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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  March 23, 2018 9:00pm-10:01pm +03

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possible but it never happens not because the situation is complicated but because no one cares or if you join us on sept there are people that are choosing between buying medication and eating this is a dialogue i want to get in one more comment because this is someone who is an activist and has posted a story join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera new yorkers are very receptive to it because it is such an international city they are very interested in that global perspective that al-jazeera provides. zero.
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hello i'm maryam namazie this is the news hour live from london coming up in the next sixty minutes three people are dead after a gunman took hostages in a french supermarket the suspect has been shot dead. syria's ever shrinking rebel enclave of the area's second largest group of fighters agrees to a surrender deal. or in somalia where things are getting a little more expensive but the government's insisting it's for the greater good. in sport afghanistan are on my way to a second straight cricket world cup they beat all and in a winner takes all qualifier to claim their place at next year's tournament in england. we begin in france where police have killed the gunman who shot dead three people in what authorities are calling a terrorist attack the twenty six year old man hijacked a call shot at police and took hostages at
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a supermarket in the south of france i still claims he pledged allegiance to the group and reports from paris. the first reports suggested a drive by shooting targeting police officers pretty quickly escalated into something far bigger and more ominous at the super market on the outskirts of tribe there was a full blown hostage situation with an armed attacker claiming affiliation with. four nearby schools were put into lockdown as the police surrounded the supermarket . there inside the school about three hundred made his a y. and as news of the gun attack spread worried parents came to collect the children but found their way blocked. i can't even get into tabs i'm all alone. french president emanuel was in brussels at the european council summit as news of the attack began to emerge he expressed his praise for the police response he
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forged a lot on the ticket you did it on a recent of a new to me security forces intervened in an extremely fast and coordinated manner after what was first an attack against police officers i want to reiterate my support to all those who faced this situation. it's now understood the attack had three distinct episodes first in caucus on the gunman carjacked a white opel car shooting and wounding the driver and killing his passenger then still in caucus on the gunman shot and wounded one of a group of four police officers who were out jogging in the street it was only then that the gunman drove the eight kilometers to the town of trip where he attacked the supermarket killing two more victims there what's not clear is why he did it in the least. the terrorists name is red one. he was twenty six years old when it was known for petty crimes we had followed him but we think he was not very least he jumped to the asked abruptly he was already under
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surveillance that last detail regarding the surveillance is sure to concern the security and intelligence services paul brennan al-jazeera paris david chaytor is live for us now entire david what can you tell us about the situation there. well since i last spoke to marianne we've moved locations so you can actually see the supermarket behind me the police very busy there in the full court they're going through the whole of the supermarket looking for evidence shell cases anything else of the gunman might have dropped that will be an essential trail trying to find out where the ammunition came from who gave him help when he started to be radicalized finding his home address that's what's going on right now but at the moment forensic teams working behind me in the supermarket now i must emphasize as as paul said in his report this was three incidents one a carjacking then
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a shoot. all apologies for that will def a try and get back to david a bit later on of course he is in trad this off to police killed the gunman who shot dead three people in what david was just describing there three incidents but nonetheless we'll bring you try and reestablish a connection with david a bit later on in the news hour want to bring to another top story though the second largest rebel group in eastern guta outside syria's capital damascus has agreed to surrender. controls territory in the southern part of the enclave where government forces have continued that offensive in a bid to take control and this comes off to fighters from the group also agree to an evacuation deal from the town of harasta to the northern city of idlib the
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government is now targeting duma where the most powerful rebel group continues to hold out and hold the reports from beirut is the second deal of its kind in eastern a few days ago our heritage the rebel faction agreed to surrender the town of now. another rebel faction that controls the southern pocket of eastern agreeing to evacuate up to seven thousand people are going to be evacuated early saturday bussed out to the north western province of idlib which is under the control of the opposition we call it evacuation but really they are amount to a surrender the united nations has in the past criticized such the calling it the force the displacement but this is really a strategy that the syrian government has been using over the past seven years place each to an area and bomb it into submission until the rebels surrender and of course it's civilians who leave with them because they're too scared to stay the third rebel faction racialist them still holding out what we understand is that the
