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about museums about forming a new life is a part of life its culture a scandal which rocked the nation to its core and exposed hundreds of court officials accused of accepting bribes just to show the most dangerous cool movie t one s sometimes take a spot the door an edifice to blow up a personal pot against judicial corruption as america i hope i think i come out of my compass in an exclusive documentary al-jazeera examined one man's extraordinary battle for justice in ghana. the white house prepares to welcome saudi arabia's crown prince who's you there for talks with president trump.
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barbara starr you're watching al-jazeera live from london thank you for joining us also coming up on the program the u.n. calls for urgent access to the people of eastern syria drops white phosphorus and shells children sheltering in a school. twenty three russian diplomats leave their embassy in london after being expelled by the u.k. over the poisoning of an expiry and his daughter former french president nicolas sarkozy is held in custody for questioning over alleged campaign funding for libya's colonel gadhafi and the world's last mail northern white rhino dies in kenya leaving only two females of its subspecies. the crown prince of saudi arabia is due to arrive at the white house any moment now for talks on the working lunch with the u.s. president donald trump this is the scene live in washington d.c.
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mohamed bin someone is meeting with the president this part of a series of high level meetings in the united states over the next three weeks trump will reportedly urge the crown prince to find a solution to the gulf crisis with qatar which began ten months ago when saudi arabia the u.a.e. bahrain and egypt cut ties with qatar accusing though her of supporting terrorism an allegation that qatar rejects own fisher is live at the white house for us so i guess the gulf crisis one of the items on the agenda what else do you think will be the most pressing issues that the two men will discuss. well there's there's a lot of growing to cover i mean the gulf crisis will be discussed we've heard donald trump see in the past that he would like to see a summit at camp david where they could get together and try and sort o. the problems of the white house kind of backing away from that over the last twenty four hours essentially no seeing this really up to the g.c.c.
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to sort out its problems internally and he of course would give them the full support to do that they're going to talk about yemen we're told that donald trump will arched the saudis to open ports in yemen. aid and this is happening is some congressional senators some senators a discussing how the united states is still involved in operations in yemen with no congressional approval saying that that is against the constitution what else are they going to talk about what they're going to talk about iran obviously simply because donald trump doesn't like the iran deal he's made that clear he's not going to recertify it says he wants to see it renegotiated and he wants to build an alliance with saudi arabia and the emirates to try and restrict iran's influence in the region and they're also going to talk about other things including saudi arabia who wants a domestic nuclear power program and really needs the american where with all knowledge and real approval to go ahead with that so there's
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a big to do list that it's not just here that mohamed when someone will be speaking he's also going to go to congress he's going to go to houston to speak to executives he'll be in new york you'll be in boston he's also going to be in los angeles and plans to go to seattle as well so a lot to do and a very little time to do it and we are still waiting for the crown prince to arrive at the white house he'll be there for us so when he does for the moment though alan fischer with the latest from washington d.c. thank you and our senior political analyst my one is here my one we're hearing alan say that obviously this visit three weeks seven cities there is a financial economic element to it as well striking deals from a political international relations point of view seeing as the two leaders are already close what do you think that are trying to achieve. men is solidify their understanding and their understanding now is almost a year old. since basically last march when the
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countdown towards the summit and so it started bringing bringing together fifty muslim nations. to meet with president trump to talk about terror and a american vision of security for the greater middle east and of course promising the american president over one hundred billion dollars worth of arms and several hundred billion dollars of investment i think and this trip the crown prince of saudi arabia needs to cough up the money or some part of the money or some vision of how this money is about to spend and that's why as you said he's meeting with business leaders and and other leaders in the united states now there's of course a bottom here barbara on the one hand i think the crown prince wants to make sure that the position on iran is sort of defied and is basically the same between riyadh and washington want to the united states to support saudi
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arabia is of iran and already the tweets from president trump and the speech from president trump on iran incur including today seems to go in that direction and second i think the crown prince needs to improve america's image saudi image in the united states because as we all know in terms of public relations in terms of image so the image in the united states is worse off than even china and i think russia if i'm not mistaken about that be it's. well going in more detail into that because we've seen in many of these said about a year now since the two leaders plus since trumps first visit abroad as leader to sadie do you think that they will also try to perhaps not distance themselves in reality but in public. because the saudi image isn't that great in the u.s. and also because in the middle east there's a lot of people that view trump sort of policy by tweet where in the do you think that we'll also see that perhaps them still being friends but trying to distance
