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heels of accepting bribes just to show the most dangerous commodity on s. sometimes take a spot at the door an edifice to blow up a personal bond that gains judicial corruption as in a couple by case i come out of my compass in an exclusive documentary al-jazeera examined one man's extraordinary battle for justice in donna. donald trump has said he will slap. that. we bring you the stories the economic world we live in counting the cost at this time on al-jazeera. al-jazeera.
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this live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes and other foreign policy shakeup at the white house the new national security adviser john bolton has previously backed attacks on iran and north korea. british diplomats on their way out of russia and the latest move in the spiral with. shares fall on fears of a trade war retaliates against donald trump's moves to introduce tariffs on chinese imports. hapless and helpless when attempts to save whales stranded on an australian beach a failing. there's been a major shift in foreign policy at the white house donald trump has introduced his new point man on national security matters while saying goodbye to the man that
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he'll replace the u.s. president tweeted i am pleased to announce that effective of the ninth of april john bolton will be my new national security advisor i'm very thankful for the service of general h.r. mcmaster has done an outstanding job and will always remain my friend well the new united states national security adviser is making his return to politics after a decade john bolton brings with him vast experience and a lot of criticism on his ear as natasha good name reports now on the controversial pick to join the drum the trump cabinet. john bolton has worked for three republican presidents and caused controversy even among members of his own party now he joins a trumpet ministration apparently in turmoil analysts say bolton is a hard liner and donald trump is sending a very clear message by choosing him instead of a more moderate voice mr bolton didn't see a war that he didn't like you know when he was at the united nations as an acting
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ambassador there because he couldn't get confirmed by the senate he said you know diplomacy is useless it can might and wealth flowed out into the sea and sink i think what we can see is an escalation of tensions and has a history of imposing american military might he advocated the invasion of iran in two thousand and three in thrall embassador to the u.n. he took a hard line against north korea and iran by pushing for sanctions in two thousand and seven the united states has followed a policy for over four years centrally deferring to european efforts to negotiate with iran i think it's clear that that policy has failed the season politicians return to the front line of foreign policy gives him an opportunity to shape the president's views on north korea and iran at a critical moment trump has spoken of wanting to rip up the iranian nuclear accord and he's due for a much anticipated meeting with north korean leader kim jong un in may the talks
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with north korea go poorly trump walk out and say you know that didn't really get us anything and done john bolton to say look i told you we should strike north korea john bones but on the record he said twice in the last six months the u.s. should attack north korea even within trump's inner circle there's disagreement about whether bolton is the right man for the national security job is ideology is thought to be aligned with his boss he's already tried to ease fears that he pushed the united states into another conflict saying he will be. one voice among many who are advising the president and there should be a few nineteen other ideas as an ever growing number of trump's right hand men and women have learned bolton's biggest challenge may be keeping the continued faith of president trump and his job natasha going to eight zero both in released a statement soon after his appointment saying it's an honor to be asked by president trump to services national security adviser i humbly accept the offer the
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united states currently faces a wide array of issues and i look forward to working with president trump and his leadership team in addressing these complex challenges in an effort to make our country safer at home and strong a bold. twenty three british diplomats expelled from russia on their way to the airport they were told to leave in retaliation for the u.k.'s expulsion of the same number of russian diplomats in the wake of the script poisoning britain has accused the kremlin of being behind the talks an attack on a former russian double agent and his daughter in england earlier this month two correspondents crossed the story shortly will be with bobby phillips who's in brussels with the european union's recalled its ambassador to russia but first let's join the rory challenge in last go outside the british embassy i understand there was rory where a convoy left a short time ago taking these british diplomats to the airport.
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yeah so what we understand is that they said that about wells their colleagues goodbye and then a. series of cars left the british embassy and headed out now this is obviously the culmination of a. week or so diplomatic worsening the british embassy has been fairly tight knit maybe you know basically a kind of media lockdown for the last couple of days i was speaking to them yes they are spoke to them again just a few minutes ago if they can date me on what was happening they could only really confirm that this convoy had left now when the russians left the u.k. a week or so ago they were given a kind of specially hearted plane to fly out and i asked the british embassy representative whether that would be a similar situation here for the diplomatic staff leaving the u.k.
