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the lecture about it was going to win but it was about how much with detailed coverage the syrian civil war mostly said to. what is new different is that each some people will live until to morrow many innocent people will die from around the world the bats and balls are several years old the really good players could end up trading a cricket academy and maybe one day play for the national team. three billion dollars five hundred thirty three million dollars president trump boasts of a u.s. arm sales to saudi arabia as he hosts crown prince mohamed bin some. unknown
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barbara sarah this is al jazeera live from london also coming out of the u.n. calls for urgent taxes to the people of eastern syria drops of white phosphorus and shells children sheltering in a school. to russia with not very much love twenty three diplomats expelled by britain leave from moscow and the world's last the mail northern white rhino dies in kenya leaving only two females open subspecies. the crown prince of saudi arabia has been having a working lunch with u.s. president donald trump at the white house in an unusual photo opportunity trump used the visual aids a to show how much money and how many jobs arms the sales the saudi arabia were bringing in. we've become very good friends over a fairly short period of time i was in saudi arabia in may and we are bringing back
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hundreds of billions of dollars into the united states and we understand that and they understand that some of the things that have been approved in are currently under construction and will be delivered to saudi arabia very soon and that's for their protection but if you look in terms of dollars three billion dollars five hundred thirty three million dollars five hundred twenty five million dollars that's peanuts for you. alan fisher is live for us at the white house in washington while allan we we knew the two men were going to sign business deals and arms deals and now we kind of know the exact amount of pretty much each one. well these were all agreed when donald trump was in saudi arabia and many came back in saying look it was a great trip he liked the way that they treated him he thought he'd established a connection particularly with the crown prince and it's odd that in the oval
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office that donald trump would take this approach but this is really playing to the domestic audience he's saying look we're friends with soda arabia and this is why we're friends with saudi arabia we're friends with them because they're spending millions and millions of dollars on our arms industry and that is creating jobs for walkers for our people and while he's doing this just across time in the senate they're debating how the united states gets involved in various conflicts around the world and banning sunders in the last hour has been talking about the united states being involved with saudi arabia in the war in yemen and he said look you can argue not it was technical and legal sense that the united states isn't fighting the war there but try explaining that to people whose homes are being bombed with bombs mark mead in the u.s. see who are being targeted by planners who work for the united states so he's very clear on his position but for donald trump. excuse me for donald trump this was all
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about lauding his achievement back in may and making sure people understand the reason he continues to be linked with saudi arabia and one part is because of their dislike is probably too light a word but their dislike of the regime in tehran and also the fact that for the united states it means investment and it means jobs and it means money. alan fischer outside the white house allan thank you and our senior political analyst my one bashar is here and we actually heard and as live or sort of just. you know that press conference almost between the two leaders where trump mentioned all these business deals what struck at you not just about the business deals but the other things the two leaders discussed it seemed to me like. like a bizarre arms bazaar sort you know with the graphics and everything and and the.
