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tv   The Stream 2018 Ep 48  Al Jazeera  March 23, 2018 7:32am-8:01am +03

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unfair competition from china's state led economy china now announced if it moves forward with this plan they will implement three billion dollars worth there for talent or tariffs on u.s. products including pork and steel former south korean president lee myung bok has been arrested jailed and placed in solitary confinement the seventy six six year old that is facing a number of corruption charges and authorities feared he would destroy evidence. at least thirteen people have died twenty seven more injured during an apartment fire in vietnam so cimon city at six hundred firefighters to get the fire under control after it broke out early friday morning demonstrators in the u.s. city of sacramento have delayed the start of an n.b.a. basketball game testing the police shooting of an unarmed twenty two year old black man hundreds of protesters block the entrance to the stadium where the sacramento kings were due to play the atlanta hawks earlier their traffic after marching into a freeway and rush hour are upset because police shot stefan clark at least twenty
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times on sunday and his grandmother's backyard police say they verity had a gun when they confronted him he had a cell phone. and i saw the headlines news continue on al-jazeera the stream is next. as the u.s. has withdrawn from the trans-pacific partnership. committed to its first small countries countries with small populations such as yours is this actually a better deal without tonight it states signatories of the world's newest trade bloc. and here in the stream live on due to the united nations estimates said by twenty twenty five two thirds of the world's population will face water stress conditions but for some people living in cape town south africa the struggle for water is all
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it ever known. social that. former cabinet minister. it's estimated that water scarcity impacts more than forty percent of the world's population you don't have to tell about it to the people living in cape town they know what the struggle for water is like in fact an extreme drought could force the city to run out of water completely the crisis has already taken a toll on cape town tourism and agricultural industries it's also highlighting the gap between rich and poor and joining us to discuss this in cape town zambia limburg is a city councilor and chairperson of the water resilience advisory committee should know your highness an activist with the water crisis coalition michael hilo another member of the water crisis coalition and an organizer with the general industries
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workers union of south africa and kevin winter lead researcher with the urban water management research group welcome everyone to the streams. when we last visited this issue on the stream it was in december it looked like this is cape town facing a future without water the local government was warning of an impending daisy or oh may eighteenth when the city was projected to be without water since then that campaign seems to have been scrapped these are all still reality. well there are many factors that influence stays and really has been able to achieve quite a significant amount of things that have influenced days moving out quite substantially to see our consumption has dramatically reduced over the last six weeks of the self we've reduced our consumption by close to one hundred million
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inches of water and this is massively altered the days marking which is to me to day zero to be in early april one of the other factors that have dramatically shifted is zero out is the fact that the agriculture sector has not fully utilized their allocation for larger logical season and they're no longer drawing from the dams which has declined the rate at which dam evils are dropping and in addition to that we received also from the clinton pharmacists the asian and that water supply has not reached stance within the cities municipal boundaries and have provided additional supply poor about a full month period all of these factors including that peroration enables declining has shifted a zero out to the point where we turn to see that there will be a day zero scenario in this particular year michael you heard what it sounds like
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has gone right we don't see a day the area they had zero scenario this year what do you make about. what. the. plane was about to air. changed. all.