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embassy in moscow she told me that basically the. safety of the staff was being guaranteed. that was the most important thing that the british embassy were looking at looking after that so yes that perhaps that's the case that it may be some sort of chartered plane is going to be waiting for the diplomat at the airport when they get there i want to put the reaction there in moscow to the news of the e.u. recalling its ambassador to moscow. ok so i mean moscow is carefully curating its message at the moment and the message that it wants as many people around the world to believe is that it is the injured party in all of this to the. country men and women were hurt in a foreign land and they just want some answers themselves and they want to cooperate and they're basically being frozen out by the british with its kind of anti russian hysterical position so the russian position today
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regarding the recall of the e.u. ambassador is that this is a deeply regretful move it says that the united kingdom is essentially convincing countries to go along with it and the russian position and russia doesn't have any idea what's going on because the u.k. is just not talking to it and is doing things behind russia's back and it wants that to change all right laurie many thanks to let's bring in bobby phillips then in brussels barnaby e.u. leaders giving their full backing to britain's prime minister adopting a statement on these the sorcery attack. yes that's right so you'd have to say diplomatically things have gone very well for britain here cording to leo varadkar of the irish teashop the irish prime minister of britain presented its evidence to reason may presented her evidence intelligence
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evidence when the e.u. twenty eight sat down last night it seemed that that evidence carried some weight and it moved both him and mccraw of france present mccraw france to everyone around the table let's let's change the language that let's make it tougher then as you've said they've also agreed to recall the e.u. ambassador and what's interesting is we're hearing from european heads of government that they will look at the possibility of taking similar unilateral action in the coming days to that which britain to expelling russian diplomats from london diplomats who the british say were intelligence operatives in plain english spies and the british have been urging e.u. partners here to take similar measures that would disrupt russia's intelligence network across europe and you might say despite breaks it britain has managed to show that the e.u.
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will show solidarity on this issue and is convinced by the british argument ok probably many thanks to barbie phillips there live in brussels. syrian rebels in eastern guta have agreed to a truce in a southern part of the own place the area was one of three parts controlled by rebels but fighters in surrendered on thursday the latest ceasefire deal took place in the bin and. i didn't do much further north thousands of civilians continue to escape heavy strikes from the fighters from harasta and on their way to which is the last rebel held province in syria russia brokered the deal and is involved in the go see actions elsewhere in east and a tentative ceasefire earlier this month in duma broke down the areas undergoing renewed bombardment activists say that dozens of people have been killed by white phosphorous let's go live now to beirut which is where we'll find out. who can tell
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us more let's start by talking about this possible deal we touched on there between the russians and a second rebel faction in eastern goods which is about to surrender so you know. yes. there are three rebel factions in eastern one of them ahead of him like you mentioned they surrendered now and called in the gauche ations with the russian military what we understand from the group is that they will be holding another round of discussions shortly the rebels are refusing to say whether or not to deal with a surrender but there is no doubt that this is the only option on the table for them and saying that they want to end the suffering of the people at whatever cost then undoubtedly the people are suffering inside. controls a few towns in the southern pocket of eastern has been divided into three pockets as a result of this government offensive so talks underway we are expecting an announcement
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before the end of the day because yes there is a lot of suffering there also a lot of people who are afraid civil defense volunteers as well as the activists who are stuck in the southern enclave and we've been talking to. and they've been saying you know if the government enters these areas we will be not just arrested some of them are even worried to be executed because they're wanted by the state for opposition related activities so talks underway between five men and the russian military all right so what's the situation in. as we were boarding a few moments ago it seems that the people are fleeing more i mean pretty continuous heavy bombardment. yes there is no ceasefire there the pro-government alliance trying to bomb that town into submission it is controlled by facial islam and still putting up a fight negotiations have stalled and like you mentioned thousands of people really have left over recent days it's hard to say the exact figure but syrian state media
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saying two thousand people crossed into government controlled territory since the early hours of the morning we have to point out that civilians who are really not afraid of the government who have not really involved in any opposition activities they are the ones who cross into government controlled territories there are many other civilians who are still trapped inside too afraid to leave so many thanks steve said the heart of the. beirut. you with the news hour from al-jazeera still to come on the program. happy birthday mr president to be quite but it's he's the man who's about to take on peru's top job has returned home. plus a reminder of a bygone era iraq tries to get its rail system back on track. formula one world champion lewis hamilton looking good ahead of the season's opening race the details later in the sports.
