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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  March 20, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm +03

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go away. to a lot of truthful ask or when you're. in this hole was zero follows a group of us army veterans. by war. as they struggle to get their lives back. at this time on al-jazeera. new yorkers are very receptive to al jazeera because it is such an international city they are very interested and that global perspective that al jazeera provides . zero. hello and welcome to this al-jazeera news live from doha i'm martine dennis coming
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up in the next sixty minutes airstrikes kill at least a dozen children who'd taken shelter in a school in syria's eastern ghouta. hamas rejects the palestinian president's accusation that it was behind last week attack on the prime minister. the former french president nicolas sarkozy is detained by police over allegations of illegal campaign funding from libya. and this is sudan the world's last mail northern why dry no use just died in kenya. but we saw it in syria's eastern ghouta where the u.n. has now calling for urgent access to the civilians who've managed to get out of the own flavor as well as those who are trapped inside it says that many of the fifty thousand people who learned to get out in recent days a suffering from potentially fatal illnesses and although there was
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a lull in bombing for a few days the situation is escalating again and an estimated thirty two civilians were killed in overnight shelling by the regime about a dozen of those killed were children who'd been trying to shelter in a school the rescue group the white helmet says weapons like white phosphorous which abandon civilian areas have again been used then to hold a reports. under attack the northern part of what is now a divided rebel enclave is again a battleground there was a brief lull in the violence but the barge mint has resumed after what syrian military sources say is the collapse of negotiations with. one of the three rebel factions in eastern. congo. she controls it is defending what is left of
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a stronghold syrian military sources say the group refused to accept demands by a russian military delegation the pro-government alliance says it will step up military operations to force a surrender or pressure back to the negotiating table was. some of the new draft of the shelling is targeting civilians and it hasn't stopped do much this is an air strike right now as you can see the plane is bombarding residential areas of bombardments haven't stopped since yesterday until this very moment. tens of thousands of civilians are trapped in eastern hooter's largest population center cynthia salt was launched more than a month ago syrian government forces and their allies have advanced deep inside the rebel controlled area outside damascus splitting it into three pockets aid managed to enter to my joining recent weeks but one of the warehouses was hit in monday's attacks humanitarian agencies said the supplies that were delivered were far from
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enough but they were desperately needed by a population that has been under tight siege for months that brief cease fire in tomorrow also allowed dozens of wounded and sick people to be evacuated to hospitals the delivery of aid the evacuation of medical cases and a cease fire are what the rebel factions are demanding but it's not clear how much bargaining power they have they have been weakened after losing a lot of territory the pro-government alliance has the upper hand on the ground. and its aim since the start of the bombing campaign is to recapture eastern and and the president of the opposition in the area. the syrian army is now clearing its outskirts from terrorists and is removing all the explosive devices and after that we went into our entire mall all the way until we reach job or until every piece of land in east is liberated. the battle has caused immense human suffering the united nations is warning of
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a further deepening of the crisis it says more than forty five thousand people have been displaced seventy percent of them women and children and they along with hundreds of thousands of others trapped in the rebel pockets face what the united nations calls a catastrophic situation. beirut or further north in the country the u.n. is now saying there are hundred thousand people who are trapped inside the district of affray and that's in the north west of syria and half of them children turkey has taken control of the city of afrin after battling kurdish fighters for the last two months has been heavily criticised by the u.s. and by the syrian government which calls the move an occupation and wants its forces to withdraw but turkey has refused saying it will expand its operations to other kurdish l. towns including ma'am. and. the palestinian faction hamas has rejected president his accusation that it was behind
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last week's attack on the prime minister curious speech in ramallah president of us blamed his political rivals for the roadside bomb explosion while romney handlers convoy was entering gaza the prime minister wasn't hurt in the attack. we offer well wishes and safety to our brother. the prime minister and majid father of the head of intelligence and the rest of our brothers from the security detail that went through this despicable incident that was done by hamas in the gaza strip but this was a response from hamas. we call on our egypt brothers to intervene immediately in order to stop this criminal policy against the people of palestine and the palestinian cause and these policies prepare the environment for the arrival of the so-called deal of the century that will separate the west bank from gaza and we call for the creation of a large national front to reject these decisions and allow the reconstruction of
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the palestinian home. all right because he's a correspondent now to abdel-hamid is live for us in ramallah in the occupied west bank and it seems very much to say there is even more dividing hamas and faster than ever. well certainly the rico insulation talks have been down take a big step in the back backwards you read just heard now from both president mahmoud our best and from a senior official the accusations are going in both directions and none of them are mincing their words now president mahmoud abbas yesterday during his speech was very harsh towards him as he squarely puts the blame of that attack on the propellers tinian prime minister on him as he says is in charge of the. of the gaza strip and he also went further saying we don't need an investigation has how mess knows exactly what happened and who was behind that attack so
