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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  March 23, 2018 1:00am-1:34am +03

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but this slow leopard trust believes it's premature to downgrade the cats on the international list of threatened species. when winning the will of the people hinges on the mass media state p.r. machine is going to overdrive. but just who is going fill in saying. we just don't know yet where the lines will be drawn between what kind of a set and what conduct that. some journalists decided to sacrifice their integrity for access to polling the media opinion the listening post base time on al-jazeera . it is the largest deficit of any country in the history of our world it's out of control. stocks plunge as president trump fires
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a new shot in his trade war with china. along the line maryam namazie in london you're watching al-jazeera a coming out syrian rebels leave eastern guta as a cease fire deal as agreed with the united nations to stop civilian suffering by chariot closes all boarding schools in a book are on the hot spot over fears of more mass kidnapping and destruction in france's teaches rail workers an ad traffic controllers walked off the job in anger of president micron's reforms. stocks are plunging over fears of an all out trade war between the united states and china this follows president donald trump decision to impose tariffs of up to sixty billion dollars on chinese imports warning the u.s.
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deficit with beijing is out of control china now says it's for pairing a range of responses and is determined to stand against protectionism though it still holds out hope for dialogue i want house correspondent kimberly reports the chinese president xi jinping welcomed u.s. president donald trump to china in november with an elaborate ceremony. within hours the two had signed more than a dozen business deals to showcase their economic partnership i view them as a friend i have tremendous respect. for president she so trump's targeting of china on thursday with economic terrorists has left many the wilderness trumps delivering on a campaign promise to rectify what he says is an unequal trade deficit favoring china more than three hundred seventy five billion dollars it is the largest deficit of any country in the history of our world it's out of control
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the list of chinese imports the white house is targeting has not been made public it's expected dozens of chinese high tech electronics and consumer goods including apparel will be affected for years republicans and democrats have been concerned about chinese trade practices and the aft of intellectual property but there is division about truck solution to the problem anybody reading the trade policy news on the business pages now probably suffered from a nasty case of whiplash trying to decipher all that news it is hard to identify a coherent strategy that will help american workers businesses and farmers when the dust settles china says it will retaliate with economic penalties for u.s. products china is one of the world's largest consumers of american soybeans and
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pork products chinese tariffs could hurt the very people truck vowed to protect farmers and manufacturing workers as part of his announcement on tariffs donald trump says he will renegotiate other trade deals he believes are harming the united states including with the european union canada and mexico still his focus remains on china the latest round of tariffs are set to take effect in sixty days kimberly held at al-jazeera at the white house. young son is the director of the china program at the stimson center she says the terrorists risk backfiring potentially hurting american farmers and exposes well we know that the chinese government has vowed to to retaliate against united states even these terrorists are you indeed imposed in the in the upcoming through to him so if this if that is indeed to happen is going to affect the u.s. economy in several ways first of all if china decides to for example you opposed to
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tariffs american exports to china such as cultural products is going to hurt american farmers and also america exporters of products here in the in the country so like you pointed out to that it's going to hurt the people as a trump vowed to protect to begin with and this are also going to affect the some of the industrial producers here in the united states because when the when the price of the imported products from china increase is going to directly affect the price see us producers on the manufacturers will have to pay to the chinese producers so in the end all of these are going to be reflected in the price. tariffs also told in the gender in brussels of a european union leaders have gathered for a summit leaders also discussing trade jobs competitiveness breaks it and the nerve agent attack on a russian form of spine burson u.k. prime minister trees amazing leaders to unite and condemn russia after accusing the
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kremlin of targeting sergei script and his dorsey yulia earlier this month on of be phillips has more from the summit in brussels. there is some relief here that those proposed american tariffs on steel and aluminum are not going to be introduced for the time being at least the news not entirely unexpected because the european union trade commissioner celia miles from has been in washington negotiating hard on the europeans but half having said that i think there is also disquiet from the europeans point of view that this route ever happened with the united states which has been a trusted partner of course for decades another big issue here in brussels of course is russia and the soles reattack and it's one which britain would like to be very much at the top of the agenda they're not pushing for more sanctions now against russia but they do want a strong expression of solidarity from the other twenty seven e.u.