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one on our top story the latest shakeup at the white house rami corey is a senior fellow at the issam fares institute for public policy at the american university of beirut he joins us now from that via skype rami always good to talk to you on on al-jazeera so we've got them out. what's your take on that. well it's pretty expected bolton has been considered before for secretary of state and other positions he very much fits in with the hardline militaristic america first we know what's best for the world ideology that is now dominant in the white house and is becoming increasingly so with pump aoe at the cia the foreign ministry now secretary of state and nikki haley in new york at the u.n. and now bolton as national security advisor this is very much a team that reflects trump's hard line position which is
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extremely controversial in the u.s. and all around the world but the fact is that it's happening and it is likely to create much more tension in areas like north korea like iran with immigration and other issues where there is already a significant amount of tension and it's going to get much worse for you mentioned north korea and iran who is. bolton's appointment going to be good for and who is it going to be negative for. it's going to be good for the right wing ideological hardliners militants america first people. neo conservative types who used to be much more powerful ten years ago and now have having a bit of a resurgence in places here and there there is a kind of ultra nationalists pro israeli groups will be happy and to immigrant and
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to muslim groups will probably be happy he has taken clear public positions on all these issues and most of the political establishment in the us thinks that he is a bit too much on the hardline right whose support like trumps is probably maybe around thirty percent among among the public and we'll probably hear. people in the republican party speak up occasionally here and there against them but the reality is that he is the national security adviser. and some people think maybe responsibility will temper him but that wasn't the case when he was at the united nations or some of us ambassador some years ago trying and it's all likely unlikely that he's going to be showing any temperance now because he will be with trump and others who share these positions as you say he's the national security advisor trump very keen to show that he's very much as
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a man and is known for ignoring the advice of his advisors i mean what what does this mean for the middle east in particular. with rex tillerson gone that sort of break on this this this right wing this neo con view that seems to be permanent permeating the administration has gone. and it's beyond neo-cons now it's it's now a kind of ultra nationalist white based anti immigrant anti muslim militant. ideology in which america feels that it can do anything it wants in the world break trade break trade agreements put people on sanctions attack countries kill people with drones. break up countries create new countries all of these are the kinds of things that bolton has has talked about or advocated and years and what it means is there's going to be a much tighter alliance among
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a much smaller group of people now the people in the white house the secretary of state. of the lute rulers of the u.a.e. and egypt and saudi arabia probably israel too they'll all get closer together but this group will be increasingly isolated from virtually the entire world because what they are offering is essentially a roadmap to warfare against iran and maybe in other places as well so i think heightened tension and the occasional perhaps greater use of military tactics individual attacks here and there possibly it's it's going to be a difficult period ahead if these people now in power in the united states actually translate their views into policy was because to many things did really kori that they rose stock markets around the world have fallen as investors fear a trade war between the world's two largest economies the united states is imposing
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sixty billion dollars worth of tariffs on chinese imports china is planning to retaliate with three billion dollars worth of taxes on american exports including pork and steel. some people call it america tariff or a mere attacks just use the word recep rickles. if they charge us we charge them the same thing that's so it's got to be that's not the way it is for many many years for many decades it has not been that way and i will say the people we're negotiating with smilingly they really agree with us i really believe they cannot believe they've gotten away with this for so long following that announcement the dow jones in the u.s. dropped by nearly three percent while the s. and p. five hundred so by two and a half percent investors in asia also gave it the thumbs down hong kong's hang saying closing down nearly three percent china's shanghai composite dropping by
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three point four percent and japan's nikkei suffering the worst losses of the day falling some four and a half percent european markets open to a week start on friday the major indices in germany france and the u.k. all down by around one percent scott high black has more now from china's financial capital shanghai firing back china responded within hours to president donald trump's announcement of the tariffs beijing said it's planning to impose three billion dollars in tariffs of its own targeting one hundred twenty eight u.s. goods bound for china focusing on agriculture wine fruit nuts and pork products but also recycled aluminum and steel pipes this is china vowed it will not back down from a trade war while insisting the friction should be resolved through negotiations if the dispute continues china says it could damage the broader picture of cooperation between the world's two largest economies it's telling the us to pull back from the
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brink. it's a destructive move china and the us a world trade leader i think it's going to escalate gradually it will damage the economic relationship between the two countries and that will have a negative impact on the global economy both nations have said they're going to start legal action through the world trade organization. here in china's commercial capital shanghai there's growing concern over a trade war with the u.s. they're worried about jobs in their worried about chinese businesses. so it may affect employment in china since export is a big part of china's economy there's a lot of low and industry but in many people's jobs at the penny on exports. so i watch a lot of news of course china will fight back but the point of doing business is that we both win it doesn't work if america is the only leader china has to protect its own interests to the increased trade tension could prove to be
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a challenge for chinese president xi jinping who by a measure passed during the national people's congress earlier this month can remain as leader indefinitely a big trade war with the u.s. could slow china's rapid growth critical to his long term vision it's got harder al-jazeera shanghai another former president of south korea is in jail accused of corruption back has been placed in solitary confinement because prosecutors fear that he may destroy evidence the seventy six year old successor is also awaiting trial to she was impeached last year kathy novak reports from seoul. he's yet another former south korean president accused of abusing power prosecutors arrived at lee myung buck's house in the middle of the night to arrest him over corruption allegations he denies the charges but in a written statement says he feels a guilty conscience and that responsibility lies with him not others he apologized
