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business updates brought to you by qatar airways going places together. this is zero. hello and welcome to this al-jazeera news hour live from doha i'm melting down is
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coming up in the next sixty minutes airstrikes killing at least a dozen children who've taken shelter in a school in syria's eastern ghouta. former french president nicolas sarkozy is detained by police over allegations of illegal campaign funding from libya. and hamas rejects palestinian president mahmoud abbas's accusation that it was behind last week's attack on the prime minister. this is so done the world's last male northern was dry no just died in kenya. and i'm. james becomes only the fifth player in n.b.a. history to score five hundred forty point triple doubles story plus more later. i am. in syria's eastern guta a local activists say around
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a dozen children have been killed whilst they were attempting to shelter from airstrikes in a school they reckon that thirty two people in total were killed in overnight shelling by the syrian government the rescue group the white helmet say weapons like white phosphorous which are banned in civilian areas have again been used is purported lee what can be seen in this footage in go live that is in a holder our correspondent who is monitoring events in syria from neighboring lebanon in beirut and zaina with the syrian government now well on its way to retaking the whole of eastern ghouta it seems very much to say they're stepping up their activities and it also seems with little regard for civilian life. yes over a nude escalation after a brief lull in the fighting dumas that is the main town in the northern pocket because eastern with us now divided into three pockets coming under heavy fire so
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there was a brief there was a cease fire really and to my because there were negotiations now what we understand from syrian military sources is that those talks have collapsed with racial islam that is the rebel faction in under you know which controls duma and the syrian military source saying that they're going to step up the military operations to force racial islam either to surrender or return to the negotiating table so let me tell you the rebel factions what they have been demanding they have been demanding a cease fire they want to enter they want the sick and the wounded to be evacuated but that is not what is on the table that is not what the pro-government alliance is going to accept the pro-government alliance is making it very very clear they will accept nothing but a surrender so a stepped up military campaign and like you mentioned civilians thousands and thousands of civilians trapped in a war zone. estimates vary on the number of civilians who have crossed into government controlled territory because of military operations in eastern huta but it's believed to be in the tens of thousands many people found themselves back
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under government rule as frontlines quickly changed the pro syrian government camp is calling this a victory a liberation but human rights organizations are expressing concern following as of yet unverified reports of people going missing or arrested. no one it's fair minded about the violations that we have seen in places of detention by government forces from torture ill treatment sexual violence and even executions in order to ensure the security of these people that are fleeing from the center. we do need to have independent monitors on the ground thousands remain trapped inside an ever shrinking rebel enclave many of them are wanted by the state because they were involved in opposition activities medics civil defense volunteers are particularly vulnerable so are media activists who the government accuses of being terrorists a reporter working for the syrian opposition orient t.v. is missing the organization says he is being held along with members of his family
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by the government it is demanding his release. activists and journalists are demanding. the. international. leading through status quo goes on the president of the un and other international communities what is the safety of those people the pro-government alliance has recaptured approximately eighty percent of the enclave eastern huta is now divided into three pockets in the north the largest town duma is surrounded it's the same case in nearby harasta and both are split off from the rest of the area the rebels still control some towns in the southern edge. each rebel faction controls different pockets are a sham controls harasta socialist that controls the north and five man controls the southern towns the three rebel factions are involved in separate negotiations with
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the russian military they are insisting that the negotiations do not involve an evacuation of civilians and rebels but it is clear that anything short of a surrender will be a nonstarter for the pro-government alliance the situation on the ground is an indication that talks are not going well the pro-government alliance resumed its offensive from the air and on the ground after a brief lull piling more pressure on the opposition since the military campaign began just over a month ago the russian military and the syrian government have made clear that agreeing to leave to go to other rebel held areas is the only option the opposition has if the military assault is to end so the bombing campaign entering its second month and the pro-government alliance really pushing for all out military victory. then harder live in beirut thank you. well further north in syria in afrin turkey has criticized the u.s. state department after it voiced concern over the situation in that part of the
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country that this is in the aftermath of the turkish takeover of afrin from kurdish fighters ankara says the u.s. doesn't understand the purpose of the operation victoria gave him the reports that some of it's enough rain some much needed aid is starting to flow in the turks say they were careful to leave the town's infrastructure intact and have told civilians they can return to those who've already made it home there's a huge sense of relief not only job but i'm talking to the people of my village of lift i hope they can hear me return to your village we're comfortable here there's nothing to worry about it's quiet now. the syrian government has criticized what it calls turkey's occupation of the town and blames the united states for allowing it to happen if turkey is part of the nato and the nato is involved into the bloodshed in the area in iraq as well as in syria so the nato is protecting turkey don't