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government is offering them the possibility of evacuating three thousand medical cases but in return they would like to see three thousand five hundred prison. released. there is no ceasefire here the pro-government alliance is bombing into submission the densely populated town of the northern pocket of the now divided eastern huta enclave is controlled by the rebel faction. the russian military and the syrian government want the rebels to surrender negotiations have stalled i do not in particular demonstrate that there is still ongoing very active and violent still it is and people continue to be disgraced there is really no safe place in a lot of these areas there is report that they've been sheltering in underground shelters in basements that even have not been able to be limited from the violence syrians who aren't afraid to go to government controlled territory have been
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streaming out of duma for days numbers vary but syrian state media so they are leaving the besieged town in their thousands passing through the government checkpoint that. hundreds remain trapped in duma particularly those who fear arrest or even execution because of their role in the opposition they are demanding an internationally monitored safe passage to other rebel held areas. those people are wanted by the state for opposition related activities they include medical activists civil defense volunteers and medics the united nations says there are one thousand humanitarian and medical workers who are trapped in eastern who are with their families who fear for their future the government calls them terrorists accusing them of hiding behind humanitarian work the syrian army and its allies have recaptured most of the rebel controlled enclave in what has been one of the fiercest bombing campaigns in the past seven years the remaining towns in the southern part of the enclave are controlled by filing. that rival faction agree to
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what amounts to a surrender deal with the russian military it says it wants to end the suffering of the people at whatever cost that cost involves leaving their lives and homes behind . several thousand are being bussed from a town once controlled by after hour a sham fighters who are now along with their families on their way to the rebel held province in the northwest. become a place where rebels who agreed to hand over territory to the government are sent and more often than not civilians accompany them but it isn't safe it too is a target for the kind of its armed forces which are vowing to recapture the whole country said of. beirut. a suicide bomb attack outside a sports stadium in southern afghanistan has killed sixteen people forty others have been injured in the attack in the city of lashkar gah in helmand province that province let's get more on this now from. kabul so many people at the
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location of this attack at the time has it been any update on injuries and casualties. well just a moment ago. president donnie. put out a statement condemning this attack and he said that this attack is it is horrific and it has been carried out by the enemies of afghanistan now we also spoke to a number of officers in helmand province the departed governor of the month from whence is soon to wizard the hospital to check on the wounded people there has been clear orders from the from up off to how the wounded people now among the casualties we heard reports of of number of prevention officers being wounded or killed but so far no information on that but most of the civilian the
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most of the casualties in this attack remains to be civilians last wednesday there was an attack suicide attack in kabul targeting a gathering of young people celebrating the new year now in that attack at least twenty nine people were killed and more than three dozen people were wounded which all of them were civilians. now we know abdullah that the taliban is in control of places ally kalm and but are they is that the territory of lashkar gah where this attack took place is that also on the taliban control. well taliban seems to have more access in large areas of helmand province but large. city a capital of amman province still remains where the government controlled but
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within a few kilometers of national guard city there are taliban presence there are taliban checkpoints and we get reports of clashes between the taliban forces and afghan forces on daily bases just outskirts of the city now lush. itself is secure but. within five kilometers the area is not secure thank you very much abdullah shad brain asked up to date with that story joining us now from the afghan capital kabul. it with the news out life in london much more still ahead for it intervention over to piracy we expose our policy record of donald trump's new security advisor. the diplomatic route over the poisoning of a russian spy deepens as the e.u. calls its ambassador in moscow. all russia's football team is starting their quest to build credibility out of the world cup that's coming up later this fall.