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to the south korean public as he faced prosecutors last week with a witness stand before you with a tragic i offer my deepest apology to the people who are causing worry amid times when the economy is in hardship and the security situation on the korean peninsula is serious the charges against him include among other things bribery embezzle meant and tax evasion please accused of improperly receiving about ten million dollars from people and institutions including the country's spy agency as well a sense sung south korea's largest conglomerate corruption allegations were first made during the two thousand and seven election campaign despite that the popular former mayor of seoul won and became president the following year he faced challenges almost immediately with protests over american beef imports and later the killing of south koreans which was blamed on north korea after least served his five year term as president fellow conservative puck in hay was elected she was
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impeached and jailed last year a verdict in her corruption trial is expected next month all of the seven former presidents who led south korea since one thousand nine hundred eighty have faced some form of corruption scandal either directly or because of allegations against their family members five including lea and park have had to personally face prosecutors. mass protests that led to parks impeachment seem to demonstrate support for powerful politicians to be held to account and a recent public opinion poll taken before least ends trial found almost eighty percent of south koreans want to stern punishment. a shared understanding is being creative among the public and politicians that make on these institute be built to check the phrases absolute power in reason the police and officials i think it will improve one by one lee myung bak says he hopes to be the last south korean president to face this kind of prosecution kathy novak al jazeera sold. in
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this kaya set to be inaugurated as peru's new president on his fifty fifth birthday the vice president has arrived in the capital lima to a fanfare from his supporters he's ready to succeed president federal public to step down on wednesday. corruption allegations but people have been protesting at lima calling for new elections sanchez reports. on this program say they are your realist at the way the president. is game after they say it's a shameful thing for the country a president that had promised a lot but there's very little they're also furious that congressman they say that the political class is all corrupt and there was all congressman to leave the most in the us we are angry at so much corruption in the country we don't agree with the president's resignation because now there is instability so if there's no president
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congressmen should also have to leave all the corrupt congressmen should go at them or said we are fed up we are tired it's about time the people rise to make a new constitution to have new leaders quote. well forty one percent. for both sides president doing fine so the congress would have to take over. measured by the federal election. western states and supply as a being accused of contributing to military control in egypt transparency international defense and security says there is little accountability under the rule of president of the c.c. the nonprofit group says the profit group says that egypt has an annual defense budget of around four and a half billion dollars but there's limited scrutiny of spending as egyptians india what transparency international describes as soaring state violence and human rights abuses the united states gives around one point three billion dollars
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a year in foreign military assistance in twenty thirteen the u.s. banned shipping weapons to egypt after the military coup which ousted president mohamed morsi the us that in reinstated those deliveries three years ago despite what transparency international says is limited evidence of reforms let's speak to james lynch now he's the deputy director of transparency international u.k. he joins us from london. you've said that the egyptian people have a military that does everything but the but keep the country secure what do you mean by that. well you western western states you know egypt international partners often view. government and president of c.c. and the egyptian armed forces as a partner on security president mccrone said very relatively recently that he said that the first battle that france and egypt have is a joint battle against terrorism. but in reality there are real questions about whether military and president el-sisi are really partners on security are they
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really delivering security in the four years since president came to power egypt's security has deteriorated dramatically you know with that with that with the burning insurgency in sinai that the military seems to some degree incapable of dealing with an addressing and containing and the question is why is that and our contention is that the egyptian military is far too focused on increasing and expanding its own power base both economically and politically and what we've seen since twenty thirteen and twenty fourteen is a significant expansion of the military's economic activities it's its involvement in major projects with huge corruption risk. it's put in place laws that allow it to get new contracts and to expand its already significant and very opaque role in the economy with little accountability and meanwhile it's clear the field of
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political competitors through crushing dissent crushing political opposition and all of this combines to raise a big question is can a military which is focused on impact on and consolidating its own political position really deliver what it's supposed to do which is security for the people of egypt all right so what are you calling on these these international donors to do. well as you said you know the u.s. provides one point three billion dollars of foreign military assistance to egypt and egypt become you know the third largest importer of arms in the world in the last few years these are these are serious partnerships that the western states are . in the i.m.f. are engaged in with egypt they need to use that influence they need to demand transparency and accountability egypt's military when transparency international assessed the corruption risk in the defense sector in egypt we rated it an f as
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a critical risk they need to demand some basic transparency accountability and integrity in that system and the military needs to be the egyptian people need to be able to hold the military accountable good to talk to james many thanks indeed james lentz the from transparency international u.k. meteorologist ever some folks here with a weather update and a look ahead to what it's going to be like at the weekend for the first wrong pre-race of the new season and also coming up on the news a new tax on the menu in somalia it's leaving a sour taste with customers and business owners will tell you why plus. ten years ago people used to come right here where i'm standing to go sailing. will ask where all the water gone in chile. and the tennis world number one survives a major scare action from the miami open coming up it's.
