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tv   May Ziade Arab Feminist Writer  Al Jazeera  March 20, 2018 11:00pm-12:01am +03

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in a special place the so-called secret city getting to the heart of the matter why is activists to live in jail just because she expressed herself hear their story on talk to al-jazeera at this time. it's impossible to underestimate the size and scale of the economic crisis it's not just about the billion trillion dollars of debt it's not just about the banks it's not just about the governments it's about real people. hello there today we're dulles here in london our top stories currently on al-jazeera u.s. president down from spin banging the drum for arms sales to saudi arabia the missing in the white house with the visiting crime prince mohammed bin salma but on capitol hill senate says i've been critical of saudi arabia's war and given the
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u.s. government's involvement in it ellen fisher reports that from washington. it was a looky arrival for such a high profile visit the crown prince from saudi arabia did not go in through the front door but soon find himself in the oval office and the u.s. president donald trump addressing mainly a domestic audience took the opportunity to outline the financial importance of the sided relationship some of the things that have been approved and are currently under construction and will be delivered so the review very soon this is mohammed been summoned second visit to the white house in a year and he was keen to point out this was the continuation of an old alliance we are the oldest ally first of american the middle east right now more than eighty years but there was a warning from the president to saudi arabia and others in the region whether it's on arabia or other countries as we know there will be no funding it is we have a zero tolerance for the funding of terrorists among the things to be covered in
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the talks the iran nuclear deal security across the middle east. and the war in yemen which is also being discussed across time with some u.s. senators expressing concern about america's continued support of the saudi led operation in the country u.s. forces have been actively engaged in support of the saudi coalition in this war providing intelligence an aerial refueling of planes whose bombs have killed thousands of people and made this humanitarian crisis far worse the current prince's visit here to the white house marks the start of a three week trip to the united states he'll meet business leaders oil executives academics representatives from. silicon valley's high tech companies and the movie industry all in good reshaping his kingdom's image here in the united states but one analyst says there are bigger issues to deal with closer to home for saudi arabia growth of course saudi arabia has transformed itself as a from
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a status quo power to the to an activist party in the region which has put it directly at the coalition course with iran and sets the stage for a very dangerous and unpredictable environment there was no mention of the ongoing gulf crisis in the oval office. go against qatar as they've been in place for ten months and donald trump has moved away from his offer to host talks for everyone i can't believe it mohamed bin someone has a long list of things to be discussed debated and agreed to in this year's trip but he does to believe in his relationship with the president is deep strong and mutually beneficial as alan fischer i'll just see those at the white house syrian state media says thirty five people have been killed after a rocket fired by a physician fighters landed in a marketplace in a government held area of damascus it happened at the cash gold market close to rebel held parts of eastern kota that areas khan the heavy bombardment from the syrian army and its allies in recent weeks the board of cambridge animalistic was
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suspended the firm c.e.o. alexander next after he was secretly filmed talking can the day of us operations u.k. bed based company is a list of misused days a week from some fifty million facebook users to manipulate public opinion in the run up to the twenty sixteen us presidential election cambridge analytic and facebook knifings inquiries from authorities in the us the us. former french president nicolas sarkozy is being held by police over allegations he received millions of dollars in illegal campaign financing from libya's late the don't move market duffy because he has always denied those accusations. he said texas have set a hazardous materials team to fedex tipple near san antonio to investigate an explosion there package filled with nails and shrapnel exploded at the distribution center early on tuesday some of them into whether it was linked to a series of bombings in austin the explosion on tuesday is the fifth in texas in
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the past nineteen days two man have been killed and several others hurt those attacks that said you are up to date for the moment i'll to see a world that's next so we'll be back with more headlines at about half an hour.