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in rights groups accusing way back to militias of kidnapping and torturing people in yemen some are suggesting as many as fifteen thousand people could have been affected al-jazeera has spoken to the relatives of the missing who are calling for their safe return of a reports that many in southern yemen are demanding to know where their missing relatives are and human rights groups are accusing militias which are backed by the united arab emirates of making arbitrary arrests in a dim and large they say some detainees have been tortured and others are banned from contacting their families testimonies given to al-jazeera provide new insight into how young men are disappearing. i'm from tyreese i'm the sister of junior's abdul hamid nasser he was studying at college and we don't know his whereabouts for more than a year no one can find him money and hum the mother of the muslim i he was arrested
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by a morality backed forces at a checkpoint in aden my son is seventeen years old he was the sole breadwinner after my husband died he went to eighty one to support me and his five sisters after more than a year and a half of his arrest someone from the prison called me and said i'm doing you a favor talk to your son when i talk to him he said mother help me get out of here i'm going to die. military which is part of the saudi led coalition fighting hooty even yemen has repeatedly denied running seeker. present but for months detainees have been describing how they were abducted and tortured and often after i met my brother ahmed wali he was in the second year at the university of aden one day he came to visit us in thai is when he was returning home he was arrested we found out that he was in prison that there achmet and prison and you had a lot of god my brother. was working at
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a restaurant in agencies shake off money area one day his friends called us and told us that iraqi forces brutally attacked him and arrested him we've been looking for him for a year and a half we urge the international community to help us look for them. the advocacy group called the mothers of a big d's association says more than fifteen thousand yemenis have either been arrested or disappeared in there has been an uptick in the matter not of arbitrary detentions but also in force disappearances across the country by all sides of the conflict in the south. security belt of forces which are but by the u.a.e. there have been very credible investigations into a vast number of secret detention centers where hundreds of men and boys are being arbitrarily detained and for months at a time without having any contact with the outside world the three year war in yemen has caused
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a complete breakdown of law and order especially in the south where militias operate beyond the control of the courts and the internationally recognized government in addition to disappearances and torture militia backed by the us are accused of executions and assassinations as well break groups a journalist clerics and high profile politicians have all been targeted and civilians are increasingly at the mercy of powerful on groups. some of a job with their. has been strong international reaction to u.s. president donald trump's appointment of john bolton as his new national security adviser bolton is opposed to peace talks between israel and palestine and the ironically dale calling for bombing rather than diplomacy that's a sure the name that's back at his post. john bolton has worked for three republican presidents and caused controversy even among members of his own party now he joins a trumpet ministration apparently in turmoil analysts say bolton is
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a hard liner and donald trump is sending a very clear message by choosing him instead of a more moderate voice mr bolton didn't see a war that he didn't like you know when he was at the united nations as an acting ambassador there because he couldn't get confirmed by the senate he said you know diplomacy is useless it could might as well float out into the sea and sink i think what we can see is an escalation of tensions bolton has a history of imposing american military might he advocated the invasion of iraq in two thousand and three while ambassador to the u.n. he took a hard line against north korea and iran by pushing saying sions. the united states has followed a policy for over four years sensually of deferring to european efforts to negotiate with iran i think it's clear that that policy has failed the season politicians returned to the front line of foreign policy gives him an opportunity
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to shape the president's views on north korea and iran at a critical moment trump has spoken of wanting to rip up the iranian nuclear accord and he's due for a much anticipated meeting with north korean leader kim jong un in may the talks with north korea go poorly trump walk out and say you know that didn't really get us anything and done john bolton to say look i told you we should strike north korea john bones but on the record he said twice in the last six months the u.s. should attack north korea even within trump's inner circle there's disagreement about whether bolton is the right man for the national security job is ideology is thought to be aligned with his boss he's already tried to ease fears that he pushed the united states into another conflict saying he will be one voice among many who are advising the president and there should be a free exchange of ideas as an ever growing number of trumps right hand men and women have learned bolton's biggest challenge may be keeping the continued faith of
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president trump and his job natasha going to eight zero that's been to michael fuchs in washington d.c. a senior fellow at the center for american progress and was a special adviser to hillary clinton when she was secretary of state thanks very much for coming in to speak to us so what the president trying to recent appointments light and of course john bolton or avail about the potential future of u.s. foreign policy. well look i think these recent personnel moves by president trump are a very disturbing signal that the president is preparing a war cabinet to advise him going forward he is clearing out the more moderate voices within his administration such as secretary of state rex tillerson and he is replacing them with much more radical hawkish views of now national security adviser john bolton and soon to be potentially the new secretary of state mike
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pompei oh and while we are of course led by a president that is noticeably unpredictable it is very clear that he is providing himself with much more radical and extreme opinions when it comes to the use of military force whether it's with iran or north korea or south elsewhere but he donald trump is unpredictable but on the other hand he has been consistent in aspects of his policies policies such as america he has made domestic issues very much a priority for his presidency. he has made it clear that he thinks the iraq war was a mistake he is not going to be keenly can't be certain that he's going to be keen on military action because of these appointments alone kelly. well look again as you said donald trump is unpredictable and so it's very difficult to know
