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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  March 23, 2018 8:00pm-8:34pm +03

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in syria citizens are collecting evidence and all of the knowledge bill has shot of crimes committed against civilians we've moved out of syria both six hundred thousand pages of material so that one day they can bring the assad regime to justice it puts a she will face on the charges it's a dead she will face but it's a huge interest syria witnesses for the prosecution at this time on al jazeera. three people have been killed after a gunman took hostages in a french supermarket a suspect has been shot dead.
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alone i'm maryam namazie in london you're watching al-jazeera also coming out syria's ever shrinking rebel enclave of eastern goods the area second largest group of fighters agrees to a surrender deal. stock markets for across the world over fears of a trade war triggered by donald trump's move to impose tariffs on chinese goods. congress except the president's resignation has been threatened with impeachment over a corruption scandal. we begin in france where police have shot dead a gunman responsible for killing three people in more authorities a calling a terrorist attack the twenty six year old man hijacked a car shot at police and took hostages as a supermarket in the south of france i still claim he was one of the soldiers paul brennan reports from paris. the first report suggested
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a drive by shooting targeting police officers pretty quickly escalated into something far bigger and more ominous at the super market on the outskirts of tribe there was a full blown hostage situation with an armed attacker claiming affiliation with ice still for nearby schools were put into lockdown as the police surrounded the supermarkets. there inside the school about three hundred made his a y. and as news of the gun attack spread worried parents came to collect their children but found their way blocked nice i can't even get into ted's i'm all alone. french president emanuel was in brussels at the european council summit as news of the attack began to emerge he expressed his praise for the police response he forged a lot on party could you did it on the recent until the new to me security forces intervened in an extremely fast and coordinated manner after what was first an
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attack against police officers i want to reiterate my support to all those who faced the situation. it's now understood the attack had three distinct episodes first in caucus on the gunman carjacked a white opel car shooting and wounding the driver and killing his passenger then still in caucus on the gunman shot and wounded one of a group of four police officers who were out jogging in the street it was only then that the gunman drove the eight kilometers to the town of trip where he attacked the supermarket killing two more victims there what's not clear is why he did it in the least of. the terrorists name is red one. he was twenty six years old because it was known for petty crimes we had followed him but we think he was not vatican lived he jumped to the asked abruptly he was already under surveillance. the last detail regarding the surveillance is sure to concern the
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security and intelligence services. al-jazeera paris and all the rebel groups in eastern outside syria's capital damascus has agreed to surrender. controls territory in the southern part of the enclave government forces have continued that offensive in a bid to take back control this comes after fighters from the group also agree to an evacuation deal this week the government is now targeting duma where a third rebel group jaish al islam is still holding out saying hold the reports from beirut. there is no ceasefire here the pro-government alliance is bombing dubai into submission the densely populated town of the northern pocket of the now divided eastern hooter enclave is controlled by the rebel faction. the russian military and the syrian government want the rebels to surrender negotiations have stalled i do know in particular demonstrates that there
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is still ongoing very active and violent histories and people continue to be disgraced there's really no safe place in a lot of these areas as well as report they've been sheltering in underground shelters in basements that even have not been able to be limited from the violence syrians who aren't afraid to go to government controlled territory have been streaming out of duma for days numbers vary but syrian state media so they are leaving the besieged town in their thousands passing through the government checkpoint that. hundreds remain trapped in particularly those who fear arrest or even execution because of their role in the opposition they are demanding an internationally monitored safe passage to other rebel held areas. those people are wanted by the state for opposition related activities they include medical activists civil defense volunteers and medics the united nations says there are one
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thousand humanitarian and medical workers who are trapped in eastern who are with their families who fear for their future the government calls them terrorists accusing them of hiding behind humanitarian work the syrian army and its allies have recaptured most of the rebel controlled enclave in what has been one of the fiercest bombing campaigns in the past seven years the remaining towns in the southern part of the enclave are controlled by filing. that rebel faction agreed to what amounts to a surrender deal with the russian military it says it wants to end the suffering of the people at whatever cost that cost involved leaving their lives and homes behind . several thousand are being bussed from a town once controlled by after hour a sham fighters who are now along with their families on their way to the rebel held province in the northwest. become a place where rebels who agreed to hand over territory to the government are sent and more often than not civilians accompany them but it isn't safe it too is