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countries their hand perhaps we could of course by the fact that we are halfway through the brics it process britain wants solidarity from an organization which it is determined to leave and that is potentially awkward and i think just generally britain is much more hawkish on russian matters has been historically than e.u. countries like greece like italy like hungary which have been more sympathetic to moscow's point of view we do see this as part of a pattern of russian aggression against europe and its neighbors as i said from the western balkans to the middle east this is a subject we have to stressed before and i look forward to further discussions with my european colleagues and i'm grateful for that for the solidarity and support that they've shown the united kingdom and on friday it will be brics it itself which is discussed here at the european council to reason may in britain don't take part in those discussions for once i don't think it will be terribly contentious
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here that has already been agreement reached on the transitional arrangements between britain and the e.u. that will cover a pair. two years off britain leaves the e.u. formally and that is due to happen in march of twenty nineteen. a cease fire has been agreed in principle for syria's eastern ghouta enclave and should officially come into effect later on the deal was made between the rebel groups in the united nations with the aim of stopping civilian suffering in the besieged. thousands of fighters and civilians were evacuated to the rebel held province of santa hodder has more from beirut in neighboring lebanon. defeat and displacement that is what these buses have come to symbolize up to one thousand five hundred fighters from the rebel faction and at least six thousand of
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their family members are leaving their homes in hot hasta they have agreed to lay down their arms and go to the opposition controlled province of idlib in syria's north west the russian guaranteed evacuation deal is being seen as amounting to a surrender the first to leave was anyone needing medical assistance harass them like the rest of the rebel enclave of the eastern huta has been relentlessly bombarded for more than a month the suffering of the people is immense some civilians also left media activists even civil defense volunteers syrians who are considered to be terrorists by the government had no other choice the deal also involves a prisoner exchange and is reported to include guarantees by the syrian government and the russian military that no harm will come to the civilians who chose to stay . so pro-government forces continue to target what is left of the rebel held area they're seizing more territory in the southern pocket and airstrikes continue to
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kill the united nations says people are trapped by fierce fighting and are in dire need of aid the choice they have been given is to starve die or leave. when we are fighting to stay in our land and prevent displacement the international community is silent and powerless or perhaps it's conspiring against us all they do is lie to us the un security council was not able to save. killed and displays a whole commentary of. years of siege and bombardment have been a strategy the pro-government alliance used previously to force the surrender of rebels the united nations and human rights groups condemned the strategy as forced displacement this is the first deal of its kind in eastern huta and pressure is only increasing the other rebel groups to also agree to the only offer on the table so that. beirut. a palestinian teenage girl who was filmed kicking and slapping an
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israeli soldier in the occupied west bank has accepted a plea deal footage if i had to i mean these confrontation went viral on social media gaining international attention to abdel-hamid has been to me to mean his family. he is relentless in campaigning on behalf of his daughter who will remain in jail until mid-summer as i say in the court and this court is in the got. the corn. is not just not just that it's bought of the component of the kuwait in order. it's for to banish the bonus to not deny and ninety nine bears and of the. prisoners are guilty. either to me became famous after a video showing her slapping and kicking an israeli soldier went viral around the world she became a hero among palestinians but was vilified in israel here was
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a teenage girl who had publicly humiliated the army and deserved the harshest of punishments and even when handcuffed and shackled she continued to show strength of character saying defiantly in court there is no justice under occupation after entering a plea bargain added to me was sentenced to eight months in prison and fined about a thousand five hundred dollars. there are about three hundred minors currently held in israeli jails and who like either to mimi had to appear in front of a military court most had to also enter a plea bargain to reduce their sentence or else face long term detention case is exceptional because it has attracted international attention but it's no different from other cases there's no trial because because this process happens the way. the balance is remand this is what ends the deal once that happens the next step would typically be the plea bargain once the plea bargain is there it means that
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the role of the court is minimized to actually just approving the plea bargain and that's what happens almost all of the time the human rights organization bit salim says the conviction rate for palestinians in. israeli military courts is almost one hundred percent bassem to mimi is worried about his daughter and her mother in jail even there is a certain pride about the impact her case has its broke the stereotype about what the teen is because they show a ballasting and there's an odd man holding our bone or making. or have a knife but they see young blonde the blue dog. with him and with her hand slapped that the image over the bow of the occupation which is of the army added to me also received
