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i can help them with lots of things but mrs ford to me the great thing is it's not just about museums about forming a new life here and part of life is culture. another day another explosion. from one of the thousands of i.e.d. strewn through the landscape of this lawless tribal region in pakistan with only the most basic equipment a fearless bomb disposal unit are determined to counter the horrors of a relentless taliban onslaught. armed with faith a witness documentary at this time on al-jazeera. zero.
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hello i'm maryam namazie this is the news hour live from london coming up in the next sixty minutes boko haram releases one hundred one of the girls they kidnapped last month from their school in nigeria. a russian as strike kills twenty two people most of them children as they leave a school in syria's a live province. facebook shares rally slightly amid reports mark zuckerberg will soon break his silence over the misuse of its users data. police identified the suspect in a series of bombings in texas who blew himself up as they moved in to rest him. i'm joined in doha with the day's sport iraq and a three decade long ban on hosting international matches as they face cattle in a friendly in basra walnuts in the program.
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most of the one hundred ten schoolgirls who were abducted a month ago in northeast nigeria have been reunited with their families hundred one girls were released to their hometown of by boko haram fighters but a handful of them are still missing by gerri's government says it agreed a temporary pause in fighting with the group in order to secure their release a solid binge of aid has the latest. it's difficult to hold back via tears after would be girls have been through these are some of the hundred and children who were kidnapped last month. just took them from their school and dumped she town in northeastern nigeria the girls say five of their fellow students died i will not let you know what i wanted when they took us from the school would be sitting thinking about what we might eat then we heard a gunshot everybody was. used they asked us to come to the school gate we were in the area they take us into the vehicle and asked who were the people fasting that they gave us a drink certain cake this was on the way after when they took us food there under
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a tree and gave us food to cook we cooked and asian proceeded further we continued going we entered one river then we boarded a canoe and crossed the river into a village they took us away from the village in the night we boarded another canoe to another place and remained in a place until today when they brought us back we didn't go to any other places they didn't mistreat us the dust in the distance are the boko haram vehicles which dropped off the children parents and relatives have been anxiously waiting for weeks to find out what happened to their children. i saw with my own eyes live a book of her own vehicles they were with the children they drop the children at one corner they told us to give space for people to recognize their children and i got my child. to government really clear that it would negotiate with the kidnappers rather than use military force. one has any words of competition
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i don't forget the last of the children what were important was that. she wanted to know if there is an isa islands at the girls' school and men dressed in military fatigues entered the school and took the girls away in their truck. this isn't the first time school girls have been abducted there was an international outcry in two thousand and fourteen when more than two hundred seventy girls were kidnapped from two broke many have still not been found nigerian forces have not declared the details of the deal under which these latest girls were released. just nigeria and its allies have been fighting boko haram in the lake chad region for years but brazen kidnapping and drop off of victims indicates that the group is far from being defeated solomon jobby the. so there. let's get more on the story joining me now in the studio is david autor who is a counterterrorism analyst specializing in back of her thanks very much for coming
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in to speak personally here so how did the government managed to secure the release of these girls from that i mean what we the story we got from the government is that you know these girls were brought up very early in the mornin by a book or i'm fighters it was a triumphant entry and we've seen a lot of celebrations but what we also get is that you know vin brought in the goes in the boat nine s.u.v. trucks and then preached for them for about thirty minutes before even left the goes in various locations to the appearance and perhaps to local officials but we don't really understand why book who could actually drive as you read trucks you know into your bear which is highly fortified and then midway away back without actually having any military response but the government is saying that this was in a good season which involved us and perhaps that you know didn't want to use any force because you know they didn't want to a situation where some of the goes would lose their lives but the questions that
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remain unanswered are more than the answers but the most important thing is that most of these young girls are now reunited with the appearance that is what is more important at this point in time and it does come as a massive relief that they are back home with their parents of course not least to their families here but you make a very important point the government did not have use any didn't result to any kind of military response even. very much on the bay state territory which is very fortified as you say a president of the haria said that even though they were back channel negotiations no ransom was paid so what then did boko haram get in return i mean there is no government there would ever agree that they've had run some to boko haram would not have released the goes without any concessions from the from the government what we see is you know a government which failed in actually. eventing book around for much of the getting this goes in the first place so what the government has done now is perhaps to recover from that and get the goes back but may not rule not to have really given