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i mean with all due. to high achieving you on a new ability was quick to be with us and i'm a woman who spent her life between her pens stationery books and research or had all my thoughts have been centered around ideals and this idealistic life made me ignore how militias people could be. ignored the malice and some people's deadly poison disguised as softness. lazy or the other thing. they suffer of the misfit or the little get off the
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free and open the can and. have so what can i melon. and i'm going to get in saying well why if it costs more than who may you let me at the how many maybe he can send. more thank you for. of kathy back shadow mazie or the thought of the wal-mart. yani. would agree but. i knew how to move at the moment. i learned feel at the villa out of the east with another. man in canada. was
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a few. of the hundreds. mazie or the other a lot of be. over the. leave. may not collect. money. at that will all be fee then he can. be another ten to one who a member. of. the. other . power through with. many. before and see it the women want to shut up the. minute make an effort to keep. the telly about a bit. and had this fear. be
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a shout. out of. the water. while. the evil one in the world get done america not so you that. the law. live and let him have been. hasn't had. a bag or figurative. bell. here but. in fact how often. so much possible to be. for heaven. who we. are most talkative already and
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it's a creeping. worry then we can hear hard work and let the theater get done female possum be. been a shark would hardly any. or be one hundred how didn't. you need to have a minute. maybe you get a bit of a lift you can. walk the a bit get a bit. let you can really do. a lot of homework at the bathroom or pop up book of if you're. a negativity. but below but for insidious one look at a lot of well. let people i look. so what will. be very. obvious when we chant beautiful words in vain the words of freedom and liberty. if you
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manage the east keep the core of slavery your homes presented by your wives and daughters will the children of slaves speak free. was heard the last. laugh at the idea. setia academy if it matters well it can be marked as a bit to. get you there like. a hair you send in the here. with a catheter in the last for can it tell. so what you just really. bitterly made for. and already back where you were in minister the mother was dollars billion this week i will now be in this room i
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wanted to get in this room what can or cannot confirm in there is a lot of beer for the infertile. again that mazy or them in. the. not to be thought of fear in the soul i would say. that the war. here man. that one of that humans are them our all the. memory. of the last of the evil that was about has there been there and to there for a small a little thought of up to here the fire of them of my love have been also could have. been a good word of course come a. mazy idea wrote about many female figure. one book was called. which was the pen name of the egyptian writer.
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nasser a leading feminist in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. she wrote about the issue at a murder and egyptian social activist poet novelist and feminist she also wrote about one of the early years e.g. a lebanese writer known for her distinctive literature and poetry. and she contributed regularly to periodicals annika sian's on the condition of arab women. in the way that followed by a martyr our minister a little bit of our home our and my gourd of oil more than a day that we were finally taken and already all had been done one time where mazie are back at me some of it at the end we're with bad namely me again at twentieth and finally found on friday and there was a column of water i want access in there's a medical ward where they could let me and i'm home to one of the found couple of has somehow found this weird here came here and now i am a bit careless and this we're looking here will assess as you go wash their remains
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here they were shot here. i think a minute ago that. i would. you must. get about why should i. let him out i started to look. very much and then this week. even for them and he only. get.
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a few also the yell worked at about the muck at the butt but the guardian unlike at the birth didn't get the. well i can feed the many who know that the rules made and the fee that the money. that. he thought would. be. going to. a few you. matters would be. building. here got most of it would. come from. me in a way in some year and that. i had to go to the audience like in here
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that. i had. a lot of friends so you can meet anywhere. have the critical fear if you think we are going to come on mystery for what to make up more would have been come almost a year of total bullshit like a whole show how we can miss a bit. let me answer you with kids you thought of course i did for of course i had to games however in the command in the halls where metadata perhaps so but i have been a good singer. the acute that bit me. at thirty if i look at the. bilberry. here i don't get that if you had. let me know. we even had the room and
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see and miss a leader in i wouldn't get above her let me let me ask you more me. i will get herb do and sharable all for and see no one here a little more club with me is the scorpion well a miracle net is more is the school be like a loan of the mill head than this million dollar a living world there had been a good moral and immoral. whose middle. work would be a dandy kill him a deer that looks a little need or who knows. maisie or the. min a will will lead be a we're going to be led had the willow let me. have the mocha if she needed me to leave. the lot were to watch. a new auto for me. willow would not. yet do another word if that had been me
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well what does that toby mean or me. is more than those that mean say that to be. loyal call in the nose of the world they been in for a long the article work on a. lot of. the holder who wanted my term will tell you. i'm also along with all of you bought of them out of who knows many. and father took your leave you a limb and lot of b. a few million of the muscle with a b. at the bottom of i wondered maisie either who i am and i love the mom for nasri was mama's her mom knows her aside them up. to look at me. in the war.
