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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  March 20, 2018 2:00pm-2:34pm +03

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confidence that what you're serving that is going to be good seafood by nature is a high risk sometimes is released using production drugs. that are not approved for use in the us the f.d.a. simply isn't testing on the imported market to really find all of these biologic bred to be used take note at this time on al-jazeera. airstrikes kill at least a dozen children who taken shelter in a school in syria's eastern. alliance has this is. also coming up former french president nicolas sarkozy is the
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tane by police over allegations of illegal campaign funding from libya. how mass rejects palestinian president mahmoud abbas his accusation it was behind last week's attack on the prime minister. in the northern white rhino on the brink of extinction in kenya. a local activists say about a dozen children have been killed while attempting to shelter from airstrikes in a school in the syrian city of duma they say thirty two thirty two people were killed in overnight shelling by the syrian government to rescue group the white helmet says weapons like white phosphorous which are banned in civilian areas have again been used to has more from beirut. duma is coming under fire this
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is the main town in the northern pocket of the eastern enclave that enclave now divided split into three different pockets as a result of the pro-government alliances ongoing military offensive now coming under fire according to syrian military sources this is because talks have collapsed with the rebel faction in charge of. islam so the syrian military source saying that they're going to step up the military campaign to either force the rebels to surrender or to return to the negotiating table now what we understand is that rebel factions do not want to surrender and have to move to other rebel controlled areas in syria but this is what the pro-government alliance wants to not going to accept anything less what the rebel factions want is a cease fire aid to enter but like i mentioned the government alliance that is not an option on the table now thousands of people are trapped not just in duma but in the other pockets rebel controlled pockets in eastern the lack of aid the lack of
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medical supplies yes thousands and thousands of people have left and have crossed into government controlled territories but there are many others who cannot leave who are too scared to leave without international guarantees for their safety and protection so we're seeing a renewed bombardment after a brief lull in the fighting even in a warehouse which used to keep aid was hit it was hit and this is much needed supplies for the population there because they've been living under a siege a very tight siege for months now so civilian suffering continuing civilian casualties there are still civilian casualties and and this bombing campaign entering its second months a un human rights a government run humanitarian called corridos out to the region are failing to ensure the safety of those who want to leave. it was pretty chaotic frankly and as you have seen there's ongoing compartment it's
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a washroom and people are fleeing in the tens of thousands out of the scooter now once the get out of the actual hot combat so there are these shelter point there are twenty three of them where we do have with the syrian red crescent access to them so that we can provide relief to them as the u.n. also says a state of emergency imposed by turkey after the failed coup in july twenty sixth in has led to serious human rights abuses against hundreds of thousands of people turkey says the report is biased and unacceptable our police investigating election fraud in france have taken the former president nicolas sarkozy into custody for questioning they want to know about campaign finance irregularities and whether he received millions of euros from libya during his successful bid to become president in two thousand and seven to attach a butler is live for us in the paris suburb of non-tariff so natasha what is the
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latest on this arrest. not sure if attash can can hear me this point the former college of nicholas sarkozy is being held just behind me actually in this police station in ontario just outside of paris and he is being questioned. all right it does appear that there's a bit of a delay in our connection to. the tasha there are also some problems there with audio policies for that we'll move on a package has exploded at a fed ex facility in the u.s. state of texas the blast happened at a distribution center just northeast of san antonio another package may have contained nails and other shrapnel f.b.i.