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this goes back to the government without any negotiations what we do not know is the party in that book or i must actually carried out in this particular situation usually the girls would be shown on the video but we had no evidence of the book actually saying this is the video of the goes what we have now is the government saying the group has dropped of the government the ghost so we think there is some kind of a coup lucian between perhaps boko haram and some members of the military but if sapphic or two if that is right case then why haven't they managed to secure the release of the checkbox schoolgirls who were abducted then two thousand and fourteen what would you have to remember is that the chibok girls will not kidnapped during the administration of the current government they were kidnapped during the goodluck jonathan government so the argument is that this government is doing better you know in comparison to what the previous administration did we don't actually know who they're of course which is actually not true because if you look at the situation where the goes where to go in an environment where the
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military was supposed to be there it shows that this is a reckless and and an incompetent public part of what the government is supposed to do in his counterterrorism strategy so we believe that even though the goes are secured the government really needs to do more to secure the kidnapping of more goes in this area thank you very much for sharing your analysis with us david counter terrorism expert thank you specializing in her around. want to move to our other top story this hour at least twenty two people most of them children have been killed by russian as strike in syria is a province the white helmet say the children died while leaving a school and kafr but village further south in eastern a syrian rebel group has struck a deal with the government to evacuate the town of her. nearly two thousand people have died in the besieged enclave since the government intensified its attacks a month ago so holder has moved from beirut. one of the rebel factions in eastern
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a good hour has decided to surrender out a sham they control the town of house the eastern huta this besieged enclave of eastern widows now divided into three pockets three pockets that are surrounded by pro-government forces now one of those pockets. pro syria government media reporting that up to one thousand five hundred fighters and six thousand members of their families will be leaving early thursday they will be bussed to the north western province of idlib which is under the control of the opposition this will be the first deal of its kind in eastern huta because there are two other rebel factions them and they have also been involved in negotiations with the russian military but so far those the negotiations did not make any progress but undoubtedly the decision by the to sham to lay down its arms will pile more pressure on these two other rebel factions now the pro-government alliances military campaign has entered its second month really relentless bombardment that
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put a lot of pressure not just on the rebels but the thousands and thousands of people who are trapped inside according to the united nations hundreds of thousands remain in these rebel controlled besieged pockets of territory and that their situation is catastrophic many of them want to leave but they are requesting safe passage what they mean by safe passage is that these humanitarian corridors should be monitored by international observers they're too scared to cross into government controlled territory in fear of arrest and even some will tell you we could be executed simply because we belong to the execution so one rebel faction surrendering the pro-government alliance making this clear in its actions and its in its words really since the start of this campaign that they will not stop until the rebel factions lay down their arms and any agreement short of that will not end the military onslaught. you with the news hour live from london much more still ahead for you russia hits back off to britain's foreign secretary agrees that. the world
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cup flight hitler used the one nine hundred thirty sits and then picks. african leaders signed a deal to set up a free trade area allowing unrestricted movement of people and goods across fifty five countries. in the west indies get a little bit of help from the weather to book a place at the cricket world cup joe will have the details on that story and much more in the sports. pressure continues to grow on facebook over revelations that data from the social media site was misused by a u.k. analytics company facebook shares of. few days which cost it fifty billion dollars in market value but a us resident is now suing the firm and the u.k. company cambridge analytical for obtaining data without they uses permission and what could be the first of many lawsuits c.e.o. mark zuckerberg is believed to be ready to make a statement within the next twenty four hours or campaigns have already started
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world wide for people to delete their facebook accounts but customers in internet cafe had mixed feelings. i'm a little bit worried about what facebook is doing with my information force in this last information with regard to the price moves is getting even stronger when weird things show my face go down like i that's exactly why i just been searching the internet freaks me out how close to an academic facebook too i often thought about the latest face post but when you're in the united states no one uses what is out to kill facebook is the only means to communicate so you should be safe i want to later it's even if it might be stupid to facebook a cemetery not the only one stealing data even sitting in this cafe using the free wi-fi means that data is being recorded so it's. ariana one takes a look now what we know so far about cambridge analytic operations. cambridge and a litter care executive say publicly at least that they helped politicians win