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believe in this hollywood show you are seeing in ankara and elsewhere turkey is doing what it is doing with the blessing of the americans turkey started pushing into kurdish held territory marked in yellow in january the green is held by turkish troops in the syrian rebels they support almost two months later they've taken a free the next major target is members where kurdish forces are directly supported by u.s. troops then of initiated matches you know after controlling the city center of afrin yesterday we completed the most important phase of operation olive branch now we will continue this process with members. and ras al-ain and chemists leave until we remove all of this corridor. with turkey's plan to push further east and or. into the path of u.s. forces the situation on the ground is likely to become even more difficult i would
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expect the americans to avoid a full scale crisis with turkey and they will. alternative scenarios perhaps a different force to be. created over here and well. turkey's operation has been criticised by all sides in the syrian conflict a monday the u.s. state department said while it respected turkey security concerns the operation against kurdish forces has distracted from the campaign against the remnants of i saw in the area it calls that a serious and growing concern. be al jazeera. the prototype has in france have taken the former president nicolas sarkozy into custody for questioning he's being asked about campaign finance irregularities and whether he received millions of euro's from libya during his successful bid to
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become president in two thousand and seven let's go live now to our correspondent natasha bodiless she's in the persian suburb of norm tear so he's actually been detained at the allegation is that he received funds from colonel gadhafi. that's right the former french president nicolas sarkozy is actually being held in this police station here right behind me. just outside of paris police are questioning him over whether or not there was an illegal funding from the libyan money for nicolas sarkozy's presidential campaign back in two thousand and seven now this was a case which was launched by police around five years ago but it's the first time in so cozy has been a question directly in connection with what police are saying that they will be able to keep him in custody for forty eight hours for questioning and after that magistrates will then have to decide whether or not to place him under formal
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investigation now colonel gadhafi was pretty well known for distributing cash to various political players political movements and politicians themselves around africa but not that not that much is known about this kind of activity with regard to europe where is the illegality if indeed this is proved to be true. well the french presentation to have received foreign funding for his presidential campaign and what's interesting is at the time of the campaign back in two thousand and seven i mean it was a time when colonel gadhafi was trying to really reinserted herself back on to the international stage libya had been seen as a rogue state for quite some time but gadhafi had given our. nuclear weapons program. had taken responsibility for the pan downing of the pan am jet over scotland in one nine hundred eighty eight and in nicolas sarkozy gadhafi saw
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someone who could perhaps try and help him become a more legitimate world leader if you like and it was shortly after nicolas sarkozy's victory in two thousand and seven that sarkozy then rolled out the red carpet for the libyan leader in him to even pitches tense near the police a palace in the center of parsons a very controversial visit and many then questioned why cozy would perhaps open and welcome a good duffy in this way and ever since these allegations these this questioning over this possible funding off sarkozy's campaign by the libyan leader has been raised again and again but as i said this is the first time sarkozy has been perhaps directly questioned over it all right for now thank you very much indeed. the live in a paris. now reports coming in of a package having exploded at a major mail facility apostle processing. in texas it's
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a fedex facility and it happened just northeast of san antonio is a package said to have contained nails as well as other shrapnel local media is saying f.b.i. and bomb disposal experts were on the scene of the seventy five people working at the facility only one is reported to have been injured. and police are investigating if that explosion is linked to a series of possible that have gone off in austin texas four attacks of this kind of killed four people and seriously injured another since early march we've got a lot more to come on this al-jazeera news hour including african leaders gather to sign and historic free trade agreement but the continent's most populous country is missing. competing messages from the gulf as the saudi crown prince arrives in the u.s. to meet president trump. and how
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a one hundred twenty five year old club is fighting big business after being locked out of its own ground tatiana will have the details in school. and president trump has released a holiday statement to mark the reigning new year nowruz he started by wishing iran well but then he slimed its armed forces saying the islamic revolutionary guard corps is a hostile army the brutalizes in steals from the iranian people to fund terrorism abroad and since twenty twelve the i.r.g.c. has had more than sixteen billion dollars of iran's wealth to prop up the assad regime and support terrorists in syria iraq and jam and the president goes on to say it employs propaganda and censorship to hide the fact the iranian regime