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the angles were really wrong you know where the vice president almost like he's holding the signs and then the signs being pasted on the crown prince of saudi arabia as if it's some sort of. you know a horse of some sort the optics were differently not not great but i think the president was trying to sell not only arms to saudi arabia he was trying to sell saudi arabia and the crown prince to the american public so i think the whole circus was meant in order to sell and improve the image of the crown prince of the new saudi arabia to the american public because as we spoke earlier everyone knows that in terms of image the saudi arabia suffers from that in the u.s. and i mean not just image the united nations for example blames air strikes by the saudi led coalition for the majority of civilian deaths in yemen a war that's going on for a long time do you think i mean is it speculation is there any hope the president
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trying to put any kind of pressure on saudi arabia to wrap up the war in yemen one way or another we haven't seen any of that it's certainly not visible to us the only thing that we've seen was several months ago defense minister mattis did say that we need to conclude this conflict in yemen through diplomacy and some sort of a peace process but sending arms to saudi arabia unconditionally and not even mentioning the war and yemen in this press conference or in this whatever we call it i think that's a scandal to the united states because even the most hypocritical of the american administrations have always attach some sort of legal framework to selling arms to saudi arabia and other countries that's all remember that under the obama administration the united sates the united states sold saudi arabia one hundred and fifteen delia dollars worth of on's so although. there were tensions between saudi
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arabia the united states at the time still hundred fifteen billion dollars of arms did that bring and secured to saudi arabia did that not bring more or more destruction to yemen what but what we're seeing now is basically doubling down on that committing to sell saudi arabia hunger than ten billion additional dollars of arms while the war in yemen is killing countless people it's interesting you mentioned defense secretary mattis because actually he is one of the people that the mother when someone is due to meet her for the next few days so i'm interested to see if anything comes out of that marwan bashar thank you. let's go to syria now where activists in eastern hooter's say that twenty eight people most of them children have been killed while attempting to shelter from air strikes in a school in the past twenty four hours indiscriminate air strikes and shelling by the syrian government have killed dozens of people in the damascus suburbs the
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rescue group the white helmets says weapons life white phosphorus which are banned in civilian areas have actually been used the u.n. is calling for urgent access to civilians who have fled the city and those still trapped inside then a horde of reports from beirut in neighboring lebanon so. the duma is under attack the northern part of what is now a divided rebel and cleave is again a battleground there was a brief lull in the violence but but dartmouth has resumed after what syrian military sources say is the collapse of because. one of the three rebel factions in eastern. i'm going to. she controls it is defending what is left of it stronghold syrian military sources say the group refused to accept demands by a russian military delegation the pro-government alliance says it will step up military operations to force
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a surrender or pressure back to the negotiating table was. some of the new shelling is targeting civilians and hasn't stopped. this is an airstrike right now as you can see the plane is bombarding residential areas of bombardments haven't stopped since yesterday until this very moment. tens of thousands of civilians are trapped in eastern largest population center since the assault was launched more than a month ago syrian government forces and their allies have advanced deep inside the rebel controlled area outside damascus splitting it into three pockets aid managed to enter to my joining recent weeks but one of the warehouses was hit in monday's attacks humanitarian agencies said the supplies that were delivered were far from enough but they were desperately needed by a population that has been under tight siege for months that brief cease fire into also allowed dozens of wounded and sick people to be evacuated to hospitals the
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delivery of aid the evacuation of medical cases and a cease fire are what the rebel factions are demanding but it's not clear how much bargaining power they have they have been weakened after losing a lot of territory the pro-government alliance has the upper hand on the ground. and its aim since the start of the bombing campaign is to recapture eastern and the presence of the opposition in the area. that the syrian army is now clearing and it's from terrorists and is removing all the explosive devices and after that. all the way until we reach job or until every piece of. the battle has caused immense human suffering the united nations is warning of a further deepening of the crisis it says more than forty five thousand people have been displaced seventy percent of them women and children and they along with hundreds of thousands of others trapped in the rubble puckett's face what the
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united nations calls a catastrophic situation. beirut and syrian state t.v. is reporting that twenty nine people have been killed in a suburb of damascus by rebel rocket fire. now twenty three russian diplomats and their families have left the u.k. in iraq over the poisoning of a former spy in salzburg britain accuses moscow of using that nerve agent chalk in the attack. and his daughter who are still critically ill in hospital moscow denies the claims and has retaliated by forcing the same number of british embassy staff to leave russia one of the phillips reports. an abrupt farewell to colleagues and to london some people diplomats and families are believed to have left the russian embassy for those on their way and those left behind this is not been a happy day. to hold a reception for those leaving
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a few days ago the mood appears to be. being expelled would resume their diplomatic careers elsewhere so the diplomats and their families have left they will argue that their lives have been cruelly unnecessarily disrupted the british government argues that the spying capacity of the embassy has been severely weakened the british prime minister lead a national security meeting the outcome britain's borders have been tightened against those who threaten it other measures against russia are being considered. will be discussed at this week's summit. meanwhile the expelled diplomats and family had arrived at london stands today port moscow less than four hours away by plane but right now the u.k. and russia seem light years apart but to be phillips al-jazeera london still to come in this half hour another school shooting in the u.s.