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from a fresh coast to breeze. to watching the sunset on the australian outback. well with icon free in mind we have got some rather sporting weather skirting around australia at my last a cloud just around the chalk time we still got this circulation here on the golf commentary alerts is tropical cycle and nora wall wet and very windy weather coming in here over the next couple of days and then we've got marcus just off the west coast again some very windy weather this is the strongest storm for around ten years in australian waters it will still show although i am pleased to say not staying offshore though down into the bytes we've got this cold front that's going to make its way into victoria as he go on through the coming hours then they will bring some rain into melbourne just in time for the from free for a qualifying on sas date we could see the heaviest of the showers at this stage some big downpours certainly
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a possibility possibly with some thunder as well twenty two celsius in melbourne similar temperature as we go on into sunday hey we're going to see the west the weather just nothing is where a little further raise was dry skies do come back in behind but the shot was never really too far away so i could have an impact here into the land of the long white cloud bill is that a long white cloud there just across these ailin that we've seen some rather sporting weather here as well this is seeing or clinton this is where the critical to cancel for the day showers will slowly make their way eastwards through the weekend. the weather sponsored by cat time riis. we're talking about ivory poachers who have decimated populations of elephants in africa they almost always ship the ivory out of a different country from where it was poached because that's where you start your search to look in the wrong place this radiocarbon dating method tell us if trade ivory is legal or not then we have
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a place we can focus law enforcement on to take those out and perhaps choke the source of the ip from entering the network take no at this time one else is the. news is happening faster than ever before from different places from different people and you need to be part of backups you need to be able to reach people wherever they are and that means being across all social media platforms this is where our audience lives as well as in front of a t.v. they're on the smartphones they're on the tablet they're on the computer. and that's the way al-jazeera is of all into the true media network.
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good to have you with us adrian for they're going to end with a news hour from al-jazeera the top stories u.s. president donald trump has named foreign policy hard line of john bolton says new national security adviser he replaces h.r. mcmaster that's the third appointee in just over a year bolton's been an advocate of military action both korea and iran. twenty three diplomats expelled from russia are returning to britain they were told to leave and retaliation for the u.k.'s expulsion of the same number of russian diplomats following the spy attack dispute. and shares have fallen for. the world wide as investors fear a trade war between the world's two largest economies the united states is imposing sixty billion dollars worth of tariffs on chinese imports china is planning to retaliate with three billion dollars of levies on american goods. relatives of
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china's ians killed in the revolution this seven years ago say that they won't stop fighting for justice a grieving mother who blames the government for son's death has been speaking out. has a story now from the capital tunis in a law office in tunis a mother grieves for her son fatima says she'd originally sent her two boys to europe because she was worried about what might happen to them in tunisia the hamad her oldest child had only returned home for a short visit. that. he wanted to stay for two or three months and then the revolution happens the regime of ben ali killed him and the regime that i made my son's escape from that my son came back and they killed him i'm a lawyer for hani represents fatuma and many others who lost family in tunisia's revolution they accuse members of the security forces for the deaths of their relatives and want to see them held to account let me as brother was also killed during the revolution and it's an honor for me to defend these people because of my
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belief in this case before everything else it's personal for me. many tunisians have for years now also demanded the government issue a formal list of those killed in the revolution and while the preliminary list of names was prepared in two thousand and eleven it was never released the issue is a huge bone of contention for relatives of those who died in tunisia's revolution they can't believe an official list has yet to be published and say their loved ones won't get the justice they deserve until the matter is finalized those wounded during the revolution are also seeking redress commando han he says he was shot by security forces during a protest. he shows us his wounds and explains how he won't be able to get proper medical care unless the government includes his name on a list of those injured during the revolution. and look every time i knock on the door the ask me why i'm coming now and tell me that i have to wait until the final
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list gets published see has been said that even who heads up tunisia's truth and dignity commission tells us a list of those injured and killed during the revolution should have been released years ago she says that her group which is tasked with investigating crimes that go back decades will publish a register of victims spanning from one nine hundred fifty five until the end of two thousand and thirteen the high yet the victims of what happened during the revolution until find themselves included in this register of victims of persecution which will be published by the commission in the unified register as a victims of persecution. back at the law offices the work will continue and the grief will go on seven years after a revolution that shook the region they say that for them not much has changed. tunis tunisia going to a restaurant in somalia has become more expensive and customers are like it they're angry at the government for imposing