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and bomb disposal experts are at the scene one person is reported to have been injured and police are investigating if that explosion is linked to a series of package bomb attacks this month in the state capital austin four attacks there of killed two people and wounded four others a palestinian faction has mass has rejected president mahmoud abbas's accusation it was behind last week's attack on the prime minister blamed his political rivals for the roadside bomb explosion while romney hundred dollars convoy was entering gaza wasn't hurt in the attack you can't deal with her only we offer well wishes and sleep through to our brother from below the prime minister and merge approach the head of intelligence and the rest of our brothers from the security detail that went through this despicable incident that was done by hamas in the gaza strip. hundreds of hamid is live for us in ramallah so what are some pretty direct
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comments there from the palestinian president and the and how mass equally robust in their response to this. well certainly the tone of the speech given by president mahmoud our best was very harsh and very blunt he basically went all out against everybody but mainly us and expressing really his anger of that attack that happened on the convoy of the palestinian prime minister last week in gaza and now clearly president of buzz puts the blame on how the says that hamas is in charge of it does knows exactly what happened there is no need for investigation obviously also did put into question the future of all these recalls the asian talks that have been going on now for about six months mainly brokered by egypt where he said how can we talk
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about reconsideration under these conditions there are only two choices left either the palestinian authority is in charge of everything in or how much remains in charge of everything in gaza certainly palestinians will be asking what happens next since many would tell you that this lack of national unity is really one of the main issues that is crippling to political authority and certainly one of the main issues used by the other side israel to stall any hope i would say at this point of a peace negotiations any time soon. forest where where things go from here well what what i mean what happens now. well that's certainly a big question the last words of mahmoud abbas in his speech were about taking
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furred to measures in the gaza strip he did not elaborate on what those measures would be you have to bear in mind that some measures are already in place for example civil servants not getting their full salary since months already at the certain point a palestinian authority hadn't paid the electricity bill of israel and. tens of thousands of no more of gaza's were living in the dark now it has partially paid that bill so these are measures that have happened in the past some would argue that they're still ongoing even though to a lesser extent with is that we're talking about we don't know but he is also on the regional pressure to actually hold back we do know from palestinian senior officials that. held quite a long phone conversation yesterday with the egyptian president of the c.c. and during that conversation president says he would have called on president abbas
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to hold back from taking any further measures or any bold steps for a little while at least is it a bid by the egyptians to have his temper cooled down a little bit certainly he sounded very angry during that speech yesterday and i have to say it's quite a short and concise speech by the late standards of speeches that we heard from mahmoud abbas what will be the next measure we'll just have to wait and see at this point but certainly reconsideration talks are going nowhere at this stage. what are the honeyed live for us there in ramallah thank you let's go back now to one of our earlier stories police in france questioning the former president nicolas sarkozy tasha baalei standing by forests with more on this just outside of paris a bit of a delay here in our connection to the tasha so please bear with sudden attention
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what is the latest on that. well the former french president nicolas sarkozy is being held just behind me in this police station in the intake just outside of paris and he's being questioned by police into possible illegal funding all of his two thousand and seven presidential campaign by libyan money now this case has been opened by police for about five years now but is the first time that he's being questioned in relation to it now police say he could be held for forty eight hours after that time my just trades then have to decide whether or not he will be placed under formal investigation. and attention was the background to this case. blues' back in twenty twelve the french media websites called major party published documents which suggested that sarkozy had received libyan money for his
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presidential campaign now a year later police then opened this investigation ever since magistrates and police have been collecting evidence and don't humans in relation to it and it all blew up again during the last presidential campaign because nicolas sarkozy was actually running as a candidate for the conservative party back then and a lebanese frenchman came out and said that he had carried suitcases of money containing five million euros for sarkozy's campaign in two thousand and seven are sarkozy is always denied these claims saying that they are just a political smear and he's never been directly linked to the allegations but the fact that he is here under arrest could suggest that magistrates feel they are coming closer to exactly got to linking him to this case directly. potential thanks a lot for us there in longtail just outside of paris now she jinping has closed china's annual parliamentary session with
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a stern warning that those who want to divide the country are doomed to fail but much of the two week meeting focused on consolidating the chinese president's powers scott hi-lo reports from beijing it's been called china's annual political theater the national people's congress and this year it produced big changes and a number of firsts but the changes were heavily directed and controlled by the chinese communist party term limits on the presidency were lifted leading the way for president xi jinping to continue as leader indefinitely he's also the head of the party for the first time leaders swore an oath of loyalty to country and constitution when they took up their position. another first president xi addressed the delegates at the closing ceremony firing his strongest mourning yet to taiwan seen by beijing as a separatist problems. chinese people and china share one faith every inch of land of our great country cannot and will not speak taken from us
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we have firm in the resolve to uphold china's sovereignty and territorial integrity the government is getting its a biggest overhaul in years restructuring of ministries of departments including the creation of a super anti-corruption agency with expanded toward what president she's moved to further consolidate his in the party's power something that he is the most powerful chinese president in decades but that position comes with risks by centralizing power to himself there are a lot of potential reforms he can push forward then the risk is a whether he can make the right decision forever as at some point people will only tell him what he wants to hear some media covering the congress i know for the sake of fantic questions the journalist here in blue reacting to another report is less than probing questions it immediately went viral in china prompting quick reaction
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from censors also controlled the end your invitation only news conference held by premier li could turn questions were prescreened he touched on trade friction with the us. i think a trade war won't do anyone any good using the word war to describe trade is against the principle we hold both parties uses the sensibilities to avoid a trade war. with china's challenges outlined on closing day one message was clear president she was the person to lead the nation through them or state media put it he's the helmsmen the last leader to get that title was my was it doan . it's got harder al-jazeera. are still ahead on our jazeera competing in messages from the gulf as the saudi crown prince arrives in the u.s. to meet with president trump.
