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tv   Inside Story 2018 Ep 81  Al Jazeera  March 22, 2018 8:32pm-9:01pm +03

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i really believe they cannot believe they've gotten away with this for so long. the european union has joined canada mexico australia brazil and south korea in winning exemptions to u.s. tariffs on steel and aluminum it comes as e.u. discover in brussels for today's summit expected to focus on trade and competitiveness don't trump says he's open to testifying before special counsel robert mueller who's investigating russian interference in the twenty sixteen presidential election the us president spoke just hours after his key personal lawyer announced he was resigning john dowd had reportedly clashed with trump over his handling of matters investigation last week he called on the justice department to shut down the miller probe before clarifying that he was speaking for himself not the president in the past trump has repeatedly called the investigation a witch hunt. syrian opposition fighters have surrendered one of the last rebel enclaves near the capital damascus in an evacuation deal with the government
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thousands of fighters and civilians in are leaving the town of harasta in eastern guta but to other areas there remain under rebel control there's the headlines today with us inside story is next on of the news our few straight after that thanks for watching. are saudi arabia and the united arab emirates buying influence in the white house the saudi crown prince is reported to have boasted that he has donald trump's son in no it is pockets and leaked documents allege a major fundraiser for the president was off of business deals from the gulf to influence u.s.
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policy this is inside story. and welcome to the program i'm jane doc and while mohamed bin solomon continues his two week tour of the united states the saudi crown prince is being accused of using classified intelligence from the u.s. president's daily briefing in his crackdown on dissent back home the into sicked online publication says the source was donald trump's son in law and senior advisor jared christian he's reported to reveal the names of saudis disloyal to the crown prince and at least one of them may have been tortured cushion his legal team denies any such discussion his top secret clearance that allowed him to access the
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president's daily brief was taken away last month also in the spotlight and it brought here leading fundraiser for trump with business interests in the u.a.e. the new york times says he was pushing the white house to dismiss rex tillerson the u.s. secretary of state who was fired last week and the paper says what you. wanted an aggressive stance on iran and cats up he's accused cata of hacking his emails a charge cattle denies any documents reveal close coordination between broidery and george neda a lebanese american businessman and an advisor to the united arab emirates neda is reported to have organized a summit of five arab leaders and twenty fifteen four of them joined the blockade against cats last june neda has reportedly been questioned by special counsel robert mueller as team about his ties to the u.a.e. u.s. media reports indicate mueller is looking into whether the u.a.e. try to buy influence in the white us it's bringing our guests on set with me is
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measure observe very director of the gulf studies center at cateye university from washington d.c. by skype is highly just on executive director absence of washington and from florence also by skype is of shane shah e c electra of middle east politics at university of bradford thank you for joining us i know it's still anything but i'm just wondering how this is reverberate you know how this is likely to reverberate i think the information that was released by the intercept is worrisome and i hope that it will get the attention it deserves first i think with regards to the nature of the saudi american relationship i think this information shows that this new if you will transactional mike yeah character of the relationship both sides using each other you know trump on one hand saying we put our man on and been some man claiming to have
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a question or in his pocket that kind of moves that relationship actually from seventy five years of mutual interest to kind of mutual in many patients and twenty eighteen but the most. yes element i think that will most probably it will most probably generate some serious attention as the questioner leak again basically who authorized the leak was a question on it on his own it was it based on the president's instruction to share that information regarding some u.s. traditional friends who ended up being enemies m.b.'s been summoned and who ended up being either dismissed from office or penalized or tortured or imprisoned as a result of that information so there will be i guarantee you some investigation of
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what did this leak and. comments about this potentially explosive and damaging information what with being released to deal with me leaked is telling us very important fact i think saying fact because in the late but arc obama administration there was a lot of debate about why the so did on their moralities are upset of what i call them administration and why they are looking for a republican president in the white house and that was that speculation that how those two countries in particular would be looking at the elections. we know that they are not in favor of clinton because of her call for the mockers and human rights and also praising of jazzier and many of her statement i think trampas was was a better choice for choice for the two countries being fans of republican are. historically