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let me. know where did to her. just the horrors of the other colonel who are in a. her business the so-called fall of a few muscle. cars could move the other few. a new kind of motorists that. would be up to be going to the other of our best of them in order to. make. sure. that at the birth. of this war cool has the more clear it would be a tribute show for nurse. nurse lineker know this and. will. he in the soil and does good mean they could. eliminate had.
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led to all the need or should not share. any measure had let it or death. can it michelle had. me silly of all muncy obama made the mayor that he had to be she. had they were here at the talon fema the restaurant had better use of a year before that would have a philistine again they had misled the last lemon tart eyelet torah. and there we. let her her see.
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my dad. and i'll go with. us. but. you know.
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he was really. busy. you think i well they wanted a fast and you know you can't really measure a lot of. that as a female. that. that. but then she. so mad that in the midst of what can
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a jury did. well i usually get to idea who can or will you do but be sure see how feet. get a better. jet. of well i'm talkin with an idea and i get in the midst of them talking to a mystery publication. can it be. and then bill called her. lessee i'm in canada heavy argument i'm at a shopping list a woman a sub left at. a local hope but we have taken him. out of the. bitter letter letter to last them. and then waters them in the see me more go ahead and give me he will be daily bad the heavy will hold. a little.
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he has really taken him it was not adequate to kill him on mazie or the west side. of the. world is illegal and them in. the future i must move. out and give me what a difficult give me are allowed. in a getting the most. you have everybody have tell you when where you don't want gays even had this how you can. be made it a lot of it in ne. win with a cream wish you had very good indeed a mystery in the eyes of william a what. you know i like following. me at the subtle maze here the. ferry then from there we can. yes. but then before getting. there you can
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even. say in may your observe the half of the bit i.e. and then we put on jimmy at will and we don't know if they knew for nine years who we can get that they do and i listen or mazie at the why yet the stuff boom and then b. as for the old hen the been elected to betty and. heather . without a yes man as habit to get headed for korea with a look at the. beheading it'll knock out a few korea. and. yet. victory with i know where our. army a coughing fit well adam a lot of b. ill and maisie had. to wear. maisie
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or than a hammer and. you know almost ducking. behind the wheel . well. we're going to be there is the we're going to live in. delhi. i want to get the the in him and. the more of the. prettier he was where we do you have. the receipt for career. if you still have the most of. would you have
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a different or get. power with this with the man. i will hop up if you has a sea of the winds have you done that i will show you as in most. things are going to. be the people thought they were to go according to norm for. who would have seen the. little sort of we're going to bomb the l m m if you walk there are. so many years year we have a man or a kid and was a. minute the left has and there was a missile or of oil for me in. get over there. have eleven i was a girl most remember here are almost since i was a little we're going to begin living or going to holler all human can holler does hold up most of us are bit off a bus. and nome. men
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from all walks of life came to maisie tuesday afternoon. and many were deeply in love with her. but to me was only ever in love with one man whom she never met. but on. stories of life. and inspiration. a series of short documentaries from around the wild. that celebrate the human spirit against the arts and if they. al-jazeera selects changemaker. at this time. a scandal which
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rocked the nation to its core and exposed hundreds of court officials of accepting bribes just to show the most dangerous cool movie t one s. sometimes take a spot at the door an edifice to blow up a personal find that these judicial corruption as a matter of i have by i come out of my compass in an exclusive documentary al-jazeera and examine the man's extraordinary battle for just as in donna. the nature as news as it breaks this was a great a lecture about it was going to win but it was about by how much with detailed coverage of the syrian civil war the lives and to the state of what is no different is that each day some people will live until to morrow so many innocent people will die from around the world the bats and balls are several years old the really good players could end up trading at cricket academy and maybe one day play for the national team. lost and
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a band. found and saved. when he's reveals how one charity is giving pakistan's lost children i knew chance and luck on al-jazeera. al-jazeera where ever you. hello there i'm julie we don't want to hear in london our top stories currently on al-jazeera saudi arabia's crown prince smallman bin solomon has met don't want the white house the two leaders shared among usual photo opportunity with the u.s. president using large cards to illustrate what he said with the benefits of arms
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sales to riyadh ahmed been salma has been leading the war against the hutu rebels in yemen conflict that's come under heavy criticism the number of civilians killed . growing prince thank you very much take it again it was a big actually the relationship is going to be a message make it's all the relation you know the oldest ally first of america in the middle east right there may have been eighty volumes and big interest politically economically and security different area looks very real and the condition of religion it's really huge and. so in state media says thirty five people have been killed after a rocket fired by opposition fighters landed in a marketplace and the government held area of damascus it happened at the cash gold market close to rebel held parts of eastern kota areas come on the heavy bombardment the syrian army and its allies in recent months. the board of cambridge analysts suspends of the firm seal alexander next after he was secretly filmed talking candidly about its operations the u.k.