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certainly that leaves here the palestinians wondering what will happen next you know national reconciliation recode solution between fatah hamas has been elusive for more than ten years both sides had already met in two thousand and seven for example in mecca had reached an agreement at the time then there was another agreement in cairo didn't was another agreement in doha and none of that has actually translated anything positive on the ground i think after this attack certainly it's a huge setback and without unity between the two palestinian factions is there any way that they can enter into any kind of negotiations with anybody who wants to be the broker in terms of achieving what the palestinians want and that is their own their own state. well certainly prime minister netanyahu had said it more than once in the past that he actually raised the
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question who are my talking to among the palestinians is no you need. even when said if we start any kind of peace talks again well well who guarantees me that everybody will accept the results of those peace talks certainly that doesn't it doesn't really help the palestinians is also a lot of regional pressure mainly from egypt who has been brokering these. talks for the past six months or so we know that the egyptian president of the fact that his sisi has spoken to my best last night from what we're told it was quite a long conversation and during that conversation president sisi sort of present our best to hold back from taking any measures against the gaza strip or against the did the hamas government there maybe delaying it by a week or so certainly they will be a lot of pressure now on mahmoud arbaaz to maybe take a step back have
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a deep breath and try to look on the way forward but as we hear it from the rhetoric coming out from both sides it is very difficult and these are already very difficult talks have just become much more complicated how to live in ramallah thank you. police investigating election fraud in france have taken the former president nicolas sarkozy into custody for questioning they want to know about campaign finance irregularities and whether he received millions of dollars from libya during his campaign to become president in two thousand and seven let's talk to our correspondent who is in. a suburb of paris and behind you the court the police station where the former president is being held. that's right the former french president nicolas sarkozy is being held as you say
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here behind me police station just outside of paris and he is being questioned by police over allegations that he received illegal funds from libya back in two thousand and seven for his presidential campaign now this was a case that police opened fire years ago but it is the first time that sarkozy has been arrested in connection with it or french police say that he can actually be held here for forty eight hours but after that magistrates need to decide whether or not they're going to place the former president under formal investigation so for clarity's sake it is illegal in france for any politician to receive funding from abroad. yes that's right funding from abroad and also the money that he received would have breached the cap which is put on presidential candidates now this all started really back in twenty twelve it was just as president sarkozy was leaving his his first term in office and back
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then a french media website called major party published documents which suggested that sarkozy's campaign had been funded illegally by these libyan funds a police investigation started after last nov the years magistrates and police have really been trying to gather evidence and this is really overshadowed sarkozy's political career because he was running for a third term in twenty sixteen twenty seven sinful and in the last presidential election here in france he was running as a conservative party candidate but once again these allegations came back to haunt him when a lebanese a french businessman claimed that he had carried five million euros in cash from tripoli to libya and handed it to one of sarkozy's aides so again and again sarkozy has had to face these allegations he has maintained his innocence saying he's not at all into this all to the libyan libyan former regime but there is no doubt the fact that he is here being questioned by police certainly suggests that perhaps
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magistrates are closer to making a direct link with the former president himself all right for now natasha thank you very much. right after that story. right from paris to london and the seven day deadline for twenty three russian diplomats to leave britain is jus to expire at midnight on tuesday the british prime minister ordered them out of the russian embassy after the poisoning of the former spice against cripple and his daughter with a nerve agent in response british diplomats have been expelled from moscow let's go live to. our correspondent who is at westminster and as far as we know then the convoy of russian diplomats has already started to leave the british capital. yes that's right we saw many buses and vans being loaded up the smalling at the russian embassy we saw some wave some tears we understand that there was
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a short reception inside the embassy held by the ambassador thanking those who were leaving who would no doubt argue that their lives here in london have cruelly not necessarily been cut short the british government of course would argue that it has severely weakened the spying capacity of the russian embassy but it was certainly a very visible and tangible sign of the poor relations between britain and russia which this crisis has produced i mean well what's the progress then on the investigation into the nerve agent that was used to poison sergei's going to powell and his daughter. it's moving slowly and the british police advise us that it will continue to move slowly they've taken hundreds of witness statements they say that they're working in a timeframe of weeks possibly months also here in britain of course marty and we
