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weapons on american soil the weapon that was designed for war and it took you about five minutes to buy a solution to america's guns arming mexico's cartel on al jazeera congressman are you interested in stopping crime. you stand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world. al jazeera. this is al-jazeera.
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you're watching the news live from coming up in the next sixty minutes another resignation of the white house the national security adviser h.r. mcmaster is to be replaced by john bolton. it is the largest deficit of any country in the history of our world it's out of control. trump slaps tariffs on china with sixty billion dollars and beijing is vowing to hit back plus. speak to the families of some of the freed schoolgirls abducted by boko haram in nigeria. struggling to stay on track we'll ask if there's a future for iraq's creaking neglected railway system. the top story the u.s. national security advisor h.r.
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mcmaster has resigned from the trumpet ministration he will be replaced by john bolton who also advised george w. bush on foreign policy issues master replaced michael flynn fourteen months ago bolton as a so-called hawk he has previously advocated the use of military force against iran and north korea. as has become almost customary for trump's major personnel and policy decisions the announcement came on twitter mr trump tweeted i am pleased to announce that effective ninth of april john bolton will be my new national security advisor i'm very thankful for the service of general h.r. mcmaster has done an outstanding job and will always remain my friend complete alcatraz more now on h.r. mcmasters time with the trumpet ministration general h.r. mcmaster will become the national security advisor he arrived at a tumultuous time just a month into his presidency trump had fired national security advisor michael flynn
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for lying to the vice president over his conversations with the russians it is both diplomacy and sanctions working together but it wasn't long before make master was enveloped in his own controversy within months of his hiring many trump supporters wanted macmaster out after reports surfaced who were new the security clearance of president barack obama's national security advisor susan rice they also blamed him for leaked white house conversations with world leaders even starting a hash tag fire mcmaster. although to trump stood by his national security adviser publicly privately he reportedly clashed with the army general who didn't like trump's and disciplined style of governing but it was a comment at a security summit in germany in february that many believe was the beginning of the end following
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a department of justice indictment of thirteen russian nationals accused of interfering in the twenty sixteen u.s. election macmaster said this and as you can see with the f.b.i. indictment the evidence is now really incontrovertibly and available in the public domain was reportedly live it twice. reading that mcmaster forgot to add the results of the two thousand and sixteen election were not impacted or changed by the russians was secretary of state rex tillerson was fired and social media speculation began that mcmaster would be the next to go i'm really at a point where we're getting very close to having regard for the other things that i was twenty years ago h.r. mcmaster wrote a book called dereliction of duty about how military generals failed to stand up to presidents during the vietnam war many believe it is this approach that cost when asked for his job after futile efforts to constrain the president kimberly hellcat
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al-jazeera washington. well john bolton served under several republican administrations gaining a reputation as a hawk he has regularly appeared on t.v. advocating hardline rightwing positions bolton's argued for military action against a number of u.s. adversaries including north korea and he wants the white house to take a strong stance against russia in a twenty fifteen new york times opinion column he called for air strikes against nuclear facilities in iran he's also written four words for books by noted anti muslim american orses and while working in the second bush administration he was accused of manipulating intelligence reports he said saddam hussein had develop weapons of mass destruction in iraq a claim that was later proven to be untrue heidi joe castro is live for us in washington heidi when does he get his feet under the desk and start doing his new job. that will be april ninth peter and bad point.
