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a lot of truthful asker when you're. in this hole was zero follows a group of u.s. army veterans much ised by war. as they struggle to get their lives back. at this time. three billion dollars five hundred thirty three million dollars five hundred donald trump boasts about us on sales to saudi arabia as the host prime prince mohammed bin salma.
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the name julie with all of this is al jazeera live from london also coming up with origins in the u.s. in europe demand answers from facebook over its role in a day to scandal the scene the c.e.o. of a u.k. athletics firm suspended syrian state t.v. says a rebel rocket attack is killed thirty five civilians in a market in damascus and to rush out with not very much luck twenty three diplomats expelled by britain leave from moscow. one welcome to the program saudi arabia's crown prince mohammed bin solomon has met the u.s. president at the white house with donald trump using the income so from an unusual full so opportunity to display a large costs to illustrate the benefits that arms sales to riyadh bring the u.s. rights groups say those sales should not be made to said here a.b.l. which is leading a campaign and gehman against the hooty rebels alan fischer reports now from
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washington. it was a looky rival for such a high profile visit the crown prince from saudi arabia did not go in through the front door but soon found himself in the oval office of the u.s. president donald trump addressing merely a domestic audience to. the financial importance of the city relationship. some of the things that have been approved and are currently under construction and will be delivered to city review very soon this is mohammed bin soundman second visit to the white house in a year and he was keen to point out this was the continuation of an old alliance we have all this ally for us of america in the middle east right now more than eighty years but there was a warning from the president to saudi arabia and others in the region whether it's arabia or other countries as we know there will be no funding it is we have a zero tolerance for the funding of terrorists among the things to be covered in the talks the iran nuclear deal security across the middle east. and the war in
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yemen which was also being discussed across time with some u.s. senators expressing concern about america's continued support of the saudi led operation in the country u.s. forces have been actively engaged in support of the saudi coalition in this war providing intelligence an aerial refueling of planes whose bombs have killed thousands of people and made this humanitarian crisis far worse occurring princes' visit here to the white house marks the start of a three week trip to the united states he'll meet business leaders oil executives academics representatives from silicon valley's high tech companies and the movie industry all aimed at reshaping his kingdom's image here in the united states but one analyst says there are bigger issues to deal with closer to home for saudi arabia of course saudi arabia has transformed itself as a from a status quo power to it but to an activist party in the region which has put it
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directly at the coalition course with iran and sets the stage for a very dangerous and unpredictable environment there was no mention of the ongoing gulf crisis in the oval office treated bargo against qatar as no been in place for ten months and donald trump has moved away from his offer to host talks for everyone i can't believe it. mohammed bin someone has a long list of things to be discussed debated agreed. but he does to believe that his relationship with the president is strong and mutually beneficial this is alan fischer i'll just see those at the white house. facebook will brief u.s. senate and house aides on wednesday over a computer hacking scandal involving the data of millions of facebook users cambridge analytical work for donald trump's presidential bid and the bricks it campaign in the u.k. the political consultancy based in london is accused of gaining on authorized access to the data of fifty million facebook users its chief executive has just
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been suspended has been secretly recorded boasting about the firm's ability to sway elections when news of the scandal hit facebook shares they've fallen another five point seven percent after dropping almost seven percent on monday which wiped nearly forty billion dollars off the firm's value sonia gago has the story. a virtual world with a very real money making data trail users of social media platforms unaware how profitable the information they have is for those who are willing to access it the scandal involving facebook may make many of us reconsider that. cambridge analytical is accused of misusing the data of millions of facebook users a whistleblower who works for the british based data mining firm says the information was used to build a system which may have influenced voters in the u.s. presidential election and other votes to data was used to create profiling
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algorithms that would allow us to explore mental vulnerabilities of people and then map out ways to inject information into different in different streams or channels of content online so that people started to see things all over the place that may or may not have been true this is a company really took fake news to the next level by pairing it with algorithms for some politicians the advantage of using information harvested from social media be used as a north to try and get into the minds of potential voters but there's been little questioning of the consequences which is now why the information commissioner wants that search warrant to get into the offices of cambridge analytical behind me here to get an audit of as the details of millions of facebook users were reportedly gathered by a university professor using a personality testing out he'd created called this is your digital life while users