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have those experts from the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons an independent international body who are taking. samples and who will try and come to some sort of conclusion as to whether the nerve agent that was used in seoul's pretty well first of all whether it was indeed a nerve agent and whether it was part of the novacek family as the british government alleges it doesn't follow that the o.p.c. w. will be in a position to say who manufactured this agent or who placed it in in salzburg he who staged the attack on surrogate screwballs i think that controversy will remain one other development here in london marty and for you is that the reason may the prime minister is meeting with her national security council and they'll be looking at the russian measures the expulsion of british diplomats from moscow the closing of the british council in in russia and the closing of the consulate in st
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petersburg and they will be deciding whether britain will retaliate again and i think they'll have to weigh up a couple of things if they do nothing there is a risk that they appear weak at this stage on the other hand if they take further action against the russians at this stage well then where does the tit for tat end how long will this downward spiral in london moscow relations last i mean phillips live in london thank you very much. we've got a lot more to come on this al-jazeera news hour including. asking for equality women in tunisia demanding the inheritance laws be changed and a south africa suffers its worst drought on record pharmacies their crops will dry up. and in sport cleveland cavaliers star le bron james makes history again touching on and we'll have all the details in sports.
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the saudi arabia's crown prince is jus to meet u.s. president donald trump in the white house shortly as part of his three week across america thirty two year old mohammed bin solomon is hoping to remake the kingdom's image in the eyes of americans the iran nuclear deal and saudi military campaign in yemen are expected to be discussed during his talks with the president been sound man recently told u.s. media that saudi arabia would make a nuclear bomb if iran acquired one. all right now we can speak to alan fischer who is our correspondent in washington d.c. so first up its face time with the u.s. president for mohamed bin sound. exactly just part of a five day visit to washington d.c.
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obviously the centerpiece is going to be meeting donald trump they will talk about mutual interests including iran the iran nuclear deal and they will talk about the possibility of sodhi developing a domestic nuclear program for power they will talk about the ongoing war in yemen we are told that donald trump will ask the saudis to open up the ports to a low aides to get in and they're also going to discuss this new trilateral committee to be set up between the saudis the immoralities and the united states to coordinate what they describe as iran's the stabling influence in the middle east that should be launched at some point this week the crown prince will also spend time talking to lawmakers on capitol hill we know that saudi arabia has spent a great deal of money recently particularly a lot being lawmakers there and so this is the face to face time with the crown prince to push the message that the lobbyists have been pushing forward over the last several months and this is quite
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a good political shift isn't it for the gulf region i'm just wondering what kind of progress can we expect from the hamad bin salmond's visit on the gulf crisis because obviously this is going on into all missing here really without there having been any significant movement. well there was a briefing from a senior white house official late on monday evening and one of the things that was asked by al-jazeera incidentally was what's the white house's position on the g.c.c. crisis now you remember that donald trump had talked about some sort of can't david summit bring all the parties together he said he would happily facilitate that if it didn't happen at camp david then perhaps he could do something at the white house that position seems to assist shifted slightly and it is no we would like everyone who's involved in this to get together themselves to sort it out between themselves and also they were hoping that the saudis among others would attend the
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next meeting of the g.c.c. you remember the last meeting of the g.c.c. in kuwait it wasn't the chrome prince and senior figures from saudi arabia or the emirates that attended there were relatively junior officials so there is some concern from the united states that this is going on and involves a number of the allies in the region but there seems to have been a change in approach there's no of that pressure anymore from the white house to bring this to a conclusion very quickly you remember as well there was a split really in the approach between the white house and the state department with donald trump being fairly critical of qatar whereas rex tillerson the secretary of state was saying look all parties need to come together and as we know nor rex tillerson is on his way out i think he's only got a week left it at foggy bottom at the headquarters of state department and it won't be taking making many public statements if any on the g.c.c. crisis is really being left by the americans for everyone to sort out for
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themselves all right thanks alan alan fischer that live in washington. the nigerian military is being accused of ignoring repeated warnings about the movements of the her arm before they kidnapped one hundred ten schoolgirls in that in february amnesty international says the army was warned about the arrival of back of her arm but it failed to what the students youngest of whom is ten were taken in almost identical circumstances to those in chibok in twenty faulting the hundreds of judaism women have been taking to the streets this month they're demanding equal inheritance rights as men last year the president announced a review of existing laws but conservative muslims are pushing back but how many reports from tunis. a march for equality tunisian women demanding parity with men in matters related to life and death for
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these activists the time has come for the country's inheritance law to change and the country said in our opinion this is quite simply one of the last bastiaan off the patriarchy because we're made to believe that these are issues regarding religion but in fact there are issues at the heart of patriarchy. last year president as you call it the subsea announced a review of a law that says a woman should receive only half the share of an inheritance that a man does. even in a country known in the region for being progressive when it comes to women's rights the proposal was controversial bushehr but how tricky that is a member of parliament who heads up the commission of individual freedoms and equality a group that strapping the revised rules and recommendations while she's optimistic future generations will be granted more opportunities and liberties she also explains how the subject of inheritance is a contentious one and that the upcoming municipal elections in may could further complicate things. this report was supposed to be issued to the president on