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exactly what he'll do but it's also very difficult to know exactly what donald trump thinks yes he campaigned and has said ever since then that he was supposedly against the iraq war but that's actually not the case if you look back to his comments in public during the iraq war and in the run up to it he actually was in favor of invading iraq since being president the president has actually overseen a very slow and yet steady increase in the use of military force abroad whether it's in the afghanistan or it's in the middle east and so yes while the president has campaign it likes to talk about how he wants to keep america out of wars he says he seems to see through foreign policy very much through the prism of using the military you could see it just for his comments during the signing ceremony of the spending package just today here in washington when he was touting how much more money he's gotten so how do you see this relationship playing out because. we
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know john bolton bolton's views on several key issues he has spoken about the possibility of a preemptive strike on countries like north korea we see president trump going in very much the reverse decision in recent months. well look i think that's absolutely right and this is clearly going to be a potentially contentious relationship inside the white house like many relationships frankly of president trump and his advisers but there's one thing to know about john bolton based on the record which is that he is a very capable and wily bureaucratic infighter he knows how to work the u.s. government system he's been there many times before and he also knows how to play his boss he's been auditioning for this job for the past year on fox news on almost a daily basis and so again i think that what we're likely to see is a national security adviser who in a normal administration is supposed to play the role of an honest broker compiling policy options for the president to choose from but what we're going to see here
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from john bolton is most likely someone who is going to very strongly impose his own views on the options that reach the president's desk and that is a very very worrisome prospect here michael fuchs in washington thank you. well now and other developments donald trump has signed a one point three trillion dollars spending bill avoiding another government shutdown this is a turnaround from his position just hours earlier and he threatened to veto the bill because of the lack of funding has proposed border wall that mexico congress has passed the measure would have been the third shutdown of the u.s. government this year. european union has recalled its ambassador in moscow over the poisoning of a former russian spy deepens. backing britain's view that last guy is likely to blame for the nerve agent. and his dossier junia earlier this month but russia denies the allegations or challenge reports from moscow. first applauded by their colleagues staying behind then driven out of the pritish embassy in moscow perhaps
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never to return for minivans to the british diplomatic star from their families to catch their flights home they were requires to leave by midnight small scary time for tyrants response to the british government's expulsion of russian diplomats the u.k. says we're working a secret spies. the departure of the british and diplomats from the embassy here in moscow drops the temperature even further in this new and particularly frosty phase in the u.k. russia relationship but long term is proving successful in persuading traditional allies to back it up perhaps where some in moscow might have doubted its ability to do so the poisoning of gay and yulia script all in the southern english city of souls brief featured high on the agenda at the e.u. spring summit in brussels british prime minister to resign may has been lobbying european leaders to blame russia for the strike that russia poses respects mobile
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which is the nicest is the stripes will find use of she's right that here in the new council we are standing together while pollsters fondues it appears the intelligence on the attack she says she's shared with european colleagues has convinced them that the british assessment is correct you know on this and understood we had a long discussion but reached a broad consensus that all evidence points to russia big link to this attack and there's really no other explanation all member states agreed with this point of view and we will monitor the situation to see what happens next the british have shared their information with the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons and we will await their that. the e.u. has recalled its ambassador to moscow for consultations in brussels over the script . russia's foreign ministry which is trying to convince the world's the russia is the injured party here is protesting had the way things are going. the way you have
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to think we'd be great to that instead of referring to international law or the european union has preferred to go on the path of another on t.v. russian campaign instigated by london transoceanic allies with an obvious goal to put another hurdle in the way of normalization of the situation on the european continent. it's not yet clear water happens next but various leaders of e.u. countries have confirms they're considering expelling russian diplomats to these are scenes we may see repeated in the days to come reach islands now to zero bhaskar. now five catalan politicians have been charged with rebellion and sent to jail by a spanish supreme court if issues include the former catalan parliamentary speaker calm a folk adele and ex catalan minister georgie terrell are expected to enter the fray of prisons on friday spain's top prosecutor called for the sentence because he said there was a high risk of them repeating that crimes. to local politicians in the former
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soviet republic of georgia have found a novel way to liven up their city assembly a heated debate managed to get totally out of hand when punches started flying between two opposition members one of whom went on the offensive using a telephone as an improvised weapon. the two men had managed to get themselves worked up about the creation of a new political faction in the city of d.d. after they were separated by their fellow politicians medics had to be called in to treat them both for their injuries. much more to come for this hour israeli settler attacks against palestinians in the occupied occupied west bank are rising we speak to people whose jobs are becoming dated gamble. braincell a web private ownership of water is taking its toll on the country's poorest communities. and in sports the same poll continues his unlikely class to make it as a professional footballer.