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a target for the cover of its armed forces which are vowing to recapture the whole country. beirut a suicide bomb attack in southern afghanistan has killed sixteen people let's get more on this now from. to end kabul and i'm sure if you can tell us more about casualties from this attack and the location. well there's this evening national guard witnessed village of leash huge bomb attack indeed it's a car bomb attack according to the offshoots and now a provincial office and say that a suicide car bomber detonated his explosive just right outside the gates of the sports stadium now the sports stadium was hosting a local tournament just for the new year's festival lag nowruz and beyond that in that region people. gather and the traditional sports take place and
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this time it was the national guard and it's and the target were were were the afghan officials according to some. witnesses now. sources in nashville now tell us that a number of provincial council members were attending this sports show and also some security officers or also among the casualties now you said that sixty people were killed and the hospital says that more than forty people are wounded in this attack and the hospital is overwhelmed. at least twelve of them are in critical conditions. doctors say. now this attack in lashkar gah is not new and helmand province in southern afghanistan has remained one of the wallet tiled regions in afghanistan and what can you tell us about the security situation in southern afghanistan in helmand province specifically and him might have been
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behind this attack. until now no group has claimed responsibility for the attack or and we are waiting to hear from them. now in helmand province mostly. in afghanistan has witnessed bloody battles between international forces and afghan forces now off to two thousand and fifteen and they choose a combat mission ending a whole month security has deteriorated now afghan forces were fighting on their own but still. a lot of work needs to be done in terms of training advice of five gun forces they have no capability of air force. and most of the area are controlled by taliban and poppy cultivation is as high as as ever thank you very much abdel i should bring us all the latest on that attack in
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lashkar gah in helmand province for now abdullah thank you. want to bring you more now on our top story the shooting in southwestern france david is live for us and tribe and david what can you tell us about the situation there right now what you've been seeing. maryam i've just got through the police lines behind me of c blocking access to the supermarket no doubt they're going through great forensic details and checks but i was passing through the small village and there were many worried people standing outside in the streets there were the mayor was actually trying to give help everybody was in a sense of shock still but this was an extraordinary attack three three deaths one man we believe on a shooting spree it wasn't a coordinated attack when he burst into the supermarket he said i am
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a soldier of die i shot another acronym of course for i saw all of the islamic states and he was armed with automatic weapons and it was reported hanger needs a terrifying moment when he fired his first salvo inside that supermarket and it will take a long time to recover the police of course said that he was on their records but they didn't realize he'd been a radicalized he was just a small time drug dealer so he's not particularly known for being radicalized it's not known he had links with with isis and of course they have claimed that he was one of their operatives so a sense of shock here at the moment still a lot of police activity a lot of media activity a lot of people standing and staring and watching not quite believing what has happened here. seem to have the conclusion that this gunman was acting alone. nonetheless what are they doing to secure the area.
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very and i think one of the first things here is that we're looking at exactly how their intelligence went wrong on this could they have done and it's being war how did you get it access to the weapons to the had where did you get the ammunition so that we tried to trace back the movements of this man who's twenty six years old moroccan and they are she say that he wasn't clearly known for any radical links but maybe they can find out exactly where he was are we going to his computers whose telephone calls trying to trace back exactly where and when he made these contacts how long he might have been planning this attack why he was planning this attack exactly what happened to him and whether there was any communication a tall between him and the organization he said he represented thank you very much david chase have bring us all the latest. watching out is there still to come on
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the program global stock markets tumble as china and the united states escalate that trade war and the united nations says there's been a rise in any girl israeli settler attacks against palestinians in the occupied west bank since the start of the year. some rather lively weather moving across northern parts of the middle east atlanta bigger as a class spilling out to turkey surrounding outs of the black sea cascade scene you can see it does look rather overcast for the time being not too much rain on that at least away from turkey saturday there's like a very wet day if i windy as well some brisk winds coming through that stiff wind there will be a feature across iraq maybe into western parts of iraq will see temperatures in the southerly winds getting to thirty three cells just there in baghdad so quite
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a picture for the race couple at around twenty one celsius picking up to twenty four as we go on through sunday clouds really rain that will make us where little further ace was by this day so things will quieten down high by really getting up to around twenty one celsius or twenty eight in baghdad with the possibility of a little bit of patchy right just maybe for northern parts of iraq we could have twenty nine here in doha with sas day pleasantly warm light winds not too bad the winds will pick up a little as we go on into sunday could touch thirty two degrees out where i was you can see more very warm sunshine coming in right across the region the sunshine continues across the a western side of south africa the eastern side we'll see some showers once again and further north live down pools in mozambique.
