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closer to. zero. and for you. this is really an attack on each sleuth itself is a lot of misunderstanding of what free speech is supposed to be about the context is hugely important setting the stage for a serious debate up front at this time on al-jazeera. out of the resignation at the white house national security adviser h.r. baster will be replaced by john bolton.
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richelle carey this is out of their life and also coming up. it is the largest deficit of any country in the history of our world it's out of control beijing hits back after the u.s. slaps tariffs on china worth sixty billion dollars. prosecutors in peru asked a judge to stop president page republican ski from leaving the country after he announced his resignation. palestinian teenager has become a symbol of resistance to the israeli occupation strikes a plea bargain with prosecutors. u.s. national security adviser a troubling master has resigned from the u.s. president all trumped administration mass to replace michael flynn who was fired fourteen months ago the retired general was the second secure. adviser to the u.s.
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president trumpet mcmaster both say the decision was mutual will be replaced by john bolton who has advised several republican presidents he's been a stern advocate for the use of military force against iran and north korea and it's become almost customary the trump makes decisions and announcements like this on twitter so this is what he tweeted i am pleased to announce that effective ninth of april john bolton will be my new national security advisor and i'm very grateful for the service of general h.r. being master who had an outstanding job i'm always remain my friend carefully how it has more now h.r. been masters time with the trump administration. general h.r. mcmaster will become the national security adviser he arrived at a tumultuous time just a month into his presidency trump had fired national security advisor michael flynn for lying to the vice president over his conversations with the russians it is both
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diplomacy and sanctions working together but it wasn't long before make master was enveloped in his own controversy within months of his hiring many trump supporters wanted macmaster out after reports surfaced he were new to the security clearance of president barack obama's national security advisor susan rice they also blamed him for leaked white house conversations with world leaders even starting a hash tag fire mcmaster. although trump stood by his national security adviser publicly privately he reportedly clashed with the army general who didn't like trump's and disciplined style of governing but it was a comment at a security summit in germany in february that many believe was the beginning of the end following a department of justice indictment of thirteen russian nationals accused of interfering in the twenty sixteen u.s. election macmaster said this and as you can see with the f.b.i.
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indictment the evidence is now really incontrovertibly and available in the public domain trump was reportedly livid tweeting that mcmaster forgot to add the results of the two thousand and sixteen election were not impacted or changed by the russians when secretary of state rex tillerson was fired and social media speculation began that mcmaster would be the next to go i'm really at a point where we're getting very close to having the capital other thing that i was twenty years ago h.r. mcmaster wrote a book called. dereliction of duty about how military generals failed to stand up to presidents during the vietnam war many believe it is this approach that cost me master his job after futile efforts to constrain the president kimberly hellcat al-jazeera washington maher john bolton now has served under several republican
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administrations getting a reputation as a military hard liner as readily appeared on television advocating tough policy positions alton's argue for military action against a number of u.s. adversaries including north korea and wants the white house to take a strong stance against russia and in two thousand and fifteen new york times opinion column he called for air strikes against nuclear facilities in iran he's also written for is for books about a noted anti muslim american authors and while working in the second bush administration he was accused of manipulating intelligence reports he said saddam hussein to develop weapons of mass destruction in iraq a claim that was later proven untrue as a former u.s. associate deputy attorney general and he says foreign diplomacy will be at the bottom of john bolton's agenda. mr bolton was supporting airstrikes against iran well before two thousand and fifteen you know in the administration of george bush and mr bolton didn't see a war they didn't like it when he was at the united nations as an acting ambassador
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there because he couldn't get confirmed by the senate he said you know diplomacy is useless it could might as well float out into the sea and sink i think what we can see is an escalation of tensions we have in the near future a decision by mr trump as to whether or not to continue to comply with the agreement with iran and other countries with restricting its nuclear ambitions and with mr bolton there it's likely that will be capsized i remember that earlier on mr bolton interviewed mr trump for being deputy secretary of state under mr tillerson and mr tillotson said no and mr bannon who was the last voice in the trump administration who had any sense of restraint on our military projection of force is now gone and he was the one who killed the bolton nomination to be deputy secretary of state and i think that with mr bolton now taking the national security adviser we're just going to have one policy woods is going to be confronted
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everywhere at all places and all times and diplomacy is going to take a backseat beijing a setback at the u.s. president's order to impose sixty billion dollars worth of tariffs on chinese imports it's planning tariffs on three billion dollars worth of american products including pork and steel trump said on thursday the deficit with beijing was out of control and call for reciprocal trade arrangements trading in u.s. and asian stocks has been volatile because of fears of an all out trade war some people called a mere a tariff or a mere attacks just use the word reciprocal if they charge us we charge them the same thing. that's true it's got to be that's not the way it is for many many years for many decades it has not been that way and i will say the people we're negotiating with smilingly they really agree with us i really believe they cannot believe they've gotten away with this for so long let's go live to scott