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the relationship between saudi arabia and the republicans was very important you know issue and comes to the american soul the relations so i think there is a buzz and i think we are now getting the piece of the spousal every day from you know of the report there and some part of the news here i think what's what we are finding that there is a determination will a planned. view on how to deal with the situation in the region including iran iran we know that the saudis are not happy with the deal and i think they were not happy of barack obama foreign policy towards iran and they actually did not deny that they said in public that but i obama was in favor of iraq i think they wanted the president in the white house who actually against iran from was the person who has a against iran i think all of this together tell us that there is a sort of plan there is sort of a vision on how to deal with the situation after that but our car bomber and i
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think if we look at the campaign of the tramp and. the leaking today about you know the fundraisers and all of this this tells you that there is also sort of a preparation on how to deal with the situation in the white house and the bring the person who you can work with and can defend and the interests of the two countries and that's what we are seeing now at least since last year the starting to look at the other option are you reading these developments this latest exposé and do you think what we are seeing. here is a american for a foreign policy is reverting back to what the republicans really want you know the access to oil pushing iran away getting closer to saudi arabia. i completely agree with matt too and toward at least i believe that this is actually a very dark day and a very dark moment for american democracy just like the thought that an
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american advisers the son in law all of the president getting some intelligence and mr don't know if it was the daughter is asian from the president or not regardless of that to him some sensitive information. line to saudi arabia and parsing the sensitive information about who is loyal and who is not is not loyal to the neural saudi crown prince in a country that has one of two wars human rights records in the middle east and didn't seem this to be a consequences or basically. that actually you know what these number of people who have been tortured the number of people who have been arrested a number of people have lost their wealth and property at least partly because of
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that intelligence. that idea that actually somebody using an american intelligence for his all in financial benefits for it is all pretty small benefit i think is a very very very sad and at the same time tragic news for for american democracy and apart from the saudi plan to explain i think the ball has been completely preoccupied for example about the role of russia and the ways in which russia has meaning to fury in american democracy and they have been completely ignoring their all of the e.u. law i think groups primarily donated by by united arab emirates since that's our aid when mr tabor became. did it all and to washington d.c. effectively he changed its rudisha whole approach to kind of that.
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gaining influence in washington d.c. traditionally basically arab states try to our approach to big powerful figures in the white house or is it part meant or pentagon to buy or influence but actually he implicated he literally stated time of the pro is really kind of looking. at a nice little primer and focusing on mr tabor sadat and events in the completely distorting washington d.c. he started to have investment in very syntax he started to buy the loyalty of various journalists and various made media organization ok let's not lose too much as if i may i mean if you look at how wide that net was thrown before the elections if this all comes out that it has been proved that russia was involved the u.a.e. was involved facebook and the data hacking there i mean it's quite extraordinary isn't it the sort of people that were brought to the table in order to get into
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power i think. the end of obama administration or presidency was a. happy more warm and to a lot of the players including russia saudi arabia and those basically who did not believe that barack obama's foreign policy was helpful to them i think what. the mission the preparation the plan the communication with with influential you know media and the centers of the the money was being paid and different to different individuals all entities all of this together or to that tell us that you know the there was sort of. a reason for that and the reason i see it is to lead direct. the white house toward their own interests and the diff definition of the region and the interest of the region i think there was sort of determination that
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the era of the obama should be ended and this should be something in their own favorite helping their own interests i think if you see things trump came to power all of his foreign policy the first visit he has done was was to riyadh or of his you know the treats about you know how much he's happy of so the arabia our foreign policy and and he was a proud of them and and the crown prince mohammed bin sentiment and how all of brazing them all of this again taking us to the for the point that the republicans and this president in particular he was seeing saudi arabia as a strong and the better alliance to the region to achieve his goal whether financially because he wanted the money of saudi arabia as him as he mentioned two days ago that they can help the united states of creating jobs and also he wanted so the because of the. israeli conflict and the deal of the century they call it and how they want so they were to play an important role of final resolution for