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gave their permission for the information to be used by him it's alleged the data was then sold to a third party cambridge analytic or in violation of facebook's own policies but cambridge analytic denies doing anything wrong and says it deleted all records when it discovered how the data had been attained from facebook. not only is britain's data protection watchdog after proof the data was wiped facebook says it wants that proof to the social media giant has since hired a digital forensics to find out how the data was leaked and assurances that it was destroyed but its response may have come too late facebook share price fell almost seven percent wiping nearly forty billion dollars of its value the company's chief of security alex thomas is reportedly to leave because of internal disagreements of how facebook should deal with its role in spreading disinformation this theft of data happened over four years ago so it's very surprising to see them be so
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reactors had a proactive politicians in britain and the us are now pushing for facebook's chief executive mark zuckerberg to appear before them to answer questions over the massive data breach meanwhile the accusations against cambridge analytic are rapidly growing since. an undercover investigation by britain's channel secretly taped a cambridge analytical executive appearing to boast about the firm's ability to sway elections by entrapping politicians in compromising situations. and conducting fake news campaigns something facebook's accused of a may billing and failing to tackle effectively sunny diag london in serious think media says thirty five people have been killed after a rocket fired by opposition fighters landed in a marketplace in
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a government held area of damascus it happened at the cash school market close to rebel held parts of eastern quarter now that area has come under heavy bombardment from the syrian army and its allies in recent weeks say in a hoarder's following the story from beirut. this is not the first time civilians in damascus in government controlled territory are killed by rocket fire rebels have fired rockets into damascus since the pro-government alliance launched the bombing campaign over a month ago in fact over thirty civilians have been killed this is the way the rebels have been retaliated it is also one of the reasons why according to the government they have launched this campaign to recapture east and would have to eliminate this threat now the bombing that targeted the busy market in damascus. coinciding with renewed escalation in eastern huta the rebel pockets the rebel pockets in eastern who are coming under heavy fire over the past twenty four hours
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dozens of civilians are being killed continue to be killed in this ongoing campaign . the united nations is also warning that the immense human suffering is only going to get worse. meanwhile several internally displaced people have been killed after airstrikes hit their camp in the southern syrian countryside fidel said this exclusive report from one camp and it led from the assault. right up on how to be a pony. a warplane for to be a russian grown house committed a massacre in the countryside the other town the past in this area many of the families that left and all the hama have built their tents a target that the temps on the comp with an air strike which led to the burning of these bagels as residents gather to put the fire out the same jet return and target killing and injuring many people as we were filming this report nine people were
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counted dead medical sources said the number would increase because of critical injuries this area has tents does shelter families who fled more than hama however targeted the area despite the fact that it is a civilian area with no military presence or important military installations. still to come this half hour former french president nicolas sarkozy is in custody over allegations he received illegal donations from moammar gadhafi we paid tribute to the world's last mail on the white rhino at the age of forty five all that more when we come back. aliza psych own has gone for nihilists the one that came from darwin across the top
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and as disappearing into the open water in my co back into what perth next week you say otherwise it leaves behind it's just big showers and they extend through darwin to the east maybe the finals of queens and beyond that it looks on the face of it fairly dry but the tongue of cloud developing here that could well come into sydney about a bit further north it's got the potential to be there for two days and bring what maybe two hundred millimeters of rain so that's really quite a significant nasty bitter weather otherwise it is fine us and to the summer twenty six in melbourne bit hotter and adelaide and brief even hotter still in perth that is cooling down by the time we get thursday so active well then in the north one part of australia but compare new zealand and same line of code an apartment of rain in the south island you should be enjoying the quiet weather twenty three talked about twenty two in christchurch the rain if anything will be significant for a time in south london it gets cold on thursday cross charge only thirteen degrees
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similarly funnily enough different season i know but the weather throughout southern japan south korea is cold and wet. stories of life. and inspiration. and series of short documentaries from around the world. that son of are it's a human spirit against the oh it's coming from this ok it's ok. al-jazeera selects changemaker. at this time.