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plunders iran's wealth and abuses its people and to hide the truth iran's rulers suppress their own citizens rights to free assembly access to information and equal opportunity our correspondent zain verjee reports now from tehran. in his first nora's address u.s. president donald trump accused iran's revolutionary guard corps of plundering the country's wealth and to run civilian government of suppressing the civil rights of their own people at times like this it's difficult not to compare trump to his predecessor barack obama in his first speech in two thousand and nine obama used the opportunity to reach out directly to the iranian people in a video message from the white house trump's address was simply a written statement brock obama used the opportunity to extend an olive branch to iran's leaders and eventually open the road to dialogue and the two thousand and fifteen nuclear deal and ever since trump has taken over the white house he has
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done everything in his power to try and dismantle that deal obama spoke to the iranian people and said they had more in common with americans that there were more similarities between them than differences but ever since trump has taken over the us presidency iranians say his policies have made them feel attacked and excluded on the international stage so as a ronnie and celebrate their new year amid so much uncertainty essentially created by the trump white house any kind of words that were in his nora's address are likely to be seen here as disingenuous saudi arabia's crown prince mohammed bin solomon is shuttled to meet president trump at the white house on tuesday he is the first of several gulf leaders who will visit washington in the coming weeks and his party culhane reports behind the scenes all this diplomacy is generating a lot of business for one of washington's biggest industry is lobbying. u.s. president donald trump was clearly impressed with the reception he received in
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saudi arabia and it's likely the saudi crown prince mohammed bin solomon can expect a similar greeting perhaps just a bit more understated when the two speak their words will be closely watched trump initially sided with the blockading countries against cutter but then reportedly pushed by then secretary of state rex tillerson he later called for the crisis to be resolved but tillerson is gone fired by tweet millions have been spent trying to influence this debate alexei if there's any winner in the blockade cation k. street is a euphemism for lobbyists ben freeman studies the influence of foreign money he says millions have been spent since the start in june according to public records since the blockade saudi arabia spent more than two million dollars a new contracts with lobbyists but many of the amounts are recorded so it's likely much more the u.a.e. has also increased its lobbying and qatar did as well according to the center for responsive politics spending at least five million as of last october and they
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continue to sign contracts after that worth hundreds of thousands of dollars a month but freeman points out saudi arabia has a big head start they started lobbying after nine eleven was working before they just didn't have anywhere near the scale of the saudi lobby before and to be fair cutter so as one of the largest lobby is that that there is it's it's a very powerful effective lobby too it's just simply not in the scale of the saudi lobby right now you might be asking why people pour millions of dollars into the lobbying firms that lined the streets of washington d.c. well they're trying to buy access to policymakers and they're also trying to shape public opinion the firms have to detail their work public records show several sunday in talking points to reporters posting twitter ads and putting competing commercials on cable news they want to limit all seventy qatar and north korea partners in terror saudi arabia. benefited from some positive press some of the most influential columnists have praised the crown prince as
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a reformer but there have also been some negative stories as well one alleging been some on has been secretly keeping his mother away from his father for years and she was under house arrest and they believe that he did this because. i felt that she was not on board with his plans for a power grab and several organizations have printed detailed accounts of the alleged torture of prominent saudis at the ritz carlton in riyadh still been on has spent millions to make sure he will find a friendly reception at the white house and on wall street while millions more have been spent in hopes he won't. al-jazeera washington. post a new faction hamas has rejected president mahmoud abbas's accusation that it was behind last week's attack on the prime minister in a speech in ramallah president abbas blamed his political rivals for the roadside bomb explosion while romney having dollars convoy was entering the prime minister
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of wasn't hurt in the attack. we offer well wishes and safety to our brother. the prime minister and merging the head of intelligence and the rest of our brothers from the security detail that went through this despicable incident that was done by hamas in the gaza strip. let's speak to political analyst mohammed he's in ramallah in the occupied west bank and this to and fro between hamas and fatah between president and how. seems to represent a serious downturn in relations between the two factions. yes it's clear that. entering a new era of the conflict between. us. that this goal is no longer viable to present our best and he wanted to turn a minute to the school and the shift. in the relationship with hamas i
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think. it's for the conciliation are behind us now and we entering a new era of. material pressure on hamas to give back to the palestinian authority and has this downturn in relations been a direct consequence of that bomb attack on the prime minister's convoy as he went to gaza. that was the trigger and the. talks between the two parties have been. fluctuating and not working and this. against the prime minister convoy was the trigger for the for shifting the equation of the relationship between fatah and hamas i think. president has
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a bloke. the way for more talks and he is good he's being into a new era of putting the pressure on how many to give. back or do it on completely by its own how important is it would you say that the two palestinian factions come together put another way how important is palestinian unity for the ultimate objective which is a sovereign homeland. i think it is a must and it is a crucial element is the basic but unfortunately. the ballasting affections are. competing over po-r. . this conflict over both limiting the ministry and capacity the palestinian