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paul bolton has already said in interviews after this announcement was made today that he is walking away from those more incendiary comments that you just mentioned and now that the only opinion that matters is that of the president of course that is exactly what trump has been wanting he foreshadowed the resignation of mcmaster with the firing of u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson last week both those men known as moderates who were in the administration for a primarily for a duty to reel in the tend the tendencies that are more bullish of the president now with both of those men out of the way and with bolton now here it is it's more likely that trump will feel he has the freedom to pursue more of those hawkish policies and we know we're at a critical juncture where the president must make decisions on whether to withdraw from the rand nuclear deal and how to engage with him when he meets with the north
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koreans president in a month or so the fact that he has a new national security advisor on staff one who is more hawkish may foreshadow these policies that are more protectionist coming forward thanks very much let's talk to karen greenberg she's the director of the center on national security at the fordham university school of law she joins us now from new york karen greenberg those issues that donald trump has changed or addressed over the past fourteen months i'm thinking about iran north korea see jerusalem being the capital of israel do those issues now get a shot in the from the the appointment that we've heard about today. yeah i think that this is a very bold and very clear move which is basically to say i'm bringing somebody on board who sees the world the way i've been trying to get the american people to see
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the world number one combatively this is not a president who's afraid of confrontation and even of war like language so whether it's about israel whether it's about korea north korea whether it's about iran you can see you can hear our drawn world towards confrontation that's the first thing the second piece of this that i think is very important is how how bolton sees the international world order he's very much even though he was ambassador to the u.n. has been a critic of the u.n. has mocked it and the european union at times he has praised the president for pulling out of the paris climate accord and a variety of things like this so this is also something that trump has done which is to remove the united states from some of its dearest allies and some of the kind of alliances that have defined some of its more moderate policies so i think it's
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a very bold move on many fronts carol i'm going to have to leave it there which i apologize i'm having trouble hearing you and i think our audience are hearing you but it makes our conversation little difficult we'll try and get it sorted and come back to you when we can beijing has it back at the u.s. president's order to impose sixty billion dollars worth of tariffs on chinese imports planning tariffs on three billion dollars worth of american products including paul can steal donald trump said on thursday the deficit with beijing was out of control and called for reciprocal trade agreements trading in the u.s. and asian stocks has been volatile because of fears of an all out trade war some people call it a mirror tariff or a mere attacks just use the word reciprocal. if they charge us we charge them the same thing that's so it's got to be that's not the way it is for
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many many years for many decades it has not been that way. and i will say the people we're negotiating with smilingly they really agree with us i really believe they cannot believe they've gotten away with this for so long and long as an independent analyst based in hong kong he joins us now on skype andrew is this the beginning of a damaging trade war. well i think it's even more than a trade war but more on that later on. when the only. time of course is imbedded in the world by men who chain it will hit timers train on one front it's bombed out a lot of on actual damage with a lot of countries well say at the time it's paul or even martin that we're making china there are various components parts materials of just takes financing affecting a host of other countries so i think that there's lots of it in china is hitting
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the whole world and of course in the united states the consumers will be the birth out the first the summer and concert even talk about materials a lot of them to derail from tyler or are all products from china are used for example as the eleven and a aluminum there used by benefactress inside the united states and those costs over of the material prices is a sponsor fact at businesses within the states this out but on a wider front you can see the recent point of anti china hawks across the board is not just on trade is on the international relations it's on national security and of course you you you you you can remember the recent moves to form much closer military alliances with japan with australia with india
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in the us will call court q u a e. a strengthening that china can tame and just to interest the first second and really one that one of your central problems that the trumpet ministration has here with china and how they've been trading with china is the washington seems to be saying look you're steering our investments in your country in a direction that we don't like but what's the difference between that and actually just being doing the right thing for your own economy because maybe that's what the beijing government would say they've been doing for what the best part of a generation now. yeah quite. close to the realities much much more and you also assume pointed out it is also quite legitimate to. this plane. from american businesses from the businesses and when they do business in china under all sorts. i go overt all or under the table precious to share their intellectual property and that is seen as unfair. and of
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course that the. states or whatever the launch they don't under process in china of course that. does not create an unlevel playing field so i think the west is feeding that ok we'll be opening up our markets bhutan as long doing the same so this concerns us legitimacy but i think as with the international organization that's precisely the kind of issues speech the rest rather than relying on national . laws. all countries that no point in having it up and the whole well will be in chaos and that's what i'd like they would be the risks though i'm going to i'm going to stop you there underline because we will lose the satellite in about ten seconds but many thanks. let's go live to scott hi-lo who's in shanghai for scott any word from the chinese government yet.
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yes peter no they've said that they are i think kind of a measured response if you will when you look at what the tariff number is that is being imposed by the united states sixty billion china has responded by saying three billion dollars worth of tariffs will be levied against american products coming into china focus mainly on food products of wine fresh nuts and. fruit so it's really not is as heavy as you would think kind of being described as a measured response maybe the opening salvo of this trade war that is brewing right now this is something that china has said raw. along that they wanted to try to avoid there was a big meeting the last couple of weeks the national people's congress that's the biggest legislative session for the government here in china throughout that there was the message that they wanted to avoid a trade war but if they if it came to that they said that they would stand their ground and they would fight back and that's what they're doing now again when you look at the numbers you know they're entering the battle if you will but they're really not meeting you know number for number with the united states that is
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interesting our guest was just talking about the. world trade organization the united states is already said that they're going to go and sue china at the. infringement of intellectual property china has responded saying they're also going to petition the. based on what's happened over the last several hours this trade tariffs that the united states is moving against chinese products. is obviously going to have their work cut out we're going to hear from the trump administration over the next fifteen days exactly what that list of the sixty billion dollars of tariffs are going to be you get the sense that the chinese government might look at this move on the parts of the states and think will hang on you're being a bit schizophrenia because on the one hand you're saying we get. paying has been. we can work together when it comes to the issue of north korea and yet fast forward a few months and china is the worst possible component in the global marketplace as far as donald trump is concerned. yeah it's very instinctive because we saw.