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high learning shanghai president trump the air saying smilingly that i think they actually agree with us that they've been getting away with this tell us what the actual reaction from the chinese government has been sky. or shell it's definitely not bath what have they they've been saying is that they've been warning that no one will benefit from a trade war and they've been saying this for the last couple of weeks but more specifically obviously over the last twenty four hours and they have encouraged the united states to move back from the brink is actually how they put it now as you mentioned you know it's one hundred twenty eight products imported here into china from the united states three billion dollars when you look at what the united states has done sixty billion dollars in tariffs obviously it's a lot smaller number and people have really kind of seen this as a measured response in other words they haven't gone the full guns yet they have threatened to do so they say if they're called in to do more they will do more but
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right now it's kind of a measured response and they have been very encouraging of dialogue now this is something obviously hearing that rhetoric from president donald trump doesn't sound like they're really going to back down at all so there's a bit of concern that this could escalate but right now so far a stern but measured response from china ok you are in shanghai really the heart and soul of the market and the economy there what are people there say. yeah the commercial center of china right here know what they're saying and we've spoken to a couple of people on the streets here and it's been kind of very you know they're very concerned you know just as you can imagine any nation around the world when it appears as though it's being engaged in a trade war they're worried about chinese jobs they're worried about chinese companies so that's what they're focused on but also there's concern because of the two nations two largest economies in the world there's concern here that this could have a global impact and obviously that's going to impact the longer term of this nation
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that is very you know on a very steep curve when it comes to development in the comes to growth so they're concerned that if this trade war goes on for a while and the economic impact on these two countries is is great that's going to prevent china from this trajectory that they're hoping the president xi jinping is hoping to continue with so there's that concern but right here you know the people on the streets of shanghai today hours after this news came out they're worried about jobs and they're worried about the companies based here ok scott live for us in shanghai scott thank you australia has so far been exempt from trots tariffs but prime minister malcolm turnbull says he remains hopeful that the u.s. and china can negotiate a satisfactory arrangement important thing is no one wins from tried will there's no doubt about that i think what they like or should be and supporting. good constructive negotiation president trump has talked about how much he respects
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president xi but actually i'll be with them and i do too to maim say i do want every respect about side hot guys and and i and i you know i look forward to them being i will to negotiate but i don't want to speculate on actions that haven't been announced. debate has begun improves congress over whether to accept the president's resignation. announced he was stepping down on wednesday ahead of an impeachment vote over corruption allegations prosecutors have asked a judge to prevent him from leaving the country is guaranteed presidential immunity from prosecution until congress formally accept his resignation and the vice president martin sworn in to replace them are an essential as has the latest from lima. well these programs say they are furious at the way that the president seems game and never they say it's a shameful thing for the country for a president that had promised to love this very little they're also furious that
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congressmen they say that the political class is all corrupt and there was an old congress meant to leave the most indignados we are angry at so much corruption in the country we don't agree with the president's resignation because now there is instability so if there's no president congressmen should also have to leave all the corrupt congressmen should go on the pelosi we're fed up we're tired it's about time the people rise to make a new constitution to have new leaders quote unquote well forty one percent. for both sides president doing fine so the president would have to take over the presidency and call for a general election that is unlikely that will happen because the bike faced a lot of delays the bad guys on his way to be a tool and he will be. running friday morning. still ahead on al jazeera. aren't you going along in relief from the
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documents or the extent of news by saudi arabia to try to influence the white house and police and south korea arrest former president lee myung bak over charges of corruption. and the i think the seasons change when spring of course and still plenty of the sun destroying snow and of winter that's true for some parts of the caucasus where of course are quite hard to see day will be cloudy picture temperatures are quite are ten twenty one. it is now thirty similar story in back here for the sas is a bit warm couple might have some with a boxer remaining showers in afghanistan iraq it would in couple of nineteen degrees of up to thirty two in baghdad that hundred usd heat is because of activity the middle the mediterranean and that's true right back to egypt as well but the
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wind direction does change the cloud picks up from beirut is down to about twenty five so a six degree drop by saturday still thirty three in baghdad the breeze is still in that direction of course is going to be a bit like that through the arabian peninsula we start off with something ocean mile still thirty two in die hard asses friday come saturday and that's more or less been cut off and it's a breeze coming up from the side of the tent from mecca to forty degrees down about twenty nine by this time indoors but right where it should be to be quite honest the still raging showers in fact they've really built up in the last few days throughout southern africa so a line morris from namibia through botswana dying to cause it in the toilet it's wit. a key figure of the early twentieth century arab literary scene.