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sources i think lots of listing of resources have been wasted in the conflict over power when the israeli q bishan is expanding on daily bases and there it is communicating and achieving those goals while philistine infections are fighting over. this very little power all right mohammad that may thank you very much indeed interesting. south african leaders are launching what they hope will be the world's largest free trade area the rwandan president paul kagame is hosting the event in the capital kigali a continental free trade agreement seeks to include fifty five members of the african union and more than a billion africans on the continent but in a blow to the agreement expected to be signed on wednesday nigeria the continent's most populous country has pulled out let's go live there and let's speak to our
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correspondent there mohamed today how on earth can this get under way then without not only the the continent's most populous country but the largest economy in nigeria how can they get it under way without a bridge or on board. well martin yes this is a huge search box full of the signing of the pole to pole which is going to open to all wednesday but this has been anticipated it was still going to nigeria that's obvious doubts many other african countries of the dolls and say we need to consult and move we need to see whether the pole to pole will be able to be the mystic came to you know all countries before we can append all signatures to it's. looking for is not a unanimous agreement all the the political world are looking for at least two to two countries out of the fifty five member states of the african union to sign
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that agreement and then it will come into force they know us a president just told seals on foreign ministers will gather here that it's not going to happen it's going to take one hopes years before they get the majority of american countries on board so these setbacks on dissipated all they're looking for is about twenty two members to sign the protocol for it to come into being well it might sound massively ambitious but. if you think back to the origins of the european union it started with a coal group and then grew and grew and grew to the size it is a twenty eight said that is not so far fetched for the africans to be starting in this way with a coal group and then hoping to attract others in time. absolutely right yes that is what the plan is and the organizers of these summits
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hopeful of that will be able to get the whole group signing the agreement to move this husband forty years in the making. the issue of one african continent that was not only more politically united but as all three did amongst itself is the vision that leaders like of the last of a gift cannot solve kenya. tanzania. forming of ghana hard when they formed the organization of african unity but it's the luck of political goodwill that has seen its these people to get it to these point where their mouth talking about getting that small hole. so that they know it's a work in progress and it's going to take some time before they actually get to the perfection that they have in mind all right thank you very much mohamed that are live in the rwandan capital kigali. just a few moments steph will have the weather also coming up on this al-jazeera news
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hour pressure groups on facebook to explain how a political consultant see got access to data of fifteen million of its users and in sports roger federer shakes off his india wells loss with a first time visit to chicago tatiana will have the details. to tranquil rave you can you. do not. and if it means going to. hello there is certainly cycling season over parts of australia for now we've been breathing out really because this area of cloud was our tropical cyclone is now moving away from us but i think we were a little bit premature with our relief because to the north we've another cluster of thunderstorms now doesn't look too impressive on the satellite picture at all it's completely disorganized at the moment and that's because it's in
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a slightly despite a verbal part of the atmosphere we've got winds very strong high up and so that's ensuring that it can't really pull itself together yet not really what's going to happen over the next twenty four hours it's still a struggling feature but then as we head through the following twenty four hours it really begins to pull itself together and as it does so it's expected to develop very rapidly and become the next cycle and it's heading its way towards the northern territory so for some of us here there is going to be a period of very heavy rain and very strong winds will be keeping an eye on the forecast over the next few days there's also the chance that marcus hasn't quite finished with this just yet marcus at the moment has winds of one hundred ninety five kilometers per hour with gusts of wind that still strengthening we're expecting it to become the equivalent of a category five hurricane but then it will weaken as it works its way southward and there's a chance that for some of us around perth there could be some heavy rain as we head through into monday and tuesday next week. the weather sponsored by cattle and race
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. we are witnessing around the word this whole remodel which is only looking at how to make the next profit from devastating economies devastating ecosystems putting a price on the protection of nature green economy is sound good but it was all about privatized sation of nature should our environment be for sale what we're trying to do this destroyed people to stabilize the country i've given them a financial incentive to do that pricing the planet at this time on al-jazeera and monday put it on. us and british companies have announced the biggest discovery of natural gas in west africa but what to do with these untapped natural resources is already a source of heated debate nothing much has changed they still spend most of the days looking forward to full dry river beds like this one five years on the syrians still feel battered or even those who managed to escape their country have been truly unable to escape the war.