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february twentieth but we tried to avoid the election campaigns and wanted to keep the issue outside the realm of politics and any political tensions last year parliament passed landmark laws criminalizing domestic violence and harassment in public spaces alternations current legal system is a mixture of both civil and religious laws conservatives are far from happy with the proposals on inheritance law they say any and all matters related to inheritance are already enshrined in islam ik law and therefore should not be allowed to be challenged. according to members of a local women's rights group things are improving but more needs to be done in the minimum doma the neo between the legal system and the reality even if by women there is a gap and for us this is our mission today how to make the laws and the reality closer to each other. they say equality in inheritance is another important step in the right direction one that will
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ultimately insure society provides liberties and human dignity to men and women alike. to tunisia. african leaders are launching what they have will be the world's largest free trade area the president of rwanda program is hosting the summit in his capital kigali the continental free trade agreement seeks to include the fifty five members of the african union and that means more than a billion african people but in a blow to the agreement expected to be signed on wednesday nigeria the continent's most populous country and with the largest economy has pulled out. but in south sudan there are hopes that this continent wide agreement will ease its economic crisis drought and war have decimated the country's industries and it's now has to import almost everything but rising customs fees and making even the most basic products on affordable the reports from the capital juba markets here in south
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sudan's capital juba may be packed with goods but almost all of them have one thing in common they had to be imported from neighboring countries rather than most of our goods come from uganda kenya or even sudan that means we have to pay custom fees which keep rising to bring them in people now come and say they want goods but when they hear the price they walk away since gaining independence in twenty eleven thousand has been relying on imports for most of its needs from food products to clothes and cars and all goods coming into the country are subjected to customs and taxes because of high customs feast traders are forced to raise their prices so in a country where the world bank has more than have the population lives below the poverty line even if the goods are available not many south sudanese can afford to buy them more than four years of war has damaged thousand and qana mean resulting in an inflation rate of one hundred eighteen percent according to economists there's also a shortage of hard currency needed by traders to bringing goods further contributing
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to high market prices. south sudan virtually has no commercial agriculture or production industry in ten to fifteen its exports total twelve million dollars but its imports cost four hundred twenty six million dollars the government hopes a regional trade deal will change that when you have tired of also it helped the country to get a new. because now when people would come in the target that is being collected at the all the borders is going to the government revenue to the inside the government knew that every knew what the law. or the so the government made me gain but until a deal is signed traders say they will continue to put high prices on imports while people struggle to pay for family needs he will morgan al-jazeera juba. right is time for a look at the weather now his staff this time we're looking at your martini and it's about time it got risen and it's been cold there for
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a long time now it's been bitterly cold in the northern parts of europe but it's time to say goodbye to the lights of this little guy here not only because paris is now it's seven degrees so all of that snow is melting but all say because in three hours time it's the economics so this is the last day of winter and tomorrow it's officially spring spring has sprung so hopefully that means things aren't going to be as cold for some of us though this still going to be more wintery weather around we've got this weather system in the east and another one following it across the mediterranean and for some of us in hungary it's still cold there's still a lot of snow to shovel and there's plenty more this man better get going because there's plenty more snow in the forecast over the next few days so here is the box then as we head through choose day not over parts of remain you op into ukraine heavy falls of snow from this and then gradually that's working up into russia but if that will moves out the way the next one is beginning to work its way in on the northern edge that's where the snow is further south a call for tomorrow for rain here but where it's sorry for tomorrow for snow will
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get rain and now we've plenty of it as we head through the next few days further north still cold for some of us too as a maximum in warsaw but definitely milder now in the west nine london i didn't get to double figures marty. sir thank you very much indeed still to come here on the al-jazeera news china's president xi jinping closes the people's congress with a warning today as he says wants to divide his country. and how a one hundred twenty five year old club is fighting big business after being locked out of his own ground tatyana i have the details in school. the scene for us whether online. what is american sign in yemen that peace is possible but it never happens not because the situation is complicated but because
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no one cares or if you join us on sent their people the little choosing between buying another commission and eating this is a dialogue i want to get in one more comment because this is someone who's an ounce of us than his post of a story joined the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera. the harvester.