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a shift from the american administration when you heard candidate rhetoric china was enemy number one when it came to anything for the economy in the united states then there was this relationship building if you the first couple of months of ministration and now you see this one thing that's interesting the rhetoric coming out of china straight the way up to these tariffs were announced they said that this will damage if there is a trade war it will damage the relationship trade relationship economic relationship. between the two biggest economies in the world so they're saying yes this is going to be something that damages things moving forward is that permeate into diplomatic relations is that permeate into what united states needs china's help on when it comes to north korea and other issues we haven't seen that yet the rhetoric has said yes this is going to be damaging but specifically to the trade relationship between the united states and china it's got thanks very much scott.
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still to cover for you here on the news hour including the palestinian teenager who's become a symbol of resistance to his radio keep patients strikes a plea bargain with the prosecutors. plus could it be a breakthrough in the treatment of a severe form of multiple sclerosis we'll have the details of a new study. and of the sport with sandy's and bob septimus cricket's world cup for the first time in decades. the debate has begun in peru's congress over the to accept the president's resignation petro publication ski announced he was stepping down on weapons stay ahead of an impeachment vote of a corruption allegations prosecutors have asked a judge to prevent him from leaving the country because he is guaranteed presidential immunity from prosecution until congress formally accept his resignation and the vice president martin biscotti is sworn in to replace him
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mariana sanchez has the latest now from lima. on this program say they are your e-mails at the way that the president will see you again. they say it's a shameful thing for the country a president that had promised to look at this very illegal they're also furious that congressmen they say that the political class is all corrupt and there was all progress meant to leave us in the ninety's we are angry at so much corruption in the country we don't agree with the president's resignation because now there is instability so if there's no president congressmen should also have to leave all the corrupt congressmen should go on the pillow said look we're fed up we're tired it's about time the people rise to make a new constitution to have new leaders quote you ever heard. well forty one percent of the only way they would like for both sides president doing fine so the president would have to take over the presidency and call for general. well
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actually likely that will have to be guided by the fact that i am not here is the bad guys on his way through a door and he will be in. the line in friday morning. brazil's supreme court has failed to reach a final agreement on whether the former president that we fin the feeling of the silver should go straight to jail if he loses next week's corruption appeal the eleven judges will now vote on april the fourth more than a week after his appeal hearing the court also narrowly voted by six to five that luda can't be arrested before the end of the trial last year he was found guilty of receiving a luxury flat as a bribe from a brazilian construction firm in return for contacts with the state oil giant petrobras. after a month in captivity one hundred five nigerian schoolgirls abducted in the north east of nigeria are undergoing treatment and counseling in the capital city of bhutto they were released by their captors on whedon's day with a warning to parents not to send the children back to school when address the first
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international journalist to go to die following their release sent us this report. dimock into family who is happy again after an anxious moment. was kidnapped by boko haram from two girls school has been released she is still in government custody been checked by doctors and receiving counseling but i family can afford to laugh. and smile again. they're now looking out of that and i lean up i will try sickle when my daughter called me to say she and others got off by boko haram fighters and she said they're all well and one time and i felt even to my joy a nice little bonus the sentiments isn't shared by everyone affected by the abduction of one hundred ten female students from the school the fighters thought to be allied to islamic state for west africa province passed through this dirt road to drop some one hundred and four girls some two hundred meters away from
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where i am standing now on the left is a house belonging to the father of the only. school girl in the hands of those fighters the family said their daughter leah shareable can only be released on one condition of the medal to be abusing them and she says she will never be a means of them that way she says for many days and she a safety to be there neighbors and friends continue to pour into the family home to lend support to people in depth she cheered the fighters when they brought the girls and when they were leaving. during the thirty minute stop the whole quote amen explaining what happened to the other girls still unaccounted for. and does not appear they said that four schoolgirls died from exhaustion and the stampede when boko haram fighters came to take them away they were then buried and the nigerian government says norden sum was paid for prisoner swap for the girls it's
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also promising to work towards the release of all other captives including dr schoolgirl leah sherry something her father hopes will be soon for now he's having second thought about keeping his other son and daughter in school. and have them are supported to simple girls just my boy my boy in college and parent would do well in law. a victory for boko haram the group fighting against western education and civilization. northeast nigeria. these fourteen people have been killed in a car bomb attack in the somali capital mogadishu the blast took place near a hotel on the busy road which has been the target of similar attacks in the past ten other people are thought to have been injured in the last beyond group al-shabaab says it carried out the attack. up to fifteen hundred fighters from the . rebel group in syria's eastern buthe and at least six thousand of their family