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the minds of our top stories here on al-jazeera saudi arabia's crown prince mohammed bin saleh has that donald trump of the white house the two leaders shared among usual photo opportunity the u.s. president using large cards to illustrate the benefits of arms sales to riyadh bringing to the u.s. . the c.e.o. of cambridge analytic of the five accused of misusing data from fifty million facebook users has been suspended facebook is also on demand thing precious to explain its role in the scandal politicians in the u.s. and here in the k. and syrian state media says thirty five people have been killed after a rocket fired by opposition fighters landed in a marketplace in the government held area of damascus. russian diplomats and their
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families have left the u.k. in a row over the poisoning of a former spy in seoul is free but nick is his most school of using the nerve agent nova chalk in an attack on surrogate and his daughter are still critically ill in hospital barnaby phillips reports. an abrupt farewell to colleagues and some people diplomats and families are believed to have left the russian embassy for those on their way and those left behind this is not being a happy day. to hold a reception for those leaving a few days ago the mood appears to be. those being expelled would resume their diplomatic careers elsewhere. so the diplomats and their families have left they will argue that their lives have been cruelly and unnecessarily disrupted the british government argues that the spying capacity of that embassy has been severely weakened. the british prime minister lead
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a national security meeting the outcome britain's borders have been tightened against those who threaten it other measures against russia are being considered. reattack will be discussed at this week's e.u. summit and. they arrive late at night. in the coming days both the u.k. and russia and seek to persuade global opinion two very different versions of what happened in salisbury barnaby phillips al jazeera. face and takes the hazardous materials team to fed ex step or near san antonio to investigate an explosion there package filled with nails and shrapnel exploded at the distribution center early on choose day or whether it was linked to a series of bombings. john hendren has more now from the city. a fifth package bomb has exploded in texas the fifth in a series of bombings and police say they have no set pattern and they don't know
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why this is happening this bombing occurred at a fed ex distribution center about one hundred thirty kilometers away from austin texas where the other bombings occurred but that package was apparently addressed to ostend and would have arrived at the fed ex facility behind me that is where sixty employees were evacuated tuesday morning and told to walk out carrying nothing with them the first three bombings were packages that were left on doorsteps and then this specific pattern became random a fourth bomb was said was attached to a trip wire on the side of the road and then of course this fifth bomb which apparently went off early before arriving in austin police have asked the bomber to please communicate with them so that they can start talks and end the bombings. the student who opened fire on u.s. high school has died is not yet clear whether the teenager shot himself or was killed by a school officer is the latest school shooting in the country as momentum builds
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toward the nation's capital this weekend how did you have reports. before the morning bell could signal the start of class the ringing of a gunshot echoed through the crowded hallway of great mills high school in maryland police say a seventeen year old boy named austin rollins hold out a hand gun and shot two students one a sixteen year old girl had a prior relationship with rawlins the other is a fourteen year old boy both remain hospitalized when the shooting took place our school resource officer who was his station inside the school was alerted to the the event and the shots being fired. he pursued the shooter engage the shooter during which that engagement he fired a round at the shooter the shooter died at a hospital police say they get to determine whether he shot himself or was killed by the school officer meanwhile terrified parents reunited with their children sit
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out here at the school to get an education. goals but there's shooting people at the school. we're going to be done the shooting here was the twenty first incident involving gun violence or threat of violence in u.s. schools since february fourteenth oh that's the day nicholas cruz is accused of walking into a florida high school and killing seventeen students and teachers with a semiautomatic rifle he's now facing the death penalty for the murders because he was scared i want to come out the next day the six thousand five hundred students at great mills had joined in last week's school walkout in honor of the florida victims and to demand a tighter gun control laws now following a shooting on their own campus the students have a more personal reason to protest many say they plan to attend a student march on washington d.c. this saturday organized by the survivors of the florida school shooting the event
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is expected to attract talcum million students from across the country whose knesset will be simple that children's lives are more boring than gun. castro algis here at st mary's county maryland. african leaders the set to sign a new free trade agreement which will increase trade on the continent by fifty two percent over the next few years the african continent will free trade areas being discussed as a solid in their one capital kigali all fifty five member states of the african union are expected to agree to the deal on the state despite nigeria calling. former french president nicolas sarkozy. corsi is being held by police over allegations he received millions of dollars in illegal campaign financing on the former libyan native one large enough it's according to a nice any wrongdoing natasha but there are reports that paris. nicolas sarkozy only served one term as french president he swept to power in two thousand and