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a five percent sales tax the first in nearly thirty years the tax is a key condition of the international monetary fund to help relieve somalia's debts al-jazeera as mohamed atta reports from mogadishu. we're going to shoes leave the beach is a sign of somalia's growing sense of optimism at its coffers with shaded table sit clients mainly middle mogadishu's welfare elite sipping expensive coffee but these days they're having to pay more for their food and drinks the government has just introduced a five percent sales tax for the first time in almost thirty years many are unhappy . i just paid three dollars of tax yet i don't trust the government they have mismanaged revenue from other sources including don't know if china is tax would not be different than the reaction of somali traders to the tax has been more dramatic. shops and stores in mogadishu spalling but car market which is
1:39 pm
a lifeline for the city and surrounding areas remain closed for days the traders were particularly and get by the government's ancestors that they pay the value added tax up front out of otherness that we had meetings with the prime minister in his finance minister to voice our complaint the meetings was inconclusive we then decided to shut our businesses in protests and businesses have since really opened signaling up fast round of victory for the government in one of their last we explain that there was no going back on the stacks and that it must be paid for the sake of the nation of somalia people relented and now more and more people are stepping forward to register for taxation government officials say revenue from taxes will be distributed across the regions of the country to fund health care education infrastructure and security tax collection is also a key condition for that relief for somalia from the international monetary fund and the world bank somalia are also around four billion dollars most of it interest
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and penalties on nearly three decades all made to the former military government whose overthrow in one thousand nine to one plunged the country into years of lawlessness. that makes it almost impossible for mogadishu to access money from international organizations like the i.m.f. forcing it to rely almost entirely on aid for its budget with some semblance of to exist from now in place this optimism that somalia might up and backed down the road to solve reliance but in taxing a nation that has seen little of fisher lives in almost three decades officials admit they're facing a daunting task mamadou all jersey into mogadishu. a shark alert has been issued to swimmers in western australia after one hundred thirty whales died stranded on a beach rescuers are trying to refloat another a further twenty which are still alive the stranding in hamelin bay is nine years to the day since the whales and dolphins died there andrew thomas reports.
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a fisherman found the pilot whales in distress early on friday morning. volunteers ran to the beach but couldn't save many one hundred thirty have died the ones i see go back in the water they actually come back. again i watch one of them happen three times and still you wouldn't see local government workers brought trucks onto the beach to remove the carcasses. but. it was like. the whales beached themselves in exactly the same place as a group of eighty did on exactly the same day in two thousand and nine no one knows for sure why whales beach themselves these did in new zealand last year some think
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it group tried to rescue a single whale and get stuck themselves others speculate they get confused by submarine sonar rough weather is another possibility scientists will carry out autopsies on the carcasses to look for clues an opportunity like this is one that vets and other marine experts will definitely take on board so they can learn more about what these animals eighty you as well as the different sizes it was a family say a lot of females and males young calves this provides really good interesting information that scientists will benefit in the long run the priority now is clearing the carcasses before they float away dead whales in the sea attracts great white. shops close to shore and. police are warning them not to go swimming andrew thomas al jazeera sydney wales face many threats and tangled up in fishing nets is the most serious direct threat not only to whales but to dolphins and poor choice
1:43 pm
it's estimated that more than three hundred thousand of them die that way every year whales often collide with ships more than twelve hundred strikes were reported in busy shipping lanes in the past nine years while spills and plastic pollution which is increasing in our oceans are other dangers and so is climate change scientists believe that woman ocean temperatures kill the krill which is the staple food of whales then there's whaling itself which japan says is for scientific research more than thirty thousand whales have been killed since commercial whaling was banned in the one nine hundred eighty six let's speak to jacqueline o'neill who's the president of all cup a story and wide marine mammal rescue organization she joins us now via skype from sydney good to have you with us what's your theory as to why these these pilot whales beaching in such great numbers in hamelin bay. and really.
1:44 pm
like this every mass stranding is completely different. and i think it is obviously as you previously mentioned that was standing at this exact same spot coincidentally on its exact same day in two thousand and. and based based on this that. we really need to look at the geography around him and a lot of people have made comment especially throughout the course of today that it's definitely this younger feel that has a lot to do with these outstanding we can we can make the. i guess we can thank you guess and say that it's likely that the geography here is interfering with the. well actually. they come. and it's alternate sources that stranded in shallow bays such as that just because they simply don't seem to be able to navigate the geography. and the other factors at play obviously we have some pretty intense as
1:45 pm
it stands in the rest of the country at the moment so that probably has a lot to do with that but other factors such as presidents illness. politics there's a range of factors that come in with these trends and it's helping that so many people went to have a lead to try to help these these whales that beached themselves they you talk about the geography is there anything that the that we that mankind can do to to to prevent whales from from getting it. close to shore so close to shore that they had a breach in themselves is there anything we can do in terms of technology or or changing that geography. that's opening a bit of a can of worms on the west coast we are lucky it is quiet over there like i said it's just unfortunate the geography is quite changed quite naturally over there that's the part that. really. it's just. unfortunate circumstance the fact that these piles of passing through and the geography is the way that it is.