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members have agreed to leave the enclave it follows an evacuation deal brokered by russia the fighters in the town of how are expected to lay down their arms and relocate to opposition controlled it live province meanwhile in italy for those evacuation buses are heading at least forty two people were killed off the air strikes hit a market near the border with turkey many women and children into this say russian and government planes carried out the attack it live is the last remaining province in syria on the opposition controlled. and you baksh of leaked documents appear to show saudi arabia's efforts to influence decisions by the trumpet ministration in the states and they've emerged as the country's crown prince continues high profile visit to the u.s. the new york times reports that mohammed bin so man worked with lobbyists to push president trump into positions favoring saudi arabia and the u.a.e. ellen fish and oil from washington. the latest high profile meeting for saudis
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crown prince sitting down with u.s. defense secretary james mattis at the pentagon aren't you needn't going on one in the room when you come to the crown prince was received at the white house at the start of his trip five hundred twenty five million dollars that's peanuts for you here but nearly leaked documents suggest he's been trying to influence president donald trump long before his visit began the new york times says a lebanese american businessman george nida who's a political advisor to the effect of ruler of the u.a.e. what for more than a year to influence eliot brody a powerful member of the republican national committee neither is said to have offered broadly business deals on behalf of saudi arabia and the u.a.e. to try to exert influence over white house policy policies which advocated confrontational approaches towards iran and qatar brody denies the claims his spokesman accused hackers working for qatar for leaking the documents accusations qatar's government has described as baseless
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a few look at the blockade and the crisis the gulf crisis started last year there is a context for this and it seems that those preparations produce this kind of a crisis because it was a trend that is a consistent a plan. you know supported by the top government to governments financially supported by i know that in washington and this is alliances and led to all of this . it's suggested leader as broadly to push for the removal of secretary of state rex tillerson seen as too even handed in the coming g.c.c. dispute influencing. person like donald trump is a unique challenge to the people within the administration to members of congress to you know to his friends and advisers and also to foreign governments nobody really knows exactly you know how to how to get their way with this guy neither is currently assisting special counsel robert miller's investigation into possible foreign influence on the trump campaign and administration the report in the new york times comes as the crown prince continues his three week public relations
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blitz in the united states academics and business leaders as well as top level executives from the tech and movie industries but there are no plans to face the media to answer allegations that the saudis and the united arab emirates use money and business deals to influence white house policy alan fischer al-jazeera washington. u.s. defense secretary james mattis is a crown prince to help find a political solution to the war in yemen has been hosting mohammed bin selman at the pentagon saudi arabia has led a bombing campaign against iranian backed who see rebels in yemen since twenty fifteen. believe friday rabia is part of the solution here good vibe you need to recognize government and we are going to end this war bottom line and we're going to end it on part of the firm to the people of yemen but also if you're really with a nation connection. for the first time
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a flight destined for israel has flown through saudi arabian airspace the air india plane departed from new delhi and landed near tel aviv spending much of its flight time over saudi arabia the new route cuts the travel time between the two countries by more than two hours and the opening of saudi air space shows a softening of relations between saudi arabia and israel previous lights had to travel south through the gulf of aden many arab nations have no overt trade or diplomatic links to israel and have prevented flights destined for the country from crossing the airspace. very thought it's a historic day this is the first time saudi arabian airspace has been linked with israeli air space industry from india in many ways this is a special and unique evening this is an expansion of the open air space linking israel to the world through an arab airspace the second thing about it it shows the toys between israel and india are getting closer the third issue is also the fact
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that this is the first civil contact between saudi arabia and israel and i am confident that this will bring more violations. had to me the palestinian teenage girl who was filmed kicking and slapping an israeli soldier in the occupied west bank has accepted a plea deal she will be sentenced to eight months in prison or meet. the tommy family and has more on why the teenager accepted the deal. he is relentless in campaigning on behalf of his daughter who will remain in jail until mid-summer as i say in the court and this court is in the got there the corn. is not just not just and it's but of the component of the kobe sion or the. it's for to banish the bias to not deny and ninety nine cent of the. prisoners are guilty. i didn't mean we became famous after a video showing her slapping and kicking an israeli soldier went viral around the
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world she became a hero among palestinians but was vilified in israel here was a teenage girl who had publicly humiliated the army and deserved the harshest of punishments and even when handcuffed and shackled she continued to show strength of character saying defiantly in court there is no justice under occupation after entering a plea bargain added to me was sentenced to eight months in prison and fined about a thousand five hundred dollars. there are about three hundred minors currently held in israeli jails and who like other to mimi had to appear in front of a military court most had to also enter a plea bargain to reduce their sentence or else face long term detention case is exceptional because it has attracted international attention but it's no different from other cases there's no trial because because this process happens the way.