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elections what the companies accused of secretly and improperly manipulation votes is the famous perhaps best known for its work in the u.s. on donald trump's presidential campaign two years ago it began operating there in two thousand and thirteen when it was formed from its parent company is c.-l. and with the involvement of conservative steve benen but its operations extend well beyond america cambridge analytic has executives have reportedly boasted of targeting will than two hundred elections around the world including in kenya nigeria india the czech republic and tina the firm was in kenya just after it opened its job there was to help her opinion at the time facing charges of crimes against humanity he went on to be elected president cambridge analytical is accused of stoking its nick tensions and demonizing kenya his opponent. its parent company
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a c.e.o. worked in the caribbean from at least two thousand and ten and one of the accusations is that it targeted lindsay grant an opposition leader on the island of st kitts and nevis by sitting m up and filming him in a shady deal and why do you distributing the video online and the gulf crisis cambridge generalistic a has been linked to a social media campaign to discredit qatar and in the u.k. it worked for the levy you campaign during the brics it reframed i'm british police questions and the need is widening with investigations also underway in the us and destroy. we have course one is monitoring developments in this story in washington and london with mike hanna who's in the u.s. capitol and of course as we're seeing in that report that cambridge analytic has reach extends well beyond the u.s. but tell us about the questions being asked over there about this and of course its
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relationship with facebook and the role it might have played in the u.s. election. well pressure legislator's is ramping up on facebook now underlying all of this is cambridge analytical involvement in the twenty sixteen election involvement that it based on data harvested from facebook now what legislators are demanding to know is why were security so lax why has facebook taken so long to try and take some steps to secure the privacy of its clients and lawmakers are now asking the facebook founder mark zuckerberg to appear before them there has been a formal call for a judicial investigation and a judicial committee to hear the facebook founder but mark zuckerberg and his chief operating officer sheryl sandberg have been silent since the scandal broke and even on tuesday when facebook had an internal meeting neither was present the meeting
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was addressed by legal executives so the question is when is mark zuckerberg going to speak and certainly from congress is the demand that he appear before them and explain facebook's role in cambridge analytic and the reasons why its security it would appear or so lax at the time that this data was formed that's not all the problems for facebook the fifty see the trade commission is actually investigating facebook's lax use of data and the attorney generals in new york new jersey are also bringing legal action against facebook for the misuse of its data gathered on its servers all right thanks very much mike hanna in washington well here in the u.k. prime minister to resign may has been forced to deny links between a conservative party and cambridge and a letter along with its parent company s e l. as far as i'm aware the government
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has no current contracts with cambridge analysts go with the with the s.c.l. group what we have seen in cambridge analytical of the allegations are clearly very concerning as is absolutely right but they should be properly investigated it's right that the information commissioner is doing exactly that because people need to have confidence in how their personal data is being used and i would expect facebook cambridge analytic and all organizations involved to comply fully with the investigation that's taking place where the barber is outside the cambridge analytic offices in central london we were just hearing about the pressure came and facebook are both facing in washington tell us about the scrutiny here in the u.k. . that's right marion here in the u.k. we're waiting to find out if and when britain's information commissioner will get
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a warrant to get into the building behind me cambridge analytic his london headquarters and start to look at their computers emerged on monday night that facebook representatives has started to do their own data or audit and were told to hold to immediately and they did so now on wednesday there have been discussions in parliament where prime minister trees may as you heard said she didn't believe there were any government links with the company or its parent company s c l but her office has admitted that there were government contracts up until twenty fifteen with the firm and opposition parties pointed out that. there were senior people at the company who had close links as donors to trees or maize conservative party so there is political pressure there people will want full transparency from the government as to what kind of contracts they were and the
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nature of them also pressure from parliament on wednesday on facebook a committee a parliamentary committee has been talking to facebook representatives for a while now and it said that they have been misleading them about their data protection policies no on wednesday a former facebook her money ger said that he'd warned senior executives at facebook that their lax attitude towards the issue could lead to a major breach and that basically he wasn't listens to also somebody who was at the who developed the app which then led to cambridge analytical gaining all those are people's information he says that everybody told him that it was legal both cambridge analytical and facebook told him that it was above board legal and that everybody who was in. volved knew that they were involved in now he certainly surprised to hear from the companies that really that wasn't the case so in the
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coming days apart from this company there will be questions asked in many quarters here all right thanks very much nadeem. moscow is branded as unacceptable the u.k. foreign secretary agreeing that russia the world cup this year is akin to nazi germany hosting the olympics in one thousand nine hundred eighty six or as johnson made the comment while responding to questions from lawmakers some of whom want tougher action against russia over the poisoning of a former russian double agent yes i think the comparison with the one hundred thirty six is is certainly right and i think it's a messy prospect rightly. think of. a putin glorying in this this this sporting event police in the u.s. state of texas say the suspect in a series of possible bombings has killed himself he's been named as twenty three year old mark antony condit offices a texas residents to remain on alert in case more parcel bombs are still out there