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travers to take a look at the top stories here at al-jazeera white helmets rescuers in syria say weapons like white phosphorous have again been fired despite a ban on the use in civilian areas and out to be say at least twelve children were killed in eastern guta as they attempted to shelter from airstrikes in a school. election fraud detectives in france have taken the former president nicolas sarkozy into custody he's being questioned about campaign finance irregularities and whether he received millions of viewers from libya during his
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successful bid to become president in two thousand and seven. and hamas is again denying altering the attack on the palestinian prime minister in gaza last week president mahmoud other says hamas was behind the roadside bomb explosion targeting a convoy carrying ramey dollar. now a species of the rhinoceros is a step closer to extinction after the last male died in kenya vets' ended the life of the northern white rhino his name was sudan when his health deteriorated d.n.a. samples were taken just before the forty five year old died in the hope the future technology could perhaps revive the species only to know the white females survive after decades of poaching for their homes we can talk to catherine sawyer and now our correspondent who's joining us from the kenyan capital nairobi and sudan was forty five that's a good age but he was showing his age wasn't he and that's the reason why i had to
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put him out of his misery. absolutely martin does age complications and we did speak to some of the people who've been taking care of him in all projects in temple kenya and they are absolutely devastated he was put to sleep by a veteran of the canary and on monday after he developed all this complication he was suffering they said. a situation deteriorated in the last twenty four hours he was in a lot of pain he couldn't walk so that's how they decided and his life and his condition has been washed over the last couple of months. he was under twenty four hour medical surveillance he had been put on death watch and like you mentioned it was because of this age complication his muscles were wearing away he had. very painful as well so that's why they had to put him down but he's lifeless in
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the very last years and he contributed immensely in keeping his species alive and badly behind like you mentioned two females north and white the last remaining in the world and that's he's still and he's granddaughter and it is possibly then these two three males who will receive in-vitro fertilisation or some form of. process by which they may produce more novum what reiners. yes there we thought as a walking on that now they did have a. d.n.a. so farmers well they've been harvesting of the. white north and white rhinos that died but it is this is a fact of its kind it's never been done before fenty thickly research as you talk to see that we're not there yet they're just trying to figure out how they can safely extract this female eggs from the female and to be able to fight allies with
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this bombs that they have a harvested over the years very delicate process very risky as well and quite expensive in fact sudan had a cow and this is this is a dating not to find love but to be able to create awareness and create great fans who are finding this research which is very expensive so i think it's going to take a long time to come but research is that we can say that they are hopeful they're just trying to figure out how they can do all these species because like we mentioned it's the last remaining female they need they die that's it for the north and white population. right. thinking of. thank you very much indeed it is a sad moment. now the seven day deadline for twenty three russian diplomats to leave britain is usually expire at midnight on tuesday they were ordered out of the russian embassy in london the british government accuses the
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kremlin of being behind the poisoning of the former russian spy sergei scooter pal and his daughter russia is denying responsibility though for the nerve agent attack in salzburg in southern england british diplomats have also been given notice to leave moscow as well in retaliation let's go live to london now and barnaby phillips is our correspondent so they are due to leave we going to see a stream of diplomats and their families leaving central london and heading for the airport. we've just seen it martin they drove out from the russian embassy about ten minutes ago many buses a procession of black vehicles would like to into glass and the estate manager told us that those were the diplomats leaving we believe that in total as you said twenty three diplomats expels the british would call them spies at this point but
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in total we believe that eighty people including family members will be flying back to russia at some stage today meanwhile the international investigators the experts in chemical weapons have been in the u.k. presumably taking samples and beginning their analysis. i'm afraid we've lost that critical juncture but. anyway just to say that the russian diplomats have now started to leave the u.k. . now the chinese president xi jinping has warned against any efforts to divide china he made the remarks during his closing speech in the annual parliamentary meeting now this is being seen as his strongest warning yet to taiwan which china claims as its territory last week president trump. after signing
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a bill that encourages senior officials to meet directly little ones governments. that britain's data protection the watchdog is seeking a search warrant for the company that's accused of misusing information that it got from millions of facebook users cambridge analytic is a political consultant based in london but it's opened by u.a.e. linked company and it's accused of gaining unauthorized access to the data of fifty million facebook users the firm worked for donald trump's presidential campaign as well as for the brics it campaign is in the u.k. it's also been tied to a social media campaign to discredit catarrh in the ongoing gulf crisis journalists of secretly recorded executives boasting about their ability to sway elections news of the sky a little white nearly forty billion dollars off the value of facebook shares on monday maybe on
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a whole new report. many of us provide information online perhaps with a little thought about how it might be used and who it might end up with the scandal involving facebook might make many of us reconsider. cambridge analytic is accused of misusing the data of millions of facebook uses a whistleblower who worked at the british based data mining firm says the information was used to build a system which may have influenced voters in the u.s. presidential election and other votes to this data was used to create profiling algorithms that would allow us to explore mental vulnerabilities of people and then map out ways to inject information into different in different streams or channels of content online so that people started to see things all over the place that may or may not have been true this is a company really took fake news to the next level by pairing it with algorithms.