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right so haven't taken that in mind take a look here this is what the government is putting out a guide to fifty liters or less per day this is what that looks like ten liters for laundry for shower nine for flushes five for house cleaning you see cooking you see drinking it's all laid out there we can see what the guidelines are looking like but not too long ago the government was asking people to cut down their usage to eighty seven leaders per person what's next in a fifty liters enough is this going to get the job done is that we don't hit that day's hero. well the teachers is really tough indeed and it's not easy for researchers to operate at that level and of course the fifty liters is aimed at resistance and it doesn't really touch as seriously to the sixers in the economy many of them out try to make different arrangements too and may see what is
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going on the cost of their water but there will demand has been placed tiley the burden of the world demand in the at the moment the city is suggesting is well above the juicy was a demand and lists only around what just demanded the moment productions when i pull up a tweet here from melissa melissa says i used to wash my hair three times a week now one time i can't shower every day anymore i wash my laundry even last i cook differently to use less water i think we need to change the sewer system to you see water that are through one example that he gave that his a thriving her everyday life chanel you're joining us on the phone what is your everyday life look like. oh well firstly i'm from the cape and you know what happened to me recently about week ago. actually it started actually last year when my my my late grandfather passed away my gran we leave
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a mess the eighteen thousand there for pensioners to play and what happened was that go to our schools because of an underwater leak so in the guy flats it's basically a teaching the way many displaced people are from colonial times a path it's been shifted like everyone knows the big gap between the rich and the poor. thing down to you funny stuff economic issues and one of the issues you know the message. and what happened was my my grandmother the freezing infants the bill you know. so being being how can i think going to the tomb of a lot of a husband and what's expected. if not if we find the what did you find or the increase of cattle in the state that we also find
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a situation which. is strong not working for example last week. we had we had issue with the pact system and we have to meet with our water supply so then see what chanel it seems to be describing there might be summed up in this comment we just got livelier year to jakarta post is this a natural phenomenon or a result of mismanagement is it true that scarce water has been directed to farming so she's talking about your perch an hour earlier talking about leaks a mass of water bills when the water wasn't actually being used and what do you make of criticisms like that. well the struggle as a result of climate change treaty received three years of below average levels of rainfall twenty seventeen was the worst level of rainfall in recorded history and this is obviously a place great amount of strain on damage capacity but in respect to chanel's
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point the city of cape town actually has the lowest water loss rate in south africa at food hundred percent which is on par with international standards the average water loss rate in south africa amongst other municipalities is around thirty six percent and the city has been able to a juice in its water loss rate to this extent because our investment in infrastructure through maintenance and upgrading programs and this is a program that we are committed to ensuring we roll out to further minimise will tell us is within our system because of our water tomorrow management and water conservation programs over the last year decade and a half we've been able to become the more efficient in operations with the lowest want to use per capita in cape town and this is a record for south africa as well and this is what we aim to pulled on but in
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respect to things such as leaks of private properties. it is an underground equal you uppity and you quiet systems for painting and the amount of water that's been lost the city does have a rebate program where you can make application particularly full of wonderful groups and pensioners this isn't is provided result was so cognisant of how water tariffs are costed and charged particularly for poor hostels so for poor indigent hustles all to israel charge in the first six thousand liters per month and in this way we ensure that we are who you are and how we cost charge full display six of us then pay you are not prepared us not lack of international community you are not. this they see you know as being designed and created when the privatization of water that this has been pretty healthy up to the cape flats
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and the township who many years you know we have social economic inequalities that is not being it had created by a government who does not care about our constitution or that. you know we have a leak that now will in fact we have water management devices that you know about that's being illegally installed and forced upon the poor there's a water management devices i hope you can speak to that now and everyone you know about what what the plans are but this was a managed meant devices now only allowing standard and first team to beat us off work to our household according to government which has to be people in it ever the hustles in the case less in the townships have about the same class individuals these water management devices do not even have the endurance of the leaders because some puzzles i don't have access to sanity liters of water once the work to stop the water is pumped to make an daisy go on
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a daily basis for people these management devices are not even being if they be as approved we also have evidence of thousands of these devices are cheating but surely extensively well done i'm not sure that i'm speaking it's a showdown as michael chanelle said i'll finish finish finish up your arse and so let's bring michael in go ahead thank you so much so basically what's happening to the the waste of the millions of fans being put out with what the management devices that's being installed and forced upon the poor you know once the water stopped completely it's basically making people prone to die from curable diseases people are dying from either because these i think that my god i had a job or applied project this is what the workers attribute affected the community but what if you wouldn't. even be a community. priest accused of going to do monday but because most