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and a feminist writer and her time. so why did this story and in such tragedy. al-jazeera won't expose the life and why of maisie at this time on al-jazeera. watching out to syria let's take a look at the top stories right now u.s. national security adviser a charming master has resigned from the trunk administration he was the president's second security adviser place michael flynn who was fired fourteen months ago will
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be replaced by john bolton who advised several republican presidents he is advocated the use of military force against iran and north korea and wall un ambassador and the george w. bush administration bolton said iraq had weapons of mass destruction a claim later proven true. china is responding to the u.s. president's order imposing sixty billion dollars worth of tariffs on chinese imports says the move is needed to stop unfair competition from china's state led economy china now announced three billion dollars worth of retaliatory tariffs on u.s. products including and steel. at two fifteen hundred fighter some the rebel group in syria's eastern ghouta that at least six thousand of their family members have agreed to leave the enclave and follows an evacuation deal brokered by russia the fighters in the town of harasta are expected to lay down their arms or relocate to opposition controlled province. and province where those evacuation buses are headed at least forty two people have been killed after airstrikes had
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a market near the border with turkey many were women and children activists say russian and government planes carried out that attack it'll bizzle last remaining province in syria under opposition control. and you backed up the documents appear to show saudi arabia's attempts to influence decisions by the trap an illustration they've emerged as the country's crown prince continues his high profile visit to the u.s. the new york times reports that mohammed bin salman worked at a lobbyist to push president on a truck into positions favoring saudi arabia and the u.a.e. alan fischer asked more from washington d.c. . the latest high profile meeting for saudis crown prince sitting down with u.s. defense secretary james mattis at the pentagon aren't unique continually on one hand the wrong way round the crown prince was received at the white house at the start of his trip i've hundred twenty five million dollars that's peanuts for you but newly leaked documents suggest he's been trying to influence president donald
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trump long before his visit began in the new york times says a lebanese american businessman george nida who's a political advisor to the effect of ruler of the u.a.e. what for more than a year to influence elliott brody a powerful member of the republican national committee needer is said to have offered broadly business deals on behalf of saudi arabia and the u.a.e. to try to exert influence over white house policy policies which advocated confrontational approaches towards iran and qatar brody denies the claims his spokesman accused hackers working for qatar for leaking the documents accusations qatar's government has described as baseless a fear look at the blockade and the crisis the gulf the crisis started last year there is a context for this and it seems those preparations produce this kind of a crisis because it was a trend that is a consistent a plan. you know supported by the two governments to governments financially supported by no they're in washington and this is alliances and lead to all of this
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. it suggests that neither of us broadly to push for the removal of secretary of state rex tillerson scene is to even handed in the coming g.c.c. dispute influencing a person like donald trump. it is a unique challenge to the people within the administration to members of congress to you know to his friends and advisers and also to foreign governments nobody really knows exactly you know how to how to get their way with this guy neither is currently assisting special counsel robert miller's investigation into possible foreign influence on the trump campaign and administration the report in the new york times comes as the crown prince continues his three week public relations blitz in the united states when we make some business leaders as well as top level executives from the tech and movie industries but there are no plans to face the media to answer allegations that the saudis on the united arab emirates use money and business deals to influence white house policy alan fischer al jazeera
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washington as defense secretary james madison is urging saudi arabia's crown prince to find a political solution to the war and yemen as you've seen madness has been hosting the hammonton summit at the pentagon saudi arabia has led a bombing campaign against iran backed with the rebels in yemen since two thousand and fifteen. and we've already raised here is part of the solution here good vibe of united nations recognized government and we're going to end this war bottom line and we're going to end it on to the firm to the people of yemen and also europe with a nation from. protests are underway in the u.s. city of sacramento over the police shooting of an unarmed twenty two year old black man demonstrators block the entrance to the stadium where the sacramento kings were due to play the atlanta hawks earlier they blocked traffic after marching onto a freeway in rush hour. at least twenty times on sunday while he was in his
