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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  March 22, 2018 7:00pm-7:34pm +03

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lost and abandoned. found and saved. one of the nice reveals how one charity is giving pakistan's lost children new chance at life on al-jazeera. we understand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world so no matter how you take it al-jazeera will bring you the news and current affairs that matter to you al-jazeera. president trump prepares to fire a new shot in his trade war with china but exempts the e.u. and other allies from his steel and aluminum terrorists.
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are live from london also coming up syrian rebels leave eastern ghouta after surrendering the town of harasta to the government. yemen's central bank runs out of money after a deposit promised by saudi arabia is seized by its coalition partner the u.a.e. . and destruction in france as teachers rail workers and air traffic controllers walk off the job in anger at president michael's reforms. and the u.s. president donald trump is preparing to announce massive new tariffs for chinese imports a direct shot in a brewing trade war between the world's two largest economies it comes on top of his tariffs on steel and aluminum imports which are due to kick in on friday and
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it's just been revealed that the european union and other u.s. allies will be exempt from those measures against china could affect up to sixty billion dollars in beijing's exports and are expected to target high tech goods trump wants to make good on his campaign promise to crack down on his country's staggering trade deficit with china chinese exports to the u.s. currently exceed american exports to china by three hundred seventy five billion dollars trump hopes the new cars will reduce that by one hundred billion dollars and may also restrict chinese investment in the u.s. the u.s. president is also accused china of engaging in trade law violations including faffed of intellectual property and american technology. china's says america's own export restrictions are to blame for the massive deficit and is already preparing to hit back with tariffs aimed at trump's support base targeting u.s. agricultural exports as you should change if you resolutely opposed to any lateral
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and protectionist action by the us china will not sit idly by while it legitimate rights and interests are hurt we must take all necessary measures to firmly defend our rights and interests we hope the u.s. can see clearly that the nature of china and u.s. trade relations is to mutual benefit and a win win situation. let's get more on this sort of more white house correspondent can really help it so we heard that china already preparing some counter measures took us through the kind of the the trump trade strategy. well i think that there are many here in washington who are having difficulty nailing down exactly what the trade strategy is because this is the first time that we've seen this taken against china well this is the first time with these tariffs and what we believe will be up to one hundred different types of consumer goods namely in the high tech sector that the president is announcing specifically on those chinese imports into the united states worth some fifteen billion of course we were talking
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about trade in the concerns about the trade war when just weeks ago the president slapped tariffs on steel and aluminum as is pronounced here in the united states imported into the united states but the fact that many countries were exempted from that canada being one of the major trading partner certainly left many scratching their head about the president's trade strategy this is something that the u.s. trade representative speaking at a senate finance committee hearing just in the last couple of hours tried to clarify in terms of those exemptions for u.s. senators take a listen to what he had to say. so what he has decided to do is to pause the imposition of the terms with respect to those countries and i know one very well so we have we have two to nafta countries which we know where they are we have europe we have australia we have argentina we have brazil.
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and obviously korea where we're negotiating of course. so those are the tariff on aluminum and stealing you heard the trade representative talking there about all of the carve outs of their calls here in the united states of countries that will be exempted from those tariffs it really leaves the united states pointing the finger at one country in particular and that is china so that's the indirect action now we have these direct tariffs they're expected to come down within the hour by the president targeting the high tech sector this is certainly a delivering of a campaign promise by the president and although this is something that the president donald trump is moving on certainly this has been a concern for democratic and republican presidents going all the way back to bill clinton but donald trump being the first to take action delivering this campaign promise because he's felt that for so long there's been a massive trade deficit some six hundred seventy five billion dollars that has really harmed the american manufacturing sector and american workers and company on
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another subject which need noir in the russian investigation has resigned what more do we know about the circumstances. yeah the circumstances still a little bit unclear why this happened now in terms of timing this story just developing in the last few minutes or so but what we can confirm is in fact that one of the president's sort of key components to his legal team dealing with robert muller special counsel investigation has resigned his name is john dowd now he's left with this statement he loves the president he wishes them well but what we've been hearing in the background there is some friction between the president and his lawyer particularly when it comes to the negotiations that are taking place right now whether or not the president should in fact sit down and answer robert miller's questions his legal team telling him he should not do that something the president seems to be leaning towards doing and the concern being from the legal standpoint is given the fact that donald trump is known for playing kind of fast and loose with the fact that he certainly could set himself up for incrimination so this is