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welcome back a quick recap of the top stories three people have been killed in southwestern france when a gunman hijacked a car and took hostages in a supermarket the twenty six year old suspect has been shot dead by police. in
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afghanistan at least sixteen people have been killed after an explosion in lashkar in helmand province forty others have been injured the bomb went off as people were leaving a wrestling match. and another rebel group has agreed to a surrender deal in the rebel held enclave of eastern goods this follows a deal that was struck earlier this week for rebels to pull out of the key town. and other stories we're following global stock markets have been reacting badly to an escalating trouble between the world's two biggest economies china is urging the united states to pull back from the brink also also threatening to slap three billion dollars of tariffs on u.s. imports this comes after president donald trump moved to impose sixty billion dollars worth of china tariffs on chinese goods on thursday. has more from shanghai . firing back china responded within hours to president donald trump's announcement of the tariffs beijing said it's planning to impose three billion dollars in
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tariffs of its own targeting one hundred twenty eight u.s. goods bound for china focusing on agriculture wine fruit nuts and pork products but also recycled aluminum and steel pipes this is china vowed it will not back down from a trade war while insisting the friction should be resolved through negotiations if the dispute continues china says it could damage the broader picture of cooperation between the world's two largest economies it's telling the us to pull back from the brink. it's a destructive move china and the us so will trade lead i think it's going to escalate gradually it will damage the economic relationship between the two countries and that will have a negative impact on the global economy both nations have said they're going to start legal action through the world trade organization here in china's commercial capital shanghai there's growing concern over a trade war with the u.s. they're worried about jobs in their worried about chinese businesses. that may
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affect employment in china since export is a big part of china's economy there's a lot of low and industry but in many people's jobs at the penny on exports. so i watch a lot of news of course china will fight back but the point of doing business is that we both we are it doesn't work if america is the only leader china has to protect its own interests to. the increase of trade tension could prove to be a challenge for chinese president xi jinping who by a measure passed during the national people's congress earlier this month can remain as leader indefinitely a big trade war with the u.s. could slow china's rapid growth critical to his long term vision it's got harder al-jazeera shanghai taking you to peru now where the congress has excepting president kaczynski resignation he was threatening to withdraw the motion and defend himself against impeachment proceedings and speak to my own as sanchez who's
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in lima for us and marianna we were expecting this to happen but tell us more about reaction that resignation. president barack obama was seen skill ready his resignation was already a sect of accepted. there were many protests last night because people were either not happy that he was resigning and the way he resigned what. many say was it was shameful. but also a lot of people protesting against the political class here because they are peruvians are associating not only chines key but the political class in general with corruption but now the congress has accepted his resignation and of educated him and accepted his resignation and now. he's got up the first vice president is on his way to congress to be sworn in as a prisoner the president he's coming at
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a very difficult time was there was a political turmoil in the country and this congress is an adverse congress is controlled by the opposition party popular force a very powerful party who still has a majority and twenty months that they've been in congress they've been able to not only oust. a precedent but their own full five ministers among them. transport minister who else might think he's got a not one year ago so he's going to come in and have a very difficult time i think to begin with to deal with this congress and with a weak party with very few legislators in a with him to be able to deal and they go she ate which is very very powerful congress all right thank you very much from lima mana sunshines bringing us all the latest on the resignation of president kaczynski which has been accepted by the
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congress that well now there's been strong international reaction to donald trump's appointment of a new national security adviser john bolton is opposed to the israel palestine peace talks and the iran nuclear deal let's be can be how she is following developments from the white house tell us about reaction that to this. yeah there's a lot going on at the white house the president is about to speak we believe in a domestic spending bill i think we'll talk about that in a moment but you're right there is a lot of concern would be the way to put it about donald trump's appointment for his national security advisor john bolton to take over for h.r. mcmaster on april ninth not just because he is opposed to the iran deal but for a number of different positions namely his very hawkish views on north korea given the fact that we have that important meeting coming up very soon between donald trump and north korean leader kim jong un but overall the positions of h.r. mcmaster concerning to many democrats as well as republicans and really