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the balance is remand this is what ends the deal once that happens the next step would typically be the plea bargain once the plea bargain is there it means that the role of the court is minimized to actually just approving the plea bargain and that's what happens almost all of the time the human rights organization bit salim says the conviction rate for palestinians in. the military courts is almost one hundred percent bassam to me is worried about his daughter and her mother in jail even there is a certain pride about the impact her case has its broke the stereotype about what the stain is because they show about a stain and there's an odd man holding the a bone or making side one being or have a knife but they see young blond the blue. with him and with his hand slapped that the image
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over the bow of the probation which is of me added to mimi also received a three year suspended sentence but if the aim of her detention is to intimidate young palestinians it seems that she has only inspired many more to stand up against the occupation. al-jazeera in the occupied west bank. still to come here on the news hour the former french president nicolas sarkozy goes on the offensive over allegations of illegal campaign funding plus. i hope that this gets to every single person as much as we can so we can finally get make a change in this country survivors of last month's florida school shooting prepared to join their supporters and for gun reform. school the russian authorities stressed that english football fans will be safe at june's world cup.
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in east pink skies by the time half. hour is the sun sets in the city of angels. spring should smell quite good for a while in central and southern china temps sucked about nineteen in shanghai and twenty four in hong kong we are of course bring it up inland when it reaches such wrong is turning into rain showing do you might for a change get a bit wetness star of course hides in the rain will spread it a bit further into the heart of china but it's still relatively warm i think hong kong will feel vastly different humid and twenty five rather than low humidity and twenty one as we were a couple of days ago south of this is a big gap if we pick up any significant rain there are showers from cambodia vietnam and the gulf of thailand but the brightest tops the heavy showers already borneo sort of ways he down to his java and back across sumatra to some degree it's a lot more cloud and there is rain here but occasional showers are pretty poky and
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you can see the green suggests that's true in southern thailand for the next couple of days as well you know the dry season has ended this just to see what's happening with the early rains of in the northwest of india we saw this cloud dump quite a lot of pradesh. and it's still clad over the tibetan plateau as you can see but it's left behind fine weather. well temporarily humidity dropped so the heat wasn't rising but temps of course will rise for the next he weeks. the weather sponsored by cattle and race. education is struggling to keep pace often failing to prepare children for today's world. but some schools are changing the rules that are given how hot the day is happening and how the day to meet. with astonishing results. i am glad. of it both
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are in. rebel education early learning mexico at this time on al-jazeera when the news breaks. on the mailman city and the story builds to be forced to leave the room just. when people need to be heard women and girls are being bought and given away in refugee camps al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring new award winning documentary and live news and out of iraq i got to commend you all i'm hearing is good journalism on air and on.
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welcome back you're watching al-jazeera live from doha your headline so far today the us national security advisor h.r. mcmaster has resigned from the trumpet ministration he used to be replaced by john bolton who also advised george w. bush on foreign policy issues bolton is a hawk and has previously advocated the use of military force against iran and north korea. beijing a setback of the u.s. president's order to impose sixteen billion dollars worth. of tariffs on chinese imports is planning tariffs on three billion dollars worth of american products including paul can steal. thousands of protesters of rather in the peruvian capital lima to call for new elections that follows the resignation of president petro publications q over a corruption scandal. the former south korean president lee myung bak has been arrested jailed and placed in solitary confinement the seventy six year old is facing corruption charges and is forget he may destroy evidence it's the latest in a series of scandals involving former leaders kathy novak now from so. he's yet
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another former south korean president accused of abusing power prosecutors arrived at lehman bucks house in the middle of the night to arrest him over corruption allegations he denies the charges but in a written statement says he feels a guilty conscience and that responsibility lies with him not others he apologized to the south korean public as he faced prosecutors last week in the witness stand before you with a tragic i offer my deepest apology to the people who are causing worry amid times when the economy is in hardship and the security situation on the korean peninsula is serious the charges against him include among other things bribery embezzle meant and tax evasion please accused of improperly receiving about ten million dollars from people and institutions including the country's spy agency as well as samsung south korea's largest conglomerate corruption allegations were first made
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during the two thousand and seven election campaign despite that the popular former mayor of soul one and became president the following year he faced challenges almost immediately with protests over american beef imports and later the killing of south koreans which was blamed on north korea after least served his five year term as president fellow conservative packin hay was elected she was impeached and jailed last year a verdict in her corruption trial is expected next month. all of the seven former presidents who led south korea since one thousand nine hundred eighty have faced some form of corruption scandal either directly or because of allegations against their family members five including li and park have had to personally face prosecutors. mass protests that led to parks impeachment seem to demonstrate support for powerful politicians to be held to account and a recent public opinion poll taken before least chance trial found almost eighty
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percent of south koreans want to stern punishment. a shared understanding is being created among the public and politicians mechanisms should be built to check the phrases absolute power in reasonably and ephesians i think it will improve one by one lee myung bak says he hopes to be the last south korean president to face this kind of prosecution cathy know that al-jazeera saw. in france the former president nicolas sarkozy has defended himself after being put under formal investigation for receiving illegal campaign funding now he's accused of receiving tens of millions of dollars from libya's leader moammar gadhafi cycle's he denies the allegations as paul brennan explains from paris six of one of his nicknames is speedy sako and just twenty four hours after being placed under formal investigation nicolas sarkozy has come out fighting having failed to convince
5:39 am
a paris judge to drop the corruption charges on national television sarkozy put his case before the court of french public opinion the bush of a deal of more than dean yes you i want to express the depth of my indignation i owe it to a french people to tell them the truth i did not betray their trust. and he lashed out at his libyan accusers see jono those people who are assassins criminals delinquents have not come up with any evidence the libyan witnesses have said the bottom out of money could not come out of there about leaving a trace for deputies to i don't everything photograph everything he was crazy and surely taking drugs. what's alleged is that when he won the two thousand and seven presidential race nicolas sarkozy's campaign received as much as sixty million dollars from the libyan dictator colonel gadhafi. the current libyan government is watching the sarkozy case with keen interest all of the so-called z.