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hello there across the northern parts of asia there's a lot of wet weather at the moment here's the latest system spiraling its way towards the east and dragging plenty of cloud of rain behind it and another pulse of what weather is developing to its west so plenty more in the way of heavy rain as we head through the day on wednesday the wettest weather across parts of south korea and across into the southern parts of japan to the north there's more in the way of drawing weather here but for some of us this still going to be a good deal of cloud in that cloud increases and as we head into thursday it turns to rain say for many of us in honshu is looking pretty wet to ger in the day towards the west though it is drying up here and turning malda look at that beijing up at around eighteen degrees down to the southeast and for some of us here it's pretty cool at the moment the winds firing down from the north so eight degrees the maximum temperature there in shanghai those winds are feeding their way further
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south of the temperatures for some of us here are dropping but not too much and in shanghai looks like they'll be recovering by the time we get to fit as they say we get to around fifteen degrees plenty of dry weather there to be seen across many parts of southeastern china for the southeastern parts of asia though there are more outbreaks of rain here particularly over parts of borneo in the north and across the southern parts. we are witnessing around the world this hungry money which is only looking at how to make the next profit devastating economies devastating ecosystems putting a price on the protection of nature green economy is sound good but it was all about privatizing of nature should our environment be for sale what we're trying to do is destroy people to stabilize the country giving them a financial incentive to do the pricing the planet at this time on al jazeera.
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hello again you're watching al-jazeera a reminder of our top stories this hour white helmets rescue was in syria say weapons containing white phosphorus have again been fired this fight a ban on their use in civilian areas and activists say at least twelve children were killed in eastern guta as they attempt to shelter from airstrikes in a school. investigators into possible election fraud in france have taken the former president nicolas sarkozy into custody he's being questioned about campaign finance irregularities and whether he received millions of dollars from libya during his successful bid to become president in two thousand and seven. how mass
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is denying it ordered the attack on the palestinian prime minister in gaza last week president hu that bass says it was behind the roadside bomb explosion the targeted a convoy carrying or army humble. now the crown prince of saudi arabia is set to meet donald trump in the white house later on tuesday in an interview earlier with a u.s. television program mohammed bin certain man accused iran of hosting the son of former al qaeda leader osama bin laden in a statement iran's foreign ministry called the accusations a big lie it said man cannot use the spreading of lies to hide the role of the government and leaders of saudi arabia in creating terrorist groups and terrorist incidents like nine eleven. man is the first of several gulf leaders who will visit washington in the coming weeks and as practical hain reports behind the scenes almost diplomacy is generating
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a lot of business for one of washington's biggest industries lobby. u.s. president donald trump was clearly impressed with the reception he received in saudi arabia and it's likely the saudi crown prince mohammed bin solomon can expect a similar greeting perhaps just a bit more understated when the two speak their words will be closely watched trump initially sided with the blockading countries against cutter but then reportedly pushed by then secretary of state rex tillerson he later called for the crisis to be resolved but tillerson is gone fired by tweet millions have been spent trying to influence this debate alexei if there's any winner in the blockade cation k. street is a euphemism for lobbyists ben freeman studies the influence of foreign money he says millions have been spent since the start in june according to public records since the blockade saudi arabia spent more than two million dollars a new contracts with lobbyists but many of the amounts are recorded so it's likely much more the
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u.a.e. has also increased its lobbying and qatar did as well according to the center for responsive politics spending at least five million as of last october and they continue to sign contracts after that worth hundreds of thousands of dollars a month but freeman points out saudi arabia has a big head start they started lobbying after nine eleven it was working before they just didn't have anywhere near the scale of the saudi lobby before him to be fair cutter so as one of the largest lobby is that that there is it's it's very powerful effective lobby to it's just simply not in the scale of the saudi lobby right now you might be asking why people pour millions of dollars into the lobbying firms that line the streets of washington d.c. well they are trying to buy access to policymakers and they are also trying to shape public opinion the. firms have to detail their work public records show several sending talking points to reporters posting twitter ads and putting competing commercials on cable news they want to limit also could tar and north