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a three year suspended sentence but if the aim of her detention is to intimidate young palestinians it seems that she has only inspired many more to stand up against the occupation. al-jazeera in the occupied west bank. with al-jazeera still to come on the program and now a departure by one of donald trump's closest aides this time his lead lawyer in the robert miller investigation. of the right note august on the first set of ban on a music in office still gets underway in a whole. howlers cycle and marcus still exists after the open ocean we can ignore for the time being
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but another one appears before when he is a massive cloud but it looks like it developed in the gulf of carpentaria seat on the full cost model that spinning mass of wind there will bring a lot of rain slowly south of it but apart from that the weather in australia is settling down a bit the rain was very heavy just north the cities looking fine on friday attempt at twenty three right to the high twenty's now adelaide and similar story in perth western australia will see cloud spreading ahead of the remains of marcus' which dips a while and to go into perth and the circulation certainly taken hold drifting slowly into the gulf of carpentaria i mean do you see a lot of showers in tropical queensland guns more rain coming through if you in melbourne twenty three degrees is the result of that rain too is the story for new zealand you see the arc of cloud now is rather a poor orientation for both august because it suggests rain could fall from the north to the south and that's indeed more or less what the forecast shows but if you know oakland is nice is warm at twenty one degrees because if you're in christ
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church the sick will the seasons change already that hit probably has read about twelve degrees a little disappointing i think. lost and have been. found and see. what one has reveals how one charity is giving pakistan's lost children a new chance and look. it's impossible to underestimate the size and scale of the economic crisis it's not just about the police trillion dollars of debt it's not just about the banks it's not just about the government to real people.
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could look at the top stories this hour stocks have been suffering losses after u.s. president donald trump's decision to impose tariffs of up to sixty billion dollars on chinese imports china says it's preparing a range of responses to the plant tariffs and will stand up to protectionism meanwhile trump still an out of many i'm tired so also on the gender it's an east summit that's been taking place in brussels it's been revealed the e.u. and other u.s. allies will be exempt from them. and our other top story this hour syrian rebels leave eastern guta as a cease fire deal is agreed with the united nations to stop civilian suffering. there's been a big shake up on the president trumps a legal team his lead lawyer john dowd has quit this could be a sign that the president is going to take a much more confrontational approach with the special investigation into
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a russian election interference patty colleen has the latest from washington. u.s. president donald trump's lawyers have reportedly warned him not to talk to special counsel robert mueller apparently feels differently. testifying. thank. you telling me that what he said i'd like to but if he does and he lies that is a serious crime possibly an impeachable offense as the investigation begins focusing directly on the president he started for the first time directly targeted on twitter at the same time his lead lawyer john dowd called to the investigation to be shut down at first saying he spoke for the president then saying he didn't now he won't be speaking form any longer john dowd has quit the president clearly taking the lead of lawyers he's watching on t.v. often quoting alan dershowitz presidents actually write this investigation never
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should it be done and the question is now how does he deal with it and i think what he's doing is he's playing good cop bad cop b.s. some of his lawyers cooperate and some of his lawyers attacking. with doug on one of the so-called good cops has quit he urged the president to cooperate with the special counsel added to the team joe digenova who believes the exact opposite that make no mistake about it a group of f.b.i. and d.o.j. people were trying to frame donald trump of a falsely created crime as the investigation gets closer to the president he's going on the attack trying to discredit the investigators now he has a legal team much more likely to go along with that strategy pedicle al-jazeera washington at least fourteen people have been killed in a car bomb attack in somalia's capital market issue the blast took place near our hotel on a busy road which has been the target of similar attacks in the past ten others are thought to have been injured in the blast. well moving to nigeria now west school
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children in the northeastern borno state of being kept at home because of fears of more mass kidnappings by boko haram the government closed all boarding schools in rural areas indefinitely last week it follows a series of attacks by the group and the kidnapping of one hundred ten girls from dutchy in neighboring yobe a state last month hundred five of them were freed on wednesday and have been taken to a blue jephthah medical checks or a father whose daughter is still missing told ouches areas ahmed address that she's being forced to become a muslim this third a barmaid made. false hard to change how to lead john and she refused and that's why they kept her there. and what are they saying i think going to release her to save she can bug these hot. do you think she's going to do that i don't want. well now to france where police have fired tear gas and water
