of its civil war it will look into the thousands of unexplained disappearances but it's been a smith reports from jaffna it will not have the power to prosecute. him story is similar service of the relatives of at least twenty thousand people civilian and military who disappeared during decades of conflict she says her son pretty hasn't been seen since the family escaped from a tamil tigers battlezone towards army positions at the end of the civil war that will go under and i don't have to tell us if they did anything to our children
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otherwise they have to release the people they have even if they tell us they shot them then that will end the mental anguish we have we can't give up. thank you lanka's twenty six year civil war ended in two thousand and nine after the deaths of more than one hundred thousand dial and us. attempts to find out what happened to those who disappeared have been stalled by governments that didn't want soldiers in their commanders investigated now an office of missing persons or o m p has been approved by leaders of the current government. the senior lawyer who will oversee the o m p admits he has a daunting task we want to be independent. and we. need to go to the fact. that we would have to manage expectations like what these tamil mothers and wives in jaffna have been protesting every day for the last year to demand answers giving them justice will be difficult. by law can only
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inquire it can't prosecute the government did not want to bring this about jaffna chief minister a former supreme court judge says without international involvement the o m p won't be effective what is taking place in sri lanka is they are looking at public rivers of crimes as they are be brought and do look at this you know look at it from the point of view a bit that a person has committed a wrong on our thanks in jaffna an old government office has been left in ruins as a physical reminder of the war that won hundreds of thousands of sri lankans with mental scars in eighteen months they'll be elections in sri lanka but could see a return to power for former president mahinda rajapaksa he oversaw the military defeat of the tamil tigers and is seen as being even less enthusiastic about the office for missing persons than the current administration so they are people have to establish itself quickly if it's to withstand any future challenges to its
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already limited powers bernat smith al-jazeera jaffna in northern sri lanka. the britain's data protection authority is reportedly seeking a warrant to search the offices of cambridge analytical that's the company at the center of hue of a huge facebook data breach the london based political consultancy work for donald trump's u.s. presidential campaign it's accused of gaining unauthorized access to the data of fifty million facebook users to swing the twenty sixteen u.s. election cambridge analytical executives have been secretly tape by news reporters boasting about their ability to sway elections scandal led to facebook shares falling nearly seven percent on monday wiping nearly forty billion dollars off the social networks value and michael simon is the c.e.o. of tech company allusive who set up and ran the in-house analytics department for barack obama's presidential campaign he says facebook's poor response to this data
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breach has already hurt the company facebook's reaction to a series of embarrassing sort of egg on their face moments including this one revolving the recent us elections have been. surprisingly slow for a company whose motto is move fast and break things. they've been very reactive very behind the ball this particularly of this particular event. this theft of data happened over four years ago so it's very surprising to see them be so reactors had a proactive i think you're going to starting to see members of congress of both parties really wake up and start to see a problem and start to sort of shake the cage and demand that back in january a number of sort of mid-level executives from facebook and google and twitter were called before congress testify about a unrelated matter regarding the u.s.
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election and foreign meddling but they said middle of executives that in the send the c.e.o. i think when your company loses almost forty billion dollars in market value in one day that probably is deserving of sending the c.e.o. to to account for it. a species of the rhinoceros is a step closer towards extinction after the last male died in kenya and that's end of the life of the northern white rhino called sudan when his health worsened d.n.a. samples that were taken before the forty five year old died in the hope that future technology could revive the species only two northern white females survived now after decades of poaching for their whole lives. this is a zero let's go around the for the top stories now in syria's eastern ghouta local media and activists say thirty two civilians including children have been killed in overnight shelling by the syrian regime volunteer rescue group the white helmet
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says banned weapons have been used including what appears to be a phosphorus. fear appears to be phosphorus munitions in this video. palestinian president mahmoud abbas has blamed rather a rival political faction have asked for an attack on the prime minister in gaza. we offer well wishes and safety to our brother. the prime minister and merging the head of intelligence and the rest of our brothers from the security detail that went through this despicable incident that was done by hamas in the gaza strip. or the former french president nicolas sarkozy has been taken into police custody just outside paris he's being questioned in an investigation over irregularities in campaign finance french police are looking into suspected illegal funding from libya of sarkozy's two thousand and seven presidential bid. chinese president xi
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jinping has warned against any effort to divide his country he made the remarks at a closing speech in the annual parliamentary meeting it's seen as the strongest warning yet to taiwan which china claims as its territory last week u.s. president donald trump angered beijing after signing a bill that encourages senior officials to meet directly with taiwan's government shoes and. it's a shared aspiration of all chinese people and in their basic interest to safeguard china's sovereignty and territorial integrity and realize china's complete reunification in the face of the will of the people and the trend of history any actions in tricks to split china are doomed to fail and will meet with the people's condemnations and the punishment of history a species of the rhinoceros is a step closer to extinction after the last male died in kenya vets and the life of the northern white rhino called sudan when his health worsened those are the headlines you're off today right now it's rebel education.
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