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this time in maryland we'll bring you all the latest there and the package bound for austin explodes in texas injuring an employee at a fed ex facility. hello there it's looking a little bit more settled across parts of the middle east at the moment we're still the circulation here that's over parts of afghanistan giving us a fair amount of rain and still some snow over the mountains that's clearing away there and things for many of us here will be a good deal dry up then the other two weather systems are in the far northern parts of our map so one of them just getting to the north of azerbaijan there and here it should stay dry even as we head through thursday and the next system is working its way across the northern parts of turkey there during the day on thursday but generally speaking to the south of that it's fine and dry and the temperatures will
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be climbing now so force in baghdad will be around thirty degrees the temperatures certainly climbing here in doha to say thirty one degrees will be the maximum on wednesday that as we head into thursday will get to around thirty three or thirty four say feeling hotter for so long more humid to saw temperatures topping out around thirty degrees let's head down towards the southern parts of africa then and we can see all spiraling cycling gradually trailing away towards the south it's clearing away from madagascar madagascar if you mostly fine now but further west for some of us here in namibia it's looking pretty wet that's also affecting us in this system still with us as we head through wednesday and it's just giving a few showers for the south as well.
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my special. now reminder of the top stories here on al-jazeera the saudi crown prince has met u.s. president donald trump at the white house with trump discussing how much money and jobs arms sales to riyadh are bringing into the u.s. . twenty three russian diplomats expelled from the u.a.e. from the u.k.
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in the wake of the source for a nerve agent attack have now left london along with their families and the syrian government has reportedly used white phosphorus to attack civilians in eastern kentucky. well the united nations is the man that full access to civilians forced to flee eastern huta and a free man in what it says is now a massive new displacement the u.n. refugee agency says about forty five thousand people have left eastern who turned the last few days is syrian government forces closing in on opposition health pockets about seventy percent of them are women and children many suffering from life threatening illnesses that's according to the un's children agency unicef they are now in overcrowded shelters that's adding to the health risks and further north in a free one hundred forty thousand people have been uprooted by the turkish offensive to wrestle control of the enclave from kurdish fighters according to your staff the
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needs are overwhelming and growing by the hour there are also serious health risks all existing shelters are extremely congested and overcrowded and like basic sanitation people queuing for line for hours to use restrooms. i missed the international is accusing france of breaking international law by selling weapons to saudi arabia and the u.a.e. and failing to ensure those weapons are used illegally both gulf states have been accused of committing war crimes during the conflict with who the fighting is in yemen the french foreign ministry is this missing on misty's concerns as reports. searching for what little was left of this house was destroyed in an airstrike by the saudi led coalition the yemeni capital sana'a has been targeted repeatedly since the conflict began nearly three years ago killing more than ten thousand yemenis displacing millions and threatening famine and what the u.n. describes as the world's worst humanitarian crisis in paris amnesty international
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released a report it commission from a law firm which found france and its arms suppliers faced heightened legal risk for supplying weapons to saudi arabia and the u.a.e. the rights group said the sales were continuing despite their warnings the main outcome is that most of the exploitation of weapons of arms by france to saudi arabia and three united arab emirates within the given this conflict. probably completely illegal. and. could lead to legal action against either of companies or. french administrative was it to gulf states are leading the coalition fighting the iranian backed who the rebels who controlled most of northern yemen and the capital sanaa the report follows criticism by french politicians of president. because of
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his support for the coalition. because this legal study we call for the opening of a real debate and equally an immediate suspension of the sale of arms from france to those two countries in war in yemen. france's foreign ministry has dismissed the concerns saying processes surrounding arms sales are robust and transparent saudi arabia and the united arab emirates are among the biggest buyers of french weapons receiving tanks armored vehicles munitions artilleries and in the usa yeast case fighter jets india's al-jazeera in the u.s. state of maryland one person believed to be the gunman has died after a shooting at a school police in say mary's county say that two people were injured the great mills high school in lexington park was originally put on lockdown and all pupils moved to another school nearby well let's check in now with rosen and jordan she's live for us in washington d.c. roles what else do we know about this incident. well at this very moment barbara