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the advice he's been giving getting not taking or heating and it appears that john dowd may have resigned as a result of frustration over that key issue it also comes at a time when donald trump especially on twitter has been really stepping up his attacks denying there's been any collusion and really pointing the finger and questioning the integrity of the special counsel robert muller committee how could thank you very much indeed or don't trump tariffs and he's one of the issues topping the agenda in brussels where european union leaders of government in brussels for a summit you do is also expected to discuss trade job skum best of news breaks it and the nerve agent attack on a russian spy in britain u.k. prime minister to resign just to unite and condemn russia after accusing the kremlin of targeting. and his daughter union earlier this month. on beef it says in brussels for us as a period large sigh of relief ere there's tariff exemptions from the us. i think
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for europe the people you work with yes i think there is loren just in the past few moments the president of the european parliament antonio to johnny has been speaking here he says that europe welcomes a positive message from the u.s. but remains cautious until concrete proposals and now it still has the threat of tariffs merely been suspended or has it been permanently lifted i think from the european union point of view yes of course they're happy that the immediate route appears to have gone away but there is some lasting residual concern i would say that this route even happened in the first place with a country that the e.u. traditionally historically has been as close as the united states and that points to a fundamental uneasiness with the unpredictability of the trouble regime as the trumpet ministration i'm sorry as europe perceives it donell to school the
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president of the european council if you look at his opening remarks here at the at the summit he says you know trade brings peace we have to remember that the united states is a good friend of but also the european union feels that it did make the point to the was prepared to retaliate to rebalance if necessary and in recent weeks we've been hearing about all sorts of american goods from harley davidson motorcycles to board and whiskey to cranberries on which new tariffs would potentially have been imposed by europe if the americans had gone ahead with steel and other million tariffs and motivate how much support is the u.k. getting over its problems with russia at the moment. well we'll have to see later this evening that is something that the british prime
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minister to reason may will bring up over over but it's something that is of great concern to the british the remarks by the prime minister and by the foreign secretary boris johnson have been extremely tough about russia in recent days and they would very much like to see. unanimity on this point but they are aware that they always have been long before the souls instant very much at the hawkish end of europeans european union opinion when it comes to russia that countries like greece for example italy hungry are much more disposed to look on russia in a much less hostile way and of course there is an enormous irony britain of all countries coming to europe one of the last european council summits that to reason may will be attending presumably asking for european solidarity at
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a time of brics it let's just hear what juries may said on the way into the summit . but i will also be talking about today is not just what happened on the streets of seoul history but the fact that we do see face as part of a pattern of russian aggression against europe and its new neighbors as i said from the western balkans to the middle east this is a subject we have to stress for for and i look forward to further discussions with my european colleagues and i'm grateful for that for the solidarity and support that they've shown the united kingdom. as for bret's it itself florida normally the top of british preoccupations that will be discussed when the summit resumes tomorrow theresa may herself be party to those deliberations as the representative of the country which is. in the process of leaving me you want to be phillips thank you very much indeed. well prober exit
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activists in the u.k. a furious over revelations that the new british passports are to be manufactured by an e.u. company to reason may said in december that the current burgundy passports would switch to an older blue design seen here on the right which was used before the u.k. joined the e.u. but the six hundred ninety one million dollar contract to manufacture the passports has been won by a franker dutch company persons interior ministry defended the decision saying the company was chosen following a rigorous competition mehad said the new design would be an expression of independence and sovereignty after brics it. syrian opposition fighters have surrendered one of the last rebel enclaves near the capital damascus in an evacuation deal with the government thousands of fighters and civilians are now leaving the town of harasta in eastern guta government forces have been bombing the area heavily for more than
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a month but other rebel factions are still holding on to two separate pockets of territory including duma the largest town in eastern guta those leaving her us to fleeing north to live province where syrian and russian air strikes have killed dozens of people in the last two days so i heard a report. defeat and displacement that is what these buses have come to symbolize up to one thousand five hundred fighters from the rebel faction and at least six thousand of their family members are leaving their homes in hard they have agreed to lay down their arms and go to the opposition controlled province of idlib in syria's north west the russian guaranteed evacuation deal is being seen as amounting to a surrender the first to leave was anyone needing medical assistance harass them like the rest of the rebel enclaves of the eastern has been relentlessly bombarded for more than a month the suffering of the people is immense some civilians also left media
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activists even civil defense volunteers syrians who are considered to be terrorists by the government had no other choice the deal also involves a prisoner exchange and is reported to include guarantees by the syrian government and the russian military that no harm will come to the civilians who chose to stay harassed is just one town in eastern with which is now divided into three pockets because of the government offensive the other two rebel factions which controls duma and phyla which controls the southern pockets have been engaged in separate negotiations with the russian military so far there has been no progress. so pro-government forces continue to target what is left of the rebel held area they are seizing more territory in the southern pocket and airstrikes continue to kill the united nations says people are trapped by fierce fighting and are in dire need of aid the choice they have been given is to starve die or leave.