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cannon a protest is taking part in a public sector walkout trains of flights have been canceled across the country and many schools have been closed unions are angry at plans by the president emanuel macron to cut one hundred twenty thousand public sector jobs by the year two thousand and twenty two from paris natasha butler reports. thousands of public sector workers protested in paris united in anger at the french government's plans to reform public services and cut jobs it was a similar picture across the country in the city of nod there was some violence. workers from france's national railway were s.n.c.f. lead the demonstrations the government wants to scrap their special privileges including early retirement for train drivers but rail staff say the benefits of compensation for long unsociable hours and low pay it's important that we must show
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that rail workers like all french people have to defend themselves we want to show the power of the streets and that they are real people behind these jobs so we are against michael's plans that. we are certainly not better paid than orders look at but it is shins and all the advantages but they want to single us out we don't agree with the changes so we say no to the yes and there has been financial difficulty for years it has fifty million dollars of debt in the governance is that it must change to remain competitive especially because on the rules in twenty twenty the company will lose its monopoly on. foreign rail companies will be able to run trains on the french network the prime minister says essence if must be prepared. the world is changing gears and surface changes it first was comforted as a sense of cannot remain company to recruit for a wreckers and
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a specialist. it was. created in one nine hundred thirty eight s.n.c.f. is owned by the french state it employs one hundred forty thousand staff past presidents have tried and failed to reform it forced to back down in the face of opposition from france's powerful trade unions emanuel mcconnell wants to be the one to succeed merkel may have more new way because of a more general favorable public opinion in terms of reforming a sense here i think people now are more ready to see something different the government says it will reform s.n.c.f. by decree that's put union leaders on the warpath thursday's demonstrations was smaller than expected something likely to please president mycroft but with the rail workers promising three months of rolling strikes he still faces a test of strength natasha butler al-jazeera paris. well in all the developments
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francis former president nicolas sarkozy has been speaking on national t.v. a day after being put on a formal investigation for saving illegal campaign funding is accused of receiving tens of millions of dollars from libya's lately don't want to get down so close he denies the allegations or by the reports from paris six of one of his nicknames is . just twenty four hours after being placed under formal investigation into nicolas sarkozy has come out fighting with us having failed to convince a paris judge to drop the corruption charges on national television sarkozy put his case before the court of french public opinion devotion of a deal of more mundane yes you i want to express the depth of my indignation i owe it to a french people only to tell them the truth i did not betray their trust. and he lashed out at his libyan accusers c genre those people who assassins criminals delinquents have not come up with any evidence the libyan witnesses have said the
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bottom out of money could not come out of about leaving a trace for deputies too i don't everything photograph everything i want he was crazy and surely taking drugs. to go she's. what's alleged is that when he won the two thousand and seven presidential race nicolas sarkozy's campaign received as much as sixty million dollars from the libyan dictator colonel gadhafi the current libyan government is watching the sarkozy case with keen interest of all of the so-called z. is being brought to court even though the case is old this is the type of democracy desired by everyone that rejects dictatorship. duffy and his sons used to abuse libyan funds with no accountability and intervene in other countries domestic affairs. psychos he insists he's being falsely accused by gadhafi his clan as a revenge for toppling the former dictator in twenty eleven but investigative journalists from the paris news website media parts. have been at the forefront of
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gathering documentary evidence to corroborate the corruption charges. the libyan affair in a spectacular way shows are nicolas sarkozy and his clan are in the middle of what can be called a matthew a style of in the hearts of politics. there is a suspicion that a democratic state france might have been bought by a dictatorship in the coming weeks and months we'll see that the case is a solid case book. nonetheless sarkozy is refusing to yield and insisting he will not give even a centimeter of ground to those who would attack him he denies sun and all the allegations paul brennan to make al-jazeera as terrorists it is even more. aid workers are scrambling to protect more than half a million rand or refugees at a bangladeshi camp from the upcoming monsoon weather workers at the could have a long camp a sandbagging digging trenches and relocating families before the early summer rains arrive there expected to cause flooding and landslides in the camp the range