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themselves and that should be no i mean no in the sense that if anything all the signs now lead to the idea that trump has embraced the saudis and by the way it's astounding because one year before right in two thousand and sixteen he was still inciting against saudi arabia in two thousand and seventeen he begin to sort of mend fences but he said basically two things the saudis are taking advantage of us we are defending them for free and two they were behind nine eleven suddenly this is a total hundred and eighty degrees best collation two words they are our best friends they are great we love them and so on so forth come to washington let's discuss business so i think if anything we're seeing them bet on each other i think the conference is completely betting on donald trump and don't trump is betting on the saudis for business for cooperation and security and that's all remember for
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the so called the deal of the century meaning bringing the palestinians and the jordan is another in line with american israeli vision of the solution to the conflict will of course be talking about the same more detail in the coming hours for the moment thank you let me just take the viewers back to that shot of the white house well we are hearing that actually the saudi crown prince mohammed bin sound is already in the white house and he's gone in a different route not the usual one so maybe it was the rain that put him off going in that the route with all the cameras but he is already in the white house and over the next if you i was a so he would be holding meetings with donald trump. the united nations says the man that full access to civilians forced to flee stern hu
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to and the freed in what it says is a massive new displacement the u.n. refugee agency says about forty five thousand people have left eastern who turned the last few days is syrian government forces closing in on opposition held pockets about seventy percent of them are women and children many suffering from life threatening illnesses that's according to the un's children agency unicef they are now in overcrowded shelters adding to the health risks and further north in a free nine hundred four thousand people have been uprooted by the turkish offensive to wrestle control of the enclave from kurdish fighters according to your knowledge just off the needs are overwhelming and growing by the hour there are also serious health risks all existing shelters are extremely congested and overcrowded and like basic sanitation people queuing for line for hours to use restrooms. well many syrians who were displaced by the fighting in aleppo in two thousand and sixteen ended up moving to be in the north of the country but even
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there they are not safe an explosion in a camp for the internally displaced has killed at least ten civilians and many more it libya is controlled by the syrian opposition and is the last rebel held us further south in eastern huta local activists say fifteen children and two women have been killed while attempting to shelter from airstrikes in a school in the past twenty four hours syrian government shelling has killed dozens of people in the damascus suburb the rescue group the white helmets says weapons like white phosphorous which are banned in civilian areas have actually been used the u.n. is calling for urgent access to civilians who have fled the city and those still trapped inside they know how to reports from beirut in neighboring lebanon so. under attack the northern part of what is now a divided rebel enclave is again a battleground there was a brief lull in the violence but the argument has resumed after what syrian
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military sources say is the collapse of. one of the three rebel factions in eastern . controls it is defending what is left of a stronghold syrian military sources say the group refused to accept demands by a russian military delegation the pro-government alliance says it will step up military operations to force a surrender or pressure back to the negotiating table. shelling is targeting civilians and hasn't stopped. this is an airstrike right now you can see the plane is bombarding residential areas bombardments haven't stopped since yesterday until this very moment. tens of thousands. civilians are trapped in eastern hooter's largest population center cynthia assault was launched more than
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a month ago syrian government forces and their allies have advanced deep inside the rebel controlled area outside damascus splitting it into three pockets aid managed to enter into my joining recent weeks but one of the warehouses was hit in monday's attacks humanitarian agencies said the supplies that were delivered were far from enough but they were desperately needed by a population that has been under tight siege for months that brief cease fire in tomorrow also allowed dozens of wounded and sick people to be evacuated to hospitals the delivery of aid the evacuation of medical cases and a cease fire are what the rebel factions are demanding but it's not clear how much bargaining power they have they have been weakened after losing a lot of territory the pro-government alliance has the upper hand on the ground. and its aim since the start of the bombing campaign is to recapture eastern and and the president of the opposition in the area. the syrian army is now clearing its