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you know with al jazeera and these are our top stories here on the news hour the u.n. has called for urgent access to civilians who fled syria as well as those who remain trapped inside local media says thirty two civilians have been killed in overnight shelling by the government victims include children who were sheltering in a school. palestinian faction hamas has rejected president abbas's accusation that it was behind last week's attack on the prime minister in a speech in ramallah president abbas blamed his political rivals for the roadside bomb while romney having dollars convoy was entering gulzar. election fraud detectors in france have taken the former president nicolas sarkozy into custody
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he's being questioned about campaign finances and whether he received millions of dollars from libya during his bid to become president in twenty two thousand and seven. but anyone who tries to divide china will be doomed to fail and they'll be punished by history that civil in from president xi jinping as he closed the two week long annual session of parliament he didn't mention taiwan by name but donald trump calls chinese anger recently by encouraging direct meetings between the taiwanese and u.s. governments it's got to highlight has more from beijing. it's been called china's annual political theater the national people's congress and this year it produced a big changes and a number of firsts but the changes were heavily directed and controlled by the chinese communist party term limits on the presidency were lifted leading the way for president xi jinping to continue as leader indefinitely he's also the head of the party for the first time leaders swore an oath of loyalty to country and
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constitution when they took up their position another first president xi addressed the delegates at the closing ceremony firing his strongest morning yet to taiwan seen by beijing as a separatist problems. chinese people and china share one faith every inch of land of our great country cannot and will not speak taken from us we have firm in the resolve to up hold china's sovereignty and territorial integrity the government is getting it's a biggest overhaul in years restructuring of ministries and departments including the creation of a super anti-corruption agency with expanded toward what president she's moved to further consolidate his in the party's power some feel that he is the most powerful chinese president in decades but that position comes with risks by centralizing power to himself there are
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a lot of potential reforms he can push forward then the risk is a whether he can make the right decision forever as at some point people will only tell him what he wants to hear some media covering the congress i know for the sake of fantic questions the journalist here in blue reacting to another report is less than probing questions it immediately went viral in china prompting quick reaction from censors also controlled the annual invitation only news conference held by premier league on questions were prescreened he touched on trade friction with the u.s. . we don't know why i think a trade war would do anyone any good using the word war to describe treat is against the principle we hold both parties uses the sensibilities to avoid a trade war. with china as challenges outlined in closing day one message was clear present she was the person to lead the nation through them or a state media put it he's the helmsmen the last leader to get that title was mao
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zedong it's got harder al-jazeera. that france has been accused of breaking international law by selling weapons to saudi arabia and the u.a.e. and failing to ensure that those weapons are used legally now both gulf states have been accused of committing war crimes against the people of yemen amnesty international alleges france continues to supply weapons to the saudi led coalition knowing that they could be used to violate the human rights of people in yemen amnesty argues that france has failed to comply with the arms trade treaty president mccraw is due to host the saudi crown prince mohammed bin salmond next month we can now speak to i'm eric hello in who is in paris is advocacy officer at amnesty international france that's a very serious accusation to be leveling at a country that they are in breach of international humanitarian law effectively
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they're breaking international law. but at the prison time rui are not. in. in a serious accusation of complicity in a show of crimes. opinion said to everybody viat is there a reason a serious risk of complicity about french we point transfer to soji. in the rates. we lack of transparency about. differential reasons why france experts and we have no information about export of. which i've been refused so we want to cry are you frightened to clarify the