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women want to. get their own work out of the p.p. because people like. for them to. structure. the. money that is being created while. not. so yes you can but i want to share with our audience what it is that we're talking about because we're talking about these water management devices people may have no idea what we're talking about take a look at this tweet for us from melissa she says poor people are more likely to
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have water management devices that restrict water supply they're also more likely to have multiple households on one property so you might find ten people using three hundred fifty liters a day and here is a look at what that device looks like this is pulled up from the city of cape town's web site this device replaces a standard water meter and it's programmed to provide a daily allocation of water for you to use on your own property except as some say in the townships and outskirts of cape town there may not be running water in people's homes and they go to stations outside of their homes to fill up their water says andy i know you want to respond to the criticism go ahead. so i think it's incredibly irresponsible to make statements to the effect that the city has created this water crisis and that the water crisis was created two privatized water firstly the responsible for water provision is that of the national
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department of water and sanitation you know supposedly such as cape town are only responsible forward seeking aging water and treating them to drinking standards but yes to go to doctors are being very pinera cannot ever think that is the municipality that we're nothing on earth and they have the answer and then we'll be back here but i had no idea i did listen nation to which and also respect i would resist the same respect so the city of cape town has gone above and beyond its constitutional mandate in responding to the stuff if the star was some fabrication of the municipality of cape town then we wouldn't have seen the national government to clear a national disaster in respect to the dropped the national department but a couple of days ago declared a national disaster full of drought because there is a drought both in the eastern cape that you stink and the cocoa and the city has a cape town has implemented water restrictions it would have to manage the existing
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water far be to me been rolling out to just like that devices for the last decade and a half and we're not the only municipality that has been in school to demand management devices durban has been doing exactly the same particularly in response to the drought which they just over a year ago and these water to monitor devices are sit in line with the current or existing water restriction levels and if they are more humans on the public not able to make up ition and now if they are just so i hear what you're saying then b i hear disagreeing but i want to bring kevin back in here but this week we got this from solar energy per schools he writes waterloo. been a problem ever since i could walk our infrastructure is old and outdated we need to hold our municipalities and leaders to high standards that standard being that we deserve better what's your take on mismanagement vs the drought vs how this water management device is working. you know i'm
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a scientist and so i look at numbers and i'm looking for the evidence so when i hear the stories and these are not the first time stories about complaints of the water them on measuring devices these restricted device do ices and also very importantly the stories of what i think is a national tragedy in what is happening to riggers in the surrounding farm and the areas where there is put production going on there let's go back to the real effect is here and what i've been writing done as the conversations been going is is that the questions that i need to be are asking here and so why all of these words of mine management systems there are more of them from what i'm told are approved by a significant bureau of standards so that they're not just in need to asses it putting place there and if there is failure what little or failure are we talking about and what kind of failure are they responsible for for the result is resulting
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in the in the malfunction of there and so this is the first questions i would ask i think everyone has to start recognizing that we do have to meter water and the slogan that i use often is if you don't measure something you can't measure it and so for the city to be able to have no meters and nobility to measure the water is extremely serious but i think when we come to what's fair and what becomes extremely difficult for these meters to operate in homes with air and water and for people and then there has to be means by which that can be addressed and so i think there's a lot of wiggle around the fairness and the many cation of the constraint it's not that i want to know the one he was able to make up but usually that you read lips. and. to. well have. the. quality.
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of the frank that's a tribute. to the poor. you know. reading that. out. loud to the. world because of the world. where one could. really try that work and. work is up to you not. to provide the group what we see. but the problem that really put government. provincial government. shifting. problem shoulders of resting and rampant people. michael i want to
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share with our audience a look at what you're talking about just to give us live it more contacts i pulled up this headline on my screen here cape town farmers laid off amid a water crisis and that's we're looking at some thirty thousand seasonal farm workers who now have no jobs because of this crisis i hear your criticisms there and then i want to give you a chance to respond but first i want you to have a listen to this video comment we got someone from johannesburg this is official. they had three plant injustices registering in this community is the first based on heritage inequality in a part a job refused the day zero campaign of the da government is essentially squeeze these poor communities they carry the cost of this crisis the second injustice is the failure of the state at all three levels as the climate crisis failed state and these communities are very in the brunt of it and finally the decisions made by trump and other petrol leads to continue extraction and use of fossil fuels as contribute to to this crisis as well as that.