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is being brought to court even though the case is old this is the type of democracy desired by everyone that rejects dictatorship gadhafi and his sons used to abuse libyan funds with no accountability and intervene in other countries domestic affairs. psychos insists he's being falsely accused by gadhafi his clan as a revenge for toppling the former dictator in twenty eleven but investigative journalists from the paris news website media part have been at the forefront of gathering documentary evidence to corroborate the corruption charges. the libyan affair in a spectacular way shows a nicolas sarkozy and his clan are in the middle of what can be called a match here style affair in the heart of politics there is a suspicion that a democratic state france might have been bought by a dictatorship in the coming weeks and months we'll see that the case is a solid case book. nonetheless sarkozy is refusing to yield insisting he
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will not give even a centimeter of ground to those who would attack him he denies all the allegations paul brennan al-jazeera paris and the european union is recalling it's to moscow as diplomatic corps prices continue over the poisoning of a former double agent in the u.k. on march the fourth earlier leaders meeting in brussels backed britain's assessment that moscow was likely behind the poisoning of scruple using a military grade nerve agent the u.k. forced twenty three russian diplomats to leave london in response to that incident . i welcome the fact that the e.u. council disagrees with the united kingdom government's assessment that it is highly likely that russia was responsible for the attempted murder that took place on the streets of seoul is free and that there is no poolesville alternative explanation that russia or the threat that russia poses respects no borders and as he says it is a threat to our values it is right here in the new council we are standing together
5:42 am
while poles there is found these demonstrators in the u.s. city of sacramento have marched to protest the police shooting of unarmed twenty two year old the police shot stephen clarke at least twenty times on sunday in his grandmother's backyard but he said they feared he had a gun when they confronted him after earlier reports that a man had been breaking into cars there but only a cell phone was found. now on saturday tens of thousands of students from across the u.s. will converge on washington to demand gun reform organizers say the march for our lives demonstration which will also be held in cities across the country could be one of the largest of its kind as under gallacher reports it will be led by students from the school in florida with seventeen people were killed last month. i don't think you're not hearing that if you live in the weeks since this community lost seventeen lives to one of the worst school shootings in u.s. history the push for change has been relentless the march for our lives
5:43 am
demonstration will be the biggest protest yet one led by the students from marjorie stillman douglass high school you guys are the change that is going to be the tipping point to help that happen as they make their way to washington to demand gun reform many are excited about the global response to their cause just to see the unity of our our country and our world because the march is now on seven counts all seven continents that i think is awesome so i'm just glad to see that i happen . to find that it was. the national debate these children started has led to good reform in florida but students say they won't stop until assault weapons a band is an ambitious goal but want to organize a say isn't beyond this generation and someone underestimate you you can come in from a position of power that they're not expecting and that's really what's happening so i'm just you know riding the tide and watching and if the fight for what campaigners call common sense gun reform will be long and difficult parents say the
5:44 am
march for our lives protest is just the beginning their very aware of what's happening in their surroundings what has happened the way they do their own work we're proud of them speaking up and really. hurting in the hours before the march the message from the students is simple i hope that this gets to every single person as much as we can so we can finally get make a change in this country for the students of marjorie stone. douglas high school getting here is taken weeks of planning and dogged determination many of the students are still dealing with the grief of losing friends and teachers with their eloquence in the determination has brought them this far and on saturday their voices will be joined by countless others their message will resonate like never before and it does era washington. now researches of tested a new drug they say is the first to slow the progress of a severe form of multiple sclerosis m.s. is a condition of unknown origin which attacks the lining around nerves in the brain and the spinal cord it causes