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seven promising a new style of leadership but left office amid allegations that his presidential campaign had received illegal funds from libya in two thousand and twelve a french news website published documents suggesting former libyan leader mohamed gadhafi had agreed to give sarkozy's campaign fifty million dollars today the editor says it's one of more than france's biggest political scandals. when the arab spring kicks off starting in tunisia and people start rising up there are real questions about this twenty eleven war where france with nicolas sarkozy overstepped the mandate of the united nations to the point where a regime was overthrown allowing for a dictator to be assassinated one can wonder if there was not a dimension of private war to destroy the evidence if i think across the allegations of overshadowed sarkozy's political career some people in france questioned why just months into his presidency sarkozy and find to get daffy to
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paris for a lavish state visit at the time gadhafi had been eager to shake off his image as a political pariah and reenter the world stage then in twenty thirteen a french lebanese businessman said it carried millions of dollars from tripoli to paris for sarkozy's campaign although. these are the facts yes yes get their feet it's a cozy bed for the calm pain you paid for other things it's not my problem. taki dean's accusations helped end sarkozy's third presidential bid. what a disgrace and you know the shamed to be giving publicity to a man who's been imprisoned he's been convicted numerous times of slander who is a liar. so cozies under formal investigation into other corruption cases but so far police haven't established
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a direct link between the former president and any illegal libyan money foreign campaign funding is banned in france nicolas sarkozy has always denied receiving any illegal funding for libya i know that the news he has accused his opponents or the political smear campaign now that he has retired from politics it will be harder for him to use that line of defense convincingly that are so bottler al-jazeera paris donald trump has called his russian counterpart vladimir putin to congratulate him on his reelection so also discussed arranging a meeting particle hanes fine developments from washington d.c. . u.s. president donald trump took the opportunity during his meeting with the crown prince of saudi arabia in the oval office to announce that he had called russian president vladimir putin to congratulate him on his election victory he said that the two would be meeting very soon to discuss issues such as syria ukraine north
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korea and what he called an arms race as you know he made a statement that being an arms race is not a great thing that was right after the election one of the first statements she made and we are spending seven hundred billion dollars this year our military a lot of it is that we are going to remain stronger than any other nation in the world by far now this is notable because of how few western leaders have made similar phone calls to the russian president senator john mccain put out a pretty scathing statement he says this is something the american president simply do in his words they don't congratulate dictators for sham elections he went on to say to do so in solves all of the russians who are denied their chance to vote in a free and fair election asked about that at the white house the white house spokeswoman sara sanders so that it's important for the u.s. and russia to be able to talk about important issues she went on to say that she wouldn't characterize whether or not the elections in russia were free or fair saying that it's really not for the u.s. to tell other countries how to run their elections as for alleged russian
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interference in the u.s. election she said that didn't come up neither she says did the poisoning of the former russian double agent in the united kingdom along with his daughter again not a topic for discussion on this call anyone who tries to divide china is doomed to fail and will be punished by history that's the warning made by president xi jinping at the end of the annual session of parliament has more from beijing it's been called china's annual political theater the national people's congress and this year it produced a big changes and a number of firsts. but the changes were heavily directed and controlled by the chinese communist party term limits on the presidency were lifted leading the way for president xi jinping to continue as leader indefinitely he's also the head of the party for the first time leaders swore an oath of loyalty to country and constitution when they took up their position another first president she addressed the delegates at the closing ceremony firing his strongest mourning yet to taiwan
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seen by beijing as a separatist problems. chinese people and china share one faith every inch of land of our great country cannot and will not speak taken from us we have firm in the resolve to up hold charnas sovereignty and territorial integrity the government is getting it's a biggest overhaul in years restructuring of ministries and departments including the creation of a super anti-corruption agency with expanded board with president she's moved to further consolidate his in the party's power some feel that he is the most powerful chinese president in decades but that position comes with risks by centralizing power to himself on there are a lot of potential reforms he can push forward then the risk is a whether he can make the right decision forever as at some point people will only
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tell him what he wants to hear some media covering the congress i know for the sake of fantic questions the journalist here in blue reacting to another report is less than probing questions it immediately went viral in china prompting quick reaction from censors also controlled the end your invitation only news conference held by premier li could turn questions were prescreened he touched on trade friction with the u.s. . we don't know why i think a trade war would do anyone any good using the word war to describe treaties against the principle we hold both parties use the sensibilities to avoid to treat war. with china's challenges outlined in posing day one message was present she was the person to lead the nation. or state media put it he's the helmsmen the last leader to get that title was most don't got either al-jazeera.