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terrorists and is removing all the explosive devices and after that we went until all the way until we reach job or until every piece of land in eastern water is liberated. the battle has caused immense human suffering the united nations is warning of a further deepening of the crisis it says more than forty five thousand people have been displaced seventy percent of them women and children and they along with hundreds of thousands of others trapped in the rubble pockets face what the united nations calls a catastrophic situation. beirut. well the syrian government's operation to retake eastern huta has left a power vacuum in other areas of damascus the government has been forced to send reinforcements to a southern neighborhood in the capital after the area was overrun by i saw fighters the armed group captured the neighborhood which had been left at largely vacant the u.s. says voiced concerns that the chaos in syria could allow
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a revival of iso whose so-called caliphate collapse late last year twenty three russian diplomats expelled from the u.k. in the wake of the soul's very nerve agent attack have left the russian embassy in london along with their families they've been thrown out in response to the poisoning of former russian double agent sort of a scared and his daughter yulia two weeks ago wasco denies any involvement and is expelling twenty three british diplomats in retaliation there were mini buses and vans full of people leaving the russian embassy in notting hill gate in west london earlier today and there were waves and there were tears there was a short address inside the embassy by the russian ambassador they would no doubt argue that their diplomatic careers here in london and their family lives here in london have been cruelly not necessarily disrupted by the british government the
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british government believes that it has dealt a severe blow to the russian embassies capacity to spy on this country certainly seeing them leave as very tangible sign of how the souls bre poisoning episode has brought relations between britain and russia to a new low. the former french president nicolas sarkozy is being held by police over allegations that he received millions of dollars in illegal campaign financing from libyan dictator moammar gadhafi it follows claims by a french lebanese business that he delivered over six million dollars from libya to serco z. ahead of the two thousand and seven presidential election investigators are looking into claims that the gadhafi regime gave sarkozy as much as sixteen million dollars that's over twice the legal funding limit so cosy has always denied any wrongdoing
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or has the details now from paris. when it was back in twenty twelve that a french investigative news website actually published documents which suggested that the former president nicolas sarkozy had received illegal campaign funding for his two thousand and seven presidential campaign off to that a year later the french police launched an investigation into the case never since my just traits of police have been trying to gather evidence and information and these allegations of really overshadowed nicolas sarkozy's political career in fact in twenty sixteen he was running for the presidency for a third time and that bid was in some ways well stoppard by the fact that a lebanese french businesswoman came out and said that he himself would carry five million dollars worth of cash in suitcases from tripoli's of paris one hundred that money to one of nicolas sarkozy's close is aides well over the years sarkozy has
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always denied any links or received denied that he's ever received any illegal funds from libya has always said that he's been the target of his opponents and critics it's been a political smear campaign but now that he has retired from politics it's only going to be a lot harder to use that as his line of defense. still to come in this half hour another school shooting in the u.s. this time in maryland and a package bound for austin explodes in texas injuring an employee at a fed ex facility. hello there it's turning a lot cooler now for some of us in the eastern parts of china shanghai will see the temperatures drop on wednesday all maximum will just be eight degrees that's five degrees below the average but it's a one day wonder and as we head through into thursday the temperatures recover
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quite nicely and this time will be back up at fifty nobody a great deal of what weather around is told just a few bits and pieces of rain perhaps over some parts of china but those who live there be coming and going during the day towards the west we do have more of a significant feature over afghanistan at the moment of giving some of us some heavy rain and over the mountains a fair amount of snow too so working its way towards the east through the northern parts of pakistan into the northern parts of india there as we head into wednesday still a few shop showers here and that gradually makes its way towards nepal there for thursday to the south of all of that it's largely fine and dry but it's certainly not cold now not poor there up at thirty six degrees and then the extreme southern parts of india there's the chance of one or two showers here in doha our temperatures will be rising again as we head through the next few days so thirty one degrees will be on maximum on wednesday but as we head into thursday will be right up at thirty three degrees so certainly failing hasa here it's not quite that hot for since the law here is more humid on max is thirty.
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it's very difficult as a chef or restaurant or to buy shrimp with the call for that that what you're serving is going to be good seafood by the meter is a high risk monitoring sometimes for instance using production drugs. that are not approved for use in the u.s. the f.d.a. simply isn't testing enough on the imported market to really find all of these violent afresh to feed take note at this time on al-jazeera.