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international diplomats as well because they are so hoc yes you have to remember that he was one of the. people that helped to craft the justification for the u.s. invasion of iraq under george w. bush and he continues to be very hawkish in his views very much distancing himself from his mcmaster he's certainly favored. the opposite of an international approach to almost every issue that the united states is facing right now now we're also expecting the president donald trump to make a statement later on just just tell us about what he's expected to say. yeah lots of drama at the white house you never know what's going to happen and this would include the imminent speech or presentation or bill signing whatever you want to call it we weren't quite sure for the last half hour ourselves we were expecting a press briefing with sarah sanders the white house press secretary which turned into a briefing by the president we're told who is going to sign
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a very very large government spending bill but he left a lot of people in doubt about whether he would sign this into law after it was passed by the u.s. senate very early on friday morning and there's a lot of controversy around the spending bill given the fact that it is pretty big one point three trillion dollars in spending which is a little bit unusual considering conservatives the republican party if you will typically favor cost cutting and smaller government but there seems to be a little bit of this in there for everyone except that donald trump left everyone hanging about whether or not he would sign it given the fact that he put out a tweet saying that he may not because there were no protections for the more than eight hundred thousand who were brought here illegally as children known as doctor recipients he of course ended that program asking congress to address that that's not in this bill and there's also not any money in there that he wanted or not enough money if you will for the border wall which was a key or sort of a signature campaign promise for donald trump so donald trump appears to be signing
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this somewhat grudgingly and apparently he's got a little bit to say about it we're waiting for him to speak at any moment we hear there should be some questions from reporters as well so that could open it up to any sort of possibility of what the president talk about it could be spending it could be a charm macmaster the departure of h.r. mcmaster now the new national security adviser will have to wait and see. if this is true thank you very much candy how the white house watching developments there in washington on out european union has recalled its ambassador in moscow as the diplomatic row over the poisoning of a former russian spy deepens in need is a back in britain. view that moscow is likely to blame for the navigation sack on second script on his dorsey yulia earlier this month but russia is denying the allegations on the day twenty three british diplomats were forced to leave last and that reports. first applauded by their colleagues staying behind then driven out of the british embassy in moscow perhaps never to return for minivans to the
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british diplomatic staff and their families to catch their flights home they were requires to leave by midnight moscow time a tit for tat response to the british government's expulsion of russian diplomats the u.k. says we're working a secret spies. the departure of the british and diplomats from the embassy here in moscow draws the temperature even further in this new and particularly frosty phase in the u.k. russia relationship for a long time is proving successful in persuading for additional allies to back it up perhaps where some in moscow might have doubted its ability to do so the poisoning of gay and yulia script all in the southern english city of souls brief featured high on the agenda at the e.u. spring summit in brussels british prime minister to resign may has been lobbying european leaders to blame russia for the strike that russia poses respects mobile which is not just is a threat to our fine use of she's right that here in the e.u.
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council we are standing together while poles those findings it appears the intelligence on the attack she says she's shared with european colleagues has convinced them that the british assessment is correct me on this and understood here we had a long discussion but reached a broad consensus that all evidence points to russia big link to this attack and there's really no other explanation all member states agreed with this point of view and we will monitor the situation to see what happens next the british have shared their information with the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons and we will await their that. the e.u. has recalled its ambassador to moscow for consultations in brussels over the script . russia's foreign ministry which is trying to convince the worlds that russia is the injured party here is protesting at the way things are going. the way of the thing we be great that instead of referring to international law the european union
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has preferred to go on the path of another on t.v. washing campaign instigated by london elise transoceanic allies with an obvious goal to put another hurdle in the way of normalization of the situation on the european continent. it's not yet clear water happens next but various leaders of e.u. countries have confirms they're considering expelling russian diplomats too these are scenes we may see repeated in the days to come rory chalons out a zero mosque or now there's been an increase in illegal israeli settler attacks against palestinians in the occupied west bank since the start of the year is according to the united nations and to abdul hamid has been speaking to palestinians there about the day's struggle to protect themselves. taking the sheep to pastor has become a daily gamble for us after a year on his village i know bruce is surrounded by several illegal jewish settlements up there on the hills and more and more often settlers come down.