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situation because the very reason as a prison time. is referred to as some french we. could be used to meet of us you date your money to international ovulation these are risk is very serious absolutely and so the nub of feel contention is that the arms trade treaty is in danger of being violated and what you're asking for is more transparency more information more clarification to come from the french government . yeah we want more information because you have to know but in france very is no public debate about french we burn trunks for. the world we have. in for my show in a very precise way for a lot of details to know about you france is
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a respect. your by and your commitments. is a french parliament. but a mentor is not engaged in the dory debates or french government so the french government can say that every time yes we are sorry to see stammer robust system to a controlled burn expert in links to a treaty but we have not been proved we have no evidence it's. very strong and in the country. don't find debates weeds are paramount about of these issues if you see a new career in italy in spain. and there's around in all of his country you have debate about export it's. a
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challenge for political stuff to answer the question yes i mean sometimes you know it's right i hear your point that certainly in britain there is that there is a debate which is conducted mostly in the media and you might guess is impala meant as well but but essentially i mean the entire trade i mean for france is worth over a billion dollars every year it is opaque by its very nature isn't it some of you being slightly idealistic slightly overly optimistic that you're going to get more detail the kind of detail that you want in this rather shadowy trade. yeah you are right but we have to be. i fink is an arms trade treaty is one of the most important visit us to us if as a country of iraq you fight to be treaty are not in cup a shitty job you're responsible don't be accountable for
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a risk of complicity for the use of to commit racial it will be a risk putting dunder to a treaty so we need to have some answers to be sure. is the respect respected by france we have to a record of votes. aim of our action is to protect the civilian population in yemen because the civilian population in yemen is a fight by coalitions engage in yemen. andris people or do you mean all right i'm eric elie thank you very much indeed for talking to us now vets have ended the life of the last surviving male northern white rhinoceros named after the country of his birth sudan was forty five years old that's in neighboring kenya say he was put to sea because he was in too much pain and
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couldn't walk there are now only two females of the species left catherine sawyer has more from nairobi on the species which is now closer to extinction. the resources of walking on that now they did have a. dance d.n.a. for don's farm as well they've been harvesting other spawns of other white right white to north and white rhinos that died but it is this is a fast of its kind it's never been done before sent typically a recess as you talk to see that we are not there yet they're just trying to figure out how they can safely extract this female egg from the female and to be able to fight allies with this spawns that they have a harvested over the years a very dedicated process very risky as well and quite expensive in fact who done had a team there account this is this is a dating opt not to find love but to be able to create awareness and create great fans for finding this research which is very expensive so i think it's going to
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take a long time to come but researchers that we spoke to say that they are hopeful they're just trying to figure out how they can do all this safely because life we mentioned these are just two last remaining female in eve they die that's it for the north and white population. now u.s. bomb disposal experts and f.b.i. agents are investigating the latest bomb in texas one person was injured when a powerful exploded in a fed ex distribution center in shirts now that's very close to san antonio the homemade bomb may have contained nails and shrapnel designed to cause maximum injury or detectives may be hunting a serial bomber they're investigating whether the latest explosion is linked to four others this month two people were killed and four others were injured in the paso bomb attacks in the state capital also in. britain's data protection watched obvious seeking a search warrant for the company accused of misusing information gathered from
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millions of facebook users cambridge analytical is a political consultancy based in london but is owned by a u.a.e. linked company it's accused of gaining unauthorized access to the data of fifty million facebook users the firm worked for donald trance presidential campaign and breck's it in the u.k. it's also been tied to a social media campaign to discredit catarrh in the ongoing gulf crisis the journalist has secretly recorded executives who boasting about their ability to sway elections use of the scandal what to ms forty billion dollars off the value of facebook shares a monday letter on a honda reports. many of us provide information online perhaps with a little thought about how it might be used and who it might end up with the scandal involving facebook might make many of us reconsider.