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refugees are living in temporary structures having fled ethnic violence in neighboring myanmar. well oscar winning australian actress cate blanchett visited the camp to offer support to the refugee families the refugees themselves have been working incredibly hard to build a channel so that there's not a senate and huge sanitation issues and so that water can flow safely through through the camps but even with the sandbagging it's still a very dangerous situation that they're facing. pakistan's first ever been knowledge festival is in full swing organizers hope the two week event will boost tourism and help revive the whole its reputation as a cultural capital and as kemal hyder appoints the country's art scene is thriving . horse ford's been nearly fresh they were the famous slow horse for their emperor
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didn't rule from a bygone. no you. are influenced by a die were called third headed cage spending hundreds of. flanked on one side by the by try. on the. ball a festival provides the perfect opportunity for which. to enjoy the performance shade and take in the city's famous sights i think. what i mean when i think there should be more music and art related festivals across pakistan we think for such events to take place and even the foreigners are looking for these kinds of opportunities to visit they help the tray a very positive image of pakistan the whole world has produced musical greats including rafi today the audience is treated to the sound of spiritual music inspired by points of light from bombay in the whole world the center for music attached with the film making sense of pakistan through the eighty's and ninety's
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that lot but then the bible of the music industry i hope will fail that the music culture of the heart is again a life in law horse museum alrighty of instruments tribute of pakistan's musical past influenced by different faiths in religion throughout the ages music has played an important role in the performing arts and the rich heritage and culture history of this region why did a healer wall vary with new instruments being introduced all the time rather call them in the law a civil activist photographer an architect he also has a passion for music and it's making its own instrument called a short. descending. to. an instrument through smokes. and has
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a meaning for the listener sonic. it's not from the did dictionary it's the emotional effect of the sound. rather wants to produce a musical rich connection a very pushing eleven. the music if it is produced through this instrument is a musical sound which is meaningful to one's emotions which is meaning to work meaningful to one's intellectual process as well which is meaningful to any of your emotional areas. it is full do we long first there will really hit the right with brigadier then provide the industry with. the whole pocket down. quick recap of the top stories now stocks are plunging over fears of an all out
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trade war between the united states and china this fall as u.s. president donald trump decision to impose tariffs of up to sixty billion dollars on chinese imports saying the u.s. deficit with beijing was out of control china says it's preparing a range of responses to the planned tariffs and will stand up to protectionism though it still holds out hope for dialogue some people call it a mirror tariff or a mere attacks just use the word reciprocal if they charge us we charge them the same thing as sue it's got to be that's not the way it is for many many years for many decades it has not been that way and i will say the people we're negotiating with smilingly they really agree with us i really believe they cannot believe they've gotten away with this for so long. meanwhile the
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european union has joined canada mexico australia brazil and south korea in winning exemptions to u.s. tariffs on steel and alimony and it comes as the leaders gather in brussels for a two day summit expected to focus on trade and competitiveness a cease fire has been agreed in principle for series and play the very eastern and it should come into effect at midnight local time on friday the deal was made between the rebel. in the united nations with the aim of stopping civilian suffering. schoolchildren in nigeria's northeastern borno state are being kept at home due to fears of more mass kidnappings by book around as follows a series of attacks by the armed group and the kidnapping of one hundred ten girls from neighboring state last month donald trump says he's open to testifying before special counsel robert miller who's investigating russian interference in the election u.s. president spoke just hours after his key person a lawyer announced he was resigning john dowd reportedly clash with trump over his
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handling of his investigation and just in the last few minutes donald trump has tweeted that he has appointed john bolton as his new national security advisor bolton replaces a charm that masta much more on that story at the top of the next hour from. u.s. president donald trump has said he will slap new carrots on imports of steel and alum in your bra by gene will be off today to try to about ten times faster than forty we'll bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost of this time zero. in pakistan thousands of children are abandoned on city streets every. day of the country's children babies born out of wedlock considered shameful.


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