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the details of millions of facebook users were reportedly gathered by a cambridge university professor using a personality testing app he'd created called this is your digital life well uses gave permission for information to be used by him it's alleged the data was the insult to a third party cambridge analytical and violation of facebook's own policies cambridge analytic it denies doing anything wrong and says it deleted all records when it discovered how the data had been obtained from facebook. but britain's data protection watchdog and others want proof the data was wiped britain's information commissioner is seeking a warrant to search cambridge and lifted his computer services and facebook wants proof to its hide a digital for in six version to find out how the data leak happened and to make sure the doubt it was destroyed but that response might have come too late
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facebook's share price fell almost seven percent on monday wiping nearly forty billion dollars off its value and the company's chief of security alex de moss is reportedly to leave facebook because of internal disagreements at how facebook should deal with its role in spreading disinfo mation this theft of data happened over four years ago so it's very surprising to see them be so reactors at a proactive politicians in britain and the u.s. want facebook's chief executive mark zuckerberg to appear before them to respond to the mess of facebook data breach and the accusations against cambridge analytic widening it has been a year without anyone thinking that's proper where. is the moment we think that's where the next person who is. an undercover investigation by britain's
1:41 pm
channel four secretly taped to cambridge analytic or executive appearing to boast about the film's ability to sway elections by entrapping politicians in compromising situations and conducting fake news campaigns something facebook's accused of a neighboring medium honed al-jazeera right now we can speak to. of it she is in warsaw the polish capital and she's the vice president of the advocacy group european digital rights. i'm just wondering this is to be a whole raft of wrongdoing here in this particular instance where does the buck for who is most responsible and who has who has been most immoral if you like in this an aria. thank you i'm very into comfortable and hearing that facebook east simply treating business as data breach as the day as the company had nothing to do wave the data transfer in question if fact you we look for guilty ones i
1:42 pm
would be pointing to facebook's own business model that allows many applications to function within its ecosystem and transfer data of used to data on facebook users with full permission of this company and so once facebook allows various applications like that that we are discussing here your digital life and to use they don't facebook users and transfer them they cannot be possibly very surprised that this data travels further and other purposes and dates so the responsibility for this them fulls to the man we're looking at at the moment seems of facebook. yes obviously the other responsible must be the one the agency behind cameras and. willingly used this data for political micro-targeting but everybody who follow the news for not two years knows that it. was very open about his fat be
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actually boasted about the fact of being able to model people's behavior exactly based on facebook likes so is it possible that facebook could never ask themselves the question how possibly date. they the get access to this data and only now after the whistleblower came forward to reveal that they tried to explain that it was a danger because they they never authorize i'm not really convinced these nazi intake of cambridge analytical i mean while she might say that their morals are questionable and they they act in a pretty an ethical way i mean i don't know that they've necessarily broken any laws but as i say again you would then say that responsibility for this breach of of privity lies with facebook and they're already being punished by the in the money markets aren't they with so much having been wiped off the share prices. true
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it would be interesting to see whether they earned more doing political advertising in political targeting then they lost now in fact if you look at a service offered by facebook throughout the world including in europe where it's legally prohibited in fact to use data in both political opinions and beliefs and facebook is still offering services to political groups and campaigns so i'm really surprised with this kind of position to take now as they've never called break into it in such complaints i'm just thinking there's also a set inevitability about this with the growing reliance upon online or online presence i mean it was always going to come to a situation like this where we suddenly threw up our hands and said hang on a minute we might be putting all of our information online but we don't want that that information transferred elsewhere and possibly used against us is the key is