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cambridge analytic is accused of misusing the data of millions of facebook uses a whistleblower who worked at the british based data mining firm says the information was used to build a system which may have influenced voters in the us presidential election and other votes to this data was used to create profiling algorithms that would allow us to explore mental vulnerabilities of people and then map out ways to inject information into different in the different streams or channels of content online so that people started to see things all over the place that may or may not have been true this is a company that really took fake news to the next level by pairing it with algorithms the details of millions of facebook users were reportedly gathered by a cambridge university professor using a personality testing app he'd created called this is your digital life well uses
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gave permission for information to be used by him it's alleged the data was then sold to a third party cambridge analytical and violation of facebook's own policies cambridge analytic it denies doing anything wrong and says it deleted all records when it discovered how the data had been obtained from facebook but britain's data protection watchdog and others want proof the doubt it was wiped britain's information commissioner is seeking a warrant to search cambridge and lifted his computer services and facebook wants proof to its high to digital for in six for him to find out how the data leak happened and to make sure the data was destroyed but that response my. i have come too late facebook's share price fell almost seven percent on monday wiping the forty billion dollars off its value and the company's chief of security alex de moss is reportedly to leave facebook because of internal disagreements at how
4:45 pm
facebook should deal with its role in spreading disinfo mation this theft of data happened over four years ago so it's very surprising to see them be so reactors at a proactive politicians and britain and the us want facebook's chief executive mark zuckerberg to appear before them to respond to the mess of facebook data breach that goes wrong. and the accusations against cambridge generalistic and a widening and you're going to go through this like. an undercover investigation by britain's channel four secretly taped to cambridge analytic or executive appearing to boast about the film's ability to sway elections by entrapping politicians in compromising situation it's very it's a very fine that's. very well and conducting fake news campaigns something facebook's accused of enabling media on the honed al-jazeera.
4:46 pm
4:47 pm
all right it's time for this post is about his tatiana thank you martine cave in capitalist dollars bron james has added some more history to his already glittering career this was despite the absence of head coach tired lou who taken a leave of absence due to poor health on monday james became just the fifth player
4:48 pm
in n.b.a. history to score five forty point triple doubles this came shortly off to he won the eastern conference player of the week for a record sixtieth time and time this season his achievement helped the coverlets defeat the milwaukee bucks one hundred twenty four to one hundred seventeen the cubs the third in the eastern conference and a set to be without coach lo for the time being. and that stuff well. we were told that this was the challenge we're going to. make or. eighteen time grand slam tennis champion martina navratilova said she was shocked to learn that she's paid ten times less than john mcenroe walking as a commentator for the b.b.c. journal wimbledon it was revealed that seven time major winner mcenroe received two hundred ten thousand dollars from the broadcaster for the tournament while the
4:49 pm
russian lova guess just twenty one thousand dollars for me it's a part time job it's two weeks of my life. but for the women that work there full time. maybe the discrepancy is not that large but it still and it adds up over a lifetime is up to making amount of money so it's extremely unfair and you know it makes me angry for the other women that i think go through this. now i don't know the details of what's going on. and i don't think it's appropriate i certainly feel like it's going to be appropriate real soon to comment because it's somehow making him like poor johnny mac's the bad guy in this and so. we'll see what happens what has some of what the b.b.c. thought in response jong un martina perform different roles in the team and john's role is of a different scale scope and time commitment that simply not comparable martina is one of a number of occasional contributors the b.b.c.
4:50 pm
believes her pay reflects what she is off to do her time commitment a level of broadcast experience profile and a track record and expertise meanwhile roger federer has shaken off his defeat to juan martin del potro in the indian wells final on sunday by heading to chicago to help launch the second leyva cup avenge the men's team competition which takes place between a team europe and the team while with a huge head when it made its debut last year in prague it's named off the australian tennis legend rod laver who was at the launch alongside while team captain john mcenroe and nick carious the torment takes place after the u.s. open in september being able to play in sort of a basketball stadium you know of the chicago bulls that you know michael jordan being my all time favorite sporting hero and scottie pippen the team was just something else. very special on a personal note but never been to chicago to be played in chicago so for me i mean
4:51 pm
i think it's very fitting for me to finally come here after playing in new york and l.a. and all in all sorts of places already here in america in miami of course as well every year or so to come to the chicago finally and bring the labor cup here as well with the great man standing next to me now and it's super exciting so i can't wait. now you may not have heard of them but dollars hundred foot ball club in london has been going for one hundred twenty five years they should be enjoying a successful season on the pitch but instead they're fighting to stop their identity from being removed lee wellings reports on how the problems with their owners should serve as a warning to bigger clubs in england and beyond. tucked away in south london a football club that has served its community for one hundred twenty five years it was built by american property investors named but when the local council didn't agree to the plans the company suddenly kicked the club out of its heart and even stated their attention to remove permission for dollar charlot to use that. this