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there's another press conference starting in this community near the naval air station patuxent river that's where they test the f. thirty five stealth fighter jet this is a situation where at least one person has died as you noted it was the shooter who apparently was shot by a police officer who was stationed at the school as a security officer two other students a girl and a boy were taken to hospital as well at last report they were in critical condition we may be getting an update on their condition at this hour we don't know the motive behind this shooting but students who were inside the school at the beginning of the school day said that they heard a gunshot in a hallway started running for their safety one witness told
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a local television station that he saw the girl fall to the floor again we don't have a motive we don't have an identification obviously they put the school on lockdown and students were being taken to another campus where their parents could pick them up that angered some parents who simply said that they didn't want to be running around the county to try to find their children then they wanted some answers from school authorities on how something like this could happen. a male student produced a handgun and fired around. wounding a female student and a nother male student in a hallway of great most high schools just before classes begun. the victims of the shooting were transported by. e.m.'s. and the one male student went through med star say mary's hospital is in stable condition the female student was transported. to shock trauma facility is in critical condition
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and i am told that at ten forty one am this morning the shooter was confirmed to see just that charles regional medical center. now since february fourteenth the shooting at that high school in southern florida where seventeen students and teachers were killed allegedly by nicholas cruz this is the twenty first incident at a u.s. school in which gun violence was either threatened or carried out and as you heard at least one person now is dead in this incident these students at great fall great mills high school had taken part in the nationwide walkout last week and they were planning to attend this coming weekend protest on the national mall it's a cruel irony perhaps barbara that now they have a very personal reason for it attending that march on saturday it is indeed in
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jordan with the latest from washington ross thank you and staying in the u.s. for peace in texas have sent a hazardous materials team to a fedex near san antonio to investigate an explosion there now a package filled with nails and shrapnel exploded at the distribution center early on tuesday police are looking into whether it was linked to a series of bombings in austin the explosion on tuesday is the fifth in texas in the past one hundred days two men have been killed and several others hurt in the attacks a package had been traveling along the automated conveyor when it added have exploded one employee that was standing near the explosion later complained. in the ears. she was treated and released were very fortunate that there were no injuries. how mass has rejected an accusation by palestinian
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president mahmoud abbas that it was behind the attempted assassination of his prime minister a roadside bombing struck the motorcade of rummy hummed during a visit to the gaza strip last week during a speech hamas which controls gaza and threatened to vitale eight. we call on ari gyptian brothers to intervene immediately in order to stop this criminal policy against the people of palestine and the palestinian cause and these policies prepare the environment for the arrival of the so-called deal of the century that will separate the west bank from gaza and we call for the creation of a large national front to reject these decisions and allow the reconstruction of the palestinian home. the former french president nicolas sarkozy is being held by police over allegations that he received the millions of dollars in illegal campaign financing from the former libyan leader moammar gadhafi investigators are looking into claims that the gadhafi regime gave serco z as much as sixty million
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dollars sarkozy has always denied any wrongdoing that passion but the reports. nicolas sarkozy only served one term as french president he swept to power in two thousand and seven promising a new style of leadership but he left office amid allegations that his presidential campaign had received illegal funds from libya in two thousand and twelve a french news website published documents suggesting former libyan leader mohamed gadhafi had agreed to give sarkozy's campaign fifty million dollars today the editor says it's one of more than france's biggest political scandals. when the arab spring kicks off starting in tunisia and people start rising up there are real questions about this twenty eleven war where france with nicolas sarkozy overstepped the mandate of the united nations to the point where a regime was overthrown allowing for a dictator to be assassinated one can wonder if there was not
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a dimension of private war to destroy the evidence if i think the class the allegations of overshadowed sarkozy's political career some people in france questioned why just months into his presidency sarkozy and find to get daffy to paris for a lavish state visit at the time gadhafi had been eager to shake off his image as a political pariah and reenter the world stage then in twenty thirteen a french lebanese businessman said it carried millions of dollars from tripoli to paris for sarkozy's campaign although. these are the facts yes yes gaddafi pates a cozy. it paid for the complain you paid for other things it's not my problem. dean's accusations helped end sarkozy's third presidential bid. it. was a disgrace and you know the shamed to be giving publicity to