1:46 pm
as far as we're concerned that's not really all that much that we can do and obviously changing your graffiti is not something that we probably really should be doing especially when it has remained quite unchanged and yeah ok i say look i was thinking more of prince about that the use of technology but but still what about the the many other threats that whales face we touched on fishing nets that they get in tangled in. the pollution that that is increasing you know in our oceans right now what could be done about that you know look at that some people would probably nobody's quite a contentious issue over here in his family and there is a lot of stock now used up out of that host so prevents when it's probably coming endangered. in large numbers of shots that we do have are going to struggle you know so that's obviously something that's political agenda here you know. the net students that protect so many that there was they do absolutely so that's something
1:47 pm
that you know was on the agenda here in australia to talk about you know obviously lucian is a big one as well we say lots of these things and sometimes they have necropsies when they stand on the beaches so to be interesting to see the outcome of the research that will hopefully come out of this stranding and some of the samples. that we've taken and usually those give us a lot of insight into the reasons some of these animals die as well jacqueline good story too many thanks indeed for being with us thank you. as one of the latin american countries in dire straits when it comes to water droughts a common as the process precious resource becomes less scary in the more scarce rather in the latest part of our series coinciding with world water forum the world water forum in brazil latin america as you see in human reports now from pain.
1:48 pm
seventy year old. is the last farmer left on what was at one time a lush agricultural area just an hour from chile's capital but now there's no water not even for his horses. that for more than a century provided water for residents and agriculture has all but dried up and as elsewhere in the country it's brought on by drought over use of local aquifers and according to many a privatized water supply system. i think the government should intervene and make a law to bring water from the angles into a river here but there are people who divert the water because they own it and they prefer it ends up in the ocean in order to create scarcity and then sell it to. chile's current water supply laws were introduced within thirty five years ago by former military leader pinochet it's a system governed by free markets rules with reduced state oversight too often at the expense of poor communities. that separation of water and land rights has
1:49 pm
brought some problems for traditional farmers and has benefited audacious businessman and some speculators which is what we're trying to combat them in. chile's government has increased fines to prevent hoarding a comprehensive reform bill to better protect the eco system and people's human rights to potable water is now before congress but officials say the source of the problem is not just to owns the water but also be increasing demands of agriculture and industry ten years ago people used to come right here where i'm standing to go sailing and the extreme reduction of the water levels of the lagoon is caused just by an overwhelming taishan of a vital resource but by climate change and this will soon have a dramatic impact on water supplies to the capital santiago. a recent study suggests that by two thousand and seventy cents will have forty two percent less
1:50 pm
water experts say relying on nature to solve this looming crisis is not enough we need to get another supply we depend largely on how much rain or snow we have in a year in a given year we need to pour water from all the bases ocean. water. in the meantime those who depended on the. will have to look elsewhere for water if they are to save their way of life you see in human i'll just see the beinecke chile and iraq plans plans are being made to were vive the country's war damaged rail system foreign investment and expertise is needed but enabled nies ations not expected to rival what all the iraqis say was the network's glorious past imraan khan reports from baghdad this was once the pride of iraq but that central station . home to the realm network the once reached far and wide across iraq to syria and connecting on to turkey as recently as two thousand and two iraqi railways began in
1:51 pm
one thousand twelve taking over a small local route built in eight hundred sixty nine. the invasion by u.s. troops in two thousand and three and then the occupation and the war against eisel since have all taken a toll. a touch of faded remains but we just two services a week to the southern iraqi city of it's a shadow of its former self. in two thousand and ten foreign investors came in the iraqis bought twelve new chinese trains but i solicit tax put paid to that reinvestment and rebuilding plan now. that what happened after i still took control over the three major sunni provinces in iraq back then is the deliberate sabotage against the vital railways in the neveh had been and the size destroying the trains and freight trains including the stations and associated workshops and buildings we are aiming to rebuild what was destroyed by terrorism in collaboration
1:52 pm
with the ministry of finance and planning and i.m.f. . critics say it's an optimistic assessment so far nowhere near enough money has been allocated for the rail revival a deal with the i.m.f. to provide five billion dollars for reconstruction has yet to be finalised passengers a few and even then the complaints are many. well we filmed a train broke down and the service was cancelled. by the moment they usually got out of the trade has not even moved yet and then they told us it's broken down they told us there were no services we only take the train to avoid car accidents on the road as we believe it's safer now the operating staff keep relocating us to other trains there's a lot of missed out when it comes to iraq he wrote ways the old remember them fondly and the young as part of iraq's history but with the road and air travel