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john hendren reports from austin. the confrontation with the main suspect ended as dramatically as it began police cornering then firing on him in a hotel car park as he tried to drive away then a deadly detonation police say the man set off killing himself as members of the austin police department swat team approached the vehicle the suspect detonated a bomb inside the vehicle knocking one of our swat officers back and one of our swat officers fired at the suspect as well he had been a person of interest seen on video and mention by witnesses police knew his car the bombs had no set patterns some were random some were targeted five hundred federal state and local police are still scrambling to unravel three mysteries are there other bombers other other bombs waiting to explode and why he did it for weeks
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austin has been a city on edge the mysterious bombs in the state capital city killed two people and injured four others. you will be too. you know random packages explosives. for no reason i'd be scared to on tuesday another package exploded at a courier distribution center in the city of shirts near san antonio f.b.i. agents say a sixth package was sent to a separate fed ex depot police say the eventual destination of that package was an address in austin brian jaime's and sixty other employers of a courier company were evacuated after an unexploded bomb was found here giving police potentially valuable clues it gives me things that package it in set it down and explode and i go and sort of the truck goes and then that truck exposed the other trucks and diesel and the whole fabric facilities all destroyed and everybody strapped in there you scared now not scared not since the attacks by the so-called
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unabomber ted kaczynski in one thousand nine hundred five have police faced a spree like it now police will continue to search for any other devices he may have left behind and try to find out what his motive was john hendren al-jazeera austin texas. a suicide bomb attack by killed at least thirty three people in afghanistan it happened just a day off to the head of the u.s. military joseph dunford visit to the capital kabul most of the dead were reportedly young people celebrating the new year all no ruse. reports. chaos and confusion on the streets of kabul as a burden see crews rushed to the scene of the latest bomb blast the apparent target afghan celebrating no ruse the persian new year. even a suicide bomb went off just stood behind us and we saw nothing but terror. because you know if i was a group of thirty young men celebrating and dancing when suddenly this suicide
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bomber detonated the explosive there is security here how was this who said bomber able to get access to this area but the suicide attacker. added his device around two hundred meters from the car to shockey shrine where many afghans gather to mark the start of the new year holiday kabul university is nearby and most of the dead are understood to be teenagers who were taking part in street celebrations a blast is the deadliest to hit the capital after weeks of repeated attacks. that the number again unfortunately once again are enemies of spilled the blood of our innocent countrymen the young men were holding celebrations for nauru's but he's attacked them here far away from their chosen targets which is an important shrine on saturday a car bomb explosion claimed by the taliban killed at least two civilians several others were wounded in the morning rush hour suicide blast in an industrial area of the city government said a private british security company was the target it was the four suicide attack in
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the afghan capital in the past three weeks a u.s. general in afghanistan has said protecting the capital is the americans main effort but the attacks continue increasing pressure on president musharraf gunny he offered peace talks to the taliban last month as part of efforts to end the sixteen year war but any sort of negotiated settlement appears a long way off at all obama has continued to grow in strength since the withdrawal of the u.s. led nato combat troops four years ago and most security analysts predicted annual so-called spring offensive will be more intense this year as taliban fighters respond to repeated u.s. and afghan airstrikes as well as ground assaults of wednesday's attack is any indication of what's to come many more lives will likely be lost as time. forty four african countries have signed a free trade deal the biggest since the world trade organization was established it
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will allow the unrestricted movement of people goods and capital like the e.u. but among the countries you haven't signed up for south africa and nigeria the continent's biggest economy amateur reports from the or one in capital kigali one by one they signed up to an agreement decades in the making it's estimated the african continent will free trade area could see business between african nations increased by more than fifty percent within four years the idea is to bring together countries with a combined population of one point two billion people and gross domestic product or g.d.p. of more than two trillion dollars into one market africa. are together now we are creating africa equipment to recreate area so we realize that we asked when we have a larger market. solf awful to fall of the african union's have to five member
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states have signed the protocol but these one multiple absentee nigeria africa's biggest economy present muhammadu buhari did not attend the signing ceremony to allow time for more consultations nigeria's led by unions had cautioned him against signing what they called an extremely dangerous initiative african union officials admit guilt everyone is such a fight that individual countries would be better off under the deal look at the european union from the treaty of rome. a must see. if the projects of integration of any live in bogus argument commits countries to moving targets on ninety percent of goods and of thing all body has to trade with in the continent eventually the free movement of people and even a single currency could become part of the free trade area but before the tuppence banks are looking to fill the void what's we have. to make sure