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grandmother's backyard police say they feared he had a gun when they confronted him he only had a cell phone. former south korean president lee myung bok has been arrested jailed and placed in solitary confinement the seventy six year old is facing corruption charges and was put behind bars because a fair say might seek to destroy evidence it's a latest in a series of scandals involving former leaders kathy novak reports from seoul he's yet another former south korean president accused of abusing power prosecutors arrived at lima buck's house in the middle of the night to arrest him over corruption allegations he denies the charges but in a written statement says he feels a guilty conscience and that responsibility lies with him not others he apologized to the south korean public as he faced prosecutors last week. when i stand before you with a tragic i offer my deepest apology to the people who are causing worry amid times when the economy is in hardship and the security situation on the korean peninsula
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is serious the charges against him include among other things bribery embezzle meant and tax evasion please accused of improperly receiving about ten million dollars from people and institutions including the country's spy agency as well as samsung south korea's largest conglomerate corruption allegations were first made during the two thousand and seven election campaign despite that the popular former mayor of seoul won and became president the following year he faced challenges almost immediately with protests over american beef imports and later the killing of south koreans which was blamed on north korea after least served his five year term as president fellow conservative puck in hay was elected she was impeached and jailed last year a verdict in her corruption trial is expected next month. all of the seven former presidents who led south korea since one thousand nine hundred eighty have faced
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some form of corruption scandal either directly or because of allegations against their family members five including li and park have had to personally face prosecutors mass protests that led to parks impeachment seem to demonstrate support for powerful politicians to be held to account and a recent public opinion poll taken before least ends trial found almost eighty percent of south koreans want to stern punishment. a shared understanding is being created among the public and politicians that mechanisms should be built to check the prices of gasoline powered reasonable police officials i think it will improve one by one lee myung bak says he hopes to be the last south korean president to face this kind of prosecution kathy novak al jazeera so at least thirteen people have died twenty seven more endured during an apartment fire in vietnam so chaman city hundreds of firefighters are needed to get that fire under
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control after it broke out early friday morning reports say most people died from suffocation are jumping out of the building. francis former president nicolas sarkozy has defended himself after being put under formal investigation for receiving illegal campaign funding has a history for saving tens of thousands of dollars from libya's late leader more market off sarkozy denies the allegations operate in reports from paris six of one of his nicknames is speedy sako and just twenty four hours after being placed under formal investigation nicolas sarkozy has come out fighting having failed to convince a paris judge to drop the corruption charges on national television sarkozy put his case before the court of french public opinion the bush of a deal a political deal to mourn and dean yes you i want to express the depth of my indignation i owe it to a french people to tell them the truth i did not betray their trust and he lashed
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out at his libyan accusers see jono those people who are assassins criminals delinquents have not come up with any evidence the libyan witnesses have said the vast amount of money could not come out of about leaving a trace of gadhafi used to i don't everything photograph everything he was crazy and surely taking drugs. what's alleged is that when he won the two thousand and seven presidential race nicolas sarkozy's campaign received as much as sixty million dollars from the libyan dictator colonel gadhafi. the current libyan government is watching the sarkozy case with keen interest all of the so-called z. is being brought to court even though the case is old this is the type of democracy desired by everyone that rejects dictatorship. duffy and his sons used to abuse libyan funds with no accountability and intervene in other countries domestic affairs. psychos insists he's being falsely accused by gadhafi his clan as
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a revenge for toppling the former dictator in twenty eleven but investigative journalists from the paris news website media part have been at the forefront of gathering documentary evidence to corroborate the corruption charges. the libyan affair in a spectacular way shows are nicolas sarkozy and his clan are in the middle of what can be called i'm afeared style affair in the heart of politics there is a suspicion that a democratic state france might have been bought by a dictatorship in the coming weeks and months we'll see that the case is a solid case book. nonetheless sarkozy is refusing to yield insisting he will not give even a centimeter of ground to those who would attack him he denies all the allegations paul brennan al-jazeera paris. ahead to me the palestinian teenage girl who was filmed kicking and slapping an israeli soldier and the occupied west bank has accepted a plea deal so they sentenced to eight months and prison footage of the confrontation