1:53 pm
crucially more convenience and it's unlikely they rock throwaways will ever match their international heyday. the best rail phones and government leaders can hope for is a regular and well maintained domestic service that might be able to make a profit on his or baghdad. all aboard for the sport whose foreign agent thank you so much formula one world champion lewis hamilton has become the defense of his title in style the mercedes driver was fastest in both practice sessions ahead of the season opening opening australian grand prix after quacking the fastest time in the first session the briton slightly better at his time in the second red bulls max than wasn't too far behind finishing just open one to seven seconds behind four time champion. teammate develop terry both his was third quake is less encouraging for friday's sebastian vettel who was. women's world number
1:54 pm
one small howitzers real scare at the miami open and avoided being knocked out in just the second round the remaining needed three sets to beat ninety eight ranked. france she fought from a set down to be down three six six three seven six in two hours and seven minutes next. is. a whole it. ireland are facing afghanistan right now with the winter set to book a place in next year's cricket world cup ireland won the toss and went to bat so far they've scored two hundred and two for six with their fifty overs coming to an end poll stirling starring in the top order with half a century on thursday zimbabwe's realistic hopes of qualification ended after their loss against the u.a.e. the u.a.e. batted first and scored two hundred and thirty five for seven bob we have been at every world cup since one nine hundred eighty three but fell three runs short in their one chase that's huge blow for cricket in the country as hard with us are
1:55 pm
reports. watching zimbabwean korea fans react to the loss was interesting many said they felt that they could not believe that zimbabwe's national side lost against a united arab emirates a mummy in the past used to play against some of the world's most elite cricket teams some fans say that they were gutted some say that they are disappointed and there's mixed reaction to the loss against u.a.e. zimbabwe we pretty much see ourselves as a great cricketing nation but off late in the current years we have declined and it's all because i think we have terrible structures from the top to the bottom we don't know how to handle all cricketing squad and even selection wise we just keep on bringing back old peers year after year after year they did their best and a currency that did their worst or they could do better but. maybe they would do
1:56 pm
better with time in itself it was a difficult game. the rain didn't hold personally i think it's. to try and analyze the game now people will be very disappointed i think from now on it's just a real rebuilding process same with football and rugby just look to rebuilds. big from grassroots to talk the reason why some zimbabweans are so disappointed because this is the first time to one nine hundred eighty three that somebody has failed to qualify for the cricket world cup which will be held in england next year sums of obvious disappointed but other say perhaps that maybe this is a chance for zimbabwe to build on its weakness find out what's going wrong and come out from that they saying that maybe after some introspection after some talking after more practice the team could one day qualify again for the world cup so mixed emotions in zimbabwe right now but again the crowd who are watching the game. you
1:57 pm
disappointed that the team the national side didn't qualify it. will come. in just over eighty days the world cup kicks off in russia later this friday the host face one of their most difficult matches as they prepare for the spectacle they face brazil at the newly referred refer bish lease nicky stadium in moscow that will host the opening and closing world cup games russia are ranked sixty third in the world compared to brazil who are second in the future table. all that's one of dozens of friendly internationals that will take place across the globe on friday other notable games include argentina taking on italy and manchester france will face colombia and paris germany host spain while portugal tackled egypt. gulf world number one and defending champion dustin johnson is out of the world golf championships the thirty three year old lost the first state to austria as bernd vice berger the american was then four and three by canada's adam
1:58 pm
had when which means he's out of contention for the knockout round meanwhile meanwhile four time champion warren malcolm roy is still in with a chance the northern irishman followed his opening day loss with a two one one win over yonathan vegas. and that's all your sport for now back to you adrian many thanks indeed in that we're just about to do it from this news out jane talking this back to just a few minutes here on out zeros update you on the day's top stories also you.
1:59 pm
the final. graduate from iraq is also a part time going to pergamon museum which includes a reconstruction of the famous ishtar gate in bubble most of the people he's showing around came to germany as refugees this is just one of several billion museums taking part in the project called the meeting point and as well as bringing people together one of its aims is to emphasize the contribution of migrants right up to the present day to western culture. because i've been here for some time i
2:00 pm
can help them with lots of things that mrs ford to me the great thing is it's not just about museums about forming a new life is part of life it's culture the. only benefit. they see all these. documentaries that open your eyes. at this time on al-jazeera. another foreign policy shakeup at the white house the new national security adviser john bolton has previously backed attacks on iran and north korea.


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