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that the chorus probably. only. wants what it. tough to have a settlement. that platform possible will. suit in federal. court cases when africa's most advanced economies often fun to get them to vote on a function could have been achieved some of them remain opposed to the agreements that trade unions are already raising that flex arguing unfettered access by foreign workers to their labor markets could cause problems as people move to the continent stronger economies and such of jobs that it was as either got. still ahead for you on the program going to bring you the latest on the water shortage crisis that's led to conflict in kenya why the european union is planning
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to increase the tax paid by digital companies and the same ball straps on his football boots to join renia and mary down on the pitch joe have that and more in the sports. hello again we'll look at the weather across the levant and western parts of asia to begin with conditions here actually a pretty good at the most of the most part so it looking quite warner tashkent than expected stand up at twenty four degrees it's fine around the caspian sea on the eastern side of the maid also plenty of sunshine beirut looking at highs of twenty six degrees in fact as you start to pick up the winds from the desert south we get up into the thirty's ahead on through into friday so a pretty warm start to spring it has to be said here in the arabian peninsula temperatures too are just way up at thirty three degrees here in doha despite the
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friday but breeze may just not the temperatures down slightly as we head on through into friday but on the other side the potential again with a southerly wind we're looking at thirty nine degrees in mecca with the medina not far behind into southern portions of africa where we got some showers on the eastern side of south africa and that's life continue to in the course of thursday suppose durban and johannesburg could be wet at times cape town should be largely fine some showers into the mid be and could be affected when talk during the course of the day through into friday you see that line precipitation extends towards parts of botswana and then joins up with the area in south africa johannesburg seeing some heavy rain and high seer of only fifteen degrees. what makes this moment this era we're living from so unique this is really an attack on truth itself is a lot of misunderstanding a distortion even of what free speech is supposed to be about the context is hugely
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important level wise to publish if you have a good cheap to be offensive or provocative about it as people do setting the stage for a serious debate. up front at this time on al-jazeera. your perceptions powerful documentaries from around the globe or is a big sound that that plane coming down. feel it's journalism. debates and discussion this is a lot of misunderstanding and distortion even the only argument i find against that is all of corded history. see the world from a different perspective on al-jazeera.
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welcome back you with the news hour recap of the top stories now most of the one hundred ten school girls who were abducted in northeastern nigeria last month have been reunited with their families the girls returned to their hometown by would appear to be a convoy of book around fighters. at least twenty two people mostly children have been killed in a russian air strike in syria is a live province. and facebook and a british consulting firm are being sued in the us obtaining the personal data of fifty million social media users without permission. and the european union has set out plans to increase the tax paid by digital companies the finance commissioner says he wants firms with large digital revenues in europe to pay
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a tax of three percent of their turnover but he denies that specifically targeting facebook google apple and amazon the plans won't come into force unless they are backed by the european parliament and the twenty eight e.u. countries all digitalized businesses currently pay on average an effective tax rate of only nine and a half percent in the e.u. compared with twenty three percent for traditional companies for example a report by bookselling britain revealed that bookshops here in the u.k. pay more than eleven times the rate of corporation tax paid by amazon outlets pay ninety one pence per one hundred pounds of turnover in tax while amazon pays eight pence. well joining us live now via skype from brussels is b. to chase he is a senior fellow at the german marshall fund think tank and before that he was vice president for a year and the u.s. chamber of commerce thanks very much for speaking to us and so we're hearing that
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the e.u. commission wants the big technology companies to pay more tax is that something that is justified in your opinion given the comparison to making with perhaps the tax that smaller and medium sized companies are being forced to pay in this environment. i really understand the date issue about the difference in taxes between small companies and big companies but in your in your brief in the beginning you talked about the tax that a company pays in the u.k. when if a company is just local it pays just a local tax if it's a multinational company it's going to be paying taxes in a lot of different jurisdictions in case an amazon a lot of their tax revenues or they've got to be taxes in the united states so that it's a little bit different as to how you compare them so what do you think will be the impact of this of course as to go through many stages but hypothetically if the e.u. commission was able to implement this plan and if it were to become law what the
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effect. well there would be a couple of the facts what effect would be to really piss off the u.s. congress because i think congress with think that the european union is taking away from it tax revenue that belongs to the united states' role then to be sure to u.k. or any of the member states but i think that that's putting that aside the issues here is is what the european union is proposing the right thing to do in the sense of good public policy. and i think that there are three main fundamental flaws with it the first is that it's taxing revenues role in profits the second is that it's actually redistributing tax revenues to larger countries that have more users and the third is that it's taxing import taxing imports in all three of those