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a man who's been in prison he's been convicted numerous times of slander who is a liar so cozies under formal investigation into other corruption cases but so far police haven't established a direct link between the former president and any illegal libyan money foreign campaign funding is banned in france nicolas sarkozy has always denied receiving any illegal funding from libya and over the years he has accused his opponents or the political smear campaign now that he has retired from politics it will be harder for him to use that line of defense convincingly that are so popular on to syria known terrorists nigeria's military failed to act after multiple warnings that boko haram fighters were preparing to enter a town where they abducted more than one hundred schoolgirls that is the finding of an amnesty international report which says the army and police received at least
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five calls in the hours before the attack the kidnapping of one hundred ten schoolgirls and dutchy last month the youngest of whom is just ten has revived the memories of the two thousand and fourteen abduction of hundreds of girls from chibok then egeria government has now launched an investigation into the attack. african leaders are set to sign a new free trade agreement which will increase trade on the continent by fifty two percent over the next few years the african continental free trade area is being discussed at a summit in the rwandan capital kigali all fifty five member states of the african union are expected to agree to the deal on wednesday but major area that's africa's most populous country has pulled out other countries though still do plan to go ahead the deal would cover africa's one point two billion population and it's projected that it could give africa a g.d.p. equal to that of the u.s. and europe combined by twenty fifty. a species of the rhinoceros is
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a step closer towards extinction after the last male died in kenya vets and that the life of the northern white rhino called sudan when his health warse and d.n.a. samples were taken just before the forty five year old died in the hope that future technology could revive the species only two northern white females are alive after decades of poaching conservationists have been speaking about how they are working to prevent the complete extinction of the species. sudan has died but that does not mean that the subspecies goes extinct because we house palm or. northern way train those that is stored you know across various institutions and the spam will still be available for the i.v.s. process but we shall require that we get the female eggs from the female in few secret existing to create an embryo then we'd be implanted on.
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a train. that will hopefully rescue the species from extinction. a giant antarctic glassy or the size of france is melting faster than expected sparking fears it will cause sea levels to rise considerably scientists say a large part of the top ten of last year is sitting directly on top of a sea of the sea and that enables warm currents to melt it from below if a melts completely world sea levels would rise by at least three meters also more on that and everything else we've covered on the web site al jazeera dot com. and other top stories on our jersey are the saudi crown prince has met u.s. president donald trump at the white house with trump discussing how much money and jobs arms sales to riyadh are bringing into the u.s.
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in an unusual photo opportunity trying to use the visual aid to illustrate the economic benefits of the arms deal. would become a very good bridge over a fairly short period of time i was in saudi arabia in may and we are bringing back hundreds of billions of dollars into the united states and we understand that and they understand that some of the things that have been approved then are currently under construction and will be delivered to saudi arabia very seriously and for their protection but if you look in terms of dollars three billion dollars five hundred thirty three million dollars five hundred twenty five million dollars there's been a review. syrian state t.v. is reporting that twenty nine people have been killed in the capital damascus after a rocket was fired from nearby eastern huta it follows heavy syrian government shelling of eastern huta including the alleged use of white phosphorus which is
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banned in civilian areas the us un is the banding full access to civilians trying to flee the enclave twenty three russian diplomats expelled from the u.k. in the wake of the soul's very nerve agent attack have now left london have been thrown out in response to the poisoning of former russian double agents or gay scroope and his daughter yulia two weeks ago how mass has rejected an accusation by palestinian president mahmoud abbas that it was behind the attempted assassination of his prime minister a roadside bombing struck the motorcade of rummy during a visit to the gaza strip last. one person has been killed in a school shooting in the us state of maryland it's thought that it's the gunman police in st mary's county say that two pupils have also been injured in the incident. or those are the top stories for you i'm going to have more all of today's news on the al-jazeera news hour that's coming up in less than half an hour
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stay tuned though coming up next it's inside story thank you for watching us you very soon. making his debut in the united states the saudi crown prince promotes a vision of reform for his country but his foreign policies have left the gulf divided and yemen on the brink of what impression as mohamed been sound making in the instructional states this is inside story.


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