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when we are fighting to stay in our land and prevent displacement the international community is silent and powerless or perhaps it's conspiring against us all they do is lie to us the un security council was not able to save. killed and displays a whole commentary of. years of siege and bombardment have been a strategy the pro-government alliance used previously to force the surrender of rebels the united nations and human rights groups condemned the strategy as forced displacement this is the first deal of its kind in eastern huta and pressure is only increasing the other rebel groups to also agree to the only offer on the table that. beirut. u.s. defense secretary james mattis urged saudi arabia's crown prince to help find a political solution to the war in yemen atis has been hosting haven't been selman at the pentagon and saudi arabia has led a bombing campaign against iranian backed rebels in yemen since twenty fifteen aid
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groups describe yemen as the world's worst humanitarian crisis with more than five thousand civilians killed and a third of the population on the brink of famine. meanwhile yemen's central bank has run out of money saudi arabia had promised to deposit two billion dollars but more than a quarter of that was seized by u.a.e. forces saudis allies and a host to his war. with the u.n. calls the world's worst humanitarian disaster has become even worse yemen has officially run out of money the shortage of funds has forced the central bike to close saudi arabia had agreed to transfer money to help alleviate the effects of its three year war and yemen yemeni bank chief say six hundred eighty million dollars was seized in the port of aden by u.a.e. forces the u.a.e. is part of the saudi coalition fighting in yemen the latest repercussions of the hoofy missile aimed at saudi arabia that provoked
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a blockade on ports and airports injuring vital aid and imports get in the shipment of cash was meant to pay the salaries a public perrie's yemen has been ravaged by the civil war between the internationally recognized government based in the south which is backed by the saudis and their allies and the who think movement which controls the north and is backed by iran as well as the cash crisis to government ministers have resigned after calling for the president's return from saudi arabia the minister of the state and saeed he tweeted that the saudis are preventing abu reber mansour hadi and his sons returning from their self-imposed exile in riyadh the deputy prime minister also stepped down he is hoping the new century yemen bank in aden last year some i'm not here to mete out my hope they will deal with yemen as a country that has a great seven thousand year civilization yemen is not on the margin yemen is not a banana republic yemen is a big brotherly country the coalition came to support the country's legitimacy and
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its institutions it is a must to deal with yemen with all respect. he's angrily accusing the kingdom of going back on their promises yemeni's more respect but their focus is on survival schools and hospitals are the latest targets of this conflict famine in addition to a corner and diptheria epidemic with this latest cash crisis the suffering of yemenis looks no closer to ending. their still come this half hour why nigeria's government has closed all boarding schools in borno state. and aid workers scramble to protect thousands of ranger refugees from flooding ahead of the monsoon season.
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welcome back as we look at weather conditions across central southern parts of china and taiwan gerry's most part looking good during the course of friday sunshine for food and hong kong with twenty four degrees as a high and we've got to find conditions also for noise but through into saturday we've got some more in the way of rain developing across central areas change to probably pick up some rain later on in the day so let's head across no into south asia where we've had some rain sleet snow up over some of the hill stations of northern india from that particular system but that's no cleared away and we're looking at fine conditions across much of the region parts of that have played on friday for colombo in sri lanka but as the weekend moves upon is that is looking fine there for delhi with highs of thirty four degrees celsius so across into the arabian peninsula and again it is pretty warm here we've got a bit of a shower when picking up during the course of friday but temperatures still up to thirty two degrees celsius around the rest of the gulf region also looking fine the effects that wind will be felt as we head on through into saturday the temperatures
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coming down fractionally but on the other side of the peninsula we have a little bit of cloud across northern areas but certainly from mecca medina is going to be very hot indeed with temperatures of forty and thirty nine degrees celsius respectively. education is struggling to keep pace often failing to prepare children for today's work. but some schools are changing the rules are good to have hope that they can and how the beginning. with still mission results. if it was our. regular early learning mexico at this time on al jazeera.