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korea partners in terror saudi arabia has benefited from some positive press some of the most influential columnists have praised the crown prince as a reformer but there have also been some negative stories as well one alleging been some on has been secretly keeping his mother away from his father for years and she was under house arrest and they believe that he did this because. i felt that she was not on board with his plans for a power grab and several organizations have printed detailed accounts of the alleged torture of prominent saudis at the ritz carlton in riyadh still been solomon has spent millions to make sure he will find a friendly reception at the white house and on wall street while millions more have been spent in hopes he won't political gain al-jazeera washington. a lebanese american businessman is reported to have organized a summit of arab leaders suggesting they create and they lead to regional group london based website middle east i says george ned said of the meeting on
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a yacht in the red sea his name is surfaced in recent weeks as a witness in the investigation into alleged foreign influence on the twenty sixteen u.s. election our official report. which claimed george need to organize the power some at least twenty fifteen five middle east leaders were on the guest list it was mohammed bin some and then deputy crown prince of saudi arabia mohammed bin zayed the crown prince of abu dhabi egyptian president abdul fattah el-sisi the crown prince of bahrain prince selman the king abdullah of jordan middle east i says leader urged them to create a new power block in the middle east to combine turkey and iran and he would lobby for them the motion to libya was to join the group later its alleged leader a convicted paedophile was told they like the idea that the meeting were concerned that as the us presidential election was moving into high gear democratic nominee hillary clinton would protect the iran nuclear deal and would be less keen to
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abandon old alliances with the meeting thought the republican candidate donald trump might be more likely to support the initiative we have seen for the last nine months that there has been a new alliance that has emerged between the united arab emirates saudi arabia egypt and what bahrain as a junior party as a junior partner and what or not that alliance can sustain itself in the long run that is unclear but there are certainly efforts to boost that alliance at the expense of the gulf cooperation council. it was reported that king abdullah of jordan briefed congressional leaders in the us that turkey was the main regional threat to stability but he later allegedly fell foul of the group for not fully supporting the blockade against qatar which is no ten months old and jordan voted against donald trump's controversial move to recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel this bloc that has so to speak emerges does not end at a bloc that can implement and carry out actual policy. and what we have seen us
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that the u.s. prefers a bilateral relationships with each of the sixteen countries and therefore unity ursus essential thank you very much leader is being investigated as a possible key link between donald trump and the emma ratties and to see if there was an attempt to buy influence by indirectly sending money to the trump presidential campaign later also arrange the meeting in trump tower in december twenty sixth in the brought together trump son in law and key advisor joe krishna then chief strategist steve bannon and the crown prince of abu dhabi he was also at the second meeting in the seychelles which brought together significant truck donor erik prince and this man killed dimitri of a russian banker with close links to president vladimir putin several embassies were approached for comment on the middle east eyes allegations no one provided any reaction alan fischer al-jazeera and seven day deadline for twenty three russian
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diplomats to leave britain is due to expire at midnight on tuesday the british prime minister ordered them out of the russian embassy in london after the poisoning of former spice sergei scrape our and his daughter with a nerve agent in response british diplomats have been expelled from moscow. britain's data protection wash dog is seeking a search warrant for the company accused of misusing information it gathered from millions of facebook users cambridge analytic a is a political consultancy based in london but own by a u.a.e. company it's accused of gaining unauthorized access to the data of fifty million facebook users the company worked for donald trump's presidential campaign and the brazen campaign in the u.k. it's also been tied to a social media campaign to discredit carter in the ongoing gulf crisis journalists have secretly recorded executives boasting about their ability to sway elections
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news of the scandal wide nearly forty billion dollars off the value of facebook shares on monday at around one hundred points. many of us provide information online perhaps with a little thought about how it might be used and who it might end up with the scandal involving facebook might make many of us reconsider. cambridge analytic is accused of misusing the data of millions of facebook uses a whistleblower who worked at the british based data mining firm says the information was used to build a system which may have influenced voters in the us presidential election and other votes to this data was used to create profiling algorithms that would allow us to explore mental vulnerabilities of people and then map out ways to inject information into different in the different streams or channels of content online so that people started to see things all over the place that may or may not