5:45 am
a range of symptoms including poor vision spasms and memory loss the condition affects individuals differently but after years of relapses patients will go on to a secondary stage as the disability gets progressively worse now it's at this stage that researches say a new drug it's called simple imaad has shown results the findings of the trial which involved more than six hundred patients from thirty one countries were published in the medical journal the lancet dr luann metz director of the multiple sclerosis program at the university of calgary in canada she says the findings are not as optimistic as they might first appears. if you look at the graphs change in disability it looks like things are slowed by we months which is actually a very small delay or their peak to achieve the issue is that when we do clinical trials we want to go there aren't
5:46 am
more than one way of measuring the end of that and we always look at. it as him or i it's very important in multiple sclerosis and in this trial the it's shown that it reduces or i change is in a number different ways but in the measure called lyndsay by walk test which is very valid in terms that demonstrating a person's ability to walk we were unable to show that that scene just that walking ability patients with this secondary progressive multiple sclerosis aid agencies are warning that thousands of refugees in bangladesh could die in the upcoming monsoon season workers that they could prolong campus sandbagging digging trenches and relocating up to half a million people before the early summer rains arrive aid workers say the campus
5:47 am
being built in areas prone to landslides and flooding the ring to refugees are living in temporary structures having fled ethnic violence in neighboring me and. i'm chris cate blanchett visited the camp to offer support to the refugee families the refugees themselves have been working incredibly hard to build channels so that there's not a senator in the huge sanitation issues and the water can flow cycling through through the camps but even with the sandbagging it's still a very dangerous situation that they're facing. still ahead. of the new korea this former n.f.l. quarterback that story when we come back.
5:48 am
5:49 am
welcome back iraq trying to get its antiquated railway system back on track established in the early fifty's it was one of the most prominent railway hubs across the middle east but war neglect have taken a big toll on com reports now from baghdad. this was once the pride of iraq baghdad central station. home to the realm network the once reached far and wide across iraq to syria and connecting on to turkey as recently as two thousand and two iraqi railways began in one nine hundred twelve taking over a small local church built in one thousand nine nine hundred. the invasion by u.s. troops in two thousand and three and then the occupation and the war against eisel since have all taken a toll. a touch of faded glamour remains but we just two services
5:50 am
a week to the southern iraqi city of it's a shadow of its former self. in two thousand and ten foreign investors came in the iraqis bought twelve new chinese trains but i solicit tax put paid to that reinvestment and rebuilding plan. that what happened after i still took control over the three major sunni provinces in iraq back then is the deliberate sabotage against the vital railways in the neveh salaheddine and block the size destroying the trains and freight trains including the stations and associated workshops and buildings we are aiming to rebuild what was destroyed by terrorism in collaboration with the ministry of finance and planning and i.m.f. . critics say it's an optimistic assessment so far nowhere near enough money has been allocated for the rail revival a deal with the i.m.f. to provide five billion dollars for reconstruction has yet to be finalized passages
5:51 am
a few and even then the complaints are many. well we filmed a train broke down and the service was cancelled. by the moment they usually got on the train has not even moved yet and then they told us it's broken down they told us there were no services we only take the train to avoid car accidents on the road as we believe it's safer now the operating staff keep relocating us to other trains there's a lot of missed out when it comes to iraq he wrote ways the old remember them fondly and the young as part of iraq's history but with the road and air travel crucially more convenience and it's unlikely they rock throwaways will ever match their international heyday. the best role phones and government leaders can hope for is a regular and well maintained domestic service that might be able to make a profit on al-jazeera baghdad it's time for sports here's andy.