4:52 pm
should be much value for dollar football club with hundreds of people in the community poor into the ground to watch that same plan instead the ground is locked a new fencing has been erected to keep them out god i guess that was. being used as leverage like this has been a shock to fans of what is a friendly and socially conscious club with a track record for staging games for charlton. jays on a bitterly cold day hundreds of them gathered to stage a protest we were in the second example. is threatens. nothing to do with the community and everything to do with the value of money are really the matter is serious enough to have been raised in the u.k. column and this is an increase of clubs which prioritises and space is a huge protests like a t.v. rights protest as women in football and you see that on. a saturday afternoon and
4:53 pm
at the gate and how us fighting for their existence but not along with the business facts are nothing like telling a league rivals to sing in mitcham over twelve kilometers away quickly offer to share their ground and so much tie against worthing happens a dilate. refusing to let this affect them on the pitch by with a match three nil to reach the top of their division the promotion to level six of english football within their reach the. fans with their hundred comforts but this is about survival and pride yes been such a manic couple weeks and just the whole. like turnout today is such a testament to the power in the club and just that it's going to show. us you know i think they should just take the money whatever money is on the table in. suffolk county says it will try to buy the ground from inside the club and events it into talks with the most i would not all request for an interview and so on so
4:54 pm
a simple question if their intentions are honorable they're more aggressively threaten to remove a club's one hundred twenty five year old. the english football association has yet to intervene might be powerless to but they told me they're monitoring developments the question beyond this call of london is one joke law. and what are they intend to do with it this club will not be frozen out. and finally you often see players diving on the football pitch to gain an advantage right while one man in chile is top flight things to another level on sunday in the final minutes of this game when you see that their concepts run forward jen men says when i for in the penalty box video replays show the serve well surprise surprise absolutely no contact whatsoever still they were awarded the penalty and one to one against. so for me joy is back with more support later
4:55 pm
tatiana thank you very much indeed now an exhibition on the global refugee crisis by the renowned chinese artists and activists i way way has arrived in the middle east for the first time sara kyra reports from here in. you'd be forgiven for thinking this is a new fashion collection but the tiny rows of color tell a different story more than two thousand items fill the room they're all from a greek refugee camp that no longer exists evidence of disrupted syrian lives on the move and a refugee crisis that's not going away it was created by chinese artist and activist i way way and it's part of an artist in residence program. runs out to his fire station gallery he hopes exhibitions like this will inspire local artists to explore new ways of creating art we have them and have we have. we
4:56 pm
have more autonomy so all this has a really big impact with the artist here and not looking for beauty it's more like quite a message to me troubadour ascii is a serbian graffiti artist who lives in doha he's one of many who find inspiration by creating art that focuses on say show and political messages including the nine month long blockade of clutter so there for the most of times is a form of practice but sometimes it's also very personal or and doesn't relate to anything other than the person who was doing it but it's very thin the facts pressing the. case for a cause. and the it's a message to me tree hopes this type of exhibition will help to broaden his skill activists are has been pushing boundaries for years but it seems so much more relevant today as well politics becomes increasingly unpredictable many artists believe activism through art is one of the most potent ways to navigate through
4:57 pm
divisive politics it's may have truly flourished as a result of the arab spring because still potentially lead to change years later a saudi artist man out of the way on who in two thousand and five made the work about that is called the choice about women. driving the right for women to. it's only ten years after her after work that women start to have the right to drive among the most striking developments in the region is the emergence of female all to sharing those ideas on the contemporary art scene suspended together is mel's installation which represents the lack of freedom of movement the saudi women these doves have been on a journey to europe and back and are imprinted with travel permission documents as a nod to saudi women who can only travel with consent from a male relative not in the is a qatari artist who's experimenting with stereotypes and gender roles in her society does not have museum has given her the space to exhibit her thought
4:58 pm
provoking art this is a piece she created last year a woman with a traditional face ballerina attire to symbolize personal freedom she's now working on a public sculpture that she hopes will create debate so high it out al-jazeera the ha lots of water comes the don't go away. trap. by trying to see the forest. bandits and scott. ventura. scum. as far away places. to get his cattle
4:59 pm
i always. it's very difficult as a chef or restaurant tour to buy shrimp with the confidence that what you're serving is going to be good seafood by nature is a high risk monitoring sometimes for it was raised using production drugs. that are not approved for use in the us the f.d.a. simply isn't testing enough on the imported market to really find all of these violent president take note at this time on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. that's. where every.
5:00 pm
what makes this movement to this era we're living through so unique this is really an attack on truth itself is a lot of misunderstanding the distortion is that what free speech is supposed to be about the context it's hugely important level wise to publish it the damage you choose to be offensive will provoke that's all about it as people do stretching the stage for a serious debate up front at this time on al-jazeera. at least a dozen children had taken shelter in a school in syria's eastern good to a killed during government test.


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