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are actually pretty disturbing conceptually. right so. in reality though how difficult is it going to be then for the e.u. commission to implement a plan that will require the agreement of well all member states very difficult because when it comes to corporate tax issues and that's what this is as opposed to about tax when it comes to corporate tax issues in the e.u. you need unanimity and because the second thing i talked about the redistribution effectively what the e.u. is proposing the european commission is proposing is that corporate tax revenues that might be new do in our lives instead should be paid in germany simply because germany has a larger market and i can imagine some people that are only not being particularly pleased with the. same thing for a stone you know or finland or sweden or anyone else that has digital companies that are selling into germany. all right well thank you very much
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appreciate your analysis on this story be to chasten apologies if there is any offense calls by some colorful language that. now a palestinian teenager go on trial for slapping an israeli soldier has reportedly accepted a plea deal of eight months in prison seventeen year old i have tamimi is accused of assault after hitting an israeli soldier in the face last year in the occupied west bank confrontation took place off what israel says was a stone throwing assault on its troops the cases may tell me a symbol for the palestinian struggle and has drawn international attention. the israeli military has confirmed for the first time that it bombed a suspected nuclear reactor in syria eleven years ago it's released previously classified video of the attack near dairies all in two thousand and seven as intelligence minister says the video should warn iran against developing nuclear
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weapons i force that explains from west jerusalem. it's hardly a secret that israel destroyed what its intelligence services said was a syrian nuclear reactor almost eleven years ago but now it's officially acknowledging that fact and detailing the operation for the first time israel's military on wednesday released cockpit videos of the airstrike in the early hours of september the sixth two thousand and seven the isolated building next to the euphrates river entirely obliterated unlike a similar strike on an iraqi reactor in one hundred eighty one which sparked international condemnation the celebrations took place in secret the official policy was silence until now a message the message from the two thousand and seven attack on the reactor is that israel will not tolerate construction that could pose an existential threat to the state of israel this was the message in one nine hundred eighty one this was the message in two thousand and seven and this is the future message for our enemies
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israel may have been publicly silent at the time but behind the scenes it was working to convince the international community of its assessment that the reactor was a virtual replica of north korea's yongbyon facility built with extensive help from north korea its purpose to produce weapons grade plutonium. and after the operation intelligence offices presented to the heads of state of your ip the united states russia and the arab states intelligence information that substantiated the justification for this attack in order to help them support us and convince us that not to react. the decision to go public comes ahead of the publication of the memoirs of the man who ordered the attack then prime minister ehud olmert more significantly it forms a clear it's to iran at a time when israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu is repeatedly warning news really public and foreign leaders about iran's military activity inside syria and its nuclear program at home netanyahu has been urging donald trump to pull the us
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out of the multilateral iran nuclear deal trungpa certain may the twelfth deadline for decision just last month israel carried out extensive air strikes inside syria after one of its fighters was shot down an incident triggered by what israel said was an incursion into its territory by iranian drone there were fears them of a wider escalation fears which haven't gone away perry force it out west jerusalem . now peru's president. has just presented his resignation to congress lawmakers had been expected to vote on thursday on whether to ask over corruption allegations several of his allies were filmed allegedly trying to gain the support of a lawmaker so he would block the leaders impeachment for more mariana censures joins us on the phone from lima more can you tell us about the chin ski's resignation. well maryam the president has resigned just a few minutes ago i did make publicly i was assigned to
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a cabin with a this morning in an emergency meeting a hour before the president was about to go through congress before and for impeachment proceedings for having links with. brazilian over the rich diversity in construction company over the edge means that he had received money from the construction company which is a myth and one of the most or the large of corruption scandal up in america and we think she's jury now is pretty good if they are above looking to see they have this relationship with go there for money that he received apparently. exact counts in the united states for advisory services when he was a government minister more than a decade ago now but what i want to keep with the nation now is that yesterday some video surfaced of our life of the obama team ski well that's what i look at