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viral on social media gaining international attention to delaminate has met with her family and has more on why the teenager accepted the deal. he is relentless in campaigning on behalf of his daughter who will remain in jail until midsummer as i say in the koran and this court is in the got there the cord for us. is not just for not just and it's but of the component of the coalition or the system it's for to banish the bias to not deny and ninety nine bears and of the. prisoners are guilty. either to me we became famous after a video showing her slapping and kicking an israeli soldier went viral around the world she became a hero among palestinians but was vilified in israel here was a teenage girl who had publicly humiliated the army and deserved the harshest of punishments and even when handcuffed and shackled she continued to show strength of
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character saying defiantly in court there is no justice under occupation after entering a plea bargain added to me was sentenced to eight months in prison and fined about a thousand five hundred dollars. there are about three hundred minors currently held in israeli jails and who like other to mimi had to appear in front of a military court most had to also enter a plea bargain to reduce their sentence or else face long term detention case is exceptional because it has attracted international attention but it's no different from other cases there's no trial because because this process happens the way. the balance is remand this is what ends the deal once that happens the next step would typically be the plea bargain once the plea bargain is there it means that the role of the court is minimized to actually just approving the plea bargain and
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that's what happens almost all of the time the human rights organization but salim says the conviction rate for palestinians in. military courts is almost one hundred percent bassam to me is worried about his daughter and her mother in jail even the is a surgeon about the impact her case has it's broken the student by about what the by the state and is because they show about esteem and as on the. men holding. order making side will bring order to have a life but they see young blonde the blue dog. with him with his hand celeb the synthol image over the bow of the local beijing which is of me added to me also received a three year suspended sentence but if the aim of her detention is to intimidate
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young palestinians it seems that she has only inspired many more to stand up against the occupation that has meat al-jazeera in the occupied west bank shark alerts been issued to swimmers in western australia after one hundred fifty whales stranded themselves on a beach at least half of the pod died in rescuers are trying to refloat any still alive a number of beaches have been closed as a precaution after sharks were seen the stranding of hamel bay is nine years to the day since eighty whales and dolphins died there and another mass beaching and when you get a moment visit our web site al jazeera dot com and keep you up to date on news from around the world headlines are next. and shall carry these on the top stories on al-jazeera u.s.
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national security adviser a charming master has resigned from the trump administration he was the president's second security adviser and replaced michael flynn who was fired fourteen months ago. to be replaced by john bolton who advised several republican presidents has advocated the use of military force against iran and north korea un ambassador in the george w. bush administration olten said iraq had weapons of mass destruction and that claim was later proven untrue meanwhile trotsky personal lawyer is also resigning john dowd have reportedly clashed with the president over its handling of the probe underway by u.s. special counsel robert muller of course he is investigating possible russian interference in the two thousand and sixteen presidential election china's responding to the u.s. president's order imposing sixty billion dollars for the tariffs on chinese imports trump says the move is needed to stop unfair competition from china's state led economy china now announced it moves forward with his plan to implement three
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billion dollars worth of retaliatory tariffs on u.s. products including pork and steel at least thirteen people have died twenty seven more injured during an apartment fire in vietnam and city hundreds of firefighters were needed to get the fire under control that broke out early friday morning he says he at a press reports most people died from suffocation or jumping out of the building officials still aren't sure if anyone is still missing demonstrators in the u.s. city of sacramento have delayed the start of an n.b.a. basketball game protesting the police shooting of an unarmed twenty two year old black man hundreds of protesters block the entrance to the stadium and the sacramento kings were due to play the atlanta hawks earlier they blocked traffic after marching onto a freeway in rush hour police shot stefan clark at least twenty times on sunday while he was in his grandmother's backyard police say they feared he had again when they confronted him he only had a cell phone. a shark alert has been issued in western australia after more than
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one hundred fifty whales stranded on the beach at least half of the pod of mostly short and pilot whales died rescuers are trying to refloat the rest of the headlines keep it on al jazeera rebel education is next. u.s. president donald trump has said he will slap new tariffs on imports of steel and alum a new process five gene will mean the data transfer ten times faster than forty we bring you the stories to the shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost of this time zero. education. the universal rights to expand. and offer better prospects the post to a better life yes around the globe school move an institution. systems been deemed to be no longer. me thinking.


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