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the arab israeli conflict so he needs saudi arabia so that area and emirates they need the united states and i think they put all of this of it to make sure that if if if the structure of their goals to that end are we seeing a sort of whitewashing of saudi arabia now in the united states and i refer back to that rather sycophantic c.b.s. interview where mom had been summoned wasn't challenge on their trust she's committed in the yemeni the human rights abuses committed in the country just just a few. subjects that should have been tackled do you think that is what we seeing at the moment we've also had donald trump praising the good relationship when it comes to on's deals rather than noting and why would he that these arms are being used in places like yemen to commit those atrocities i do it's quite clear that the
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bilateral relationship between riyadh and washington is changing and is changing for the negative and in that direction actually has you just described. the what i referred to earlier as this mutual many people to me it was embarrassing as as as a long term observer of this relationship over the past thirty plus years to see that short meeting between trump and b.s. focusing on these charts pictures of weapons systems i mean is this what this relationship is all about so this mike you have any and i think component is not totally new but it seems to me to have all of a sudden you know colored their relationship control the relationship or all over so. traditionally we get accustomed to what was referred to earlier at the special relationship where you have the top executive in riyadh and the top executive
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you're in washington dealing with each other so if you look traditionally at the history of the relationship it was the king dealing with the president the way it was in the days you know with. and with the head and not others and on this side you know going back to two reagan and bush both bushes and so on where the relationship was totally focused at the highest level now we have this new level of many people ation by a lower level. basically adviser to the president who happens to be his son in law who is being manipulated by others so i see it personally as at evaluation frankly . the relationship between both sides and afshan their real capture of the white house yes and you know it was very interesting that you know over the last few months the white house concerts and you has been on a praising. n.b.s.
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although he's gonna be a progressive social policies and at the same time their white house has been completely indifferent about so many other issues that have been facing saudi arabia was that indeed their policies the shot been championed by again and yes which have been kind of embarrassing at least in their big sense of the thames wasn't that long ago when their prime minister both a sovereign country was think typically arrested and put under house arrest in saudi arabia he had an affair into that have been eased. by minister who was effectively arrested in saudi arabia and yet the united states didn't say anything and didn't actually do anything and get aid and using you know kind of these golden opportunity at the moment which is as your guest said which is. part of
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creating an opportunity or a platform for deeper ties between saudi arabia and the united states. in my opinion to primarily kind of use this opportunity for the pistol game i don't think is necessary about national interest because after all we hit that dog went to saudi arabia in order to kind of secure some big good deal for the american economy only if your days after signing all those contracts and documents we realize that there are no. auto read and write so basically the letters. sent the same time to know that mr cushion personally played a very very important role to persuade mr shop to use and shoes or saudi arabia as the first. country to visit. canada president to touch on how it hasn't succeeded on many levels and how it's backfired when it comes to iran
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for example i mean if we talk about the bigger picture here the blockade on cats which pushed cats are closer to iran we see iran greying in strength in lebanon in syria in iraq i mean that has a negative impact as we know on saudi arabia because that drive so much of its foreign policy at least so far none of the aims or none of the goals of saudi arabia has been achieved. you know the war in yemen has been is draining the economy of saudi arabia and they are now forced to have you know behind the door to negotiation with the hoses as we reported last week. when it comes to iran of course trump is complicating the whole deal now and he's. promising that the united states will withdraw from the deal by mid to print of the europeans are not serious about reviewing the whole deal or including the missile program of iran but still