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leats buying the volt's from congress meant to as stop the impeachment proceedings aren't to save his presidency however those reveals surfaced yesterday and by becomes the political crisis making even more bizarre piece own party who are going to vote against you pietschmann some faith that they would go to the president so now we are waiting for the president to make an announcement but it is not clear if he will he will present his letter to congress and congress will defy tomorrow whether to accept the resignation or not. he was an increasingly isolating isolated figure and he has now submitted his resignation which kaczynski was already on the pressure for assuming that that resignation is excepted by congress as you say what happens next will the allegations against him still be pursued yet
9:43 pm
. there is no god that can happen when you accept the resignation because it's a majority of congressman that wanted to teach him an alsatian from office what happened the moment we've got the first ones president might be right well the. president will assume or we're clique over the presidency i will say this. could he keeps trying for the next week here that's the vote he was before the out of school for. president these. are out of that to go wrong and i think they will probably wait until he lives are for the focus to begin to see what top who are who in the next couple of say a while in congress competing to if he wins and the people work if you will to work a principle to keep our finance very much marianna sanchez bring us all the
9:44 pm
latest from. the president of peru. which has submitted his resignation to congress france's foreign president nicolas sarkozy has just finished a second day of questioning of allegations he took illegal campaign donations from the late libyan leader moammar gadhafi but he's looking into claims that gadhafi gave so much as sixty million dollars when he was running for office in two thousand and seven so cozy has denied any wrongdoing. zimbabwe's annual tobacco selling season has started the number of tobacco farmers has steadily increased over the years but their complaints on the farm seized during land reforms are not being fully utilised and hampering production are metacity reports from harare. zimbabwe produced and sold nearly two hundred million kilograms of tobacco last year were nearly six hundred million dollars farmers hope
9:45 pm
they can earn more this year tobacco is the country's second biggest export most farmers here are beneficiaries of the government's land reform program where land was seized from white commercial farmers and given to blacks nearly twenty years ago elizabeth. potatoes beans. more than ninety percent of zimbabwe's tobacco is exported most ins up in china south africa and belgium it's a battle industry and markets board says more than one hundred thousand growers have registered to sell their produce this season last year the number was just over eighty thousand pharmacy their priority is improving the quality of the tobacco they produce the country's new leader. took over after robert mugabe was forced to resign in november he's promising consistent and more invest a friendly policies to revive the economy and the agricultural sector impression is that many farms are have been derelict for
9:46 pm
a long period of time the sixteen is not just a physical infrastructure such as buildings but it extends to things like dams which in this last rainy season we've heard of several dams of actually collapsed because there hasn't been proper management and care for those as it is land reform policy was sometimes chaotic and violent it's alleged some zimbabweans grabbed several farms but there are no official records of who has what and how many government ministers say they will be a comprehensive land audit when money is available. that. also. to establish its luckily. which individual is linked to which is of lead. and of course. that so far utilize this. book of the. white farmers who lost farms nearly twenty years ago have been told
9:47 pm
they will be compensated but the government is broke there is a shortage of foreign currency before land reform zimbabwe was called the land of milk and honey political analysts say reviving the agricultural sector needs the right policies and political will and rampant corruption has to be urgently addressed how to al-jazeera how to. water shortages of being felt around the world but in parts of east north africa the u.n. says the situation is extreme and unprecedented freshwater resources have already been reduced by two thirds in the last forty years by two thousand and fifty that amount is expected to be hogged most of the region is semi arid and dry which means more than sixty percent of water has to be piped in and high temperatures and rising sea levels could result in shorter crop growing seasons with using them by more than fifty five percent in the next eighty years in kenya more than half the population only have access to unsafe water from ponds shallow wells and rivers and
9:48 pm
the lack of clean water has caused conflicts between farming communities catherine so he has more from what year in northeastern kenya. there has been some rain in what jack account for the fast time in months. and her neighbors in the village of. their train water that collects in paddles on the main road. they have no clean water source and often rely on deliveries trucked to them by the local government from a borehole more than forty kilometers away it's been a week since they last saw the truck. and we don't have anything else to drink right now we cook food we feed to when our children come from school they drink sometimes they get sick but we have few options. but the rains iraq taken drought frequent forcing hiding communities to walk longer distances in such for food and
9:49 pm
water and fights often break out as resources become even more scarce this come all the being taken to another far away area where it has rained but most conflicts over water and pasture happened during droughts where there's not much to go around elders we talk to told us that the traditional ways of solving problems over resources somewhat ineffective now because of political interference. here the elders discuss reason territorial clashes between two communities claiming rights to an area where trains more at least eighty people have died in a dispute over land since more than a decade ago four of them including abdul mohammed's pregnant wife were killed in the most recent conflict she's left behind six children. from the other community need water or food they should come and ask but by force that's what leads to conflict. the government and other development partners have been sinking bore
9:50 pm
holes building dams and constructing water pans to bring water closer to hard isn't there anymore but even then finding it is getting more difficult what used to be very popular. with the egyptians used to. collect water. in. fits. even when.