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a reminder now of the top stories on al-jazeera the saudi crown prince who is reported to be at the white house for talks with the u.s. president donald trump it's told the president will push mohamed bin cylon to find a resolution to the gulf crisis the syrian government has reportedly used white phosphorus to attack civilians in eastern huta the u.n. is the man being full access to people trapped there and in a free in the north of the country twenty three russian diplomats expelled from the u.k. in the wake of the soul's very nerve agent attack have now left london along with their phone it's. in the u.s. state of maryland one person believed to be the gunman has died after a shooting at a school police in st mary's county say that two peoples were injured the grain mills high school in lexington park was originally put a lockdown and all pupils moved to another nearby school also jordan joins us live
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now from washington d.c. with more rosalie what more can you tell us about the shooting. well the shooting took place a great mills high school as you said in lexington park which is in far southern maryland during the first hour of class on tuesday apparently the it started in a hallway inside the school the sheriff for st mary's county picks up the story. a male student produced a handgun and fired around. wounding a female student and a nother male student in the hallway of great most high schools just before classes begun. the victims of the shooting were transported by. e.m.'s. and the one male student once you've met sourcing mary's hospital is in stable condition the female student was transported. to shock trauma facility is in critical condition and i am told that at ten forty one am this morning the
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shooter was confirmed to see that charles regional medical center. at this hour the other two students who were shot a girl and a boy are said to be in critical condition no one's identity has been released a motive has not been released and barbara if this would mark the twenty first such time since february fourteenth that there's either been an incident of gun violence or a threat of gun violence in a u.s. public school. present jordan with the latest from washington d.c. thank you and staying in that washington that we have the latest pictures coming in to us you know when i was there of donald trump resigning the saudi crown prince mohammed bin someone you can see the two men there let's listen three billion dollars five hundred thirty three million dollars five hundred twenty five million
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dollars that's peanuts for you because the eight hundred eighty million dollars six hundred forty five billion dollars six billion dollars that's the frigates. eight hundred eighty nine million sixty three million that's for various artillery some of the things that we're now working on next. and that have been ordered and will shortly be started in construction and delivery to add system thirteen billion dollars. the c one thirty howling. airplane into the hercules great plane three point eight billion dollars. the bradley vehicles that's the tanks one point two billion dollars and the p eight poseidon is one point four billion dollars and what it does is it really means that many many jobs
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we're talking about over forty thousand jobs in the united states that would make the best equipment in the world there's nobody even close to saudi arabia is buying a lot of this equipment and a lot of people are at work making the equipment not only for us because we as you know we were getting a seven hundred billion dollar military proposal and that's even a lot of you guys but we're getting a seven hundred billion dollars military plan this year and seven hundred sixteen will be next year seven hundred sixteen billion dollars so where are. we really have a great friendship a great relationship i would really have to say the relationship was to put it mildly very very strained during the obama administration and the relationship now is probably as good as it really ever been and i think we'll probably only get better are tremendous investments made in our country and that means jobs for our
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workers jobs for us people also defense we're talking about defense and we're working very hard with saudi arabia and they're also footing a big part of the bill for defense the whole middle east and we know what's happened in the middle east and it has not been a pretty picture for the united states or for anybody and a lot of things are changing and they're changing very rapidly as you know isis is now we've recaptured almost one hundred percent of the territory as you probably have heard before anybody but we've captured close to one hundred percent of the territory held by isis so we move very rapidly very quickly and that's really coming to an end in that part of the world is coming to an end and we'll be able to get out of certain areas that we've wanted to get out of for a long period of time and other countries can handle it at this point they'll be
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able to handle it so it's a great honor to have you and your representatives here crown prince thank you very much they could be like you mr president actually that addition to so doing this and make it so old relation will the oldest ally for us of america and the middle east and more but a to use the following means and big interests because you can economically and security the different a lot for you and the condition of the nation it's really huge and deep into a different issue we know that to date it's the cause of little more than four million jobs in this information about a government that it could be all sorts of coals for a lot of jobs and so i'm going to go to come to a number to be. as you know mr president from day one you. at least this office we've planned to. create to tackle two hundred billion u.s. dollars facility in the next four years but to end up with four hundred billion dollars of opportunities you've talked to the president about the military deals the commission if it's more than fifty percent most of the permutation of all in