5:52 am
thank you very much for zimbabwe is set to miss out on a place at next year's cricket world cup a shock defeat against the united arab emirates means their hopes of qualification all parts all over the u.a.e. were already out of contention for a place at next year's tournament this final qualifying event is being hosted by zimbabwe and they were expected to get the win they needed to make it through the u.s. passing first tee they scored two hundred thirty five to seven was in bad boy i've been it's every world cup since nineteen eighty three but fell three runs short in their running affected run chase only a low scoring draw in friday's final game between island and afghanistan can now save them all to places at the tournament in england next year we're up for grabs at this final round of qualifying the west indies they're already assured of their place friday's game between ireland and afghanistan now becomes a winner takes all much so i was there in harare to witness that shot last for
5:53 am
zimbabwe watching zimbabwean cricket fans react to the last was interesting many said they felt that they could not believe that zimbabwe's national side lost against a united arab emirates a mummy in the past used to play against some of the world's most elite cricket teams some fans say that they were gutted some say that they are disappointed and there's mixed reaction to the loss against u.a.e. zimbabwe we didn't see ourselves as a great cricketing nation but offloaded in the current years we have declined and it's all because i think we have terrible structures from the top to the bottom we don't know how to handle all cricketing squad and even selection wise we just keep on bringing back all peers year after year after year they did their best eighty eight point three they did they were in a store they could do better but i don't know maybe they do better with time it in
5:54 am
itself is a difficult game. the rain didn't hold. i think. to try and analyze the game now people be very disappointed i think from now on it's just a rebuilding process same with football rugby just look to rebuild. from grass roots to talk the reason why some zimbabweans are so disappointed because this is the first time since one nine hundred eighty three that zimbabwe has failed to qualify for the cricket world cup which will be held in england next year some zimbabweans are disappointed but others say perhaps maybe this is a chance for zimbabwe to build on its weakness find out what's going wrong and come out from that they saying that maybe after some introspection after some talking after more practice the team could one day qualify again for the world cup so mixed emotions in zimbabwe right now but again the crowd who are watching the game e.g.
5:55 am
disappointed that the team the national side didn't qualify for next year's world cup south africa's dean elgar patent throne day one of the search has to get starstruck. finishing on base in one hundred twenty one wopat cummins took four wickets for australia south africa sixty six for eight at the close in cape town before to a series poised i don't want war. manchester united have confirmed that its latin abraham if it she's contract has been terminated with immediate effect the thirty six year old's sweet school twenty nine goals from fifty three appearances but is only made it on to the pitch seven times since injuring his knee last year it prohibits tipped to be joining the l.a. galaxy in the united states. russia's ambassador to the u.k. is stressing it is safe for english football fans to travel to the world cup in june has been political tension between the two countries after british prime minister series a may blamed russia for a nerve agent attack on
5:56 am
a former spy earlier this month england due to play matches in the russian cities of volgograd new psni. old behaviors in. there will be. in russia all the necessary measures being taken. the british special to reduce. with the russian special to reduce to provide the security or the fans all the british war will be in the jury through russia. or russia's football team will get to focus on matters on the field on friday they're hosting brazil the match taking place at the newly refurbished luiz nicky stadium in moscow that will host the opening and closing world cup games russia ranked sixty three in the world compared to brazil who are second in the thief it's able. that's one of dozens of friendly internationals that take place across the globe other nights will games include argentina they're taking on italy in manchester
5:57 am
france will face colombia in paris germany how spain or portugal take on egypt the new forty one season getting underway on sunday in australia with practice set for friday four time champions lewis hamilton and sebastian vettel again expected to lead the way in melbourne hamilton and is must say these team beat battles ferrari to claim the championship last season. and the ultimate goal is to be. to be the best in the you go have to go up against the best so it's great it's been a great experience for me to be able to rest of the four world titles the most of any other driver at the time and i think this is an exciting year for for for one fans i think we have all the reasons to be confident i think i'll cause great stuff to come so plenty to look forward to but usually around this point you don't know what where the others are so that's why it's a bit pointless to come here and say that if you blow everyone away on a bit of
5:58 am
a hits and misses starts the new career a former n.f.l. quarterback tony romo picks up three birdies on the front nine of his page a top dead view in the dominican republic but the former dallas cowboys' player came home in force he wants to finish on five over par. ok but is always for fun out more lighter. ok we are done richelle carey is in the seats going to couple of minutes i will see you from twenty three g. a little later. the scene for us where on line what is american sign in yemen that peace is always possible but it never happens not because the situation is complicated but because no one cares or if you join us on sat there people that there are choosing between buying medication and eating this is a dialogue i want to get in one more comment because this is someone who is an
5:59 am
activist and has posted a story joining the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera. the street is quiet the signal is given young members out so it's safe to walk to school last year there are more than thirty meters in this community in one month the police say this area is a red zone one of several in some townships and kept our children sometimes a quarter in the crossfire when rival gangs fight so parents and grandparents have started what they call a walking past to try to take them from gang violence i lost my cooking way of doing years ago i also lost my there are more than one hundred fifty volunteers working for several walking busses teachers say it is working class attendance has improved the volunteers also act as security guards. a key figure of the early twentieth century arab literary scene. and a feminist writer had ever had time. so why did
6:00 am
her story and in such tragedy. al-jazeera world expose the life and why of maisie arda at this time on al-jazeera. u.s. president donald trump has said he will slap a new chair. on imports of steel and. for off five g.'s will mean the day to time ten times faster than fourteen we bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost of this time zero. another resignation at the white house national security adviser mcmaster will be replaced by john bolton.


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