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some rather lively weather moving across northern parts of the middle east atlanta bigger as a class spilling out to the rolling out of the black sea the sea it does look rather overcast for the time being not too much rain on that at least away from turkey day there's like a very wet day if i windy as well some brisk winds coming through that stiff wind there will be a feature across iraq maybe into western parts of iraq will see temperatures in the southerly winds getting to thirty three cells just there in baghdad so quite a picture of the race couple at around twenty one celsius picking up to twenty four as we go on through sunday cloud to flee rain that will make us where little further east was by this day so things will quieten down high by rate getting up to around twenty one celsius to twenty eight in baghdad with the possibility of a little bit of patchy right just maybe for northern parts of iraq we can have
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twenty nine here and stay pleasantly warm light winds not too bad the winds will pick up a little as we go on into sunday could touch thirty two degrees out where i was you can see more very warm sunshine coming in right across the region the sunshine continues across the a western side of south africa the eastern side we'll see some showers once again and further north live down pulls in mozambique. when the winning the will of the people hinges on the mass media state p.r. machine it's going to overdrive. but just. can fill in saying. we just don't know yet where the lines will be drawn between what can be said and what conduct that. some journalists decided to sacrifice their integrity for access in the media opinion that listening post based time on al-jazeera.
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on counting the cost facebook and the big data economy the business model at the heart of the world's largest social network coming under scrutiny bus america's guns inside the biggest unregulated weapons market in the developed world counting the cost. now a reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera three people have been killed in southwestern
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france when a gunman hijacked a car and took hostages in a supermarket the twenty six year old suspect has been shot dead by police. in afghanistan at least sixteen people have been killed after an explosion in lashkar in helmand province forty others have been injured the bomb went off as people were leaving a wrestling match. and a syrian rebel group has agreed to a surrender deal in the rebel held on tight of this follows a separate evacuation deal agreed earlier on in the week from the key town of. let's get more now on the attack in france with david chato who is live for us in trouble and david if you could just tell us what's happening there around you and situation is like now. yes when i when i first got here maryam there was a real sense of shock in this small community of people who are actually sort of
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talking to each other holding each other it was a real trauma for them because the supermarket which you can see behind me is on the outskirts of the village but there are three schools nearby and you can imagine the situation of police trying to clear the area of people trying to find where they get to the children in the school whether their friends are in the supermarket they could hear the gunfire it was an extraordinary situation there were three incidents first of all we had the carjacking in which the driver was injured and his passenger was killed and then they gunman started shooting at police who were jogging nearby then he drove hit here as far as we know a complete chance that he drove to this small community and the police at the moment behind me are still going through the the supermarket looking for shell casings looking for any evidence any forensics that might lead them to the the trail of the ammunition the trail of the gun where did this man get these weapons
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and we still don't know quite the full details of what he was actually holding as well we heard there were. pistols as well that he had and at the moment it seems that the untold story is the extraordinary story of the colonel from the gendarmes who. managed to get into the supermarket keeping his mobile phone on a high volume and swapped himself for one of the hostages and when the police who were listening in suddenly heard gunshots that's when the special crack squad went in and shot the gunman and that policeman a colonel in the john dams is fighting he's in serious seriously injured fighting for his life in a hospital at the moment so an extraordinary series of tales as you can imagine the security forces were finding it very difficult to cope because there were. three incidents where they more than one gunman they didn't know what was happening they didn't know was as a coordinated attack you could imagine they got as many police on the ground as
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they possibly could and in the supermarket itself dozens were injured when the gunman opened fire fighters solve the people there a lot of them managed to get out some managed to hide in one of the freezer rooms and then get get their way out but you can imagine the sense of shock here is absolutely appalling at the moment and we're waiting of course for the authorities from paris who are going to give a press conference in caracas song which is nearby about eight kilometers down the road to find out the full details of this but what the police are trying to find out is what motivated this man he was known to them only as a small time drug dealer they didn't realise he'd been radicalized was he as he said when he burst into the supermarket behind him. a soldier of diana should which of course is just another word for i saw or islamic state the so-called islamic state so at the moment was waiting for all the answers from the authorities they
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should give us much more details maria yes as a say we're waiting to hear from the special prosecutor very shortly and we've already had some details emerging about the gunman he was very much while he was on the radar security service is that what will the investigation now focus on david. they'll try to trace it back where was he radicalized how was it radicalized was he indeed radicalize what happened it's very very difficult if a man is radicalized by just being on the internet by watching these propaganda videos if if that was the way he was radicalized then it's very difficult for the police to be had to step in and know what's being planned but they'll be looking back looking at his contacts looking at its computers in these phone calls searching his apartment he's apparently from caucus on and that's the way they're going to trace back how this attack was planned did he really have any contact with