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the purpose for which they don't use use we might be happy to use facebook any other ops and communicators and for our own purposes but we would never outdrive i believe our citizens the use of our own data sensitive data about our psychological profiles that both our political opinions or fears or or wishes to be manipulated in fact for political reasons so here comes the question of who can control the use of data can it be os users or do we need any other parties to help us i believe that we've the upcoming year be in the protection not the new version of this law we will actually be more in control of our data and it's going to be much more difficult for applications any sort of applications to transfer data the way it has been done for him to then to go catch as the national of it thank you very much indeed really interesting to talk to you frank. now cape town in south africa is running out of water and farmers in the surrounding rural areas well they're
1:46 pm
suffering to thirty thousand seasonal farm workers have been laid off with the threat of more to come if it doesn't rain soon malcolm webb reports in the latest part of our first serious. as the water runs out the monday buthelezi vegetables a dying she's among seventy thousand people who grow their own food in south africa's western cape province suffering the worst drought on record it's a disaster for god knows because one of the reasons that we try and grow our own gardens well on employment for one we're trying to save as much money as we can so it's going to have a huge impact we would be forced to use the little money that we have to go and buy growing vegetables in sandy soil isn't easy at the best of times but it's a key food source for the many unemployed in townships like this one out in the countryside the large commercial farms are usually much more productive but the
1:47 pm
drought means jobs are on the line. this farm grows grapes for wine harvested down to the high as about a third of the people it used to. i'm standing in one of the farms reservoirs farmer says in twenty fifteen the water was almost at the top twenty sixteen it was about here twenty seventeen came down to here and this is all that's left the farm manager told us he needs substantial rainfall in the coming winter following from all its twenty years of never seen something like this so maybe five start forming up to bed differently i can save it for another year or two but i don't know i've never ever felt what in western cape home to twenty percent of south africa's agricultural production. wind fruits and grains from here are exported industry representatives say that drowns making it harder for the country
1:48 pm
to balance its books that doesn't only play against the agricultural economy in terms of the output that we get but it also plays a case on the trade balance side we're already seeing now that imports for example wheat will be the second highest level this is on record in south africa around about one point nine million tons of which that will need to be imported or that is because of the implications of this drought two hundred thousand seasonal workers are employed in the provinces farms their families depend on the income thirty thousand already been laid off and without rain so will many more. malcolm webb al-jazeera western cape south africa now in the next part of our first series we look at how drought in northern kenya is affecting pastures and water sources now that's causing conflict in the region that some wednesday here it out is there . this.
1:49 pm
tatiana hasn't.
1:50 pm
as you notice here and that means it's time for this will seize thank you very much cleveland cavaliers star le bron james has added some more history to his already glittering career this was despite the absence of head coach tyrone lew who's taken a leave of absence due to poor health on monday james became just the fifth play in n.b.a. history to score five a forty point triple doubles this came shortly off to he won the eastern conference player of the week for
1:51 pm
a record sixtieth time and this season his achievement helped the traveling with defeat the milwaukee bucks one hundred twenty four to one hundred seventeen the cavs a third in the eastern conference and the set to be without coach lou for the time being. a step. closer to places where. i don't. know or. elsewhere the new york knicks were in fine form of madison square garden tim hardaway jr scored a game high twenty two points as the knicks handed out a one hundred ten to ninety two beating against the chicago bulls. controversy is surfaced in tennis after the b.b.c. list of highest paid walk is revealed john mcenroe was going around ten times that of martin and rochelle over both worked for the broadcaster during wimbledon the rustle of is understandably upset for me it's
1:52 pm
a part time job it's two weeks of my life of but for the women that work there full time. maybe the discrepancy is not that large but it still and it adds up over a lifetime is absurd mazing amount of money so it's extremely unfair and makes me angry for the other women that i think go through this and i don't know the details of what's going on. and i don't think it's appropriate i certainly feel like it's going to be appropriate real soon to come in because it's somehow making it like poor johnny mac's the bad guy in this and so. we'll see what happens so not going there is the ending a minimum of two hundred ten thousand dollars by the b.b.c. and is said to be on call throughout wimbledon they say in a battle over it's just an occasional concrete as she says she's paid twenty one thousand dollars some might say this is no real surprise since wimbledon it fell for was the last of the four tennis grand slam tournament so often equal prize
1:53 pm