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best company is alleged to have misused data it gleaned from some fifty million facebook users to manipulate public opinion in the run up to the twenty sixteen us presidential election cambridge analytic and facebook now face inquiries from authorities in the u.s. and europe former french president nicolas sarkozy is being held by police over allegations he received millions of dollars in illegal campaign financing for libya's late leader muammar qadhafi investigators are looking into claims the gadhafi regime gave saar cosi as much as sixty million dollars because he's always denied any wrongdoing. this in texas says set a hazardous materials team to fedex the airport near san antonio to investigate an explosion there package filled with nails and shrapnel exploded at the distribution center early on choose state the silicon into whether it was linked to a series of bombings in austin explosion on tuesday is the fifth in texas in the
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past nineteen days two men have been killed and several others hurt in those attacks you're up to date those are current top stories al jazeera world continues next.
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mazy idea held regular tuesday afternoon literary salons in cairo in the one nine hundred twenty s. and thirty's. the men attending adored her like is. an egyptian poet who was also a lawyer and senior official in their traditional system he said to have thought of made like a daughter and wrote my soul waits around one of the neighborhood houses like you thirsty bird for water if i don't see me tomorrow i will reject you oh tuesday morning. the egyptian novelist abass mahmud and i.
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had a confused relationship with maggie and wrote in his book the man i knew. our old visa lovers who should may reply to. should she respond like a lover who accepts love from all those who claim it. this explains the nature of the siloam and of her formal greeting that goes with it. and that the good in the may. become a war in the. mother of. their beheading if. a lock neo has a thought what is in we need and hearing them in the home i have made. and to where did a home. game you know. you have minister
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for because i would guess you are. living without whom you. think you are and where more there with their guests. in the course a woman in water so we're all missing out on what a second minute probably a more. beyond. the shouldn't be or who live in the. north of the world and they may put a book while model thirty three and the may limb to slim clear the cold beer in the rubble or had. to be more. worthy or who but ill i mean for some of a lot of being here how big. the room and there will be moderate and wide. the relationship between maisie idea and the famous lebanese poet lesia brown which lasted almost twenty years was conducted purely through letters. they never met
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but their love in which the arabic epistolary literature with the most beautiful correspondence the relationship ended when jubran died but there are a lot more and get about mcculloch then i get the broncos you get the. rather low edging helmet i guess you are one dumb or. at least share a little more prone feel carriera. in the lead good as you say then minister brown and you'll see the whole. they done mazie id and nasrin. the first woman who by the. that has truly been a natural brown.
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may your current legal wrong last one more year and all are going to happen with. the wrong kind of her. most. run new dish. or get it. out if a good run can a good school and it. will give me that. he then was a grown educated. maggot and if he. limit now most of what maisie had had to read and together the effort the hard monomorphic the many in the campbell brown do you. more. than how do.
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ron who are. best to move beyond what a sandwich. you have to get a better film or see if. we're going to feel remarry. my you were on. good and much darker slumpy to quinn. in if he has i mean good don't get to give it over on he has. had shock similac more than. i had because. broccoli. were good.
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but on. that was awful. heavy in water cellar. but the huts. look in the hell can attend the local water the. hell can. be that allowed to film a schwalbe. talked with the more of a scene. or the facility. while lomotil had. been shot or largely.