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the islamic state was indeed one of their soldiers as he said when he burst into the supermarket that's what they'll be trying to do to try to down at the moment but most attention will of course be on those who were injured and on the families of those people who were killed at the moment we're waiting for the full details was indeed a trained radical a member of the islamic state or was this just a one off attempt by him to get his name in the media in the press nobody knows at the moment it does seem extraordinary but the police did know about him just didn't know to what extent he had been radicalized all right thanks very much david. now to peru where lost in his car until now the vice president has been sworn in as president this is after congress accepted the resignation of president kaczynski quit to avoid impeachment corruption allegations now on a censure as joins us now from lima so what more do we know about peru this new
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president is definitely taking the helm at a difficult time for the country. yes maria i think it is a very difficult time and that's perhaps one of the first things that now president not being discussed said in his speech to the nation right after he was sworn in about he talked about the difficulties the political turmoil the political difficulties and so he one of the first things he said it's time to leave those differences behind his curiously he was received he was well come and in congress by a standing ovation every single congressman was standing and was clapping is something very surprising as for one thing it's been a vis same congress and to the absolute majority in congress led by the popular
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force party led by modi who has been attacking this party attacking not only former president but all you know is the ministers including my theme he's got to who was the transport minister and listen one year ago he wasn't peached and removed by this same congress but now apparently this congress is now trying to show that they are ready to work with these new precedents and among the things that must be beef got a said it was that it was time to stop this instability that is no good. i'm to begin working and he said if we that he will be on the forefront to fight corruption and whoever wins it has to pull will pull egg is talking a little bit about is all these political. politicians if you will that have been involved in
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a lot of corruption in the country but i think that possibly the first the most important line he gave was trying to turn the page to stop the political confrontation and fight for a social pact so now my friend be turned into the first. the new president he's term will be a three year term that was left for you to finish he will finish that. he cannot call for general elections apparently he will and the three years if this president allows him to work thank you very much nigh on to bring us all the latest from the. vice president is being sworn in taking over from the chin ski who. has been has submitted his resignation to congress that resignation now excepted following the threat of impeachment over corruption allegations. has been an increase in illegal israeli settler attacks against palestinians in the occupied
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west bank since the start of the year this according to figures from the united nations on the abdulhamid has been speaking to palestinian victims there about the daily struggle to protect themselves. taking the sheep to pastor has become a daily gamble for safra young his village i know bruce is surrounded by several illegal jewish settlements up there on the hills and more and more often settlers come down. in one week he came twice the first time i was alone and there were eighteen of them i told one of them that i had called the police but they didn't go away my main worry was the sheep then six more attacked me and the others headed towards the sheep still some i couldn't do anything alone. zaf it was wounded in the head and says he lost a third of his life stuck this video shot by the organization rabbis for human rights shows the second attack
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a few days later about twenty settlers many must seem throwing stones at palestinians with israeli soldiers standing by the un says the weekly average of settler attacks has increased by fifty percent since the beginning of the year these are not isolated incidents such as attacks happen a bit all over the occupied west bank and there's very little people can do simply because israel is in charge of the security in about eighty percent of the palestinian territory and palestinian security forces are not allowed to operate in those areas the village of the fed is in the so-called area b. which means that palestinians have only civilian control security matters are indeed a hands of the occupying forces but. the army itself attacks palestinians with tear gas and rubber coated bullets even when it's the settlers who are provoking and the palestinians are trying to protect the villages no settler is ever detained
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only palestinians legal proceedings rarely reach a conclusion only eight percent of all complaints filed have led to an indictment less than half to a conviction. it's wide family say they never filed a complaint at a time when they come under attack by the neighbors settlers on a nearly weekly basis they have reinforced all their windows with metal netting and bars and the string to quickly pulled the shutters in case of trouble. it's been a long time since we had them wide open we don't feel like we're in a prison that we will stand our house it's our harmony the israeli army told that to take such incidents very seriously and will operate to bring the suspects to justice but in his latest report israel's state controller criticized israeli police in the west bank for failing to investigate crimes against palestinians