9:51 pm
9:52 pm
back chose him now it's for marion thank you iraq's football team has just finished playing a historic match on home soil is the first since fifa lifted a three decade long ban on the country hosting international tournament iraq played cats are in the southern city of basra in front of a packed crowd the match finished three two to cattle but it's one of a series of friendlies with iraq set to also play syria next week. i want to create the most famous teams the west indies have their place in the two thousand
9:53 pm
and nineteen cricket world cup but they were made to sweat by scotland and helped by the rains in harare the windies to fit in the third over they recovered a little bit but were all out for one hundred ninety eight scotland battle to one hundred twenty five for five in reply with more than fourteen overs to go but then rain ended the match and with it scotland's wealth cup dreams definitely leave you know. coming into this tournament being here for the first time in a quirk of qualifying and we know what was at stake and i was just really pleased to see dakota gays responded you know i think there's going to better things we really came together as a school as a squad and everybody put in their heads together and try to do what's best for west indies cricket and what's best for ourselves and it's a good thing that the west indies are going through the same easter teammates can put this little incident behind them marlon samuels had a powerful strike which accidently struck evan lewis in the back of his leg a friendly fire floored him for a little bit but he got back up and both of them ended up hitting
9:54 pm
a half century which. one country that can now dream of playing at the world cup in the future is not polled just last week they were they earned their official one day international status for the very first time that means they can play against some of the sport's big guns like india australia and england but as to being a stressed so reports from katmandu the new status hasn't dampened allegations of corruption and political interference. hundreds of fans wait outside government to airport to get a glimpse of their favorite stars and bars national cricket team arrived home on monday evening from zimbabwe after winning one day international status and i'm looking forward to playing the giants of the one day game such as india england and australia. but. this comes with a lot of responsibility we have to improve our game and if infrastructure is built on the next six months to a year we can plan and move ahead it's time the government gives priority to cricket. the path to one day international status has been a rocky one for than
9:55 pm
a potties the players are talented but the sports administrators are plagued by allegations of mismanagement political interference and corruption involving embezzled funds all that cause the world governing body international cricket council to suspend cricket association of the people two years ago. association suspension from the i.c.c. has excluded the team from competitions but it has meant a reduction of more than ninety percent in funding of we. don't i mean snow must exist on i mean are it going to hamper because there were no more drowning in the dumbest economy and so we had a problem with beersheba action and and all and saw a dog payment problem for people who are in my window in the system so the direct impact and motion in boardroom impact that we had in the domestic structure. far from developing new facilities existing cricket grounds have not been meant tain.
9:56 pm
still control this is around the sports administration that's hard dampened the spirit of aspiring players cricket has become and you know mostly popular in the pile earlier this year one of the national players was selected for the indian premier league the richest cricket league in the world and a few people across the country have started to see the sport as a viable career option now with o.d.i. status assured for the next four years the paul hopes to cement its place as a competitive international team fans here hope that the sports administrators in the park as well as the newly appointed sports minister will make changes and start investing in the development of the sport to beat us russia al-jazeera. belgian cyclist almost again has grabbed the overall lead at the tour of catalonia after stage three to ghent staged a solo breakaway with twenty condolences left to go on wednesday and himself
9:57 pm
a twenty three second overall lead over defending champion alexandra de the seven stage race ends on sunday in boss lono. meanwhile cycling's governing body the c.i. has announced it will use x. ray machines and random dismantling of bikes following a race to try to tackle the issue of mechanical doping that's the use of a mini engine inside the frame of a bike to help our it and help the rider it's not as uncommon as you might think in two thousand and sixteen a belgian cyclist was found to have a motor in his bike cycling bosses have been concerned about the issue for some time they've used thermal imaging cameras in the last two editions of the tour de france. well since hanging up his running shoes one hundred meter world record holder you saying bolt has made no secret of his next sporting ambitions of play football for manchester united well earlier the eight time elin pick champion have the chance to impress united manager josie marine you're the jamaican looked serious as he took to the pitch alongside
9:58 pm
a host of football legends including diego maradona and he managed to score the event marks eighty four days until the start of the world cup and that is all useful for now back to mariam in london loving thanks very much joe let's hear from myself for this news hour but my colleague lauren taylor will be with you in a few moments with much more of the day's news a full person coming up of course including our round up of all the day's top stories coming up in just a couple of minutes stay with us. the
9:59 pm
scene for us where on line what is american sign in yemen that peace is always possible but it never happens not because the situation is complicated but because no one cares or if you join us on set there are people that are choosing between buying medication and eating base is a dialogue i want to get in one more comment because this is someone who's an activist in his close to the story joined the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera. the nature of news as it breaks this was a great election about it was going to win but it was about how much with detailed coverage of the syrian civil war most of them said to state what is really different is that each key some people will live until to morrow so many innocent people from around the world the bats and balls are several years old the really good players to end up creating a cricket academy and maybe one day play for the national team. winning the
10:00 pm
will of the people hinges on the mass media and state p.r. machine it's going to overdrive. but just who can fill in saying. we just don't know yet where the lines will be drawn between what can be said and what conduct that. some journalists decided to sacrifice their integrity for outside the polling the media opinion the listening post but based time on al-jazeera the strength of al-jazeera is that because we have such a span fifteen are poor people will come to us and actually share the information with zero team into them. peru's president has resigned hours before congress was set to impeach him over corruption allegations.


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