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have been true this is a company that really took fake news to the next level by pairing it with algorithms the details of millions of facebook users were reportedly gathered by a cambridge university professor using a personality testing app he'd created called this is your digital life well uses gave permission for information to be used by him it's alleged the data was then sold to a third party cambridge analytical and violation of facebook's own policies cambridge analytic it denies doing anything wrong and says it deleted all records when it discovered how the data had been obtained from facebook. but britain's data protection watchdog and others want proof the doubt it was wiped britain's information commissioner is seeking a warrant to search cambridge and litigious computers services and facebook wants proof to its high to digital for in six them to find out how the data leak happened
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and to make sure the data was destroyed but that response might have come too late facebook's share price fell almost seven percent on monday wiping the forty billion dollars off its value and the company's chief of security alex de moss is reportedly to leave facebook because of internal disagreements at how facebook should deal with its role in spreading disinfo mation this theft of data happened over four years ago so it's very surprising to see them be so reactors at a proactive politicians in britain and the us want facebook's chief executive mark zuckerberg to appear before them to respond to the mess of facebook data breach and the accusations against cambridge analytic widening an undercover investigation by britain's channel four secretly taped to cambridge analytic or executive appearing
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to boast about the film's ability to sway elections by entrapping politicians in compromising situations and conducting fake news campaigns something facebook's accused of enabling medium to honed al-jazeera african leaders are launching what they hope will be the world's largest free trade area one president paul kagame is hosting the summit in the capital kigali the continental free trade agreement wants to include the fifty five members of the african union with its more than a billion africans. a species of the rhinoceros is a step closer towards extinction of to the last male died in kenya that's ended the life of the northern white rhino called sudan when his health worsened d.n.a. samples were taken just before the forty five year old died in the hope that future technology could revive the species only to northern white female survive after decades of poaching for their horns.
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he says al jazeera minder of our top stories local activists say about a dozen children have been killed while attempting to shelter from airstrikes in a school in syria's eastern huta they say thirty two people were killed in overnight shelling by the syrian government the rescue group the white helmets says weapons including white phosphorus which are banned in civilian areas have again been used in the thousand people killed in the past month as the government and its russian allies attempt to seize the area from rebel fighters police investigating election fraud in france have taken the former president nicolas sarkozy into custody for questioning they want to know about campaign finance irregularities and whether he received millions of dollars from libya during his successful bid to become president in two thousand and seven. how mass is denying it ordered the attack on the palestinian prime minister in gaza last week president mahmoud abbas
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says hamas was behind the roadside bomb explosion the target of a convoy carrying at army humvee a lot. of packages exploded at a fed ex distribution center near san antonio in the u.s. state of texas it's said to have contained nails and other shrapnel of the seventy five people working at the facility one is reported to have been injured police are investigating if the blast is linked to a series of package bomb attacks this month in the state capital austin four attacks there have killed two people and wounded four others. the seven day deadline for twenty three russian diplomats to leave britain is expiring at midnight on tuesday the british prime minister ordered them out of the russian embassy in london after the poisoning of a former spy surrogate scree paul with his daughter with a nerve agent british diplomats have been expelled from moscow in response to those accusations. chinese president xi jinping has warned against any efforts to divide
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his country and made the remarks during his closing speech an annual parliamentary meeting it's seen as the strongest warning yet to taiwan. those are the headlines inside stories next. the u.s. attorney general fired the f.b.i.'s deputy director on friday there are now fears president donald trump might try to sack special counsel robert muller so what does all this mean for the russia investigation this is inside story.


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