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and one of the top stories helen jazeera is president on trump is preparing to announce massive new tariffs for chinese imports the latest shot in the brewing trade war between the world's two largest economies trumps steel and aluminum tariffs are on the agenda at an e.u. summit in brussels has just been revealed the e.u. and other u.s. allies will be exempt from them. and syrian opposition fighters have surrendered one of the last rebel enclaves near the capital damascus in an evacuation deal with the government. at least fourteen people have been killed in a car bomb attack in somalia's capital mogadishu the blast took place near a hotel on a busy road which has been the target of similar attacks in the past ten of those are thought to been injured in the last. schoolchildren in nigeria's northeastern
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borno state are being kept at home due to fears of more mass kidnappings by boko her on the government has closed all boarding schools in rural areas indefinitely if there is a series of attacks by the arm group and the kidnapping of one hundred ten girls from dept in neighboring yobe a state last month one hundred five of them were freed on wednesday and taken to the medical checks one father whose daughter is still missing don under there is a common interest and should be forced to become a muslim they said about my daughter that. was hard to change how to leave john and she refused and that's why they kept her there. and what what are they saying i think going to release her to save she can bug. these heart do you think she's going to do that i don't think she will do that and
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it just has more now from that she in northeast nigeria. this is the rule book was around fighters drove through with one hundred and four goals initially they dropped one of them in a village on their way here and then they dropped them of the one hundred and four right over there some two hundred meters away from this place and we were told by residents that one of their vehicle developed a puncture or other they have had a flat tire they change the tires here and then they drove back they spent nearly thirty minutes in depth to this particular road they came through it's the same road they used to go back to where they came from but on incidentally right over there is the home of the only girl still in captivity the home of leah sherry boone nathan the family still grieving and still expecting their child now the other girls one hundred and five of them and now in abuja meeting the nigerian president and also going through psychological counseling and other medical checkups now what
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we are hearing from the people abducted they said they are keeping because of her faith they want her to renounce our faith and embrace a new one now we were told by residents but this is yet to be confirmed by the nigerian government which is also yet to say what about the five remaining goals that were taken one month ago the resident said the fighters when they drove to town and dropped the one hundred and four in this town and one before they stand on they told them that five of them or four or five of them actually died because of exhaustion on the day they were taken from their school induction fascitis in the czech republic says six people have died in an explosion at an oil refinery the blast was at the uni petrol plant in korea looking about thirty kilometers north of prague especially if the company says no fire broke out arctic station and the situation is under control he says new congress chemicals have been released.
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facebook c.e.o. mark zuckerberg says he's happy to testify before u.s. congress if asked over revelations that a u.k. political consultancy firm misused information from fifty million users and television interview just about also promised stronger privacy measures for facebook users he admits his site made mistakes are accusations that cambridge analytical improperly accessed user data in an attempt to influence the twenty sixteen u.s. presidential election. but he's in france a fired tear gas at protesters taking part in a public sector walkout offices also used water cannon in the western city of not and scuffles with demonstrations in paris trains and flights are being canceled across france and many schools closed unions are angry at plans by president money to cut one hundred twenty thousand public sector jobs by the year twenty twenty two . dollars in paris for so what was the scale of the walkout attash.
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was so far according to french trade unions are they say that about four hundred thousand people have taken part in these strikes across the country today but police figures a much lower about a quarter of that numbers will have to see the end of the day exactly how many people have turned out there's no doubt that the numbers are far smaller than similar protests that we've seen here over the past few years what has been interesting is the way that people from across the public sector really come together the teachers nurses hospital oh workers transport workers in especially rail workers because even though they will go their own concerns in their own industries they've come together because they are united in their frustration and anger against the french government because the government is pushing through reforms saying to the public sector the public services really need to be overhauled and changed to try and save money and become more efficient and great more opportunities for others while rail workers as i mentioned some of the biggest
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the biggest number of protesters out today and they are particularly angry with the government and say that they will look at rolling out strikes over the lot next three months really causing a disruption across the country and they're particularly angry about their special status being scrapped in these reforms. to some of the fastest passenger trains in the world francis t.g.v. switch link the big cities are modern and deficient but the same cannot be said. the company the runs them france's national railway or s.n.c.f. isn't profitable and deep in debt. local services like this one in paris often disrupted because of problems with staff or aging infrastructure yes they want that there often to laze it's a catastrophe trains cancelled at late notice it's often chaos the full scale plant my son who has an hour's train journey each day there's a problem on the line every other day the french government says that the s.n.c.f.