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which violate international law but at that hamid al-jazeera in the occupied west bank. to zimbabwe where junior doctors are continuing to strike the better wages and nationwide walkout is also trying to pressure the government to do more to fix the struggling health care system with many hospitals lacking basic equipment and access to the most essential of drugs. is at the rally in harare. we have seen our strike for nearly a month they demanding better pay and working conditions they say their basic salary is three hundred and twenty nine dollars a month they do get some allowances but they insist it's not enough they feel the government is ignoring them they feel the government isn't taking them seriously as an angry and they perceive the. frustrated every day you see patients but there's no equipment loves these visually not your patients going to have access to blood so it's is though is the experience of then on top of that
9:44 pm
a doctor in the hundred doctors a dangerous to. themselves. seems to. think that there's going to be engagement from the. to fix these issues because it is no going beyond the capabilities of the minister and his officers zimbabwe's government is broke it's a shortage of foreign currency the ministry of health has made some striking doctors trying to convince them to go back to what was offered every offer the city put on the table has been rejected it seems the patients who are suffering the most in many public hospitals they aren't even essential drugs some of the doctors who are on strike i've been complaining say that there are days when they don't even have gloves to do their work right now there's no indication when the strike is going to end and a lot of people are watching the situation very very closely as the health situation in the baba continues to deteriorate. as the world water forum in brazil comes to an end we're taking a closer look at latin america it's home to
9:45 pm
a third of the world's fresh water but not everyone is benefiting around thirty million people in rural areas don't have safe drinking water sewage disposal is also a problem one hundred million people don't have proper sanitation and just twenty percent of waste water is treated leaving rivers and coastal areas polluted and exposing the population to diseases. when in chile water and land rights are considered separate under in it dating back to the country's military dictatorship the country's free market system is increasingly coming under fire as water supplies become on reliable as part of our first series our america and it's only seen human reports now from the town of buying in. the seventy year old. is the last farmer left on what was at one time a lush agricultural area just an hour from chile's capital but now there's no water not even for his horses. that for more than
9:46 pm
a century provided water for residents and agriculture has all but dried up and as elsewhere in the country it's brought on by drought over use of local aquifers and according to many a privatized water supply system you'll be able to get. i think the government should intervene and make a law to bring water from the angles into a river here but there are people who divert the water because they own it and they prefer it ends up in the ocean in order to create scarcity and then sell it to. chili's current water supply laws were introduced within thirty five years ago by former military leader. it's a system governed by free markets rules with reduced state oversight too often at the expense of poor communities. that separation of water and land rights has brought some problems for traditional farmers and has benefited audacious businessman and some speculators which is what we're trying to combat. chile's
9:47 pm
government has increased fines to prevent hoarding a comprehensive reform bill to better protect the eco system and people's human right to potable water is now before congress but officials say the source of the problem is not just to owns the water but also the increasing demands of agriculture and industry ten years ago people used to come right here where i'm standing. go sailing and the extreme reduction of the water levels of the lagoon is caused not just by an over exploitation of a vital resort but by climate change and this will soon have a dramatic impact on water supplies to the capitals and. a recent study suggests that by two thousand and seventy cents well we'll have forty two percent less water experts say relying on nature to solve this looming crisis is not enough we need to get another supply we depend largely on coal much rain or snow we have in a given year or water from all the bases ocean. water.
9:48 pm
in the meantime those who depended on the. will have to look elsewhere for water if they are to save their way of life you see in human i'll just see the beinecke chile. stay with us because all the sport is coming up very shortly. all.
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back to back and going shopping all is now in somalia has become more expensive and many customers don't like it angry at the government imposing a five percent sales tax the first thirty years but the government says the tax is crucial to somalia's economic recovery from audition and i'm going to do explains. we're going to shoes lido beach is a sign of somalia's growing sense of optimism at its coffers with shaded table sit clients mainly middle of dishes wealthier elite sipping expensive coffee but these days they're having to pay more for their food and drinks the government has just introduced a five percent sales tax for the first time in almost thirty years many are unhappy . i just paid three dollars of tax a year i don't trust the government they have missed my needs revenue from other sources including don't know if china is tax will not be different than the
9:51 pm
reaction of somali traders to the tax has been more dramatic. shops as tolson mogadishu's pulling but car market which is a large claim for the city and surrounding areas remain closed for days the traders were particularly and get by the governments and sisters that they pay the value added tax up front but on the other most of the money we had meetings with the prime minister and his finance minister to voice our complaints the meetings was inconclusive we've been decided to shut our businesses in protest. businesses off since we opened signalling a fast round of victory for the government of the last we explained that there was no going back on the stacks and that it must be paid for the sake of the nation of somalia people relented and now more and more people are stepping forward to register for taxation. government officials say revenue from taxes would be distributed across the regions of the country to fund health care education infrastructure and security tax collection is also a key condition for that relief for somalia from the international monetary fund