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the four hundred billion dollars double fatalities more than fifty five percent right we've planned this for the next ten years but it happens in one of the fifty five percent though so this is a signal that there is a lot of things could be tackled and closed if you chilled more opportunities and that's why we got here to the to be sure that we ticals all the opportunities and achievement and also all the threats facing all both countries on the whole of the world so i'm going to get to the well that's right and you know one thing that you have to be really focused on is the terrorism threat and the funding of terrorists and whether it's already or other countries as we know that there will be no funding it is we have a zero tolerance for the funding of terrorists and we're working very hard and i will say this saudi arabia has been very working very hard on that as are certain other countries in the middle east when i was there in may i think it was one of the most incredible today meetings that i've ever seen that anybody's ever seen it
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was an amazing two day period we had fifty six countries we had everybody was there at the head of every country virtually i guess in every case it was the head of the country and we talked about terrorism and the funding of terrorism and it will not be allowed it will not be allowed that would be the one thing that would end the relationship with any country so. i think there's a very big focus on that the funding of terrorism meaning it's over and the other thing that i really am very happy about is that we talked about four hundred billion dollars worth of investment of which we've already invest. in seed invested two hundred billion to our companies to various other places and people that make things so a lot of places throughout the united states are benefiting by this massive investment made by saudi arabia to buy products from the united states and again we make the best military product in the world whether it's missiles or planes or
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anything else is nobody that even comes close so i just want to thank you and what you can good to leave you and everything thank you both. here. and everything. else in a terrible. local state and federal law working hand in hand to get to the bottom of it this is obviously a very very sick individual or maybe individuals is a sick people and we will get to the bottom of it will be very strong we have all sorts of federal agencies over there right now we're searching what's going on in austin a great place tremendous place is absolutely disgraceful so we have a lot of power over there will look in not easy to find but these are a sick people and we have to find them as soon as possible we have to find them
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really immediately i will say working with texas working with the local governments has been great but we have to produce we have to find this very sick person or people thank you all very much. and i'm. right. here in this. hall with president putin and congratulated him on the victory has our electoral victory the call had to do also with the fact that we will. probably get together in the not too distant future so that we can discuss arms we can discuss. the arms race as you know he made a statement that being an arms race is not a great thing that was right after the election one of the first statements you made and we are spending seven hundred billion dollars this year our military a lot of it is that we are going to remain stronger than any other nation in the world by far we had a very good call and i suspect that we'll probably be meeting in the not too
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distant future to discuss the arms race which is getting out of control but we will never allow anybody to have anything even close to what we have and also to discuss ukraine and syria and north korea and various other things so i think probably will be seeing president putin in the not too distant future. we're going to see what happens iran deal is coming up it's. probably another month or so and you're going to see what i do what iran has not been treating that part of the world or the world itself appropriately a lot of bad things are happening in iran the deal is coming up in one month and you'll see what happens ok you're right and left. with a couple got to do. ok thank you for and that it will make you
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a only. president trump and the saudi crown prince mohammed bin some months speaking there after their meeting and then seeing billions of dollars worth of arms the ils let's go to alan fischer ad the white house says no surprises there in what they spoke about. no it's talking about saudi investment particularly with the money that they're going to put into the defense industry when donald trump returned from his meetings in saudi arabia in may last year that was the one thing he said had been a huge success also talking about the funding of terrorism saying that if anyone was discovered funding terrorism then he would simply cut all relations with them so he's essentially setting the agenda that we expected him to set out talking about iran as well saying that there's a lot to be dealt with over that that is obviously an issue that wolf we hear a lot about over the next few days. alan fischer with the latest staff from outside
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the white house for the moment allan thank you and we'll of course bring you more on that meeting when we're back in half an hour with more news coming up next though it's techno thanks for watching. this is techno show about innovations that can change lives the science of fighting wildfires we're going to explore the intersection of hardware and humanity and we're doing it a unique way. this is a show about science blow now by scientists. tonight techno investigates shrimp safety the seafood.


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