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iran is enjoying the moment by saying that still i have you know europeans on board they are believing on on the deal the defending the deal so iran is still feel confident that the deal is still is strong and there are support for the deep when it comes to the other fires actually the americas were absolutely not in the scene i mean in syria russia on board and iraq the americans they are a very they have very many minimum role especially. sick a little bit with a small military forces and a lot. as a mission yemen the same case so actually in the last since tom came to power we sold is limited to all of the americans and those flies the rules of others and so the idea is losing more on those files actually it's a little the u.s. might have saudi arabia on its side but i should imagine that the u.s. really needs to tread very carefully when it comes to iran because if donald trump
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doesn't he wants to do and you know scrap the deal eventually where will it leave his european partners where will it leave russia what sort of action when it provoke iran to do and what sort of spent a full that have on saudi arabia crown prince at nama been someone is already said that they will nuke up if iran is seen to do that i think what is important in this formula is. the fact that both sides are trying to many pretty child or i'm talking about to riyadh and washington on the other hand to achieve every conceivable actually check tips with regards to iran even dog the conventional wisdom is that there is harmony right now and they have jack objectives that we. are on i don't think so i think the saudis are trying to use the americans if you will to stem our put an end to the expansion of influence that was referred
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to earlier by iran and excursions into lebanon and iraq and syria and yemen and so on the u.s. has not been and will not be interested for all kinds of internal reasons. to do if you will that the date for saudi arabia it's one saudi arabia to do the work which it's not willing to do or capable of doing at this time while the u.s. will give it a logistic support but not necessarily. to become a party to these conflicts so that they desire on the part of the muhammad been some mounds of this world to have their you asked take the broom and the dust pan and clean up. the gulf is not going to happen at all so the expectation has as i think far fetched action it's go back to these revelations the broil e the ne that what we have heard cushion is allegedly up to what sort of impact is
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that likely to have on the us administration or the white house donald trump when it comes to the geopolitics in this region will he be weakened where does that leave the robert mueller investigation i think we still have to wait for the result will think why but as i mentioned. this is you know a base that we're born american democracy and it is a scandalous in every sense of the term i think everybody knew that both saudi arabia and united arab emirates using the existing situation in washington d.c. and the new white house and the new president to broaden their. influence. in washington d.c. to level off that interference effectively buying influence all potentially bribing people close to the president for interest i mean this is
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a different catalog fetish it the middle east absolutely government eyes kind of the possible rule off russia. and the recent american election i think did a scandal or issue what initially can be weighed more significant a more serious call for american politics and also makes you realize what we seeing happening here in this region it's just not going to end anytime soon there is a. lack of trust of the administration i don't think so they're they know they are you know the they are they believe on their making a sincere on the finding solutions that the different dynamic in the administration the changing of politicians this actually makes things more complicated i don't think so this lack of trust will increase rapidly of the miss ration and i think this will make most of the crisis actually on hold for four or four and maybe
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a long time. unfortunately but it's a way to from heth what do you think we are likely to see is i should imagine all sides scramble to lessen the negative impact of that and as far as the united states is concerned i mean the emphasis right now is internal so regardless of what the ambitions are on the part of a questionnaire or even his father in law that is not going to materialize soon they have some serious challenges on their hands regarding got own behavior the investigations facing them through the special prosecutor if charges are filed i guess and it's administration is going to be totally allies and so they might try to use foreign policy here and there including the middle east including the relationship with saudi arabia to show that they are successful and they are bringing jobs as the president tried to do in his meeting yesterday or earlier this
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week with the crown prince of saudi arabia but that's not going to convince people in the sense that most americans today are not looking i'm not welcoming poor any additional involvement in a conflict and the middle east whether it's syria or whether it's iran or or iraq or what or yemen or what have you i can't leave the administration will continue to bleed internally and to weaken. with as fine a way it's thank you very much thank you very much as well i guess it's a very and a fashion show and thank you too for watching you can see the program again any time by visiting our web site al-jazeera dot com for further discussion you can get our facebook page at facebook dot com ford slash a.j. inside story can also join the conversation on twitter on my handle is at a.j. inside story on the vessel and place the inside story team thanks so much.
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