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so the particular drought to spain incredibly severe for all of the uses within the eastern cape supply system the city of cape town is one of many uses that draw from a collection of dances at the western cape supply system at the beginning of the hydrological year the national department of water and sanitation imposed thorough restrictions targets on all uses that draw from the eastern cape supply system and so the city was given a forty five percent restrictions target by the national department of which and sanitation and agriculture received a sixty percent restrictions target which meant that they needed to operate with sixty percent less water than the previous year and this has had massive economic impacts fool those farmers many of the farmers operate outside of the city of kept
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out municipal boundaries but the depart the provincial government of the recent cape has put in place support programs to assist the star was during these times it has that everybody and their carefree are failing action was a shock you want to cart your area if a protection you're speaking about agriculture so let us speak about the act with clothes and i speak about the colombian work in culture that the thirty and the provincial government is giving go in there or is not even wanting to protect the fallopian want to cultural it which is the charge down that has so much supplies ability to both that being sold and this the beauty of it is basically that it can mean this piece of land with thousands of pictures up and ran with mining on it is also a plaything with the balding of this eventually so why is the government not detecting agriculture you've been wanting to go ahead with mining forces on the land but this
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is then shorty's owning. why is that. taking and because while you know. so i hear you talking about al first i want to bring up this tweet we just got from mine who says how does one manage a crowd of twenty thousand people lining up at a collection point for water how will the authorities police the collection of water from natural springs and what happens when the senate bails or diseases break out so kevin he's raising all kinds of questions there but the point about the natural springs first others have raised the point of a nation are any of these potential solutions that you find interesting. yeah i think there is a program which is out and that's rates and then he starting to really get going with it the city of cape town was shown the national government to some extent and this is where moment when cities actually take the lead and expect you know
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national government to follow us it doesn't really take the lead in circumstances like this because national government just operates austin has and doesn't do things at the appropriate scale this is the moment when we start to look to your government systems and the city is going to step up to the plate to actually take much war and a stronger leadership and to withdraw itself from the idea that national government is the only one that supplies water and what it does come from a variety of sources and ultimately if we are in to a city which becomes long more job prone then descend this is the only way we're going to be able to survive. with the size of the silicon i'm going to or as the autocratic corelation we completely reject the selling nation we've got a nation is extremely expensive it has the it's a mental impacts on both social and climate and the ecosystem so for example if you look at desalination you're expecting the suck out of the ocean what about the
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toxins what about the toxins these are the nation is extremely. delicate hot as i have to because if there i know that this allegation is a whole other topic that we can go into i partially we are out of time our thanks to than now michael and cabin for joining us for this conversation and of course it will continue online on twitter hash tag eighty three with a last time to take care. education is struggling to keep pace often failing to prepare children for today's world. but some schools are changing the rules i get to help out that they manage and how they did it. with stone issuing results. last friday. if it are in. rebel education early known in mexico
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at this time on al-jazeera. april on al-jazeera. from the stories beyond the headlines fault lines examines the u.s. is role in the world's fifty years since the death of martin luther king we examine the impact of his assassination and the state of race relations in the us today the award winning show earthrise returns for another season with stories about solutions to some of the greatest manmade environmental problems as the first meeting since the friends it vote is set to take place in the u.k. we examine how relevant the commonwealth is today between corporate and public interests up to the last drop unveils the longstanding rule for water in europe april on al-jazeera. to. be sure to.
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start. with every. this is really an attack on its truth itself is a lot of a sudden the standing of what free speech is supposed to be about the context it's hugely important for setting the stage for a serious debate up front at this time on al-jazeera. another resignation at the white house national security adviser h.r. baster will be replaced by john bolton.


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