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what's demeaning of what i'm writing i don't know what i mean but i do know you are my beloved and i fear a love. i expect a lot from love but i'm worried i won't get what i expect off having said. a little love this much love but a little love does not satisfy me. obviously i. know. there may well go wrong and we'll go wrong with a bad element. when there came a. group around in. warfare in maine over on may your way in and they have a leg up in tucker let me in again what they say well here are. so called remain over you would run. for obama were on that he good and now can i.
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tell you what the coon but a good home will may. mean out the fifth main to go in and pull out if it may soon or in a good run like an alfred ron. you know where you remain where they are all four of collecting very calais on me and i hope by maine to go wrong can i'm in for often work as a society. of. women really so this town has searched beyond the horizon and through the amazing shapes and colors of the clouds is a single shining star appears it is venus a total goddess of love. i wonder if humans like us who love and miss each other live there. perhaps the. or is
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a girl like me but it was only one gibran. she feels all the solitude of the twilight and of the nights keep it colored so she puts her pen aside and hides from that solitude in one single name gibran. at the in. that the his dog and furry done for a while and look. a lot of power. fanny and lee were for tourists in the herb and were been miserable on him a woman may elizabeth thirty thousand lives charlotte kennett fear charlotte howard to hold and amaziah the. girl again the real brown will like it. and can attend maisie until the hardy one of seattle or shoulder oh what the bob ybor and the mckenna your moral saba where the little more.
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jubran bugs are that feed her the. we're going around what's the matter what you here your teeth had jubran. me what had mutely teeth really what can a. the lean of see yet may let a felon to him while on board. i'm suffering too much without knowing the reason. i am more than sick i should create a new expression to describe the feeling inside me and around me. tragedies in recent years have added to my terrible solitude and made me wonder how my mind can resist such torment. my only comfort in this ordeal is my library and my lonely poetry. mayor ron char and the higher.
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watch. and rather very high def and. true for bar a level. one for. one in a sufferer then what howard and i want more of a. let you have a grasp of the know what you probably know work. however. i mean where they would go next by you will see that conclude they really care that every question. of samuel thirteenth was of a bad model but all the moonshine in that it will look about what. else i mean or had with a teen wolf as well but on a model for how the mayor was a bit on them why should he see me be more isolated when i mean i'll talk about the . misdemeanor chef i'm sick of liking the show sent them.
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a chef would rush outside me out there with a few profit in must mean look about the fact that saddam. actually there was a. failure in the portfolios we have. in the office. when found that out for what the what did i ship. i don't want to have to as what i'm a serious thing upon my woman head neck be able lot of names because of the self. but measurable effect seem as well as the budget will have probably been offloading whatever the hell up the beeb how the. the whole i'll for you and he make a feel. for what the what the but my for and i was. what i know i
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mean that the myth and wal-mart i marry. this man. in the name of life my relatives put me in a madhouse to fade away gradually shift and die slowly the death of which no one can bear hearing the description of that egyptian nevertheless on their rare visits my relatives listen to me with pleasure as i described my sufferings and miseries to moan and begging them in vain to pity me and get me out of the mental asylum. and yet when you will usually minimalist food. in
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a to me i love. what he said to. benefit. their b.o.'s trust in you when you see my ear for her the moon can live again to them to leave so what we must of been and y.f. at that when we die there were thirty where did the able bodied if you're heaven if ghana must love tom all. who selects. who are living at. what. they really and them are to. yes it is. what can it is ina you had that idea. i mean it was that you had them while they're there that they. are so high a year when i. was there be one of the jani the star of cocked and little love for. you and a million little
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can do to your attention in this. volatile also to be or not the. mean better take it and then a zealot mr full of blood in the sea or jani can lead your sister can also to knock the walked in limb to so sue me for. hillel had the info to really. marry limousine or the men told me. in a good road. and way of doing and no one. couldn't hear what the. who are living and the a still for the mother also to be or not the in will feel calmer working. is more amaziah the mo would the one of the most as follows for the moon as i'm been going to before little can be