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a giant untired took place here the size of france is melting faster than expected sparking fears it will cause sea levels to rise scientists say a large part of the tops and last year is sitting directly on top of the sea enabling warm currents to melt it from below if it melts completely world sea levels will rise by at least three metres a species of rhinoceros is a step closer towards extinction after the last male died in kenya but said to the life of the northern white rhino called sudan when his health worsened catherine soy has the story. veterinarians at the old conservancy in central kenya put saddam to sleep because he was in too much pain and could not walk he had been struggling for years with age complications that got worse in the last few months but he leave to reach and the last his life managing to stay clean off poachers most wiped out the entire population of north and white rhinos in the one nine hundred seventy s. named after his country of bad now south sudan he ended up in kenya from
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a zoo in the czech republic with a few others to help them breed in an environment which was more like the natural habitat by the program proved difficult as sudan got older he became weak and his sperm count was nil thirty so now researchers are watching on ways to use in vitro fertilization to save the species from extinction this will be the fast of its kind a delegate expensive and risky process we want to do everything but it's possible we even tried to keep them next to the southern white rhinos to see whether you know we could get down to be a little interested so we brought in your girls and we said please you know can you talk to them and quite please stand there nice but he just didn't respond while the north and why trials are the most endangered of this species the black rhino is also in grave danger all poached for the horn now why expensive than gold but
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measures a nine place to protect them in kenya in the last four five years you'll notice that for the case of kenya poaching on rhinos in particular has reduced by up to eighty percent and that is the effort to try and make sure that we protect them it's a pity that we get to this point for the not on white rhino as humanity we should have done better sudan was forty five years old they lent all of about ninety human he as he leaves behind his don't imagine and grand to them now the world's only north and white rhinos the survival of the subspecies depends on them and the technology that has never been tried before cathy zoi al-jazeera nairobi kenya. their top stories sell out to see or saudi arabia's crown prince mohammed bin solomon has met donald trump at the white house to leaders shared among usual photo
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opportunity the u.s. president using large cards to illustrate the benefits of arms sales to saudi arabia have been so almost believing the war against the hooty rebels in yemen conflict that's come under heavy criticism for the number of civilians killed. group bruce thank you very much they could get a commercial break you are truly the addition to saudi arabian research make its old relation the oldest ally first of american and the middle east right made that eighty four i mean big interest the degree economic in the security. different area look for the condition of religion it's really. the c.e.o. of cambridge analytical alexandra next has been suspended cambridge and others because the company alleged to have misused gets a green from some fifty million facebook users facebook's also under pressure to explain its role in the scandal from politicians in the u.s. and the u.k. syrian state media says thirty five people have been killed after
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a rocket fired by opposition fighters landed at a marketplace and a government held area of damascus it happened at the cash school market close to rebel held parts of eastern ghouta. twenty three russian diplomats expelled from the u.k. in the wake of the soulsby nerve agent attack have left london has been thrown out in response to the poisoning of former russian agent sergei skin to his daughter peace in texas have sent a hazardous materials team to a fedex decor near san antonio to investigate an explosion there package filled with nails and shrapnel exploded at the distribution center early on choose state he said looking into whether it was linked to a series of farming's in austin. a student who opened fire on classmates in a u.s. high school has died it's not yet clear whether the teenager shot himself or he was killed by an officer is the latest school shooting in the country is momentum builds towards a student march in the nation's capital this weekend. that's it and you are fully
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up to date those are current top stories a.j. select is next as always thanks for your company but by. i mean this is difficult not to say whether someone is going for someone who's very rich it doesn't matter weenie tree i think it's how you approach an individual enough that it is a certain we're doing it you can't just buy a story and fly out.


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