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must change so it's proposing some major reforms he wants to open up the rail network to foreign investors and it plans to scrap the special status given to rail workers which allows train drivers to retire in their fifty's a decade earlier than most of the population. essence their full losers monopoly in twenty twenty under e.u. rules foreign companies will be able to run trains on its network the prime minister says reforms will help s.n.c.f. stay competitive when the world is changing gears and surf most chandra's it face was comforted as a sense of cannot remain the only company to recruit ray wreckers and a special status. created in one nine hundred thirty eight s. and seth is owned by the french state it employs one hundred forty thousand staff for generations its workers have enjoyed perks such as early retirement and extra days off brellier union leaders say the benefits are compensation for difficult
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working conditions provided to their armies or i work long unsociable hours and our salaries are very high the government is focusing on a special status in these reforms to make the public turn against rail workers and when their battle past presidents have tried and failed to reform s.n.c.f. forced to back down in the face of stiff opposition from france's powerful trade unions emanuel mack all wants to be the one to succeed marco may have more new way big. as of more general favorable public opinion in terms of reforming a sincere i think people now are more ready to see something different. the government says it will reform s.n.c.f. by decree that's put union leaders on the warpath they're promising gloating strikes macro may be facing his greatest test. will present michael came to power promising to transform into reform france he
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says changes are needed to try and bring down the high unemployment cut debts and does save money say public service not a great public spending which has been a problem in france for so many years he is determined to push through these changes but will be interesting to see what will happen over the next few weeks israel workers decide to carry out these rolling strikes for many in france this is really being seen as a great test for the president josh abutment thank you very much. aid workers are scrambling to protect more than half a million revenger refugees at a bangladeshi camp as the monsoon season approaches workers that they could to prolong a sandbagging digging trenches and relocating families before the out early summer rains arrive there is expected to cause flooding and landslides. top stories when i was there u.s.
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president on trump is preparing to announce massive new tariffs for chinese imports a direct shot in a brewing trade war between the world's two largest economies measures could affect up to sixty billion dollars in chinese exports and are expected to target high tech goods trump wants to make good on his campaign promise to crack down on his country's staggering trade deficit with china chinese exports to the u.s. currently exceed american exports to china by three hundred seventy five billion dollars. or trying as preparing to hit back with tariffs aimed at trump's own support base targeting a u.s. agricultural exports beijing also says america's own export restrictions are to blame for the massive deficit that you should change if you resolutely opposed this type of duty lateral and protectionist action by the us china will not sit idly by while it legitimate rights and interests are hurt we must take all necessary measures to firmly defend our rights and interests we hope the us can see clearly
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that the nature of china and u.s. trade relations is to mutual benefit add a win win situation european union is joined canada mexico australia brazil and south korea in winning exemptions to u.s. tariffs on steel and aluminum it comes as e.u. leaders gather in brussels for a two day summit expected to focus on trade and competitiveness. syrian opposition fighters have surrendered one of the last rebel enclaves near the capital damascus in an evacuation deal with the government thousands of fighters and civilians and leaving the town of harassed in eastern guta but two other areas there remain under rebel control. the suspect behind a bomb attack targeting the palestinian premier last week has been killed in a firefight with hamas forces interior ministry in gaza says the suspect refused to surrender when hamas security forces surrounded his hideout at least fourteen people have been killed in a car bomb blast near
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a hotel in somalia's capital ten others were wounded in the explosion which happened near a busy road in mogadishu the somali armed group al-shabaab has claimed responsibility there's the headlines to stay with us you're not his or rebel education is next hour more news for you after that thanks for watching. education matters the universal rights to expand arrive and offer by the prospect the possible to a better life yet around the globe. an institution breaking point system has been deemed to be no longer vet. thinking.


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