9:52 pm
and the world bank somalia are also around four billion dollars most of it interest and penalties or nearly three decades all made to the former military government whose overthrow in one thousand nine to one plunged the country into years of lawlessness that that makes it almost impossible for mogadishu to access money from international organizations like the i.m.f. forcing it to rely almost entirely on aid for its budget with some semblance of to exist are now in place this optimism that somalia my top embarked on the road to solve reliance but in taxing a nation that has seen little or fish or lives in almost three decades officials admit they're facing a daunting task mamadou all just mogadishu time after this for. thank you so much mary well afghanistan of claim the tenth and final place at next
9:53 pm
year's cricket world cup in england they beat ireland by five wickets in the qualifying events being hosted by zimbabwe this win for afghanistan that eliminated ireland was the culmination of the toughest the world cup qualification process in twenty five years ireland restricted to a score of two hundred ninety seven in their fifty overs. for the sports world governing body the i.c.c. has been criticised for reducing the size of the games highest profile events it means teams like zimbabwe paul scotland and the united arab emirates of all missed outs but afghanistan made sure of their place winner in harare with five balls to spare the country in the world cup for the second time. or the fifty over world cup really has become the incredible shrinking tournament next year's event in england will include just ten teams that is the smallest number since the nine hundred ninety two edition where nine countries took part in twenty fifteen fourteen countries were in action ireland afghanistan scotland and the
9:54 pm
u.a.e. all included the biggest ever world cup was hosted by the west indies in two thousand and seven sixteen countries were there including canada bermuda kenya and the netherlands well earlier i spoke to the cricket writer daily private chandra and he explained how the decision to reduce the number of competing teams came about. chris you can leading cricket balls. england australia in the broadcast you want more in the game to take now it's a song where the process. about attack which took place earlier today let's listen . organization has been set up. the precipice with the prosecutor's office of carcassonne has been set up i also want to highlight. the heroism of the kernel of the
9:55 pm
shutdown marie who risked his life and decided to replace the hostages who were being held inside the supermarket super. the facts as we know recall unfortunately once again in a very tragic way that the level of the terrorist threat tree has not weakened and. there is first of all the fact of an in radicalized individual who was on our national territory i get back to the facts this morning just before eleven o'clock whilst he was just coming back. for c.r.s. taken his target. by an individual who was driving in a white course a car he fired several shots in that direction and injured one of the policemen six bullets were found on the scene of the crime. so he
9:56 pm
escaped with his car a short time later the explosions took place inside the superior supermarket. inside where fifty people were present inside the supermarket the first information of the inquiry and able to establish that the author of the crime. enter the supermarket by shouting allah akhbar and by stating that he was a soldier of i s and ready to die for syria and he was asking for the liberation of brothers before shooting on the client and an employee of the shop and to prove died instantly the hostages were freed in the context of negotiations doing which the kernel of logic.
9:57 pm
swaps places with the hostages the author then left the supermarket and threatened the policeman with his arm requested. and threatening to blow everything up in case the chant armory intervened he then withdrew inside the supermarket under circumstances which remain to be. specified he then fired several shots on the colonel who was severely injured these shots shots. and that. two twenty pm two policemen were injured during this operation. the white opal caused used by the author of the crimes was found in the car park and. a connection was made between. this vehicle at thirty minutes past ten
9:58 pm
in quick in the town near carcassonne where the author of the crime had severely injured the owner of the car. and killed the passenger of the vehicle. and the inquiry revealed that he then went to the barracks army barracks. and waited a few minutes seemingly. to wait for soldiers. before turning round and then went to the c.r.s. barracks. in view of the elements and together with the public prosecutor's office of caucus on. paris opened an investigation. with regards to a terrorist organization. you know. involving
9:59 pm
a terrorist organization. an association of criminal intent. with. attempt to kill people and to commit a crime with regards to a terrorist organization the investigations where interested. to been a start the code departments of the prosecutor's office with the department. into regional police departments of. numerous inquiries are in progress in order to determine of course the provenance of the weapon but also the circumstances under which the author of the crime obtained the weapon and the complicity of accomplices i can inform you that one person a few times shortly was arrested with. two
10:00 pm
criminal terrorist organization the author is an inhabitant of carcass on what born eleventh of april one thousand nine hundred thirty two in morocco. and he was on the watch list since two thousand and fourteen known to the legal services he was sentenced by the court in caracas on in two thousand and eleven with one month's imprisonment for carrying a prohibited weapon and he was in two thousand and fifteen he was sentenced for drug possession with one months and prism and that was carried out indeed in august two thousand and six sixteen. in two thousand and sixteen and two thousand and seventeen he was the object he was. followed monitored by the intelligence services which allowed to.


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