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in one week he came twice the first time i was alone and there were eighteen of them i told one of them that i had called the police but they didn't go away my main worry was the sheep then six more attacked me and the others headed towards the sheep still some i couldn't do anything alone. zaf it was wounded in the head and says he lost a third of his life stuck this video shot by the organization rabbis for human rights shows the second attack a few days later about twenty settlers many must seem throwing stones at palestinians with israeli soldiers standing by the un says the weekly average of settler attacks has increased by fifty percent since the beginning of the year these are not isolated incidents such as attacks happen a bit all over the occupied west bank and there's very little people can do simply because israel is in charge of the security in about eighty percent of the
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palestinian territory and palestinian security forces are not allowed to operate in those areas the village of the fed is in the so-called area b. which means that palestinians have only civilian control security matters are indeed a hands of the occupying forces but. the army itself attacks palestinians with tear gas and rubber coated bullets even when it's the settlers who are provoking and the palestinians are trying to protect the villages no settler is ever detained only palestinians. legal proceedings rarely reach a conclusion only eight percent of all complaints filed have led to an indictment less than half to a conviction it's wired the families say they never filed a complaint at a time when they come under attack by the neighbors settlers on a nearly weekly basis they have reinforced all their windows with metal netting and
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bars and the string to quickly pulled the shutters in case of trouble. it's been a long time since we had them wide open we don't feel like we're in a prison that we will stand a house it's our harmony the israeli army told them that it takes such incidents very seriously and will operate to bring the suspects to justice but in his latest report israel's state controller criticized israeli police in the west bank for failing to investigate crimes against palestinians which violate international put up that hamid al-jazeera in the occupied west bank was warned everything we're covering right here al jazeera dot com for all the latest comment analysis and video on demand don't forget that you can watch us live here as well. quick look at the top stories now police in southern france have shot dead
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a man suspected of hijacking a car and taking people hostage inside a supermarket three people were killed and several others are reported to have been injured. the least of this had been. the terrorists name is that he was twenty six years old because he was known for petty crimes we had followed him we think he was not very collaged he jumped to the asked abruptly he was already under surveillance at least sixteen people have been killed in a suicide bomb attack outside a sports stadium in southern afghanistan forty people were also wounded in the attack which happened in the city of lashkar in helmand province the blast happened just as people were leaving the site where they've been watching a wrestling match. the rebel group has agreed to surrender an area in the south of syria's eastern ghouta the evacuation of rebels from another group. has been continuing from
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a roster the syrian army's assault to retake east and go to began a month ago has been one of the most intense attacks of the seventy a war. china has called on the us to pull back from the brink as fears of a trade war grow it says it will impose its own tariffs on u.s. goods if president trump insists on taxing chinese imports stock markets around the world suffer declines after trump's announcement in peru congress has accepted the resignation of president pedro public earlier he was threatening to withdraw the motion and defend himself against impeachment proceedings the way is now clear for kaczynski replacement to be sworn in the vice president lot in this car. the european union has called back its ambassador in moscow for consultations related to the poisoning of a former russian spy in the u.k. e.u. leaders also backed britain's view that moscow is likely to blame for the attack on circus grip and his daughter yulia russia denies the allegations though and says e.u. need is a being drawn into an anti russia campaign instigated by the u.k.
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and the united states. i'll have more on all those stories and the news hour that's coming up and twenty five minutes time to join me then but coming up now inside story stay with us. is the united states becoming more belligerent john bolton is to take over as the u.s. national security adviser after previously talking attacks on iran until korea and forcing a strong america first policy long before donald trump what signal is the white house sent into the rest of the world now this is inside.


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