money to both men and women but it's interesting to know the differences in ticket prices for the respective finals the women's final cost nearly four thousand dollars per ticket while the men's final cost almost three times as much. roger federer has shaken off sunday's defeat so when martin del potro at the indian wells final by visiting chicago for the fast time to help launch the second leyva cup event the team competition which federer actually helped launch was a huge hit when it made his debut last year in prague the twenty time grand slam champion was joined by tennis legends rod laver and john mcenroe along with australia's macarius the swiss thirty six year old is hoping it will be a hit in the u.s. as well. being able to play in sort of a basketball stadium you know of the chicago bulls you know michael jordan being my all time favorite sporting hero and scottie pippen the team was just something else
1:54 pm
. very special on a personal note but never been to chicago to played in chicago so for me i mean i think it's very fitting for me to finally come here after playing in new york and l.a. and all in all sorts of places already here in america in miami of course as well every year or so to come to chicago finally and bring the labor cup here as well with the great man standing next to me and it's super exciting so i can't wait you may not have heard of them but dollars hamnet football club in london has been going for one hundred and twenty five years they should be enjoying a successful season on the pitch but instead they're fighting to stop their identity from being removed the wellings reports on how the problem with their owners should serve as a warning to bigger clubs in england and beyond. tucked away in south london a football club that has served its community for one hundred twenty five years it was built by american property investors named but when the local council didn't
1:55 pm
agree to the plans the company suddenly kicked the club out of its heart and even stated their attention to remove permission for dollar charlot to use that. this should be much value for dollar football club with hundreds of people in the community poor thing into the ground so watch that same plan instead the ground is locked a new fencing has been erected to keep them out god i guess that was being used as leverage like this has been a shock to fans of what is a friendly and socially conscious club with a track record for staging games for charity most notably becky j's on a bitterly cold day hundreds of them gathered to stage a protest we were in the second example. is threatens. nothing to do with the community and everything to do with the value of money are really the matter is serious enough to
1:56 pm
have been invited in the u.k. column and this is an increase of clubs which prioritises and spaces them which protests like to be t.v. rights protests women in football and you see that on. a saturday afternoon and at the gate how us fighting for their existence but not along the gulf in a respectful nothing never in a league rivals to see the mitcham over twelve kilometers away quickly offer to share that ground and so much tie against worthing happens a dilate. refusing to let this affect them on the pitch by with a match three nil to reach the top of their division the promotions eleven six of english football within their reach the. fans with their hung comforts but this is about survival and pride yes when such a man a company we. and just the whole like turnout's nation such a testament to the power in the club and just that it's going to show. us you know i think they should just take the money whatever money is on the table and. suffolk
1:57 pm
county says it will try to buy the ground from inside the club and events it into talks with the meds i would not. request for an interview and to answer a simple question if their intentions are honorable they're more aggressively threaten to remove a club's one hundred twenty five year old. the english football association has yet to intervene and might be powerless to what they told me then monitoring developments the question beyond this call of london is one joke law. and what's i intend to do with it this club will not be frozen out. and finally you often see players diving on the football pitch to gain an advantage right while one man in top flight took things to another level on sunday in the final minutes of this the game when he fancied that the conception forward ten men says when i was there in the penalty box video replays show that surprise surprise
1:58 pm
absolutely no contact whatsoever still they were awarded the penalty and one hundred one i think. that of the ball for now martin and in fact here thank you very much indeed not so for me but don't go away because has and will be here in just a moment stay with us. carcinogen
1:59 pm
. perceptions. documentaries from around the globe was a big sound but that brings me down to. favorites journalism. debates and discussion this is a lot of misunderstanding and distortion is when the only argument i find against that is all for you courted history. see the world from a different perspective on al-jazeera. it's very difficult as a chef or restaurant or to buy shrimp with the confidence that what you're serving
2:00 pm
is going to be good seafood by nature is a high risk money sometimes trip was raised using production drugs. that are not approved for use in the us the f.d.a. simply isn't testing on the imported market to really find all of these biologic bread to feed take note at this time on al-jazeera. the. air strikes killed at least a dozen children who've taken shelter in a school in syria's eastern who to. launch hasn't.


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