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a loss for the. indefinite almost. all of our family of how well i mean. in almost the hate. and. love have never had a shot of. this world and it is still is that those laws. in the world believe many believe it was no noble more they heard the whole of the muslim easier that would tell you how this moved to happen or. so here and who is now under let in their mission article be a lot of rubble to figure. what. the hell fucker that allah is that he had met them. on the twenty second of january one thousand nine hundred eighty eight he was transferred from the psychiatric
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institution to the american university of beirut hospital. then on the fourteenth of february she was discharged and went to stay in a house and thirty can he. with a lebanese american writer and mangy heinie lived. she remained there for several months before returning to egypt. yeah i. guess you mean diesel on. illinois death and the. n.f.c. year was suffer your idol. a suburb. a while and then i heard the you must allow. and you called. me and we are in the head the as a man and i'm a stud that going to mayfield learned the leader and the lady in the bus not only
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may so we're i mean that we have any old who are the beige oh. can we learn. on the twenty ninth of september one thousand nine hundred forty five maisie idea wrote what she called her will handwritten and some fading. i'm writing while i'm still able to declare my well that will not change even if anything happens to me that prevents me from speaking i've ever played tearing up this document. i do not want to die outside my home or my bed on which i'm sitting while i write. i grant permission to remove me from here twenty four hours after my death on condition that my death is real and not because intentionally buy something put in my cigarettes food water and so on. i believe in god
11:53 pm
i love humanity and thank those who have been kind to me in my life and who will be kind to me after my death. god bless them and i hope. you bear to cooma. a few days later she continued to write. but i'm writing today i mean thursday the third of october. i've checked my printed papers and discovers that many of them were to have been stolen. they've left me several papers that were attached to new. papers containing letters and articles only had these these are meaningless out of context . but i love you egypt i love you the east my soul is your city. i love the west as well i love humanity in its true meaning. i have compassion
11:54 pm
for its mistakes and pain and i believe in god we live. in the mazy are those who were before. we have a lot of them for fear of. their god for he we are talking about how. like i'm in mt bath a body in and. seven set off in nest on millions yes. i did. mean we've met in the mist i live in a kennel how. necking we're going to fit and that if. i go to a fulfillment and says. i should feel i'm with the leaf men and women have. the egg in head. and foot off the hen in.
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a sort of attack. hoping for some kind of in the sob the one. savage that one side of. putting on. a lot. of men. will be. feeding. them and has.
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said. to me. i hope that someone will be fair to me after my death. and when extracts from my humble writings. honesty. that is good and beautiful. because it is now. in its main event a legal matter of the ins and in. way more than a senior. and now. what has occurred when they haven't been to heaven. the second set of i mean let me ask a lot of you also remarkable. and you're talking way. eleven who had
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a field of behavior and was they were mostly. seen what was roughly five the rise of the level. of the hockey made and now let me up to one. when unarmed and the mayor suttle to head to maupassant we go when they would make us all. that they can accumulate a longer me and there can be a a minimum use i get hate mail. for the menu. and then the joy eventually lead to hell led by the guy long in talking let me know if he there and . then we thought of. as and was told there is less of a thousand of us has again is at the head of boston. out
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of the cycle and has gone for nihilists the one that came from darwin across the top and has disappeared into the open water in my co back into what perth next week to say otherwise it leaves behind it's just big showers and they extend through darwin to the east maybe the finals of queens and beyond that it looks on the face of it fairly dry but the tongue of cloud developing here that could well come into
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sydney about a bit further north has got the potential to be there for two days and bring what maybe two hundred millimeters of rain so that's really quite a significant nasty bitter weather otherwise it is fine us and to the summer twenty six in melbourne bit hotter and adelaide and briefly even also still in perth it is cooling down by the time we get says day so active well then in the north i want possible strike here but compare new zealand and says same line of the postman of rain in the south island you should be enjoying it a quiet weather twenty three in oakland but twenty two in christchurch the rain if anything will be significant for a time in south london it gets cold on thursday only thirteen degrees similarly funnily enough different season i know but the weather in japan south korea is cold and wet.
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another day another explosion. from one of the thousands of i.e.d. strewn through the landscape of this lawless tribal region in pakistan with only the most basic equipment a fearless bomb disposal unit are determined to counter the horrors of a relentless taliban onslaught. armed with faith but witness documentary at this time on al jazeera. this is al-jazeera. television i'm julie went on this is the news hour live from london coming.


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